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  1. They are a ballache to sort without the proper ford diagnostics, they run through all the whole engine management system in quite heavy detail, even down to injector percentages. Anyone running a few of these older fords should get this setup, codes keys and pumps as well.
  2. for the few quid it costs its worth running it into somewhere that has proper ford diagnostics gear, fault code readers are worse than useless on these transits. Or just keep changing bits until it goes Bob
  3. Is @gensetsteve still an active member, may be worth rattling his cage. @the village idiot its a bit cruel bringing a Genny down to a stall with log splitters, have you considered using engine driven hydraulic power packs? Bob
  4. Same here, we have been cutting a lot of glades into the sides of rides through woodlands and all that grows in them now is grass. A lot of these things will give up if you keep mowing them off. Bob
  5. True Kriss, probably going to be a baby boom now Bob
  6. Good! we can go busking for a few sheckles Stubby Buried in the shed here, working on the mancave extension.
  7. Back a mulcher through there.Probably an hours work if you put a groundie with it. Bob
  8. Some @eggsarascal porn.
  9. Transit door went into lockdown. Used my glass removing tools to take out the quarterlight.. That was no help, the door would still not open so with the help of an angry grinder and some red mist I made a few precision cuts to access the lock. Tin of touch up paint from halfords Not really, fitted another door off an old snotter thats parked up for bits.
  10. A lot of trust and respect needed on both sides of the fence with this sort of work, it’s no open cheque book. These customers are also friends, most of the work is discussed in restaurants, last time out four of them got me seriously bladdered. Bob
  11. We have been on this estate for about ten years now, its like some of the others we do I don't think we will ever escape. Bob
  12. aspenarb

    Lock Down?

    One of my lads stopped off at the corner shop yesterday and they had an 89p Tesco bog rolls marked up at £12, they never even bothered covering up the 89p. Anyway top tip, force the kids to use both sides, that’ll make the little blighters wash their hands. Bob
  13. A bit more concrete the lads have been doing for a couple of portacabin bases, about 22mts pumped in.
  14. aspenarb

    Lock Down?

    No panic here atm but do wonder where all this will be six months down the road. Bob
  15. Sounds like the one of the roller motors is goosed and the blades are beating each other up.These motors are piped in series, as in what is the return for one motor is the feed for the next, if only one of them slows it means fluid is pumping straight through it ( fecked). Worth checking, wedge the bridge up to give the rollers some space and tipex them, then run the rollers to see if they stay in synch. They should be turning at the same speed. Bob


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