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  1. The more I look at it the only obvious solution is nuclear.. sticking eye sore wind mills up in pristine areas of unspoilt land , messing up river eco systems with dams and shredding devices ,felling trees to burn in the name of green energy is not green really and when you look at it plus who gets paid for having there land used for these there is only one winner it’s just money making schemes and a con.
  2. How do you find the 881 in comparison to the 880 ?? Vibration and air filter is what I’m not keen on with my old 088... are they improved enough to notice a difference?
  3. Rowen White beam Lime Beech Hornbeam Horse chestnut Sweet chestnut Larch Western red cedar Willow Poplar Yew Seem to be pretty standard trees you come across a lot
  4. That’s a bit of angle to mill! , looks great... I suppose on the good side ,bits of iron in yew adds some more colours [emoji23]
  5. I’d spent 40 mins on the bench grinder getting the milling chain spot on and tip top last night and it was flying better than the new spare I had.. to be honest I’d rather hit metal than stones though and yew seem to attract them and suck them up in to there flutes!
  6. Milled a yew we felled a while back for a customer , first cut a 1” x6” long. spike ! Chiselled it out and carried on and luckily there wasn’t any more !
  7. Maybe cheap but how green is the electricity to power the pumps?
  8. They are not quite there yet either though, a friend who had one installed on a new build as it was one of the conditions for planning was shocked at how much electricity those pumps burnt..
  9. Go to the house eggs along with a wind turbine .. gets topped up by a generator when low or there is no wind or sun ! To be honest they are 15years old now and have come on a lot since installed.. should really look at getting some new ones.
  10. Was nice to look at for about 5 mins this morning ... f all good for anything else though... yards only just thawed from the last lot ... two days of no ice in the yard then this.. oh well!
  11. How is huge ships travelling from stateside burning how much oil to get here then burn there trees to fuel British power stations... whole thing was a crock of shit so those in the House of Lords would get paid to heat there huge stately homes instead of having to fork out 20k on heating they now get paid more than that in RHI payments.. when they built cramlington biomass they asked the forestry commission if keilder would be able to supply the demand and the FC said no way !! They built it any way.
  12. MattyF


    I’ll disagree, with the current health and safety guidelines for tree surgery to be compliant with insurance or to get commercial contracts along with the economic climate...it could not be a worse time. If any one had sense they would get out now or if your in it for the long game invest heavily in mewps ,grapple trucks etc...
  13. Chain is another link I think ..maybe more so worth checking but the bar is a straight swap and lines up with oil holes etc...
  14. 10” and a stihl bar with exhaust mod is my 2511 set up... pretty happy with it and use it for pruning , bucket work and small takedowns... can’t fault it to be honest.
  15. I think the 560 definitely cuts faster with 3/8 With out a doubt, I’ve raced a standard one against modded 357’s on 325 and larger stihls and it was seconds faster still .. maybe the 550’s feel less nimble but it’s a strange one as if they are sharp and handled right I would also say again faster cross cutting. But maybe it’s down to If you know your saw and chain and where the power band is you know when to apply pressure and when it will bog is where you will get the most out of it ...we had recently a fell to waste phytophthora larch site and to be honest I could not believe how fast the 550’s where especially once you had synced in to them on 3/8 you just knew that having them cutting like that something would give ... one did shit out it’s clutch out.. although it was an older back up. I do know lads who use them day in and out though and would convert a 562 to 325 so I am not saying I’m right it’s just what I like and what feels right to me.


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