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  1. Whats the weather like near you?

    Proper pike fishing weather with the rings freezing up , gave it half hour and had to chicken out for the warmth of the truck!
  2. Anything in north east

    Where abouts in north east ?
  3. The pleasure in cutting standing Sitka Spruce

    I have been told height above sea level is another factor , they won’t thin commercial stands over a certain height as they blow.. could be talking bollocks though??
  4. Show your tractors

    What’s that on the front of the valtra John?
  5. Show your tractors

    What’s that on the front of the valtra John?
  6. The pleasure in cutting standing Sitka Spruce

    Would not go in to sparse , there’s bands of what they call continuous cover for red squirrel etc in keilder that they never clear fell just thin , it’s pretty much a guarantee that it will blow when thinned.. Have climbed and dismantled them well over 40m ,recon where planted around 90 year ago... I think they would just keep on going height wise there are some monsters about !
  7. One last reduction before I hang my harness up

    Wise words Steve , you can be a damn good arborist but if you can’t run a business it’s pretty hopeless from experience! It was never about money for me which is stupid and I made a lot of mistakes, was good at getting work booked in but I’m crap at dealing with people , not ruthless enough when it comes to money!
  8. New website done by Steve Bullman

    http://silvatreesurgeons.co.uk/ Looks good[emoji1303]
  9. ECHO 2511 Is a STIHL OR SUGIHARA Bar and Chain best ?

    It fitted straight on ,no mods I watched the echo dealer fit it as he wanted to see if it would.
  10. ECHO 2511 Is a STIHL OR SUGIHARA Bar and Chain best ?

    Stihl Set up is working well, could not get on with the echo bar after using 150’s ... target pruning is spot on again now we made a swap.
  11. The pleasure in cutting standing Sitka Spruce

    Better than swarfega ?? I’ve had my arms raw to get the sap off with gritty swarfega stuff, mind you that’s cutting in spring /summer when they are not dormant and the saps flowing like a giant tube of glue off the stems.
  12. The pleasure in cutting standing Sitka Spruce

    Tuxedo ... I will try and separate my work clothes, newer ones for Arb work and being in customers gardens and wrecked up stained black with Sitka ones for forestry. You certainly never want your best rope for dismantling them!
  13. Metsaman .

    He seems to have built a huge tent acquired a few more tractors and diggers and given up learning English ... that’s about all I could gather of his u tube Chanel... I gathered all that info by watching a few minutes of videos you can’t understand in which it was only out of sheer morbid curiosity to try to find understand wtf is going on ! ..... just for you stubby
  14. The pleasure in cutting standing Sitka Spruce

    Pete washes off?? You will never remove Sitka sap!! I don’t mind Sitka as long as the hairy outside trees are weighted in the right direction.. just don’t wear your favourite saw trousers and best jacket.
  15. Whats the weather like near you?

    Lucky you don’t have the sneaky forestry ditches bill!


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