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  2. Phew ! I feel I have some worth again ! 😁
  3. Bought a mate a bottle of Ron Zacapa XO Rum a while back. Was gutted to see him instantly top it off with Coke.
  4. What would you say to a beer Norm ? ....Come to Daddy ! 😁
  5. No wonder we need things that actually improve with age!
  6. Good on yer bud . Each to his own . However , when you are an old git like me you need every mechanical advantage you can get ! 😁
  7. Think I might do the same.
  8. Close enough, Newport on Tay. Ma back yard!
  9. Just ordered a bottle of the Highland Park on people recommendation .
  10. Post me some up! [emoji6]🤠[emoji106]
  11. Have a pop at the Aberlour 18 and tell me what you think .
  12. I think you will find yourself in trouble soon by burning tyres. On a regular basis. it’s one of the reason we as a country do not export old tyres to certain places in the world, because they burn them to heat kilns and that pollution is absolutely unreal when you see pictures
  13. Something very similar. Every so often we head up to Glas Allt Shiel Bothy for a night or two. Its bliss. Took the missus and my 17 year old for a couple of nights as well.
  14. My birthday today and just been given the bottle below from my step dad as a prezzie. Never had it before so looking forward to trying it. Currently on a Aberlour 12 in the cupboard, quite like a Dalmore 12 too, got a Dalmore 15 at the back of my collection which i havent tried yet. Will dig a few of em out and take a pic tomoz when i get chance. My run of the mill go to whiskey which is at the cheaper end but i think is a cracking tipple for what it is, is Monkey Shoulder, smooth enough, and with that warming vanilla finish i think its great! Only over one ice cube though, never add anything to my whiskies, ruins em. Got some Smokey Monkey to try too [emoji106]
  15. Mates round a campfire, one day soon hopefully. Somewhere like this maybe?
  16. This is one of the stupid unintended consequences of the 20 percent legislation. In an attempt to reduce pollution we end up with people burning tyres to dry wood..🤯
  17. My Brother and I will be necking this soon.
  18. As @htb says. Most e clips are in places where you can put something over the top before they go into orbit, even if it’s a digit of yours now if you were asking about piston c clips, that is long explanation 🤔🤫
  19. Go inside then you silly bugger 😉 K
  20. Nice selection. I like a Laphroaig when sitting around a camp fire or on a Bothy night with friends (yes I still have a few ) The 12 year old Highland Park is often on Special at Tesco and I always buy a bottle when it is.
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