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  1. That's why I have built a solid bagging box out of timber and angle iron, mounted on a pallet so I can move it around easily. Stick the bag in it, fill it up, fork it out and job done. The box does the measuring, the bag is just for transport. Let's me give consistent measures and reuse the bags until they are knackered!.
  2. Too right, why not!👍👍😁 I cleaned out my brushless grinder and got it working but its actually the triggers wearing out- time to demote it to the workshop and get a shiney new one for the van!😂😂
  3. A cordless grease gun is about the only tool makita don't make,😩well that I need. So I've got a sealy cordless one with non lithium battery's,so they are always flat when needed. its bloody horrible but just about worth having.... As for other tools discussed in this topic- I've got a half inch brushless makita impact driver and its bloody brilliant!its not just quicker than a ratchet but it can also do things that a ratchet cant. I did have a machine mart one but that was a lot bigger, less powerful and terrible battery life, I gave it to a mate and he still uses it occasionally. My brushless makita grinder is possibly the best tool I've ever bought. I'd use it anywhere, no matter how manky, as its just a completely differenct class of tool to a cheap or brushed one. Its currently out of action ( I think its just brick dust in the trigger that'll blow out), I feel like I'm missing an arm😂😂 Bahco socket sets are better thàn halfords, I've broken a halfords ratchet by hand, never broken a bahco one even with a scaffold pole! They are also dirt cheap if you buy them at the right time- ive bought 3 from various places over the years and never paid more than £60 for full size 1/2 inch set with spanners. I do like nice tools and some of them are possibly excessive for my needs but they just make life easier!
  4. I'd really like to see pictures if you find them- its something I've often thought of doing but never been sure it would work. So seeing some pictures of a tried and tested one would be great👍
  5. Where can I order one please? Needs to be double cab though, with four full size seats, an 8ft load bed and no longer than a 110👍👍😁
  6. Its not just a muck heap its also a soil dump from small digging out jobs over the last 13 years- I can't believe how far the pile went!- that's been mixed with our muck heap over the years. I've separated out the straw/muck and its great soil as its been well mixed over the years. Its stones, hardcore, roots of all sizes that im needing to get out.👍
  7. I see where you're coming from, but I think if I can find one of those red rhino machines near me it should be viable i think. We only use soil in pretty small quantities so it costs £40+ a ton to buy, I now think there's 100 ton ish in the piles. I have a digger and a loader so only running costs for them, not hire rates, and I'll be doing it myself-not that my time is free, or even cheap! A bit of time on the screener should get the pile tidied up (that's quite important due to where our fields are), make a decent pile of usable product and give me some experience of the process in case I ever need to use it on site where its a bit more important! Cheers 👍
  8. This one looks like the way to go, just need to find one for a sensible price that's not a hundred miles away!
  9. I'm currently digging out my muck heap and I've found about 40 tons of really decent soil. There is probably the same again in another heap up the field. Any recommendations on a machine I could hire to screen the rubbish out of it to leave decent soil behind ? Needs to be able to use in a field and ideally mobile in use so I can move it to the soil rather than bringing the soil to it. Any suggestions welcome, thanks.
  10. I remember you saying about the 5s being better than the 0s when I got my 3060, that would make sense as its the slightly later series- so basically the same but slightly improved?!? Prices of the 1056s seem a bit a bit hit and miss, but slightly up on 5 years ago maybe🤔 👍
  11. So the tractor in this picture is long gone-at a great profit!- and its time for another! (I did think that buying a brand new loader 2 months ago would 'scratch the itch' for this year, but apparently not!) So any suggestions of tractors to meet this criteria: 4wd 80-100ish HP 40kph Loader 2 spools £10000-12000(roughly) Nice cab Big wide door Lots of leg room Gear sticks to the side, not between your legs 3pl controls on the outside for easy hitching up My current contender is a mf3090/95, or a 3080/85 if it was in really nice condition for the right price. Reading through here Aspen Bob has got me tempted by a 3125 but I think that's somewhat overkill!! I'm also very keen on the case 1056xl for the simple reason that a farmer/contractor 2 miles from me has had at least 20 of them and never got rid of any so there are plenty of spares and knowledge on them in the area, plus they are simple and just do the job. Not sure what they are like to work in/drive? I will probably head to Cambridge sales next month- not to buy, I can't risk this much on an auction- but its the best place to climb in the cabs of many different models! Any suggestions appreciated, but I'm not in the market to buy right now, itll be a couple of months yet 😁👍

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    Logic ATV logging arch, great condition, works well, had very little use and very simple so really not much to go wrong. Very efficient on the right jobs, I just don't use it anymore as I have a mini digger with a grab and tend to cut timber to length and trailer it straight out now. I'll get some pictures ASAP Like all these kind of ATV attachments they are seriously expensive new and rarely come up second hand! Located in Hertford £650, feel free to make offers.


    - GB

  13. I wouldn't go there looking for a tractor unless you know absolutely what you are looking at, and the values of the machines you are looking at. Too easy to get your fingers burnt! I can't say I've seen many valtras there either, but obviously different every month. Its not a bad day out though and you can get good buys on the implements and odds and sods bits- I got a big pile of barriers for not much more than I paid for 1 new one last time I went.
  14. I work with Andrew regularly and can vouch for the research that's gone into, the maintenance of and low hours of all this kit. Its all great stuff👍👍
  15. Please don't be a bunch of pollocks, we're not a school!


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