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  1. No ... not unless dismantling ,any large trees are climbed SRT and use a hook to get to places that are difficult , I'm not buying you need spikes to prune trees in the wet !
  2. I'll only call off jobs if it's gonna damage lawns or if the vehicles are going to sink in Feild's... I quite enjoy climbing in the rain.... probably for the same demented sadomasochistic reasons I still enjoy this job though.
  3. They do loosen off but there are ways around that ..I don't like the new buckle release either still after 6 or more months but I do not see any other harness that would come close.. I did send two emails to treeimagineers asking why it had these features but never got any reply.
  4. Not telling you how to do it but I would be very careful felling with a tele-handler I've seen the results of one that got a stem caught on a tine whilst pushing it over on a badly cut hinge and tipped the thing over writing off a brand new manitou! Insurance was invalid as it wasn't to be used for forestry either.
  5. MattyF

    Trailer towing

    After spending 20 years towing a sub 750kg chipper and reversing off all manor off roads and in to tight drives and driving tractors with forwarding trailers loaded through thinned woods and narrow country lanes I'm pretty sure I don't need to take a test to tow a trailer like most of us ... any one who disagrees Is feeling butt hurt about spending the money or already had it on there licence and that the advantage had helped them make money over competitors ... now it's a level playing Feild.
  6. I would not even attempt to grow carrots unless under fly netting now.
  7. Look for arboricultural association approved contractors in your area and approach them for employment , as they are supposed to be offering equal opportunity's to employees as part of there approved contractor status.
  8. Well one good things happened this week then... I almost cracked a smile.
  9. Your wheelie bin poses more risk to your children statistically... get a professional tree report... Arb association approved contractors list is a good place to start.
  10. 80cc saw that's the same weight of a 70cc saw , what's not to like? Any one I know who has had a 572 or 462 prefers the 500i , 462 is a great saw but I haven't really picked it up since the 500i
  11. £500 for every 200 tubes and stakes , probs cheaper to fence ?
  12. Grass and trees don't really go together but your healthiest bit of grass is under the tree !! The rest looks like crap and it's no where near it ... the tree does not look great either ! So mulch and do as dumper says...
  13. I would also add that rod bracing young and vigorous oak and chestnut will still work, it seems though that older specimens from my experiences don't seem to have the ability to callus over quick enough and they react with the metal.
  14. Nothing wrong with rod bracing , I've never seen an infected tree?? I've seen screw bolts from cables pull on woods that the Tannin in woods like oak and chestnut after they reacted badly and not callus though..... I would use cobra for those species but elm seems to swallow any thing it comes in to contact with.. bracing ideally wants to be 2/3rds up the limbs being braced. But back to rod bracing I've seen and the ones I have done have been very successful over the years.


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