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  2. And a very low tide tomorrow......which is good for me👍......moon was real bright last night but cloudy tonight.
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  4. Dont think this will be as easy as every one says ? but i could be wrong, no NI payments for 10 yrs, no record of a fixed address, not on any polling register, first thing there going to ask is where have you been ? when did you get back ? was you earning where ever you where ? i think all this will be very hard to explain and get a way with, as most if not all government departments are all linked together and in this day and age it will not take long to find out, and if he said he had been over seas they could ask the same questions else where ! if he said he flew in, sailed in or came on train through the tunnel his name will be allocated to a seat or some thing, i think this needs some very careful thought and may be some sound addvise from some one who knows and deals with issues like this, i think one big can of worms and one massive headache, and if he is not careful a estimated tax bill could be dropping through the letter box, one small step at a time with this and plenty of thought, Good luck,
  5. Was watching a barn owl early doors this morning at work just gliding over an un mown pasture. Totally mesmerising
  6. These facts are all bang on the money and true. They are a concern of mine, and i think should be everyones BUT the virus is here now ( 1 month in) so lets not work and be safe, fair point! But it will still be here in 3-6 months time, will your concerns still stop you working then? If ud be willing to go back in 3-6 months , why not go back now? Or may be more under control, but some fucker will still cough n open a door handle / gate post / delivery
  7. the reason to not work is simple to me........u cant stop cross contamination to either one of your staff or yourself.. u could pick it up from a gatepost, side of a tree whatever, the virus can live for up to 72hrs, and u could pass it onto the next job u go to....or onto your workmates or take home with you to your family. We are on call for emergency tree work for a client.......which we will do if necessary.....but it will only if its dangerous to the public at large. Keep safe guys...
  8. Phone hmrc, Say hi, I'd like to be SE. This my NI no. This is my address. That's nearly all they ask. They don't care. 2 weeks later you've got your UTR. But as various members have pointed out. SE is very difficult right now. 🤣
  9. Bit of wall building on farm
  10. Hi I spoke Dorset is a bit far ,if not PM me
  11. I haven't done mine yet, the filler connector leaked and replaced that but the rest seems OK for now. Do you know it has a fault? If it is leaking down, it may just need a new connector as mine did. They hold something like 2600psi in the gun! I have a S300 which is the forerunner of your rifle so must be fairly old.
  12. Mariyah

    Lord street

    Hi this is for my garden. The area is for the children to play in. I am needing wood chipping like the ones they have in play areas and stumps so I can make steps.dor the kids to jump on. Thank you
  13. Hi all, Hope people are keeping safe and busy! I dont suppose anybody has any suggestions on where I can get hold of 5 oak (or alternative, naturally rot resistant) sleepers 200mm x 100mm min length 1.83m around Haslemere or Dorking, Surrey? Cheers Sean
  14. Super light really healthy No bake cheesecake. 600g cream cheese (philadelphia) 350ml cream 120g maltesers (it was 150 but I got peckish) A few digestive and/or rich tea biscuits and a few oatmeal biscuits, about 100g total 125g icing sugar 1 vanilla pod 30g butter Slowly melt the butter on very low heat, bash up the biscuits and most of the maltesers, add the butter, stir for a moment and layer the bottom of your cake dish then refrigerate. Whisk the cream cheese and cream until it leaves soft peaks, add sugar to taste then the vanilla and whisk to stiff peaks. Drop in remaining maltesers and fold in by hand. Layer over the base and put back in the fridge overnight. Remove from fridge and eat for breakfast.
  15. Hi get a 12v winch I have a 2tonne hand winch and it’s ok on nice round cedar logs but heavy nobbly butts it’s hard work,also make sure the steel you use for the winch pole is nice and thick walled as my pole has bent so badly I need to remake it and I think a small laser pointer is a good investment as you can point it down the butt to make sure it’s going to fit through the throat ! I have taken the chainsaw to a few butts on the mill , that’s my advice for what’s its worth only had the mill a short while so just finding my feet with it Cheers Mark
  16. Have you raised the level of the ground round the bottom of the tree?
  17. Aye but you can service one ? I’m struggling to find any one and have a 15 year old s410 that needs all its seals replaced and anything else that needs doing.
  18. Is that the one RSL engineering do with the Serated blade on the back- often thought it looked like a good idea for ripping through the larger roots that the tooth would t break on it’s own
  19. David Hall

    David Hall

    Want wood chip for end of garden, the only issue is access, the pin is by the garden gate at the side of the house, the load is best dropped in road by garden gate, this will block road and is fine, this is what happens when people move in, people can get out the other side. I will carry bucket by bucket down side of house and to the garden. Thank you
  20. Agreed. Have one on my micro, and essential tool on stumps
  21. What difference do you think it would make, Mark?
  22. No more paperwork, it's as simple as you say. Believe someone who's done it more than once. Bolam's mate can just crack on, he's done nothing wrong.
  23. Thanks fellas, I’ll pass all this on. I can’t work out if it’s better for him to do it while all this drama is going on or to wait for some kind of normality to return.
  24. Deardo

    Garden Play Area

    Would happily accept clean woodchips for an area of around 8msq
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