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  2. Do you even lift bro?

    Chin and pullups, pushups, crunches and sometime some dumbell presses. No cardio, unless working a bag counts as cardio. Go though spells of dedicated training then get sick of it and forget it for months. I'll buy into the stretching philosophy, though I dont do it. Will hang on the teeter table for a few minutes in the morning though if by back is sore. My body is always sore in the morning, I shuffle around like a centenarian, but when I finally get working everything frees up and Im grand.
  3. Alpine tractor talk

    Is that a u 45m? Looks like a nice fit.
  4. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Been processing a few bags of this oak, it splits superbly.
  5. Do you even lift bro?

    I train because i enjoy it,kinda like a release after the day to day stresses if work and life.Ive got a better,fitter,slimmer body now at 45 than i did when i was 25. I like to keep my training fresh so i have no set program,i just do what i feel i want to do in the gym whether it be cardio based resistance training,weights or hiit but im luvin my calisthetics-(body weight training) right now. In my experience its the nutrition side of things that really make the difference. I dont find my training affects my work capabilities ive always been a pretty fast worker. Its needs to be a balance though,i still like a beer now and again and a slice of cake-i just offset my indulgencies by training and eating carefully the next day. Really cant do a lot of alcohol now,hangovers kill me and i chase people down the street for a fag when im pissed!
  6. Avant questions

    This is what I had in mind. Perfect fit. Should shovel a whole lot of chip.
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  8. Do you even lift bro?

    Neither of us would consider ourselves big, but last week me+any of the other climbers, or Johan+any of the other climbers could be in the MEWP together. Me and Johan together and Beep Beep Beep said the MEWP Stretching is probably more important long term than training. Yoga is great.
  9. Free falling birch

    Leccy saw, leccy post van. Whatever next? Leccy chippers are a way off. Great vid, nice to see the postie wearing PPE too.
  10. Do you even lift bro?

    Well said 🖒
  11. Do you even lift bro?

    We've all seen gym rats and rugby lads reduced to tears by tree graft, there is no substitute for technique, experience, and actually doing the job. That said, I've always found any type of training helps a lot, combined with work. Dips and chins are my favourites now. I've always neglected leg work, need to sort that out because any ascents over about 15' are always SRT now. As for size and weight it's pretty immaterial IMO. If you're good enough you're the right size.
  12. Workers worthy of a mention

    Quality lunge there
  13. New kit - multione 7.3s

    Had the flail out again this morning. Getting the hang of it now, quicker on the fine adjustments. Could have done with a cab and heater first though - quite wintery.
  14. Favourite Saw

    Off to clean my filter, eeek Fave saw at present is my 560. Running it with a 20" bar to ring up oversized wood for the processor. Time will tell if it remains a favourite.
  15. Your worst ever worker (stories!)

    I’d have refused to work with an idiot like that
  16. Favourite Saw

    The strato saws seem to suffer from the air filters not being cleaned. Less supporting area on the piston skirts, fine dust gets through from poor maintenance (or lack of maintenance) and compression falls off until it stops working. The solution is to remove the air filter, split it and then clean both halves with a compressor and a bit of spirit or lube oil. Most people seem to brush the top of the air filter and the bottom is covered in fine woodchip which eventually finds its way in! The pic below is from a 560, the filter looked relatively clean but look at the difference between the cleaned mesh panel and the blocked one - it was also running lean due to the autotune making up for the blocked air filter!
  17. Your worst ever worker (stories!)

    I worked with this tit who was usually so stoned he would have the chipper on for a good few minutes before realising the chip truck had driven away to unload , walking in to drop zones with huge spliff hanging out his mouth was his speciality, I recall one day knocking out a good section of ash timber with an 046 to see him walk in under the tree .. it still sends shiver down my spine as this lump sailed inches passed his back and dug in to soft ground upright behind him and he still didn’t even notice..
  18. Do you even lift bro?

    I would like to get back into training M.D. lose some more weight. I seem to be snapping more branches than usual lately
  19. Do you even lift bro?

    Ha ha oh dear there was nothing arsey about what i said and on the full man comment I was referring to myself when I don't train I feel half the man it's a feeling that after years of training you feel great when u do and terrible if u don't
  20. Favourite Saw

    Yer, I agree to an extent, but it is the fact that they just suddenly succumb to scoring in the p&p. If it was gradual wear I’d understand it. We’ve got 346’s that have been with us for 10 years. If I was hand cutting in forestry I’d expect it.
  21. Bitcoin now accpeted on CSB

    just tried a trial run of how id use bitcoin on your site as need files anyway and i'm well confused! Got as far as the link to go but the coins, then a bitcoin website where you buy the coins off people at varying rates(?) to download them to a virtual wallet I guess? I don't think its for me! Also just occured, wont it make it harder to put business transactions through the books? if I buy £100 of coins from my business account I could spend that anywhere with no evidence, where at the mo i use quickbooks which scans my bank account so can prove where money went to
  22. Your worst ever worker (stories!)

    Thinking about traffic lights Mick, we had hired a set of lights, done the job, Pete packed them up on the little light trailer with the signs, and off we went home in convoy, pete with the lights last. On the M1, cars were going crazy, some were undertaking us, some were overtaking, cars were backed up behind us....was only when we got to the yard we realised pete hadn't turned the lights off! He'd even put the blue and white arrows pointing either side of the truck under the respective lights!
  23. My splicing attempts

    If you had to work with who I have to you'd sympathise!
  24. Do you even lift bro?

    I had a feeling you'd get arsie, thats a shame. If you think being a "full man" is defined by size thats real sad. I'm sorry I touched a nerve, it was not my intension, I was simply offering a different view.
  25. Your worst ever worker (stories!)

    Sounds like he could do with a spell with us! [emoji51]
  26. Favourite Saw

    Three years for a mid range saw in everyday use, I don’t think that’s bad.
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