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  2. No we don't own the land, the flats are all leasehold
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  4. I'm on it tomorrow with our kid, new phone and a new battery for the van
  5. any links to this, just curious as thinking of getting one. thanks
  6. Mine was inguinal hernia, I found walking very painful but just kept doing more every other day, biggest problem was no driving. O don't get bunged up.
  7. You need to learn to delegate I have back problems as well the hardest part of recovery was standing back and letting someone else do the work or waiting for the machine to turn up, the days of get out of the way I will show you how to do it quickly are over and the sooner you realise the quicker your recovery will be
  8. Best 50cc saw is the husky 550. With a 13 inch bar it is phenomenal with a 15 bar is really good. It will run an 18 well enough. If your work requires a bigger 60 to 65cc saw then stihl ms400 with an 18 inch bar. Lovely saw and my current fave of the upper mid size saws.
  9. Thanks Paul. The problem is most consultants say ‘rest for two weeks, you’ll be back at work in 4’ without having a single concept of what we do for a living. I really want to get this right, I can afford one chance. Is it best to stay reasonably active after the op, walking dogs etc.?
  10. They got a small hire fleet of a couple of towed and a couple of tracked, stump grinder, various mowers and tractors etc. Unfortunately, in the Highlands, you have a couple of spots in Inverness, Dundee or further south and across the Central Belt!
  11. That’s firewood quality?
  12. The Railway is good/clean/basic/cheap - I’ve put lads up in there after Christmas piss-ups and it’s always been good!
  13. Milling stuff for a customer who described the stuff as "a lot of decent oak" He was wanting 2x6's, 2x7's and 5x5's from it. One or two decent sticks among what I would normally describe as firewood. Christmas is coming, so no job is being turned down
  14. Alright, if the phone’s up the swanny it’s up the swanny - if you say so. I’m seeing ‘the man’ tomorrow morning to fix what happens next. That gives you the morning to get yourself a phone sorted. PM 👊🏻
  15. Turn your phone on you dopey c*nt!
  16. Probably more likely to become unstable if you leave them in.
  17. Eggs when i was living up there i was renting a room on a farm just outside alsager. White moss farm. It was not a working farm as the M6 had taken most of it but still a great place to live.
  18. Sounds like a plan, do you know of any digs nearby?
  19. Do what the consultant tells you after, if it fails do to you over doing it or like I had mesh failure do to how bad hernia was and being do by open surgery not key hole, it took me 14 weeks to recover after second op and pick up saw. Maybe not what you wanted to hear but just be sensible is the answer.
  20. Brings back memories during my time up around there, Lovely part of the country nantwich
  21. Ain't seen much of them, having a sense of humour helps.
  22. Being closer to family helping eggs
  23. If you need an afternoon of laughter and memory loss we are going on a pub crawl around Nantwich this Saturday eggs (not millions of miles away from you by the sounds of it - you’d be more than welcome to join us (but need to wear a Christmas jumper…)
  24. Top man Bolam, but I think speaking to you would push anyone over the edge...
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