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  1. Wtf? That thing was obsolete the day it was made.Tank Armor was already too thick by the 1930s for a Boyes to scratch it. It needed an armored vehicle to transport it and the ammo. "As for a good sniper" taking headshots at crewmen/comms/sights etc"with that abortion of a gun,You are living in fantasy land.
  2. The Black tip denotes Armor piercing,it might have another red band(tracer) or yellow band (incendiary) or both painted underneath the black tip. Clean off the base of the Cartridge on some denim or use a scrubbing brush,post a picture and I will tell you where and when it was made. In the meantime,pull the projectile out by clamping it firmly in the soft jaws of a vice and wriggling the case to and fro.Pour the powder onto the lawn and kill the primer with a squirt of WD-40 inside the case.
  3. £130 per day on the books Accomadation included 6 weeks paid holiday Overseas trip at Christmas time.
  4. I hope your wheels are soon doing a burn-out of inspiration.
  5. These Chaps knew a thing or two about Dams. All this PC dropping of Sand Bags etc.... Can anyone remember the name of the Captains Dog?
  6. Mike Hill

    Stem Price

    I would be happy for any Miller to pay for collection of any Trunks I don't want.I mill some of the best stuff and use it in my House. People come to my yard for free firewood logs in lengths or in the round.I am just happy to get rid of it. Everyone is different though.There was a bloke on here with a Huge and Very valuable Beech log for sale.
  7. I was moving the back-line Dozer when I was about 18,it began to get really steep so I stopped and began to climb out to have a look at where I was going. "That thing can run on twice the angel" Yelled the boss, "You'll run out of balls before it runs out of gravity" Sat back in,buckled up,moved off as the ground beneath the Dozer gave way and I rolled 25 Ton onto its roof.
  8. Cut a few up and biff them in the microwave for 30 second bursts. I had a 70% success rate with Silver Birch. Some cracked,most didn't. The rings were about 10mm thick
  9. I had an employee who used those boots. They were not waterproof and the sight of carrier bags peeking over his boot tops cracked me up every time.
  10. Thats true Bob. I had a Chev with a 6.2 V8 diesel,th400 three speed trans and 10.5" rear diff with eight bolt hubs.Best two wagon I have had.My last one was a 6.5 liter turbo diesel,its on its second rear diff and I will have to put in a third.I wish I could put 10.5" diffs in it but the eight bolt hubs would give it away and put it into the Truck tax class over here.
  11. This is my fifth American truck. They tow like a lorry and ride like a sedan car. This one produces 380bhp it's petrol and log. It's ok but not the torque of a diesel.


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