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  2. Jonny69

    New replacement 4x4 pickup

    I thought for a while that the electric technology was not quite there. Then a customer took me out in his P100D as he knew I like cars. To about 80ish mph it makes every supercar i've been in or driven feel slow and painful. The torque, smoothness and traction are incredible. Okay, it runs out of legs at 80-100 but in normal driving conditions they are fantastic. Even against the slowest Tesla on slow mode with cold batteries I suspect your Audi would have no chance. I would jump at the chance to run one as a work van/truck/pickup.
  3. Adam M

    Wellingtonia felled by idiots!

    I see what you mean now. Is there any point in pushing for a case to be heard at Crown Court then if Magistrates can bosh out a fine of their choosing?
  4. eggsarascal

    Future arborist with questions about career in tree work

    MOST of them aren't subbies but, yes. Hiring out your self employed services to another company.
  5. eggsarascal

    Stolen Saws in Derby!

    Shonky!, I had to look it up.
  6. felixthelogchopper

    Stolen Saws in Derby!

    As long as the CPS don't find his psychic tendencies a bit shonky.
  7. Joe Newton

    Stolen Saws in Derby!

    Not his fault if its left lying about and the fecker trips over it, repeatedly.
  8. carlos

    Rescue from a single line

    id say using existing rigging gear to lower a casualty could be a quick and effective method, would need to back up the capstan with a fail safe prussic or the like. probably not best practice could work in the right circumstance id say.
  9. Larch Dark

    Future arborist with questions about career in tree work

    Thanks for the reply. Maybe stupid question but what's a subby? Self employed people contracting themselves out?
  10. Ratman


    [emoji50] Bit selfish of you Gary..... no need! ☹️
  11. Stere

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    So tree over 12ft need alpine tree surgeons? What is an alpine tree surgeon one thats being up Mont Blanc?
  12. Spruce Pirate

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    Ahhhhh. Fair play.
  13. eggsarascal

    Stolen Saws in Derby!

    Great minds.
  14. richardwale

    Frustrating new log customers!!!!

    You’ll get the rewards of hard work, that’s for sure. 👍
  15. David Dobedoe

    Rescue from a single line

    When possible , one of the advantages of srt is the possibility of climbing on a lowerable system. With a good enough team this can make for more straight forward rescues unless line or anchor is compromised. I think in many situations rigging gear, in reality could make for very effective rescue. Good three man or bigger teams have more options when it comes to dealing with nasty accidents.
  16. cessna

    3mt Log splitter

    I would tend to agree with you ,but I find that once the wood has gone through the processor it looks ok and the advantages of the cone splitter, outweigh the wood looking a bit messy /splintered/frayed. I admit I do get a bit more wastage if some cordwood is particularly splintered. But we are all individuals and so what may be acceptable to one is not acceptable to another.
  17. spuddog0507

    Frustrating new log customers!!!!

    full time 9-5 monday to friday every day is every day like the farming community, dont know where i am but very rarely have a day off and most days are any where from 8 - 16 hrs dont think twice about stoping on site forwarding timber out when every one else has gone at 5 and i may be there till 10pm, was going to have a week or two of this summer but when i planed it it all went tits up on the first day and ended up with 1/2 a day off over 16, some people say i am crackers and some say i have a slate loose ? but i know where i want to be in buisness in 5 years and i cant do it with out the funds to finance it and thats why i do it,
  18. Ty Korrigan

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    He's taking the piss dear boy... Stuart
  19. felixthelogchopper

    Stolen Saws in Derby!

    That rather scuppers your self defence plea then.
  20. Yournamehere


    Soil conditioning, meet air conditioning; as someone once said!
  21. felixthelogchopper

    Stolen Saws in Derby!

  22. Gardenscape

    Stolen Saws in Derby!

    I'm anticipating they will be back. They just better not try when I'm in cause some arms are gonna to get broken with my baseball bat.
  23. spudulike

    Troublesome Ms261

    Right - 120PSI is well below the 150+ I would expect. Check the gauge out on a working saw and see what it pulls. Hones - Damn, been doing it wrong for years, I need to recall hundreds of machines.....bollocks!!! The stones are better in closed transfer cylinders but do the job in my limited experience I have recently had a failure in a similar way, my diagnosis was that the bottom ring had seized and the top ring had stayed loose and continuing to run the saw had put a very slight cavity up the bore where the stuck ring had taken microns off the bore in one specific area. My fix was a new P&C kit and it worked. I could see from the new piston that the rings were not worn in one small area, inspection of this area showed the hone had missed this part of the bore due to this vertical channel of wear.
  24. Fitted 2 of the lamps as reverse lights on a van, much better, can see now
  25. Stubby

    Stolen Saws in Derby!

    Bummer . Sorry to hear it . Don't be surprised if the scum are back soonish .
  26. difflock


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