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  1. aspenarb

    Chainsaw refresher, a scam?

    Around here the reminiscing, tea drinking and talking bollocks takes five hours Bob
  2. aspenarb

    5ton Cedar stem... whats it worth ?

    Exactly that, everyone values a stick except the only person that will actually buy it . Run it into a sawmill and they will all suck through their teeth , doubt if it would cover the transport. Bob
  3. aspenarb

    Time for a bit of paint.

    Normally use synthetic on big area`s , it stays wet long enough to get right around and back to the start so you dont get that big dusty/dry join. Also worth getting a pressure pot so you dont have to keep stopping and filling the gun. this one holds about two gallons. Bob
  4. aspenarb

    Hydraulic pressure ?

    Dan before you spend any more money changing bits you need to beg steal or borrow a hydraulic flow/pressure meter. Piped in line on the ram you are referring to will tell you the line pressure in that circuit along with the flow rate, eg. for arguments sake if the ram comes under load and stops but still shows flow and pressure through the meter it would indicate the seals are shot in the ram. If the flow stops it will then show X amount of pressure in that circuit. Just takes all the guess work out of this sort of thing. Bob
  5. aspenarb

    Tools worthy of a mention.

    If its not in store Jon go online https://www.aldi.co.uk/search?q=ferrex%3Apopular&page=0 Bob
  6. aspenarb

    Tools worthy of a mention.

    Bought some of that Ferrex cordless gear from Aldi to stop the lads on landscape from taking my dewalt gear from the workshop out on site , bit of a confession here and have to admit its actually pretty good. Its a 20v/40v system where the 20v gear can be used with the 40v batteries I have used the drill, screwdriver rattle gun and grinder, I also thought I would try the 40v chainsaw as they only need it to cut up the occasional sleepers and fence posts. The 20v/40v 5amph batteries last forever on the 20v drills and grinders, in the saw they also last as long as the batteries on my stihl battery saw that I keep in the machines. Nothing much here to not like with a three year warranty. Bob Drill £20 https://www.aldi.co.uk/ferrex-20v-cordless-drill-skin/p/097661269776300 Driver £20 https://www.aldi.co.uk/ferrex-cordless-impact-driver-skin/p/097667269284200 Grinder £25 https://www.aldi.co.uk/ferrex-cordless-angle-grinder-skin/p/097663269776500 Chainsaw £50 https://www.aldi.co.uk/ferrex-40v-cordless-chainsaw-skin/p/097672269776900 Charger £15 https://www.aldi.co.uk/activ-energy-battery-charger/p/097880273773800 Batteries, worth going for these https://www.aldi.co.uk/activ-energy-20v-40v-battery/p/097877273773600
  7. aspenarb

    Where can I buy extremely large potted trees?

    If you are looking for large quantities and quality use this company https://www.vdberk.co.uk/ Bob
  8. aspenarb

    Penetrating spray

    A gas axe in the right hands wont damage the shaft
  9. aspenarb

    Chestnut post and rail.

    Paul Larkham is worth a call on 077779803654, Farnham based but delivers locally. Bob
  10. aspenarb

    When you've fallen out with your own lot

    y0ur kNot aloan mR, seen plenty of this with other families and my own. I started to sort out my affairs a few years ago and everything I have will be given to my kids before I push up daisies. There will be no shitfest when I have gone . Bod
  11. aspenarb

    Log Goblins

    Forgot to mention that all these chogs are only from domestics, its not always possible to drag sticks out of Mrs Miggins garden:) Timber we cut on site does go straight off for biomass or log wood no matter how small. Bob
  12. aspenarb

    Log Goblins

    We used to Chris but the return for handling it is poor when you consider the time, labour,machinery and yard space involved. Ok as a totally separate business no doubt but most that have got involved in that game around here have given up and those that stockpile it for chip are tripping over the stuff. Bob Edit: just been out there and that lot has nearly gone, just a few chogs left
  13. aspenarb

    Contract Rates

    If we bring in contract climbers we tend to go for teams, I prefer a climber to come with his/her own groundie and kit. Climbers/groundstaff are far more productive if they gel, £350 a day for a decent climber, groundie and all their own kit is not out of the way around here. Bob
  14. aspenarb

    Log Goblins

    Something to keep the Goblins busy for the weekend, they have cleared the same as this every day for a few days now


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