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    round by my way i think the women are generally getting rougher even when theyre not sleeping
  2. 7 words. just saying.
  3. i wasnt aware australia even had a "busy season", but i assume that means they all get off their arses and stop sitting on the beach and make some effort to do a days work?
  4. very possible its the way youre holding it. easy to put unbalanced pressure on it consider sharpening more often so its more of a touch up and less risk of this happening the way to cut with that chain now is just apply zero pressure when cutting, even hold it back a bit. it will race through anything soft
  5. "rodents in the orchard" arent we meant to call them travellers now?
  6. sounds fine to me. over-confidence can be a severe hazard, even fatal. youve learnt the basic skills. now you need to stick to them and gain experience. measure twice, cut once. go over your aerial rescue procedures a few times though, your mind will go to shit anyway when its the real thing, and seconds count.
  7. consider a good clean with some kinda resin solvent and a little wire brush? ive done mine a few times and its surprising the difference a good clean makes. but that depends on how badly blunted it is.
  8. looks fine that, nicely topped out. whats your problem?
  9. usual way, same as for car. check around, phone up, ask for it cheaper, tweak details. price rise is as inevitable as toast dropping jam side down
  10. surely after the first one you will remember to put petrol in it the next month?
  11. yeah, give it a smell then come and tell us what it smells like to identify it.
  12. i concur we award you the plonker prize


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If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
Just like a living tree, it'll always be a work in progress.
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