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  1. Accident Risk Thoughts

    Why is equipment in your triangle? I never read anymore !
  2. The Wee Chipper Club

    Yes mate, 8 years past! The start of the micro chipper revolution! You should be proud of what you created! Gloria is as good as the day I got her if not better! I will always have machinery, tractors , Mogs and chippers out of pure love for diesel smoke! BuT nothing will make my life easier then Gloria! I sold her last year and bought her back within 6 months, I felt guilty! She is still on her original belts! My spare set you gave me 6 years ago are still hanging up!
  3. Do you even lift bro?

    Like anything there are massive variables but my 2p is under 25, the harder you work the stronger you get! Forget the gym! 25-30, lifestyle changes, maybe kids are coming along, pop into the gym for squats and a few pull ups, but you are still young and good! 30-35, this is your time to go for it, you shouldn't need to be at work so long and doing 7 days, your body will be bust with RPI so isolate your training to chore and flexibility! Get the body you want for through your 40's. 40's, can't remember last time you went to the gym, biscuits are nice, mortgage has a fare dent in it and kids and wife exhaust most of your energy so just do your best! 50's well I'm not there yet!
  4. The Wee Chipper Club

    I think the wee chippers are bit like Husky v Stihl . It's usually between Greenmech and jo beau . They rarely break down so needing a local dealer doesn't matter, I've never needed to contact Greenmech about my cs100 in 8 years and I know good guys with JB, it's a personal preference and both great machines.
  5. Have you ever been sued?

    I bet the stress that must of caused you is best forgotten!
  6. First Forestry Tractor

    Would of thought they would of had that sorted before any viewings!
  7. Bigger contracts

    30 days, they have their excuses though and there is nothing you can really do except stamp your feet and get stressed. I'd don't work for bigger companies without a purchase order now.
  8. Loader mounted winch

    An igland winch or similar with a hydraulic pump on the front mounted on your forklift would work a treat. lPG Eddie had 1 for his 8 ton digger.
  9. Dismayed by lowballing/undercutting

    The title is all very dramatic, you never got the job. Move on. If you are going to be sensitive best you take your regular pay check it's much easier than running your own company.
  10. Theres a hurricane on its way

    Show some compassion!
  11. ArbDogs? Pics!

    That was a big Fox, the curly ones are a lot more hyper I believe! My smooth was like the penguin in Wallace and Gromit, fly and crafty with zero emotion!
  12. ArbDogs? Pics!

    I had a smooth coat Fox terrier for 11 years, she would sit emotionless for hours, then along would come a bird! Jeez she was fast! Chickens were its nemesis! Cracking wee dogs, I've never seen many tbh, she was a gift from an old boy in the village that bread them. Here's my crew now!
  13. measuring height

    Quicker than the old site here and my signal isn't great.
  14. Close to meeting the big man in the sky....

    Best thing that could of happened to the lad! I've been that young idiot! A good swearing when you are in the wrong will last you a lifetime! Glad you are ok!
  15. Show your tractors

    Slack that's a picture of the last owner, I've only used it to play about in my mates yard and shift some horrible old off cuts!


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