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  1. Mark when I switched to the ripper blades I found they were slightly longer and had to reset the whole tracking/tensioning wheel a good bit further out. It’s a bit of a head f///k to get it right but once I’d watched it on YouTube a couple of times and actually took a look at the whole concept of how it works it’s not too bad. You got the original manual??. Basically you need the wheel to hit true just as you hit the required torque setting. Mind you I’ve ran plus or minis a couple of nm either side with no ill effects. Possibly you have goosed the existing blade too,
  2. Not sure if they can stipulate what type of fixing or material you attach it into as long as it’s secure. I guess the relationship you have with or the character/common sense of the FLO is what will determine how it goes. I went over the limit capacity wise on mine and ended up putting a second in the loft secured to heavy timber joists which was passed off no probs.
  3. View from Hound Point on the Forth
  4. Lovely bit of kit Andy for sure. Not cheap mind. I’m trying to persuade a mate who has all the kit needed ie lathe, plasma cutter etc etc to make such a thing. Would you be interested in going for that if I could get a price and a spec, obviously it would not be as pretty but if he goes for it I’m sure it would be a sound bit of kit from an engineering and functionality perspective.
  5. Hi All looking for a bit of assistance in sourcing some Elm boards for a mate at work. He is after a couple around 8-10ft long possibly up to 3ft wide and a couple of inches thick. something with plenty of character ideally. He is based down in Southampton so if anyone on here knows of anyone down that way any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers
  6. Hi What model did you buy from Rock ??.
  7. Total bullshit is what it is. Just another scammer trying to rip people off.
  8. https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/stihl-ms661-chainsaw-four-bars-and-chan/1354249395?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social Hi All Saw this on gumtree in Aberdeenshire today. Won’t give out a number 🙄🙄
  9. I’m sure no one will laugh bud anyway rustic rough is all in now so what the hell give it a go. Not got far with the hydraulics to tell truth, power unit and steel etc is here but no time to get on with it plus HMRC is turning me inside out which is making any time off pretty crap but hey ho. Made up some ramps and a winch set up as a temp solution. Swapped over to them ripper 37s recently, they seem to cut well and show good longevity. Every day is a learning day for sure with the mill. I’ll get a few pics up at some point.
  10. Hi Andy Be interested to see that progress. Planning on doing the same for one of my lads, Elm in my case. Oak seems bloody hard to come by up here. Still working away on finishing touches with the 130 but short on time as done some long ones so far this year.
  11. They can’t sort out leaving the EU J because the wankers in Westminster can not bring themselves to honour the bloody referendum result. Instead we see all this absolute hypocrisy and bullshit etc etc being played out on a daily basis. All whilst our bargaining position is totally undermined by people fighting to take away the ability to say no to a shit deal. I’m sure you have walked away J from a overpriced bit of kit or not taken a job because the margins were too low. Imagine not being able to say no !!!!! It’s not rocket science.
  12. 100% agree, taking away the ability or option to walk away from a shit deal is utter utter madness. All that has been done is to hand the impetus to the other side from day one. The cynicism of the people attempting to stop this whole process is disgusting. As has already been stated hundreds of times there was no mention of deals on the ballot paper, in or out that was the question none of this endless squirming bullshit we see before our eyes now. One thing that will come out of this is the public’s perception of politicians whilst probably not very good at the best of times will drop to a new low. Quite frankly Westminster has taken the absolute piss out of the majority whom voted leave. Not leave with a deal but leave full stop.
  13. Spoke briefly to the guy who said it was one of a few prototypes built to an MOD spec etc. Not too sure of the details but certainly a bit unusual. Lot of other series 3s and an early V8 county 110 lying around dying too.
  14. Caught a glimpse of this whilst working up on a garage roof. Land Rover special vehicles badge is just visible.
  15. Hi If that’s myself you are asking then yeah they were knocked up with some rect hollow section but mount onto trailer chassis not the bed as the woodlands one do. Same for winch it’s mounted on an upright onto the main chassis and not into the existing stops box section as woodlands do. Cost approx £100 tops maybe not as pretty or easy to store as woodlands but as you say £500 is a lot for what they are. Is the one you are buying in the woodlands mill trailer ??


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