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  1. Richie is that based in Wales or with an office in Wales ? I can feel an office coming on Bob
  2. There are a few age related permutations of 7.5 ton licences and towing eligibility, best rattle @Justme s cage for more info on that. Bob
  3. If you are using the truck for private use you will not be required to take the drivers cpc and will only need to do the driving test , if the truck is 7.5 ton or under fill in the form DVSA 75 ,the truck will then be registered tacho exempt. Over 7.5 ton and it changes a bit. Bob
  4. I have imported quite a lot of gear from the states over the years, crates are ok for single items that need handling between place of purchase and the docks. Crates need to be made of certified timber or they may be refused at the docks ( bugs) and they are best dealt with by a freight forwarder who will slot you into some container space, they are also good for the paperwork trail. Done the shipping container thing as well including shippers own which is a kin nightmare your own bin needs the equivalent of an MOT before its allowed in the docks or on a ship, not many second hand containers come with the plates and paperwork so if going this route make sure you get them. Upside of this is you load in the states and no one touches the contents until it arrives in your yard. Other way is get the gear to the docks and load into a container but you dont get much notice or time this end to get down there and unload. Shipping times are all hit and miss depending on weather. Typical 20` container dock to dock is about 2k ish, upside of shippers own container is they load it onto your truck and you drive off, job done. Bob
  5. Most of the gear I have bought from the states has worked out a pound to the dollar by the time freight,import duties and the paper trail are paid for. So think £`s when looking at the sellers $ price. Bob
  6. Excessive and unnecessary charging cycles can kill batteries, not easy to know when a battery is half way down or still fully charged unless they have the charge indicators built in. I chopped up a knackered dewalt torch just for the battery carriage and fitted a two bob voltage gauge, takes the guess work out of charging and is a good battery saver. just saying Bob
  7. These work well on tractors pulling normal trailers, sorts out the height issue.
  8. Why? Here`s one from one of my customers that didnt want to spend any money on this stump, back there next week so we will see how its gone
  9. All good here Annie Goblins are enjoying some of Surrey`s finest conny atm .
  10. Dont panic Pete its a hydraulic beavertail from where the box is back Timberwolf tow chipper bearings were up for replacement, Danny at Green plant had a rummage about and found me an old stock greaseable bearing kit. Have to see how this fairs up, seems well made.
  11. Dont worry about it, I wouldnt lose any sleep over failing to secure a Parish council contract. I think I would be more concerned and checking figures if I had won it . Bob
  12. Passing pleasantries always remind me of Derek and Clive
  13. So the transiteers had it about right @ 3 transittons Bob


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