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  3. I remember paying £30 for mine when I was at college. It was 24 years ago though!
  4. 850 quid? Jesus. Is there good money in spraying? That seems like a rip off if not, my small trees was a weeks course at like 950 2 years ago. Even that was steep for what it was.
  5. In fairness that could be part of making it what it is, if it is anything. Contractual terms can be implied by widespread use. I think 'reasonably notorious in the industry' is the test from Shirlaw v Southern Foundries. Wouldn't be hard for negligence to borrow law from contract to help decide whether someone portrayed themself as a contractor or consultant.
  6. Looking for your next adventure? Treescape is looking for Experience Arborist to come and work for us in Aotearoa (New Zealand)! Being the largest Green Asset Management provider in New Zealand, Treescape can provide you with an abundance of opportunities. We operate nationwide, meaning you will get to work on a variety of the most iconic sites around New Zealand! Aotearoa is known for our vibrant cities close to the beach, picturesque landscapes, subtropical climate, and some of the most untouched, rugged and beautiful wilderness in the world! If you love the outdoors, then New Zealand is your ideal location! To learn more about what it's like to live and work in New Zealand check out our overseas recruitment page: UK Recruitment - Treescape We are an accredited employer with Immigration New Zealand and can support visas on the AEWV. We will also provide relocation assistance to the right candidate. Whether you want to work for us for a short time or long time, apply your interest by sending your CV to [email protected].
  7. I usually drive a Nissan every Friday, I think the fundamental parameters are similar - stiff springs for load capacity, short wheelbase means really good turning circle but the combination gives a terrible ride if the road causes pitching. For urban tree work, I wouldn't want anything else - getting in tight driveways, Uturn in cul-de-sac, easier reversing overall. If you're regularly driving half an hour in the countryside you'd better not be susceptible to seasickness.
  8. Was that a Grafter rather than Canter (Mitsubishi)? Not driven either so can’t help with your choice unfortunately
  9. Have learnt to slow down a bit and work it through properly rather than rushing in, today took a bit of thinking about and nearly went down a few wrong turns. First line was a bit of a shocker though.
  10. Time Left: 6 days and 17 hours

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    STIHL CHAINSAW CHAPS / TROUSERS / LEGGINGS Stihl Chainsaw Chaps / Trousers / Leggings Full length leg zips Size Large / Extra Large: see photo of label Waist 100cm to 120cm (39” to 47”) For height 182cm to 194cm (71” to 76”) New condition. Never worn North Somerset, near Bristol £49 or nearest offer Personal collection, or will post for £5 Any questions: please ring (NOT by text please)


  11. 60kva generator will be fixed permanently. 5th wheel will be gone. As I said it was the tester who said it would need to be tested as wheeled plant next time once he knew what was gonna happen to it. Hardest thing is it’s e mails and no voice or person to talk to. It’s no wonder people just say to hell with it and give up.
  12. Another way to achieve this is to downrate it on its revenue/tax class, only downside is it will still be brake tested on its design weight. Not a problem if you can still find a way to get the weight on there. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/64ca1f035c2e6f0013e8d967/v149x1-rates-of-vehicle-tax.pdf
  13. Done it Bob Had to resubmit with the online version as it came in part way through the process. The e mails are from 2 different individuals at HGV TECH at VOSA, same questions about 3 times now. Tbey can’t seem ti get there are no modifications to the chassis, the wheelbase or the abs braking system etc
  14. The general definition is that a client buys a service (or possibly an intangible product in modern service management vernacular) whilst a customer buys a tangible product or object. Solicitors, prostitutes, hairdressers, builders and so on have clients. Butchers, bakers and candlestick makers and so on have customers. Of course it's not always clear cut. If you buy a house from a builder you're a customer, but if you employ a builder to erect your house you're (probably) a client.
  15. No emails needed, just fill in a vtg10 and launch it back at them https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/645b527f2226ee00130ae540/change-a-hgv-plated-details-or-notify-alterations.pdf Bob
  16. Little update on the saga, currently playing e mail ping pong with vosa answering the same questions repeatedly. The fact there have been no structural chassis modifications seems to be something they can’t come to terms with. All online now, not even an option to talk to someones. Talk about stopping or putting obstacles in front of small businesses trying to get on.
  17. mjwoodcock83

    Martyn Woodcock

    Don't block the drive, follow the road around the field
  18. This sums up what is wrong with modern life Jules. If a customer mentioned to me he was going to go into a school on a machine gun rampage do you think I shouldn’t report him? A tight-arsed prick like this one wouldn’t be my customer for long anyway, so it’s no great loss.
  19. Time Left: 6 days and 13 hours

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    Wessex LS100 Log Splitter Two hand operation Stored indoors £775 ono



  20. After some advice, had a lady on phone asking about a catalpa, it lost leaves earlier last year can into leaf this year but a lot of dead wood. And it doesn't look good, after some time of explain it could be a lot of things and not committing to anything she said it is in a chicken run area. So could this be ground is a little to rich.
  21. Hi Tom. My name is Mike Butler, I run a tree surgery business and I'm currently looking for someone to run the business with me and expand it. Just wondering if you'd be interested on a long term basis providing things work out. Looking at your profile ticks all the boxes. If interested contact me, I'm based in Ireland
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