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  2. You do have to believe in these things Dempsey, life is not just black and white. K ( cornettoes make it better tho, if that helps.... )
  3. wilde

    Milling guide

    Took down one of the larger Oak trees today, plenty of damage from a Beefsteak fungi growing at the base, timber is still quite solid so the big question lol, any idea what its worth/what it'll be best suited for (without seeing or feeling it I appreciate) And hey... no rate my hinge otherwise I might rate your winge lol
  4. Just a note, I was always told to make sure the switch was in the off position if cranking the engine with the plug not connected, or earthed as this can damage the ignition unit.
  5. It's a clamshell engine - no separate cylinder (so no gasket between cylinder and crankcase). You can bump up the compression eg taller piston or change the crank centreline.
  6. So there is no jurisdiction then.
  7. Sorry but I won't tell you again. Once a tpo is served its served. A tpo trump's the con area work / protection because the tree officer obv thought it was worth keepi g the trees. Your frustrated yes but it is what it is.... Apply to fell and appeal if you want
  8. Where does it say that the tree officer can trump government legislation? eg. 2 years to complete the work.
  9. This is to allow you sensible.time.to do.the works.... The tpo trump's the con area works. Tree officer was obv running behind or dropped the ball then realised and slapped a tpo on. You get 2 years to do tpo works aswell...
  10. So what is the point in the governments 2 year window?
  11. I’d put Bolam down for that particular quip but appreciated nevertheless.
  12. So what is the point of the government 2 year window to complete 5he work?
  13. What about using a prussic around your line to capture the lift movement, anchored to a separate whoopie sling? That way you're not relying on the winch to hold the load up anyway.
  14. Got a large makita circular myself and to be honest it’s not a tool I enjoy using. I’m not a small guy but when it kicks or the blades nips you definitely want to be holding onto it. I’ve seen some of the Americans guys on you tube using huge versions whilst timber framing, rather them than me.
  15. Soft, strong and very absorbent.
  16. You were too slow I'm afraid.... You should have felled them before they served a tpo. Your tree surgeon should have known if they were worthy of tpo through working in that area and knowing what the tree officer is like.... If they said con area notification 6 week period ends 21st September.... You should have flopped them on the 22nd or asap aft that date as long as tpo not served through the letter box. Sorry but you dropped the ball here. Once that tpo is served your buggered. Get a consultant in to see if it is worth appealing.
  17. As far as i am aware, if the TPO has been formally 'served', and the trees are still present, they are now protected regardless of the CA 6 week expiry. Removal risks prosecution, both whoever commissions the works and whoever undertakes it. Suggest making an application and going to 'appeal' if/when refused. Regards Paul
  18. Hi we have just changed our crane controls to joy sticks ,so we have a set of leaver controls for sale all good and in working order
  19. Not sure how many lesbians follow this sub-forum.
  20. Today
  21. We have a massive old makita circular saw it cuts 5inch deep and they used to make a plate that would let it run on the track but at the time I found it I didnt buy it now it aint available so I just run it along an 8 ft level
  22. I applied to fell 2 Holm Oaks in a Conservation Area. The council didn’t reply within the required 6 weeks - therefore according to Government legislation I have 2 years to complete the work. Another 6 weeks later, the council suddenly placed a TPO on both the trees. I decided the council were wrong and organised a tree surgeon to fell the trees. The tree surgeon has arranged for electric disconnection on the first day for safety. The LPA tree officer has now contacted my tree surgeon and bullied/threatened him if he completes the work. Anyone come across this before?
  23. Bunny soft wipe every time? [emoji848]
  24. Instead of worrying about running out of bog roll I just bought a load of rabbits. They keep the grass down and are self cleaning.
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