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  1. Local news, two 11 year old girls have gone missing in Sudbury. Neither of them have been seen since they left school at 3:15. Doesn't sound very good.
  2. It's not always that hot, it's only 24.1 according to the digital thermometer ATM, Alex came round on the weekend and commented on how warm it is in here. I won't be cold, or hungry, been both in the past, never again.
  3. I'm going to take a guess, somewhere around Sutton Coldfield.
  4. I've got a 2kw oil filled heater in my box, it keeps it around 25 degrees. It can always be turned down mind. If I was buying new I'd buy one with a built in fan, I think they call them turbo fans.
  5. Fella in Stowmarket named Luke got one, just waiting for him to get back with a price. It'll be with an operator.
  6. Not wearing it, the bloke in the picture has his glasses on the right way round.
  7. Just don't turn from poacher to gamekeeper, saw it too many times to count on the water authority.
  8. I'm with you Jon, the first time I worked on Lakenheath it took 3 hours to get clearance. They emptied two vans to search everything, strange environment when everyone you see is openly carrying a gun.
  9. I'm surprised that you don't have to hand your phone over for safe keeping when you sign in, you certainly have to on Mildenhall and Lakenheath. These are both USA bases though, perhaps things are different.
  10. Sounds like you're on the ball, mate.
  11. hey, if it's getting to the bar I'd beat Kipchoge
  12. Cider always tastes better when it's free along with a top lunch.
  13. Don't be so precious David, it works both ways.


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