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  1. Pretty much `z , if being a subby is what floats your boat keep it simple and invest in yourself. Get all the tickets so you can take your saws anywhere and don't have to turn anything down. Bob
  2. Personally if I was starting out as a subby I would forget machines, trucks and chippers. Fill you face with tickets so you can work absolutely anywhere and travel light. Nothing worse on away work than having the worry of kit and its security. Bob
  3. Nice idea in its infancy Mick but I can imagine if it gains popularity on a commercial basis it will soon use up all the permutations of three word combinations , probably end up going to four,five six or more. GPS coordinates are still as good as it gets. Bob
  4. You would like the one we are on at the moment `z , probably going to run for two years so bought a 32`site office and khazi block, some fecker painted it blue Even got a separate department for the ̶s̶p̶l̶i̶t̶a̶r̶s̶e̶s̶ women
  5. The guy that does our balancing is not far from you, I will get his number for you. Its worth doing some basic checks prior to throwing cash at the balance, the obvious like a bent rotor, spigot shafts into the rotor, bearings and that all the flails are new or at least in good condition. Typical mobile balance costs about £350-£450 depending on time and you will need to be ready with a welder and various sizes of steel slugs . Bob
  6. I cant comment on the machine the OP posted on but I have recently tipped out my other yard and there were vehicles/plant I had forgotten about that were last used when Long John Silver was running around on two legs with an egg on his shoulder All of it started and drove out of there, there were a few with stuck clutches but most of it drove onto the low loader, providing no water has got into this old school kit there is no reason it cant be got running. A while ago scrap prices went through the roof so I fired up an old Drott and Hymac 580c that had been out of service for yonks , drove them onto the low loader and ran them down to Muddles. £2.5k for the Hymac in the iron, seemed criminal at the time running working machinery into the scrappy Bob
  7. Here you go @woody paul give them a call https://systemh.co.uk/catalogs/WEB Bellhousings & Couplings Catalog 2016.pdf Bob
  8. The one above may be available if I can find a wet pack to suit the truck. Bob
  9. Paul you need an sae bell housing , from there you can get a plate and pump to suit. Bob.
  10. The more this kind of kind of crap comes our way the more I want to take to the hills. Bob
  11. If we could see a snap of the munter that chap had to hump it may shed light as to why there was a need for a blue bullet and jab in the pork sword . Just saying Bob
  12. Just to recap J, you are looking for a 300hp 4x4 that`s two feet wide that can hit 100mph around country lanes on 25% inclines while legally towing a fully laden 3.5 ton trailer, accommodate a Yeti in comfort and have radar so it can detect oncoming vehicles around these lanes and still achieve 30mpg. You are right, there is a gap in the market for a vehicle like that Bob
  13. Is it poor money though ? A lad on £150 is going to cost his employer north of £200 by the time he adds in all of the bullshit associated with employing someone, stick a truck, insurances, admin and kit into the equation and the two man arb team rates are getting on for £450 a day before any profit. Only so much a client will pay for this type of work which ultimately reflects in the wages. 80d
  14. Depends on how limp under the cap they are. A punctual, reliable kick arse van driving non clock watching job minded groundie £150ish, a non driving disinterested half asleep sicknote text addict that`s just crawled out of some crispy bed sheets is sub minimum wage. Bob
  15. I dont think 40-80 ton makes it viable. By the time you hire in a screener, then put a guy on a slew and dumper for the day its going to be expensive soil. Probably cheaper to lose or remove what you have on site and import some decent gear. Bob


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