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  1. manco


    try wondergrip u-feel. similar and not too bad arbortecs version isnt bad but seems to vary in fit from pair to pair in the same size.
  2. manco


    towa activegrip advance are the knees of the bee
  3. "c" is also constant i believe
  4. hotter than a snakes ass in a wagon rut
  5. any favoured phrases for getting a lad moving faster without being too offensive or harsh?
  6. am i the only one on here thats thinking about boobs then? or just the only honest one thats gonna admit it?
  7. its perfectly clear that its a spy plane
  8. anyone ever made a claim on insurance? anyone else getting right pissed off with it constantly going up and up and up? wheres the no claims bonus? and if you make a claim whats the bet they find some tiny thing wrong with what you did so they dont have to pay? anyone else getting sick of paying it? seems to me its just pissing out money for nothing
  9. didnt they have a hit in the 80s?
  10. the green agenda? f*ck it!
  11. seconded. go to your local supermarket and look for a can of worms to open my understanding of it all is (and i may be in error on some points) if hes working under your control/direction you need ELI regardless of employment/selfemployment status even if registered selfemployed if he only works for you and nobody else hes still classed as employed, again if you choose when he works and what hours - employed payment of courses, probably counts as wages/payment in kind pensions, sick pay, holiday pay, H&S, and so on, blah blah blah suggestions: a- risk it and pay him under the counter off the books and take the hit on his wages within your own tax paymenta b- throw it all at an accountant to sort and suck it up when you see now much its costing, plus effort as suggested in workplace safety etc
  12. im assuming youve altered the direction of the cut a few times at odd angles to ensure it really is coming from the saw blade? movement of the blade back and forth would surely give a zigzag not straight lines lines are parallel and not meeting, doesnt match with saw movement, and not with growth rings so doesnt suggest external contaminant. my conclusion is some joker with spraypaint seeing how long they can mock us all
  13. i have a word, but its not polite and id probably get kicked off again if i say it, but it begins with c and its got 5 letters, so im sure you can guess
  14. how do you get out of taking on work you dont like the look of/ dont want to do? just price high? and then what happens when you get it anyway?


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