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  1. Send it to Spud and he will sort it for you. look for Spudulike and message him.
  2. It’s exact and I’m right. Thread finished, you are welcome!
  3. A chipper breaks down a loose stacked brash pile by 90%, a fire does 99%.
  4. 240 branches =1 m3 bag of chippings.( 48 armfulls of 5 branches ) Average branch diameter of 50mm and 3m in length. branches were not in leaf. This was cherry tree branches.
  5. Probably the only machine I miss every day. Couldn’t of went to a better home! I think Ground control own it now
  6. Buy some houses and have a pension and your savings and your machinery and a big jar full of coins mate. Fingers in pies and all that. I treat my pension as money I don’t miss, I’m not a big risk taker so I’m a number 6 on the pension scale so I don’t get a big return. I started mine when I was 16, trebbled it at 23 when I became self employed and I’ll cash it in at 55 and pay the TAX and enjoy the money hopefully. Maybe a couple of deposits for the boys to buy a house or a Porsche for my good lady.
  7. Thanks Chris, I’ve learnt more in those 2 posts than in 20 years, probably because I never read and learnt on the tools. I’ve always struggled at retaining information I read but you make it very clear and memorable to me for some reason. Thanks
  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Birch as a street tree. Not old ones anyway, I’ll keep an eye out next time I venture into the big smoke!
  9. Thanks Chris, excellent reply. Most definitely an old school method that up until 2 minutes ago I would of thought was the way. I’ll save your post and read a few times to absorb. Many thanks .
  10. I avoid working on Birch at the start of the year due to the force of the sap rising, the sap can pour out a wound for weeks And doesn’t do the tree any favours and first/only time it happened to me I was worried about doing a bad job. An old gardener friend told me to go and wrap a big cloth round it to help it calyst over and keep pathogens out. Not sure how much that helped but I do know 21 years later the trees still there. Sounds like you went about it the right way and don’t feel bad for using an extension pole. That’s what they are there for.
  11. I work for a company now a mate where he lets me away the minute the last bit hits the deck. When all the other lads need away some days, I’ll work on and help him out. Some days he’s paid me double and I’ve loaned him a chipper for 2 weeks no charge. Then other times I’ve had his roof mount and crane fed chipper. If you are making money, pass it on. I don’t take advantage of others when they are in need. Big companies work by the book, tree guys should stick together and help each other where they can I say.
  12. Subby climbing is great on crash bang stuff, on rigging jobs with lots of obstacles it’s a nightmare if the ground crew haven’t a clue, I would end up ditching the rigging kit and climbing way more to drop everything tiny to make it less complicated for them. Those days were days I’d tell myself, never again. Also following customers spec that I don’t agree with, that’s out the window too as I get older and do less.


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