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  2. Treeation

    Pollarded oak tree

    Hopefully you might expect to see 0.5-1m new growth by end of summer if the tree has some energy left and wasn't in too bad a state when it was cut.
  3. Khriss

    Stihl 08s,rubbish?

    ..... better than a bowsaw n axe ! Good reminder of how saws used to be. But remmbr the tree fallers would have used the saw for cross cutting n fell but delimbed with an axe cos a snedding axe would have been faster. K
  4. The avantgardener

    basic Cross cutting training

    The NPTC/City and Guilds and LANTRA courses are both two days. One day, Health & Safety, SSRA, stripping down and maintaining the saw etc, day two cross cutting. They will both be recognised by Insurance in the event of an accident, Micky Mouse Training Provider LTD’s certificate won’t. If you have a workshop and cutting material you could get a LANTRA Instructor to come to you or download the NPTC assessment schedule and arrange an NPTC Assessor to come when you know the schedule requirements.
  5. Today
  6. AHPP

    Non paying customer

    Can you talk us through what a statutory demand is and when they should be used (before/after litigation) please. I think I’ve worked it out but you explain things pretty well.
  7. Woodlandmilluk

    basic Cross cutting training

    Hi there we are based in south wales pontypool and we are looking for training for 2 men on basic chainsaw cross cutting. We run a sawmill and cut logs to size that are clamped up on our loader and maybe do about 10 cuts a day . was wondering if there is a basic course for cutting the logs both men have full chainsaw ppe and have been using chainsaws i was just wondering if there was a basic course or training out there for them thanks for the help
  8. teepeeat

    Sun rise photos

  9. Silverhooker

    Stihl 08s,rubbish?

    Borrowed one for a day from a builder mate years ago, it weighed a ton and by the end of the day my hands were nearly numb with the vibes. But it did cut all day and never missed a beat. However it is hard to recommend a machine with no chainbrake in the 21st century ! I'd save the £40 and go to the pub instead.
  10. Paul in the woods

    Any ideas?

    Bird Cherry, Prunus padus?
  11. OakStag

    Any ideas?

    Any ideas what this might be? Was thinking some kind of sorbus?. Found it in a ornamental back garden.
  12. ucoulddoit

    Traditional timber frame

    It does look a bit precarious, but felt quite safe and it's more or less the traditional method of raising much larger frames. I'd wear my steel toe capped boots next time though....... Hoping to have it wind and watertight by the autumn. Could have been done quicker, but I've still to make the oak framed window frames, etc. and it's just the reality that it takes ages when doing every bit of every different trade on a spare time self build project. Started almost 2 years ago by hand digging (no access for a machine) the trenches for a sewer diversion which was over 4 feet down......... Andrew
  13. Timbermcpherson

    Vanguard 37hp efi

    Most diesels weigh quite a bit more than the petrol. The 35hp petrol is 59kgs and the diesel is 170kgs in the Kohlers. Thats and extra 100kgs + of tow weight that your trucks hauling about, day in, day out, adding to your truck fuel bill, brake wear, and trailers wear and tear. Its probably not a huge amount, but I doubt its often considered.
  14. Gary Prentice

    Old Time Log Drive

    Here's some and it's an interesting read. As late as the 1970's there's some levels of death on some projects that would be headlines today. https://www.forconstructionpros.com/blogs/construction-toolbox/blog/12096401/looking-back-on-the-worlds-deadliest-construction-projects
  15. Stubby

    D.I.Y cat tree help required

    This . After all its just a stick .
  16. Yorkshirelad

    Isuzu v Mitsubishi

    I have test drove both . The mitsi , is a lot more expensive. They said with the duo , you get a suspension chair and auto gear box . Although isuzu do this also . Was worried about the 1.9 isuzu having the pull but even though the mitsi is 3L , didn't notice any difference. Think we will save £5000 and go with the isuzu , both very basic inside . Isuzu probably just shades it.
  17. Gary Prentice

    Large tree very close to house

    The insurance industry would beg to differ. £64 million in claims last year! https://www.edwincoe.com/blogs/main/happy-surge-year-rise-subsidence-claims-201819/
  18. bmp01

    Stihl ms 211/ c throttle linkage removal

    Replacement piston? Saw history. My punt - it's the roughness of the cast surface compared with smoothness of machined surfaces. Mr Rainford, is the squish band in the cylinder pitted ? (Squish band is the 2-3 mm wide ring around the periphery of the combustion camber).
  19. Con

    Non paying customer

    I wouldn't consider the acid option in this climate, baring in mind what some people do with it. If caught with it police and authorities would take a dim view.
  20. nepia

    Aspen delivery

    Are you too far from another dealer? I see there are outlets in Keswick, Carlisle and Ambleside.
  21. Conor Wright

    Sun rise photos

    This mornings sunrise
  22. nepia

    D.I.Y cat tree help required

    Make sure there are no sharp cuts etc; kittens learn to be agile beasts, they're not born that way. And yes, they will use your furniture, clothing, carpets too. You can try spraying the tree with Feliway; it does attract them but doesn't deter them from everything else. But the tree... round off the cuts, leave it as it is. When you can no longer bear the sight of slivers hanging off it and a pile of sawdust round the base get a new one.
  23. Billhook

    Splitting kindling

    "Med Stikkan kloveren behover du like hugge fingrene af med oksen , nar du skal klove dit trae til optaending.” I just put the bit of Danish on the label into Google translate and it came up with "With the Stikkan clover, you also need to cut your fingers off with the bull when you have to cleave your wood for picking up." I gave the instructions to my Danish wife to translate and her version was " With the Stikkan knife you can slice the wood without cutting your fingers off with an axe" So much for google translate!!!!
  24. CDMR

    Saw milling directory

    We are Colwill and Co (www.colwillandco.co.uk) Based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and serving Bucks, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and London. Chainsaw milling (up to 66"). Timber stocks (air and kiln dried) and custom furniture service also available. We are also a Social Enterprise, 50% of profits go to tree planting and reforestation. Contact via the website please.
  25. Khriss

    Pollarded oak tree

    ...is as long as a peice of string. Size of cuts , soil quality, rainfall and original health of tree. K
  26. Gazelle1

    Pollarded oak tree

    We had to have an oak tree heavily pollarded last August following a large bough falling down. The tree surgeons left several twiggy branches with leaf buds which are now coming out in leaf. However, no new shoots have grown out of the branch stumps since the tree was pollarded. How long does it typically take an oak tree to grow new shoots? Will they come through during the summer perhaps? Thanks
  27. Squaredy

    D.I.Y cat tree help required

    It doesn’t matter what you finish it with, the cats will totally ignore it and scratch your sofa and stair carpet anyway.
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