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  1. Mike Hill

    New sthil reviews

    Well it looks like you and your vast experiance have really shown me up then. Except you still come across as someone who has yet to grasp the basics. Which you have not.
  2. Mike Hill

    New sthil reviews

    Your Chainsaw experience is measured in months ,not years as I understand it? There are contributors to this thread who's experience is measured in decades. Why don't you shut up and listen?
  3. Mike Hill

    GRCS, smart winch or LD1

    Having used both. GRCS wins hands down.
  4. Mike Hill

    Toyota Tundra?

    The V8 Diesel versions have a decent rep over here. That Engine is going to be disappointing .
  5. Mike Hill

    Unimog parts?

    If you dont have any joy with the guy I posted a link to,here is the outfit I bought my first Mog from.They had quite a few they were breaking at the time. https://www.ebay.de/str/schwinnnutzfahrzeuge I have gotten used bits from these guys years ago http://www.nutzfahrzeuge-kindermann.de/ The krauts won't usually pass up the chance to make a buck.so with luck you will get all you need to get from one stop.The reason that the tag is/was important is that the running gear might have been changed around.But like you say,you have the numbers off the portals.
  6. Mike Hill

    Unimog parts?

    Keep at it Connor,you will get what you need for alot less than what the UK guys are asking. Have a grovell under your truck tomorrow and take a picture of the axel tag,as well as find your vin number.
  7. Mike Hill

    Unimog parts?

    This bloke seems to have a few... https://www.donnerbauer.com/ersatzteile/achsen-und-teile-alle-unimog/ @Conor Wright Most/many Germans speak English,it would be wise to ask home to get all that you need together and send it in a "oner ".You might pay a bit more than if your sourced all the bits yourself but Unimogs are common in Germany so the parts come pretty quick.
  8. Mike Hill

    Unimog parts?

    Complete used portals are available, I bought one from Germany for 200 euro. You can reseal calipers,the kits are about . On your diff there is a little metal tag,right on the top side from memory. Clean it off and take a picture,this might be required when buying portals because there are a few different diffs out there.
  9. Mike Hill

    Unimog parts?

    How much have you been quoted?
  10. Mike Hill

    Jensen A540T flywheels adjustment???

    I was told .5mm on the far side and 1.5mm on the side closest to the shaft. The disc will warp when it hits a big bit,too close and you might clatter the anvil. You won't get the blade to anvil gap even anyhow.
  11. Here is a tree down the road from my folks house. Pretty sure most of the detractors on this thread cut their teeth on stuff like this. Because if you sweat the small stuff you are surely dynamite on the big ones?
  12. I thought he did alright. Only one of us were there and that person soon figured out why most of us no longer post videos . Kin embarrassing.
  13. Mike Hill

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    There are plenty of cuts to use that could have dumped that stem with relitive safety. Sadly the victim used the most unsuitable and hurt himself. I hope that film gets shown to every budding climber as a warning against being too cocky.
  14. Mike Hill

    Making the news today....

    So the lady put a hunting picture on her hunting facebook page and you don't like it because its not the type of hunting you agree with? Trophy hunting is a great resource in many parts of the world,if someone with a fat wallet wants to feel good about tipping something over with big Horns,then I and many other people in the local community are all for it.
  15. Mike Hill

    the 'todays job' thread

    That was a very enjoyable job Rich,thanks for coming over. I find it hard to resist the temptation of a lunge,either overt or covert.


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