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  1. I can feel your pain BigJ , less than a month ago I did £35 in cold blood on some brake pads. Bob
  2. Yes they have been ok, once converted the barrel swap is easy. I think the barrel killer is when they have a big bar fitted and are being used flat out to cut huge stumps really low to the ground, the vent side of the cooling is facing downwards and the heat cant get away because its so close to the ground.They never have a problem other than when cutting stumps so I have put it down to this. Bob
  3. I did a couple of them Bill, you will need to make a few bits. Barrels are basically the same but the exhaust ports are a different shape and size. The exhaust is Stihl no 11241400604, comes in two bits You will need to get a couple of long m5 bolts in the two lower muffler holes which need to go on before you bolt the back part of the muffler onto the barrel, then make up two spacer tubes with two small tabs to pick up on the forward original exhaust muffler supports. Thats about it.
  4. Winched a willow out of a stream yesterday , site inspectors turned afterwards up to check things out.
  5. I have welded a few bars on the front of the one I built to keep some direction of the rope on the drum, pull line always feeds into the lower part of the drum, two wraps comes out of the middle bar and four wraps over the top bar. Nothing ever gets tangled. Bob
  6. I wouldnt knock a Honda but come replacement time which is normally through neglect and abuse I have used Loncin/lifan engines, they too have not missed a beat. Bob
  7. I rate them for any commercial work where they will fit, good for any site work, large estates and golf courses . The deck is high enough so you can grind huge stumps without having to stop and move grindings. Its no good for Mrs Miggins back garden. Downside is when its strapped to the telehandler or Mog its 30` long, upside is its a beast of a grinder.
  8. As above, gear ratios and gear type is important, go with worm drive because if it stalls it’s a natural brake. Also worth looking at the clutched gear reduction engines, they give more grunt and you can use the throttle to stop/start the pull instead of running the engine at full chat all the time. I would also lay the reduction box flat so you get a centre pull rather than off the side, off the side like that will have it going squiffy on the pull. FCNDK-50 Worm Gearbox 50:1 Ratio (71B14) - BearingBoys WWW.BEARINGBOYS.CO.UK FCNDK-50 Worm Gearbox 50:1 Ratio (71B14) (FCNDK Worm Gearboxes) at BearingBoys - Â93.15 exc VAT. Input : 71B14... Bob
  9. They were, the off side front developed a leak but I managed to find a moccasin as a spare. it affects the handling though so I may have to buy a new pair.
  10. The kids wont talk to me anymore because of my choice in slippers .
  11. We offer three options, buff the top off just below ground level, bowl out the stump leaving the laterals or grub the whole thing out with an excavator. Bob
  12. A complaint can't be without merit, councils are not adverse to folk running a business from home but they do have to act when receiving complaints. If on inspection the complaint is found to be a scrotums contents, you won't hear any more from them. Bob
  13. I would get whoever it is thats interested in buying this timber to come out and clearly mark up the sticks they want, getting timber rejected when its on the truck and at its destination is expensive. Bob
  14. Sounds like a job for an excavator fitted with a flail. Bob Edit, access permitting.
  15. I don’t think mpg comes into the equation if it’s a work truck, I would value torque, a comfy seat /driving position, reliability and load space over looks or mpg. Bob Edit, the toerag v10 ticks quite a few boxes as a tow barge. Mates had one for a few years and it’s a beast of a thing.


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