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  1. Prunus and fungi ident?

    Probably, I wouldn't rule it out but too far off to be sure Any closer images?
  2. Localised distribution of Fomes fomentarius

    Had an interesting trip up to Sherwood forest yesterday, hadn't been there for about 10 years and didn't really give it justice when I was there last time. Got up there early before an AA field day and took a look at the Fomes colonisation to compare against the host range at Hampstead. Vast majority of the fruit bodies were on birch, although I did find some on a single dead young oak (image 3). But unlike Hampstead there were no fruitbodies (at all) on the ancient/veteran oaks. This suggests that climate and time play a large part in colonisation of age & species dynamics. Also, where there were fruiting bodies of both Fomes & Piptoporus on a single wood volume, the Fomes brackets were more abundant than Pipto. Suggests to me that Fomes (even though its deemed to have a sapwood exposed strategy) would appear to be a more dominant coloniser than Pitoporus (which has a sapwood intact stratergy)
  3. Fracture pruned induced bud formation from callus tissue

    Axe cuts certainly produce more bud development than chainsaw cuts from the experiments that I have seen Pat. This one below from 10 years ago in the Basque was axe cut left side & chainsaw on the right.
  4. Open Space Arboriculture - Urban tree conservation videos

    Likewise mate, keep in touch as it would be great to have you back on board for the pollard work again next year.
  5. Fracture pruned induced bud formation from callus tissue

    I'll have a look through my files Matty, but fairly sure that its only been witnessed where we have initiated long fracture strips. Coronets by themselves usually don't have enough exposed cambium.
  6. Fracture pruned induced bud formation from callus tissue

    I have a worrying knack of being able to catalogue my images and knowing where I've used them across the forum, but often can't remember where I've put me car keys down !
  7. Fracture pruned induced bud formation from callus tissue

    Additionally we're starting to find shoots developing on other 'sacrificed' trees where tears have been encouraged to see if the shoots can develop on light orientated branches.
  8. Fracture pruned induced bud formation from callus tissue

    Couple of years on and the epicormic clusters are still viable and growing toward the light.
  9. Open Space Arboriculture - Urban tree conservation videos

    Arbtalk member 'Dendrophile' (Rob Taylor) has just finished with us and is heading back to Copenhagen. It's been a great 12 months with a variety of interesting tree work. The Hampstead Tree Team wish Rob all the very best with his next Arboricultural Adventure. Photo montage of some of his working highlights below..... We'll be looking to fill the vacancy & replace Rob some time in the Spring.
  10. Dual Decay

    Working over at Burnham Beeches currently and we came across this dual decay on birch again today, this time with the added colonisation of Daedaleopsis confragosa thrown in for good measure.
  11. Managing Trees with Decay & Dysfunction

    Not Really Gary, as the limbs were probably too exposed to light. I didn't carry the experiment on as I should have and only have experience of the successful ones that I saw in the Basque on beech trees in 2009 & 2017.
  12. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Ha, not that hungry ! Apparantly good eating, but not one I've fancied eating.
  13. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Lepista nuda (wood blewit) on bark mulch at work this morning
  14. Managing Trees with Decay & Dysfunction

    So after last weeks Catalan Arborist working with the team over at Burnahm Beeches, we now have an Arb from Belgium on a one week work placement. Today he helped by reducing back limbs on a veteran English oak which has a colonisation by Fomes fomentarius.
  15. woodland traces

    Skatepark shoe tree


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