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  1. Not mine, I wish I had land and trees. Public pathway runs through them so a concern.
  2. Out walking this morning and noticed this on nearly every Poplar in the stand. For some reason I've got a kind wasp damage of some kind in my head, maybe I read something on here. thanks
  3. 1 rope and flip line here, I’m 99% on pine dismantles , on an open crown hardwood I’d use 2 ropes if it made it easier. If I was subbing and they insisted 2 lines, I’d just do it, it’s no drama imo.
  4. I didn’t know this was on, gutted I missed it! I know what you mean about chatting and catching up, we always got split up at the APF meeting folk you’ve not seen in years, faces you only remember from drinking or working and then all the Arbtalk names and faces from over the last 13 years. I usually miss half the stuff at the stalls 😂
  5. If the trees are owned by someone or a company, landowner, council that don’t keep on top of their maintenance which would benefit the trees then Ivy will lead to problems if it grows there. To reduce the amount of Ivy I would recommend cutting it back to a point where there is not as much of it and still has leaf so not to eradicate it.
  6. Finished job one the guys had tidied the fence line and straggly bits with the saw and chipper
  7. It is now Bob 👍we put 1 in yesterday along the boom then put a T piece into the tank .
  8. 10- 12 armfuls of branches fills a wheelybin full of chip going through a micro chipper. Definitely worth doing compared to dragging brash.
  9. It’s not a yes or no answer. To me a 2.7t is twice the machine a 1.8t is, not for digging but with timber. My 2.7t machines have been the centre of my business going into 10 years now. Stick it on the trailer and go.
  10. Great info Eddie, I just saw the picture on Pinterest.


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