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  1. aspenarb


    Not me e6Gs, its probably more like a burst couch .A few useful snippets of information , British paratroopers have just entered Jordan again https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/british-paratroopers-train-in-jordan/ Peter Andre was successful in his recent job application at a foundry because of his knowledge of slags and his ability to handle a big spade. 8oD
  2. aspenarb


    Looks like they have gone tits up. A few bargains to be had http://www.sia-group.co.uk/online-auctions/ Bob
  3. aspenarb

    Mini stump grinders.

    Its no problem knocking up a new wheel, I have an old clunker of a lathe and mill so it wont cost more than about £30 for a decent blank and a few hours of an evening to spin one up . I just need to find something I can measure and copy. Bob
  4. aspenarb

    Mini stump grinders.

    It gets used a lot and has not missed a beat, teeth are ok but the bolts supplied break quite often so I have upgraded them. I bought a load of spare teeth but as soon as they are gone I will redrill the wheel to take greenteeth. Bob
  5. aspenarb

    Trailer mounted chipper

    It could possibly work if it was a bespoke build. You have the possibility of 3.5 ton behind a 4x4 , if a 750kg chipper was split in two with the chipper part mounted on the back of the trailer and the power pack on the drawbar to balance it you could mount a side tip chip box in the middle. Admittedly it would be a one trick pony but its more than feasible and would still have a better legal payload than a transit, as its a self contained unit it could also be left working on a job leaving the tow truck free to run about which is more than you can do with a normal truck/chipper combo. Just sayin Bob
  6. aspenarb

    Spying on subcontractors

    A lot of machine drivers have their machine and van live tracked, head office knows/records when the machine is working and when the van pulls on/off the job. I suppose it saves on arguments when billing clients for daywork based contracts. Bob
  7. aspenarb

    Dolly wheel mod

    Those wheels are the nuts, got sick to death of my drag about yard tool box having permanently flat tyre and fitted the same, never been a problem since. Bob
  8. aspenarb

    Fings wot broke

    Conor my go to for oddball joints is an old Q&H reference book, joints,tie rods and track rod ends are all listed with the thread diameter, pitch and taper. Your eyes may go squiffy looking through the pages but I would be surprised if you never found something that fits/matches . Sourced the obsolete track rod ends on the Sambron telehandler using the same manual. Bob
  9. aspenarb

    Land rover with hydraulic pto pump

    We have PTO`s on a couple of the landrovers, Tanks go under the passenger seat on the 90`s and the pto is run off the back of the transfer case. Extra lever in the cab to engage the pto , transfer box goes into neutral , select 4th gear, release clutch and thats it. You may need a hand throttle. Bob Will dig out some snaps later
  10. aspenarb

    Dosko / Danequip grinder

    Dan I would have thought this is just a belt alignment or tensioner issue, its not hard to check with a straight edge. 800 × 322 Also worth noting on any machine with multiples of belts to make sure you buy matched sets, belts come + or - a few mm as acceptable limits and the only way to get a matched set ( exactly the same length) is to request they come from the same batch. When buying belts from a supplier its very easy to end up with one belt on the bottom limit and one on the top, you go to tension and one will be loose leaving the tight one doing all the work, after a few re tightens the tight one ends up knobbed in the bottom of the groove doing feck all and the one that was loose is then doing all the work. Hope this makes sense. Bob
  11. aspenarb

    Contaminated buddleia..?

    We do lots of this type of clearance Ben, you just need to tough it out. A slew with a rake and lots of labour is the answer, you can then row out and mulch the green waste. It all needs to be separated out unless you are prepared to launch the whole lot into a 20yard bin and pay the price of dealing with it. Last 20yard skip we had for unsorted crap like that was £1700 so it pays to separate into the various components. Bob
  12. aspenarb

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    Never understood blokes shaving off/waxing body hair,plucking eyebrows, ears and nostrils. Can understand a women not wanting hairy legs or a min looking like an axe wound on a gorillas back but blokes? Bob
  13. aspenarb

    Fings wot broke

    One of the snotty old transits died , pump packed up and it had death rattle on start up.Attacked it today and put another pump on it and treated it to a new timing chain kit. All done , got to love the Transits, everything on them is so cheap and easy to do Shiny bits And one of the lads sussed out why theTW was a bit sluggish.
  14. aspenarb

    So........ Skyline logging

    Lots of adaptions and home grown gear in these older skyline threads, I would imagine having to be HSE/loler compliant has forced a few of these older rigs out of business . Imagine writing up the rams for that game Bob
  15. aspenarb

    Tools worthy of a mention.

    Really is a nice bit of kit Ian, wouldn't be without it Bob


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