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  1. it will attract butterflies and they make rope out of hemp
  2. strident cleans them overnight and a good rinse out the next day
  3. good referb just need a galvanized tray in the bottom to catch the water
  4. had a couple of boiling's duke of York (first early) full of scab will not be growing them again
  5. no mine last Saturday in the middle of Weatherby
  6. i bet that stinks round there when its hot
  7. did you clamp the boards up before fixing
  8. too many pen pushers in the NHS that do not contribute to patient care and are on better wages than the nurses
  9. daveatdave


    passed this yesterday i think the barbeque must have got out of hand there was a timber deck and a fence all gone
  10. looks clean compared to mine it will be the ram seal that's leaking you can get the bits for repairs but i found it hard getting it back together (no experience) i later found you could buy the whole thing and just slot it in but its a few years ago now
  11. Displays | Battle of Britain Memorial Flight | Royal Air Force (mod.uk) years ago when the Vulcans were still in serves i was working on a RAF base they came and moved us away from the runway because a Vulcan was coming to test the runway a few circuits and bumps when it came in then powered up again all the ground vibrated and the sound waves hitting your chest unbelievable
  12. you asked the question dell boy and i answered it you tell me where the 2.07 came from ?
  13. don't know you posted the £2.07 price
  14. because at schools its one meal per day prison is 3 maybe 4 if there is supper but even at 2 quid a day that is a lot cheaper than buying a takeaway


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