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  1. Lol yeah I need to my old carcass into top gear eh 😀
  2. Pretty much maxed out the mill today, Customers Ash and Elm.
  3. Spoken like a true Jock 😂I thought it was a 0-0 draw !!. Football bores the tits off me Mull, now watching England get humped by Scotland at the rugby 🙄that’s painful.
  4. Scottish football fans arrive all kilted up with nowhere to go APPLE.NEWS The Tartan Army descends on London today to meet the auld enemy amid criticism that there... You’d have thought that the London mayor might have considered fan zones !!.
  5. I am Les that’s my mates, I’ve still got an 880 and standard Alaskan set up although I must admit that 881 is a cracking tool, Panther still for sale bud.
  6. Some cracking Elm up in Inverness today, 881 and Panther 60 plus a chance to have a play with mates new 500i 👍
  7. Guy I’ve supplied to in past Les, he’s a client whom wants Birch for a particular project 🤷‍♂️
  8. Hi All looking for a bit of advice ref some Birch planks for a customer, he’s wanting a load of 125x25, 125x50 and 100x50 !!. Never had any call for it in the past so looking for some guidance on the price please 👍 cheers Dave
  9. Not even worth getting worked up over bud. Just have to do the best you can and in my case I try and teach a good set of ethics to my kids. I do think the current status quo is as vulnerable as it has been for a long time. Covid has unfortunately shown the powers that be how easy a population can be manipulated and how compliant most will be.
  10. Is that just the current crop or do you mean retrospective justice also ??
  11. Will it even matter Mark Previous ministers etc both red and blue tend to go on and do just fine mate regardless of the shit they leave behind.
  12. China administered total of 824.86 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines as of June 9 APPLE.NEWS China administered about 15.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines on June 9, bringing the total... Not much seems to stop the relentless Chinese state, not even the inconvenience of a virus.
  13. Just seen this, might be of use to someone down that area.
  14. Well Les let him who is without sin blah blah you know the rest, I’ll not get into that bud, I did try to refrain but the accusations were getting out of hand. Especially the drugs comments, Steve was undoubtedly right to knock it on the head. Yeah my mate is handy with the TIG etc. That’s him who did the jazzy sign with the Plasma cutter.
  15. Over in Inverness today in between getting a telling off on another part of the forum 🙄picking up the slabs I milled a few days back, definitely the pick of the bunch in the pic 👍, picked up a modified outlet for the mill at the same time.


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