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  1. daveatdave

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    its only 11.75 inch 3 because you pay for the timber that is lost in the saw cut but its not what you ordered
  2. daveatdave

    the 'todays job' thread

    how did you control boat traffic
  3. daveatdave

    Am I too late to attack this pear tree?

    I bet they were espaliered originally along the wall it needs a lot of work to get it back the next tree looks like it has fallen over due to too much top growth many years ago look like total neglect for about 5 years then not much tlc before that
  4. Elvis died due to codeine addiction he was sat on the loo straining and brought on the hart attack
  5. daveatdave

    Japanese Knotweed

    you will not dig it out as it can go down 10ft try Gallup pro but it could take 3 years to kill it off
  6. daveatdave

    What's this weed?

    when we were kids we made pea shooters out of it
  7. daveatdave

    Emissions, Global warming or a scam

    when global warming is mentioned nothing is said about the rockets and bombs that are used in the wars/conflicts the last figures that I have seen said the uk produce 1% of the global greenhouse gas so if we got to 0% it would not make any difference dos any one have figures of how much co2 is produced to manufacture wind turbines/solar panels from scratch to producing electric into the grid (witch will need replacing after about 20 years) also read a article today about the rise of the electric car saying because of the loss of the fuel duty etc road tolls will be introduced and will cost the average driver £700 per year
  8. daveatdave

    the 'todays job' thread

    was this for the town council, canal and river trust or the E/A.it was on the local radio last week stated the T/C got contractors in to clear the flotsam from the arches near the bank and were complaining that they did not get the flood warning till late morning where the river peeked about 4am. the water level came up to about 2ft below the top of the arches
  9. daveatdave

    the 'todays job' thread

    did you clean the roof and gutter off on the way down ?
  10. daveatdave

    Hetas, Woodsure, Ready to Burn and Grown in Britain

    I do not think the private consumer will give a toss as to what logos you have on your logs as long as they burn and are a keen price
  11. daveatdave

    Hedge cutting on a larger scale.

    is that pile of rubbish what you picked up off the verge or did you just empty the cab
  12. daveatdave

    Throttle cable freezing on the Timberwolf 230

    yes 3 in 1 will be ok and you can carry it in the van to use as and when
  13. daveatdave

    Whats the weather like near you?

    freezing fog -4 all day it made a wintery landscape on the trees and hedges but no snow this side of the Pennines
  14. daveatdave

    Throttle cable freezing on the Timberwolf 230

    do not use wd40 as it will rot the sheathing over time just use thin oil and do it regular
  15. daveatdave

    Weight in motion

    at the moment it can only do British registered motors


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