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  1. Apparently its gone, i was told whilst we were there this week working
  2. Cheers, i have tried the sweatband but found it fiddly fitting under a helmet
  3. Does anyone know if there are uv visors for helmets on the market?? or even better where to get uv film to make a custom one as fed up of steaming up sunglasses and sweat on lenses. Cheers
  4. there will be some parcels coming up in next few months if thats any use to you and also some 50 foot butts
  5. I saw a brand new one of these chains the other day on closer inspection the angles were different on some teeth and cutter length varied
  6. What sort of size are you looking at?? as theres oaks coming out soon on a job once ground hardens up
  7. if you want reliability and peace of mind i wouldnt go for a husqvarna 550/560 as they are hit and miss with whoever has them, Personally id got for a dolmar/ makita or echo option.
  8. 2m grid so you can get between them with topper whilst they are growing
  9. Anyone know where to get a new cylinder and pot for 560?
  10. it must be the reason why so many sieze or just wear out as im sure the exhaust gases run out the saw in a u shape from the exhaust manifold which causes the saw to heat up and the plate between the cylinder and exhaust
  11. Ive had the exact same issues with my 560 its been in twice now for new carb pot and piston under warranty and only lasted around a month each time. I know my saw is high hours as its used pretty much 5 days a week flat out felling but just think they get far too hot in general dont know if its due to the way the exhaust gases run through the muffler which cause this or something else. I will be sending it back again!!
  12. Based in kent but work all over south east
  13. steve collins


    cheers any pricing details?
  14. steve collins


    Are you able to give me some prices on some saws in 60cc range please? Cheers Steve
  15. saw was fixed on warranty mid november had new top end, carb, filter and plug. Problem is same thing has happened again and saw is out of warranty now. Goodbye husqvarna. Who deals in dolmar and echo on here as would like some prices on saws in 60cc range?
  16. i run a 15" on my 372 and its ported, so yes it works well
  17. its rise of the machines time at the moment!! too many harvesters/ harvadigs going about cutting any old timber to just pay it off. Everywhere is full i know of and yet timber still being cut knowing its not going anywhere soon
  18. ive had many pickups and most dont see over 30 mpg at all maybe the newer ones will. A few i know run ford rangers so to be lez compliant and and are ok towing
  19. jeremy taylor, jason tetly, felledwood transport to name a few
  20. hole park estate nr maidstone try them i know they grow loads trees
  21. Anyone know of a peeler for sale, prefer an autofeed really. Robopel, cundy or neuhauser not interested in a posch Cheers
  22. Speak to Copford sawmill he's only round the corner and will give you an idea of its value
  23. Quercus fencing is only place I know of that does cleft posts and they're in Somerset think there are a few more firms doing them, thought about chestnut as an alternative?


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