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  1. As others have said, if the business stops trading, competitors get a bite of the market share for free. Even if someone buys the ‘goodwill’, then a decent percentage of customers will probably still switch to using another company. So therefore the ‘goodwill’ value is low or non existent. exactly the same for any business then surely?
  2. As said i already have my own business thanks
  3. I dont get it, if you have a business that has shown consistent profit year on year there has to be a value to that. To say without contracts its not really worth anything surely is wrong. People dont have a contract with tesco's but year in year out they make massive profits and if you wanted to take over that you know you would be paying for it! Yes they have bigger assets but thats all proportional to the point. Not one of the actual paying customers that walk through that door have to use them but instead choose to. Same as with all the repeat customers that the OP will have gained over the years but doesnt have a contract. Obviously the OP needs to shown a potential buyer the books to prove the numbers. I started from scratch and i know for sure it would have been a lot easier to take on a established business ( as long as its not a run down failing company). If i bought an established company with proven profit each year id have jumped a good few years of establishing a reputation while making ends meet, i probably wouldnt feel like a 90 yr old in a 40 yr old body!
  4. have a 2011 twin wheel movano. Its basically a Renault traffic/daily i forget which. Even had all the Renault stickers on under the body! Been going 10 yrs now and only ever broke once! a clutch pipe blew a joint so dropped the fluids. warranty job and was back a week later. doesnt have a transits lower grunt when first pulling away but other than that been a good truck and still going.
  5. yep 4wd. I tugged out the main work truck the other day from the mud. Ive currently got road tyres on it so not great traction but its got all the grunt you could ever want! and contrary to its size its a piece of cake to drive and super comfy . as said it just wiped the floor with my Dmax ( 2014 with 15k when new). After a week it was no different to drive than any other vehicle ( its left hand drive). Only time thats a pain is at mcdonalds drive through!
  6. if fuel economy isnt a issue get a Yank truck. Ive replaced my Dmax with a dodge ram. Absolutely anilities it on every aspect you can think of except fuel consumption. And you can even get a 3.0 v6 which id imagine is a lot better than the 5.7 v8 But the v8 is a beauty, sounds awesome and goes like stink for a big truck. And surprisingly not much longer than the dmax.
  7. So true. Fed up of homewoners hiding root balls, stone fence panels etc . Often not worth the risk to machinery
  8. i was going to get one but put off by the smaller engine. Also the auto version as terrible to drive! took so long to change gear it then had to change back down. And that was empty
  9. have the original one, awesome bit of kit. shame they dont offer a trade in!
  10. Hailo 3 sections. Heavy but good especially with the sliding adjustable foot.
  11. Had 3 in the firm. Heads would stink in no time at all. Over priced in my opinion. Half it and its worth it but otherwise i dont bother. Oh and its not chipper proof!
  12. off for a read now. Thanks!
  13. HI did a search but came up with 1700 threads but couldnt see an answer. Wondering what gloves you use for climbing when it gets cold and wet. Cold is ok but when wet its just nasty. My guys are old school and still use prussic sliders. we use the yellow/ orange grip type gloves but when its wet they suck it up and turn to ice on the hands. Ive got a pair of the rubber thermal gloves but if u climb the prussic slider grabs it and rips it to pieces in seconds so no good. any recommendations based on actual use be greatly appreciated!
  14. if the teeth are sharp it fly's through! 15-20 minutes easy, probably faster. Obviously you need to take into account all the variables, is it a fresh green stump, old, stones or clay etc. They all have a part to play. But it would not have any issues. When the teeth are sharp ( as with all grinders) its a world of difference from blunt machine
  15. i hear you. As said i had to walk away as wasnt worth the fight and aggro! i will drive by one of these days and see if he got anywhere. Perhaps the council will come out and do it themselves??? It is their tree after all. Who knows


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