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  2. Has anyone else found that the chin strap doesn't sit particularly well for them? I've had the Kask Plasma for years and would have the chin strap fairly loose, I can't seem to get the Protos anywhere near.
  3. Indeed, physical blade contact with wood for 20 hours is quite a long period of time. When your blade edge and angle is also your "feed roller" its important to keep them tip top. A flat knife on a hydraulic feed roller machine will still turn cord wood into some sort of chip if they're blunt as a spoon. On a hydraulic feed roller chipper a full time domestic tree surgeon will usually rack up between 150 and 200 hours a year. Its surprising the lack of hours a chipper does. We hire them out and they'll often come back with 1 additional hour on. Rail contractors maybe will do 400, we have a 2019 SafeTrak in for repair / service at the moment and that has 351 hours. I would class that as pretty high hours for a machine less than a year old.
  4. Buddleia If they can grow massive in a small crack in pavement they would thrive there probably
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  6. Wild privet? Good for wildlife, looks and smells nice. Not sure how it would do in a confined root space though...
  7. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    Excellent condition as only worn for 5 days. Eu 38 but feel large for that size.


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  8. No they dont sadly but if you adjust the tensioner inside the protos helmet i found you can get a good fit with the original ones and nlioe others have. They are not chipper spec either but for me its a trade off.
  9. Depends on the machine, but twenty hours of chipping over a week of domestic work takes some doing. Some jobs you'll do well if you clock up an hour a day.
  10. Hi Pete thanks for the reply, it was more to see if there was another like me out there for potential swaps and parts to sell or seap each other that sort of thing. don't really think my little collection would be enough to have a stand at a show I only have about 13 or 14 with a couple more coming. Maybe in a few years
  11. Thanks Baldbloke... Will look into this as well. Appreciate you sharing your experience.
  12. Yes they would But take the bar off the 20 and would be fine
  13. the Echo bars clog up quite easily especially on pine and poplar, to clean the bar oil channel is quite tricky sometimes. I use a stiff bristled brush, brake cleaner and the air line. Do not tighten up the bar stud retaining nut too much as they can be a weak point.
  14. I have a couple of relevant paintings which include trees
  15. What a wee cracker, he is growing up fast.
  16. Do they still fit back up into the helmet like the original ones. Thanks
  17. East Anglian dog training


    We are based next to the walled garden in Nowton Park. The chip can be dumped in the area opposite the main gates to the walled garden. Must be animal friendly so ideally no thorns etc as it will be used in the dog daycare paddocks.
  18. @LGP Eddie no mate, if they did, we wouldn't have any staff! K
  19. I like that scurry den idea. little chaps coming on nice 👍
  20. Absolutely Anno and think this book is even more relevant now as at any other time in mankind’s history,not to get to heavy because I believe the worlds climate has fluctuated over millions of years and some things happening climate wise is a natural progression,but without doubt the human race has tilted it into a different direction timewise.wow listen to me and just a simple guy who knows nothing much about anything really,just goes to show what you read has an influence on the way we think🤔
  21. Fantastic book and author who sadly passed in 2015, his earlier books opened my eyes to the culture and social history of woodlands and how our attitudes have changed over the years to using and managing the resource.
  22. Well they don’t do a brain scan that’s for certain. If you can talk a good job, tick a box and turn a drama into a crisis you’ll be fit for the Rail! Eddie.
  23. Potentilla manchu is drought restistant and a long flowering type. Combine with one or two Prunus laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken' and some ground covering Euonymus fortunei (maybe even 'Emerald'n Gold') could give an easy to maintain bed, that may give a halfway look. Evergreen Geraniums get my vote as well.
  24. I was thinking about this blade sharpening every 20 hours or so..... Isn't it possible you could clock that up in a busy week? Or am I missing something about 'hours'? And therefore 300 hours could make a machine, even at 10 hours a week, just 6 months old? Thanks
  25. Been looking for a new book ref Forest to read over Xmas and beyond if necessary and found this fab book call”WOODLANDS” by Oliver Rackman it came on monday and had a quick look to start off and then I couldn’t put it down,it’s a fabulous book and so well written and I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in every aspect of how our forest and woodlands live and breath and it covers everything and I will be looking forward to cosy nights in with a hot chocolate and Weaver curled up at my feet reading this lovely book.🐶🤓
  26. Thanks Bill & Rob will check all above...i’am one of those guys who has never been into messing about much with anything mechanical and get by if just basics,just feel it saves a lot of down time if you get into it to much especially on site,easier just to pick up the back up and crack in.Thanks again and will repost if and when sorted.👍
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