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  1. Only a tonne? I've a tonne in the foot wells of my Kangaroo. A mix of saw dust, backy and gravel So let me get this right. Double cab to be no longer commercial so not allowed full price off tax bill? Single and extended cab stays as commercial? What is one was to vow to never clean and hoover it?
  2. Aye that is pretty much what I will be doing... Have you modified the 2 lever to work as one? I was just gonna weld a bit of bar over the top of the 2.
  3. Do you guys grease the beam that the splitting head slides up and down with? Not sure if it will get all clogged with bits of bark if I grease it.
  4. Aye I always thought of making my own tipping trailer or high sided trailer for carting logs about as I've done smaller ones before and whether or not they were registered to the dvla I have no clue. Be mega to make one of those tipping trailers that work off a winch. Edit, a quick look on eBay this morning for tipping trailers and it is mental how much money is in an Ifor!!
  5. I've made a few bike trailers with them exact ones. Quick weld up and they're perfect. Do you need to then sort out with the DVLA or whatever that it is infact towable on the road after adding this kind of suspension? I know probably not very many people would but just a thought.
  6. I'm a softwood cutter 5 days a week and I'm going to be selling my 562XP as it's coming out of warranty (it's 10 months old). What is the best way to get sap etc off of it? I usually just scrape it with a combi key and a bit of petrol sometimes.
  7. This Rock Machinery one is actually not that bad tbh but post some photos anyway. I have no other trailer that is big enough to throw it in. Maybe if things take off I will.
  8. It is road legal with suspension. The others aren't. I've towed it 200 miles this week mainly just out of testing it and yes, it is a bit bouncing/noisy but the work I want to gain from it, there is no reason to go more than 20-40 miles for it which is mainly back roads for me. 70mph was a test, it handled fine but that was a smooth straight road. I wouldn't do it again.
  9. Best of both worlds Henry Weston will fit in there perfectly.
  10. Well done. And it is absolutely useless by the first glance at it! It could be handy for spare bolts etc and what not, I'll see what sheers when I put it through it's places and fill it with spares. @Mark Bolam I'm not banking on this working. Weekend work would be ideal, if it doesn't work then it'll work perfect as a clothes horse in the garage
  11. For my backy and lighters and can hold a tin of Monster if things are getting a bit hectic. @Mark Bolam tows well behind my Kangoo. Magnetic lights and my plate cable tied on the back she's good to go... gap is too small for a 3ft lightbar thing from Halfords. And the back axle is actually the hydraulic tank. Was splitting beech yesterday big 2 foot odd rounds 10 inch thick and it didn't flinch... slowed right down when using the 4 way head though but I guess that's only for smaller stuff as it says. Limited to 45 mile per hour on the road but I did hit 70 with it to see what she was like and it was grand but wouldn't like to do that all the time as I think it'd wreck it. Will see how the day rate idea goes for weekend stuff but was thinking 220-240 per day for me, saws and splitting. Hopefully get a few wind blown trees to sort. Surely a lot cheaper than most tree surgeons around, or is it too cheap? Lemme know @Mark Bolam
  12. Splitter has arrived so let's see what comes of it in the next few months. Hopefully a fair bit as a lot of windblow about after sll these storms.
  13. I like the price of that... swivel hook. Gonna give that a google right now. edit. Used them before and they're handy as. Are you better off using dyneema rope on these machinesv? I've heard it can hold a fair amount of weight before breaking


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