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  1. Hybrid pops just start falling apart at 30 years and a Scott’s pine will last for hundreds as woodland I know what I would choose . Maybe the population originally was artificially boosted the plantations as they have always been a rare bird.
  2. That’s probably true these days j but I know they where planted for timber 30-40 years ago it was for that reason too , I did hear originally it was Bryant May who planted them for matches but every one got lighters , don’t know how much truth is in that but going back 10 years or more when they where ready for harvest no one wanted them the market had changed and folk where stuck with a load of 100ft plus trees no one wanted and where starting to decline ,I think if we got paid a few hundred for an Arctic it was good money most of the felling was done on habitat restoration from memory you could not of got the money back from the timber. I did start taking photos of all the trees I had seen fail due to hornet moth as I was told forest research said there was no link between hornet moth and stem /root decay and I had seen hole avenues and plantations blow over with moth holes and decay.
  3. Poplar hornet moth was a big problem in some of the plantations in east anglia I’ve seen .. would not plant it on that basis really. Plus I found you could not give it away.
  4. MattyF

    Knife and gun crime London

    Thing is knives and guns have always been about but I do remember working in London at around 2000 on housing projects that where been filled with fresh out of Africa Somalis and Sierra Leone refugees ,these fellas where asking us if they could take wood off trees we where felling , sure we said expecting them naively to maybe make some thing artistic or productive but where greated the following morning with about 15-20 of them brandishing lumps of wood carved in to clubs and brandished with nails and spikes to greet us, nice guys but violence was a way of life where they came from and I don’t think for a lot it stopped when they came here ..can imagine there off springs potential grown up with that and shite housing. The other thing is there should of maybe been a stronger reaction by the government for the riots caused after Mark duggans death.
  5. MattyF

    Knife and gun crime London

    Best thing to do with London
  6. MattyF

    Forwarding trailer tyre pressure?

    Aye I came around the corner to face a low loader full of plant on my side of the road... the tyres where not in good nick and at 25psi which I’ve been told is well too low?
  7. Have heard two opinions between tyre pressure some say 60psi others 30 after a disaster this week I’m interested to know what others are running there trailers at for road work.
  8. MattyF

    ART positioner

    Think the O.p is talking about using it as a climbing device on a secondary line, like I said because your using it with more loading the cam springs blow out a lot quicker than normal use .
  9. MattyF

    ART positioner

    Springs wear out too quickly from my experience, better as a work positioner as it’s designed for.
  10. MattyF

    Big old Oak to be milled but what cuts???

    It’s bloody heavy but 2.5 or 3 “ at least you can re saw later or have some thing to play with and it’s summer apparently so it won’t distort as much
  11. MattyF

    Why I started Arbtalk

    Good read mate.
  12. MattyF

    lowerable base ties

    Sadly though as with most things I can see rules for SRT being written in the future and as rescue plays a big part now in risk assessments on sites, maybe enforced as a suitable solution to the grey areas of SRT... I dunno but it to me is more of thing for folk who like playing with ropes who don’t actually do day in and tree work.
  13. MattyF

    lowerable base ties

    Don’t like others near my rope with saws and I don’t like the thought of a large falling branch hitting a taught line, I don’t like the forces envolved on an anchor or the extra rope in the system giving you more bounce .. base tying really for me is only an access thing if I can’t isolate anchor or uncertain of its suitability.
  14. MattyF

    Neck tether

    [emoji23]Which end Tommy ?
  15. MattyF

    Neck tether

    Clip the haas in to the hitch climber and not found that problem , has in the bottom , hitch middle and the tether top.


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