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  1. Gordon Kaye who played Renee had a tree branch through his car in the big storm in 87.
  2. Please consider that maybe someone on here may have lost a loved 1 or friend in such a case. http://ntsgroup.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/NTSG-Report-1_Trees-and-the-Risk-of-Harm.pdf
  3. Should be a good tool for work around the village. Needs a couple of minor things done to it but nothing major. Hopefully get it this week.
  4. I’ve bought 1 of these!😂
  5. You had £10, you charged £10 plus vat for a job. you now have £22. you then give £2 to vat man. you now have £20. VAT is always a Vat, never yours
  6. That’s a great video, I went out and tried it the next do on a 30’ larch!😂
  7. I can’t believe how big it is and still the same design with the wee step at the front for standing on 😀. What a piece of kit!!!
  8. I’ve never asked for men’s chainsaw trousers, I ask for chainsaw trousers and they ask what size. i do not reply, Man! I’m 32/34. Unless my bulge is so small I’ve been buying woman’s trousers for 25 years!🤔
  9. 11 years have passed since I started this thread. All my stresses before were from work, I even did an article on it for Forestery Magazine. Arbtalk really helped me through my hard times and I feel this thread was beneficial to other members too. I separated from my wife of 19 years on February after a few rocky years, no tree climbing skills or machinery purchases could of prepared me for the mental stress over these last 6 months. It’s been a clean break, no aggravation from my X wife and kids are happy going between us within walking distance. Covid hasn’t even been on my radar as I’ve kept myself to myself and live in a small village. Everyone is fighting their own battles and I’m lucky enough to have family and friends close by that I’m finally letting into my life again. Not really sure why I feel the need to type this, certainly not for sympathy, I’d say more for anyone else on here who is having a tough time. Chin up and keep moving forward! This site has changed and evolved so much and I’m not on as much but it still is my Go To every day, without fail! Cheers.
  10. Had a border for 14.5 years, out to sleep at Christmas! She ran with the pointers every day and great with the kids! Amazing dogs!! Kumba! smooth coat Fox Terrier is an amazing breed too. KJ!
  11. I have full length roller drawers on the bottom, checker floor and then high canopy with air vent and dog guard to split. You need the extra height for the dogs plus I can stand under and shelter. I can hide it out too. Front sliding small window can be opened for fresh air. Just chuck a big bed in and dog will soon settle and feel secure
  12. Very sad news, lovely guy. Very knowledgable and never a critic! had the pleasure of meeting him once. RIP Mate!!
  13. Ifor williams and carries 3500kg. gtw is 6000kg i can carry around 500kg in the back, I’m not that precise as I know 3 buckets don’t weigh that, I focus on the trailer! Obviously this is the internet and rather than believe someone who has done this successfully and legally for 7 years it’s easier to just ask questions hoping to point out a mistake! i also ran unimogs full of red diesel on Ag for 20 years!! go wild with that !!😂


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