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  1. Small chipper help

    i had a cs100 great for its size without a doubt ( main machine is a tw230). However moving it isnt as easy it people make it out. and personally found the shute a PITA to move. must be a better way to secure that. If i was buying it again id seriously consider the tracked one. That said there is also a tracked shredder available, by Bugnought ( or something). If your a smaller firm and do a mixture of stuff this could be a possible good route. Not cheap but then removes a lot of rakings etc from the daily equation.
  2. Commercial Pole hedgetrimmer - Recommendations please

    ive got one of those echos a few months back. Very nice machine. Ive never been a stihl fan ever since using the combi hedge cutters. I found it was the engine that let it down. I still have a mid lenght unit ( not a combi unit) and although it works fine the echo is a much better machine to hold and use. My kit does tend to last but by no means has a easy life so if it survives then its a good machine and id buy it again. I also had a couple of Cobras ( i believe) with the Kawasaki engine. Again a good machines that 5 yrs on still come out occasionally. Just dont die.
  3. pickup to van

    Hi all I have a isuzu dmax but toying with changing it to a transit connect. I no longer have use of the field i used to store logs etc , now drop on hard standings so my regular 3.5 tonner never gets stuck. Dont do country work so its all driveways. Rare occasions i need 4x4 ( max once a yr i can hire one). I do all the pricing and the new connects are a lot more efficient than a dmax, not to mention driving if a lot more comfy. I do have a family and they hate my dmax ( its a extended cab one so jump seats in the back). So im looking at a double cab connect which in my mind fits all bills. i would still have it sign written up for work. Has storage in the back for kit as and when needed and can also accommodate the family when needed too. Get a tow bar fitted for the trailer so got extra load capacity. After any feedback / advice before i jump in and make a (another ) expensive mistake. cheers
  4. Yard Clearances

    I drop at a yard in Berkshire. Would you collect from there? Currently has logs and chip collected ( we load) which they pay for but they dont take the brash/ rakings. This is disposed else where at a cost. how would this work out with your setup? Cheers
  5. arbtalkers arbtrucks

    That looks good. Could it be the solution for legally carrying more weight without going past the 3.5 tonne license?
  6. French Election

    just caught the end of this and tbh i cant be ar~~ed to read the lat 11 pgs. but to the last point about walls. there already is a big wall built, by Obama and before him too. Trump just wants to extend it. And also its funny i was watching a tv report from mexico where the Mexicans have followed the US and have started building their own wall.... to keep out the other south american migrant coming to mexico. Isnt it funny how nobody makes a squeak about it when they do it.
  7. Skeleton key van tool thefts....

    Yep i had my new transit nicked this way. It was only after that i learned about it. If i had known i could have taken steps that amount to a few hundred quid or so that would greatly reduce the risk ( at least make it harder). Far cheaper that the insurance excess alone, let alone the premium rise the following year. Dont get me started on the incompetence of the police afterwards! Ford can go take a leap, left me so open to protect their reputation its disgraceful. If i had the time/ money inclination i would love to bring a lawsuit against them for basically turning a blind eye while the hard working man gets royally done over! That may just be enough of a poke to actually give a damn.
  8. Stolen Vehicle (Derbyshire)

    SOC what a joke My truck body was recovered from a gypsie camp, they had sand blasted it to remove the signwriting. From 10ft away you could still read the company name and our phone number. SOC guys said no way to find owners and it was scrap. its over 4K to have built! took the recovery firm man not 5 minutes and 2 phone calls to find me. So i wouldnt hold your breath. sometimes i wonder if there isnt a greater conspiracy going on. the gov gets a massive amount or revenue via tax. manufactures make a large profit on sales , especially spare parts. the Victim gets nothing but an increase in premiums for years for been a victim! Rob a post office or such for the same value and you get plenty of time in jail. they say crime doesnt pay. i disagree it pays damn well, secret is not to get caught then it pays very well indeed. im just too stupid to be a good criminal
  9. Has anyone heard of Peruzzo?

    does look the dogs for a small unit! i had a cs100 and was always really impressed by what it could do for its size. dont get me wrong i prefer a bigger unit but it really could eat the branches!
  10. " personal reasons"

    i did do it with my brother for 8 yrs before he passed away. never had any of the bother or expense. not saying they are not of any value but they are expensive and often a lot of hassle and their rights far out weigh mine. why is it people always blame the boss? i am very easy going and dont belive in scrimping of kit etc. if we need anything its there the next day. from what i read im almost too soft. but yeah i guess it must be me....
  11. Peel and steal

    my old landy door was easy to bend enough to get the keys out. how about unternal clamps that pull it closed from inside , i guess like the boarding they use on empty properties so u have to get inside to defeat it. and then the one door left ( if you cant go from the front that is has dead locks in say 4 places ( each corner). surely cant be that hard to retrofit vs the ball ache of getting all your tools pinched. crazy one of my neighbours i was talking to just last week was telling me a gut 20 yrds from his house has had his tools nicked twice in the last year and half, hes never lost any. but he had over 4k of tools he leaves in there, one costs £2500 by itself! i sweat leaving an old wet jumper in mine lol.
  12. " personal reasons"

    I know what you mean. In over 15 yrs i can count on 1 hand the days ive had off sick. this chap is unpredictable, he can goes months without a day and then randomly do it. Ive given up of saturdays though as that is a 90% failure rate at least! In hindsight i would never of become an employer. I would take on 2 subbies, 2 days a week each and take the 5 off! would save huge amounts of worry and costs! all i ever seem to do is pay to have employees! they dont make me any more money, its not like i can pass on the extra costs to the customer. i only have a couple of guys and it costs me easy 10 k a year more as employees what with holidays, ppe taxes training etc. but i cant charge any more so in affect my profits dropped by 10 k. could have taken 4 months off for that kind of money! and my god does the law protect them to a fault! not going to go into it but lets just say i was in a position where employee safety was put second to employee rights and i couldnt do a thing about it. hands up there were issues with my employment contract at the time due to ignorance ( no excuse? personally i think if you really dont know certain things even exits how are you to deal with them!) i am a simple man all i want to do is earn a fair wage for a days work. gov is forcing it so far down the employers throat it makes me really want to pack it in and be a bum council scrounger. i see them all the time and not one of them ever looks stressed. but thats another rant for another day!
  13. " personal reasons"

    It's was a text message. Was told He would contact me asap but nothing until 5pm saying he would be in the next day. I have to be careful with him in terms of him looking for a excuse to try and claim unfair treatment even though there isn't any. The feeling I have is he wants to leave but is looking for a way to claim unfair treatment so he can try and sue. Irony is he's a friend and vital to the team as we r a small team so I don't k ow why / what he thinks he can claim! The last thing I want is him leaving as I would either have to find a replacement or work even harder to take up the slack ( and I'm getting too old for that!) I do keep a list of all days off. Problem with contract is it more interested in giving plenty of written and verbal warnings but clear on this point. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  14. " personal reasons"

    Quick question. As a employer are you allowed to enquire/ ask generally about it? Got a message at 6am saying can't come in for personal reasons. Not heard anything since. Does a employer have any rights or do they just have to accept it at face value? Coincidentally a rugby fan the day after a big game claims a personal day. Anyone know the rules? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  15. HTA 85 pole saw

    Awesome! No negatives then. Thanks for the response


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