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  1. British "Woodland" is largely poorly diverse regen twonk. 99% of the Woodland I ever worked in should have been bulldozed into windrows and burnt . Who cares if a bunch of hippy wankers pitch a tent every bank holiday or some yuppies buy a yurt? The ground they are using was probably a cow pasture in the 16th century.
  2. If you look like you are doing well,likely you are and the customer will give their money to the the company looks the best. Take a lesson from the "Caravan Club",very often them and their wagons are done up to the nines.It impresses the clients because they look the part. If I turned up to a quote in a rusty Nissan Micra and tried to charge £900 for clearing a Spruce hedge,somehow got the job and then spent all day cutting and chipping it though a 6" Chipper.Or turn up to the quote in a sign written American Pickup,charge £1100 ,arrive in a £80K Valtra and Cranefed chipper combo,obliterate the job in 2 hours and off to the next one clients feel they get the best value out of the latter version of events than the first.Strangly the bigger the kit the less likely the "Could you justers" come out.
  3. Warranty. You might get 3 years unlimited mileage or 50,000 miles for example.
  4. If for some reason the owners run the chipper with the rollers slowed right down,that will heat up the oil to the point of boiling it.But I'd say it will come out of the breather on the tank before it melts the coil
  5. I have had a couple of them pack it in.I bought an identical one from a company that sells hydraulic cranes. Just make sure it's not getting current even when the ignition is off.That would explain it melting two.
  6. Attach it upside down Viola! It's now left handed. Are you sure climbing is for you mate?
  7. Has it paid for itself by finding lost machine parts,or in the booty you have unearthed?
  8. Thanks for the advice,I appreciate it. I live in an area with quite alot of history going back to the Stone age. I will have a look at the Minecraft detectors.
  9. I am quite keen to buy a metal detector for some fossicking,there were quite a few Viking settlements around where I live as well as an ancient road on my place. What Detector would you recomend?
  10. I think I have bought and sold close to a dozen bits of plant,trucks and chippers from all over.Its really simple to do. Importing a model from the states thats available in the UK/Europe would be the way to go.Ask the retailer for the manual and change the stickers. You pay far to much for chippers in the UK,spend your money wisely as they do.
  11. @openspaceman Did you run a fuel oiler on your landy? I have a pickup on petrol/lpg that has a olier on it.The truck is new and I was told by a guy who works for Rolls Royce that the oiler is a scam on new engines as the valves and valve seats are harder today. Autogas as it's called over here is half the price of petrol,it's great for commuting or long trips but not great for towing in my experiance. If you buy all the parts a gas fitter can make you a tank which you can fill at the pump and refill your propane machines.many forklifts are propane here.
  12. I know its very hard to get the pricing right on jobs when you start,but look at it like this. Distance to trailer 100m Required number of drags 50 Distance covered 10,000meters :50 drags x 100m,x2 Average walking speed 5kmph Time spent dragging 2 hours,not including picking it up or stacking it. So for one man thats 25% of your day gone in just moving it. Also stipulate what minimum diameter you are going to log down to,or you may well end up doing as much extra work as dragging since you have to "skin" all the fluff off the smaller branches and take that too. If you have a place to tip for free,consider just hiring a skip and chucking it all in that.Then you wont have to make multiple trips or cut the branches up.Just call the lorry when you can see the end of the job and wave it goodbye when you are cleaning up.
  13. Why not simply knock on their door and offer to give them a fire of their own in their House? Whilst holding a Molotov cocktail.


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