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  1. We have always run 4x4 tippers, they have more than enough uses to justify running one. Bob
  2. Most of the problems nippers have are based around their addiction to mobile phones and social media. They are more worried about how they are perceived on twitterbook and facetube than anything they can achieve, its a race to the bottom. Found an Iphone on a job the other day and the thing was flat, took it home to charge it and I turned it on in the hope someone would phone the number so I could return it, this thing was bombed with social media messages non stop all weekend, eventually tracked down the nipper that owned it. Absolutely no way could that lad ever concentrate on anything he does, its a disease that's wiping out a generation. Bob
  3. Another vote for any 2.8 diesel engined Mitzi Shogun/Delica/import l200 , engines and running gear are bomb proof. Spares are really cheap and available, they are also easy to maintain. Bob
  4. Ask him why he has gone into limp mode, suggest he should bring his mum in to help him if he is struggling. Bob
  5. That`s the PD series test nipple Chris, you will need the pd series coupling. Bob
  6. Depends on the size of the tender and the company, a lot of companies look at a tender as a way meeting all or most their overheads. Other work is then where profit is made. Bob
  7. This is a nice dry site and I had already backed the mulcher through the last bit. Completely different in the winter.
  8. Anything with a bit of ground clearance and 4wd will do, you really need something that will get you right up to where you are working or you will be lugging kit miles on foot. Bob
  9. Member on here from Rye oils, they supply all of our lubricants including barrels of chain oil, worth a call. Bob
  10. The cheaper white you see on supermarket forecourts is the same quality as red, the more expensive brands are blends with additives.I doubt if many could tell the difference through an accelerator pedal. Bob
  11. @difflock I reckon its just because they never monitored the red diesel properly, I don't know anyone that ever does or did. Bob
  12. There isn't much in the way of bespoke engineering or parts on any machine, better to identify and find alternatives to OEM consumables before the eleventh hour if you want to avoid being shafted. Bob
  13. Those diamond encrusted discs are really good if teeth are buffed up little and often, too slow if the teeth have gone untouched for a week. Bob
  14. Tread carefully, can the industrial use be ancillary to the Ag use? Bob
  15. Sound bit of kit Ruben, its saved us a fortune in soils and labour on the rake. Bob


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