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  1. aspenarb

    Driver CPC

    There were rumours that drivers CPC would be dropped but I cant see it happening, its the only tool available to put the onus on the driver rather than the employer for vehicle checks, securing loads , drivers hours and a load of other vehicle related shite that would normally be thrown at the employer. Vosa wont want to see it go and international drivers will have to have it . https://www.rtitb.co.uk/news/driver-cpc-will-stay-post-brexit-say-experts Bob
  2. aspenarb

    JB M300 Paint Colour Code

    Phil this is the reason just the paint code is no good https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b&tbm=isch&q=RAL+1003&chips=q:ral+1003,online_chips:1003+signal&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjbiaXW8J7bAhUnLMAKHTOmApYQ4lYIJigA&biw=1600&bih=1043&dpr=1 Far better to take a bit if the unit down to a paint shop and they will match it. Bob
  3. aspenarb

    Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

    Its hard to comment on this without more detail but would seem that interceptors and attenuation tanks would be the solution, that would give a degree of pollution control and slow release . I cant see car park run off being allowed directly into a watercourse being an option. Bob
  4. aspenarb

    Recommendations for larger strimmer

    I rate these, the wheels are a bit fragile but they really are a great bit of kit. I fitted chain to mine to convert it into a mini swipe. Bob
  5. aspenarb

    Greener Shoots a Pain Advice Please?

    Its just a chipper Swampie but like any chucknduck chippers you have to feed them a little and often to give the fan a chance to clear. Does sound like you are getting the hang of it though so best of luck. Boat gets used a fair bit on stuff like this and those little chippers are a tad lighter than an rg35 Rayco,winch and clobber Bob
  6. aspenarb

    Hall of shame

    Kinellh e6G who signed that off ? Blunkett! boD
  7. aspenarb

    Royal Wedding

  8. aspenarb

    Greener Shoots a Pain Advice Please?

    We use one of those chippers on whispy vegetation , sharp blades and mixing in a balance of wood/leafy material at the same time works well.
  9. aspenarb

    Hall of shame

    Apparently pulled over with an estate car and a rope, there was also an injury that needed hospital treatment Bob
  10. aspenarb

    Landy reloved

    My old fitted is back on the scene and he is a landy nerd, I doubt if I would have bothered with this but he is all over it like a rash and is keen to get it done. Mick Dundee threw a sicky so the fitter and I made up a jig to position /pick up on all the bolt holes of the original , prepped it all up and it only took me about twenty minutes to weld it, there was a fair bit of work to get the thing set up though and glad there was no bodywork in the way. Nerdy fitter pointed out that someone has fitted the shocks with the washer the wrong way around, apparently the chamfer should go on the inside to allow the bush to move or it can snap off the shock mount.
  11. aspenarb

    Bitey things 2018

    When my father was in the army they used to rub an onion on any exposed skin. It does work @Chessabut may well spoil your chances of pulling Bob
  12. aspenarb

    Hall of shame

    This according to the neighbour is the finished job
  13. aspenarb

    Making the news today....

    A Nottingham woman, (pictured below) lost her case at Nottingham Magistrates Court today when she tried to sue "NUH Queens Medical Centre" after her husband went in for an operation which she claimed left him unable to have sex with her afterwards. Mrs Minger of Bulwell, aged 67, said to reporters outside court this afternoon, "Me and me 'usband Fred 'ave 'ad bangin' sex for years till 'e went ta 'ospital and 'ad 'is operation, now 'e's not interested n' it's all down to them twats" ! The surgeon who performed the operation and attended court to give evidence said, "All we did was remove Fred's Cataracts"
  14. aspenarb

    Landy reloved

    Got the old rear crossmember off, twas very crispy The upside is the rest is completely rot free, trimmed the chassis back with a thin disc and wrapped the loom in some ceramic cloth. The new crossmember needed more than a tweek to get lined up, got there in the end but took a while. Not bad for a downhand mig weld While the wheels are off we are doing the rear bushes and brakes, for some strange reason the pads had dropped down and were eating through the brake discs.
  15. aspenarb

    4x4 pickup/van mpg's plus reliability

    Fair mix of 4x4`s here and most will top 30mpg if driven carefully, ragged or towing they are all sub 25mpg. Bob


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