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  2. I think you are wrong, I don't think there will be significant tax hikes, I did but, don't now. "We"ve gone too far. That mysterious magic money tree will come into play. We, your children, and their children's children will be paying for this. A bit like WW11. Or the government (whichever colour) will just stack the debt in the inbox and get some more bonds.
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  4. Lovely crop of Mycena! Wouldn't like to take a stab at species, but the colour, the noticeably lined cap with ragged margin and slightly-flattened-off top (which reminds me of M. pseudocorticola), does narrow things down quite a bit.
  5. You ain't the only one, spoke with two mates today, ones a general builder he's taken two extensions this last week, enough work to see him through til Christmas, the other is what I'd call a good all rounder he's taken a few good jobs over the last couple of weeks. My phone has been quiet over the last few weeks, got a call Saturday afternoon with a good run of work for the next few weeks... I'm booked up to go away on holiday for 10 nights on the 20th of the month... how's ya luck Egg?, my man said, "don't worry, we haven't done much for 3 months it'll still be there when you get back". Which is reassuring.
  6. Thanks wonky...ok so the update is this...leaking decompression valve found as a result of compression test. Tiny air bubble through the soapy water so obviously not closing properly... now replaced with blank.I think this may have caused a sticky ring initially which may have caused the issue with hot starts. May have made it run lean and caused the eventual seizure!!?? The carb was working fine before the top end change and although I have used nearly a can of carb cleaner on it from close inspection it looks like there are minute shiny pieces of aluminium. Maybe one of the ports is blocked??? I’m going to strip it out again and blow it out!! It may of course been the filter causing lack of fuel so I will replace that too!! I just want it to run mate!!!
  7. I didnt claim owt of the government, had 3 wk at home sorting a building out at the start which i just so as a holiday ,since then been out felling trees, moving timber, selling timber and fencing, and then this last week when i thought my work was coming to a end the phone went mad, can you do some more walling, local council want some trees sorting out on a playing field, can you come and sort some windblown out, can i get some timber off you and hears me thinking when tides where getting right wed onward,s i was going out to sea in my boat fishing for a day or 2 but thats gone tits up now, so this next wk has gone from nowt to over full in 48hrs 5 sites to go to and look at some walling, another site with about 20 windblown spruce, working with another lad on tues, delivering some timber either thursday or friday, so thats my week filled now and probably the next 4 or 5,
  8. Sounds like it’s still lean or there’s little compression, so it sounds like the carb.. Those cheap carbs can be a bit a bit tedious to set right the best way to find Out if the carb is faulty, is to pull a good one off another saw.. I know we all don’t have another saw thou..😫 Also adding, if you suspect fuel line or fuel filter you could find a way to just bodge another line in a cup\small bottle with fuel. But it’s unlikely it’s the fuel line going flat straight away. But only if the filter is bad.
  9. Sorry I was auto corrected.
  10. You are just a show off Gary!... you're doing a grand job fella.
  11. yep, 100% robinia pseudoacacia. one of my favorite timbers.
  12. I have a small sthil there I bought to dick about cutting Mushrooms and bits n Bob's but wouldn't be any good for milling with a dont think
  13. Cheers for the offer tippin if a get the factory am after a might just buy it off you to stick in the yard to play with on small logs but a definitely need someone to just mill those trees for me like a says earlier my back gives me some stick every single day what a need to pop codeine like smarties for lol a really dont mind paying for someone to come mill for me for a good job dun and to save the pain in my back haha av even paid for my lass to do a load of massage courses so it saves me having to book one in every day
  14. I had the same, gave my tree away this year, didnt really have the space for it anyhow sadly [emoji17]
  15. if it not a one off Mark, i agree. do it yourself, it's more satisfying. i'm getting a bandsaw so selling my logosol M8 which is ok for anything up to 2ft diameter and will throw in my logosol timberjig which you can use for wider. no chainsaws in the deal though so you will need a decent one i suppose. not far from you in N yorkshire. (was the Armstrong bridge in Jesmond Dene named after you?😉)
  16. Liam McNulty

    Willowford Farm

    Farm just off A69 between Brampton and Gilsland.
  17. It's new to me though and i liked it. This tree stump i saw recently made me think of Mick Jagger............
  18. sorry people. should have followed up on this. Seabrookes are better than Walkers. oh, also, it was my bar. although only used as a back up for my lo pro, the oregon versacut was at fault. looking at it, it was fine, but when running the groove cleaner thru it there were catches. don't know why. put the same chain on a sugi hara bar i use for felling and no crinkles. bit academic now as i will soon be a proud owner of a woodlands bandsaw thanks
  19. Agree with David - the fungus grew around the seedling. Young fruiting bodies aren't as woody. Common Ink-caps can push up through tarmac.
  20. Laburnum does have similar colour to the heartwood but the bark is smoother, it’s Robinia.
  21. Def not laburnum. The heartwood could be mistaken for it perhaps but not the bark
  22. Many thanks ... are u sure? Someone else suggested it’s Laburnum?
  23. It doesn't seem 'shaggy' enough for Pholiota to me. They are usually smaller than this too. Something about the gill attachment and stem ridging suggests it could be Honey Fungus, but trouble is, when fungi get old, a confident id is much harder to achieve, sorry. If it fruits again and you (Jacquemontii) can get photos of fresh mushrooms, we should have it.
  24. Most of them will just be for raised beds mate but lined with plastic just saves is going buying them for 30 a pop just to keep the missus happy a should get 2/3 year out of them then they will be replaced with 3by 2 paving slabs when I get enough of them to do all the beds and pathways but I need some 8"×6" 2 at 3.6mtr and 4 at 2.5mtr I think for a judge I know wants 2 up and overs for grapes to grow up in his garden but also asked for beech
  25. The bladegate scandal is still running I would like to think Forst will be modifying the blade set up and putting the blade behind the rotor with a clamp to hold it down rather than the two bolt system they currently use to hold it on the front. The system on the left vs the one on the right is a no brainer.
  26. Thanks Steve. I loved your Facebook ones - amazing! Here's the 'other one' which is situated close to the Cotswold Way National Path near Randwick in Standish Woods (F.C.), and therefore publically accessible. Again, it's a Beech teetering at the top of a quarry pit. This time though, quarrying and/or erosion have exposed the roots creating this huge, bizarre lattice-like 'bridge' anchoring the tree to the bank behind. You can walk under it if you stoop a little. Meanwhile, a huge boulder (pic 4) has created a second headache on the opposite, quarry face side. To which the tree has responded in the manner of a heraldic hawk - by gripping it like a ball. I don't think i'm ever likely to hug a tree but think i'd consider giving this one a round of applause.😁 Sorry there are so many pics but it was very difficult choosing which ones to include.
  27. I dont know what the plan for the sleepers are but Beech is not rot resistant like Oak. You be better off with Larch if its genuine Sleepers for the garden, but Im sure you'd get a good few years outta them regardless.
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