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  1. Iveco with 027 hiab and grab weight??

    1m3 of dry soil weighs 1.2 tons and if you get a ton of hardcore in builders bag it is only about 3/4 m3
  2. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    a alloy tower or a 1 mt shaft extension with something like a set of henchman steps

    I have seen that and thought we have been pronouncing stihl differently for years , a bit like the Dacia adds
  4. Tree Surgery Business Sale

    it is difficult selling a business when most of the income is from good will and no contracts and this is from experience in retiring my accountant says it is worth x£ then you try and find buyers then they turn round and say I can advertise in your area and pick your customers up for nothing
  5. the 'todays job' thread

    how about the hsw life jacket rescue boat etc.
  6. We're back!!!

    its taken me about a hour to get to this thread hope Steve comes up with the easy way I even had to dig out my password as it did not save my log on details

    <p>morning Johny I have passed your phone number on to a chap called James about the tractor he will ring you later this morning</p>




    <p>Hi Johny I will have a chat to him tomorrow and pass your number on if he is interested</p>



  9. <p>Got some trees to pull over.</p>

  10. large tractor leeds area

    what do you want to do with it ? I know a contractor Farm and fencing etc. will pas your number on if I have some idea of what you want
  11. Advice open barn

    that's why they have internal wooden shutters
  12. Best nail varnish for a tree surgeon

    I cannot believe its not nails will last all day
  13. Horse-Flies...Been bitten yet ?

    start eating garlic regular it gets into your sweat glands and they do not like it
  14. you might have problems with immigration when they ask you about all your kit
  15. it is now illegal to carry water in a old style milk churn


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