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  1. One of them I'm afraid, it should only be a couple of hours, but hour n half each way. Keep your love making in Angus, or on the rigs...
  2. You tried, but you are wrong. Now Andrew, you should admit if you are wrong, I'll give you until tomorrow to find out where the word woke was initially used or you'll have to do 100 lines. Catch ya tomorrow, I've got to work in Stevenage tomorrow, for a mate in need... I need it like a hole in the head atm.
  3. I do go into Europe and have been much further, I get my news from several different radio stations and what I read. Where else can I get information from? I'd still like you to tell us where the word woke was originally used.
  4. No it wasn't, look up where the word woke was initially used. It's lazy journalism, like staycation means not going abroad on holiday, it's not fact. Woke wasn't first used in Harlem, New York either. It's all out there, you just need to dig a bit deeper to get to the bottom of it.
  5. I've never met anyone who declares themself woke, perhaps it's different in East Anglia.
  6. It's a crass word used mainly by the hard of thinking.
  7. ... to drag it home when the coal/coke ran out...
  8. How cool is that, there's a bloke around here with 2. I was talking to his daughter about them a while back, she told me they are worth about a million squid each😮
  9. You ain't had Mr Johnson's barrel on demo have you?
  10. Agreed, Starmer is dire. Shows how wrong I can be, I thought he would do a lot better.
  11. I agree, nowt' will change off the back of this result. It's not an area I'm familiar with, folk on the wireless today seemed to think a lot of it was to do with HS2.
  12. The Tories took a kicking in Chesham and Amersham. Shame.
  13. Saw it a few days ago, she really is a nasty piece of work.
  14. Yes, they started out buying Shropshire Union Cruisers in the 1970's, they sold out in the late 1990's to Anglo Welsh. Any of the original owners must be well into their 70's-80's now.
  15. It was the stroking chin emoji that lead me down that path. Is your place on the Costa or in the Pueblo? Our kid had a bar just off 24 hour square.


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