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  1. All a bunch of total wankers but Keir proved his worth at pm question time by wasting all his 6 questions on the subject of the party ...when there are far more critical questions and answers needed at this time.
  2. Very nice , what grit did you finish on Steve?
  3. MattyF


    Have found electric fences a must , well for us anyway as I've seen foxes go through or under enclosed runs .. they seem to get a few hits off an electric fence and never go near them again.
  4. MattyF

    New cheapo saws

    Some one gave me the same saw but an oleo version , very good little saw , absolutely trashed it or tried and it would not die !
  5. Would be worth a try hey ?? A lot of folk who I know who run jap bars are very happy with them.
  6. I'd rate cannon and GB bars if your not bothered by weight , I'm only running a 36" and 12" Sugi's as they haven't needed replacement but I've had to do two nose sprockets in both those bars ...but there was a point when All my mid range 50-60cc front line saws where running sugi and I was far from impressed in the investment .. I've no idea how far in performance they differ from tsumura bars but Sugi nose sprockets I've found to be to hard and brittle.. the bars them selves are not that light even the lite versions ! but are very rigid and strong... which can be a bonus if working in multiple windblow on a slope and inevitably you get a saw stuck and need a stick winching to get it back [emoji38]
  7. Id rather stick with the husky bars , a Sugi nose replacement is the same price as whole husky bar and I haven't found them to last any longer , I've even had sugi bars last less than two weeks before the nose sprockets have shat itself. Sugi maybe good for Arb work where the saws don't get used as much but haven't found them to stand up to forestry work.
  8. Osmo top on this bit of elm over 10 years back and it's not needed any thing since
  9. I'd strongly disagree with that statement and know plenty of chipper mechanics that would too but never mind. I'd also say it's down to who does a bearing replacement and it they replace other worn parts and actually know what they are doing is the key to longevity.
  10. MattyF

    Santa .

    Well they are all done and turned out for the night so I'm just chilling with my whisky and dogs ... so glass is topped full , hope you all had a good one fellow Arb talkers.
  11. MattyF

    Santa .

    Good stuff stubby, the same really here ... what it's all about, and I know to well those horses take priority !
  12. MattyF

    Santa .

    What he bring you mate ??
  13. I'd go with that , I borrowed 7k in my third year to get my first chipper and replace my old transit ... I brought the cheapest I could find and the transit was left in two bits when I pulled off a drive a years later , the chipper needed new bearings every 6 months and I was in a worse position after two years down to down time and repairs constantly ! Bit the bullet and got finance on a new chipper and very lucky on a decent transit that did twelve years of virtually trouble free work... should of gone for the best in the first place as that 7k was the worse I'd ever spent !


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