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  1. MattyF

    560XP hot start

    Husky did a short block for around £200 (crank cases and crank ) from memory, change it over your self .... I put all my bolts on a bit of card and labelled them , took a load of photos was pretty easy to swap over , I’ve done a couple of 560’s like this now.
  2. MattyF

    Idea For A New Gadget

    Fly fishing reel won’t work as you could not set the drag tight enough imo unless you buy a very expensive one ! ...also only a few have a multiplier effect so progress would be slow.
  3. MattyF

    Petrol Drill for rod bracing

    It was for the old original aluminium 020 .... I feel even older now!
  4. MattyF

    Swivels on your bridge.

    Gave up using one on a double rope , could never work out what causes it but it just happens and is a pita ! but it does not seem a problem SRT ... interesting it does not happen on the zigzag. I’m intrigued to see the Treeimagineers bridge device and see if hockling on a double rope occurs with it still, noticed mark bridge in the video has it set up on a double rope VT.
  5. MattyF

    Petrol Drill for rod bracing

    Would appear Tree stuff are out of 60” augers but they have a wider selection of smaller ones.. the old chainsaw drill attachments are pretty good from memory , I did have an old stihl one but sold it unfortunately. https://www.treestuff.com/store/start.asp?category_id=52
  6. MattyF

    Petrol Drill for rod bracing

    I Use a BT 45 with drill bits well over a meter long ,tree stuff USA sells them and also the rods and eyes as I found it almost impossible to source them in the U.K. if you put an order in don’t forget them, shipping and import are a bit high but it’s quick delivery and also a good excuse to order up some non CE cougar blue
  7. MattyF

    What kit to buy

    If you treat your saws properly and clean them daily and they will be one person saws husky for me,I love the 560’s ...but if you are gonna have a load of lads using them and they never get a filter clean then stihl. I like the new echos and makitas but Some of the range feels dated both make a great 50cc saw.. I even regretted slightly buying a 550 after having a play with the makita. Never had much bother with the t540’s and 560’s that wasn’t down to abuse but thinking about renewing a lot of my saws and using 8 year old stihl 460 yesterday it felt good apart from the shit anti vibes ... I would choose another 560, and maybe a stihl 461 .. can’t seem to track down a 572!
  8. MattyF

    Price for milled cedar

    Aye but I’ve heard and been told Atlantica is brittle in comparison
  9. MattyF

    Products running Alkylate based fuel mixes

    Really ?? Off the back of my cobra experience I have recommend it to folks and three of them have brought the blowers ... no complaints but the fuel cap. I’m as snobby as hell with my saw but then a saw is not like a blower... if I gun my husky 560 or stihlms460 at the critical moment it’s when I need the power that is why I choose those saws .. a reliable cheap blower in the face of what our German and Swedish friends offer us I would probably take the cobra !
  10. MattyF

    Quad question

    Compact would be a nightmare unless trailered on the roads .. quad lacks pto ... is pretty much crap at every thing but road work and getting places fast but you can take a quad almost any where. I use a Honda trx 250 it’s great for getting tools or planting trees or collecting hedge laying stakes but not much good for anything else in the woods.
  11. MattyF

    Price for milled cedar

    Is Atlantic cedar worth anything ?? I’ve heard folk raving on here about it but when I’ve tried to sell it or pass it in to a mill they have not been interested and told its vastly inferior to Lebanon cedar?
  12. MattyF

    2 Large Oak trees to fell & sell ?

    First Tree looks rotten ,it’s also alive still .. just the cavity alone would warrant a bat survey ....imo also it could be retained as a monolith and continue growing if carefully done and damage minimised to the existing live foliage m. The second one looks a nice stick ! Problem is this though that buyers of timber will rarely come out for one tree, so I doubt you would get many offers also the grinding of the stumps or stump would be more than you would get for the timber... unless they see some tiger oak or brown oak on the felled stem ... that could also just as easily be hollow ! And lastly they look like they are on a fence line ?? No saw mill will want them !
  13. MattyF

    Products running Alkylate based fuel mixes

    Not sure ... I brought a cobra blower after leaving mine at home and fancied a cheap second back pack incase we had two teams going out and quite honestly the small stihls just don’t cut it, used it loads until daily until I got a bigger echo ... I run it on the same XP mix I put in my huskies stihls and echoes and it starts first time all the time even if been sat up for 6 months or more... it’s not bad gear from my experience... only problem I’ve had is the fuel caps breaking but the echo ones are a straight swap.
  14. MattyF

    General shortage?

    I don’t remember signing on being an option when I started up ,took my holiday pay I never took off my last job to make sure I had public liability insurance and ate road kill/beating spoils and did gardening taking bounty’s and three days a week doing shite free lance work in London with an never ending drive and finish times and trashing my 020 on the private jobs I got in between smashing down brash in the ancient ford transit ! Wish I had known I could of signed on too!
  15. MattyF

    Conservation refused advice required

    If it was NHDC I am surprised you haven’t come across this already. Only bother I ever had was when they decided I could not reduced 35% off 5-6 previously hat racked birch, they said it was too much foliage and also was not a figure for height... my argument was that I’m well aware of the percentage of foliage to be left but they all had large cavity’s at the base of the old topping cuts that had no line or level and gave each primary limb a different percentage for every cut but all within 35% so that was a good starting point and better than listing every cut to be made... they still said just tell us how much you will be taking off in metres, my lesson learnt was just do that!


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