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  2. I live in one of the wettest parts of Europe. Sadly we dont get much sun either,so the key to drying logs outside is airflow. I use IBC crates placed on a bed of type 1 gravel,with a 10" gap between each one.Covered on three sides with a gap between the covering and the crates,as well as a gap between the roof and the top of the crates. Dont split them too big and split them earlier than normal.I have already begun to split firewood for the coming winter.
  3. Is the 660 the big thing where they mash up the one bearing and the housing can come loose and move?
  4. My brother in law took some great pics of similar Ice hair last week. He’s near Inverness.
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  7. From memory, before WPD took over, working for Central Networks it was only 2m on 11kv. But they distances are the safety/vicinity zones, within that there's the live zone. Safety distances are there for a reason, and unfortunately we all estimate distance differently so better to be safe than sorry. The starting point should be using proximity zone 1 and 2 which is what NPTC use (exception of UA's) and than take advice from network operator.
  8. Yes Ratty, and what a feck up it was. The management company who have run the site supplied all the parts we were there to fit it, to be fair they are usually very good, but someone got this one wrong. We needed 2" guide rails, we got inch n a quarter, we needed the biscuit on top of the chamber the right way round, guess what?, we needed the main contractor not to move the control panel cabinet and bury the ducting. Never mind, I did get to cut 300mm off a 110mm rising main before I realised the compression joint was 90mm. 7 hrs n 550 miles later we achieved feck all. I'd made my mind up I wasn't going back tomorrow, so I'm having a little sweet number, it's down the smoke though.
  9. Stere

    Zenoah 2500T

    Hyundai version one with a carving bar Chainsaw hyundai 35050 Bar Carving 25cm 1.2hp 25.4cc 3kg Pruning + FREE. WWW.EBAY.CO.UK 35050 - 1,2 HP - 25,4 cc. Motosega da potatura 25 cm. Lunghezza barra: 25 cmCARVING. Ai sensi dell´art. 5 D. Lgs...
  10. Cheers there's no rush, playing with chainsaws is important but kids education is importanter! (Case in point here 😄) I may have a few extra bits to add by the time I've gone through the saw properly anyhow 👍
  11. I was just getting depressed about this today. Spent some money on a pro weather station last year and these are the average external RH readings week buy week going back from today 95%,90%,93%,95%,95%,95%,92%,91%,94%,95%,91%,94,93% and finally 14 weeks ago we had a week that was 86%. Put that together with these tables Woodworkers Source: Equilibrium Moisture Content [custom wws] WWW.WOODWORKERSSOURCE.COM and its quite clear you need a kiln to have logs sub 20% at this time of year
  12. On 6 Jan I brought a freshly felled piece of beech 1287 grams to the side of the stove at 48% mc and two days later it was 33%. At the same time I brought a piece of holly into the house and it was 16% from my log store. This is similar to what I have measured from my log shed since I built it a couple of years ago. Last Wednesday I washed my winch rope and strung it up in the shed, today, despite rain on and off all week, it feels dry but then I am in a dry part of the country.
  13. Last week cover blow off 1 of my potato box's half full of logs and got soaked covered it over and sat it on another full box and look at it the weekend and was surprised how they had dried.
  14. peatff

    Zenoah 2500T

    I've had mine for a while and the brake and everything work fine. The plastic's a bit tacky and the carb has been sorted out a few times as it used to go out of tune but it's good now.
  15. id say that intercoms are hands down the best purchase a tree outfit can buy, they make the day much easier, safer and more fun.
  16. Yes, ultimately it is a money maker. Long term view is to have something established commercially to eventually lead to planning permission
  17. It can be all over the place with uk stock. If it isn't in stock here it usually takes two weeks to two months for it to arrive from Japan. I will check out your email and let you know what we and the UK importer have in stock. Although I am having a day off tomorrow, home schooling the kids which will be fun, 🙄 so it could be Thursday before I get a chance to get back to you.
  18. Either use a kiln wacking out heat to dry it and then vacuum seal it in industrial plastic or import it from the other side of the world. This is the obvious answer!
  19. Just a home owner here that does my own logs, but this winter had been really wet and I'm noticing the logs I'm pulling from my shed are slightly damp, they've been there 18-24 months, usually they'd be bone dry, but this year I'm having to faff about drying logs on the hearth and nursing the stove a little more. Feel for you guys running a business.
  20. That hooley is back. Howling wind and heavy rain. West Yorkshire
  21. VID-20210119-WA0019.mp4
  22. Forgive me if this has been posted many, many times before. Who best to supply roller shutter tool cabinets to fasten at the front of a tipper body? Only want a narrow 1 to keep bed space. I've had a look online but think I must be using the wrong keywords as only found 1 company. Any recommendations would be great. Doesnt need to be new, if anybody has 1 they would be willing to part with. TIA - Andy
  23. Always welcome for a spin. [emoji3] Not even fired the Charger up in 14 months. [emoji33]
  24. I once demoed a B20 with blunt teeth on a cherry. Based on that I'd never have bought one. I put alot of store on hp at the time. Then I was forced one day into renting one, brand new with fresh teeth. Without the pressure of 2 reps breathing down my neck wanting to go to lunch I had the time to get used to the machine and with 'sharp' teeth it was an epiphany for me. I've usually run the QRMS teeth for economy but keep a stock of wear sharp for more fibrous stumps. I've never gone into sharpening teeth either. I do think though, a self propelled B22 with a slightly higher hp than even it has now would be just the ticket. Silly thing is, when people view the grinder, clients and especially commercial clients, they are not convinced it is a serious machine and refuse to be open to it's possibilities. Stuart
  25. Actually a full reset to default settings can only be done with the factory software and interface. What we are describing is the AT unit resetting itself from where it was left to the state of the engine now. What I mean is that if the air filter is stuffed, the AT will set itself to run lean. When the filter is cleaned, the AT will take a few minutes to see the engine is now lean and will reset itself richer when it is cutting under load for minutes. There is no Stihl like action (running on choke) to go back to default on Huskies!
  26. Are they basing this measurement on core humidity or external humidity? If you have a wave form humidity tester that can test upto 40mm deep then that's true humidity but what if they get put outside for a bit and the outer few mil is wet... If you use a pin type tester then its variable. I don't see how they're going to enforce it...
  27. Of course in wood and you can usually hear the AT reset if major work has been done. It just takes minutes to reset and the AT will continue to monitor and reset if and when required through normal use.
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