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  1. the 'todays job' thread

    Yep, pic 3 was what I was on about. Damn, two miles out! Must try harder.
  2. Transit tipper- yay or nay?

    What was the twin wheel Cabstar like after looking at a banana skin? I've had a couple of the single rear wheel. IME they carry the weight far better than Transits, but they would get stuck on a sticky back stamp. They are cozy mind.
  3. the 'todays job' thread

    Go on Paul, Tell us where this is. I pass that house/tree regularly. Is it Wormingford?
  4. the 'todays job' thread

    Oh, I thought you meant you'd had Bolam in for the day.
  5. Only a thousand years ....give or take

    I saw what you did there. Always here to help, mate.
  6. Quotations!

    Sounds like another snowflake.
  7. The Sheriffs Are Coming.

    Ah, went right over my head. Anyway I'd better get out an bundle some OAP down to the cash machine.
  8. The Sheriffs Are Coming.

    Yep. What I mean is I've never paid for a TV licence, we have one but the Mrs sorts that out. However when I lived on my own (travelling) I didn't pay for such things, who would I have paid council tax to when I was on the move all the time? Since I bought bricks and mortar I've had to pay just like everyone else. Could have worded it better, I guess.
  9. The Sheriffs Are Coming.

    I've never personaly paid for one in my life. Lived in caravans/motorhomes for years, (chasing the pound). Never paid poll/council tax either. The guilt keeps me awake some nights.
  10. bandsaw not working? whats wrong?

    Scrap that. I've found me glasses.
  11. bandsaw not working? whats wrong?

    Can you take a clear picture of the first one. The light/flash blurs some of The writing out.
  12. The Sheriffs Are Coming.

    If some of it OK you won't mind paying for your TV licence then?
  13. Coins in trees. Anyone seen this before?

    I don't know anything about coins in trees. There is a pub in Suffolk that's got the same thing going on in the Oak beams. I can't remember which pub it is though, I've been in too many to remember. Legend has it the coins were put there by local lads going off to the Great War, so on returning, they had their first pint "in". Sadly the fact remains that many coins stayed there as the men did not return. They remain there to this day. Any of the Suffolk lads know which pub this is?
  14. The Sheriffs Are Coming.

    You really couldn't make this up. EVERYTHNG that the BBC broadcast is left wing bollocks, right? Now the BBC are broadcasting a show with very professional people going about their day to day business. Matelot, I thought the BBC was full of shit.
  15. Most exciting thing you have done ?

    No justice on here any more! My week in Skegness was much more exciting. I went on the boating lake n everything else.


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