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  1. Damage by spurs

    Most of my work over the years has been topping unmanaged self seeded sycamores on steep banks and cliff edges, all for views . 5-10” at the bottom growing like bananas to 40-70’ It’s butchery for a view so spiked it is, trying to throwline amongst 10’ of rhododendrons or carry a ladder is impossible especially since decades of garden rubbish has been tipped over, so spikes it is. I tried to teach myself how to climb like a jungle native with a strop between my feet and shin up but could never manage it.
  2. Wood chipper advice

    5” if it’s fresh lime epicormic or young conifer and you hold onto it. When you start using a Wee chipper you need to change your whole approach to garden tree work, it’s not a miracle worker, it’s a gravity fed 250kg petrol chipper. Keep as much wood as possible for logs and don’t expect 2 groundies to be busy chipping. Most of the time I’m using a pole saw and silky for all the pruning and the customer already has agreed to keep long lengths of wood for them to process and piles of chip spread for mulch, removing chip off site with 1 is not economical although do able.
  3. After a milling saw

    Does it have the oiler button! Best saw Stihl made!
  4. Time to hang up my spikes

    Learn the job before going freelance, simples!
  5. First saw you bought.

    An 084 with 21” bar!
  6. You will know if you are too cheap because you will be busy as hell and skint, if you are charging to much you will be bone idle and skint
  7. Time to hang up my spikes

    I’ve not answered a phone since I became a dad over 12 years ago. Leave a text or email thins out the herd!
  8. Please identify these three trees?

    Evergreen oak, Beech, Ash
  9. Show your tractors

    Looks great John! What controls do you have for the crane?
  10. Faces in trees??

    Looks like a hedgehog
  11. I’m not so sure, if you looked from the other side of the tree that would be a rounded shape tying in with the bottom limbs. I would imagine the first tree company, applied for the works, met the TO and got the go ahead then Mr Know it all customer got the cheaper guy and did 1 on over on the good guy! All this is sheer conjecture on my part!
  12. Smoking can be dangerous

    Jeez that’s a monster! Lucky unlucky guy!
  13. New website done by Steve Bullman

    Very nice! Sharp!
  14. Time to hang up my spikes

    I’ve met hundreds of people who tell me they used to do my job, their husband or boyfriend does/did my job! Yet I’m the 1 there doing the job! It’s an ego and pride thing! I’ve got a camouflage jacket but if I said to my mate I used to be a marine too he would burst out laughing!
  15. Time to hang up my spikes

    You don’t get to say you are hanging up your spikes when you only bought them 5 months ago. What you get to say is you have failed at becoming a tree surgeon! Getting a climbing certificate doesn’t qualify you.


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