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  1. eggsarascal

    Insurance woes

    Try Adrian Flux, not specialists to tree work but they seem to be able to help a mate of mine. He's in a similar situation to you where he very rarely uses any hired in help, but I Think he gets cover as and when needed. I'm insured with them but haven't had a claim so I don't know what they would be like then.
  2. eggsarascal

    Does Sat Nav ever work well?

    They have a place but I've found it depends where you are, parts of rural Norfolk and parts of the Fens you might as well forget it and get A local map.
  3. eggsarascal

    Cameras to detect overweight vehicles

    I dont know. If I had to choose I'd go with being robbed against being wiped out by someone that's overladen....... only for arguments sake...
  4. eggsarascal

    Cameras to detect overweight vehicles

    This is the second time in a fortnight that I find myself agreeing with you. I'm going to take a damn good look at myself.
  5. eggsarascal

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    I'd bet that is all paid in Pound notes.
  6. eggsarascal

    SRT Qualified?

    Is that the one you taught me?
  7. eggsarascal

    2018 Summer V 1976 Summer

    I haven't been for years, thankfully. I used to do the market at Ingoldmells. It's was pretty rubbish then.
  8. eggsarascal

    Thats one lucky cyclist!

  9. eggsarascal

    Thats one lucky cyclist!

    That's sounds like good advice when anywhere near that crew.
  10. eggsarascal

    Thats one lucky cyclist!

    Slightly unfair. They had a keep right sign...
  11. eggsarascal

    Adventure Playgrounds

    Yep, the big kids would rock it so violently it nearly rattled your teeth out. And spun the roundabout so fast that there was no way you would try to get off. Now we are back in the day did anyone else have the police scheme, I can't remember what it was called but they used to look out to the kids on the long summer holiday. All sorts of activities.
  12. eggsarascal

    Adventure Playgrounds

    Yes, we had one in our local park. It's a long time ago but I think it was removed around the late 70's, early 80's. I'd have to ask my eldest brother to be sure. I think it was grease, not oil, either way I used to get covered in it.
  13. eggsarascal

    Christmas tree harvesting

    There used to be a Dutch fella, (lived over here) that used to do stacks of Christmas tree felling on here but I can't for the live of me remember his name. Anyone help?
  14. eggsarascal

    Adventure Playgrounds

    Yep, sad outcome. He so easily could have been like the rest of us and got away with it. I too had A Raleigh Burner in the mid 80's, 85?. There is a funny story about his brother. He got caught Kerb Crawling in the red light district of Stoke, when the old bill lifted him he said he was asking the young lady for directions...... He was about two miles from where he was born n breed!


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