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  1. update, she is now posting openly on facebook calling me arrogant, a gobshite and a cowboy, saying I "decimated" her mailbox. currently in the middle of an email to the arb association for their input. potentially now will be seeking legal action.
  2. am I right in thinking the substantial log we left behind is legally the property of the householder? and that if he chooses to roll it into the middle of the road from where I left it against his front fence that its not my responsibility? any opinions or comments regarding any other brash or debris left behind from work carried out on the job?
  3. ah genius. worth a try.
  4. update to the situation. the damage mailbox now valued at £12 by the husband, (just as abusive and aggressive as the wife) ive now seen the video footage of us 'causing' the damage. as predicted, its from a cctv camera on the front of the house, so maybe 40 feet away, as predicted only showing a tree falling left to right, and almost entirely obscured by the privet hedge and gatepost. I pointed out the felling direction from the gob and back cut on the stump, pointed out the tree we used as a redirect for the rope, pointed out the corrosion, and the lack of damage to the top of the mailbox, and my 23 years experience felling trees. still the same aggression that we clearly caused the damage because "look you can see the bush move".
  5. and balls the size of spacehoppers
  6. sadly no photos before felling. and no dash cam. tree was felled yesterday. my current plan is to do no more work on the job, take payment for work already done and goodbye. that tree was part of a larger number of roadside trees within a private-ish estate, contracted by residents association, (the cranks husband is "on the committee"). if by any chance I decide to continue with the work, no work will be done outside that property. stump will not be cut and ground out, replacement tree will not be planted. I'm not short of work, and I don't need that kinda hassle and abuse.
  7. all points noted above concur with my own private opinions previous to posting this. damage appears to come from opposite direction. evidence of corrosion. damage horizontal. no damage to top section of mailbox. mailbox is on external property wall, adjacent to road. claims to have us on camera causing the damage. unlikely. I suspect any footage produced will be from the house and only show a tree falling left to right behind the wall.
  8. anyone got any scenarios that make it physically possible I caused any damage to this woman mailbox given the positions of the trees and the 3 tons of truck pulling the tree almost 45 degrees away from the property? because of her abusive attitude she has already shouted herself out of any possible apology even if she produces genuine video footage of me causing any damage to a £20 mailbox. in the first place, I cant apologise for damage I didn't know we caused, IF we even did cause it, which I judge physically impossible as shown, secondly, if all you do is give me abuse and an aggressive attitude and post slanderous comments on social media, your chance of any apology just vanished. if you claim to have video evidence of me causing the damage, why refuse to show me it when I come prepared to apologise for damage you claim we caused? as shown, pulling rope from the felled tree, via a strap at the base if the guide tree, to the back of 3 tons of truck pulling the rope. damage to the mailbox appears to me to have come from the side, not from above. top part of mailbox is undamaged, supporting my opinion that damage was not caused top down. my guess is the video evidence will be from inside the property and only show the tree falling across the view. without seeing video footage of the damage happening, I cant conceive of how the damage was caused by this tree being felled. doesn't seem physically possible to me. anyone?


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