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  1. Top are Ganoderma species, middle may be old Psuedoinonotus dryadeus and yes would agree on Flammulina species.
  2. In my experience Mark, managing it in a population of 7,000-10,000 oak trees in north London where we have had the ‘pest’ for the last 9 years, OPM doesn’t kill (healthy) oak trees. Birds, bats and specialist tachinid flies are naturally controlling the ‘pest’ They caterpillars do ofcourse cause rashes, but mostly to the people who are surveying the trees and removing the nests.
  3. One reason is that spraying will kill indigenous Lepidoptera (butterflies/moths) that specifically associate with oak.
  4. That’s likely to be Fomes fomentarius but need’s more images to be certain. Ideally when you’re trying to get an ID you need to present images of the top surface as well as the underside and where possible a slice/wedge of the flesh/trama from inside the bracket showing the colour and texture.
  5. I think this is a perennial bracket and likely to be a Ganoderma species. Although the images aren’t very clear the pores on the underside look too small for Cerioporus squamosus.
  6. Fungal beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 😄 I think these are funnel caps, either trouping or clouded,
  7. I couldn’t be arsed, but just for you 😉 Coral - Magpie inkcap - Nail fungus Blewit - half free Morel - Fly agaric Dog stinkhorn - Parasitic boletes - Beefsteak Scarlet Elfcups - Silky rosegill - Wrinkled peach
  8. Some of my favourite fungi finds this year from Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and north London
  9. Might be Perenniporia fraxinea, we have that association at work on a number of Robinia.


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