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  1. Cracking set up. For 17yrs old Ben it looks like you are doing just fine as is bud 👍.
  2. Nope 17/21 it was, death or glory skull and crossbones and all that. 1 squadron only was on Cyprus, still using ferrets and Saladins at the time, I think the remainder of the regiment was undergoing conversion to challenger 1. Various armoured regiments provided a squadron on 2yr rotation as resident armoured etc, resident infantry battalion was on the same 2 yr rotation.
  3. Lol no wonder you kicked back at being referred to as Cropper, Small world indeed, you weren’t in Cyprus in the 80s as resident armoured squadron at Epi by any chance were you ??. You guys had a breech let go I think on a Saladin during that tour. My regiment had a 4 tonner come off the road from troodos. Did my motorcycle test under the auspices of 17/21 instructors in a scheme put in place after a trooper called pepe lost his legs in a motorcycle crash.
  4. Five ways the lockdown could be made even tougher as coronavirus rips through UK APPLE.NEWS Some experts have called for lockdown measures to be made stricter such as face masks being... Curfews and 1 hr exercise limits !!!. how about making the Vaccine rollout a 24hr a day 7 day a week UK wide operation instead, rather than bringing in even more draconian and destructive controls.
  5. I think a lot of people are starting to realise the cheap imports come at a price not just in the fact you often get an inferior product that does not last but also at the expense of our own manufacturing base and subsequent loss of skilled jobs etc. I make a conscious effort not to buy Chinese tat but it’s no easy task.
  6. Yep numerous Harold steptoe types getting excited at woman’s chainsaw trousers, you know who you are 🙄🙄
  7. Shotgun cert for all them crows at yours 👍👍
  8. Bit of razor wire for the top Andy 👍👍
  9. Nice dry day for a change in Aberdeenshire, steady away with the 880 on some Elm. COVID friendly socially distanced by miles solo milling. More chance of carbon monoxide poisoning getting me today as not a breath of wind,
  10. Condolences, my elderly mother is suffering from Dementia and i know full well what a bloody awful illness it is.
  11. You see, we do actually agree about something! **************** sake 😡😡😡😡😡my day is ruined
  12. Lot of how you did ref help was geographically dependent, I know a good few welsh lads whom received decent grants up to nearly 20k over this period. Up in Scotland and running a ltd company I received zero. Income was down to about 30-40% of the previous year, to get by last years tax money has been used 🤷‍♂️does HMRC give a damn absolutely not. The individuals drawing six figure salaries with top notch pensions whom are throwing these blanket lockdowns at us in the name of protecting us would get my wholehearted support if they locked down all bills and payments at the same time, not just a mortgage holiday that increases your eventual payment figure but a real time freeze on everything that is lifted as soon as lockdown is lifted.
  13. Hundreds of thousands of individuals myself included have through no fault of there own received zero handouts from the state. I know a good few local tree guys whom have got through this ok with no real loss of earnings on the other hand I have two friends one whom has lost his business the other his home. Me and all the others on here who disagree with the concept of blanket lockdown all recognise the virus exists contrary to the comments you make stating otherwise.


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