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  1. MattyF

    Stihl 462

    Great saw!
  2. MattyF

    Sell DDRT rope/gear? Commit to SRT?

    XTC makes nice lowering rope. Not many folk will but second hand rope.
  3. MattyF

    560 oil tank leak

    I ended up with the a new short block after my first 560 sucked the gasket in and then I over tightened the crank bolts,wasn’t a hard swap over and the saws still going now, learnt a lot doing it too... I can take a apart a 560 or 550 quite confidently now and have done a couple more bottom and top end rebuilds.
  4. MattyF


    Arborist, they are a lot lighter and still have the vents and better movement.
  5. I had euro forest offering £60 a tonne for a site we where on last year , land agent put us in and we where paying £20 standing but he knew that we would not leave it looking like Mordor. Would of loved to of known why they wanted the wood so badly.
  6. MattyF

    occupational health of arb

    I think we have the best deal now bill .. I find work actually brings things back if feeling stressed , I can pick and choose who I work with now and when, back a few years and being a team leader and doing street trees and dealing with the general public and a crew of lads for ten years , I left the industry seriously pissed off , stressed and full of anxiety .. for about a week I tried other jobs , I missed the buzz of climbing but had no intention of baby sitting idiots and dealing with the general public again, so was back climbing in a month for a smaller firm and six months later full time subbing and my own work. I think now the only time I feel 100% is up a tree or fishing , had this dirty thing on Friday that was splitting and hung up in the walnut next to it , not a lot holding it up. when I first started that sort of tree would of given me nightmares, passing some one I didn’t really want to see on the way to the to the job filled me with more dread and anxiety and an overwhelming sense of pressure than doing this tree that I had not felt for a while and that I didnt need but as soon as an anchor was bagged I felt at peace and enjoyed the rest of the day.
  7. MattyF

    occupational health of arb

    I find climbing actually sorts my back out like Pilates... it’s moving timber and machines that fecks it... forestry hand stacking destroys it !
  8. MattyF

    occupational health of arb

    If this thread is based on occupational health of an arborist I would say there is a risk of a production climbers getting mental health issues , I’ve worked and seen lads who can not cope with there work loads , it is stressful having to push your self as far as you can and fast and then some more to do trees no others would touch or in awkward situations all the time... I’m not on about farting about dead wood Prince Charles oak trees or some other non hazard no issue task with all the time in the world but I think you end up like captain Willard in apocalypse now .. all you can think about is getting out there and when your there all you can think about is coming home ... I have worked with a lot of lads and my self at points for in life with drink and drugs issues to cope with that... it’s not healthy living off adrenaline... maybe that sounds a bit Like blowing smoke up my arse but I think there are hazards to health with too much Adrenaline for your immune system and body and to the mental health..
  9. Euro forest are paying good rates for timber.. up here any way , definitely would be my first port of call.
  10. I’d advoid willow like the plague near a river.. they can be a nightmare, quickly out grow them selves and collapse,making an un penetrable mess once they have relayered them selves a few times... even worse in soft boggy ground.
  11. MattyF

    husqvarna 562 xp 2014.

    I have a 2014 560 and it’s been fine ... until throttle cable packed up yesterday and clutch shattered last week [emoji23]
  12. MattyF

    husqvarna 562 xp 2014.

    It went out the same time to rest of the world.. we didn’t get it until a year or so ago... it’s basically a 560 with different bar mount and slightly longer crank.
  13. MattyF

    Avant 520 hydraulic oil

    Can only find it in 20litre containers .. will just keep 10 litres spare for next time, just cost a small fortune in other spares but worth keeping in tip top condition!
  14. MattyF

    Avant 520 hydraulic oil

    Northumberland mate
  15. MattyF

    Avant 520 hydraulic oil

    Looking at the price of that tellus oil.... farkin ell !


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