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  1. Help yourself. Grants arnt available to you since you are a woman grown, not a girl or a youth. You want to acess an industry that can require great personal responsibility ,yet you want your hand held at this early stage? Something just dosnt ring true in your post's. Your fiance has 6 years experiance but cant get you a start? Your solvent enough to go without for 30 days but cant afford basic tickets? Here is an idea. Get a part time job in a pub, evenings and weekends.
  2. Get a loan and pay for the tickets yourself. Why would any company want to invest thousands of pounds in your for a single months work? If you can support yourself for the month of free labor you are offering then surely you can pay for tickets? What you are asking is similar to agreeing to buy a car sight unseen in the condition that the vendor payes for your drivers licence. Go out and make your own luck,get your drivers licence too.Grow up,nothing good comes easy or free.
  3. That's a point I hadn't considered. You simply cant be too careful these days.
  4. I wouldnt employ a female because their menstruation might attract Bears. Potentially jepardising the safety of everyone onsite.
  5. Easy. All you need to fix any land rover permanently is a center punch, hammer and a packet of matches...
  6. I liked the older style filters the best,they were also pretty much "stupid proof". If you reverse a modern filter and blow air at it from the intake side,how are you not doing anything other than what the filter was originally designed for? Its really a screen,not a filter,as in everything apart from air is ment to stay on the outside of it. You seem to gain a bit of free "adhesion" from the oil in the fuel sticking to any filter which helps.
  7. Nor in my 25 years in the game. We used to wash and oil the old filters.
  8. I had a tracked dumper that was a self loader,we used to pile it high with long branches,put a ratched strap around them and reverse it out of the site. Saved one hell of alot of work.
  9. Over here someone would have shot the seal and eaten it.
  10. 20 odd years ago we were called to go and help a crew that was struggling on a takedown in South London,no one likes having to help out a crew that was known to slack off and then cry for help at 2,30 in the Afternoon. Anyhow we arrive to see the climber with the tree stripped out and just the top remaining on a dead Sycamore in the front garden.We send a rope up and as two groundies stop what little traffic there is,he proceeds to fell out the tiny top. Instead he cuts through the hinge,losing the top sideways across the road and into one of those third world BT poles with 50 lines strung off them like a defunkt christmas tree simulation. Harsh words were exchanged.
  11. Is the deck on the LB wide enough to fit your tipping trailer on Josh? Could you weld two channels to the deck for the trailer wheels and just pull the trailer on with the crane?
  12. So what you are really saying is that you dont like people using a conduit to contact you,that you have advertised for them to use? This surprises me as its up to you to manage how clients contact you out of working hours,voicemail,txt etc. I havnt answered my phone for about two months now.In the past I would never consider calling anyone back who for example called 16 times in a row in a frantic attempt to contact me.If they cannot understand I am not answering the phone and choose instead to harrass me,I choose not to service their requirements. Its up to you to manage your business,not alter peoples behaviours and certainly not whinge on an internet forum about it.


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