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  1. Not so sure root barrier will be the answer, its quick and easy enough to install if you want to go with it. If the willow is removed the shrinking clay will heave as the ground re hydrates so it may be months or possibly years before you can do any remedial work to the property. Bob
  2. I was wondering what sort of breakfasting `z could possibly be having in a shower Bob
  3. £70 a day or £250 a week sounds about right. The word “hire” throws in a few problems, I suppose a well worded contract that covers things like panel damage , chopped up tracks , cleaning charges, low fuel surcharges along with copies of the customers hired in plant insurance would be a start. Hirer is also going to need things like service records , users manuals , loler certs if it’s got forks on and have some kind of insurance in place if a machine failure caused injury to a third party. Bob
  4. That`s no different to my old Foden setup except its got a crane behind the cab instead of on the trailer. Plans for this years revamp include another tractor unit like that Scania or if its still there may go for that one and an 8x4 hookloader with a few 40yard bins, a tray and may even mash the Morbark wtc into a hook frame. Will keep that DAF crane lorry for backup, moving single bits of kit, and takedowns. Bob
  5. @roseyweb I think I may have found my ideal truck 440hp double drive Scania with a Diebolt
  6. I reckon you will get change out of 2.5k if you can find a local transiteer that values some of the log wood, Add a bit in for stumps ,with 6` of access a tracked stump grinder will eat those in a morning.. Bob
  7. Cant beat clean , tidy and well sign written vehicles to promote a business Jack.
  8. I put it further up the field in a hedgerow Mick, client is going to get it carved into some sort of bench. Bob
  9. These sets from Bergen are ok as jobbers taps and dies, not workshop quality but good enough if you shave the hair off your knuckles. About £60 ish, good set to throw in the service truck. Bob Edit: The only thing I use an 18mm tap for is Lambda probe bosses, are you sure its 18mm thread and not 18mm spanner size? Bob
  10. You may earn a crust out of it J but I doubt if the client will see any return by the time everyone's had a slice of the cake. May pay to get a buncher in there to lay it all down and follow up with the tonka toy to extract . Bob
  11. J ,back a mulcher over it and get planting through the mat, if that stand is as brittle as some that I have worked in you will have snapped out tops beating up your kit. Bob
  12. If you can take the log to the saw you could use a deck saw, I bought one for chogging down big sticks on site, still looking for a suitable track frame to mount it on. This sort of thing, can take up to a 12` bar. Hold a few gallons of chain oil, and will run off a donkey engine, leccy motor or tractor PTO. Bob
  13. Quiet yes but not so sure you would want to swing one around all day, heavy things and the pipes restrict movement . Also need to make sure if you buy one its got a chain oiler, some are meant for underwater use and are not fitted with them. Bob
  14. Probably a bit different for us , we normally insist on having sole possession of site and are in there long before any roads,fences , site huts or builders. Bob


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