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  1. Or a kit V-COIL REPAIR KIT M10x1.0 SPARK PLUG WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for V-COIL REPAIR KIT M10x1.0 SPARK PLUG at the best online... V-Coil 04096 M14 x 1.25 Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit - Fits Helicoil WWW.EBAY.CO.UK V-Coil 04096 M14 x 1.25 Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit. This V-Coil Spark Plug M14 x 1.25 Thread Repair Kit Contains Tap...
  2. Possibly, Ms441 will be 14mm plug size, the Ms362 can be 14mm or 10mm. Whatever the size is use the stepped tap. Here is the range of taps and you can get the correct length helicoils from virtually anywhere. V-Coil Metric Spark Plug Thread Repair Taps with Pilot Nose - Thread Repair Taps - Thread Repair Inserts - Fasteners - Shop4Fasteners SHOP4FASTENERS.CO.UK <ul> <li>Metric STI spark plug taps with pilot nose for wire thread inserts</li> <li>These taps allow thread... Bob
  3. The bladegate scandal is still running I would like to think Forst will be modifying the blade set up and putting the blade behind the rotor with a clamp to hold it down rather than the two bolt system they currently use to hold it on the front. The system on the left vs the one on the right is a no brainer.
  4. The biggest problem with fitting a helicoil is getting the tap to thread the hole true to the sealing washer face of the plug. Draper make a stepped tap kit that picks up on what's left of the original thread and uses that to chase out the new thread. If you take your time its sort of fool proof. Bob
  5. Piss taking aside just for a minute, the design of the blade fixture as a whole looks a bit suspect. In my mind the base of the blade could sit on a machined ledge on the rotor so the bolts are only used to hold the blade back. As is the bolts and countersunk holes are taking an unnecessary hammering, they would take even less of a hammering if the blades were not canted away from the rotor like they are. If left like they are I would consider closing up the anvil/blade clearance to minimise blade stress. Take smaller bites. Bob
  6. I thought they liked everything to go in dry Bob
  7. We have run our Landrover cherry picker for over fourteen years now, nothing fancy but its in constant use. It's on chunky tyres so gets about well and its got a pull out drawbar so it can tow a chipper, also got spades and a six ton hydraulic winch up its chuff which is useful. Cant see what's not to like Bob
  8. I was thinking of the DCM . Bob
  9. I think we have a serial kerbist amongst us
  10. Copperslip is not a lubricant, it's an anti seize compound. Bob
  11. Its a load of bollocks, if you buy any new cap screws they are covered in oil in the box and the rotor when new will have lubricant in the threaded holes. Is the nobsocket suggesting they are degreased/dried before they fit them? Bob
  12. Have they not got those weigh pads now that they can carry around? A lot of them use the mobile weighbridge or pads, the strips in the road are quite accurate so they use info from these to initiate the pull, the system is linked to dvla so by the time you arrive at the layby/pull in they have all the relevant vehicle info to hand. It saves them a fortune in lost time from the days they did a visual guesstimate assessment prior to a pull, basically every pull will be a nick. Bob
  13. aspenarb

    Ineos Grenadier

    It's a bespoke vehicle and won't have to hit kind of production numbers Land rover needed to be viable. Bob
  14. True, the single wheeled rears are a lot less forgiving on weight distribution. Overloaded 3.5 tonners are easy pickings for Vosa , they are hitting them hard at the moment. Lots more weighing strips going in on dual carriageways and motorways, they can nick you at the side of the road now instead of the long haul and time-consuming trip to a weighbridge. Bob
  15. Last time this question was asked I think it was the Fiat Ducato with a 1.605 ton payload that came out on top. Shit truck though. Bob


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