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  2. Bands can just snap at random some times without any warning. Just a case of getting used to your own machine and you will spot the signs
  3. "not always the case "- being able to save the band? or "not always the case" that the band doesn't give the game away when its about to let go? Just curious.👍
  4. you were given a warning by yours ears , next time pay heed to them , and you might have saved the band.
  5. You can braze them but not worth the hassle at £20 a pop
  6. What area are you gobby ?? Sorry dorset daft me, Bit far or would have been glad to help
  7. Today
  8. Alison Willis

    Bracken's field

    For horses so no oak, yew, sycamore, maple or other acers.
  9. Motje

    Jerry's field

  10. Yep, that all went up in smoke a long time ago now!
  11. We shall see but I'm interested in the position I have, and I suspect there are others on here the same, who donate to a local tree surgeon/landscape gardener in return for arb waste from local gardens for my home use. I use more than 2m^3 per year but delivered as it comes off the job as an when convenient to him so well under 2m^2 per delivery. A similar system to the "tip sites" system linked from this site. Strictly it is not firewood being traded but the end use in most cases will end up on the fire (after processing and air drying). I think it comes down the the definition of logs in these new regulations. I'm hoping that arb waste is not covered but that could be a huge loop hole at the same time.
  12. No other options were available...just one of those days.
  13. The handler was going to ferry the Hawthorn/Elder over from the perimeter we were to be cutting.Take it to the digger which would feed the bandit.The site dropped down a bank which would have been even worse than the top field.
  14. But unfortunately rain and melting snow was going to put a stop to this job....The large area was just to wet and muddy and getting worse by the hour.
  15. Has anyone got any up to date information on Thermal imaging cameras to detect decay within trees? I’ve been searching for articles and training but it all seems to be from around 2008 Thanks
  16. Foolish believe everything you read in the torygraph most likely fake news . BLM - News - European Parliament adopts welcome pragmatic approach to motor insurance reform WWW.BLMLAW.COM
  17. OP Hopefully you should find the Echo Service Manual PDF attached. Specs and procedure for setting are in there, it's the best place to start. Echo Carb Adjustment Table Euro spec.pdf
  18. Feed in woodchip then the gas given off used for the CHP plant and the by-product is torrified wood (charcoal). Thermal oil heated from the waste heat of the CHP plant.
  19. TIMON

    Wilder Fury 2

    I like the way Fury can adapt and change his style to suit the situation, he’s the ultimate boxing ‘chameleon’. The way he cuts and sections the ring off with his footwork for such a big guy is incredible to watch. Every aspect of his craft has something to be admired, including his ability to play ‘head-games’ with his opponent. Can’t wait for his next fight.
  20. Is it worth re-welding a £20 band?
  21. xdcx

    Wilder Fury 2

    I have always rated Fury as a fighter. He is a good counter fighter who works off his jab and uses his massive reach both to work that jab and to defend himself and make it really difficult to hit him. I just love watching fighters who work off their jab, it seems to be a dying art in boxing these days almost. He needs to fight AJ in the summer at Wembley. That would be amazing. But I don't see much of a fight in all honesty. Fury is the far superior boxer in my opinion but Brit vs Brit for undisputed would be great. Whilst I do seem very pro Fury, I'm actually not. In my head a cheater is always a cheater. But he is a good boxer to watch.
  22. Another ickle cracker gand, I'm sure all will be well.
  23. Only by a week. She's got fluid in the lungs, but I've been told all is well. Off to see her soon.
  24. Another ‘classic’ from Brussels..., All ride-on lawnmowers will now need motor insurance.
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