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    • FOR SALE
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    DitchWitch SK800 £23,000+VAT Rare to find one of these for sale, as they are so good. This model is a brilliant compromise between size, weight and capacity. Comes with 4 attachments: Log Grab Brash Grapple Bucket Pallet Forks Engine: 24.8 hp Kubota Diesel Engine Hydraulic Flow: 45 l/min @ 3,000 psi Tipping Capacity: 1,120 kgs Machine Width: 107 cm Machine Weight: 1,327 kgs 550 Hours approx. Absolute game changer. Amazing bit of kit and has been fantastic for us. I am closing the business down to chase other dreams, hence the sale. Machine is in great condition. A few flakes of paint damage and a couple dents to front grill, but nothing significant. Both tracks were replaced about 2 months ago. If you need any further information please let me know.


    Swansea - GB

  2. Access for large tippers. Available 7 days a week but please contact first on 07805803285 so gate can be unlocked. Will pay for decent loads. All types of logs and log cord taken. No limit on load size.
  3. We welcome trunks, limbs up to 5m lengths.
  4. Job description A Binns & Co Ltd is a thriving forestry and arboricultural contractor. You will be working for this long standing, reputable company based in Laneshaw Bridge, Lancashire. We respect equal opportunities and strive to promote equality, diversity and inclusion within our workplace. We require a qualified chainsaw operative to process firewood/logs based on our timber yard. We are looking for someone who is highly motivated, committed to their work and ready to work as part of our team of arborists. Qualifications & Requirements: Ideally hold relevant NPTC Level 2 certificate in chainsaw operations (although A Binns & Co can support working towards these on a training agreement) Full UK Driving Licence required Further training and refresher training will be available to all employees. We really value our employees, and we try to make working for A Binns & Co rewarding in every sense, with a positive & friendly, welcoming & inclusive environment. Job Type: Full-time/part time availability Day shift Overtime Weekend availability
  5. R4NITZ

    Sefton Cottage

    Available 7 days a week, contact George first on 07904475995 before delivering. Tons of logs are required each year. Easy access from the main road for tippers/vans or lorries. All types of logs and log cords taken. No limit on load size.
  6. GaryForestRoad

    Forest Road

    Happy to take logs or rounds, fresh or seasoned woodchip also.
  7. JasP


    For domestic use, must be suitable for indoor fire burner. Parking on site and easy garden access
  8. Just unload into front garden.
  9. A big limb split off an oak tree lately over a bridleway near where I live. According to locals and going by the complete lack of responsibility taken for the land either side of the actual bridleway itself, nobody claims ownership of the land and perhaps never has done for the last 70 years. The bridleways people sent someone to clear the tree as it was blocking the pathway but they didn't take much if any of it away. The body of the limb has just been left covered in chippings in the rough land beside the path. How legal would it be for me to take my chainsaw and mill frame and harvest some slabs of timber from it?
  10. Free tip site for arb chip, log chip & logs. Green waste charged per van/trailer. We do not accept fence panels, grass cuttings, soil or general waste. Open 0800-1700 Mon-Fri, no appointment needed, staff always on site. Large clean yard. Convenient for Coventry, Rugby & Mid Warwickshire.
  11. Michaelrj92

    Michael Johnson

    Large area able accept all types of timber, for domestic use.
  12. Sowters Lane

    Sowters lane

    We are available to take trees logs and stumps, please contact to arrange delivery as we can get full at busy times of the year. 🌲 Thanks Ian
  13. Hi, I have taken down 2 massive sycamores (over 6ft wide near base), some nice straight lengths up to c.10m. Before I plank to sell I wanted to see if there was any interest in someone buying unprocessed lengths and to get a rough idea of price. I doubt it'll be worth me doing it but figured a quick check on here couldn't hurt! Happy to post photos if it looks like selling is an option. Thanks, Andy
  14. Tom L

    Got £Logs?

    Curb side tip with very easy access, approx 5 tonne. Potentially have space for up to 20T drop off at different location.
  15. Looking for someone to remove a good few tons of timber from site in Brombough, Wirral. Felled about 24 good size conifers over the weekend. Cut to various sizes but all manageable. Can Access via driveway With double gates leading to rear garden or alternatively someone with log grab and trailer via main road directly behind.
  16. Hi everyone, we own 24 acres of pine forest which is in pretty poor health and needs to be felled soon. The plan is to fell up to 75% of it, some of it for logs, but the majority for kindling as this seems to be the best way for us to make some money from it. There's quite a lot of already seasoned wood there which we could get to work on as soon as we have all the equipment required. Already have access to a currently vacant and large sheep building which we can use to store the logs and kindling. We're new to all this though so any advice would be much appreciated. Here are some of the questions I'm currently trying to get clear on: 1. What's the best way of going about estimating how much we can expect to make out of it? I realise that this is going to be difficult to gauge reliably, but assuming there must be a way of getting a conservative estimate which we can work to while we're planning. Any useful contacts for this? Any sums I can apply to get this approximate figure? 2. When it comes to processing the wood, it seems that Kindlet and Posch are the brands to go for, which model would you recommend? How often do they tend to clog up and/or need parts replacing? Given that we have a set amount to get through, would you recommend leasing/renting the equipment or buying with the intent to resale? We have 1 heavy duty chainsaw and 1 person licensed to use it, we can transport the logs to the sheep building using either a pick-up truck or trailer, but what other machinery would we need to process this amount in a few months of hard work? How big a difference will kiln drying it make? is it worth investing in buying or renting a smallish one? And how many people do you think we would need to do this? At the moment, we have 3 of us, but others we could pay to help out provided there was enough profit in it. 3. When it comes to marketing and selling, should we be aiming at wholesalers for this quantity or going to local pubs, hotels, shops, etc and selling over a longer period of time? I'm guessing that the bigger players like national supermarket, petrol station and garden centre chains will have contracts with large scale suppliers so aren't interested in smaller/one-off suppliers, is this correct? If so, do you think covid may have created an opening with these buyers who may be looking to stockpile a product that won't go off? Finally, how much would you expect to sell the kindling bags for to wholesalers? And how much to smaller local buyers like hotels/pubs/shops? Apologies for the barrage of questions! Any help or advice on one, some or all will be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help out
  17. We have approx 25 lengths of large Crack will to remove from a farm in Canterbury. We can fell into the field and process. Due to a water main on the entrance to the field we can’t get a timber lorry in if anyone local is interested please email me at [email protected]
  18. Hello there, I currently have about 150 tons of mixed ash/oak cordwood roadside, and due to have another 300 tons out this season. 2.5m lengths, up to about 18" diameter, straight thinnings ideal for a processor. Location is Monmouth, NP25 5NJ. I can help arrange haulage if necessary. Looking for £60/ton roadside but negotiable. Ring me on 07963 617 144 to discuss or come and have a look. Many thanks, Aaron
  19. Hello there, I currently have about 150 tons of mixed ash/oak cordwood roadside, and due to have another 300 tons out this season. 2.5m lengths, up to about 18" diameter, straight thinnings ideal for a processor. Location is Monmouth, NP25 5NJ. I can help arrange haulage if necessary. Looking for around £60/ton roadside but negotiable. Ring me on 07963 617 144 to discuss or come and have a look. Many thanks, Aaron
  20. I have a fairly large Holme oak I am removing next week in Huntington, Cambridgeshire. Is the wood any good? Anyone interested in it? I'll put a pic of the tree...if anyone interested pm me and I'll send some pics of the wood once it's down...
  21. Please call beforehand gates will be locked. Keep timber separate to chip.
  22. Alright lads and ladies, im after around 20 poles of larch at 6-8" diameter 4 meter length but not too fussy on exact length. Not machined or treated. Im about to start a few round wood timber frames and looking for a small supplier in North England . i know it's a bit of an odd request but there could be a wider market for poles like this in the future with rustic buildings and glamping sites being a popular venture. Get in touch if you have poles in yard or woodland that I could take away ta mike
  23. FOR SALE Western red cedar and larch cladding for sale, South Wales/Herefordshire area Can be cut to a specified thickness. Waney-edged, single straight or double straight edge £12/m2 NO VAT for waney-edge Also available: Dimensional green timber cut to order Oak sleepers Green oak for timber framing Various hardwoods sawn to order - walnut, cherry, sycamore, ash, beech etc Very reasonable prices. Delivery offered at cost or I can load you up from here Many thanks, Aaron
  24. Hello, I know this is a massive newbie question but as this is the place for people in the know, I thought why not? I am currently using a farmers yard (a friend) to store my chip and logs (and lots of cords) we are starting to reach max capacity for all now. My farmer friend reckons there are at least 2 articulated lorries worth of chip and many many many tonnes of timber. My question is do Biomass plants accept our chip or do we have to go through other means? If they do how do I get in contact with them? Also, who would be the right person to talk to about taking the large cordwood off of our hands? Happy for it to be professionally chipped or for firewood processing. Basically looking for someone who wants to buy either: my woodchip, timber, logs (in large scale happy to sort the delivery) If it helps I am based in Basingstoke in Hampshire. Many Thanks,
  25. woodchip pile is clearly separate from timber pile please offload respectively and leave tidy someone is normally around the site if any issues please call for guidance, roots and cuttings etc can be taken separately by negotiation at cost


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