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  1. Akimbo

  2. Akimbo

    How are folks getting on with there's ? considering ebaying mine as I've not used it in a while , basically all my ropes have conifer sap on now and although the device is great no sit back and tends well it really does not like sap! Unfortunately living in keilder forest spruce and pine are bread and butter! Shame as it's a real nice climb on reductions and felling broad leaves.
  3. Cracked cylinder finns

    Only noticed when I started cleaning ! That could be hard stubby especially on the next 3 up?
  4. Cracked cylinder finns

    What's folks views on cracked cylinder head finns, stripping down a 540 yesterday and noticed 3 have cracked is it a good idea to replace the head or should it be ok?
  5. What's on your bench today?

    You need a separate dish washer in your work shop,I bet the misses goes mad!
  6. New Forum feedback

    Many good new features , the ignore topic button is great!
  7. What's on your bench today?

    kill switch is very intermittent on my 150 so will check that. I do try and send you clean saws ! Although usually broken.
  8. Kranman Bison micro forwarder

    What's the cost new??
  9. Felling Wedge

    Drill a hole or grove and choke and put them on a leash! Or tie a ballon to it I doubt it though plastic wedges are more a heavy nylon type plastic ........decent ones are any way.
  10. What Are Your Favourite Chainsaw Boots?

    Most boots are pretty good these days but would never buy a pair of foot torturing to narrow meindles again.
  11. Game of Thrones

    Wey ....shooting big arrows at the fit bird you want to protect .... plus I've waited 7 seasons to see them dragons do some proper battle damage against the Lannisters and old gerome nearly to kills it.
  12. L200 tipper uprated suspension?

    Any truck loaded is gonna handle like a boat.. have heavy duty rear springs on our 200 tipper and it's a hard ride empty and would probably benifit from new shocks springs and bushes up front as it wollows loaded but reluctant to spend money on her purely because it's not used loaded much.
  13. Game of Thrones

    Really was hoping him and Jamie where gonna be incinerated by Dannis dragon ... you know they won't drown!
  14. Stickers!

    The bits of wood placed between boards for air flow when drying mate.
  15. No ones posting.

    Getting used to it and it's pretty good , I will still occasionally hit the app button which leads nowhere and gives the impression the forum is still down.. time to delete the app off the phone any way but I wonder how many folk have not bothered to search arb talk from the net to get on and still think the forums down because they are trying to log in through the app.


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