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  1. MattyF

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    You have watched hundreds of vids but never done it sums it up..
  2. MattyF

    How much do the FC pay for cutting work?

    As Ross said ... directly for the fc tendering for contracts its cut throat and from personal experience it’s not worth the hassle with the paper work unless you have other ideas !!
  3. MattyF

    Working near bat boxes

    Probably more than you put the job in for ... it’s a racket ! You
  4. MattyF

    Husky 266se

    I had an older 266 which was ok apart from the effort required to start it.. the final one we owned was a complete dog and was never right from the start had at least two pots on it... either way it like many saws I have used in the past I am glad they have been replaced, apart from nostalgia they have nothing that makes them appealing to use for a days cutting now.
  5. MattyF

    An easy one

    Quality as always ,How many branches will you prep up for the speed line reg before you start cutting looks like you had the whole tree slung ! and how many battery’s will a tree that size use on the husky ? Cheers
  6. MattyF

    3120 oil side crank seal.

    Aye I think the foam has dissolved and jammed up the cable as I could never get that to work. Cheers Andrew ! I think I may order a new assembly as well as fly wheel, then I know the whole lot is good.
  7. MattyF

    3120 oil side crank seal.

    Never done one and believe it’s similar to the old 61 266 set ups ,any way it a very different set up to what I’m used too, looks like the crank case oil seal is part of the oil pump? Are they easy to fit or are special tools needed, would you fit the oil pump then press the seal in ? Also there is some sort of sealant used which I have no idea what it is around the oil pump. Lastly there is this which looks like some thing has gone wrong as it bears no resemblance to what it should be in the parts diagram! What should it be ?
  8. MattyF

    Husky 266se

    True that , I would not use one professionally cutting, can’t stand them to be honest but last time I used one I would of been when I was 16-17 and probably not man enough to use it! Heavy , old school vibes and hard to start... stick in my mind oh and temperamental in the heat.. when I got my hands on a 262 I never wanted to pick up another 266 !
  9. MattyF

    Husky 550XP Rattle ?

    One of mine has a rattle it’s the exit hole has come off the exhaust and fallen back in, you can’t get it out as it’s the same size as the outlet and the baffles won’t let it go back the other way. So just living with it.
  10. MattyF

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    I would like to feel it on 1/4 pitch, both of us using it thought it would feel better, to be honest we only used it on a laurel hedge and thought it was not a bad chain for pruning.
  11. MattyF

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    Got one off Stevan from Hexham on demo with the standard bar though , thought it seemed a lot quicker than on the 1/4 pitch in your vid though bill ... definitely quicker than the 160 although battery life is down on the stihl obviously the saw was a lot lighter, I think one of the best features is the saw switches off after a few seconds and is easy to switch back on unlike the stihl160 ,which is live until you put the chain brake on... which I don’t use on any saw really so lots of potential for a nasty situation there.
  12. MattyF

    Petzl OK and chicane

    I would buy the pretzel though ...
  13. MattyF

    Petzl OK and chicane

    Off the back of ripping off Kevin Bingham who I don’t know but have a load of respect for after making my life easier and revolutionising climbing across the board with the wrench,he has obviously put a lot of time in to be ripped off ..petzl won’t see another penny of my money on any of there products.
  14. MattyF

    Sugi hara bar

    Yeah , all of mine have had at least one nose sprocket replacement.. I don’t think the LW bars are that light either, to me they feel noticeably more cumbersome when I had two 560’s one with an Oregon pro lite and one with the sugi you could notice that by the afternoon. They are strong bars though , just the nose sprockets are maybe to hard in my opinion and prone to shatter.
  15. You would fell them back in to the rack or hang them up and just winch them butt first to the machine as in the video ?


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