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  1. David Humphries

    Trees & shade

    Were they hiding from Claus? 😆
  2. David Humphries

    Large urban tree failure

    Big Lombardy split apart in central Cardif https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/live-updates-huge-tree-falls-14787840 Would be interested to know what the “fungal activity around the base of the tree” was. Tree surgeon who inspected the tree in November 2016 recommended removal. Wondering what the time line and priority was. pictures by shoko doherty
  3. David Humphries

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Few interesting finds over the last week or so. Dichomitus campestris dead oak branch Hampstead Heath Hericium chirratum dead Horse chestnut limb HH Ganoderma resinaceum red oak HH Radulomyces molaris dead oak branch HH Cerioporus (Polyporus) squamosus declining Horse chestnut HH Stemonitis fusca dead pine trunk HH Fomes fomentarius red oak HH Ramaria sp (possibly R. stricta) dead Horse chestnut branch HH Amanita fulva with Sweet chestnut Greenwich Park
  4. David Humphries

    First World Cup memory..

    Arie Haan's rocket past Sepp Maier in '78 got me thinking that this football malarkey was a bit good. filled out a fair few pages of that years Panini sticker handbook .
  5. David Humphries

    I'd help please

    No fruiting bodies of Kretzschmaria on this sample.
  6. David Humphries

    Thieving Lowlife

    Petty thieving mo fo's
  7. David Humphries

    Study Workshop on Soil Health & Tree Disease - Greenwich Park

    Treeworks are based in Bristol Gary but they deliver 'most' of their seminars in London due to venues (Kew, Linean Society etc.....) and closeness to the mainland (friend of mine 'popped' over on Euro Star from Belgium for the day just for this seminar) I can't speak for Neville, but if there is enough interest t'up north then I'd imagine it would be an option. Suggest you contact the Treeworks Seminars team seminars@treeworks.co.uk
  8. David Humphries

    Study Workshop on Soil Health & Tree Disease - Greenwich Park

    Fascinating study day held at Greenwich University and out in Greenwich Park out among the veteran Sweet chestnuts with talks and field demo's looking at soil biology, soil profiles, compaction, poor drainage, foliar applications, mulch, biochar and options for managing chestnut Ink disease (Phytophthora cambivora & cinnamomi) as well as looking at Flagellated Spores ! even had time to take in the obliging fruits of the local mycorrhiza Nev Fay has suggested that this workshop may run again if there is enough interest. Alternatively this years AA conference is focusing on trees and soils where a lot of this day will be run again.
  9. David Humphries

    Is this Anthracnose?

  10. David Humphries

    Fungal succession in standing dead wood volumes

    What led to me looking back on this particular stump is that on passing recently one of the retained branch stubs has failed and exposed the level of decay and habitat inside the wood volume. Full of beetle galleries and as light as paper.
  11. Observations of sequential and overlapping colonisations by different fungal fruiting bodies and decay in a standing dead wood volume over 10 years. case study: Fagus sylvatica - European beech This roadside beech tree presented with declining leaf vitality during inspection in 2008. The giant polypore (Meripilus giganteus) was suspected as having colonised the dysfunctional root area. The tree shut down completely and was reduced in 2010 being left as dead standing wood volume for habitat. 2010 The first two fungal species noted pre reduction were Meripilus giganteus around the base of the tree decaying the roots and Chondrosterum purpureum colonising the stem and lower scaffold branches. March 2012 Coprinellis (Coprinus) domesticus with Ozonium at the base of the tree November 2015 Arbortiporus biennis (unusually found here at height) Gymnopilus junonius October 2016 Ganoderma australe 2016-2018 continued fruiting of Meripilus giganteus, Gymnopilus junonius and Ganoderma australe I intend to add further observations of fruiting as and when noted.
  12. David Humphries

    coconut denutting

    Great shots Drew, they must be as bendy as big bendy thing?
  13. David Humphries


    some effort gone in to this one
  14. David Humphries

    Study Workshop on Soil Health & Tree Disease - Greenwich Park

    a few places left for this workshop
  15. David Humphries

    Fungus ID?

    Look like Dead mans fingers (Xylaria polymorpha) Probably not the reason that the tree has died


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