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  2. I tried this about 8/9 year ago, back then it would tell you winning bid price per tonne once auction had finished, and yes you guessed it the winning bid was all ways 50p 75p or a £1 a tonne more than i bid, i would sit there and look where the location of the timber was from me then work out haulage costs and come up with a final price per tonne, I never won a auction and last one i bid on i put a bid in at £5 a tonne over average cost and still got out bid, personally i think some of the big biomass co,s have it sawn up but you can all ways try, A harvesting co have done a smallish job (400 tonne) near me consisting of ash oak,beech sycamore birch etc all good processor sized firewood and its gone for chip at £42 a tonne, i would of gladly given £60 a tonne for it and as a firewood producer this is what we are up against,,
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  4. Quest for the oldest Avant machine: A celebration of 25 years in the UK | GreenKeeping Magazine WWW.GREENKEEPINGEU.COM Avant Tecno, a renowned manufacturer of compact loaders, is embarking on a quest to uncover the oldest Avant machine still in operation in the United Kingdom.
  5. Wordle 1,039 X/6 ⬜⬜⬜⬜🟨 ⬜⬜🟨⬜⬜ ⬜⬜🟨⬜🟨 🟨🟨⬜🟨🟩 ⬜🟩⬜🟩🟩 ⬜🟩⬜🟩🟩 That got away from me. A couple of days off and I seem to have become a dunce.
  6. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

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    D4d ex 270. 2.5L diesel. 03 plate. 78,500 miles on the clock. Will go up as still in use. MOT until 30th of October 2024. I’m the second owner of this vehicle. Since my ownership I have had it professionally converted to a tipper using the original tub. Hydraulic tipper with control unit on long cable in cab behind drivers seat. Had the bed professionally aluminium lined by n & j aluminium linings limited. Put bf Goodrich all terrains tyres on with steel wheels. Replaced the fuel tank last year. Also included are removable aluminium sides with barn doors and chip lid. Simple wing nut design for quick and easy on and off. Tipper is strong, has always tipped even with a big load. Cab is clean, and have always had heavy duty seat covers on and rubber foot mats. I’ve kept it serviced every year. £8,500 ono, no VAT. I’m based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.


    Stroud - GB

  7. I will have you know that my Mrs makes the best soy pumpkin spice iced white mocha. It really is quite exquisite.
  8. Annual Meadow Grass in Your Lawn? How to Remove, Control & Prevent it WWW.GARDENSEEKER.COM Annual Meadow Grass ruins the look of otherwise well kept lawns. Learn how to remove it, control it and prevent it from taking over your lawn.
  9. Only if you don't mind wearing those silly looking flat bowling shoes every time you walk on your lawn. To my limited knowledge, (not being at all a lawn fan), the finer and nicer looking the grass is; the less hard wearing it is.
  10. Anyone who owns a Nespresso machine should be put to death.
  11. I bought one of these TMech grinders as a catalog return on eBay for £850. I sharpened the teeth a few times but never felt they were good, and cost for a new set is enough to pay for green teeth and holders so bit the bullet. Pairs of holes between teeth were about 1mm too close to just drill out, so had to set the wheel up on the mill and slot drill at 16mm. It has 3 pairs of teeth, 2 left, 2 right and 2 straight. I worried it would vibrate due to having fewer teeth, but in fact it's much smoother as sharp teeth cut rather than beat at the stump. Very pleased with the upgrade. I have had to mend the brake lever, the exhaust fell off so welded, normal stump grinder stuff.
  12. It's good money I know but customer wants it done quickly as possible hence the 4 men and don't have a digger I'd love one but belive it or not still can't afford one I hire them as don't get many jobs like this that often
  13. https://crestresearch.ac.uk/download/4179/report_extreme_right_wing_terrorism_in_the_uk_22-052-01-1.pdf There has indeed been a lot of time and money put into pushing the extreme right wing threat narrative, there have also been isolated incidents the most deadly with 3 fatalities dating back to 2000 if I recall correctly. Now factor that against the following and what would any impartial observer see as the biggest threat??. Those prone to lying and making false statement’s would be as well not replying as far as I’m concerned.
  14. Roughly 1.2 acres and yes could work
  15. The best results for a nice lawn is bowling green grass seed . That was advise given by a mate who was a top notch grounds bloke.
  16. A shit load down a day that's the problem why I want a good rate
  17. which means my suggestion of stripping and returfing may have been a complete waste of time and money. Do you think the meadow grass was in the seed they used? They are cutting turf, fertilizing and then regrowing on the same fields? Seems almost grounds for a partial refund, don't know the legalities if you are evem allowed to leave a negative google review
  18. You know the gypsy patter about how it's a theological imperative to con gorjas? I'm bang behind it for this lawn care bollocks. The competitively vacuous like Doug's mate and my mate, who is exactly the same frankly deserve to have their pockets emptied for magic beans.
  19. Simple google search "Aberdeen Murder" gets a news report from 5 days ago, a stabbing no less: Though the news report doesn't specify her political bias. Just because you don't search for it on your news feed does not mean the British cannot murder, stab, or behead others. MSN WWW.MSN.COM
  20. I know a couple of people who go round in vans offering 'lawn care', get one of them in monthly. They spray and spike and treat and weed all in the name of green perfection. Personally I find it all a bit confusing, no real need to cut the grass till we start losing the dog and we've got a lab.
  21. Just laid 700m2 best quality rolawn turf, an awful lot of meadow grass in the turf
  22. Dig out the weed grass, not just the top part, fill up and seed again. And buy weed free turf next time?
  23. Good 👍 Although I presume it’s that “ right wing extremism “ the media pump out relentlessly that you are actually meaning. Im looking for all those right wing terrorist arracks bombings, beheadings, stabbings etc etc in the UK Mark ??????? got any links or sources ? Interesting to see the fact that even those media sources I’d see as left of centre are openly admitting its blatant two tier policing that was witnessed today.
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