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Found 24 results

  1. Drive way easily accessible, logs preferably cut to manageable lengths.
  2. Sowters Lane

    Sowters lane

    We are available to take trees logs and stumps, please contact to arrange delivery as we can get full at busy times of the year. 🌲 Thanks Ian
  3. Hi all - we've got an old copper beech in our garden - it's huge, and probably>100 years old. It's generally in pretty good shape, but I've noticed some changes I'm a little worried about. A few years ago, it positively *dumped* beech nuts - not kidding, we probably had the husks an inch thick on the lawn. Since then, it's been a whole lot quieter - but this year I thought to collect them up (with a view to eating them). I filled up a bucket of husks and got a bowl of the nuts from it - but none of the nuts actually has any nut "meat" inside - they're all "blanks". Some had a dark brown crumbly looking attempt at making a nut. We found a little worm in one, but it doesn't seem to be infested with them. Looking at the tree, it's been pulled about a bit in the past, but looks pretty good and produces a lot of leaves, which seem well formed. It does seem to have some grey patches on the trunk and the bigger branches. A fallen twig also shows the same sort of thing - I would guess this is how the majority of the tree looks by now. I can't see any particular evidence of critters in or on it, and there's no real moss or fungi nearby. Environmentally, we're in sandy soil over sandstone (and the tree is probably rooted into stone). It's at the top of a slope, and is by far the biggest thing nearby, although there are some smaller silver birch and <something> in the neighbours garden nearby. There's a bit of soil erosion on the slope and some roots are starting to show, but in the main we've probably built up more soil under and around the tree than has been lost (over the last few years). What can I do to help this old giant along a bit? I'm happy to do anything short of massage and serenading it, as it's a really great feature and being as old as it is, deserves a bit of respect. Any ideas?
  4. Small Scale Sawmill looking for interesting hardwood species to covert from 10” to 30” dia. minimum length 4ft Yew, Walnut, Mulberry, Beech, Fruitwood, spalted and burrs etc Can collect 20 miles radius of Gloucester. Don't ring it up - sell it as a sawlog
  5. Please identify. I’m certain what it is but want confirmation please for insurance purposes.
  6. Would this interest anyone? It would be a shame to see it go for firewood, located in Manchester (Worsley) It’s around 5/6ft wide, 25ft heigh.... Contact Mark on 07577592430
  7. I am looking to buy Beech 'Bars' by the lorry load. We have a tight spec, but it can be worth the extra work since we pay more than "firewood" prices for it. Spec: Length 3m +/- 20cm (other lengths to order only) Minimum top diameter 15cm Maximum butt diameter 32cm All timber should be as knot free as possible, 1st length type material (no top wood), it should be straight within reason with no butt flares, rot, dirt or metal contamination Delivery will be to Harlow, Essex. If you want to discuss further please PM me. Thanks!
  8. Hi All, Came across these FFBs beneath a beech & sycamore yesterday, fruiting on the ground surface within about 1 - 2.5m of the stems. They look ganoderma 'ish to me but I've not come accross any gano sp. fruiting on the ground before. There were no FFBs on the stems and both trees appeared in good vitality; no symptoms of decline in the canopy that would suggest major root dysfunction. The fruiting bodies were perennial and about 100-150mm in size. Also noted what i believed to be symptoms of quite a significant girdling root on the beech, due to very pronounced flattening of the lower stem. I'm hoping the client will fork out for us to go in with an airspade and take a look. Any guidance on the fungus much appreciated. There are a few few photos! D
  9. Need some advice on some old and well established but close to causing issues hedges. Long and complicated story but I was asked by my mum to cut some hedges and have been doing so for a couple of years. They were once well tended but were allowed to get out of hand and are being kept under control just about now. problem is they are now 5’ deep and keep spreading I’m thinking he answer is to cut them back 12” -18” plus and let them regrow as now going any deeper is too thick for a hedge cutter, would a chainsaw be the answer? The far end it the worst the side you see is a veg patch beyond is a paddock and he paddock side in parts it’s so deep even a long reach hedge cutter from both sides struggles my thinking is to cut the paddock side right back? Also run a chain saw across the top to level it off and bring it down to shoulder height. Out of shot to the left is a beech hedge again now 5’ deep in parts as it was left in trimmmed for a number of years and has put on thick tough growth. This is now blocking he path and while neat it is too big.
  10. We have some copper beech trees for sale in Newtown, Powys, just off the A483. All felled last week - pictures below, measurements approximate. Beech - 1 is 2.7m to fork, diameter 50cm reducing to 40cm and 3.2m beyond fork, diameter 30cm reducing to 25cm Beech - 2 is 4.1m long, diameter 45cm reducing to 30cm Beech - 3 is 6.0m long, diameter 70cm reducing to 60cm Also some smaller bits and softwood (cupressus) All accessible, close to drive/roadway. Offers? Message me if interested.
  11. Hi, I'm very new to this forum. Any help on assessing what's wrong with this beech (fagus sylvatica atropunicea) would be greatly appreciated. The first four images: Graft area or repair wood? Or both?
  12. Hi, I'm going to be marketing some good roadside ash and beech sawlogs, not cut yet, between 30-60cm dbh. I can cut the length to suit the buyer. Based in Monmouth, good access for artic/drag trailers. I'll do the cutting when someone is interested as they are too nice for firewood! PM if interested. Cheers Aaron
  13. Good evening everyone. This is my first time here so please forgive any glaring arboretorial (?) errors. Anyhow, I have got a lovely beech tree in my garden: still very young (planted about 5 years ago) and about nine feet tall. Last year I noticed the main (leader?) branch (like the top part of the trunk if you like) had some shoots in Spring but these never developed. This Spring the situation remains the same: I pulled back on one of the twigs and it snapped, in that brittle way that dead wood does. However, the rest of the tree below a certain level is flourishing and as beautiful as ever. So my question is, will the tree be ok if I leave this leader branch or should I remove it to guarantee the future of my beloved beech?
  14. [ame] [/ame] Made a tree swing with some colleagues here in the UK sure a lot of fun for the first time. i would definately advise it to anyone to try it sometime!
  15. Not fantatic photos here but I found these two small brackets about 50cm up on a mature beech. At first I thought it was an old oyster but it didn't have gills underneath. It was leathery and only about 10cm across each. It almost feels like a frond of dried grifola or meripilus with that fibrous texture, and it has dried well, cocoa brown with white fibres inside - but I am sure its neither of these and Philips doesn't know thus far either. As you can see on pix there is a slight cavity so there may be a small area of dead wood. Any ideas? Thanks Leonie
  16. Is anyone in a position to supply me with Hardwood cord for a palax combi processor, I am currently looking to purchase 500 ton but I would equally be happy to purchase smaller amounts or if necassary a larger quantity to seal a deal. Please get in touch via the site or email [email protected] thanks in advance, Stuart
  17. Can anyone Id this please?
  18. Hello! I've been asked to mill up this beech and he is in-tree-gued about what might come out of it. I suspect it might contain a couple of pockets here and there, but I've never millled beech so cant really help. Any ideas! and He's got an Oak which is still standing with some crown die-back and wants to know about how long it should be felled before sawing. I am new to sawing and have an idea but thought I'd check before telling him the wrong things! Isn't it best to mill stuff straight after its been felled? Does anyone know of a book detailing various tree types and their milling qualities, hidden quirks, which are prettyest? bascially everything to do with milling. If not I thought I might try and get loads of info from everyone on here and write one. All help and ideas greatly appreciated!
  19. Hi All, I have a couple of large logs available for milling in west Strilingshire. One beech: c. 1m at the butt, relatively little taper, c. 10m length. One oak: c. <1m at the butt, some taper to >60cm, c. 10m length. One beech: c. 60cm at the butt, c. 50cm at the tip, c. 5m length. These are from a clearance / firewood job, but seem far too good to put the saw through (with the exception of the 2nd beech). They are basically free to anyone who wants them (I've had what I need from the job), would probably suit a woodmizer or similar. If anyone's interested, or you think you know someone who might be, pm me through here. I can get some photo's or arrange for you to come and see them.
  20. Hiya. We are based near Bordon, Hampshire. We had a number of trees felled last April and kept a few of the tree trunks (ends were PVA’d at the time). We are knocking our house down to rebuild later this year and had hoped to use some of the wood in the new house. But costs are running away with us (and we haven’t even started the build yet!) so unfortunately bespoke staircases, etc, have become a luxury we simply can’t afford. The wood available is listed below. It may not all be suitable for milling (any that isn’t we will retain for logs). Anybody interested? Some photos attached - more available to e-mail if required. Pennies gratefully received into house fund. Thanks. David and Kirsty Beech; 4.2m long; 0.45m average diameter (AD) Beech; 3.3m long; 0.4m AD Beech; 4.1m long; 0.45m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.5m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.2m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.25m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.3m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.3m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.45m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.2m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.35m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.35m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.4m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.25m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.2m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.25m AD Douglas Fir; Between 6.0m & 6.4m long; 0.2m AD Yew; 5.5m long; 0.2m AD
  21. Hi, Could anyone help me identify this fungus fruiting body? Found at the base of a common beech. Brackets are black/greyish on top & Browny/White/Orange underneath. Cheers
  22. Just wondering what advice people would have for this Beech I looked at today. At the cavity (pictured) I'd say the main stem is approx 70% hollow accross and hollow from cavity to below ground level . No signs of fungi. The owner would like to retain the tree. Thanks.
  23. Hi, --- has anyone much experience with reducing overgrown Beech hedges, and what I could do with this one? - It had been kept at about 6' and the young couple now looking after it would like it back if possible. Most books say – cut top first year, one side the following year and t'other the next, preferably with a good feed and mulch the year before you start. I'm not so sure - I did a well kept but gotten too wide Beech three years ago – cut back one side maybe 15” - and its only now really filling in. And the trouble with this very overgrown one is that there's little growth on the back side as it faces a dark conifer wood Sorry about poor pictures – The Beech is over 20 foot. Second pic is taken from behind.
  24. Here's a Bull Mastiff I did for petemate_390xp btw pete, my 395 is amazing now!! if anyone wants a super tuned saw then pete is your man!!


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