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  1. Mine turned up mid week Andy, need to check and see if the deal still runs.😀
  2. I bought a cheapy for smaller drills from screwfix and its pants, way to much slop it to accurately sharpen a drill. Bob
  3. Don’t read too far into Hp figures with trucks Richy, they make gobs of torque which is what’s needed. Any modern 7.5 tonner will pull a 3.5 ton trailer while fully freighted as if it’s not on there. Bob.
  4. Very nice crane but I dont think I would have mounted it on an 8x2 chassis, with a tag axle rear and all that weight over the steer axles that is going to be a pig for traction on anything other than dead level tarmac. If I was throwing north of 300k at a truck/crane combination for tree work I think it would have to go on an ex army 8x8 which would have the advantage of being a heavier base unit , a lot shorter and able to get closer to a tree off the road. It would probably spend less time parked up if it could get about off road. Bob
  5. Mr Fancier I dont think you need to worry about that crane truck poaching domestic work, it wont fit in Mrs Miggings drive and outside with all the legs out would probably need a road closure. It will no doubt be a success but it wont be off the back of domestic arb, its only a tool for lowering sticks at the end of the day and at 850kg`s a pop not very big ones. Bob
  6. Thanks for the heads up Andy, seemed rude not to take advantage of that one Bought four lots, I will be equally amazed if it turns up Bob
  7. The ram on the RSL thumb decided to fall apart, not too bad considering its been in daily use for yonks. Could have done without the hydraulic oil spill though Upside is RSL sent out a new one on the overnight
  8. Make a complaint, I always judge a supplier by the way they deal with issues and react to complaints. Its possible they have had problems but if they make amends you cant really ask for more. Bob
  9. 13hp and forest really don't belong in the same sentence, I was hoping to see a gurt chainsaw. Bob
  10. I think you will find Andy has just finished his `z stalking course, I think you will find he got a diploma Bob
  11. A while ago I had a few of their cousins doing a site inspection.
  12. Top tip `z, buy a new satnav 8oD
  13. `z If these people are worth more than the minimum wage they will find it working elsewhere, if they don't have the nouse to go and get it they were probably not worth it in the first place. For the business its neither socialism or capitalism its economics.Without a profit it wouldn't be there long ,the supposed underpaid would then become the unemployed and a bigger burden to the state. From the governments perspective topping up/subsidising a workers wage is the lesser of two evils.No easy fix for manufacturers in the UK that have a workforce burdened with high living costs and cheap imports driving down the cost of produce. Bob
  14. Sounds like you are well underway then J. I have never really had a problem finding the rows once its edged out providing its planted properly.
  15. Fourth option J and by far the most popular around here. Mulch between the rows leaving all the stumps, replant immediately between the old rows straight through the mulch mat. Allow the regen to go for a few years which will keep the Deer off the new plants. Revisit and run the mulcher through the new rows knocking off any rotten stumps and regen when ready to beat up. Bob By the time you revisit the original mulch will have rotted down and the remaining stumps just explode.


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