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  1. Good then , glad we have cleared that up.
  2. In other words you have come on here expecting an easy way to the top.. there is none it’s all hard work and word of mouth by this recommendations if you are good word of mouth goes a long way if you are too lazy to do the comps or put any thing else In you get nothing. I could of given you two very good leads absolutely fool proof that have given me more hedge laying than I want and I didn’t want any in the first place but have learnt it’s easy money in comparison to trying to fell 90ft sitka in a bog in December but whilst sucking on my role up I thought na ....F off..
  3. MattyF

    Missing Chickens

    Electric Fence perimeter, we live in a forest and surrounded by foxes , you can see there eyes at night with a lamp and they are surrounding you ! but they hate electric fences.. had this lot of hens over a year and regularly we focxes within 20 m of them and they don’t bother them , they could easily jump on a wall to get in the perimeter but they don’t bother.
  4. Are you gonna wear them if your mate wants them pops doing? They look just my thing... hand split a load of timber up for the customer to just to keep warm this arvo .. that was after a 100 m drag across a playing Feild and through some alleys , groundy was flagging a bit but he’s just text me saying he’s relieved after drinking 5l of water he’s finally managed to piss... so cold yesterday I had to go and sit in the tractor with the heater on to get the chill out.
  5. Getting a bit chilly at work this week so wondering what folk are wearing in this cold weather?
  6. Glad you have cleared that up , totally illegal to go two abreast on a single track road-unmarked road but see, get held up for miles nearly every day. I saw a hilarious one the other day cyclists choosing a main extraction route for timber out of keilder for a jolly hanging in a ditch after going around a series of tight corners going two abreast and knocking each over when a timber lorry passed the other side of the road ... not acceptable really and bloody dangerous.
  7. If you have worked your arse off all week and are good at your job and probably booked up in advance for months and on a Sunday some Gollum looking cunt on a Vespa wanted to take your time up for a job not even worth your teams money for the day, I would of made my excuses too... at least he had the decency to tell you , In fact I can think of so many reasons why but at least he told you the evening before he was not going to be there... here is my take on what happened, you went out , got plastered , ignored your phone when it rang for him to cancel. Got up and went to the place you had agreed and waited ... waited a bit more ,feeling like a french man had done a shit in your head and wishing you had never gone out whilst looking at your phone after about an hour of waiting realised you had a message and listened to it ....after forcing yourself with a raging hang over to drive or ride out on the Vespa you cracked and had a rant on a arb forum about how lame people are. He could of had football with the kids. His misses could of said I haven’t seen you all week and if you go and look on work on Sunday I’ll be pissed off. He could of heard about how hard you are from all the time you have done that you keep going on about that he was too scared to meet you..... my bet is on any of those..... Just saying whilst hiding behind my dreadlocks.
  8. Too many gaps for sawdust pete
  9. I think for the money it would be a great start to using pretensioned lines ... you can rig with out but it does open up a lot more possibilities. I’ve only looked at the 3001 when reg was doing demos at the APF years back and it looked a capable bit of kit.
  10. There is that but once you start using one you won’t go back.. opens up a whole new dimension to rigging , I haven’t used a crane in years as a result so although the initial thing investment is expensive all money going back to you instead of the crane company or speeding up a job makes it worthwhile.
  11. Depends on the tree don , more often I do but I just don’t understand why it’s an issue. I’d rather not though carry more than necessary.... that includes spare krabs nd the like.
  12. I’ve gotta go back to this ! Is this really a thing that bothers people ? I will take a 150-2511 up on most trees but I’m phucked if I’m gonna drag anything bigger around whilst setting up a big tree for working... never have and never will. What does pish me off is ground guys who have no organisation skills, leave ropes in awkward places that snag rigging, or can’t be bothered to move my climbing ropes and cut up stuff over the top of it and stand there in there phones when you send a saw down for refuelling ... useless little shits , these deserve getting yelled at so that every one in a mile radius can hear what I think of them, it does help maintain that image of a prima Donna climber ... the screams then continue in to just a tirade of abuse as the day continues and I can blame the bastards for all my errors of judgement made whilst climbing... gotta love some team work.


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