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  1. daveatdave

    the 'todays job' thread

    did you clean the roof and gutter off on the way down ?
  2. daveatdave

    Hetas, Woodsure, Ready to Burn and Grown in Britain

    I do not think the private consumer will give a toss as to what logos you have on your logs as long as they burn and are a keen price
  3. daveatdave

    Hedge cutting on a larger scale.

    is that pile of rubbish what you picked up off the verge or did you just empty the cab
  4. daveatdave

    Throttle cable freezing on the Timberwolf 230

    yes 3 in 1 will be ok and you can carry it in the van to use as and when
  5. daveatdave

    Whats the weather like near you?

    freezing fog -4 all day it made a wintery landscape on the trees and hedges but no snow this side of the Pennines
  6. daveatdave

    Throttle cable freezing on the Timberwolf 230

    do not use wd40 as it will rot the sheathing over time just use thin oil and do it regular
  7. daveatdave

    Weight in motion

    at the moment it can only do British registered motors
  8. daveatdave

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    what about the wood burning power stations I better start burning my crap now or save it for bonfire night
  9. daveatdave

    january flowers

    winter Jasmin been out a few weeks now the snow drops are starting to flower I have one aconite in flower the dafies are poking through but will be interesting as to how they flower after last year I still have a hollyhock in flower with more buds waiting to open and the lavatera is still in flower
  10. daveatdave

    All terrian tyres for Ford ranger

    Hankook dynopro ATM are a pretty good allrounder
  11. daveatdave

    Whats the weather like near you?

    try the Brussel sprout flavour crisps better for your health than the chippy
  12. daveatdave

    cheep hookaroon/axe

    maybe cutting some of the other side off will balance it up a bit
  13. daveatdave

    Do step ladders need certifying

    https://ladderassociation.org.uk/en131/ this is the link
  14. daveatdave

    Do step ladders need certifying

    one of the things is they will have to have a SWL of 150 kg I posted something on it months back
  15. daveatdave

    Tipper or 4x4 with tipper trailer?

    I hate to think what this thread will be like in a few years time when there is only battery power available, maybe how far will it pull a chipper/trailer or where can I get some derv for my old truck


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