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  1. MattyF

    a funny invention

    15 mins it says.. I don’t think thats bad, tracked chippers starting around 9k second hand and you might not want the hassle of running and insuring two machines , I would look at one for sure.
  2. MattyF

    a funny invention

    Looks a great idea to me.. would like to see a video of what it’s capable of....also benefit any one that can’t tow over 750kg as a tracked chipper n trailer is out the question, also often the sites that need a tracked chipper the trailer is miles away so that is always a worry it will get stolen.
  3. MattyF

    What's your favourite climbing helmet?

    We are spoilt for choice these days ! I think it’s down to the individual but I found the protos offered very poor hearing protection, using any thing other than a topper was painful to the ears , stihl ground saws seemed alright but the screaming husky auto tunes no good.
  4. MattyF

    Why I hate feminism

    I think it’s higher to be honest..
  5. MattyF

    Why I hate feminism

    I have read and can well believe 1 in 6 women are raped ... with only around 16.3% of rapists convicted and I’ve seen the damages and issues it’s caused from suicide to mental issues and never being able to have a normal relationship again and that’s just the person who has been raped , family and partners also suffer so I’m not sure what your point is. Men are just as equally as capable of lying the fact this woman did this does not really prove anything that feminism is bad.
  6. MattyF

    A bit of forestry.

    Nice , where can you get a self releasing block from??
  7. MattyF

    A bit of forestry.

    Nice , where can you get a self releasing block from??
  8. MattyF

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    Dunno dilz , those trees which are the really horrible challenges and you where crying in pain from chillblanes and windburn are the ones you look back on and remember and think yeah I beat that one and ruled the day.... or maybe being in to sadomasochismis what’s needed for this job.
  9. MattyF

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    Work to live, live to work... we are blessed to be out doors and experience what we do ,the adrenaline .. the gardens and different locations and special trees ! maybe I’m a sad bastard but I feel this is a life style more than a living. I’ve had brief jobs in factory’s and other things when I’ve had enough of Tree work , production climbing can be hard work and can be soul destroying but I think back to that martin sheen line in apocalypse now about all you can think about is getting home but when your there all you can think about is getting back out here in the jungle.. or something like that....
  10. MattyF

    If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck....

    Thing is if your self employed you should be paying for insurance incase or medical issues If you can’t work.. if the bloke was reaping the benefits of low national insurance and tax benefits of being self employed maybe that should of been a thought?
  11. Wish we could find timber at that price ... if any timber at all .. this has come from one of the guys we used to do mensuration of sites for and was one of the harvesting mangers for at the F.C. that two lots of Sitka fetched £60 a tonne standing in the borders in the last few months, prices are rocketing wether they stay i doubt it, but it will be good for some but the small saw mills and firewood merchants will suffer over next few years unless they have timber sewn up.
  12. MattyF

    Husky 560 chain pitch - .325 or 3/8?

    I have always ran mine on 3/8 the thing is the 562 is the exact same saw just with a longer crank and running gear designed for 3/8 and the larger bar mount ...that said I’ve never had any problems on 3/8s with the 560 despite its running gear being more designed for .325. I even run my 550’s on 3/8 as well as it means I need one reel of chain for mid range up to 90cc saws.
  13. I’m pretty sure they are just teaching a choked line David. Was never a fan of the rope guide on a straight stick like .. you need a stub and I hate stubs , choke it tight and it won’t retrieve loose and it slips until it’s tight and won’t retrieve... I left my rope guide in a tree I decked out with targets for my ex to practise on over a year ago and have not gone back for it! I would SRT nearly all trees now.
  14. SRT -Rope wrench on a retrievable 3 -4 meter tail is spot on.. It won’t move choked off and you can position your self perfectly for the next cut put in the face and r retrieve easily for the back cut and stack up the lumps perfect... or ring or snatch .. what ever but it would be the only system I would use now.
  15. MattyF

    Spud - I have a project for you?

    Basically your not gonna beat simon unless you have a tractor... not even a bcs meter finger bar can!


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