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  1. Mike Hill

    National companies putting us a step back.

    One aspect of AA certification that has puzzled me is,do the large companies have to pass by depot or team? Or does one assessment of one depot/team pass the entire workforce Nation wide?
  2. How many Ton are you pilling in a day? Those sticks look difficult to make decent tonnage with.
  3. Mike Hill

    Remote control for pto chipper

    I think you just need three solenoid controlled spool valves? My Farmi Ch260 has a remote control to the tractor and its a pretty simple set up. My mate works on alot of Radio controlled Hiabs and can get a kit with the Radio controlled valves for about a grand.
  4. Not many tractors can get three blokes to a job at 80 kmph though.
  5. Mike Hill

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    I hope "the Fox" has a thick winter coat. As I do not see any sign of a burner in that shack.
  6. Mike Hill

    Am I to fat and old?

    I think the grab truck is a bad idea.Its not hard to find a haulier that will take away a load of logs or branches,who cares if the driver can use a saw?The tree is already down.You would have to be the only grab truck amongst 50 tree crews to even stay half busy,and every big company has a grab truck of their own. You come across as a intelligent guy and I admire your foresight and hard work to date.But at your age you will be better off looking at doing a trade such as Bricky,Plumber or sparks as they are much less physical,require far less capital investment as well as paying much,much better when qualified. Not every House has a garden,but every House has pipes,wires and bricks.
  7. Mike Hill

    Newbie Miller issues.

    Are you keeping your cut open by using wedges? The pinching effect of the top plank will rob you of alot of power.As you cut along the plank droops,rubbing on the rivets on your chain. You don't need many,one at the end for the start and one or two as you go along,I keep mine in each back pocket as with some practice you can insert them without stopping.
  8. Mike Hill

    Rotor Pulley Taper Lock ??

    How long after the bearings were changed did the wheel come off?
  9. Mike Hill

    Skyline timber and tree extraction

    When you are Cable logging,you are always fighting for lift.The less of the logs are dragging on the ground,the less horsepower is required to shift them. The skyline is a semi static system that provides a constant vector for both the laden inhaul and the unladen return.Most of the time you are pulling over a valley or down hill,those guys with their wee hauler were fighting a battle with lift "ground pounding" where the drags were going to be caught up on stumps and back line Spars were going to be toppling. Mobile spars have been trailed overseas and perhaps in their situation might have been something to consider.I think a specialized hauler crew could have really cleaned up in that situation,given the limited resources and experiance that the crew had at their disposal I think they did well
  10. Mike Hill

    Climber looming for work

    This thread has become very hard to tweed.
  11. Mike Hill

    Climber looming for work

    No. He made a typo I made a joke about it. Then it ran away with a few people having a chuckle . You are going to have to wear it.
  12. Mike Hill

    Wind blown trees

    Nah,just put them up here if you like. At least we can get an idea of the terrain etc.
  13. Mike Hill

    Wind blown trees

    Can you please put some pictures up of the kind of forest it is? The risk increases with the tree size and level of hindrance as well as terrain.
  14. Mike Hill

    Climber looming for work

    He probably has a sense of humor,which in my experience is an asset too.This would be explained by him not snapping back at the jibes made regarding his spelling.
  15. Mike Hill

    Climber looming for work

    I am sure we could weave something together.


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