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  1. try Wayne Enterprises? think theyre some place called Gotham?
  2. manco

    Moronic Signs

    i f*cking hate cyclists!
  3. worth considering the ivy is likely to increase the cost of any future work on the tree if left unchecked
  4. this being one of the reasons i just dont grind stumps. we cut close to ground level. clients are advised stump grinding is significantly extra and hinted against bothering. but when i have done it we grind the main body of the stump to below soil level, if possible grind the whole of main stump body. i dont chase roots unless theyre on the surface.
  5. manco

    Job rates

    i price for the job. if it takes longer, sucks to be me. some you win some you lose. as long as the money is coming in its good, im not out to get rich quick occasionally i get a job done quicker and easier and its a good win.
  6. always worry. even if its fine. smirk when you exit a lift, just to worry people.
  7. manco

    What gear???

    Top. always. but not the new one. its just not the same.
  8. manco


    what you need is an old model mini, and a small chap to fit the winch to the car, somewhere nice and solid like the front wing. a setup like that could be quite popular.
  9. am i the only one thinking the older and more burn-ready stuff is on the bottom and youre gonna be starting off with newer wood? im thinking a side to side approach is best, unless you do some kinda top in bottom out system.
  10. cambium saver and a rope with one spliced eye?
  11. i think its trying to decide how much i believe the claims of being sick im looking for a third, it will make a difference and from 3 down to 2 for a day is a lot better than just on my own. its the usual story, when do you start getting fed up of the sick days and excuses. dont wanna knock someone with genuine health problems but i need reliability.
  12. so how far do you let it go when a casual labourer keeps calling in sick and letting you down for jobs? major pain in the arse cos theres only me and him. hes a likeable enough lad but this is getting too many times now. usually says hes been throwing up. this time its feeling dizzy which im suspecting is a result of the pub yesterday and just didnt want to work today but where do you find the replacement if you kick him up the road?


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