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  1. So for those that are not Scottish we can carry on... as kevin has already pointed out.
  2. They are not far off from putting a 880 clone out.. And ripped of sugihara bars too ,they have also put there prices up due to rona on there face book page.. I don’t think they will continue to be as popular, especially with the red neck saw builders.
  3. My experience with auto tunes is never run them blunt, I sharpen mine as soon as it is , but I have worked with guys who don’t and this is when you seem to get problems.
  4. MattyF

    stihl 500i mods

    Using them both side by side today and the 462 is faster in the cut , it does not feel like a stihl .. it feels more like a 562xp on steroids with a femme handle and trigger... I do really like it though and would choose that and a 550xp for my woods saws. 500i just won’t bog down will pull a huge bar and loads of torque ,needs air filter cleaning daily though.. it’s very nice to use in a tree or felling big stuff.
  5. Looks like Norway spruce to me , maybe a little sparse down to aphids in the lower crown? ... not blue enough for Sitka and they are not usually regarded as a Christmas tree.
  6. I would tell your neighbour to mind there own and if they are a tree expert I’d be more concerned about the ash tree on the left that’s over them but never mind. But just a thought , the tree has clearly survived every storm thrown at it since it’s been planted , why all of a sudden is it an issue now?
  7. Sorry to hear this .. maybe a better chance of tracking it down with not many vehicles on the road.
  8. Is the water dropping much in the finally the lack of rain we have had ? Are the trout Triploids?
  9. Never had any real issues with the mk1 550 never had any with the 261 it just didn’t feel a better saw in the woods , there is a rumour a 261 replacement is on its way but if stihl have shut down that could be delayed... or you will pick a 261 up cheaper in the future.
  10. Does that mean 3.5 t vehicles ? I’ve got a Landy that’s plated at 3.5 coming up next month and we where just talking about what to do with it.
  11. This one Jamie, vid should work , was just a quick clip of it in action with no other friction device , showing what it will do really...
  12. Out of all of them I would use the safe bloc the most, it’s the most versatile and has the most point.. best tool for rigging compromised trees in my view. Capable of stopping a decent lump too
  13. MattyF

    Lock Down?

    Here’s the thing , we have two surveys on the books left in and I’m tempted to do them today , in light of recent storms and they are in heavily used public areas I would argue it’s essential?


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