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  1. Stephen Blair

    Loads of mogs for sale.

    What I found is my transit with tow behind many years ago, couldn’t reverse up steep driveways and was underpowered for the drive home as a lot of the towns I worked in were on the coast. Also my chip sites were limited to clean hard standing. A lorry was too big, even a 7.5tonner and I was still stuck with where to put chip. A Mog was compact and narrow, in the cases of poor driveway access many a time there would be a field, park or no mans land behind the house so I could drive in that way. I think it’s perfect for the owner operator, within a big company their benefits as a Swiss Army knife are not as high because you can swamp a job with labour if you need to.
  2. Stephen Blair

    Loads of mogs for sale.

    There’s not anymore mogs for sale then there usually is if you are looking at Ebay, Vos and Ac Price. If there is somewhere all these other mogs are for sale then share away.
  3. Stephen Blair

    Blisters from my new climbing irons...help please

    Just have to suck it up and crack on!
  4. Stephen Blair

    Which are the bad 261 models/years?

    My 2013 models were terrible. When I collected them they felt lighter, had nothing but bother with them. I would just use either top handle or 461 as I lost faith in them. I persevered and got them fixed until finally buying a new 1 in 2017, it’s like an original 26, feels better and runs great.
  5. Stephen Blair


    Nice 1, I love a bit of A team ingenuity, and the tougher the better[emoji3]
  6. On young Larch you can easily drop 80-100 on a fill (about 30-40 mins ) once you get into it, personally I’d break the shifts in 4 hr blocks but there are so many variables on a site which will dictate the most efficient working practice.
  7. Stephen Blair

    Hardest job - Hand cutter, climber or groundsman?

    If you are young and very fit and go as hard as you can no matter what you do then it’s an even playing field imo. Your weaknesses will come out on certain physical tasks. Except grounding, that’s not even on the same page as the other 2.
  8. Stephen Blair

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Scorchio here too!
  9. Stephen Blair

    Best young climber in the country looking for work North West

    Fair play on being a supportive dad, unfortunately I’ve binned so many young lads because their dads have bigged them up so much so I give them a start and it was usually a huge anti climax when a wee shy goofy teenager would turn up who sometimes helped his dad with logs! Get the lad to start his own thread I say, goes a long way using your own initiative!
  10. Stephen Blair

    What Exactly Is A Holding Cut?

    It’s a break cut, the wood holds not you! Usually a front cut, a stepped back cut, chain break in, put saw away and then break off with both hands and throw to the ground.
  11. Stephen Blair

    the rules they are a changing

    Register you company is the Outer Hebrides and your sweet!
  12. Stephen Blair

    Customer still in bed!

    Holy drama pants! The guy slept in, knock the door , get set up, send him a text, fire up the saws and chill out.
  13. Stephen Blair

    Looking for PTS

    QTS Group.
  14. Stephen Blair

    Tool register

    I would of thought after loosing 50 pieces of kit it would only encourage you to be patient.
  15. Stephen Blair

    zero tail swing diggers

    I only use fast tracking for getting from A-B and knock it out for turning.


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