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  1. No. As long as the Engine pulley size is retained as original, the flywheel pulley is the same and its run at the same RPM as original it will be fine. I have had two 625's and will always have a soft spot for them.
  2. No do I,however I probably know a bit more about welding than a Welsh Carpenter.
  3. @MattyF I paid a hell of alot more than this for my genny,but I bought it new. It's a promax 3500A it was the biggest I could lift.It puts out 3.4KVA I think. I would get a bigger one ,5 or even 6KVA . I had to start with the welder set to low,and have my mate increase the amps when I had a bead running.The start up draw on a genny can be as much as 30% more load apparently. GENERATOR DIESEL ELECTRIC START 4kVA STEPHILL LISTER PETTER good working order WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Lister Petter engine with 12v electric start starts instantly and...
  4. I can check tomorrow mate,it's minus 10 and I have just come inside.
  5. A grand times its service life of possibly twenty years is quite cheap.Mine is six years old and has probably saved me twenty grand in down time or repair. I welded a hydraulic motor to a CH260 in the middle of a multi day crane job.If the Valtra had gone down if would have cost a fortune. I have been welding for 30 years,cheap stick welders are shite in comparison to a decent mig and half as versatile.
  6. It amazes me when carpenters spend half their life in an Arborist forum. Then complain when they receive solid advice regarding tools? Buy once cry once.
  7. I bought one of these. Kemppi Mig Minarc Evo 200 - 240 volt | United Welding WWW.UNITEDWELDING.CO.UK Why buy Precise weld quality and arc ignition 200 or 170 A of MIG... It was pricey but it's all the welder an Arborist is likely to need. Buy once,cry once.Its paid for itself several times over.It will weld well enough running off a small generator so that you can repair something in the field.
  8. I think that part of it is that when folk buy a new machine,they don't want to admit it might be absolute pants. So they put up with the problems untill they are finally ironed out,or they get rid of it and not talk to much as to not look the fool. Forst used to offer 3 year warranty, then reduced it to two. Some gear you just can't economize materials extensively .Woodchippers should be built to a standard, not a price point .
  9. Picture third from bottom looks like the steel has cracked along the weld.Might just be the paint cracking,but I would have a closer look at it. What would your reaction be if Forst replaced your chipper with a new one,and the new one did the same thing?
  10. "Slaps Thigh" *Whisky Tumblers "Chinc" in the background*
  11. Head on up there and build him a nicer house then. You monumental gobshite .
  12. You might be hard pressed to sell that. Best you just pay for fell and remove rather than have a log sitting on your front lawn for ever and a day.


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