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  2. I never believe that much, but the more I earn the more I know its pure BS. The more I earn the happier I am.
  3. Welcome to the shit show! looking good! Keep the pics coming!
  4. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] eagle eyed as ever Gary!!! [emoji108]
  5. This thread is from 10 years ago so why not start a new one
  6. I was 50 a few days ago. In 25 years only gained 3 kilos and wear the same trouser size as then. I feel great, fit, strong but seem not to recover so fast as a 30 year old me. I think even at 60 I should still be able to climb many simpler trees. For those I deem too much for my body there are 30 year old subbies. SRT has been a boon for accessing the crown which I've always found takes the most energy. I'm best on the ground though. I love to move fast, run from chipper to branch, drag hard and am always on the move. Stuart
  7. Hang on @Carl123. The soil is really sandy...... An they are alleging soil ' shrinkage'....... 😳 from a tree..... Errrr. K
  8. Today
  9. Nice one,is the John Deere in for repair aswell🚜
  10. Not seen it as an option when looking into it but someone more knowledgeable could know different.
  11. Council have said that we should know what information to give them. As we ( the structural engineer are the experts) we can see some cracks in the render but I think the report wants to be aimed towards the soil shrinkage. I know the soil really sandy so doesn’t hold water. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.
  12. Toad

    Husqvarna 357 rebuild

    Finally made some progress on it today. Stripped the complete saw down, put the case halves in the sink with plenty of hot water and fairy liquid to soak and they cleaned up well. Pressed the good crank out of the donor case and had a few issues with one bearing sticking to the crank. Should have waited to get a small puller but muddled through. Gave it a good clean up, washed the big end out with petrol, blew it out with the air line and put plenty of two stroke oil in it before fitting it. The new bearings dropped in quite easily with the use of the heat gun to expand the cases, and the crankshaft pulled into the bearings quite smoothly. I've loctited the bolts holding the crankcase together and wound them in nice and tight. I used a GTS crankcase gasket, and wasn't especially impressed with the fit. Next time I'll go genuine. I've fitted a new fuel line and filter to the tank and then called it a day. I think I'm going to fit the crankcase to the tank, then carb plate, then piston and carb as it seems an easier way to thread the fuel and vent pipes through.
  13. Could be done mark but I think you’d have to come up with a method of clamping or securing one end of morticer as you cut out material, Mind you I’m open to suggestions as every day is a learning day so to speak. I’ll take a look at how that might work out tomorrow. To be honest by end of play today and utilising a template to mark up the cut areas the router method was working out to be quite quick and leaves a decent finish.
  14. Think I will pass on the idea.
  15. For in-tree use, looks good and easy to make. Anyone seen this or tried building one? (Edit) - now I look at it some more, I can see a few limitations.
  16. Hi why not use the chain Mortimer for the tennons as well ,seems like a no brainier to me Cheers Mark
  17. Cracking picture 😎 edited just to say WELL? What is it we are waiting for? I’m beginning to think it will be a bus and there will be 3 of them
  18. Still looking for groundies/climbers/helpers if anyone is in need of some work in Bristol! Drop me a message if you're interested, thanks. Josh
  19. Hi. A friend of mine is hoping to build a sauna also. would nice clean macracarpa be suitable ?
  20. Not surprised on a sunny day like today you found outside jobs rather than digging inside! Was up to my elbows in silted cundys around the house today. Sadly alot of it has been "repaired" by previous owner which seems to consist of smashing it all to bits every few meters and watching the hole fill with water and leaves. Still keen to get over and see your solar setup and pick yer brains a bit. Got that to sort out next
  21. htb

    Quoting for a job

    Don't undersell yourself Stubby, how's the leg by the way.
  22. Let you hair down a bit, it's saturday night...
  23. Hi yeah I’m bit unsure about one side near a main road with some monster ash set back far enough but in the worst case scenario the tops might land close to or over the boundary .i don’t think winching would be wise anyway as it could fall at any time unexpectedly
  24. I refuse to google "Grinder". Got my suspicions like . . .
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