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  1. That’s a stunning piece of kit. Out of interest, anyone considering selling a Mog?
  2. I must admit if I’d done what Chris had done an add the tipping body I reckon I’d still have the Iveco. The current owner is on here, good to see him post some pics of it and see how is wearing after a good few years of work.
  3. Dig dug, first day I jammed it in a stump on a banking and had to cut it out 😀 you learn as you go!never done it since. Git works fine on Cat, you know when to ease off or transfer the energy onto the woods and not the machine. Going to flush the broken limbs after lunch.
  4. I've never seen the chain set up. we will make something up with ratchet straps and see how long my patience lasts if it's a pita.
  5. Water proof slippers or what I’ll be calling them, Felling shoes!😀
  6. 1 degrees and a flutter of snow last night! nights are fare stretching too!😀
  7. Well you can just adapt it for my digger please in the new year !👌 needing more timber for Davie so I'll be over!
  8. Thought about this Graham but didn't like the cost.
  9. I've got the lifter, it's the attachment to the timber in after .
  10. Looking for ideas of what the more experienced millers are using onsite to lift heavy milled slabs once they have been milled. Largest machine I'm allowed on site is a 3t Mini digger. Slabs are going to be too wide for my grab and risk damaging. Thoughts so far are lifting tongs on a swivel/shackle. Eyebolt on a plate to be quickly attached but I think that's going to damage the timber too much. I don't want to mess about with ratchet straps and bits of rope so if there's an invention already out there I'd rather buy it. Guessing the slabs are going to be 250-300kgs but could well be more. Thanks
  11. Bullshit maybe looks good to other bullshitters! Not a client base I'm after and totally see through in the eyes of most. Be honest, work hard and you are now a 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year service. My answer to everything is ' no probs '! And yes, money jobs rise to the top of the to do list!


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