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  1. I'd just use a powered pole saw, from the outside. Couple of 8x4s on the roofs, for protection only, cut sensible sized pieces, someone else holding/steadying with long armed pruner. Cut it down until it's as low as is sensible between the garages, the cut some slots in the top of the stumps with the pole saw, then spray something appropriate on them.
  2. All sorted now thanks, back to the manky arb waste, which I have the kit to handle. Cheers though 👍
  3. I've just come across this old post of mine. These were a great buy, moved tons of timber, more positive grip than with the ripper tooth. One of the teeth has snapped off but after an acceptable amount of work, especially given the strain that they are under when gripping timber in from an angle. And at this price, you could easily keep a spare set! I'd recommend them👍
  4. Where are you and how much for the thumb? Cheers
  5. Smacked goolies and dented cars, 2 more reasons to screw an old tyre to your chopping block! Once you've done it you wont go back. Straight ash is generally a pleasure to split, until it's really dry, then it can be a bit too hard
  6. Cheers, I'll start looking for an engine👌 I've more than had my money's worth out of my chipper but the engine has let it down by being really unreliable recently. I dont use it much, which is part of the problem, so I've been thinking of getting shot but I think I'll look properly into this. Especially with a 50% power upgrade!
  7. Looks good, I might give my Hyundai another chance and do that! Its basically the same machine so should work fine. Did you have to change the drive wheel(s) to make it run at the correct speed, or did it just work ok? Cheers
  8. That's good going👌 Some machines need another hours meter on them- the how much time it's saved you hours meter! Like my loader, hasn't done 3 hours a month, saved me days!
  9. I hired a tracked forst in January, came to me with 18 hours on, I doubled it to 36 in 2 day🤣🤣 thank god for Led work lights🤣
  10. william127


    Yes, they offered 1, 2 or 3 days, all including the test, although they did say the 1 day was really just aimed at people who had failed the test and just needed to revisit something and redo the test.
  11. william127


    8 hours the first day, 4 hours the second day, test in the afternoon . I have no complaints about the amount or quality of the training I got for the money, my instructor was teaching me to pass the test. My point is more that if you have no experience of real world towing or loading, did your test then went out towing real loads, you might be in for a bit of a shock....
  12. william127


    2 days, including the test. £500 all in. It was a decent course with a decent instructor, just that there were lots of more real world aspects of driving/towing that didn't really come up. Probably because after talking to my instructor and doing the first hour or so he could see I was fine with towing and reversing, it was just getting back into test style driving so that's what we focused on. Oh, and there arnt exactly many big hills in Tilbury 🤣🤣
  13. william127


    Some good points there. The only trailer I've seen to tempt me away from an ifor was a nugent plant trailer that the owner assured me had been fine for 100 miles behind a disco 4 with a 5 ton digger on!! 😲😲😁 I can certainly don't remember learning anything of use on my trailer test, other than a handy reminder of basic highway code stuff! Nothing about safe Hill climbs or decesnts. When I tow heavy stuff with my Puma 110, D3 or D2, I've found that I tend to go slightly quicker up the hills on the motorway than down, as theyve had the power to keep it accelerating, then going slower on the way down to stop building up too much speed. Seems like common sense to me but I often find myself getting overtaken on the downhills.....
  14. Yes, full up. I've never had to bleed it before so I'd agree but I can hope!
  15. I need some advise with my little kubota kx36 - 3. Last Friday I went to use it and the arm and track functions were virtually dead. The blade and slew are working fine but when you try and use any of the arm functions I just get groaning noises! I have changed the hydraulic oil and filters, no change--I wasn't really expecting any as the blade and slew work but seemed a sensible start. Anyone know how I bleed the hydraulics on this machine? I did put a new hose on it a few weeks ago but it's done a couple of problem free days work since and I've never had to bleed it before. Its bound to be the highly expensive pump🙄🙄, but any suggestions would be welcome!


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