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  1. An 880 with a nipped up piston And a 201tcm with a tear in the inlet tube caused by a broken off rear mount, handle full of bits, fiddly little feckers 👎
  2. I am going to chuck Sapele into the mix. Bob
  3. Long trailers are not a problem if towed by a short wheelbase 4wd vehicle with a good turning circle.A long tow truck and trailer are a ballache. Bob
  4. So its on the floor, makes you wonder how they moved or milled stuff like that back then. Bob
  5. As above or go with a pneumatic barrel pump. https://www.manutan.co.uk/en/key/air-operated-pumps-trigger-operated-a350795?shopping=true&gclid=CjwKCAiArOqOBhBmEiwAsgeLmcqJtj3mx4TD46g1_6mYARmnpCIJecYTiYMAL25BVlceQW388sO4BRoCrecQAvD_BwE Bob
  6. We start them young, he`s showing promise Bob
  7. You say Berlingo so I assume you are not looking for rear seats, plenty of decent 4wd two door commercial versions of things like Discoveries, Troopers and Shoguns, any of them would do the job. Just need to take a fitter with you so you dont buy a pup. Bob
  8. My guys are getting lazy, had to get the arb trolley out again yesterday.
  9. We built a large grinder with a direct drive motor for a big excavator and it was uncontrollable because slewing was far too erratic, on a small machine using the offset slew I would have thought it entirely feasible and workable. There is an old Rayco in the corner of the yard that would make a good donor for the bits so I may get in the workshop and cobble one together for our small Kubota. Thinking third service to operate a clutch. Bob
  10. Portsmouths ̶c̶a̶s̶h̶ ̶m̶a̶c̶h̶i̶n̶e̶ clean air zone is now active, funny thing is the air quality in Pompey was already very good. Mick Dundee lives there and he reckons it's made traffic worse because of the miles folk will drive to circumnavigate the charges. Bob
  11. What kills most bearing replacements on the small timberwolfs is the unwitting axial loading of the bearings, the small bearing at the rollerbox end with the shims/nut gets mullered when running if the big bearing in the engine compartment was pulled up the shaft using the bolts, the rotor housing acts like a huge spring applying a constant axial load.That big bearing/housing in the engine bay needs gently tapping towards the rotor box so it just touches and then bolt it up, I use threaded bar as studs as a locator and then swap over to the bolts.Also worth remembering if you are going non timberwolf on the bearings that you need deep groove bearings, bearing shops will sell you the cheapest alternative that fits and they wont last. Bob
  12. Its not big on HP but at a very useable and calm 1800rpm knocks out about the same torque as four of those 25/30hp Kholers do at 3000rpm, add in the huge weight of all the pulleys,flywheel,engine mass and it takes some stopping. Bob
  13. On domestics our small grinder gets thrown in the back of the transit whether there are chips/chogs in there or not, chipper is up the back of the transit and that's it. If our four wheeled rayco or a hired in tracked mid sized grinder are taken to a job its another truck/trailer involved, true costs of that grinder/grinding start to rack up. The big rayco up the chuff of the mog eats nothing other than a bit of maintenance and that's still doing battle 30 years on.


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