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  1. Wood spirits

    cracking stuff Simon, good to see your at it, should have something to show for the pippy oak soon.
  2. Decent people/clients

    I tryto ignore and forget, and outright avoid negativity from anyone these days, makes life so sweet!
  3. Looking to work over seas.

    Theres probably work here in Bulgaria if you would be interested, can supply digs too. Nothing is cast iron yet but its well under way. If i know theres willing I can put in some groundwork, could use some help out here with tickets!
  4. Struggling with this bracket id.

    personaly would swing toward adspersum/australe. But its just a game without the spore
  5. If you're trying to sell a walnut butt.....

    nice thread
  6. tension crack

    I would suggest a little armillaria going by the lesions too
  7. Buff- so long old friend......

    Im O.K with Buffs passing, I miss him but it is inevitable we will lose these friends it is the time you have, you have to make it count. That is kinda why I am here now, making it count, every minute of every hour is an opportunity to be emotionally overwhelmed by the experiences we can share.
  8. Ash with Pholiota squarrosa. Opinions please

    couldnt agree more, classic old ash 10's of thousands like this with scaley, rarely falling but have to say most older ones retrenching via hispidus in canopy, so yeah reduce all day long. corking tree worthy of care:thumbup1:
  9. Buff- so long old friend......

    best kep me posted, i wanna know all about it! Good luck with your plans, dont give in, find a way:thumbup1:
  10. Buff- so long old friend......

    no idea of the breed, get yourself some space dude, dogs make life a party and keep you young! The bitch of this pair is the litters runt, we chose her hten the next one to keep her company as she was so coi, they make a great pair, no regrets at all was spot on the right thing settling in fast due to their kinships:thumbup1:
  11. Buff- so long old friend......

    thanks guys, shall share a tail or two over the coming journies!
  12. Worst ever year for keeping logs dry

    ha ha yeah, agreed I cant believe the weather here in Bularia, reckon logs will dry in just a month given the heat here summer!
  13. Buff- so long old friend......

    here they are! love em:biggrin:
  14. Image posting issue

  15. Image posting issue

    good to know shall try that:thumbup1:


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