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  1. Well your entitled to that opinion .... I honestly can’t see what Is wrong with one anchor and cutting when using a work positioning strop, no one should be working off anchor points that have potential to fail... even if I’m subby climbing I will take the time to select the strongest most suitable upright anchor , if there is none or the tree requires then two ropes come in to play but it’s not suitable for most trees.
  2. I prefer x static after a good few years climbing on non CE cougar , definitely a better rope for ascenders and a better rope in the hands than all the CE statics on the market I’ve tried which is a fair trade off for choosing over against the cougar ....which is the cougars strongest point in my view.
  3. I would trust my own tied fisherman’s on a vt or prussik loop over any spliced option , there are far more accidents down to petzl or ART gear failing in my view to.
  4. I saw a vid on face book a few days back ,the climber went down tied in to the large top he had rigged out, he survived but image if he had the second anchor point it would of torn him in two.. I see some absolutely mental rigging with people tied in to the spar they are rigging off this has always been a big no for me having had rigging points fail and knowing one guy it killed , I think it’s bizarre that it’s taught , further more I’ve seen nptc instructors teach it and rig out bits big enough to fill 4m long forwarding trailers they where rigging on to in an assessment, fair enough if there is no chance of the rigging point failing and interfering or taking out a main anchor points but really this two anchor point rule is going to make this happing a much more likely scenario. The second scenario is just having a massive cluster of twisted crap on your bridge you unclip one then realise it’s the other and in the confusion of trying to sort this mess out some thing is not put back right... I have personally done this within the last two years as I will use two anchors for traversing a lot in big trees, usually on a shorter line that I know won’t be on the ground ... I think there should be a guide line as well if this is has to precede that the two ropes should be different colours as this is what caused my personal incident getting confused with the two lengths of identical cougar blue !
  5. So am I getting this right they are going to ban knots ? Would this count for friction hitches too ?
  6. Visors are good I’ll give it that, they are probably the best on the market , working in days like the last few they still don’t solve getting face fulls of saw dust but I think most days I pick it up the bloody muffs fall off at least twice they are about as reliable as broken peltors from new but with out the wire sticking in the side of your head. I did buy it with full intentions of swapping the muffs over to Peltors but I’m not a big fan of them for the above reasons so just kind of persevered with them. Shame there is not a sordin conversion.
  7. Pretty shit for what it is , fall apart , crap hearing rating , generally pretty uncomfortable , stupidly brought another just to see if the first one I had was as bad as I remember, thought it might make a difference after cutting the sides of my hair... unfortunately it is as bad as I remembered ! Only good thing about them is you can put them on eBay and sell them for nearly as much as you paid , try doing that with a 12 month old petzl [emoji23]
  8. Convert every thing but toppers too 3/8.
  9. This is not making the job safer ,it’s a massive hinderance with so much more potential to add risks it’s just ridiculous, as for the statement that we expect people to add more money to jobs, what about people who have priced work and have months of work in the books already , I can’t turn around and give all my clients that I have work lined up for a higher quote because it’s probably going to add at least another two hours to most jobs or can I expect my climbers or ground staff for that matter to manage a minimum of three ropes ,4-5 in the case of rigging dismantles...at this point in the year with weather and light conditions bad it is already a struggle with out 5 ropes getting dragged and tangled around a rigging job.
  10. Some one posted on Arb talk face book about a well known supposed Arb leader has been fine tuning his training courses for the two rope enforcement for some time , isn’t it a coincidence that all the old boy Arb network will be rinsing the benefits of all this new training ... absolute joke. I’m out , seriously this should not be forgotten and we need to boycott these organisations.. enough is enough.
  11. Where did you drag this up from Darrin.... Since this thread began I’ve found I’m riddled with osteoarthritis it my feet hands,back and hips ,carpel tunnel , tennis elbow , torn rotator cuff injury still playing up... and I’m 41 I think by 60 I will be in a wheel chair... the result of 25 years of Arb and hand cutting, my advice to any one who wants to get in to this industry... don’t.
  12. That about rights off it off on my risk assessment for working off two ropes on most trees as you say there are times and places to do so and most of us with any sense will and have been , but thanks for showing as I missed this first glance through.
  13. Absolutely spot on .. I wonder what it would take to get this reversed ? This is going to make tree work even more dangerous not safer.. does any one know how to start online petitions this needs to be reversed as I’m sure a good % of the people in Arb are not parasites... I recon 90% of tree workers get this is a mental idea.


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