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  1. Are any of these shredders actually a shredder or are they all small versions of a wood chipper with knives? I could do with something to put the rakings through but it would have to be a proper shredder that could handle a few stones and a bit of dirt . Bob
  2. Did he get his FMOC Gary? Bob
  3. Start off as you intend to continue and run legal. 1. Invest in yourself and get a licence to drive a 7.5 ton + truck and trailer. 2. Apply for an O license. ( restricted will do), use all the exemptions that apply to arb and tacho rules if they apply. 3. Get a tipper truck with a grab if you can , decent sized chipper, bigger overweight chippers and trucks are cheaper to buy. 4. Happy days, spend more time working than driving about overloaded while looking over your shoulder for plod or vosa Bob
  4. Nip the tops off, drop a rope over the sticks and pull them out with a Tirfor. Bob
  5. Jobs a job, dont see a problem Bob
  6. Travelling to and from Mars at £1 a mile though would kill it Donk. A decent earth based crane on a truck around here with someone that knows what he is doing is about £650 for a morning. Bob
  7. That one above is about £1200 for the week including the fly jib and good for lumps of 5ton close in, being 4x4 it will also get in a lot closer to a tree than most truck based cranes. Bob
  8. A mates got this Manitou telehandler crane on hire to put together his timber framed house, impressive bit of kit and would lend itself to takedowns. Road registered and hire for the week is less than the cost of a truck based crane would be for the day. There are a few different models, this one is good for 5 tons and 32mts Manitou MRT3255 Rotational Telehandler Hire | Roto & Heavy Lift Telehandlers, UK, Online | Ardent WWW.ARDENTHIRE.COM Ardent offer professional plant hire and sales services, we offer a wide range of equipment including Roto & Heavy Lift...
  9. I have been waiting for that come and rescue me call from Al ever since he bodged up that air line , can see it letting go and the trucks brakes locking on Bob
  10. Matty I think you should be checking out the crane hydraulics, no way should the back of the pump keep cracking like that. Must be a dead circuit in there somewhere, could be in the spool block or a knackered relief valve. Bob
  11. The Hilux tipper is not completely off the scene, Mick the welder has just fitted the tipping gear off it to a single cab Ranger. Changed it to high sides and fitted tie downs inside. Should stop the small stumpy and other gear rolling about. Just rear lights to sort out and fit some side boxes Bob
  12. Our old Hilux tipper has only just been retired off the fleet Mick , kin thing was still running like a Swiss watch just too beaten up. Bob
  13. It would on old school 4wd systems with centre diff locks, most modern 4wd vehicles use traction control systems ( brake grabs a spinning wheel) so there is no need for centre diff locks. The only thing that would change with a taller diff one end is the torque bias. Bob
  14. Its a no brainer, on something like a 6` long hose that gets snagged you get the chance to repurpose it into say a 4` hose by putting another end on it, so even a chopped or damaged hose comes into play at some point. Try getting an end put on a hose at a hydraulic shop. its nigh on impossible around here. Bob
  15. The best thing I ever did was buy a hose muncher and stock up with hose/fittings, with the time saved alone it must have payed for itself hundreds of times over. The hose is cheap as are the fittings, down time and finding a local hose smith where you are working is not. Bob
  16. Guarantee against further Knotweed infestation! Now that is thought provoking, it sounds simple enough but I can see why some would be reluctant. Just some ramblings below, please add. Affected areas to be guaranteed would have to be clearly mapped. I suppose it would have to include a maintenance contract for years to come. Affected/treated areas cordoned and fenced off with a ban on excavations or landscaping activities. Product indemnities, perhaps insurances for third party products. Bob
  17. I dont know if many others on here run a mixed bag of other activities but if they do it is well worth separating out the policy.Arb is one of the most expensive service sector insurances, if you are involved in other work like landscape,fencing, timber haulage or civils ask your broker to quote for them separately as they may well be adding turnover on your Arb insurance which will be costing a lot more than it should. Bob
  18. We took on some mowing a few years ago and ended up with a bit of an arsenal of mowers, the rounds grew and ended up needing all sorts including and aebi. Bob
  19. I have just spent an hour doing catch up in here , most enjoyable Bob
  20. Not much has changed regarding ag tractor or ag machine registration /taxation classes. Its one or the other ,they do tend to want photographic evidence to support truck taxation class changes these days so will need to have plenty of clutter bolted to it to qualify, proof of year is needed for registering from scratch or it will get a Q reg. Ag machine has a 40mph max speed limit which is better than ag tractor but all the other rules like no motorways etc still apply, all can be driven on a normal car license Bob
  21. At a guess I would say the plunger has restricted movement and the coil is struggling to retract it,its worth taking it out and checking the plunger movement and condition of the o rings. Bob
  22. Worth noting that two separate belts can be +/-3% on width, +/-3.5% on height, +/-3° on angle unless ordered specifically as a matched pair. You may find one is doing a bit more work than the other until it sits down in the groove and is re tensioned . Bonded pairs or multiples are exactly the same length. Bob
  23. We use a capstan I knocked up for this kind of work, quite surprised how many times its been used on jobs since. Bob Slow but sure
  24. Signage is key, not sure about the fourteen days or how relevant that would be if Mrs Miggins were to throw herself into one of the ruts meantime and go for a claim. Go heavy on the signage. Bob


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