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  1. Have you checked that the counter sink on the blade is concentric with the bolt hole?
  2. We can still have semi auto centerfires here in Norway,people compete in 3 gun matches too.I hunt with a Molot Vepr. I might join the sports shooting club because I quite like the idea of "practicle" shooting with a .22 as I can't be arsed reloading hundreds of rounds for a AR15 etc.
  3. Pre the last ban on semi auto's in New Zealand. Crying shame because the L1 was unfired when I bought it.New Zealand sold it's L1's to the population in 1983 and dad bought a couple and gave the best one to me when I grew up. The FN FAL was nice but I sold it off since I didn't need two of pretty much the same thing.Both had wooden stocks.
  4. I'm not really sure what you do and where you are have anything to do with SA80 but I bet that's not what you drew from from the arms locker.
  5. It's hard to defend the virtues of a Rifle which no other country adopted,especially when you compared it to shagged out Rifles from the 1960's. A SA80 is pretty much a abortion of a Rifle,based upon a Rifle which was designed to be as cheaply produced as possible,the AR18. True that HK sorted out most of the glaring issues with it,but the fact remains that the A1 variant was so bad that it took half a billion quid to get it working reliably and respec the existing Rifles to A2. Edited to add: 2-3 Mao from a shagged SLR is pretty impressive. I was lucky to get 2 Moa from my Lithgow L1 and about the same from my Belgian FAL.
  6. If the cobra is really tight,you can cut through it with a throwline.
  7. Can you covert oil to air brakes?
  8. Don't most holds rely on inflicting pain? What would you have done if your opponent didn't feel pain?
  9. I don't know what else could have been done short of shooting the unfortunate Mr Floyd. A 6 foot 6 inch man hopped up on Meth and Opiates would take quite some stopping I would imagine. As I understand it he was caught in the process of passing off counterfeit bills,the restraint was a result of him breaking the law once passing the bills,then resisting arrest. Can any Arbtalk martial arts experts advise on what other methods of restraint that the officer(s) could have used?
  10. Why not perform the suggested fix and stop moaning? If that dosnt work,try something else untill you find something that does work. Basic reasoning Ty. Ps I think you are an absolute babe.
  11. Three big Spruce from the other day
  12. You sound quite justifiably proud of the success your Company enjoys. You are not the guy I thought you were, apologies for the assumption.I mixed you up with a fella from Dunedin.
  13. I drove past you working last time I was in Dunners. Your kit was the same as I used when I left in 99. Except it wasn't 20 years old then and everyone earned more,fuel was half the price and competition non existent in South Otago. Good luck with Cindy's new utopia,when Aunty Hellen makes a slot for her at the UN ,Cindy will have the keys to China on the way out the door. Change my mind.


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