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  1. I tillegg til denne Norsk mulighet til førstå "Svedonian" kan Nordem også snakke med Dansk og Islanding som er eigentlig Nordmen som har spist for mange flysopp for et tusen år tilbake og funnet en øy når alle vår tung beruset og hadde ingen selvtilliten for å reise hjem igen.
  2. Eg anbefaler at du lærer seg Norsk først ,fordi Svensk blir mer enkelte i mange tilfeller der etter. Norsk er baserte på både Tysk og Engelsk og svensk blir en sidegrein på mange møte. Defor når man har rimelig godt kompetanse på Norsk can du lese og Snakke med denne "grønnsakene" som bør ved Østen.
  3. When I am mlling using the 084 I just attach a fan heater to the Mill using cable ties.It is enough to blow the rules away. Out in the field I have the groundy do similar with the blower if there is no wind on site.
  4. Quite alot of towing problems arise from folks using too little of a wagon to tow with. Just because it's rated to 3.5 ton,it's not always a good idea to use that figure as your maximum.
  5. "Biggest Tree John" Must smell loverly on a hot day chipping that sappy wood John
  6. It's going to be hard to attract people from other parts of the country/ world if they don't know before they leave how much they expect to earn before they trial. Would you start a tree job with the client paying you what they felt the job was worth to them?
  7. How much are you offering Jon?
  8. If you paid someone who could run your sites and step in anywhere if needed £200 per day on the books.Do you think you could make up the difference between what you want to pay and £200 by chasing other opportunities? I used to have to offer a £45k package to get help here in Norway.That was for someone with a couple of years experience. Good contract climbers are on about £600 per day Gross in Oslo.
  9. I had the best response when I included the wage in the advertising. It looks to me as if you want someone who possesses all the attributes capable of running their own firm/ sub contracting. The wage is going to have to reflect this.
  10. Was it a Series 2 running on LPG though? Because they have loads of power in reserve,so it was more likely 160 mph to be honest.
  11. Did the dags survive?
  12. The Farmer has taken your property and via his mate holding you to ransome You have no contract between the Farmer or his mate.Farmer Palmer might have had the right to clear the obstruction from his land,but not to take your property. Personally I would ask to be paid £800 for taking my Tree.In the least be talking with a Solicitor.
  13. If you woke up one morning and found the Farmers Bull sleeping on your drive way. Could you shoot it and drag it behind your car to the Butcher and give the farmer a choice between a Bill or keeping the Steak yourself? Farmer Palmer and matey Chainsaw have scored a nice Oak But and some firewood.Do you guys thing for a minute that all this didn't get loaded into a grain trailer and trundle off to another part of the farm?
  14. Bloody Hell. We reduced an Oak in the Spring that had been struck by lightning years before.It was beside and over hanging a house.When the phone came back online after the lightning strike it was the Police calling to say the clients Son had been killed in a car accident up country.


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