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  1. £1 a piece if the are staked and tubed/wrapped, as above that will change if you are hanging off the edge of a cliff, standing on a swamp mat ,using a kango to break up the ground or planting through a foot deep mulch mat. Bob
  2. We are only up the road from a factory that makes climbers, they unfortunately churn them out with bigger egos and attitudes than ability so I won’t employ them. I prefer the ones that have already done a few years at someone else’s expense. Bob.
  3. Engine driven if you can, size the pump to run flail/mulcher head at max rpm with engine at normal machine operating revs. Think about diffusers, coolers, oversized pipework, by pass, pressure relief valve ,solenoid valve and increasing oil capacity. What size machine is this for? Bob
  4. Yes, its what we do for running mulching heads. Bolting the pump on is normally the easy bit, cooling, supply pipes and filtration are normally the biggest headache to locate/house.
  5. Fixed that for you Mick, you really should visit the Uk more often Bob
  6. I have registered a fair few Ag over the years, my advice is don't ask the question because any DVLA response will be ambiguous or add confusion. It really is clear cut, the vehicle is adapted for forestry use end of, only taxation class that fits is the same one that applies to other farm machinery, not to be confused with the word tractor. The drivers directive (100km) tacho/vehicle exemptions only apply to goods carrying vehicles.When we had a vehicle fuel check a few years ago the question was raised with HMRC and DVLA and no more was said. Keep it simple, convert an older 4x4 truck ( 25 year old is tacho exempt) and dont roar around in it hauling timber for hire or reward. Same applies to any Ag vehicle including tractors and Mogs. Bob
  7. So "your way or the highway" approach hasn't got them queuing up at the door then ? Bob Edit. Hirenfire labour around here for a bod with his own transport seems to be about £120 a day.
  8. With 4x4 HGV`s they like to see them modified to an extent that would render them a machine v's road haulage. If it's already registered in your name the taxation class can be changed at the post office, if not a few pics sent off with the log book to dvla will do the job. "Ag machine" has no restriction on distance from base, ok on red,max 40mph, no motorways and will need 360 flashing beacons to move it on dual carriageways. Bob
  9. The "money" does not always get you a decent labourer, plenty of clock watching media junkies and phone/text addicts on top money for not doing a lot. Bob
  10. As with any rates its regional, it would depend on whether your yard is in central London or on the west coast of Ireland. Bob
  11. That's me fecked then Chris. All sticks no matter what they are will have a job somewhere, it's just a matter of finding a home for them. The sawmills around here want everything as long as possible, I have taken timber into sawmills 45` long before now, then you get guys that only use it for fenceposts/fencing and they will take anything 3mts +. Looking at the stack you have I would say you need to trim it out a bit better and stack the curly bits to one end so the driver can throw them on the top last, nothing worse or more time-consuming than trying to load badly cut/misshaped timber. Log wood is straight forward, anything more or less than the right length and diameter including chogs go to the guys still swinging axes. Bob
  12. It depends whether it's an ongoing job or a one off job, ours tend to be ongoing so we hit them hard with a mulcher and make them mowable for a tractor and flail for the coming years. Nothing worse than beating up flail mowers on stumps and crap buried in brambles. Bob
  13. I would say milling timber in a back garden is antisociable , its quite an intense operation with a big saw. Can't really be compared with arb work where its a bit stop/start with saws and chippers. I am sure Mrs Miggins would agree, saying that a knock on the neighbours door to let them know what you are doing would go a long way. Bob


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