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  1. I'm surprised he was only sick and wetting his pants, last time I was with him he shat himself...
  2. Cracker!, where was the picture taken?
  3. At least you'd only have to suffer it for a day, imagine the poor brickies, joiners, plumbers, sparks, plasterers, not to forget the scamming roofers building the extension... those poor [email protected] will be there for weeks on end. Or maybe they won't.
  4. This simply isn't correct, I live in Suffolk and do some work in London. To get into London at a decent time I leave here around 04:30, days work then get caught in traffic on my way out, an hour and half to get in and 2-3 hours getting back home, someone has to pay for that and it ain't going to be me. A £1k job here would be at LEAST £1500 in London, that's before parking and everything else is factored in. If you think that is scamming people so be it.
  5. Smart arse, did you miss where I said I'd try to get the best price for the job? Do you think your extension is going to come in on budget?, if you do you are in for a rude awakening. Now back to the tree, you've been quoted £1250+VAT=£1500 from someone who's seen the job. In my mind 2 grand wasn't far off considering people have got one crappy picture that doesn't show all the tree to work off.
  6. The best part of this is, they are building an extension on a house in London which ain't going to be cheap, it will also put a mass of value on the property. I like most others would try to get the best price for the job, but £2k (arguing over £500) in the grand scheme of things is amazing.
  7. I can say loads of nice stuff about you, Ken. Just message me to let me know what you would like me to say.
  8. Nice MK1, '71, '72? I also had a few.
  9. It's Trigger, alright enough. A bit like having an itchy leg when it's in plaster.
  10. Don't worry, what is stamped next to LRE?, I can't make it out this end... even with me glasses on.
  11. I bet you're a right laugh down the pub.
  12. Birds like Swallows and Swifts do return to the same nest site, birds that produce a few broods tend to build new, some nests get used again by other birds. You should be able to recognise a laggy year nest that's in use before eggs are present.


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