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  2. Just get a proper ground anchor.
  3. Fair comment. Can totally appreciate the concern. Personally I wouldn’t expect someone to “put me through” a load of tickets and then just disappear to do my own thing. I’m of the mindset that it’s a small world and it’s best not to burn bridges like that. I would hope that someone would invest time/energy into me to help develop My craft in return for a solid graft. And hopefully a decent working relationship. I don’t know how easy it is to get in the door with any local folks. As yet I have no network. I’m hoping that when I start doing tickets I may make some connections. Lots to figure out!
  4. Around 17 years on a Stovax Riva inset. Replaced a holed baffle and seals last year!
  5. Today
  6. My new 2511 stopped oiling. It isn't blocked, something isn't engaging. Guess I'll need to replace first the worm then the whole chuffing pump if that 'marche pas'... Stuart
  7. Thats what i worry about,Thought it was next tuesday until the doctors phoned this evening as was going to have 10 days off it to be sure,Put it off once as got drunk a month ago when last one was booked
  8. Sorry missed the question, in the UK you are only allowed 150mm of horizontal pipe under the building regs, that can be extended to 450mm but only if the stove manufacturer approves it and the flue manufacturer has done a flue calc based on the design of the flue and then approves it. In addition you can only penetrate a wall or ceiling with twin wall fully insulated pipe, in fairness that might be twin wall. You are about 450mm off the wall, then another 300mm through the wall and a T on the other side, so it looks like your horizontal pipe is 700mm or so. That is legal in some European countries but not in the UK.
  9. Leave the kid alone, he's just trying to make the site a resource and let's face it this place is dead! Outside of about a dozen people no one uses the site, or posts at least. I find that strange given the growth in popularity of stoves there should be lots of people seeking advice before selecting, fitting, using, getting wood, maintaining, sorting little issues, seeking ideas on how to make things better and so on and so on. Where are they? Bowlie is just trying to get some activity, and if he learns a few tips to help his customers get better advice that's good.
  10. A day's abstention was always good enough for me for my network rail related urine test, never did a blood one. If it's for liver function I'd say not likely as a lady friend had to be off alcohol for a month to pass that. Too late to worry now.
  11. Or dig a deep hole and bury a lorry wheel and tyre then back fill with a trench in the direction of pull.
  12. Is there nowhere you can install a ground anchor? A series of wooden posts driven at 45 degrees back into the ground in a line in the direction of pull, with the top of the closest post tied to ground level in the next closest etc etc - set right that is a very secure method with no need to pull the wall of a customer’s house out!...
  13. 2 Morso(e)'s fitted and fired up the backend of 1997, I have forgotten the models.
  14. Are you serious!!!!!! Not a good idea
  15. topchippyles


    Guys i have a blood and urine test at midday tomorrow by the DVLA doctor,I had a few pints from work friday ( around 10) and the same on saturday of john smiths beer,Had loads of grub all weekend and drunk loads of fluids and no alcohol since saturday evening,Do any of you know if my system will be clear as feel fine/Or has anyone gone through similar tests thanks les
  16. When my kids were little I stuck luminous stars and planets on the ceiling, if it was a dull day I would use a remote thyristor flash from a 35mm camera to charge them instantly
  17. One issue I keep finding with the more mature life style change employees, especially the ones with something about them, is that they often plan to set up on their own. (I was the same). But as an employer you don't want to invest in them as they just end up leaving and setting up as competition... Having your tickets does make it lower risk for an employer.
  18. Weird, I've broken nothing on my echo but used to smash 150s for fun. I think panther do an 8" bar which should fit
  19. Has anybody ever attached an anchor plate to a customer's house, for the sole purpose of winching a tree? Is this a reasonable thing to do? Obviously with their permission. I would be removing it afterwards and plugging the drill holes.
  20. The new 151 looks good, much as I love my 2511, I’m sick of replacing the various plastic components that keep breaking, if stihl did an 8” bar for it I’d buy one tomorrow
  21. I was thinking the exact same thing. This sub forum seems like a protracted market research questionnaire these days.
  22. I use a Makita breaker bit heavy and not cheap now but gets job do and got a 900mm long chisel for it. MAKITA HM1203C 240v Demolition hammer - SDS max - Howe Tools UK WWW.HOWETOOLS.CO.UK Free next working day delivery on MAKITA HM1203C (240v Demolition hammer - SDS max) with no-quibble returns and full manufacturer warranty.
  23. And typically the decay will be worse at the level of the brackets
  24. Can’t really tell what height it’s been taken at in the pic. Do you have the full report? It should say
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