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  1. Johnsond

    Traditional timber frame

    Looks really good Andrew. View is lovely. That raising procedure is indeed a crazy bit of rigging 😬😬
  2. Johnsond

    Traditional timber frame

    Would it be possible to see a couple of images ??,
  3. Johnsond

    Traditional timber frame

    The research I've done and the info I've gathered would indicate he's way off the mark in relation to size he's trying to span and material he's using. The DF I'm milling is for a sunroom and the max it will have to span will only be 4.5m, I'm pretty sure I'll be using a bit more than bolted up 4x2s
  4. Johnsond

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    I guess your gonna see the price of decent french oak jump, as will the demand for good carpenters and traditional timber framers and masons etc. Macrons 5 year promise will be a hard one to keep.
  5. Johnsond

    Traditional timber frame

    Hi Andrew Thanks for the info. PM sent
  6. Johnsond

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Saw a similar thing up on raasay a few years ago. I was in an accommodation camp built to house the guys building the new cal mac terminal. Cold windy night and the contractors had nearly finished the restoration of raasay house, cause was put down to an electrical fault but once the fire got hold it was done for. Retained firefighters On the island got assistance from the Portree crew who had to be brought from Skye via boats.
  7. Johnsond

    Traditional timber frame

    Hi All looking to hopefully go ahead with a traditional timber frame sunroom later this summer. Material will be Douglas Fir Which I have ready for the job and intend to mill it myself. Just wondering if anyone knows of an architect up in Aberdeenshire that undertakes that sort of work where I can get a set of drawings made up. Also whilst the foundations and dwarf walls etc are no probs and I've built a few timber frame agriculture type buildings over the years this time around seeing as it's the family home I'd be looking to get some professional assistance. Once again if anyone can point me in the direction of any firm or individuals up here that would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. Mind you J is the brother similar in stature to yourself ?? . Physical capabilities and age play a big part in this kind of work. I've a 35T venom splitter that is to be honest underused in as much it comes out 5-6 times a year for 2-3 days at a time for me and a couple of friends. Couple of guys working that can go through a good amount of any kind of wood and still be ok the next day. On a similar thread I've often wondered if it would be worth hiring the machine itself out ?? Anyone any thoughts on that insurance wise and what day rate ???
  9. Johnsond

    Splitting kindling

    I'm out of the picture on the treadmill powering the machine.
  10. Johnsond

    Splitting kindling

    Imagine the insurance !!! Or the reaction of the HSE when they ask what happened to his fingers 😬
  11. Johnsond

    Splitting kindling

    I remember using something like that with my father as a kid to make up bags of kindling to sell alongside the coal on the round we had. Only training I got was to be told don't put your fingers on the top 😳😳.
  12. Johnsond

    Beech saw log wanted

    Thanks for that. Bit of a hike but I may be down Northumberland with the trailer at some point soon. If that's the case I'll give you a shout, cheers
  13. Johnsond

    Beech saw log wanted

    If you come across anymore HTB I'd be happy to help get rid of it, im near Turiff
  14. Johnsond

    Beech saw log wanted

    Cheers Andy that would be appreciated, I'd want to start from scratch and mill the whole log. Top slab will be a decent lump for sure. Gonna copy a one that's in a local butchers.
  15. Johnsond

    Beech saw log wanted

    Thanks J ill give them guys a try, hopefully save something decent from the fire.


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