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  1. For me it’s got to be somthing that can double up as a working truck .. so 4x4 and good at towing so use an amorak ... to be honest I’d rather have another single cab pick up but it is nice on longer journeys and can load Nieces and nephews in it.. but basically I don’t get the point in paying thousands, insuring, tax and upkeep of a vehicle when it can’t be used to make a profit for your business.
  2. As Les says and keep out of the elements , cool dry place with a bit of air flow would be ideal ... I’ve banged up larch cladding green though and it’s barely moved on the three barns / sheds I’ve built. It’s probably the best choice as you know but I find Douglas and WRC a lot easier to mill.. especially dry although I’m not fond of dry Douglas saw dust!
  3. It’s not a fun timber to mill at the best of times that can cause a few issues on a band saw .....but it’s kind of doubled being harder and slower with dry timber.
  4. Mill it ASAP .. larch is a nightmare dry to mill.
  5. I’m with Ian ... I can’t do day rates any more .... I’d rather loose work than do two - three days worth of work in a day,shag kit up and listen too it’s only 4pm I’ve got another tree ... I have in the past and I’ve saved customers thousands over written quotes but they where jobs a mile from my yard and massive costly mistakes when they where not. Also I only have one speed working and I can’t stand being idle , a day rate would be great for training guys up , that is where it comes off maybe but no way am I working to one any more, too much experience,time,mistakes and gear invested so all work now makes a profit... a good profit with the right crew.
  6. I’ve milled very green ash even 3” it’s warped , split and generally been a waste of time .. been a lot more stable if it’s sat for a year or two .... you could leave it for even longer and try and catch spalting !
  7. Mill the elm and get under cover!! It’s starting to look a bit spongy ... Maybe leave the ash and oak for a bit though.
  8. MattyF

    Old husky

    I would put it on the wall and leave it there... is white finger really worth the time and effort of restoring things like this that should not be used for work if they are broken already.
  9. I still don’t get it.... is every post you make signed off about a song ?
  10. I like them, good work utes.
  11. It’s still wood... if I have some hard wood in a pile for 4 years it does not mean it will burn straight away, it will need drying out in sunshine or a barn... Any ash die back I’ve processed in to cages as long as it’s still seasoned is absolutely fine, I’m heating the house and cooking off it right now .. the stems are usually still green on ash felled with die back so it will still need treated to be seasoned properly, all this you can burn ash green is total bollox... it may season quicker but I would not burn green ash.
  12. You need to bang a cheap 13000lbs winch on the 4x4 mate or have one handy on a chipper , those 4x4 mewps are pretty easy to get stuck, I certainly would not put ours in some where unless I knew there was a plan to get it out... think you will have to suck that up... I’ve got plenty of machines stuck recently, I would just be great full that they don’t charge to reinstate the ground where it’s gone up to its axles.
  13. Aye I’ve had big problems with the rear axle and hydraulics, started by using the timber trailer crane off them, fingers crossed it’s sorted but was a ball ache.
  14. Crap off road, maybe better with decent tyres though , alright for towing stuff.
  15. Personally I’d run a pto splitter ... if that’s an option.


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