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  1. aspenarb

    arbtalkers arbtrucks

    I know what you mean, I have just bought a 6 wheel plant lorry with a 28 ton mtr crane with four extensions off a mate . Truck can only carry about 12 ton so only good for one bit of kit at a time which is a pain but its handy for nipping about on smaller jobs, its certainly never going to replace the artic and trailers. . Tore the laterals off this windblown with the crane and chain today to reduce it down which also got rid of most of the soil and then ripped it out of the ground, all done in less than an hour so it does have other uses .
  2. aspenarb

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    My ex top gear hilux has to be the all time champion of indestructible trucks, even the retards on the firm have not managed to kill it, I just keep bolting on panels and bumpers as they smash it up .
  3. aspenarb


    I use an old jcb waterproof tough phone just for calls and an Ipad for everything else. Tried the smart phone thing but found them way to fragile, dont know anyone with one thats not got a cracked screen. Ipad does the lot for me on the move and easy to use. Bob
  4. aspenarb

    RIP Wendelspanswick

    Very sad news in that fellow member John Hughes @Wendelspanswick passed away on Friday . RIP John . Bob
  5. aspenarb

    Letter from Lord Pickles

    I think we should have a whip round and raise the 3.5k for Shane to give it a proper blast , it would worth it if only one of the twats got to read it. Bob
  6. aspenarb

    Mulch Circles

    I would just be careful you are not introducing a pathogen. Bob
  7. I think I need to go to speck savers, been reliably informed this girl has a dance partner and be fecked if I can see him. Just need a bit of clarification here Bob
  8. aspenarb

    New Truck Advice

    The last time I looked the Renault was tops and good for 300kg more payload than the Transit which could be the difference between getting a heavy fine or driving away from a weigh bridge. This may now be out of date. https://www.parkers.co.uk/vans-pickups/best/2015/best-payload-for-35t-tipper/ Bob
  9. aspenarb

    Tools worthy of a mention.

    These cord pin end terminals are worth a mention, brilliant on things like tow sockets where the screw will eat through the cable if you overtighten and any hairy bits you miss touch each other knocking fuses out. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/800Pcs-AWG-10-22-Wire-Copper-Crimp-Connector-Insulated-Cord-Pin-End-Terminal-/273147641709?hash=item3f98de3f6d Just bare back the cable, double it up, slide it to the end of the ferrule ,push it into the terminal block and screw it down, no special tools needed Bob
  10. aspenarb

    Landy reloved

    Managed to get a few more hours on the old girl, sent it off for a respray so just need to fit it up now and its back on the road
  11. aspenarb

    Replacing trailer floor

    No ply is actually waterproof, some of the marine ply and stuff like buffalo board use waterproof glue but although better does not help the ply itself. A decent marine ply drowned in Woodcon is probably as good as you can get. https://www.ecoformeurope.co.uk/product/woodcon-diy-make-wood-water-repellent/ Bob
  12. aspenarb

    If you go down to the woods today

    Two stolen Sprinter vans buried deep in the woods, stripped and torched. Got that hot even the Ali melted
  13. aspenarb

    Timberwolf tw230dhb throttle cable

    Cris buy a cable making kit from Venhills https://www.venhill.co.uk/cables-amp-components/workshop-kits.html You can make up just about anything you like in less time than it takes to reply to this post. There is enough in one of their kits to make up dozens of cables. Or if you cant be arsed send them a pattern and they will make it for a fraction of the oem`s price Bob
  14. aspenarb

    Starting out in forestry

    Your loss Jack, you will never learn to play the banjo. Bob
  15. Guildford run a window lickers minibus for over 60`s, they claim to take you anywhere you want in the borough for free. I was going to see if they had one available with a towbar for delivering out the kit and occasionally running me down to Honeybros, don't suppose they would take too kindly to Two stroke racing around the dash and diesel noshing on other passengers legs though Bob


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