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  1. Nicked off Facebook, it's raining a bit here.
  2. Not that I'm aware of, you'll have to catch the oil.
  3. The opposite end to the threaded studs, the studs will have the wiring attached to them.
  4. You are looking for something like this, the valve is on the opposite end.
  5. In the valve is a restrictor which stops the bed slamming down when you press the down button, it doesn't take much at all for the restrictor to become blocked. Take it off and blow it through.
  6. Before long there will only be Tim and Nigel sat in there.
  7. That's damn good money outside The Smoke for a jobbing builder, any qualified, experienced trade, subbing should start at £200/day imo, the money is there. Two bits to this. OP, I've plenty of experience on a saw, own PPE, own saw, you supply the fuel/oil and somewhere with water and electric for me to park my truck I'll come and do it for £15/hour. I can't promise 5 days a week but I'll give you 3 every week. You'll like this trig, one of the main, 'the industry won't take it brigade' said it one day, with in a few days he posted a picture of a brand spnking new convertible he'd just collected worth about £50k.
  8. When I used to say similar things to the above 10 years ago I used to get slaughtered around this parish with absolute nonsense like, the industry won't stand it. It was bollocks back then like its bollocks now. The OP only wants to pay £10/hour because he knows he can get away with it. If I'm wrong this industry wants a good kicking into 2021.
  9. Like most tickets it was a 100% pass rate. Not worth the bog paper they are written on but we have to have them.
  10. It was the same when I worked for the water authority, that said I had to have an in house ticket to go to the toilet on my own.
  11. I'm with this, having a license is 'proof' of competence. We all know that isn't necessary correct but in the eyes of the law and HSE that's all that's required.
  12. Boris says he is happy with his new cabinet.
  13. Couldn't agree more about regular use, I used to tow on a daily basis years back and reversing was second nature. I very rarely tow now and have to really concentrate if I need to get a trailer into a tight space.


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