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  1. Have as many ropes as you like, but non of them are attached to a rated anchor in Treework and that's where alot of this falls apart. A chainsaw will sever two ropes just as fast as one.
  2. Yes that's the one. He squeaked it into a tight residential driveway today down a blind lane
  3. Worked with this one today. Two large trees done in 4 hours,would have been a week long job otherwise. 95 tonne meter is about the most versatile size for residential work imho.
  4. They seem to proliferate in areas with large trees and good access. A mate of mine bought one in the states,he has grossed over $40K a week with it. In the right place they really are a game changer.
  5. £1200 per day plus vat here John. The guy is a extremely good operator too.
  6. I do know that it takes chainsaw trousers to be folded five times to stop a .22 and if you roll the legs up and shoot across the layers it will stop 9x19. You could set up a Doppler chronograph at the target to measure the velocity after impact.That would give you some idea if you could measure the distance the bullet travelled after impact
  7. We used to actually shoot at stones in worked fields with our 22s as kids to make them ricochet. This was back home in pretty huge fields. You could see the puff of dust where the bullet came back to earth.Once we put an empty drench container behind a flat stone and the bullet only made it through one side this was with standard velocity Winchester PowerPoint .A bullet needs about 450fps to break human skin,a subsonic .22 travels at 1050 fps at the muzzle ,once it expends say 30% of its energy upon impact and now that its tumbling i dont think it would be considered dangerous after 50 odd meters from impact. All of this is aside from the fact you shouldn't shoot at anything with something or someone behind it.
  8. I think the ricochet fear is largely a UK phenomenon promoted by over zealous firearms licencing Officers. Shotguns ricochet too and a soft lead projectile from a .22lr won't go far after it's been badly deformed from an impact. Anyhoo if difflock wants a Spring gun then probably one at 12lbs is more likely to fit his needs.Then he has the pick of the 100s for sale in the UK.
  9. If you are going to need an FAC why not consider a .22LR? They are far more effective and humane,with a moderator and subsonic ammo they are quieter than a Spring powered Air Rifle.
  10. Too much to do and at the wrong end of the year to do it.
  11. I agree but any sentence handed down will not be a deterrent to others. Your security may deter the first second and third lot but there is always another crew willing to have a go.If however crew one bled out in a Transit perforated with 7.62,I strongly beleive crew two and three would not only look elsewhere but find something else to concentrate on. There in lies the problem,the authorities like having theives take insured things off the working man or business owner.Things get lifted,insurance payer out,premiums go up ,tax all round and no Granny gets her handbag snatched.
  12. Shooting them would stop it. The only place I lived where that was legal,was also the only place I never locked my door and left kit out
  13. Facebook has ruined forums except those forums for the 50+.
  14. If/when you start in a crew,don't be the twat who stands there "learning" you are a tool to be used to complete the job,it's not college you are not paying to be there, you are being paid to do. I can tell after a couple of days wether or not someone will last The guys I am prepared to invest time and money on are those who possess self motivation an initiative, nothing is going to put me off teaching someone to climb like seeing them standing at the base of the tree surrounded by branches "learning. Take some time off your job,organise a couple of weeks with some local firms and see if it's for you Anyone can do this job,only those who really want to actually become good at it. I wish you every success and hope you find as much joy and adventure as I have done.
  15. A company in Norway sold a few trucks,they were on the telly in Syria with tank turrets on the decks Still sign written.


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