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  1. Yes looking at these, tbh they look ok for small one off jobs. Only thing is got to store it somewhere! Or sell it on afterwards i guess. Cheers
  2. Hi All Any one on here have/ hire a small chipper like a cs100 etc? Got a job with a long drag but very limited access for machinery and a small cs100 size chipper would fit but not many places hire these out. Any owner operators interested in a few days with a small chipper? Job is in Ascot, Berkshire. Many thanks Jose
  3. The tree report says loosely braced, and also on one of the oaks it splits into 2 and that should also be braced. This is combined with the recommended reduction. The trees are under a TPO so have to follow the recommendations of the tree report. Its a bit vague, i understand it to mean brace the 3 trees to each other. Cheers
  4. Evening all. Been asked to quote to install Cobra bracing into 3 trees. However its not something i have ever done so looking to see if anyone on here would be interested in coming in to do this? At this stage i am looking for a price to supply and fit please. Job is in Ascot, Berkshire. 2 oaks and a chestnut tree. Now i as said dont have experience but to me these are big trees and i wonder if they would be beyond the capabilities of this Cobra bracing loadings. I will attach pictures i took. This it to be combined with a 3-4 m overall reduction to the trees. Any advice would be welcome! Many thanks
  5. after time sealant can fail inside the hydraulics tank and this jams something. Happened to mine and wouldnt take it in cant remember what bits were needed to be replaced. Local timberwolf dealer sorted it for me.
  6. I understand Predator is actually separate to DBM. They are literally next unit to them. DMb fixed machinery etc along side rental. Guys next door will no doubt be able to supply the bits no issues. Bought new of Max from there, nice guy. couldnt do enough for me. Not sure if hes still there but worth a call Shame they are closing, good guys ive used ever since i been doing trees!
  7. i had a cs100 for a bit. Great machine but nowhere near as good as bigger machine. Regarding stumps if 18 is the max then a fsi will do that all day long. Obviously with sharp teeth as when blunt any grinders hard work. If its once or twice a week your grind again fine. If its every single day near enough then id consider the bigger machine. Its not about working hard , its working smart!
  8. guess you have to decide on how much you are willing to invest. Also transporting a bigger machine. The fsi is a lot smaller and lighter. i dont have trailer storage so thats a consideration, tracking a bigger grinder up a set of ramps gets sketchy if its a high body. I had a demo years back and the guy had a sprinter van which suited him ( sales guy) but not for me as i need a tree surgery van and again limited storage/ parking. Bigger machine is always easier on the body, just got to suit your setup
  9. fsi b22 is good. tried a HB20 but compared to my old predator 450 it felt huge and top heavy. FSI although smaller engine is cracking for a pedestrian grinder. But go bigger and its going to be a lot easier on the body. Predator never updated when i was looking at a new one and tbh i found it beat itself to death so to speak. FSI is in a different league for build quality to the predator. HB from what i remember was also a solid machine.
  10. i had to move site as we had our original shipping container broken into, thought was secure , welded box over locks etc, They hooked a chain to it and peeled it up like a tin can! also cut the hinges of another container with ease it seemed. then came back exactly 4 weeks later! but we had moved by then. Some right f##ker out there.
  11. Thanks guys. I have a setup with multiple layers but its getting on and really could do with some investment. I will have a look at go forwards from there. Appreciate the replys
  12. Morning all A few years back i was at the saltek show and there was a firm that did high security lockups. A bit like custom containers built specifically for security. Im sat at home bored with covid and started thinking about these but cant find any info in the web. Another thought was to build a garage building from the ground up with security in mind. Anyone have any pointers either way for sources of information or companies? Another reason i was thinking of this is i am fairly sure (would check before starting) but this is considered in the claiming back against tax with the super deduction scheme the gov is currently running. Im in the south east., near Reading. Many thanks
  13. why has nobody mentions the fact that these things shed the natural equivalent of fibreglass? anybody thats ever chipped some of this will testify that its horrendous! We use to put on full body decorating suits, googles etc. I even tried putting sheets over the back of the truck as a kind of filter ( which worked pretty well when i could keep it in place. You couldnt pay me to live under one of these trees. Dont do it!
  14. jose

    New Chipper

    So what was the outcome of the shute fix?
  15. i had predators for years, 450, 460 x2. The power is great, the build quality terrible! and dont even get started with the cables. absolute joke. Its a shame as with a little investment it would be a winner! I did feed back to the guys at predator but didnt seem interested. Demo a FSI B22, built 10 times better. The engine is a lot less power which i was really sceptical about but once i used it realised its more than enough. Major bonus is its much narrower than a 460. never worry about gates again. Rock grinders i have the baby one which is harder work but cost me £1000 brand new and has never let me down and paid itself off in about 4months! I havent tried the new one though. If you got the space and money bigger is better ( its not massively bigger by the looks). Your body will thank you. But only you know really whats best for your setup


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