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Found 109 results

  1. Jonny123

    Logs and cord wood drop off

    This is my home address, where logs and wood can be dropped off, but we also have a yard where cords/wood can be tipped. We have a tractor loader on site too. Please contact me to arrange. Tons of logs are required each year. Cheers
  2. Hi. Looking for a regular supply of seasoned logs. We are at Teviothead, south of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Alex
  3. BuyFirewodDirect

    Kiln Dried Logs & Hardwood Logs For Sale

    Time Left: 1 hour and 2 minutes

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Buy Firewood Direct proud offer the UK's largest selection of kiln dried hardwood logs for sale online. Our product assortment is made up from: kiln dried birch, kiln dried mixed hardwood firewood and kiln dried ash oak logs. All our products are available in 3 different size crates. Our netted firewood available in 2 size pallets, 40 nets and 80 nets. Order kiln dried logs online, our online prices are inclusive of VAT and free 48h UK delivery.


    Manchester, Buckinghamshire - GB

  4. barrowC

    Lorry load of wood needed!

    Anyone got a load of length timber they can deliver to Helensburgh area? Even the prospect of a pile and, I can organise the transport. I won’t turn my nose up at size or shape, promise! (Lorry driver might though)
  5. Just messing in the woods

    Imported Kiln Dried Wood

    New to ArbTalk so be gentle..... and apologies, this topic has probably come up before. Does anyone top up there supplies with imported kiln dried from outside the UK but from within the EU? If so, whats your experience? I'd be keen to know the pro's and con's.... Thanks
  6. We are looking for a full time person to cut wood using our firewood processor, we pay a good hourly and are located near Horsham, West Sussex. Please send CV to info@greenofc.co.uk Andy, Green Olive Firewood Co.
  7. Chessa

    Mouldy birch

    Mouldy birch for personal use: can I burn it? (Once it’s dried out in the hotly ancipated warmth of summer).
  8. Anthony H

    Wanted..Tree stems

    WANTED FALLEN TREES.... of all sizes in the Cheshire area, we can mill on site up to 1.5 m diameter or in our own yard please contact me for more info cheshiremilling@gmail.com or 07455018862
  9. Looking at the wood pile and need a top up pretty soon. I’m looking for ideally a full (20t) load of lengths, preferably hardwood. I am between Dumbarton and Helensburgh and just need it for our own domestic use (7t p/yr). Happy to arrange transport if needed. Any leads greatly appreciated.
  10. We have a large stock of 100% kiln dried hardwood Ash in 45x60cm net bags (Approx 10kg.) All logs are cut to approx. 25cm and kiln dried to less than 18% moisture. See photos attached. Can deliver nationwide. PM with delivery address for a price including delivery. Many Thanks
  11. Hi. Looking to buy 22-26t of timber not bothered on length or diameter. Hard or soft. Will be as used firewood on farm. North Devon
  12. Hi I'm looking for Hardwood for firewood, anything from 25 tonne up to 200 initially. Based in the North of Scotland (IV12) but happy to arrange our own haulage.
  13. Hi all, I haven't used this website for some time. Hope your all well! We have a surplus of Ash and Larch cordwood for sale. The larch has been felled for about 2-3 years now (circa 50 tonne), Ash about 3 years (circa 200 tonne), and has been stored in our yard drying ready for processing. We are looking to reduce some of our stock as the land is needed for other reasons. We have contacts for haulage if anybody is interested. Please PM for prices / phone number. Jack
  14. M B Trees


    Good morning, we are removing several Sycamore trees in Chesham on the 4th,5th and 6th of December and looking to find a tip site or someone willing to pick up the timber. any interest cal Marcus on 07710 084608
  15. Doug88

    Cordwood Wanted

    Hello, I am looking to purchase some cordwood / stems / Roundwood cut up for firewood. I am in Moreton In Marsh, I could collect if not too far away, (but if you can deliver this would be even better. ) Please let me know if you can help.
  16. I am always on the lookout for hardwood in the Beds, Bucks, Herts area they want to get rid of..I am not in the industry just looking for stuff to season for my Rayburn to keep the bills down.Let me know if HP23 4QU close enough. Especially if you can just dump it on our drive.
  17. Hi I'm after buying 10-12 tons of hardwood to process for my firewood business. I'm based in the Swansea Valley, so ideally I'll be buying from within south Wales. Please pm me with details if you are able to help/supply me.
  18. Jonny Moss valley

    Arb Waster

    Please delete if not allowed. Logs for sale.Mix for quality hardwood and softwoods. For firewood.Commercial customers............Please ring for quotes for larger vehicles bulkers etc.JCB can be used to load large vehicles. We have a few firewood suppliers who use the log pile.Good access. Cash on collection.Please ring John on 07815 609 237. All enquiries welcome.Thank you John
  19. We have two mature (9ft round the trunk) white poplars. The wife has taken a dislike to them and is thinking of having them taken down. She thinks it'll be good for firewood but I cringe at the thought the process and storage, let working like a stoker on the Titanic feeding matchwood into our 8kW stove! (Have done it before with Lombardy poplars but I was 10 yrs younger!) Is there any demand for poplar timber as planks etc? We are in West Essex Regards Graham
  20. monkeybusiness

    Ash and sycamore firewood in Usk

    Hi - we are felling a couple of big ash trees and a few sycamores in the middle of Usk next week and need a home for the logs and chip. If anyone is interested please give me a ring on 07970188050. Cheers, Dan
  21. HIGH QUALITY KILN DRIED KINDLING! Our kindling is packed into clear plastic carry bags which weigh approximately 3kg. All our kindling is cut from softwood pine/spruce and kiln dried, resulting in a dry easy to light product. We can pack 260 bags on one pallet. Contact us for a price including delivery. sales@glossopfirewoodandfuelsuppliers.com
  22. ChasW

    Birch logs

    Hi all...looking for a bit of advice please. I have approx 30m3 of silver birch from a clearfell I did this winter..I think I'm going to sell it to a log man, but I have no idea how much it's worth. Had a quick google and people seem to be paying 80-100 quid per cube...is that realistic? I might have to go into log production if it is! Cheers.
  23. My cheap Chinese chainsaw experience I have noticed that even though everyone, has seen or heard of the cheap Ebay/Amozon chainsaws, there are suprisingly few reviews of the things on here. So I figured I would give my take on china's finest. I will start by explaining, how i got into a situation in which I needed to buy something with such...... questionable reliability. It all started when some dumb f*ck delivery driver, "left my package with a neighbor" that package being a nice reconditioned Jonsereds 80. To make a long story short he just left it on my driveway, and inevitably got nicked. Needing a chainsaw desperately to finish felling, some 32" ash on a neighbors property, I go on to eBay and order the "beast", and well this is my experience with the saw. It started well out of the box, and felled and bucked 2 32" ash trees with (about 2 cords of firewood). But after that initial victory it started to run into issues, First the chain ,that came with the saw, snapped in two and few of into the brush. Then a couple days later the pull starter assembly broke. I contacted the company that sold me the saw (SGS engineering), who sent me out a new pull starter and chain. I fitted the pull starter and threw the chain in the bin, so I could fit a better/safer Oregon chain. After about a month of using it most weekends and cutting, a further 3 cords of firewood (hardwood between 10" and 25"). After which point I replaced the stock bar and gave it a new Oregon chain. A week after this point the Anti vibration/felling handle got bent, but it was easy to bend back into shape and has cause no further problems. So scores on the doors Customer service: 10/10 great customer service, sent spare parts with little hassle Quality: 7/10 Ok, but probably not great for anything more than homeowner use. Safety: 4/10 Not that good, previously mentioned flying chain and the chain break is off low quality. So overall I would probably not recommend to anyone cutting more than a cord or 2 of wood a year, and I would definitely recommend replacing the chain if you go with this saw. Full specs and pic of saw on Ebay page 58cc 20" Petrol Chainsaw: 2x Saw Chains & Carry Case. Easy Start, NGK Spark Plug | eBay
  24. Clear some Gray Alders pass on forest road what I cone make, this alders I going to use on firewood.. [ame] [/ame]
  25. Hi all, Anybody have any cordwood for sale in the Cumbria area ? I'm looking for small amounts (between 1 and 5 cube) for converting into firewood. Preferably Ash, Beech, Birch, Cedar, Maple, Plum, Oak, Yew or a mixture of the said types. I can collect in the Cumbria/Lake District area If so please message with type of wood, amount of wood, seasoned or green, where and price ? Or you can text me on 07387074238 Thanks Peter


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