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  1. cardboard boxes for kindling

    That seems expensive to me. I buy 1000's of boxes every year. For "off the shelf" boxes Kite Packaging are decent: https://www.kitepackaging.co.uk/scp/heavy-duty-cardboard-boxes/double-wall-boxes/ If you look at the 6th option down you will see your size. If you want bespoke / printed boxes, I can not recommend connect packaging enough.
  2. WANTED: Beech 'Bars'

    We pay a similar price per tonne, sometimes a bit more.
  3. WANTED: Beech 'Bars'

    Yeah I appreciate it is harder to source so we pay more for it. We turn it into many different products, we have milled some, chipped some, logs etc.
  4. WANTED: Beech 'Bars'

    If we can get them to that spec it allows us to use them for different products.
  5. Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Black gold! Do you have the bits on the very bottom getting tar on them? If so, it might help to slightly raise the back legs to help drain the "juices" out the front door.
  6. Green hardwood wanted

    Do you have a full load of cherry?
  7. WANTED: Beech 'Bars'

    I am looking for 50 tonnes (two loads) of Beech cut to the following spec: Length 3m +/- 20cm (other lengths to order only) Minimum top diameter 15cm Maximum butt diameter 32cm All timber should be as knot free as possible, 1st length type material (no top wood), it should be straight within reason with no butt flares, rot, dirt or metal contamination As usual, I appreciate this is a restrictive spec, but we can pay more for it. Delivery will be to Harlow, Essex. If you want to discuss further please PM me. Thanks!
  8. Hi everybody, I need a small amount of hazel (1 to 2 tonnes). Preference will be given to fresh felled stuff, 10cm - 20cm diameter, 2m length minimum. I am also on the lookout for cherry and alder, same amounts and spec. If there is anyone in the south east (delivery to Harlow - Essex) interested please pm me and we can discuss prices etc.
  9. WANTED: Old saw blades

    I am on the lookout for old circular saw blades, the bigger the better. Rusty is a plus. Any big old band saw blades would be great as well. If anyone has anything like this please post a picture and let me know what you would like for it. If you can package it up I can arrange collection. Cheers!
  10. Price of saw dust

    Very helpful, thank you.
  11. Price of saw dust

    Thanks! I have a japa one which dose the job well. I'm really looking for a war to get the dust out of our sawdust if anyone has any suggestions.
  12. Price of saw dust

    Please could you let me know the make of the extractor?
  13. Small firewood bags wanted

  14. Please please

    I use the 'Camelbak Forge'. It has a handy 'trigger' activated mouth piece which means you can drink from it without having to unscrew anything. Keeps the contents hot for hours, machine washable lid. Good all rounder. Available on amazon etc.
  15. Traditional Firewood is history

    On a related note, has anybody else heard about the up coming Forestry Commission plans related to importing wood? Apparently whenever wood is imported for the purpose of burning as fuel, soon you will have to inform the FC. I would guess they want to start getting an idea of what amount of wood burned in the UK is imported. I don't know what they plan to do with that information but I would be interested to see some official figures.


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