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  1. And did those feet in pleasant time...
  2. Ranting is great Al, it's when people take things personal that ruins things, (I've been guilty of it). I got a message from an arbtalk member the other week saying, "we've had some disagreements recently Egg, I don't mean any harm from it", or words to that affect. Still best of mates. Have a row, move on, there really are worse things to worry about.
  3. I feel your pain about the roads, from where I live I average 30 miles per hour, it's one of those things that I have to suffer. Go try an Amarok and let us know how you get on, I'd be very surprised if you aren't impressed.
  4. Back on serious. The Amarok is a brilliant truck if you can stretch to it, my brother had one that was uprated by SV, go anywhere, tow anything.
  5. The thing is, we've all got opinions and if you voice yours on a forum someone will come back and voice theirs. Hope you find someone reliable for next week.
  6. I know, I was pulling your chain.
  7. Midlands Jon, move to the Midlands...
  8. I've just measured my 811 mirror to mirror and your sprinter is wider than my 7.5 t truck. I'm amazed.
  9. Sprinter 8' wide!?, my 7.5t isn't 8' wide.
  10. You lot can hate however much you like, I'm back up the cut come the new year. I'll see you setting the locks.
  11. Serves you right for going to Scotland, should have staid on the boat.
  12. Where I'm at is in the middle of nowhere, a mile from the nearest village, and a couple of miles from the nearest town. I don't want, or need someone shouting around me. Go elsewhere!
  13. It's not the younger generation, and while we're hating, blaming the kids boils mine. This was a middle aged fat slob. If I hear "we'll be back in Chelmsford" once more I'll...
  14. Slow down! He turns up and does the graft, more than half the job in itself, are you going to find someone else who can do the same for Tuesday?


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