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  2. Stumpy Grinder

    Rayco drive problems and finger teeth coming lose

    I've got a 20 and a 25 and they both have a handbrake!
  3. david wood

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    the valtra handbrake sure is nice isnt it! what load weight does that trailer take? we run a valtra A93 hi tech and definetly could use a lil more grunt on hills but they are nice on crane, lifts really well on idle with a junkari trailer/crane
  4. WesD

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    Mate honestly it matters not, ask any ex forces/forces guy who’s seen action the ones you’d think would be great under pressure or the ones who are trained to be great under pressure usually aren’t!!! Rely on yourself!! Cut small, don’t rush and value those underneath you! Any climber is as fast as his best groundie.
  5. daveatdave

    Stump grinder - can it hit pipes etc?

    if its lead it want replacing asp for your own health
  6. Today
  7. gdh

    greenhouse for drying

    If you can't get a forklift in a walking floor design could work. Maybe add a chp boiler to heat it and power the fan at the same time... Seriously though, if you cut back the brash and fixed the glass I think it would dry nicely in there. A small solar fan would probably reduce the risk of mold but it's a balancing act between airflow and keeping the heat in.
  8. daveatdave

    greenhouse for drying

    I think you will have to cut some of the neglected foliage back away from the outside then dig the brambles out from the inside replace the missing glass ( you will not get a fork lift through the door) stack it in crates so it will not fall over and bust the glass maybe a auto roof vent will help and it will dry them
  9. Puffingbilly413

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    I suppose what I meant was that virtually nobody (ok - some) has a competent (v quailfied) rescuer if i follow the thread correctly. So we're either happy to take the risk or we're not. I think most seem happy to take the chance on the person on the ground sorting them out on paper and getting themselves out in reality. But I'd still like to know if anyone had any feedback on the twinline... Wes - yes I do overthink. Always have done!
  10. Squaredy

    Stump grinder - can it hit pipes etc?

    Yea they are tasty apples....Discovery. The bugs thought they were good too of course. Will have to plant a new apple tree, but a bit further from the house this time.
  11. Not being eating thoose apples don't they taste good? 🙂
  12. WesD

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    I see where your coming from but again real world, UK trees, just climb the tree and stop over thinking. I get installing from the floor on absolutely massive trees however let’s be honest 90% of the time a ladder and a climb is quicker and easier than installing from the ground plus once you have your TIP you can easily throw a rope over another crotch for rescue.
  13. gdh

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    T174 direct (vario). Got it last year, it's reverse drive to use the log trailer in the cab. It's gone well for us, very comfortable with plenty of power including with the spools. Had a few minor issues with the touchscreen but they're sorted. Personally I don't like the slight delay as it shifts into high range at 14+ mph but that's just because I'm used to the smoothness of Deutz. Having the handbrake on the forward/reverse lever is a good feature and the touchscreen is the best layout I've seen and very useful.
  14. Conorjm10

    Best job i've ever done! More NZ Heli work!

    Thanks mate! And the hook the chopper uses is real fancy, i aint entirely sure how it works all i know is the pilot hits a button and the gate opens on the hook and the strops fall away ha!
  15. Will Heal

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Nice! But spotted these on an oak yesterday near savernake
  16. Conorjm10

    Best job i've ever done! More NZ Heli work!

    Hi mate! On this particular job there wasn't to much movement but i did one a few weeks later on some skinnier pines and yeah they had quite abit of movement but the pilot is real smooth. And he's got alot of experience working with arborists and he knows to take the piece away from the back cut, basically he has no door on his chopper and just hangs his head out watching. We also have a guy on the ground who is in comms with him letting him know the approx weights.
  17. timbernut

    560XP hot start

    We’ve not had any problems with 560s was just the 550s, 2 cranks on the same day (saws about 5 months age difference both used continuously f felling 60/70year old trees) Husqvarna were very good n were still compensating our dealer for continuing problems 3years later! Sounds like your dealer doesn’t want to put the time in hassling them?
  18. A cold weld is basically where a weld has failed or come 'unstuck' due to incorrect heat in the weld that hasn't allowed the molten components of the steels to become one! It may look okay and indeed, may last. In a critical job, the weld may be xrayed or sprayed with chemicals to detect for faulty welds. In this instance, something caused a 3mm plate to become detached and then jam and there was signs of corrosion were two plates meet and that could have been cold weld. So will put it right under our "no quibble" warranty.
  19. Puffingbilly413

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    I suppose I should add - the reason I replied here was that my thinking was if there is a complete system that works which will give people an 'automatic' rescue route from the off (ie the employer provides it, trains it etc) then that's got to be a good thing. Plus if it's there from the off then you don't need to install/re-install?
  20. Husqvarna King

    Chipper major mechanical failure, warrant???

    I recon it's when the workshop gets a bit chilly and the welder goes home early 😂
  21. Woodworks

    Over heating firewood processor

    Not changed it but took it off and gave it a visual inspection. Looks like new but did talk to Riko who said give it a clean with some petrol but they did not think that would be the cause.
  22. Puffingbilly413

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    Yep - that's a fair point Wes. I just like the idea of installing two lines from the ground at the same time. And I do like stuff - perhaps that's the problem!
  23. gavinhobson

    Groundsman needed Warwickshire

    Groundsman vacancy in Nuneaton Warwickshire Looking for someone that will take pride in their profession and their work, be safety conscious, and possess good people skills have a reasonably flexible approach to working hours if required. Preferably arboricultural qualifications (CS30, CS31, CS38), ideally including aerial rescue. A full UK driving licence would be an advantage Rates of pay negotiable on experience & qualifications
  24. briquette_seller

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    What model of Valtra are you running and do you like it?
  25. Squaredy

    Stump grinder - can it hit pipes etc?

    A section of stump ground lead pipe will be just the excuse you need to get rid of it altogether and replace with modern safe alternative. Surprised that wasn't job no.1 Ha, yes I did think about that, but to be honest the lead pipe doesn't worry me. We have hard water, and always run off some water in the morning or if the house has been unoccupied for a few days.
  26. eggsarascal

    Making the news today....

    I'm sure a drop of Port would settle his nerves.
  27. WesD

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    Why not just have an extra rope and throw it over a good TIP? You don’t need the fancy stuff, climb how your comfy and put a second line in the old fashioned way. If that’s your thing, real world you’ll get pissed off with installing and de installing a second line.
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