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  1. Sorry Steve. How is the Airsoft club and DART membership working out?
  2. You already have a place to dump arrisings and to keep your gear. Buy a transit and teach yourself as you go start with hedges and shrubs and move up from there. Treework is not the SAS. 30 years back,pretty much everyone was self taught.
  3. Over here we have an internet site where people list a job they want doing and those contractors must pay to acess the site and the clients details. The customers who use the service are universally hunting the cheapest price.Should all the contractors still be to expensive they call reputable firms.If I get the feeling they are price shopping and beleive it or not I have had people answer the door,clipboard in hand and ask me " what company are you?" . I say since you have clearly advertised on "MIT anbud" I won't be the cheapest so won't waste any more of our time. Of course this leads to a 100% failure rate on these quotes but a 100% saving in time as I never got those jobs anyhow.
  4. Mike Hill


    When I started milling 21 years ago,we used to hammer in two lines of nails along two chalk lines and put a plank on top to push the mill along. thought I would just throw that out there
  5. Yes two. As well as an intensive care unit and a CT scanner.....
  6. Do you include accomadation and a vehicle? location plays a big part too.
  7. Milled up an Oak log that had been festering in the yard. A bit punky in places but not all bad.
  8. Or ran out of Daddy's money. There seems to be alot of that on instagram
  9. Haha! The old "Special Jensen Bearings" I fell for that one 10 years ago. Why not pull the Rotor out and match the bearings then? They are common as fook bearings,the motor side are SNR and the infeed side SKF. If you pull them off you will likely bugger the bearing house so factor that in too. Did mine in January,remember to set your blade to anvil gap with a new never sharpened set of blades...
  10. I could not tell what the diameter of the Trees are but I would mulch the whole lot and start a new. To me,your plan is involving too many machines doing to much work or too much work for two few machines. Either fell the lot with a felling head or shears depending on the diameter,load enormous brushy loads onto a forwarder and unload at a chipping point.Or do the same and just chip to waste at more numerous chipping points. I came unstuck on a logging job in the summer,when the wind blew from the wrong direction for three weeks,the log price dropped and everything had to be done arse backwards.I think your forwarder trailer/digger combo would be ideal in the right place,ie high value,low yeild recovery coupled with difficult access but this job sounds like neither of that.
  11. Go and volunteer as an extra pair of hands on a tree crew for two weeks. That should teach you wether the job is for you or not.
  12. Good idea. I had a bloke work for me,he had his "large tree felling ticket".Couldnt cut a straight gob,sharpen a saw or used wedges.When I asked how many large trees did you fell on your course? "Four" he replied. So I could had let him loose in old growth Sikta and if he got himself hurt or worse gotten off scott free.
  13. How about no one gains a ticket before they demonstrate proficiency at production speed in a production situation.


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