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  1. Stephen Blair

    What Exactly Is A Holding Cut?

    It’s a break cut, the wood holds not you! Usually a front cut, a stepped back cut, chain break in, put saw away and then break off with both hands and throw to the ground.
  2. Stephen Blair

    the rules they are a changing

    Register you company is the Outer Hebrides and your sweet!
  3. Stephen Blair

    Customer still in bed!

    Holy drama pants! The guy slept in, knock the door , get set up, send him a text, fire up the saws and chill out.
  4. Stephen Blair

    Looking for PTS

    QTS Group.
  5. Stephen Blair

    Tool register

    I would of thought after loosing 50 pieces of kit it would only encourage you to be patient.
  6. Stephen Blair

    zero tail swing diggers

    I only use fast tracking for getting from A-B and knock it out for turning.
  7. Stephen Blair

    How do I get qualified as a Tree surgeon in Scotland

    Neil will keep you right on your course, lots of work for anyone keen to work hard and learn and being realistic about what they expect to be paid at first. Start of dragging branches for companies and learn how a job works be it a back garden hedge reduction or on a large felling job. If you can drive, be on time, not complain and be polite then you are half way there imo. Apex Tree surgeons in Drumnadrochit is always looking for workers and covers a huge amount of work in the Inverness area and is a really descent guy. David Wakely tree surgeons in Elgin are good too. Drop each of them an email and expect to hit the ground running.
  8. Stephen Blair

    zero tail swing diggers

    I’ve never understood wanting to lift the heaviest thing possible at full reach, it’s a digger with tracks, just go closer and tuck it in, wrestle it, drag it or cut it smaller. I’ve rolled 6 tin out the woods and dragged 3 up some serious inclines. Once you get in the way of it you can swing 3-4 times in nice and close and past you compared to what you will ever lift at full tilt. I would only have a zero swing now on a small machine for working close to buildings and trees. I’ve got a 250kg weight on the back of mine that sits snugly around so still zero swing. It’s held on with 3 bolts so if you want it off you can do quickly and stick it in the back bed of your tow tug.
  9. Stephen Blair

    Such a thing as a hydraulically powered chipper?

    I feed my TW 190 with the grab, works well, no humans to get fatigued, grumpy and annoy you. Take the hopper off and you will have a good output, all job specific obviously. If you mount it on the bed then you can offset it do chipping is easier, feeding a set of rollers you can’t see is a pain and very time consuming booming in and out all the time.
  10. Stephen Blair

    Such a thing as a hydraulically powered chipper?

    I’ve got a hydraulic to PTO gizmo, you just plug into hydraulics then onto the pto on the machine. If you have enough hydraulic pressure it will work, you may need a donkey engine if you want to crane at the same time. There won’t be much power, better to get an old TW 190, take off the axle and lift it on and off as you need it.
  11. Stephen Blair

    The hobbets have chainsaws

    Felling skills level, Grandmasters!
  12. Stephen Blair

    Damage by spurs

    Maybe an OCD woodpecker!
  13. Stephen Blair

    Damage by spurs

    Most of my work over the years has been topping unmanaged self seeded sycamores on steep banks and cliff edges, all for views . 5-10” at the bottom growing like bananas to 40-70’ It’s butchery for a view so spiked it is, trying to throwline amongst 10’ of rhododendrons or carry a ladder is impossible especially since decades of garden rubbish has been tipped over, so spikes it is. I tried to teach myself how to climb like a jungle native with a strop between my feet and shin up but could never manage it.
  14. Stephen Blair

    Wood chipper advice

    5” if it’s fresh lime epicormic or young conifer and you hold onto it. When you start using a Wee chipper you need to change your whole approach to garden tree work, it’s not a miracle worker, it’s a gravity fed 250kg petrol chipper. Keep as much wood as possible for logs and don’t expect 2 groundies to be busy chipping. Most of the time I’m using a pole saw and silky for all the pruning and the customer already has agreed to keep long lengths of wood for them to process and piles of chip spread for mulch, removing chip off site with 1 is not economical although do able.
  15. Stephen Blair

    After a milling saw

    Does it have the oiler button! Best saw Stihl made!


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