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  1. aspenarb

    Tirfor winch

    Tirfor only gets a few outings a year and today was one of them, A gurt stump roadside that needed ripping out and no space for a big machine or the Boughton, used an adjacent tree to anchor off and teased it out with the tirfor /mini digger.
  2. Its a failing of the education system as far as I am concerned, schooling is so tick box and league table orientated these days that gcse`s etc are worthless, employers are now only looking for A level students which normally means staying on for another couple of years. For those not interested in a career requiring all this crap early release should be an option. Intelligence, common sense and business acumen are either in someone or not, it's certainly not something you can learn from a bunch of lefty school teachers. Many a school drop out has done well for themselves, the likes of Richard Branson and most of the multi-millionaire property developers are school dropouts. Fixed that for you Mario Bob
  3. That's me Mick Was expelled from school for unruly behavior ( being a complete twat) which was a bit of a shame because I was actually doing well there. Got straight into engineering of varied sorts from the age of sixteen which evolved in later years to building and adapting forestry machines , was doing this for about ten years when a customer who was also a good friend of mine had a stroke, his wife was also seeking a divorce at the time. Long story short, he was running his own forestry business and I ended up having to buy it complete with machines and staff. So thrown in the deep end about thirty years ago, I took on all of his guys at the time so was in good company and able to learn fast Still here and enjoy it but its not in my blood. Bob
  4. aspenarb

    VOSA Junc 27 M5

    DVSA have been pulling 3.5 tonners and trailers for a long time, a lad I know with one of those cab over engine pickups with a roller door box behind the cab for tools ( cab star type thing) was pulled at Leatherhead and had to order a taxi for his passenger because the front axle was over with both of them in it. They are also onto the tractors and trailers now, they know some of the big HP tractors are north of ten tons, with a max trailer weight of eighteen tons and combinations maxing at 31 tons there is not much in the way of a legal payload no matter which way you load it. Proper size trucks are looking like better value these days. Bob
  5. aspenarb

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    Need, greed and feed With age and weariness it subsides a little but generally unless there is a goal you may as well hang up your boots. Bob
  6. aspenarb

    This is my Husband

    Is that not the poor chap that had a fall and was left paralysed? Bob
  7. aspenarb

    Planting trees

    We are in clay here and I replanted lots of Laurel , took the advice of the greenfingered collective here and they have all survived. Bob
  8. aspenarb

    Trailer reversing light

    Just fit a flick switch on the trailer that switches the fogs over to reverse lights ( blue wire) . I have done this before and fitted led reversing lights down both sides and the back of the trailer Bob
  9. aspenarb

    Timberwolf vtr230 feed rollers

    I always feed a length of ratchet strap webbing under the rollers ( top or bottom rollers) to aid in lifting out/in the rollers. Makes easier work of it. Bob
  10. Thats the trouble and proves its all in the mind , the fairy wakes guys with a stiffy which some poor sods lose the second they open their eyes and spot the munter on the pillow next to them, sagging arse/tits, a gunt, bingo wings and a face like a slapped arse are not conducive to a raging stiffy. I think the NHS should supply older guys with younger chicks first instead of dishing out eruption pills just in case the problem`s not a medical one . Best I go now Bob
  11. I am now fifty eleven, am I still allowed in here ? Bob
  12. Not seen her in a while Mick but its about somewhere, it will show up when its hungry Bob
  13. aspenarb

    The Crypto coin thread

    Just a Pyramid scheme disguised as a currency, hyped to get the interest and folk on the wagon then dumped by those in the know a long time ago.There are going to be a lot of gullible losers left wondering what went wrong Bob
  14. aspenarb

    Fings wot broke

    Clutch is slipping on the Ranger Bob
  15. aspenarb

    Aspen chain oil

    Making Aspen dealers richer unless I am mistaken, we also get through far too much of it to stray from the 205 ltr barrels supplied by @Rye Oil Ltd. Shameless plug for you Jon Bob


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