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  2. Bloody hell Stubby that takes me back a bit,i got kicked out of school for a bit for letting a couple of them off🤣
  3. Same goes for Pringles- you shoulda seen the crates we used to forklift onto the lorry. I reckon the cows would have turned their noses up at some of them.
  4. Same. "My cars leaking!" All through the summer. I start with your lot in a week. Did 3 years in the AA before.
  5. Just wondering if this was still a theory. Tbh I'm a bit miffed that it isn't true. I can't remember what I did last week which is quite annoying at times, it would be far easier if someone tracked my travels and then emailed a sort of weekly log of what I've been up to and what I should of been doing instead. It would save me a fair bit of time looking for my wireless ear buds and reading glasses I can tell you!
  6. First melon starting to grow a bit now
  7. It’s a shit time to buy a second hand digger, prices are sky high. I sold my 2017 hyundai 1.7t with 1500hrs for 8.5k plus vat at the start of the pandemic as I’d ordered the E19. Now people want that kind of money for a ropey old 2001 basic model with no expanding tracks! Its exacerbated by stupidly long lead times for new kit.
  8. second hand? 8-12k? i dont need beautiful
  9. Today
  10. I always have better ripening removing the leaves covering the tomatoes. I guess there will always be conflicting opinions though. “If the fruits are hidden under the leaves, thin out the foliage a little to let the sun through to ripen them. “ How to Grow Tomatoes WWW.GARDENERSWORLD.COM Find out how to grow tomatoes, with advice on sowing, growing and harvesting, in our Grow Guide. “For cordon (indeterminate) tomatoes, there is evidence by that removing some leaves above the ripening truss (which allows the fruit to be warmer during the day but cooler at night) can encourage slightly earlier ripening, without negatively affecting cropping. “ How to grow tomatoes / RHS Gardening WWW.RHS.ORG.UK I always pinch out the tip a couple of leaves about the 6-7th truss in the Polytunnel and 4th truss outdoors.
  11. I've done it before with poles with a rotten center. Just get rid of the rotten bit. That's the bit the creosote didn't penetrate. My posts are in service still on the chicken fence. Outlasted 2 modern 4x4 posts
  12. Hello all Anyone know if the Jonsered 590, the Partner 5500 and the Poulan 325 were a popular chainsaws in the UK Thanks Phil
  13. Met my wife, these island girls are as bad as the fen ones, they just get a nose bleed past Portsmouth instead of above sea level 🤣 There was no way she would leave here, can’t even go to other end of the rock with out passport
  14. Been a long time, started in 2018, had big delays with the metalwork, finally got it shooting today. 75lb draw weight yew/sinew prod, inlays in antler, water buffalo horn and cow bone. V-tool engraving filled with varnish coloured with charcoal. I am really pleased with the way its all come together and its a lot of fun to shoot. Just a couple of odds and ends (like serving the string) left to go.
  15. What diggers do I need to be looking at to purchase then? any to stay clear of? possibly 1.8t but more than likely a 2.5t machine..... Thanks
  16. ‘Your cock will send you further than gunpowder could ever blow you’ My old boss.
  17. Brilliant. Cheers for the replys guys, much appreciated.
  18. No, just the sprocket drum and the oiler pinion worm
  19. andy2374

    andys drive

    contact first and then please leave on drive way.
  20. I see. Think il switch it back then. I know il need to fit a corresponding worm gear to match the sprocket, will i need to change anything else to do with the oiling system?
  21. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help I have a old ms200t I brought a while ago it starts but cuts out and bogs I was just wondering if anyone new what to look for or if there was anywhere close to hitchin I could send it ? Thanks in advance
  22. Can you remember it hatching
  23. Yes Steve . just like those little glass " stink bombs " you could put under the leg of the teachers chair before he sat down . 😁
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