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  1. Pretty valid point! I never liked it on the rope wrench , would not tend slack and was hard to pull through... wish I’d tried it on its own after seeing that test.
  2. MattyF

    Alternative to 357xp

    560 out performs the 357 by quite a bit and you will be a rack ahead at the end of the day.
  3. MattyF


    You making the frame over the cab yet to order ?? You could have a good rainy day side line! I’m sure you have enough to do already though ! Picker does look good though!
  4. MattyF


    I think grey git on here tows a big bandit with his... aye they are alright but they are limited to 50mph any way and it’s easy to forget they have 6 gears as they top out quick. I think they weigh over 3 tonne with the picker on so it’s probably a good thing they are limited.
  5. MattyF

    Neck tether

    So you can now get smashed in the eye with a metal magnet pinging off the elastic .. I think you have as much chance of hanging off your t shirt collar than a neck tether from using one constantly for 3 years now..
  6. MattyF

    Pollard a willow in decline to rejuvenate it.

    I recon it will finish it ... doesn’t look like it will come out on leaf next year as it is !
  7. MattyF


    Get the 14m version if your considering one ... any thing less it would struggle to be useful. They can half job time or used badly can add time on.. if your doing a lot of trees in public spaces and next to roads or estates Feild’s I would consider one unless of you do mostly domestic Arb in towns they would be hopeless.
  8. MattyF


    Fleet business insurance is the way forward ... not a lot for 3- 4 trucks and definitely brings the premium down than individual vehicles.
  9. MattyF

    Austria forst mega fail!

    Don’t think it was down to the hinge as there wasn’t one ! Looks like he cut right through it
  10. MattyF

    Spike gaff protectors

    Distils come with Velcro type sheaths, dunno if they can be brought as an extra though.
  11. Think your pretty limited on the winch front .. I think only uniforest make winches that fit the linkage out the box, we have a 2 tonne igland on ours and we had to mod the linkage tofit ... good thing about the little winch is one person can take it off move it for storage , does the job and anything bigger the 8tonne tajfun comes out.
  12. MattyF

    Been offered a 2012 560xp...

    Aye but it’s pretty standard and all saw shops should have them in stock and for pennies for a new rim , it’s basic maintenance, you don’t have to buy a new clutch drum to replace a sprocket.
  13. MattyF

    NZ Mash Up

    Enjoyed watching your work ...Nice climbing and cutting.
  14. MattyF

    Been offered a 2012 560xp...

    Rim =sprocket ...it is the sprocket??? Commonly known as a rim sprocket.
  15. MattyF

    Stihl MS462 vs Husqvarna 572xp

    Why would you have to modify either they are working saws ? I get having them muffler modded and a woods port but that’s as much as I want on a working saw.


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