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  1. That head type,👍 but for the combi system, that's for the multi tool- the cultivator out front wheeled kind of thing. I think😂
  2. I've been trying to find one of the stihl rubber paddle kombi system sweepers but everywhere seems to list them as out of stock? Are they still available? Any chance someone has a used one they want to part with? Cheers
  3. william127

    Which Micro

    Any size digger is worth having! I have a 1.5 ton and what it can do is amazing, handle ridiculous sized lumps of timber, dig out 50 tons a day no problem, take the canopy off and drive it through garages, the list goes on.... My Dad on the other hand has an old takeuchi micro, and that's also brilliant! Strip off turf far quicker than labourers, perfect size for loading wheelbarrows, get in really tight gateway's, dig right up against a house, the list goes on....
  4. william127

    Trailer advice

    Good point, handy truck for the money but a truck will never have the payload of a trailer. Still very useful though. I've had tipper, flat bed and plant trailers and the one I wouldn't be without is the 14x6 flatbed. Can do more things more easily than anything else. Its not ridiculously big, especially when used with my 110/ td5 discovery, but its long enough to get 2 pallets of 6ft fencing on, can safely put 6m long stuff on it, cars, timber, soil, whatever. I have the standard sides and plywood high sides. I could get mesh high sides if I wanted.
  5. william127

    Older tippers that can tow 3.5ton/7 ton train weight?

    It was a trip in a 3.0 cabstar that got me thinking about tippers👍 it belongs to the company my mate works for and he said it could tow 3.5 ton but I wasn't sure. I might borrow it and give it a test! I wondered about Ivecos as well 👍
  6. Are there any models of older tipper that can(legally) tow 3.5 ton, ideally with a 7 ton train weight? Apart from Defenders, I know all I need to about them. I'm thinking that a tipper would be a good fit with my work and machinery but I don't think they are generally weight rated for heavy towing? My 110 is 3.5 ton gvw and 7ton train, but its a hardtop so in reality its virtually impossible to put any weight in it! Chances are I will end up with a discovery commercial as they have much bigger back door than the defender and a flat floor (and I have a good condition low mileage td5 that needs putting back together and using!) But now is a good time to be looking. And by older I mean under £7000! Cheers!
  7. william127

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    They are the 1.5toner you want to have, if you're looking used👌 In fact I'd rather have 2 of them than 1 new machine, far more useful! I would have rather had 1 than my Kubota, but prices were a little higher 4 years ago, the price you're looking at seems good/OK to me. Good luck with it👍
  8. william127

    Finally got myself some IBCs

    Bit of chicken wire will soon sort that!👍
  9. william127

    Finally got myself some IBCs

    I've been meaning to do it for a while, but on Friday I picked up my first load of IBCs and they are already making life easier! I've got 12 at the moment, but will definitely need more next time I have a quiet week. Filled up 3¹/2 with ringed logs in no time this afternoon, ones for a scrap metal bin and ones for plastic, nice and tidy. Eventually I will be using them for split logs as well, with a couple set aside for oversized stuff, and some for undersized stuff hopefully for charcoal making👌 Just need to encourage my customers to take larger, loose loads now, unfortunately that doesn't seem to happen much.
  10. william127

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    That was the best splitting set up I've had to date, horizontal splitter on a trailer for a bit of height, powered by the digger and towed by it. Shouldn't have sold it but after I bought my x27 I stopped using it and got what I paid for it, plus I'm not sure it was doing the digger much good. The splitter was home built by the man I bought it from and had some great features: Big old digger ram One handed operation, as it should be😋 A slope leading up to the wedge, so the logs never got jammed so badly that a quick tap didn't get them off. And possibly the best bit was that it was made of an I beam, with the pusher traveling inside it, so you could rest logs on it and let go of them! If I ever make my own it will be very similar but ideally it will have: A large steal table behind the wedge, so you don't have to try and 'catch' the logs that need resplitting. A 4ft ram, obviously with loads of power, and an I beam to match. An auto return ram, but with adjustable return- so if you're doing billets it goes the full 4ft, if youre doing single rings, just a foot. If such a thing even exists! And 1 handed operation of course! My current splitter is a standard, vertical, JSilk model, absolutly nothing wrong with it but I'm just not that bowled over by it. I'm going to build my own massive table for it and if that doesn't make me really like it I'll build the one I've described above. Still not sure why I sold it!
  11. william127

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    How are the plans coming along? I'd love to buy a set! Although god knows why I want to make charcoal😂 no, I do know why- planning on moving to IBCs for logs and I could quite easily toss small stuff into specific crates set aside for charcoal. And it should be fun..
  12. william127

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    No problem, cheers.
  13. william127

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    Don't suppose you still have some?
  14. william127

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    Thanks, think I'll give one a go👍
  15. william127

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    How have you found the 9amps in the grinder? Do they last OK, in use and overall lifespan? Thanks


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