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  1. Mike Hill

    What would you have done?

    Dosn't matter does it. He didn't cut the tree down. You did.
  2. Mike Hill

    What would you have done?

    Now if there is any fall out,you have admitted that you have done it. Clever very not.
  3. Mike Hill

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    WTF? So all the Engine Oil,both fuel tanks,brake fluid and diff oils came out the filler/breather holes? Want to buy a Ceder Log?
  4. Mike Hill

    Knife and gun crime London

    75% of youths convicted of Knife and gun crime are first or second generation immigrants. I will find the source for you in a bit. Or we could just pretend its not really a problem and call anyone who speaks the truth a Racist. I am a first generation immigrant to Norway.If it get convicted of anything serious I get deported after I serve my sentence.
  5. Mike Hill

    Knife and gun crime London

    Deport their entire families when they get caught. They dont give a toss about the laws of the country they live in,so fluck them off. Once a few of them get binned,the hard word will get spread from those in their own communities to pull their heads in.
  6. Mike Hill

    I quite enjoyed this

    I hadn't heard the sound bite from Thames Television since I was a kid. Really enjoyable watch
  7. Mike Hill

    Time for a bit of paint.

    Do you need a giant Compressor for the sandblaster? The local guy is crazy expensive for sand blasting.
  8. Mike Hill

    5ton Cedar stem... whats it worth ?

    Ceder is pretty light and that stick won't weigh 1 ton per meter. Be happy to be proved wrong though. Be worth a fortune I'd say. Chuck it on Ebay?
  9. Mike Hill

    5ton Cedar stem... whats it worth ?

    Just post the receipt from the buyer when he comes and picks it up.That'll show him.
  10. Mike Hill

    Whats your exit strategy?

    Zimbabwe it is then! Or Chad,Liberia,DRC,Malawi,Nigeria etc.
  11. Mike Hill

    Police auction site lots of saws worcester area

    Thank you for putting this up. Some poor bugger has lost his gear by the looks of it.
  12. Mike Hill

    Pest I.D and management please

    My wife the Biologist sayes they are tomostethus nigritus I say it looks like about a grand.
  13. Mike Hill

    Sheilsing 500zx

    How did the ground get his foot taken? Did he walk on his hands?
  14. Mike Hill

    Penetrating spray

    Could you post some pictures please? If they have been pressed on I hope they can be drawn out far enough to be cut off.
  15. Mike Hill

    Penetrating spray

    Just cut them off.


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