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  1. Went for the Aberlour in the end, guy was more than happy with that.
  2. Well I did the same but in a cell in the guardroom at pirbright, woke up in the morning to the screaming voice of the provost Colour Sergeant, spent the next 4 hrs being beasted around the barracks with a floor polishing bumper above my head.
  3. I’d rather not hand over a bottle with a smart price label on it 🤷‍♂️. I’m no snob in any way shape or form but on this occasion 🙄
  4. Participation is entirely up to the individual as they say.
  5. Got to be done eh 😆. Hey I was being complimentary 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️Just like the mrs at times my kind words were totally misconstrued. Anyway good evening Mull, I might pick your brains actually. I’ve asked Andy the same I’m after a good bottle of that whisky type brown juice you guys drink, budget is about £100-150, it’s a thank you for a local farmer. Open to advice and heading up to a whisky specialist in Turiff tomorrow to browse. Me I can’t stand even the smell of it, probs the result of a massive over indulgence at the guards depot Pirbright sergeants mess summer ball many years ago where I was forced as a recruit to do waiting on. No Buckie mind
  6. No I was genuinely being complimentary as it happens. It was very well written just that I didn’t agree with it any way shape or form. Sorry about my own mistakes but I was up on Loch Thom in a blizzard with freezing fingers trying to reply on an I phone. You might not want to be so quick in jumping to conclusions buddy 🙄
  7. I’ve just sat and reread the last few pages of people’s posts and I’m at a loss to find the rancorous outpourings of rubbish you describe 42. Yourself, admittedly after observing for a while Witterings, Skychuck etc seem to be the ones getting hot under the collar about this rather than others. To be honest 42 you remind me of the indignant hand bag swinging easily offended mouthy type of lass you occasionally see on a night out full of drink more than happy to stoke the fire or load the gun and cause trouble between blokes.
  8. Some excellent grammar in that ill give you that. The understudy comment from a man whom sits on the fence then jumps in when he’s seen which way things are going and feels he’s got enough support is a bit ripe eh. That post was basically pure lies, facts,stats,logic etc etc have all been offered up numerous times it’s just that people disagree end of. The animosity or tone of debate has altered little when Andy was absent as I’ve often found. Certain people here do not want anyone to have an opinion that differs from what they see as fact. so no need for your holier than thou sanctimonious crap eh.
  9. Badge of honour lol. It’s much more entertaining when you throw a full on teddy out the pram paddy.
  10. Is this good science or the science to be ignored??
  11. Grow up bud keep putting those up eh 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️Grow a pair for Christ’s sakes. Are those odds ok for you to feel safe ??
  12. Yep it’s bloody hilarious eh many is the time you have asked for explanations and the standard what would you do kind has been used often enough. So what do you see as hilarious now ??, what is the point of mass testing at this stage and why is UCL science now to be disregarded??
  13. Assume, presume ??? Exactly 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ does it really make any sense at all at this point ??
  14. I’ve read and read and reread data and statistics until I’m sick of it. Not whinging and have carried on as best I can throughout this. As for don’t worry about it if it’s a conspiracy, and let’s stop vaccines for the vulnerable etc that’s just the standard tactic of trying to demean anyone whom has concerns over the reaction or actions taken I regard to this situation. Not so easy to say if you have lost a business or family home. Not wanting to sound like 42 but the mass lateral flow testing rollout rational ??. Please enlighten me as to the value of this exercise. Follow the science is indeed what I thought this was all about. The use of one source of data or modelling predictions has been used multiple times to justify measures taken since the beginning of this. Ie Ferguson’s worst case scenario model. The thing that I found ironic is the questioning of Fristons work !!, I have mentioned on numerous occasions the huge overestimates factually attributed to Ferguson’s modelling on previous issues. Anyone active within the farming community will elaborate on this.
  15. I wonder how the end product would turn out if your often high moisture content off the mill sawdust was used.


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