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    Just one of those days, when you're struggling with life
  3. Only issue he may have will be the jcb and that is doubtful. Wales and england have different rules
  4. Neighbours do not have any say in what the place looks like and the enforcement officer's letter is not concerned about the look. He says there may be a change of use. Use classes are apparently changing but the effect will be similar, homes were class C. Commercial was divided into B1 offices and things that can be done in residential districts B2 light industrial but I suspect they are looking at B8 storage of material and equipment in the open and this has nothing to do with whether the vehicles are taxed, insured or roadworthy etc. Also I suspect A1 premises where the public visit for a service
  5. Been there done that with my 252 aswell. Right sod grinding down sid of pocket and disc to cut the bugger off. Silly size Allen key also is it 12.5mm 1/2"? Sheerd bolts on pockets.... Also ripped the tooth holder off a pocket before.... Just broke clear off
  6. Today
  7. It may not be ‘pretty’ Egger, and of course yome right it may be perceived as lowering the tone of the adjacent des res s s s, and that is one (understandable) POV, but that’s all it is, a POV. Another POV might be, perhaps the LA might be better served seeking out someone that has actually contravened a law - maybe a benefit thief, a fly tipper or a TPO breach for example.
  8. Ur prob fixed up now but sure I see CA 1dt aid had date booked for hxham shortly. Decent courses and good trainer
  9. ( got double wicker shopper from Holland guv , no plates no questions 😆you fink i is kidding munsch)
  10. But a seminal moment in filmmaking regardless, just makin sure you move yr stuff in old lady wicker basket bicycle, and dont tell them yr name 😆 K
  11. All of those saying running a business from home is ok, would you want to see that lot plus a JCB Loadall parked over the road from your place, and the coming and going of lads each end of the day? I very much doubt it.
  12. Horrible film! Similar those Damien films - only good part of them was the Rottweilers!
  13. Obvs only a 66(6) willl do the job must watch Exorcist as just bought it fro charity shop, cracking filim. K
  14. Can’t remember all of it but I do know it always includes 666 (and a dose of the crabs) beastly devil womanthing!
  15. Khriss

    Forst st8

    Basically fvvkloads, long spoon, devils etc. K
  16. A considered and erudite explanation Kev, now, have you got her number as i stopped paying attention after that 😉 K
  17. Never, ever ‘talk to’ someone who wants to pull your pants down (stand fast Saturday night down Union Street with a classy Janner girl!) They have ‘got’ what they have got by way of info and detail UNLESS you give them something more. (a) you’ve absolutely NOTHING to gain by acknowledging their enquiry - especially as Huck says above. If they have anything to substantiate a complaint / attempt an enforcement they already have it and should disclose it to you. All you will do by engaging them is give them more. (b) why do people automatically assume a letter from an ‘authority’ requires them to acquiesce with the provision of time? Time equals money, matey from LA is on the clock and being paid whilst he expects you to meet him for free - not even free, it’s at a loss to you since it’s time you could be earning. I’d possibly be prepared to consider a compromise - to a very limited degree - as Les says. Send him an email and tell him he can reach you by phone between x o’clock and y o’clock on z day where you can spare him a couple of minutes from your busy on-site work schedule to receive the full details of the complaint (which should have been stated in the letter previously sent) and to consider answering (without any obligation or commitment) specific questions and he may have. Another option (if a member of FSB or covered by home legal protection) invite him to send any future correspondence via your legal representative. A whopping big chip pile on the front drive should help too - there is no law, statute or regulation which precludes you from top dressing your flower beds 😂
  18. Fvvk me aint going to steal that splodggly rubbish, would do local chicken shop first 😆 k
  19. Can you explain a breakdown of the cost? Extra diesel used etc.
  20. That’s very reassuring.
  21. I currently have 3 different stimmer/brushcutters. 2stroke 52cc (Kawasaki) 4stroke 50cc (Honda) 36v Husky 535 The one that gets the most use, and earns the most money for me, is the husky battery machine. It's been on 2.7mm square line from new, nearly 18mths now. Low vibe, low noise, low running costs, no exhaust fumes, really nice balance to it (with bli300 battery) I've never used a Stihl fs70, but if it's 27cc then the Husky battery 535 will be a good bit more powerful. The inverter would be no use for battery charging, you need mains power. Agree with Dumper, look at all the tools available in each battery system.
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