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  1. Stephen Blair

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    If you are good just chuck it and start yourself, I don’t see why any climber would stick working for anyone else after they have learnt the ropes.
  2. Stephen Blair


    It’s been a great year for conkers.
  3. Stephen Blair

    Hawthorn prick

    Anti histamine helps.
  4. Stephen Blair

    Self employed fears

    You need to show a future employer you can do the job, concentrate on cutting and climbing, getting strong, training, researching and thinking trees 24/7. You can’t be shown how to be self employed and how to be an accountant in a few posts on here. You are starting a new journey, you can’t expect to see the final destination, that will hopefully take you 30-40 years. What you lack is confidence, that is gained through achievement. You are right to be nervous but don’t let it cripple you, deep breaths and charge on is what I’ve always told myself. Good luck
  5. Stephen Blair

    Spike gaff protectors

    Just out the gaffs facing each other in the middle of your bag with your rope around it, or what some use is the ends off of silicone guns, those wee plastic cones.
  6. Stephen Blair

    What to do when you want to sell kit onHP/finance

    It’s not yours to sell. Anyone who has any common sense will ask if there’s an HP, if you say no then you are lying and at fault. If they don’t ask and there is and you say nothing, you are lying and at fault and would be taking advantage of someone. Call up your finance and ask for a settlement figure, if there is interest in the finance they usually add this on in a oner then your payments are knocked off that total. So you could still have 3k plus interest to pay on a machine worth less than you paid for it. If it’s a 0% finance deal like most offer then it’s a better situation. Ask for the settlement, have a look around and see what it’s worth. Hopefully it’s about the same. If someone wants it, you show them the settlement figure that’s valid up to a certain date. If you want more for it and can get more, they pay that amount to the finance and they will send you the change. Or if they trust you and it’s a mate, get them to pay you and you pay it. If less then you pay the pitfall to make it up. Just remember, the guy who sold you it is a salesman, he isn’t in the business of buying a machine back to help you. So you might get passed straight to finance.
  7. Stephen Blair

    Do you even lift bro?

    Superman right there! Get him dragging brash and lifting logs![emoji3]
  8. Stephen Blair

    What to use on a knackered willow

    Get as good stump grinder guy in and turn it into soil and dust.
  9. Still a 261! My first saw was an 026, it’s been my main saw for over 20 years. Only ever had 2 bad ones I bought at the same time, just Friday afternoon saws. They both still work but nothing like they should. I’d recommend keeping away from top handles when first climbing, learn to get into position and do cuts right rather than learn to cut and hold or catch and swiping around like zoro!
  10. Stephen Blair

    Whats the most efficient system to cut and split rings?

    Effortless, you can put 1 on your forwarder.
  11. Stephen Blair


    Hi Nick, what courses would be needed to accurately use and interpret both the above. Thanks
  12. Stephen Blair

    Guests v Members

    What is it you do Trotter?
  13. Stephen Blair

    Strange bubbles on oak tree

    I’ve only ever seen it on beech trees.
  14. Stephen Blair

    Picus Testing Service - Nationwide

    Interesting stuff Steve.


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