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  1. Arb Trolley / Brash Cart

    Cant see me ever finding out Bob
  2. It made me laugh thread.

    Doz sumwun no wair two bi this oyl ?
  3. Arb Trolley / Brash Cart

    I like the look of that one on its wider wheels, far kinder on a soggy lawn. Bob
  4. Only a thousand years ....give or take

    Thought initially the thread was going to be about Ronnie Wood or Joanne Collins . Not many folk can say they have a thousand year old logs on their fire Bob
  5. What happened to comedy on the telly?

    Cant say I miss any particular show but do miss the characters of old. Like these two
  6. Crankcase pressure & vacuum tester

    If its for chainsaws I use one of these http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=253114572268&category=35625&pm=1&ds=0&t=1517576572000&ver=0 Bob
  7. Jokes???

    How the internet started In ancient Israel, it came to pass that a trader by the name of Abraham Com did take unto himself a healthy young wife by the name of Dorothy. And Dot Com was a comely woman, large of breast, broad of shoulder and long of leg. Indeed, she was often called Amazon Dot Com. And she said unto Abraham, her husband, "Why dost thou travel so far from town to town with thy goods when thou canst trade without ever leaving thy tent?" And Abraham did look at her as though she were several saddle bags short of a camel load, but simply said, "How, dear?" And Dot replied, "I will place drums in all the towns and drums in between to send messages saying what you have for sale, and they will reply telling you who hath the best price. The sale can be made on the drums and delivery made by Uriah's Pony Stable (UPS)." > Abraham thought long and decided he would let Dot have her way with the drums. And the drums rang out and were an immediate success. Abraham sold all the goods he had at the top price, without ever having to move from his tent. To prevent neighboring countries from overhearing what the drums were saying, Dot devised a system that only she and the drummers knew It was known as Must Send Drum Over Sound (MSDOS), and she also developed a language to transmit ideas and pictures - Hebrew to the People (HTTP). And the young men did take to Dot Com's trading as doth the greedy horsefly take to camel dung. They were called Nomadic Ecclesiastical Rich Dominican Sybarites, or NERDS And lo, the land was so feverish with joy at the new riches and the deafening sound of drums that no one noticed that the real riches were going to that enterprising drum dealer, Brother William of Gates, who bought off every drum maker in the land. Indeed he did insist on drums to be made that would work only with Brother Gates' drum heads and drumsticks. > > And Dot did say, "Oh, Abraham, what we have started is being taken over by others." And Abraham looked out over the Bay of Ezekiel, or eBay as it came to be known. He said, "We need a name that reflects what we are." > > And Dot replied, "Young Ambitious Hebrew Owner Operators." "YAHOO," said Abraham. And because it was Dot's idea, they named it YAHOO Dot Com. Abraham's cousin, Joshua, being the young Gregarious Energetic Educated Kid (GEEK) that he was, soon started using Dot's drums to locate things around the countryside. It soon became known as God's Own Official Guide to Locating Everything (GOOGLE). That is how it all began. And that's the truth. I would not make up this stuff
  8. Licence??

    No they can come out. Five cube of timber is or can be a bit more than you think. https://www.forestry.gov.uk/pdf/TimberVolumeCalculator.pdf/$FILE/TimberVolumeCalculator.pdf Bob
  9. Does anyone demand payment on job completion?

    Kin payment on completion ? Thats the sort of trick the Caravan Utilising Nomadic Tree Surgeons try and pull around here , bundle poor old Mrs Miggins into the truck and run her down to the cash point or building society . Dont do that many private jobs but cant think of a single occasion when I have been paid on completion, my manager normally pops around a day or two after the job has been completed to check they are happy, office bint may at some point invoice within a week or two and a cheque or money transfer may turn up a week or two later. Commercial stuff can be anything up to ninety days. Bob
  10. Plastic tree guards/tubes etc

    They can be recycled http://www.agri-cycle.uk.com/what-we-recycle/tree-guard-recycling/. We have replaced a few over the years and always tidy up. Even when mulching regen in plantations I always pick up the tubes/stakes off failed trees, cant help it
  11. Tractor charging system

    According to the words and music the top terminal with the insulator pushed over it is for a tacho, the larger bolt terminal next to the three spades is B+ as are the two larger spades , the smaller spade next to the two large ones is ign light, the small spade inside the case at about five oclock is low voltage computer feed, and the orange is a charge sensing which should go to the battery. If its not charging poke a live onto the small spade next to the two large ones and it should start to charge, if it does not the alt is juckered. Bob
  12. Tractor charging system

    Get the part number Paul, I have the woodautos data book and can look it up and see what terminals are on the back. Bob
  13. Tractor charging system

    Is this the type of alternator thats externally regulated Paul ? Bob
  14. Show us your bodge`s

    The sad stuff you do to keep your kit running until you get the chance to do it properly. The rules.1. There are no rules. Filter cowl got ripped off the stump grinder, drilled a hole in a hardhat , please note the butterfly nut so nearly a proper job
  15. Log Goblins

    Finest on the menu today


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