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  1. roughly how long does a file last before going blunt? Cheers
  2. jose

    Great truck for domestic arb..

    dont know that much about the discovery chassis but my 2 p is its ugly and expensive. 24K excluding VAT. Could be way off but thats the initial impression. I actually thought the website picture was a kids drawing! only good thing perhaps is the engine possibilities. Dont they do a V8 still for the disco of those years?
  3. jose

    Bird nests

    Had the guys go to a site where there was a nest with chicks yesterday morning. We didnt do the work ( going back in 3 weeks time) but the joy of it is by the time i managed to find another job to do i lost at least a couple of hundred pounds of working time. So even doing the right thing cost me. The joys. But if i can i will always give them a chance, even if it is damn pigeons.
  4. i too looked at them, and the only thing is they weight about 4 tonne empty ( well not quite but u get the idea). In fact i am back on the idea again. I have a Isuzu Dmax and i know its a work truck but really isnt a comfy place to be. Whereas the big yank trucks can work and be comfy at the same time. And in fact they are not that much bigger than the current crop of pickups. I would be tempted by the 4x4 ( disco etc) but due to the tax rules i cant sensibly run it through the biz as a asset. my pickup is used for pricing and occasionally pulling a tw230 so doesnt do any real work. So i think why not have the comfort to go with it? Personally i want a big V8 in it so either a dodge ram or a newer f150. And new (ish) they are on par cost wise with the uk pickups. Obviously u can get silly and the super raptors i have seen up for 130K but does anyone really buy them?
  5. jose

    Muck truck/power barrow

    no i had both and when distance and heavy timber combined the track barrow kicked ass! and i love the arb trolley. We had to take out a load oh large scotts pine with both the trackbarrow was away. when used as a barrow and not towing it can go forward in 2nd gear and flies. makes a hard tow of the arb trolley easy!. Was trying to tow the arb trolley but didnt have anything to tie them together or i would have.
  6. jose

    Muck truck/power barrow

    im sure someone with a welder could. Its not that fast especially in reverse. We use to stand on the rails when towing the chipper as it would add extra weight creating more traction. Mine had all the grunt but was so light that it couldnt grip. A local platform hire shop i know uses one, they welded a old oil drum onto it and filled it with blunt grinder teeth to give it weight and traction.
  7. jose

    Muck truck/power barrow

    company i got from was Cautrac. cheers
  8. jose

    Muck truck/power barrow

    i bought mine at the Saltec show a few years back. guy delivered it in the back of a discovery. if i can ill dig out some pics. If your going to use it a fair bit over the months weight up total hire cost vs buy use and resale values.
  9. jose

    Muck truck/power barrow

    had one, great for moving a 750 kg chipper around tarmac etc but in woods not so great. works in reverse ( going backwards ) but not forward. Not enough weight. With the wheel barrow attachment if u can get it on it will haul it but bear in mind its not that big so ur not going to long lenghts on it. Ive moved 3-4 ft diameter logs on it as long as i could strap on it and the weigth was not a problem. Sure i paid like £1800 +vat new. mine was a track barrow 350. They threw in a tow hitch too which is great. give them a call.
  10. jose

    T Mech Stump grinder

    i got a little rock stump grinder, 6.5 hp jobbie. been a cracking machine, saved the day when the predator 28 puked its guts up and had to do a 2 ft dia holly. Dont get me wrong its always last choice but it gets where virtually everything else bar a alpine magnum wont. and cheap! not worth getting rid of as it paid its self off in about 3 months of minimal use! These little one definately have their place!
  11. jose


    maybe im missing it but i thought this thread was about travellers. not homeless people. and the other guy said he sleeps 5 nights a week in a van. so assume by that he goes home come the weekend. the 5 nights is out chasing the work. could be in forestry, working in the back and beyond. limited or no nearby accommodation. so its a necessary part of the job. OR maybe hes away from his lockup working and so as many will testify to he finds Sleeping in his van with his kit is the best chance he has of it been there the next day! the polish guys use to come over to work, live in a caravan to save money. doesnt make them travellers. think your trying to muddy the water here.
  12. jose


    maybe you have. For all i know you may be a guy that works away from home alot. that doesnt make you a traveller does it? I have a friend in Newcastle that is up and down the country every week of the year, what that make him? we are talking about travellers and gypsies. Ask most convicts in jail and they claim to be innocent of the crimes they were convicted of. I cant see anyone coming on here and saying " yes i nick stuff and pay no taxes" just not gonna happen is it.
  13. jose


    in my case yes. the police handed over equipment based on the gypsies word in the middle of a raid as witnesses by the recovery company called int o recover the vehicles, and when we called up repeatedly to find out what was going on ( 6 stolen vehicles on a site occupied by 2 families only) we we classed as harassing the police and barred from calling ( said we were a nuisance). Probably called 4 or 5 times, taking into account our lively hood was taken and we couldnt even go back to work as insurance company wouldnt even consider a claim until a couple of weeks had passed. Never know if they got prosecuted as never heard from the police again but was left about 20k out of pocket. So yeah if im a little biter about that sue me. I reckon any one here would feel the same if it happened to them. I cant see why they r defended at every step. If anything they prove they are not decent or honest or in fact anything but a scourge on society! Bleeding hearts say they are not all bad, i say the vast majority are bad and the good ones are in fact the small minority. Still waiting to be proved wrong.
  14. jose


    Always amazes me how people are so quick to defend those who consistently show a total disregard for the wider population. over the last 30 yrs i have seen almost daily examples of travellers/ gypsies doing what they want at the cost of tax paying law abiding people, and the law literally turning a blind eye to there actions. Ive been a victim to them first hand to the tune of thousands which i worked like a dog to earn. Ive seen the aftermath of there visits to a local hospital near me where they come in and destroy the facilities when they are bored while their loved ones are treated. And you know they havent contributed in terms of taxes. In most decent lands where the law is strong they wouldnt be allowed to behave in this way but here they get away with so much and then god forbid someone voices a dislike ( through experience) they are tarring them all and they are not all bad. There was a thing where a local village was harassed by them and at the annual village fete they burnt a effigy of them. Next thing the old bill was doing them as they had offended the gypsies. Nothing i remember about actually addressing the original problem. Still waiting to meet my first Not bad one that isnt eyeballing my kit or any other way to make a quick £ off me.


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