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  1. aspenarb

    Entec 150 no stress replacement

    I am retro fitting ( with the help of Danny at Greenplant) the timberwolf leccy stress control system to my Morbark wtc , its a really basic system and picks up the engine speed signal from the alternator. Bob
  2. aspenarb

    Specialist emergency/ dangerous tree teams?

    Thats where the OP will end up if that windblown he is dancing around on stands up Bob
  3. aspenarb


    Ours is very close to 3tons, add two guys and other kit and its getting heavy, I fitted the nissan 3.5 four pot and that thing pulls like a train , its also happy at just off idle all day running the picker. . Tow hitch put the chipper way too close to the basket on ours so I incorporated a pullout drawbar with the hydraulic winch cradle built on top.
  4. aspenarb

    stump removal

    Mrs Miggins will be impressed Bob
  5. aspenarb

    Stihl & grease nipples!

    Al from memory they are an oddball 11mm which is not a grease nipple size, there are companies drilling and tapping an 11mm bolt and fitting grease nipples to them https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STIHL-hedge-trimmer-grease-nipple-Fits-strimmers-etc-07811201109-HL75-KM/123365163656?hash=item1cb9230288:g:uUoAAOSwhzRaY6w-:rk:2:pf:0 Bob
  6. aspenarb

    Winter Food Tips

    The main reason I gave up on sarnies
  7. aspenarb

    Winter Food Tips

    Down to the greasy spoon for me, stuff like below with a coffee for less than a tenner Poke the sarnies, soup in a flask and yesterdays curry where the sun dont shine
  8. aspenarb


    Allianz do our fleetplan inc things like the cherrypicker and tractors on the road. 4x4`s are about £1500 pa for any driver with no restrictions on age or license smut . Bob
  9. aspenarb

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    I took on a couple of lads a few years ago that were going on to engineering courses when they left school ( both sons of mates) , I put them with my fitter/welder at the time . I unofficially gave them £30 a day but in reality they were a liability and totally disinterested in anything other than their mobile phones and facetube. I also had to jump through loads of hoops with the school , I had to be interviewed and they came around to check on facilities in the workplace , insurances and probably the pedo register. Unless these kids are actually serious about work and not looking for some kind of government job avoidance scheme I would give it a miss. Bob
  10. aspenarb

    Project 6x6

    Yes it has all the swim gear, I have smoked this thing about and its a horrible thing to drive. The step up box is something I need to research, there are plenty of references on the net about them but nothing factual . I have the 6BT ready for it but may go with the V555 cummins instead because the pics I have seen on the net show the engine snuggly under the jet drive units whereas the height of the 6bt may be making hard work of it. Obviously not a problem with the swim gear removed but I am not doing that V8 cummins Something I need to do
  11. aspenarb

    Project 6x6

    Catweazel I never intended running theStalwart as a petrol, just need to get it running and on to the low loader. That straight eight RR is coming out and a 210 bhp 6bt cummins is going in. There have been a few diesel conversions done on these for the military by AF Budge using the Perkins Phaser, really need to go find one and take a few snaps for some ideas. Bob
  12. aspenarb

    Project 6x6

    Dug the old girl out of hibernation yesterday and chucked a bucket of water over it , put two batteries on there and the thing fired up as if it was used an hour ago . Freed off the brakes and its good to trundle back to the workshop Also dug out the Stalwart from under a tree so will try and get that fired up as well, being petrol I dont suppose this is going to be easy
  13. aspenarb

    Weirdest thing you have found in a hedge

    Not uncommon for us to find strays living in the woods and land banks, found a whole encampment of very pissed/drugged illegal`s on a site we cleared in St Albans. Yep, the guys have been warned about the dangers of contracting Hep B when cleaning the tractor Bob
  14. aspenarb

    Weirdest thing you have found in a hedge

    A tramp, I nearly backed the mulcher over him Bob
  15. aspenarb

    Timberwolf 150 in feed problem

    Before you go any further and start changing bits put a leccy tester on the terminals of the hydraulic directional valve. If there is power to it in both directions there may well be a solenoid issue. Bob


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