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  2. Coppers ?? What and where are those nowadays apart from on pride marches in Scotland.
  3. The traffic wardens were all black in Brixton the coppers all white. I remember watching a furniture truck get set alight once. Looked like something you might see in Africa,shirtless youths smashing the windows and then one of them lit it.
  4. Ok, was thinking of something between the 18" on my 562 and 28" on my 394.
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  6. From what I gather Mike a traffic warden put on a ticket and what you see is the result. Not sure of the accuracy of the info but apparently he was told sharia law is what they live by.
  7. With regards to surveying an 'urban forest ' ( if that term still in fashion) with a network of paths- impractical and not necessary to plot all the trees, would it be good practice to plot all the bigger trees ( eg.45cm plus diameter) and record data, OR just trees where significant features are found that could potentially be an issue? The woodland is not dense, and about 10 acres. Thanks
  8. Looking for wood chips for paths and general allotment uses (composting, mulching). My plot is number 47, the first plot by the car park, so very easy to drop. Currently not much on the plot going on so can be dropped on the plot rather than car park. i have some fellow plot holders that have requested for wood chips too ( at least one more on this forum) so I’m happy to have my plot used for drop of bigger size if that helps, we can then arrange to share between each others. Happy to have regular drops with prior arrangement, as someone needs to allow access via gates.
  9. I might have cuttings available in winter - year old ones though, not the long ones that you generally see 'planted'. It seems to be the favoured method, although I think smaller would potentially be better although possibly more labour intensive.. I know why they put long ones in- supposed to be straighter, etc. However I've seen some slightly crooked ones lately..Take more effort to plant as well..
  10. Stuff like that was happening in Brixton when I lived there. Just the Internet has made it widely known,when I lived there there were two riots and most muggings were racially motivated.
  11. I'm surprised they're not in the JCB official shop, with LEDs and reverse beep ?.
  12. Personally for a 70ish cc saw and UK harwood/oak, id go for a 20 inch bar as the ‘everyday’ bar.
  13. Enjoy your time in Gods country pete 😉
  14. Lgtc


    Contract climber based in Maidstone, iv been in the industry for over 10 years and have over 5 years experience as a lead climber/team leader. Happy with all aspects of tree work, removals/reductions/rigging/mewp work/hedge cutting.
  15. There are things I know that I don't know, and things I don't know that I know, but one thing I know that I do know is... I really don't!
  16. The future of many parts of the UK. ec98f876-407a-4b93-973a-36fdb85d22be.mov
  17. They've even got an exhaust to let the fumes out, no more smelly feet 👍
  18. Just the ticket for trips to the beach with the added advantage of the scoop to deal with Canadian (or any other countries) beach poop! Come on Doug, you know you want a pair 😉
  19. After building a 272xp im after a bar and chain combo for cutting hardwood firewood. Want to treat myself to a lighter bar(or not as occasional use) what are your thoughts Husky, oregon, Sugi,Tsumura, Gb Titanium? Do i stay with .58" or change to.50" thanks
  20. Check wire on fuel shut off. Could be ignition barrel is worn a bit and works it's way off.
  21. *APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENSION* Now closing at 9am (BST) on Monday 5 August 2024 Vacancies | Working Here | What We Do | Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (rbge.org.uk)
  22. So anyway, back on topic... has anyone noticed how old Donald is? He's so, soo old... and obviously in a state of mental decline. Surely he should be dropping out of the race?
  23. Nor me as I don't have one but as you say wet and dry round the circumference of the bore not up and down. The idea being the scratch marks retain a bit of the oil.
  24. It was written along those lines!
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