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  1. Sent another one Friday after it really started to annoy me , still no reply [emoji38]
  2. Just the reference to looping and topping reminds me of cold calling opportunistic thieves... seem to be a lot of scrap men about too at the moment , I’ve now had 3 conversations with this guy driving down and trying to get in to our yard and every time I’ve told him there is nothing here for him...even when the forestry commission have put up sighns every where saying no unauthorised access and cctv ,I’m debating wether or not to put the grab through his front windscreen if I get the opportunity again... look at the fat knacker move when he sees the dogs coming though [emoji38]
  3. Title of this thread reminds me of the sign writing you see on certain tree men’s vehicles .. All trees lopped, topped and felled. Ask driver for details , also take old clothes.
  4. I’m not sure I agree with Khriss , working at glendales could be a good start , they will put you through any further training without cost to your self , it will give you an in site in to production climbing but may give you an insite in too terrible tree work or you could try bartletts and pick up some real skills.. seriously though think long and hard if you don’t mind hard work and it will at times be mentally and physically challenging it’s a great job but don’t expect it to be a career that will last forever.
  5. I did try his mark before you mentioned it but so far I’ve received no acknowledgment from them at all about my and it appears now others complaints.
  6. MattyF

    Felix RIP

    I did see this on face book and thought it was a joke .. I had to scroll back and read it properly, tragic news....thoughts out to his friends and family for the loss of a genuine nice guy, he recently reminded me of a job we organised through arb talk as a volunteer group to help an ex service man and wife , he was a great crack through out the day and pub and can only imagine any one who new him well will be devastated. RIP Alan.
  7. Is English elm seed not sterile ? elm will only grow from suckers so genetically it’s all the same so unlikely to develop resistance? , unlike ash that will grow from seed so genetically is all different and why some are resistant to chalara and others not as there is much wider genes in the species.
  8. The other niggle is the buckles don’t come undone easily if you need to get out of it quick ! , infact I really struggle to undo them... maybe there is some magic knack but if you have the IQ of a crayon like me and I imagine most other arbs it’s impossible to find.
  9. Yes mate, replaced my old one with the new and not impressed with it loosening and virtually falling off after half an hour ! That will be my fourth and last , shame as it was a great harness that I didn’t feel could be bettered , until I tried the new one [emoji38]
  10. Aye it’s shocking ... can’t believe they have put this garbage on and wrecked a once great harness , I would not buy or recommend another... really pissed off I wasted my money on one and the new style isn’t cheap!
  11. MattyF

    Help with 346xp

    It’s neither here or there I think In terms of performance... a few folk will run 3/8 as it’s easier if your others saws like 560’s are running 3/8 to buy just one reel of chain and use it for all the saws. It does make it a bit more aggressive and I’ve had running gear bars and clutch drums at the drive sprockets wear quickly or even shear off on 550’s..if your changing bars and chains you may be better off going back to 325 and putting a new 325 drive sprocket on any way for a couple of quid as it’s a wear part and will damage new Chains if it’s worn.. I do have a few spare new and very slightly worn 325 bars in the shed surplus if you want a bargain.
  12. No debt ,rent wife or kids I would choose Canada , Norway , Sweden then new Zealand and then maybe most unpopulated place I could find in Scotland... In that order.
  13. MattyF

    stihl 500i mods

    You just turn the screw clockwise , I think the limit is you can feel it step down on 1/4 turn.. that’s it as far as I’m aware , I don’t think you can push it down and there is another level of oil feeding, I thing that’s a bit miss leading but probably worth asking your stihl dealer.
  14. MattyF

    stihl 500i mods

    Push ? You turn the screw [emoji1303] I like the 500 but this is off one ring on a stump cut They should of put on air injection!
  15. Can’t tell the difference now !


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