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  1. It wasn't just Tories... I'm told.
  2. Is this not CBIL's, not BBL. Either way, we all will pay for it.
  3. I'm being serious this time, Stubby. Was it a no-brainer or did you think about having the vaccination? I'm no anti, just curious.
  4. Yes, it's the road out of Cavendish, towards Pentlow, Rodbridge.
  5. Says a bloke who chooses to live in South London, or whatever it's called now.
  6. Did I mention we'd had some rain here over the last few months? Note the raised walkway next to the fence.
  7. Try to keep the weather up there, tidy yard. What are the solar panels powering?
  8. It put me in mind of when I worked on a 'gang', first sign of frost/snow and it was a day in the office, the office was The Cross Keys.
  9. ... he says whilst rolling another smoke to walk down the Offy with...
  10. Neither would I worry about it, in the same breath I wouldn't give out advice on tax, insurance, and licenses if I hadn't run it by someone who knows these things.🤷‍♂️
  11. The OP said from the very beginning he would consider getting his tickets and do the job part time, he also said he was self employed. It doesn't need the likes of me to dob someone in, not that I would.
  12. Are you just saying he should check this, like his insurance, or is this how it really works?
  13. I'm sure you realise if it's waste he will need a waste carries license?, that aside I'd take the word of a member here who's been through the courts involving this matter.
  14. I'm not in the industry, but I did have some climbing tuition from a member here who will remain nameless because he was rubbish. You will know him if shows ever open again, he'll have a can of Stella in his hand. Never, ever sit down for an evenings drinking with him, both will end up drunk. hope this helps you to move forward.


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