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  1. Can you safely rig trees with kretz?

    Rigged hundreds of dead trees, it’s all about being gentle! As far as no room to free fall! I’d rather climb slowly, get as much height as I can, use a 46 and light sabre the limbs and chunks off it. Get the saw through before the limb even moves. It’s all about the feel and your bottle on the day. If you are in experienced then avoid a crane.
  2. Morso Squirrel Baffle - early failure

    4.5 years is good I think.
  3. The Wee Chipper Club

    TBH the JB and GM are a bit like Massey Ferguson and John Deere. Both great machines !
  4. Most exciting thing you have done ?

    Apart from becoming a dad twice which is more terrifying that exciting! The best feeling I ever had was waiting for my first ever Mog getting delivered on a low loader! Even now 16 years on, dozens of different machines, I still get excited waiting for the low loader to come into site! New Mog coming this week and I’m already getting butterflies!
  5. Kickback – the thoughts of a victim’s father

    RIP Alex and to his dad my heart goes out to you. My eldest Son is also called Alexander, he is 12 and I can’t imagine what you and your family must be going through.
  6. Show your tractors

    Looks good! The dampener makes a big difference. I think you will gain with 2 arms for holding power but reduce where you can get the head into. Look forward to seeing your progress with it!
  7. Maybe time for a CV revue! Your post just comes across as arrogant and immature! Humour can easily get lost in text! Try a serious well laid out CV, put some pics up of your work, your interests, and see how that goes. This is the first and only reply since you posted this in September! I’ve lost a lot of work over the years as I’ve been too confident and just put people’s backs up. Lots of boring guys like me in their 40’s desperate for hard working good staff but if like me they have had dozens of guys come and go over the years, you see signs that make you think, why bother. If you are unsure how to write a good cv, start a thread asking employers what they look for! I’d choose attitude over skill any day! Skill can be trained, attitude is much harder to manage! Good luck!
  8. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

  9. Best way to split large volumes of logs with a digger

    If you can lift the timber, the screw will stay in if you put it in enough, Mine is on a 3 ton machine but it’s probably more suited to a 3cx of 5 tonner. I need to watch on breaking up trunks. The end won’t come off if you reverse the screw. It’s on to stay on unless you want it off. There is a lot of gearing in them, just taking a screw off a pto splitter and adding an adapter plate won’t give you the same results on a hydraulic oil fed system. It’s really quick, I wouldn’t say it’s for making small logs, I use it to break them down to a size I am happy to put the hand axe through once when they are dry, I don’t sell logs.
  10. Favourite Picture of you Climbing.

    I’m not even wearing a harness and strop!
  11. Favourite Picture of you Climbing.

    No gob, matched cut for saving timber. No pull rope or wedges either, coz that’s cheating
  12. Best way to split large volumes of logs with a digger

    I’ve had the pincer, it’s ok but very slow! You really need it mounted upside down on something heavy with its own hydraulic power pack and load and rip off with a timber crane and grab! The pecker works ok on easy to split stuff like sycamore with no knots, but it’s like writing a nice letter with a crayon, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I now have a corkscrew, it’s brilliant! You can pick up and place easily, brilliant on rings and less waste on trunks!
  13. Do you even lift bro?

    2 week of the gym here, still just doing 2 , 500m on the rower than 30 mins on the cross trainer. What’s best for hamstrings, that’s where I’m jammed up! Romanian lunges and squats is what I used to do, any tips?
  14. Does no one want to sell anything?

    There demo model had no tow bar and I was told the wrong towing capacity! The first thing I asked was that, he said 3.5ton Went home, website said 3.2t.
  15. Does no one want to sell anything?

    I had the same with a Toyota. Test drove a Hilux, gave all the details, gave him my trade in details. Contacted them twice to sort out money. Never heard back.


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