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  3. wicklamulla

    Tax status of Discovery/Landcruiser Commercials?

    ya seen the Land Cruiser Pickup that Milner Off Road are selling?
  4. dumper

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Yes hoses bought ce marked rotator bought ce marked with capacity grab bought ce marked with capacity steel bought known strength and quality assured bolts bought graded for load welding tested by loading therefore machine can have swl HSE happy(maybe) paperwork trail to prove
  5. spuddog0507

    Greenheart oak ????

    yes you are correct oak is oak and greenheart is greenheart, oak you can cut but greenheart is as hard as timber comes bad to mill and blunt your saw in about 2 cuts if i am not mistaken its the best rot resistant timber known to man all ways use on docks and quey sides for its resistance to saltwater.
  6. spuddog0507

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    a lad i work with now and then who is in to the plant game wrote his supercab ranger off about 12 mth ago found a replacment for it on a 65 plate got it transported from the NE to lancs and had it at a mot garage for a inspection and it was all rusty underneath and the chasis was full of sand so been on a beach some where and then went to exiter to view another and that was worse but about a yr older so ended up with a brand spanker,
  7. miker

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    i got caught out on a landcruiser, cost me £700 to get it welded up, just about passed its mot , but was rotten as a carrot, probably wouldnt have passed its next mot, lost a few quid on that one, im more careful now
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  9. arboriculturist

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    Well that's uncanny - I did the same yesterday on a 91 Ranger and chassis corrosion has been picked up as an advisory on the last 5 years MOT's. Still passed last August though - I'm wondering how. Good idea to research though. Thanks.
  10. Mull

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

  11. kevinjohnsonmbe


    And portion control! They feckers eat WAY too much! I can fair tuck it away, but last trip to NYC saw me & the Mrs sharing a starter as a main course - it’s quite obscene how much those Yankees eat!
  12. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    YAFOTT! 😂
  13. Johnsond

    Greenheart oak ????

    Quick query ref some ads on Ebay, couple of ads for greenheart oak reclaimed beams. Are these guys selling mistaken ?? as I understood it greenheart is greenheart and oak is oak ie totally different species. Cheers
  14. miker

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    if you type in the reg number of the motor you are looking at into google,normally the first hit will be " regit" this will give you past mot history, you can check if rust has been picked up as an advisory, also mileage etc, i was set on a ranger and then checked mot history and it was a rust bucket
  15. monkeybusiness

    Mitsubishi Canter - fuel, limp home problem SOLVED!

    How can this help anyone?! More info needed as to the problem/fix surely?
  16. What mods did you make to get your canter running ok
  17. Mesterh


    If we are taking control of the USA sorting out the bacon issue needs to be at the top of that list.
  18. Mull

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    You’re a fecker for the abbreviations Kev, imho!
  19. kevinjohnsonmbe

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Raises an interesting question - make your own = no CE/BSI, maybe non compliant PUWER, management of H&S etc. Which is all OK until it goes pear shaped. But are the Hywell/MO/Avant variants CE/BSI? it would matter if AAAC was at stake or if there was an HSE investigation.
  20. arboriculturist

    Ideas wanted to make a trommel screen

    Don't think about using the rotator - dust and grit will end up on the pinion and ring, sticking to all the grease present. What you need is a rotary screening bucket (rsb). They come at a premium and you need a service to run it. For a small amount a riddle bucket is what most use but slow and you need a 360. Best bet is to find someone with a 7.5tonne 360 with a rsb. Prep the material and get them in for a day in a dry spell and they will do the lot and some of the other main jobs while on site. Haulage may kill it though. There is no cheap option I know of. We're planning to buy a 0.3m3 rsb later this year for the 7.5 as a few 100t to do now and ongoing work. 6k + 1.5k to pipe ex. (FYI - 13T machine matches with a 0.7m3 rsb) Hopefully worth the investment.
  21. kevinjohnsonmbe


  22. Chessa

    occupational health of arb

    Unfortunately I couldn't agree with you more matty I have spent years wanting to do the biggest hardest trees I could I always pressured myself to want to be as fast as possible I loved it the buzz of it is very hard to satisfy with anything else I haven't drank for ten years ut when I did it was always to an extreme I have that sort of personality All absolutely valid and well argued points, backed up with experience. I too (even this evening), get asked for stressy quotes and work queries in a pub from time to time. Like others, I get overwhelmed with workload and worried when sometimes, my body doesn't cope or my mind is fried with "feeding the rat" (anyone read Al Alvarez's "Feeding the Rat?"). Before Arb and gardening work, I had a background in the climbing scene. I feel a familiar parallel between the arb world and the climbing world, over the seemingly contradictory claims of profound wellbeing doing this work and the personal encounter of intense "deep play" (feeding the rat): involved as we toil in pleasure or pain. Nature always has the potential to be both healing and also dangerous, depending upon how one reacts to the risk and stress presented. It's a conundrum for each individual to address and find their own healthy balance: or in the case of organisations - to manage in protection of their workers.
  23. Mike Dempsey

    Blade guide options for homebuilt mill....

    Whilst I appreciate the company is based in the States it would still be far cheaper to buy their products and pay for the shipping than it would be to get a one-off bespoke piece made for you. You could always buy the machinery such as a milling machine and spark eroder etc and make the bits yourself. You could then offset the cost of the machinery by offering to make and sell bandsaw parts to self builders such as yourself.
  24. Con

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    I've got a v-reg mitsubishi L200. Don't know if it's the best but I'm happy with it. 150k on the clock, had it for a few years, goes to work most days, only had to service it. Passes mot each year. Only downside is it's thirsty, I reckon I average 23-24mpg. Don't know how that compares to other similar makes
  25. Mark2

    Songs I Am Listening To

  26. James mably


  27. arboriculturist

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    I'm not looking for speed, towing, heavy loads or economy, so some of the posts are extremely usefull - thanks 😄
  28. Mark2

    Songs I Am Listening To

    All this guys stuff is good (gritty) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9jD15iGMEQ
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