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  1. eggsarascal

    How will this stand on insurance paying out

    "Momentary lapse of concentration!" If anyone else would have done it they would have been a right twunt. £3k is a kick in the nads though. I feel your pain.
  2. eggsarascal

    Helmet stickers

    You really should get that looked at...
  3. eggsarascal

    How will this stand on insurance paying out

    Not laughing, much. Before you go looking, I did reverse my van into my own house Back in the winter☹️
  4. eggsarascal

    Tree roots and water pipe

    T'was only a tree surgeon telling me where I'm going wrong, now it's a machine driver/ground worker. I'm going to have to up my game...
  5. I couldn't resist it. Hope you had a good holiday.
  6. eggsarascal

    Identify this fuel

    I get the gist of the story, but what does blythly mean?
  7. eggsarascal

    Tree roots and water pipe

    I don't think tree surgeons should be allowed to work on water supplies...
  8. eggsarascal

    Welsh Wood !

    I can see you are a trouble maker. It's seeing the bigger picture, blue sky thinking...
  9. eggsarascal

    Making the news today....

    The thing is, there are seemingly intelligent people that believe he isn't. That said, they post links to Infowars, or maybe not so often since Alex Jones got caught with his pants down.
  10. eggsarascal

    Identify this fuel

    Looks Italian to me.
  11. eggsarascal

    Making the news today....

    Anyone see what I mean about standing behind your team even when they are shit.
  12. eggsarascal

    Making the news today....

    Mmm, I don't really know how to answer that but I'll try. My missus is on the PC, she is, imo a busy body, not that she wants to know everyone's business, more she wants to help, much, much more than I do. I'm pretty sure she doesn't do it to feel important.
  13. eggsarascal

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    Starting the engine on the jetter when the valve is still in the high pressure position, rather than return to tank, spraying water all over the inside of the van and all over me when I'm trying to turn the engine off. Guess what someone did today...?
  14. eggsarascal

    Making the news today....

    Anyone who couldn't see what he is from the outset needs a Labrador and a white stick. The problem with talking politics is some people will defend "their side" even when a Dick from that side says things. Is that not to loose face?, I don't know. It's a bit like some football fans, it doesn't matter how shit their team are they are still the best team, not favourite. A mentality I can't get my head round.


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