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  1. SsangYong dealers seem to come and go quite often a lad I know is getting rid (car) because the spares are too costly I used to have a musso about 15 years ago they have a good owners club on line
  2. just like the bridge at Tadcaster it had 10ft budlears and other foliage growing out of the buttresses which I believe the CaRT were responsible for
  3. yes before it overflowed but obviously with hindsight not soon enough but in any case it should not have washed part of the slipway out might be lack of maintenance
  4. they have been draining it but its filling up faster than the drain can empty it due to the amount of rain they have had and still raining or it was about 1800 hrs
  5. that is why there is so many polish folk employed in this country they are there waiting for you to open the gate in the morning there work ethic is like it used to be hear 40 years ago
  6. are you licensed to handle bats ? I hope it did not bite you as they can carry rabies, till you see one close up you do not realize how small they are
  7. rich is this the midnight sun
  8. I know of a similar size coni hedge 8 years ago cost £400 but that was taking the cuttings away
  9. just guessing vine weavel a photo is a must
  10. look like the lower branch has been cut back on your side of the boundary did you give them permission to clime the tree also it depends on your relationship with your neighbour in the end its done and not too bad a job by the looks
  11. watched the first episode to see if the BBC had replaced him after the petition he just talks a load of bull and dose not seem to be enthusiastic and its more of the presenters than wild life also it seems a bit late starting as the birds round hear are on the second brood now and the cookoos have gone home, I wonder if he will say anything about the badger cull that's coming up
  12. it might be this one https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2280764/Farmer-told-MUST-pull-castle-built-secretly-haystacks-loses-year-planning-row.html
  13. even school kids have to walk up to 2 miles to school unless they buy a buss pass


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