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  1. I shouldn't have to, I've paid my money (as far as I know) and want everything in place. Why should I do any more? It's that sort of attitude that lets these government agencies get away with it, if I hadn't renewed my road tax and got a tug I'd get shafted. They want to get their house in order.
  2. I'd be surprised if anyone else did.
  3. You, are tying yourself in knots.
  4. Can you not see where this falls down? You've been to see relatives today that you haven't seen since March, yet the "R" rate is about the same if not higher in some parts of the country.
  5. He probably could give him a job, spending other folks money is easy.
  6. A few years back I'd have said, "there's more chance of me becoming the president", these days I'm not so sure...
  7. I've looked back and have the confirmation email, how I'd prove it if I got a tug locally I'm not sure, I often go out without my phone.
  8. Subby climber always turns out when he says he will, £400/day down the smoke or he doesn't turn out (his words, roughly).
  9. There is a member here who is racing into London (I'm not naming him) £400/day chopping trees down, I've no reason to disbelieve him, and good luck to him.
  10. Ta, I wonder what would happen if I got a tug by the police, (not that I intend to), do they have different info than we have, or will the vehicle show as untaxed.
  11. It's quite simple really, if you are a painter n decorator that does a bit of Arb work as a subby you are doing it to keep the funds coming in, shit on the main contractor and the funds stop rolling in. Nicking one client isn't going to keep you going.
  12. Have you checked if the bike is showing as taxed on the Gov website?
  13. Farage consistent... that's got to be one of the funniest things I've heard in time. Try googling "Farage contradictions", you'll have hours of reading, and viewing.
  14. I can always find a fool, unfortunately someone else has found them before and taken their money.
  15. It's beyond bizzare. As another Member said... they are thick as mince. I've nothing academic... but I'm well read. Lots of them are academic, but thick as a brick. A good vet would shoot them.


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