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  1. I'm only telling you what we were taught on traffic management courses, never direct with hand signals, if you were to cause more problems you could well be prosecuted. That's why stop/go boards are or should be at each end of temporary traffic lights in case the lights fail.
  2. Only authorised people should direct traffic using hand signals, police officer, dvsa officer and lollipop crossing staff (couldn't think of the lasts proper title), I'd like to think like your friend if you had a valid reason no more than a bollocking would be issued.
  3. You might have hit on something there if you could design the system, after all I don't suppose TM companies enjoy paying lads to go out to unmanned jobs when a sensor fails and sends everything all red.
  4. Yes but, you don't see that fat twat in the middle of the night when he's taking the central reserve barrier out and putting a contrafolw in place on the M6 before the police rolling road block turns up, If the company I worked for on Dartford Crossing got it wrong they were fined £10k/hour/lane closed, it does tend to concentrate the mind, and flood the job with lads.
  5. Now, don't quote me Andrew, it's a long time since I was in TM and I did very little street works, mainly Motorways but I seem to rember being able to hold all red for a maximum of 10 minutes depending on the traffic count.
  6. Well no, it's not generous of them. They are still getting their poke, but someone who is cold can use their facilities to get warm and get a hot drink.
  7. Leave a drink for the next punter?
  8. I don't go in Greggs often but when I next do I'll leave one hanging.
  9. It is an urban myth, I did a few years in TM. When we were quiet I used to repair lights in the workshop. There are basically three settings, timers, sensors and all red, we used to leave them on timers on unmanned jobs because the motion sensors we known to play up and send each light head all red.
  10. The sensor is a motion sensor the detects approaching vehicles, nothing to do with flashing lights.
  11. Learnt something new today, in Greggs you can buy a coffee, and pay for a second one that you "leave hanging" for homeless people of the town. New one on me but I like the idea.


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