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  1. If people knew the half of it, I used to work for a fella that run a shit tanker business, he also had a council owned farm, he bought the house and land at 50% of the going rate, a few years later he sold some of the land for housing and pocketed the lot, it's not just the scum that get away with it.
  2. Speaking to an ex girlfriend earlier, she bought her council house last year, (only six ex council houses in the village) she paid £85k for it, she's just had it valued at £200k, ok she can't sell it for five years or she pays a penalty. Wrong trade again!
  3. Your compassion knows no bounds.
  4. Don't mess about Gary, get them in the stocks.
  5. Use a friends/relatives address, or use a service like Boat Mail where your post gets sent to an address where they either open your mail and scan it to you or forward your post onto you to a local post office to where you are. Like I said in an earlier post, in the last 30 years I've only lived at a 'proper' address for 12 years, never had a problem with bank, driving license, passport.
  6. I didn't have a mooring to start with. Rubbish went in CaRT bins, water came out of their taps, all paid for in my license. Shit was paid for separately, mostly in private marinas pump-outs, although you can get pump out from the working boats, Ya see, everything gets paid for. Which council should I have paid council tax to when I could be in three different counties in a day or two?
  7. I was in the UK, (middle England) on a narrowboat, no council tax if you are permently on the move. I don't see, or never heard of someone that cruises the inland waterways paying council tax. Different if you have a perment mooring. The cost or rubbish disposal iand the likes s in your licence.
  8. Why would not paying council tax put you out of the system, when I had a boat I was a continual cruiser, which council should I have paid my tax to?
  9. I know loads of people that live slightly under the radar, me included, it's not a cheap way of living just the way some people choose to live. Since the early Ninties I've only lived in a pile of bricks for 12 years. The only dodge I could get way with is council tax, I pay a friends single person uplift to keep a local postal address and to keep me on the electoral roll. Sometimes it's best to leave folk alone if they aren't causing any problems.
  10. Should that read 'Monday 27th'.
  11. It'd look alright to a blind man on a galloping hoss. only joking, i like the fact that it's freehand/rough round the edges.
  12. The pic of Igor jumping up to see what's going on on the worktop is a classic. I had a Springer a few years back, he chased a cat out of the pub car park one afternoon while I wasn't paying attention to him, he cleared a 6' fence into a neighbouring garden in his pursuit. I had to jump the fence to throw him back out.
  13. Can't beat you for trees, but I've got one from when I worked on the water. Called out one night, full manhole/loss of services, we get there, no one home, lift the covers everything's empty, off we go. Next day the call centre were wanting us to go back out to unblock it!, when we turned up it was a few minutes past 12, silly bollox here made the mistake of saying "good morning" he set right about me, "morning, it's fecking afternoon, why didn't you come last night, blah, blah, blah. I told him to go feck himself, (not my proudest moment), but he had to have it). It's a good job my manager was my ex mate off the tools.
  14. Terry Jones did one. He was a very naughty boy.
  15. When I first read the title of the thread I thought something had burnt down on the Isle-of-Man.


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