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  1. Did they tie smoke bombs to their trousers whilst trying to do backspins on a fast descent…all Whilst on a huge take down they are doing for free just for the footage ?
  2. The harlequin range , I mean fing seriously?? I Probably most definitely am becoming more of a miserable old bastard ,but I just want a pair of brown leather high boots.
  3. When it comes to tree work boots why do all of them look like multi coloured clown boots now ? Is it a HSE requirement for this industry to look like a multi coloured circus show f wit ? I get hi vis for work but jeez and I’ll admit a few years back to buying red Andrew’s but I’m drawing a line now..
  4. Do they even pay Steve ?? 😆 I would rather pay to get rid of wood than deal with people who feel they have some entitlement to it.. hand balling tons of timber a day is taxing enough with out having to deal with people who rub you up the wrong way in a few paragraphs … another note, some of us who do fire wood are paying £90 a tonne for timber before it’s even cut to sell.
  5. Can’t imagine many as it was flattened in the war.. I went there once but only stayed for the evening at a camp site as we were travelling through… lots of big black poplars is all I can remember.
  6. They always seemed higher to me when I’ve seen them but then that could be the wheel and tyre choice ?
  7. If you can get spares then holder , but like you I’ve seen numerous posts on here and Facebook with folk unable to source clutches. I like my agt with wide wheels but the clearance isn’t great for working in the woods , especially if some one else has left numerous 1ft high stumps for you to find and get hung up on.. easy to get parts for and work on though.
  8. I’ve often wondered who does that and their IQ…
  9. Except maybe the home owner who persistently taps you on the shoulder whilst making a hand warming gesture for every thing bigger than 1” when your trying to chip up.
  10. A lot of contracts stipulate not to leave logs by the road for the reason passing motorists pose a significant hazzard to them selves and others doing exactly this… nothing pisses me off more than some bell end pulling over with his hazards on for logs causing chaos in the middle of a job especially if there is TM on.
  11. I don’t even know where to start … but how can importing millions of tonnes of timber from the other side of the world with heavy oil burning ships .. cutting down our own forests and others to supply the demand for biomass at a rate that’s not sustainable and driving up the price of timber to the point saw mills shut… whilst at the same time not replanting with soft woods and focusing on rewilding with hard woods .. it’s a disaster, absolute shambles. when they planned the biomass at cramlington they asked the FC if keilder would be able to meet the demand for it , I know the the harvesting manager at the time and he said there was absolutely no way … they went ahead any way. Green incentives to be payed to kill off the last of the forestry industry so we have to import all our timber ?
  12. It is or was…. Send surveyor, the above poster a message as it’s his baby and he will sort you one if he’s still making them.
  13. MattyF


    I imagine London ulez ito be like the one n Newcastle then, which they have ran the redirected traffic through the poorest areas whilst the sky high city houses are all safe in their little green zone to be more likely the case mick.
  14. They did do a short bloc that was cheaper than a new crank… work that out ! But was an easy fix. I may have an unused 562 crank case and bearings split (not a short block) will have a look tomorrow, you’re welcome to it if you pay postage.
  15. To be honest most of it would be for biomass boiler in 1 m lengths but I have a load of relatively straight ash I was going to mill but thought would be ok for processing if it was in billets as I’m about two loads short. I was thinking today maybe the splitter could be mounted the valtras loader.


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