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  1. Use an essi stove all year to cook off and heat water, just fired up the big boiler out side to make sure it’s all good in check and the house was far too warm !
  2. Aye genius convincing Paul Daniels that Karla the elephant had her trunk stuck up her arse after getting zoocosis.
  3. Personally I think any one entering the industry should be on a 6 months apprenticeship before doing any tickets and have saw use under supervision from a already trained operator within there sponser.. it would save some people a lot of money and they knock off expectations that this industry is all about flash gear and adventure as Instagram and social media badly shows and that it’s really about hard physical back breaking work... it would probably save a lot of employers from complete time wasters who are nothing but a danger to them selfs and others... On the subject of FISA how can they dictate any thing on training? All there nptc trainers have to be FISA approved this isn’t helpful in any way at all, just more jobs for the boys.
  4. Exactly mark these are the tools who are making up the accident statistics in our industry the cowboys.. if this goes through I can genuinely see more accident happening because of it.
  5. Stay in the midlands it’s flat.... the living definition of hell is a steep slope with multiple large wind blow in every direction , bad access and rain .. we called one job hamburger hill ,crawling and slipping trying to climb it or sliding down... going home covered in mud , bent bars off big stumps ,holes in your hands from winch cables and enough mosy and horse fly bites to take the pain off from falling down every hole hidden by brambles and bracken and the bruises from slipping off wet tree stems as it was the only way to cover ground relatively quickly , it was utterly soul destroying.
  6. Thanks Tom , we need to get this out there it is ridiculous !
  7. More jobs for the boys in training hey ? So I now have ropes to be a hazard when rigging ,two ropes I have to keep an eye on lads on the ground cutting or feeding through chippers , I can honestly say in 25 years of tree climbing I have never had an accident or seen an accident that would of been avoided by using two ropes ... are we supposed also to take a third rope in the tree to allow access for aerial rescue ? Maybe hse should look more realistically on why these accidents happen.
  8. I think you should of gone for it! Your clearly not happy with this country despite living in one of its nicest parts.
  9. Aye but you can’t have it all and every thing right now , it can’t take a life time or generations to build it up get it right or find a balance and even if you do I don’t think it will ever be enough for some... I think your lucky to be in the position your in a beautiful part of the country.
  10. Another factor is a lot of in farming asubsidies are for leaving land fallow I know some who pocket over 20k and they do absolute nothing with there land it’s all slowly turning back to nature the price for intensive arable land on the environment is huge so whilst half the country lays in a baron glysophate wasteland it seems absurd but if it’s the only way to stop such management is it worth it? , get some land and get a good agent and you can make money.. my dad sold off 40acres the guy he sold it too had a good land agent and got 60k in grants for planting and maintaining for 5 years now he’s selling it for triple what he paid.
  11. To be fair j if you had not spent a fortune on brand new gear you could of brought your self a nice bit of land. We have a nice bit of land but apart from one decent tractor on finance every thing else is old kit.
  12. Is the tree showing signs of die back in the upper crown ? It’s all well and good posting pictures of roots but if the crown is healthy I would leave it alone ! Any extreme girdling I’ve seen has usually resulted in die back in a part of the crown ,that can be removed and balanced out according..Personally if it was mine I would plant another and wait and see if this actually dies back significantly and needs replacing ... Norway’s grow fast and in the grand scheme of trees imo are a relatively short lived species anyway but cutting through any of those roots you are opening up a whole new can of worms !
  13. And snow loading can cause this ... very common on yew branches though.. I had a wood Turner go through a pile the other day and said they where all shook to bits!


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