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  2. ArbDogs? Pics!

    This is Finn the moaner, boy can he go on when he wants !!!
  3. Whats the weather like near you?

    Were are you Mr Hewn ? Worthing ...?
  4. Another Validation 'Refusal'

    I thought all Gov. records have to be digital and online by now ? If I can search the Land registry online - why is this happening to poor Gary ? K
  5. Another Validation 'Refusal'

    Blink for a minute, and the next thing you know the farmers forum boys have taken over!
  6. Show us your pets!

  7. Towing license

    Essex is a big place were are you.
  8. Whats the weather like near you?

    At the foot of the South Downs ( National Park ) Lavant Village north above Chichester .
  9. Another Validation 'Refusal'

    I'm not reading this any more . I fell asleep and when I nodded awake there was another whole page .....
  10. Whats the weather like near you?

    You on the Sussex coast stubby?
  11. Whats the weather like near you?

    I'm thick some times ! Of course its the same .....We are both in the same friggin place
  12. Whats the weather like near you?

    That is how its been here for a few days . If any wet clouds hit that cold air it would be heavy snow .
  13. Towing license

    Hi people any idea best place to my trailer license in essex ?
  14. 2017 roundup: Productivity vs Injury Rates

    My Pfanner Zermatts are lasting well .......
  15. chain saw oil iso ?

    Just have to use the dogs to drag us along
  16. chain saw oil iso ?

    I couldn't leg it anywhere nowadays and that is after 40 odd years of competitive squash ! To be honest I am fecked
  17. 2017 roundup: Productivity vs Injury Rates

    @HAIX Footwear UK thanks for posting, interesting read. Have you given any thought to increasing the durability of boots? This isn't targeted at you specifically but it seems that boots in general aren't standing up to the test of time like they used to. I'm lucky to get a year out of a pair of saw boots these days where a few years back 2 years was fairly reasonable. Believe me I'm not working any harder than I was back then. The cynics might acknowledge that its simply not good business to make a product last too long, but when you're paying around £200 a pair I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a decent life span.
  18. chain saw oil iso ?

    Best way, gives you the option of legging it 2 ways Mind you not so good at doing that at my age.
  19. Whats the weather like near you?

    Snow on the way again they reckon
  20. Whats the weather like near you?

    Cold. Had a few amazing sunsets the last few days. Camera doesn't do it justice. Getting colder...
  21. chain saw oil iso ?

    Your always on the fence !
  22. chain saw oil iso ?

    150 for me
  23. Whats the weather like near you?

    Kin' cold !
  24. 2017 roundup: Productivity vs Injury Rates

    It fecks the washing machine prematurely . .
  25. Whats the weather like near you?

    Looks like March will start like a lion. Snow and east wind.
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