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  1. Funnily enough I tried to palm a MK6 Transit tipper off on Bolam the other day. He politely told me to go forth…
  2. When the boss man says, go to tip off, I’m not sure this was what he meant. I
  3. I decided it would be a good idea to fall off my mates crosser a while back, I didn’t plan on almost leaving my little finger behind, Arnica cream seems to soothe it a little, but it can be a right face puller if a catch it wrong.
  4. A-Plan, now Howden insurance work well for me. I’ve got my van, tipper, camper, and box with them. Not had to claim off them but their reviews seem good.
  5. I realise that, unusual to see one fitted not on a boat.
  6. I was wondering what the skin fitting was about, have you thought about ducting the air inlet into the part of the shed you are heating to recirculate the already heated air?
  7. I’ve not got one in my present box as I’m waiting for the Hcalory 2kw to come out, although I did read a week or two ago that it isn’t going to happen now. In my last box I ran my Maxpeedingrods day and night all through winter with no issues, as did many other people I know or speak to. I realise they are cheap knockoffs of the German heaters but after all they are night heaters. I’ve often wondered if my insurance would pay out if my box went up in flames due to one of these heaters, I guess I know the answer! I’ve never heard of one going up in flames. Have you got a picture of your setup?
  8. Saw this on a Facebook group near where I used to live in Suffolk earlier, couldn’t let it pass me by. Roll on!
  9. Plenty of videos on YouTube showing heat recovery from the exhaust to heat a radiator.
  10. You can buy insulated ducting for not a lot of money, recirculating the warm air, as you have is the way to go, makes the heater much more efficient.
  11. Temperature will be back in double figures first.
  12. Believe me, I’ve been there. unless you are big time or processing arb arisings it’s a lot of work for small profit. Much easier ways to make a living.
  13. No annoyance from me, many dogs have a bad reputation, many people blame it on the breed, many people blame it on the owners. At the end of the day, any breed of dog can be trained and exercised to be calm and civil.


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