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  1. william127

    Milling small ash

    Yes I'd be interested to know that. I've only ever milled 1 tree, an ash, and I thought I was giving myself an easy start??
  2. william127

    Advice on machinery for moving timber

    Quad bike and trailer can be surprisingly efficient. Using my old p6e ifor Williams, loading with 750ish kg of hornbeam with the 1.5 ton digger in the woods, drag quad bike and loaded trailer 50 yards onto decent track with the digger, then a 500 yard blast to the barn. Unload by hand, using the 1 in 5 slope of the barn floor to assist, piled as rough as anything to stack with the digger later. Our quickest round trip was 22 minutes, 25 was average. A third man staying in the barn to assist with dragging off and save opening/closing doors and gates would probably saved 5 minutes a trip. I don't think a tipper suitable for a quad bike would have saved us much time as it would have reduced our payload and probably been physically smaller as well as more delicate than my stripped and reinforced P6e!
  3. william127

    T Mech Stump grinder

    I have the same machine badged as a Hyundai, works very nicely, cost less than a grand and has done some good work so far. The cables have all been trouble as they come loose and stretch, but noting that can't be sorted. I'm pleased with it. Its now in need of a sharpen, which I will have a go at, but I'd also be interested in a good source of spare teeth?thanks👍
  4. william127

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    c ,Another successful day for the little Kubota! Digging out what turned out to be a monster of a cherry tree stump, took me far far longer than I was expecting but that's what happens when the customer has had the tree cut flush with the ground! Shame I didn't get more pictures but I was in a rush all day. And its another success for the 1.5 ton digger + stump grinder + stump + hedge cuttings all fitting on one trailer load. A good first (on site) day at work for the year👌
  5. william127

    Advice on machinery for moving timber

    If you are looking for a loader tractor, industrial tractors are well worth considering. They have much more hydraulic flow than an agricultural version, are no more complicated, have a nice easy to use joystick for the loader- and they are cheap! This one cost me £1700 and to get a normal tractor with this loading power would be far more than that! the downside? No 3pl or spools on mine, but some do! Your budget would let you be a little bit more selective. an old backhoe like an mf50 could be had on your budget, forks on the front, some kind of grab where a back bucket would be? Not something I have any experience with but the look like a lot of machine for the money?
  6. william127

    is a timber Croc worth the money

    Another vote for the portek. I bought mine for a nasty job cutting sub 6 inch coppice poles up for a customer, changed what would have been a totally horrible job into a pleasant, efficient process. I've often thought about buying another one and bolting then together so that I can put much longer/heavier timber in it. I can get a wheelbarrow under it but they fill up far too quickly. I might experiment with a trimmed down IBC crate when I've sorted front forks for my loader. Well worth the money!
  7. william127

    Time off at Xmas -- How much are you taking

    I will work all the time I can arrange it for over the christmas period! Which might be every day between boxing day and new years day, or none of them! Either way is fine by me! I have one offroad play day booked in between Christmas and new year, if I can get two in like last year- well that will be worth two days off! I do sometimes wish I had a job where I could apply to work overtime over Christmas day etc for a massive amount of overtime!
  8. william127

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    I have loads of stuff to tinker with in dry sheds with the radio going but days I have set aside for that can be my least motivated?? And these are the things I'm supposed to enjoy! But last Wednesday I had to litter pick a blackthorn thicket that I couldn't walk through to 5 meters deep from the edge, using a hook on a pole!! It was pissing down, I had been on a big job all the weekend before and was shattered Tuesday night, I should have finished the litter picking on the first day on site but didn't so I was technically working for nothing- all the conditions to make you completely demotivated!!! But I was there at 7 in the morning, happily picking by torchlight and by the time the small skip arrived at 8:30 I was 3/4s done! There's just no rhyme or reason to it as they say!!😂
  9. I'm considering putting a PTO pump on my 20 ton hydraulic splitter so I can run it on the tractor I already have. These pumps from flowfit look good value and there's lots of choice! From the spec sheets below what model would people recommended? I would like the splitter to run at a decent speed but still be able to split reasonably difficult timber and not rev the nuts off the tractor! If there's more information needed please ask me and hopefully one of you hydraulic gurus can help me out! Thanks!
  10. william127

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    I find it can be very hard getting going when I'm working in my yard or close by. I like a reasonable drive to work in the morning, 20minutes or so minimum. Its hard when you work on your own too, especially doing things like firewood or maintenance in the yard as you don't have to meet a client or colleague at a certain time so you get sidetracked or dawdle! Writing lists and ticking stuff off helps or doing things for set amounts of time- do an hour on the chainsaw or 30 minitues sweeping type thing- is a good way of getting into a rhythm and achieving things. Listening to some kind of music, podcasts, plays, comedys, on head phones is really important to me. Being completley shattered after work is also a nice feeling! And at the end of the day money is a great motivator!
  11. william127

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Maybe! They are in the post as we speak so we will see on Friday!
  12. william127

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Has anyone tried these bucket teeth for moving wood with a thumb? I'm wondering if they would give a better grip on wood at more angles than the ripper tooth, which is quite smooth? I might order a set as I have a small bucket they would be pretty good on and its not going to break the bank a £20 or so!
  13. william127

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    A good start to the morning, taking out a good sized apple tree stump. Less than an hours digging👍
  14. william127

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    That looks brilliant! Proper lights, nice guard, bum protection and a neat attachment! Hope its working well for you. And its a great colour!👍👍
  15. I put this light bar on the front and a pair of the square lights on the back. They are completly independent on their own switches, the original lights are all still there but as these are much more powerful and I had them all lying around it didn't seem worth fiddling to try and make the originals work. And it only cost about £35 for all 3!


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