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  1. aspenarb

    Mot testing

    If you want to keep a vehicles MOT history clean and cant be arsed to check the basics yourself before taking it in take it in beforehand for a pre MOT. Sort through that list or get them to do the work and it will go straight through. Worth it for the sake of £30. Bob
  2. Yes, had a quick squint but there was only an allotment wanting a few cubes and that was a while ago. Bob
  3. Chip tip needed near Aylesbury , possibly a few loads of chogs. This will be in transits on turn around starting 25/1 for about a week. Bob
  4. If you are going to the trouble of setting up you may as well buy the chain bench scales/tapes, cheap and take out the guesswork. Stihl and all the others also make them. I just glued them to a lump of melamine chipboard.
  5. Always made up my own chains until I relocated the saw shed, really do need to lay it all out again and get it organised. Had to stop the lads getting involved in this though, they would get all the links mixed up, cut chain too short/long, wrong pitch/width and generally feckup the system. It really needs to be one person's job or any savings will be lost on wastage. Bob
  6. If it starts ok from cold but tits about when hot I would be looking at the temperature switch. Bob
  7. Chris before you go buying a welder check out the supply, that 32amp socket may well be ok but if it’s on the end of the line in a farm building it may well be shy of a said amps. Quickest way to knob a welder is short change it of amps, if it’s down on power it may be worth looking at some of the mobile engine driven welders instead, you can always add a wire feed unit to one of these so you have the choice then of mig or stick. Bob
  8. Yes it’s home grown Mick, it’s clutched through a worm drive so no problem to pull and hold. It’s a bit of a lump so needs to go in a wheelbarrow, upside is it’s got loads of grunt and in the absence of an anchor point can be pegged down in the middle of a lawn with four 4’ long 35mm steel pins, these are angled forward so the harder the pull the more it digs in. Not had an ohfeck moment with it yet and it’s pulled in a lot of ugly trees. Bob
  9. Dealer back is always important, we have an LG importer in Portsmouth and everything seems to be next day, phoned through for a door glass at 3pm and it was at the gate 8am the next day. Even the service engineers are next day, not so sure how they fair up with service and spares backup elsewhere in the country. Bobcat seem to have got their act together in recent years, had a play on @doobin ‘s latest toy a few weeks ago, we’ll speced machine and again with decent support/ backup from the manufacturer. Bob.
  10. It’s been very well behaved to date, new tracks were only about £1,100 for the pair and they were delivered to the site next day, only job/mod I have done to it was extend the fuel inlet pickup pipe in the bottom of the tank. The original hoovered everything up from the bottom, it now has about a gallon capacity as a sludge/crap/water trap. It’s not really Chinese , they have zf hydraulics and kamatsu engines. I will buy another one in the near future. Bob
  11. There is nearly three times the power of a 6" chipper under the hood of a Landrover , there is no reason why it couldnt be sorted out properly to equal or out perform a tow chipper. Most PTO chippers need tinkering with to get the best out of them, an example of this is a lot of guys run 540 rpm pto chippers at 1000rpm and then turn the engine revs down. Once you get it right they are good, not many are fit and forget. Bob
  12. You can get a pto to the rear of a landrover quite easily, they used to make a box that reversed rotation and stepped down the speed to make it the same as a tractor PTO ,this bolted to the rear cross member and gave you the pto spline, weak point is the clutch plate hub centre which needs beefing up. Engine speed is then controlled with a speedic unit to maintain correct pto rpm. I have a few kits in the shed, I will take some snaps. Bob
  13. PTO will work on a landrover but not on a side plate gearbox PTO like on the jap 4x4`s. The landrover PTO comes straight off the back of the transfer box and if its run in 4th gear the engine is directly coupled to the PTO without using any of the gears (4th is 1.1 and only coupled). The type that run off side plates of gearboxes max out at about 30hp and thats for a truck box. Bob


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