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  1. Not hard to be overweight, only a fine up to a max of 30% over which is not a lot of weight on a transit, after that its a summons and you could be charged with the more serious offence of using a vehicle in a dangerous condition under S40A(d) the weight, position or distribution of its load, or the manner in which it is secured. Insurance could also be invalid. The maximum penalty that could be imposed under this section is a level 5 fine which is unlimited, a disqualification from driving and 3 points if no disqualification is imposed . If your insurance company do a slippery side step because of an accident there is also that to deal with.These days you are better off with a 4x4 and trailer for the logsnchogs , keep the transit/chipper for chip. Bob
  2. Scrap them, they are not fit for purpose, all they have ever been is a get around the system truck. Put an arb body on a 3.5 ton truck,fill it with fuel, put the tools on, hang a chipper up its arse ,put three muckers in the front and its fully loaded. At best you may get away with chucking some hedge cuttings in the back. Bob
  3. DVSA will need to take a good hard look at the restricted Olicense criteria before anything else changes or there will be tens of thousands of guys out there unable to go to work, if they could cut the 7.5 ton and under red tape most builders/ tree surgeon's would go for a bigger truck and run legal. Bob
  4. Some blurb on it below Chris. The government announced at Budget 2020 that it will remove the entitlement to use red diesel for many sectors from April 2022. This will require many industries to use fuel that’s taxed at the standard rate for white diesel and therefore encourages businesses to use alternative fuels to help reduce their environmental impact. At Budget 2021, the government added more industries to the list that will continue to be permitted to use red diesel. Therefore, from April 2022, the entitlement to use red diesel and rebated fuels will be restricted to the following purposes: Commercial boating industry, including fishing and inland water freight industries and passenger ferries Non-commercial power generation, such as hospitals and off-the-grid households Agriculture, forestry, horticulture and fish farming Passenger, freight and maintenance vehicles that run on rail tracks Non-commercial heating, such as off-the-grid homes, places of worships and townhalls Travelling funfairs and circuses Amateur sports clubs, including golf courses Fuel duty will apply to biodiesel, biofuels and fuel substitutes used in heating, with the rebated duty rate applied to non-commercial heating. Penalties for breaking restrictions on the use of rebated fuels will also change, allowing HMRC to seize vehicles and other machinery in certain circumstances.
  5. I think the noose will tighten, nearly half of the 3.5 tonners fail their MOT and most are running overweight, its a cash cow if they go ahead.There is already talk of including Northern Ireland because of the movements between the south. They will have to police the foreign trucks and may well follow the EU legislation A Weight on your Shoulders? | Backhouse Jones WWW.BACKHOUSEJONES.CO.UK 3.5 tonne weight exemption for international licensing to...
  6. RHA sent through a bulletin the other day stating that UK trucks over 2.5 ton that are used commercially and travelling through the EU will need an Olicense later in the year. Uk may follow. Van operators may need O-licences if EU changes its rules WWW.COMMERCIALFLEET.ORG Despite Brexit, vans of 2.5 tonnes-plus may still have to comply with EU rules, especially when deliveries take them across...
  7. The best way to deal with a serial no show is bump their pay day back accordingly, whether paid monthly or fortnightly pay them when they have done the days. Bob
  8. Arb bodies with lids and the chippers ramming all the chip to height at the headboard end of the body cause most of the problems. Bob
  9. Battery isolators on everything and buy a load of those solar chargers, they wont charge anything up but they put out enough in to stop a battery going backwards, had them on the donkey engines and the newer ones unlike the earlier offerings actually work. Bob
  10. A bit of a handy 5mm thread reclaimer for plastics on saws etc where space allows. There are a few flavours of these, I find the continuous external threaded ones the best. Open up the hole, these inserts are tight at 9mm but other makes may vary. Chamfer with a 13mm drill Use a drop of super glue and wind in with an allen key.
  11. Nice truck. As long as its use is Agricultural, horticultural and forestry there are no grey areas. Fill in a v112g (exemption 12) and send off the application with the V5c along with photos of the truck. The uses outside of the true forestry/ag use are the problem, start using it for log deliveries and hauling plant things could go wrong. Typically an ag vehicle (not tractor) has a max speed of 40mph and wont be allowed on motorways etc. Bob
  12. Probably a dyslexic nutter who`s shrink told him he needs to reduce stress. Bob
  13. We have a few clients that will book a climber,two groundies, truck and chipper for the day rather than get us to quote for a job. Perhaps thats the way the OP should go, he would get change out of 1k Bob
  14. Marine tanks are reasonably priced. Hulk Portable Fuel Tank WWW.MARINESUPERSTORE.COM Hulk Portable Fuel Tank
  15. Yes we all slow down for Pusey


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