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  1. manco


    im sure we can all think of some women they can send, as long as they promise to leave them up there?
  2. sprinkle pepper all over your flower beds is supposed to stop cats doing one in the borders
  3. you shouldnt be ******* cats anyway, theyll dig their claws right in you. try a pig next time
  4. at least cats have the decency to do it in the borders and usually make some effort to bury it. not just squeeze one out in the middle of the lawn. im not a dog owner, i hate it, i dont get why someone would gladly let the dog shit all over their garden? at least fence off a little bit of the garden for the dog to use? who is the animal in this, the dog or the owner?
  5. bright orange tree marker spray and mark them all out on the customers lawn
  6. manco


    one for Viz in Up the arse corner
  7. manco


    prostitute with white eyes
  8. manco


    I went dogging with the wife last night. Never again… By the time she'd finished parking the car everyone had ****************ed off!
  9. i second Craig Johnson, sounds like a good plan but its gonna suck ass in reality. even assuming they drag and stack you a neat pile, and youre there for the day chipping as they bring it, your chipper is gonna suffer from the non stop chipping day after day. better option is to find some local contract climbers and consider a partnership.
  10. ladder partway up the tree then progressing branch to branch moving top line up as you go. sling and carabiner good if youve got a solid upright but no good thick forks for a cambium saver. sling hitched around the upright and the fork is more stopping it sliding down not really taking any weight in 20 odd years ive used a throwline about twice.
  11. well that sounds like a right pain in the arse
  12. no act, no lies, you just dont matter. its that simple. nothing missing from my life, but im not gonna sit around and let smug bullies like you walk all over people who you think have a different opinion that doesnt fit with your own views. im responding to your replies, youre the one keeping coming back at me trying to intimidate me. it doesnt work, youre insignificant. youre nothing. so shut up and go fishing if you want to waste your day.


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