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  2. difflock

    bright yellow growth

    On a quite old, 5 to 10 year old, resinous Lodgepole pine stump.
  3. Gary Prentice

    bright yellow growth

    Is that the same stuff that used to be called 'dog vomit fungus'?
  4. ...it's on the cards, now the Skyliner rig is coming together yurt , Series II n deisel engine coff k
  5. Paul in the woods

    bright yellow growth

    Looks like a slime mould, possibly something like Fuligo septica.
  6. Gary Prentice

    bright yellow growth

    Bacteria growing on the weeping sap/resin from the cut stump? Although ime. it's more often orange in colour, particularly on deciduous trees.
  7. BenGreenfields

    Greenfields Project - based on Lawrence Weston Farm

    Hello, we are a charity working with older adults with learning disabilities. We're tenants on Lawrence Weston Community Farm and we have some small gardens in which we grow fruit, veg and other plants. We sometimes need woodchip for our paths so if you have any you need to get rid of let us know and we could arrange a good time and place for you to drop it off.
  8. eggsarascal

    What's the going rate for block paving

    What tradesman works...... I'm not getting into this.
  9. Mark Bolam

    Quick Favourite Meals

    That sounds good, I'll be giving it a go.
  10. difflock

    bright yellow growth

    AF1QipM6Clz57zQf9s4P9L5x5NvsI5PJGe_ik7wTgQ57 bright yellow growth.htm
  11. Stere

    What's the going rate for block paving

    £10 per hour is ok, but £40 a day why not least pay minimim wage even if he is claiming. (Thats a seperate issue) Wouldn't make a huge difference to overall bill. Don't you feel bad paying someone that? 🤨
  12. topchippyles

    What's the going rate for block paving

    A lot of the firms where i live only pay £10 an hr for trades men.
  13. Today
  14. Anyone interested in at least 500m of hedge laying in Oxfordshire? will probably end up getting 1km to do.
  15. difflock

    Quick Favourite Meals

    Ginsters, baked beans an HP sauce.
  16. GA Groundcare

    New Husqvarna "Arb Shop" in Wiltshire

    Hello all, We hope this is okay to post here, along side being a GreenMech dealership we are now a main dealer for Husqvarna and we'd like to show off our new upstairs Husqvarna shop to you designed with the arborist in mind... Next Friday 28th all morning we will be doing free bacon rolls, tea/coffee and cake plus extra discount on all Husqvarna stock to help kick start our new shop. We are based near Devizes and if you would like to poke your head in the door for some grub and "more than usual" discount please do! You can register your interest by messaging us on here or Ashley on 07881 027599. Thanks!
  17. I haven't gone to the PINs site yet to check on any conditions, but I've previously elaborated on the application and provided new information without anyone commenting on it. Don't know 100%, it's been a while. I've spoke to the TO this morning, just about the different TPO designations - he's not sure why the determination has a different TPO no. to the one he gave me when I searched. But beside the point. Yes, they'd like to retain it but if after an exploratory dig or subsequent to further information retention doesn't appear practical, he's willing to meet up and review the decision. I can't ask fairer than that. He is acknowledging the difficulties and says it was a difficult decision but it's seeming that he's happy enough to let someone ultimately decide.
  18. Fixed that fix for ya 😳
  19. Isn't the appeal, assuming it's fast track, dealt with on the basis of the information supplied in the application. If more information comes to light, or things need a deeper inquiry then ask for a hearing.
  20. That's surprising, you'd think that the ascospores present would rapidly re-infect any new growth. I based my previous reply on a recollection that I have that new foliage/young foliage seems particularly susceptible - I may be acting on a false memory entirely though. I think it is going to be a steep learning curve with this disease and the best ways of dealing with it is still to be learnt. One thing that I don't know, is the differences in regeneration between stools cut to the ground and those left higher. I wonder if there is any differences in re-infection rates between high and low stools.
  21. I'll join you in the dock. You'd win. Tell the head TO to come ahead if he thinks he's hard enough. Tell him to bring a dictionary and a text book on elementary english. And his mammy too.
  22. The avantgardener

    Dying ash woodland and felling licences

    Big ‘J’s site clearly needs to be clear felled in order to do the job safely, so maybe he can give us some answers on the coppice regeneration at a later date. I presently have a site that we coppiced 2 years ago that was heavily infected and clear felled, there are lots of stools showing very vigorous growth with no signs of the disease yet.
  23. I beleive the iTree software is based on CTLA. I have set my spreadsheet to deal with the hideous quadratic equation in the Trunk Formula Method, so it's all done automatically. You can have a play with it.
  24. Good, well it's about time the LAs read the legislation for what is says. In fact, it gives an exception for prevention or abatement. To me as an english speaker it's plain tha the exception is there to allow someone to intervene before nuisance occurs. All arguments then about how bad the nuisance needs to be (actionable/self-abatable etc.) are nonsense. If you are allowed to prevent it, why woudl there be a gap between that and the dmage becoming so bad that you're being taken to court by a neighbour because of it. I am prepared to be quoted on it. The nuisance doesn't have to be actionable. It doesn't even need to exist. It just needs to be imminent and reasonably foreseeable and the remedy just needs to be enough to prevent or remove it.
  25. Stove company make a big play about their warranties - I would be interested to hear how customers have faired when trying to exercise these warranties.
  26. You don't have to prove foreseeability, just raise the possibility (in other words, foresee it) with whatever evidence you have at the time. You may already have done enough in that regard. The damage doesn't just need to be to the owner's property, it could be to neighbouring property. But there's a horrible creaking door there, the legislation says compensation ignores what an owner shoudl have done to minimise the damage, and if the remedy of abatement is (as I am convinced it is) available then it should be exercised rather than relying on compensation for offsite damage. I hope that makes sense.
  27. I remember the CAVAT topic. The LA had an i-tree valuation done a year or to back, but I don't think they had the software itself to do the calculations. It would be fun, otherwise, to ask one of the other TOs to run the data to get an i-tree value. I'll email you. Thanks Jules.
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