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  1. I have a Valtra N-101 with 3500 hours on it. They are now selling for more than I paid 4 years back. Crazy.
  2. Thankfully its not too bad in this case. The two bolts closest to the chassis rail have broken only 5mm subsurface.I should be able to extract the bolts without having to pull the gearbox. Aparently not preloading the flange into the tourgue ball is a cause of this.
  3. Up to my armpits in broken tourque tube bolts.
  4. Do you think the indigenous people were conservationists? Or just lacking the means to pillage on an industrial scale?
  5. And paying for all the Scots on the Dole.
  6. Only if it came to England before America was discovered.
  7. 3 decent Cod in the Gill net. Some other fish too but they got biffed back in.
  8. how deep do use set yer pots ? About 1 m under at low tide.
  9. I put a net out on a sandy bottom. Be nice to get a big Halibut. The Cod are right up in the kelp along the shoreline. The pots look like eel nets joined by a low heavy net. You string it along the low tide mark. Its gets pretty sporty with a 22 footer in that close. Could do with a bow thruster.
  10. Not sure, in Norwegian its called a .... Pelekunter or around here its called an Ulke. Myoxocephalus scorpius - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  11. Checked my Cod Pots this afternoon. Three good ones and some interesting hitch hikers.
  12. I dont know,its a bit specific to the machine. Its a DIY job for me. I can do them on a Jensen alone in a Day but I usually take two because I pull the rad and clean it plus water blast the engine bay.leaving the machine to dry overnight.
  13. Bearing play: Open the top cover exposing the cutting disc and use a 3 foot long 2X4" to lever the Disc to and fro.Any noticeable movement of the disc and shaft means the bearings are on their way out. Apply the handbrake,if the handle points almost to the sky,the brakes need adjusting or are almost worn out.Push the tow hitch in and out to see if the dampner is decent. Crouch down and grap the tyre with both hands and try and pull it outwards sharply,on a smaller chipper this will give you some indicaton of the wheel bearing state.Repeat for both sides. Have a look at the Radiator,is it caked with shite or nice and clear? Take the top off the Hydraulic fluid tank,have a sniff,does it smell burnt? Run it up,play with the hydraulic infeed speed,can you turn the feed rollers right down? If they wont or they wont feed with the are crawling the pump is shagged. Have a look along the chassis or frame,alot of chippers get airborne over speed bumps by hamfisted muppets.Look/feel for cracks. The above will help somewhat I hope,some of the things to look for a Chipper specific but the above will hopefully be added to by others on here.
  14. I am sure your right. But I only use those ramps for the chipper and they have done the job for the last 13 years.


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