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  1. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    Do it and learn nick, try and stand on the ground and look at it for 5mins over a coffee visualise a shape and pick points you can ident in the tree and get in and start cutting , I’ll usually do the high stuff first and just keep going around in sections so you can clean out hangers as well as not brake out already pruned bits. Looks like a hard tree to get wrong plenty of targets to prune and drop back too.
  2. MattyF


    Cheers mate , just hope that flu jab works ! already given him a cold which set things back!
  3. MattyF


    Have not had it for years but reluctantly had the flu jab this year as my dads having chemo and we work together , convinced the jab gave me very mild symptoms.
  4. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    That’s some quality work joe[emoji1303] I can still remember my first big reduction, usual lead climber was ill so had this huge sycamore to my self .. it was in for a day , it over ran by a day and I smashed two roof tiles over a 3 story house ,I was 18 had been climbing only a year. That was near on 25 years ago! I think I can reduce a tree better climbing than myself cutting in a mewp ,you just get to know what will stuck out and what won’t with out asking so you can keep on moving and climbing to the next area. Yeah that’s my take on dismantling it’s the same thing , I remember being in awe of seeing one of my first big dismantles , climber on 3 strand and a old troll harness , metal 020 it consisted of spiking up and cutting the side limbs off and snatching a big top on some big 3 strand polyprop natural crutch stylee with some wraps around the trunk and being in the pub for an early finish , I think that’s we all strived for was an early finish to be in the pub for 3 , didn’t have time to mince around with fancy gadgets un gear !
  5. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    That’s what you want [emoji1303] doing out for frank ?
  6. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    Haha [emoji6] Good to read you mate. You still out most days tim ?
  7. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    Thanks dude , that’s all it is though time , there are many out there quicker and more productive , all those years have given me is maybe the techniques n experience to get it done quicker, I’m certainly not a quick climber no more... and if I do climb quick and go all out I certainly feel it the next day , gone are doing 6-7 day weeks in a rope n harness.
  8. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    But it’s not ... unless it’s the logistics of removing arisings sectional felling is a relatively easy skill especially on spikes.
  9. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    No dude ... point I’m trying to make is it can take longer to do a reduction properly than fell a tree and in that case two trees planted at the same time with the same targets fence and road the felling was far quicker.
  10. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    Think it would of been priced as a day , it took over half a day from memory... longer than it took to fell the other[emoji1303]
  11. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    Yep [emoji38] especially with spikes [emoji6] A few examples. Half a day in gale force winds dismantling this on Friday half of it rigged then a sat morning drive out picking up the timber. After pic of a reduced Copper Beech almost identical size next door over half a day to reduce by 2 metres was a horrible work out... although probably more overall satisfying Thing that annoyed me with that article is it is more more skill full job to prune a tree properly and should not be devalued as such.. this country’s tree stock overall does not need any more shite pruning , the photo in the article does it no favours at all.
  12. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    No but I’m saying it is... any fool can fell a tree any one doing it properly with a decent crew can get a big tree down quicker than reducing it.. the only reason it’s more expensive is because of the logistics of removing the arisings and maybe the number of staff involved... it’s not an easier task for the tree surgeon to do properly.
  13. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    Did you read the article ? It said reducing a tree is easier than felling one.
  14. MattyF

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    Felling a tree is an absolute piece of piss as opposed to reducing a tree properly especially if there are targets ...and I don’t mean a round over hat rack prune that doesn’t conform to any BS standards in tree pruning so I would re write that.
  15. MattyF

    Your skills

    Couldn’t resist...


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