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  1. Theres quite a good group on Facebook called Same, Lamborghini, hurliman tractors on Facebook, someone on there would probably give you a lead.👍
  2. What else would you use when you’re working in a builders merchant?😂😂
  3. I use these for all sorts, logs, rubbish, left over materials. Very useful, and free. 👍
  4. That's what paid for mine😆 I had been thinking about taking out a loan to buy one, then a cheap, easy to apply for loan came along👌
  5. Nice tractor👍 I asked on a group what it was the equivalent of, I’ve screenshot it in this picture. I can’t see me selling the loader, hopefully it will just be too useful and it should drop on and off fairly easily if I want it off for a while 😎
  6. About time I posted a couple of pictures of my new tractor. It’s a Lamborghini 950 premium,done about 6600 hours. Ive had it about 2 months and the only thing it’s done for me is be a security block! My farmer mates tested it a bit in case their smaller John Deere conks out and he seemed to like it- well he supplied and fitted his old radio into it for me👍😆- and he did a bit of flail topping with it, which is something I intend to do with it . we are slowly working through some oil drips, I took the lift rams off to be resealed this afternoon, as always one was easy, one wasnt😆 The loader wasn’t on it when I looked at it, it was literally in the nettles so I’ve had to replace a hose and some o rings on that as you’d expect, and I definitely think it looks better without the loader on! Im planning on getting it up to scratch and getting used to operating it over the winter, then from next spring hopefully have some work other than just my own to do with it🤞When funds allow I want to get a muck grab, flail topper, Harrow, 6 ton silage trailer(for chip) and a plant trailer, pretty much in that order😆👌👌
  7. Just looked at the treehog, looks better than the stein one, but not as good as the TCF. And it’s more money, and not galvanised 👎👎
  8. I’ve used another arbtalk members one of those a few times, it’s brilliant. Takes loads, the drop in pins make it really flexible, easy to fold the handle and chuck it on the truck, and it’s galvanised, like all metal equipment should be👍👍 sensibly priced as well. I will be buying one at some point soon and making a bracket for it on the drawbar of my chipper so it’s always to hand👌
  9. It is a very well done box, but I'm not sure if it's right for me- it does make it a bit of a one trick pony. Itll be staying that way for a long time yet though😆 Spanners out, flooding starts😂😂😂🤬 massive thunder/hail storm.
  10. First outing for the landrover and chipper combination, 2 small cherries in town then out into the fields clearing a fallen ash tree. Nice mornings work👍
  11. I was supposed to be buying a cheap transit for a day or 2 with the chipper every couple of weeks😆🤬😂 oh well, I managed nearly 8 months without a defender (after 18 years of continuously owning one)😂
  12. Handy things but not worth much. Where abouts are you?
  13. I like the look of that, exactly the same design as my Hyundai but with Honda Gx reliability👌👌
  14. Thats what I thought! I saw the money in my Lloyd’s account 36 hours after applying, could have been in within 12 hours as I didn’t look sooner. Ive spent it on a tractor, which I think is is pretty much the point of it- I’ve borrowed some money that i can afford to pay back but probably wouldn’t have been able to borrow otherwise, and passed that money on , keeping the wheels turning 👍👍


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