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  1. CIS deductions

    You only pay tax on wages, break the invoice down to costs and wages. Pay the 20% of 20% of your total invoice.
  2. Do I become more employable by having my own climbing gear?

    It was a great job, warm and dry when it was blowing a Gail and pouring up top the whole winter! Most of the time it was big spiral stair cases so you just kicked your way down clearing the way for the loader driver to get to his machine they had lowere in when there was only a few hundred ton kicking about the corners. Climbing the ribs were good, they were slippy as hell. Certainly got me strong but at 20 it's easy to do, it would be a different story now ha ha! I didn't know what a cafe was back then
  3. Do I become more employable by having my own climbing gear?

    I'm going to my safe room now Matty, hurt feelings and all that!
  4. Do I become more employable by having my own climbing gear?

    Climbing 100ft metal dusty ladders in the coal boats with no harness and using a shovel in 1 hand and holding on with the other in the dark certainly helped my strength! I was like a racing snake I'm just naturally an angry stubborn rageing maniac that's got a cute aim to please smiley shell. Can't let the tree win, it's was Matty, war I tell you
  5. Throwline tangle problems

    You are jumping right into a world of hell playing with a big shot, you need to serve your time and get into the woods and practice by hand. I've never used a big shot and don't plan too. Anything that high I wouldn't trust from the ground. Throw lining is great practice for spikes for rageing retrieval!
  6. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Ha ha I bet I know that 360 and driver
  7. Do I become more employable by having my own climbing gear?

    I never groudied, straight in as climber, I'd been playing in trees since a kid so adding a rope and harness made it easier going down but slowed me down going up so I usually just free climbed to the anchor point and a chainsaw instead of a bow saw was a dream! I'd bought a harness and spikes and just climbed everything , never had a rope. Just unclipped at limbs and monkeyd around. The worst climber in the world can be a very good groundie the 2 roles are not linked unless you want to be a drone employee. Not everyone needs hardship and punishment to succeed! When I was a labourer I had my own fabricated spade! I kept breaking the bought ones. I was rarely liked by my colleagues also, never cared about that I always knew what I wanted. If you want to be a climber, own your own kit for practising in, if you get a job they should supply it and you can choose what you want to wear. Personally if you have just done tickets with no experience I'd just tell you to climb up a tree and cut something off and offer you what you were worth and up your pay as you improved. I wouldn't be leaving you to lift 10 ton of rings out a garden to put hairs on your chest, I'd rather you kept your back good and take you round the next jobs for a heads up leave the donkey work to the donkeys. This job isn't as technical and wow as a lot make it out to be. Cut a tree down, carry it out and process then onto the next.
  8. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    This is ok for normal grab and rotator, I think Johns is fixed so won't work on hammer lines.
  9. What crane to sit on back of Unimog u1250

    I think there were 3 between you and I Huck.
  10. Scottish Arb suppliers

    Most are all gone, hopefully Lidl catch on though
  11. Contract hire, pcp, finance, which is best

    If you can afford to buy out right do it. If you need a new vehicle and want to keep your money in the bank lease it. If you want to keep your money in the bank and reduce your profit , finance it.
  12. One reason I use Aspen

    If we are going down the echo route might as well use handsaws and ride a horse to work. If you like your lungs, buy Aspen.
  13. the 'todays job' thread

    Great view of it! I wouldn't go up in a wee tracked picker, big truck 1 yes. 1 of last weeks jobs [ATTACH]222423[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222424[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222425[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222426[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222427[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222428[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222429[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222430[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222431[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222432[/ATTACH][ATTACH]222433[/ATTACH]
  14. A bit of Jensen research

    Jensen, simple to fix with a shifter and a hammer!
  15. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Great price! Do you have the email of your man in Stirling?


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