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  1. Well, I never! School days n all that.
  2. That's a new one on me, I'll ask at the post office. I've got a paper (email) trail saying that I'm ok to drive because my license is being processed, but that doesn't help when I need to drive another company's truck and their insurance want to see my card.
  3. My license was due to run out and it was the ten year one, so I needed to send a picture in (passport was out of date, not needed during Covid), anyway I still haven't got it back, this was in August 2020. Our kid told me yesterday that his took 10 months to come back, wtf do they do in Swansea?
  4. 4 hundred quid fine, and a breach of the peace. No biggy, but if I'd pleaded guilty at the magistrates it would have been goodnight Vienna. How they think giving magistrates more sentencing powers will help the backlog at crown court is beyond me.
  5. If you need any firsthand information on how our police/cps/courts work I'll run you through it. In June 2019 I got lifted for an assault, carrying an offensive weapon and drink driving, I did poke him one, (but he came at me) there was no weapon, no vehicle, yet I had to go to Ipswich crown in April 2021. My barrister told me I was best of taking the charge off breach of the peace, and suck it yo.
  6. Any proof of this? A third off at the magistrates for a guilty plea, or have things changed?
  7. I thought it was six months to 12 months, it's still a queer way to try to solve a problem.
  8. On the phone to Mr Johnson, ring ya back next.
  9. Done nowt wrong this time, it's madness. Give magistrates stronger sentencing powers to help the backlog at crown court... err no, more people will go to crown if they know they're going to get a harder kicking off the magistrates.
  10. I thought that was the idea, you throw your hands in at the magistrates to get it over and done with, with a lighter sentence, or you go to crown to have it out, and hope you can beat 'them'?
  11. ... to sentence people to longer terms to solve the backlog at crown courts, how's that work when a defendant can elect to go on trial? Who on earth would plead guilty at the magistrates court when they've got a chance of getting off at crown court? Country has gone bonkers.
  12. Sounds a bit like people who won't/don't use Apple products, you either get on with them or not. Global are a quality knive that hold an edge, horses for courses, as ever.
  13. Mate of mines wife is an agent for Global, my ex bought a set off her at trade. Second to none. Eye watering expensive mind.


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