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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 11 hours

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    2021 Avant 423 34 hours on the clock used on 3 jobs and yard duties. comes with used forks/log grab. new large bucket. Vat to be added onto final price at 20%


    - GB

  2. Upside down forks for extra height! Genius!!!!!!
  3. If you think you've seen an Eagle, it's usually a Buzard! You'll know when you see a White Tail!
  4. Mate did it with my old 8 toner, never put in a restrictor and the grabs like a helicopter! Diverter valve is what you need. Just so happens I have 1 sitting doing nothing, I used it on my Cat but my New Bobcat has twin Aux. I used mine in a 2.7t machine it comes with foot pedal that plugs into cigarette lighter. If you are interested drop me a messsge.
  5. So sad! Rip Simon Thoughts to all his friends and family.
  6. Cat 2.7d with twin aux( still a diverter valve ) no buckets £34,800 no extras and almost impossible to deal with. bobcat was 3 Emails in under an hour, job done. Machine arrived 3 months later.
  7. Yes mines the zero turn, I couldn’t believe the price difference , I got twin 2 way aux. It’s all on screen, I can change the flow to either aux, just select what attachment I’ve got on, the hydraulic pressure release is great and more importantly, I’ve got a sprung seat! Huge difference for my back. Will it be as tough as the Cat, doubt it but at 10k less for the spec I want and Cat wouldn’t do a sprung seat it’s a no brainier.
  8. £27k, this includes hydraulic quick hitch, thumb and ballast!
  9. Just apply to every tree company you can get yourself to and back on a daily basis and ask for a job and give your CV. Apply for 4x as many jobs 4x as fast as your opposition who is out there looking to do the same, work harder, faster, longer hours for less and acrue 10,000hrs of hard graft and then you'll be a lean mean tree cutting machine! You can be a crap Tree Surgeon or an amazing Tree Surgeon, it's your choice! Either way you'll make a living and get a sore back, so go for it and enjoy!
  10. Get some big plastic pipes, cut them in half and make a log chute. But you best be able to stop it at the bottom ! Get someone in with a good machine for the job and pay him rather than invest heavily in machinery you won't be able to operate safely and efficiently. A good operator on a 3 ton machine can move a lot of timber in a day. Straight up and straight down. Passing lengths. Logging and hillsides are 2 difficult tasks on their own, put them together and it's even harder to do especially without damaging things and people. Good luck !
  11. I took the wrong rd years ago trying to find that hedge with a car load of kids, I had to try and pretend a big conifer hedge outside someone house was the biggest in the world! 4 under 10 year olds were not impressed 😂
  12. If there's a Vos sticker on it then it's probably broken down.
  13. That's Alfreds Job when he's done with the Bat mobile!!


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