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  1. On a serious note if you go to the woodlands mill part of the milling forum you will find loads on how owners have set up trailers and winch/ ramp arrangements.
  2. You will work it out once you start loading logs 👍
  3. Small world Andy that stuff is the dogs bollocks The first mrs father got me into that years ago over in Finland. Probs best vodka I’ve ever tasted. You do have to watch out though as it does have a habit of going down nice then creeping up on you big time. He was a typical Finnish man ie of very few words and that was the ritual when we visited regardless of time of day, shot of that straight from freezer neat . 👍
  4. Cheers Les Hoping to try and replicate the finish I had on a Tikka M595 super deluxe, it had mat oiled type finish no shine at all. , beautiful bit of wood, I’ve regretted selling it many a time.
  5. Hi All Looking to remove the gloss/lacquer type finish that’s on an old anschutz 1427, had this thing for 21 yrs now and have always meant to get round to sorting the stock. Looking for the best option to remove the existing coating and any ideas on best oil finish for the stock afterward. It’s not a showpiece and gets used regularly in the field. cheers
  6. Absolutely Les I work she stays home looks after kids, house, cooks etc etc and decides what style headboards she wants on the beds typical woman type shite 👍👍 I don’t concern myself with such minor trivialities see. 😬😬
  7. I’m from Northumberland Les
  8. Easy boyo that was banter see lol 😂 You heard that saying Les don’t dish it out if you can’t take it 😂😂😂😂😂💪💪
  9. Looks good. I’ve a load of spalted boards stacked up and was thinking of doing something similar for a gun cleaning/fettling bench, possibly with a fixed rest/support incorporated. If I get it done I’ll put a pic up and stand by for Les to get ripped into it. Been in that situation with the mrs numerous time’s, bit like hanging pictures ie up a bit down a bit up a bit down a bit 😡😡😡😡😡
  10. Ffs Les you and that headboard 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ you had a bad experience on something similar like.
  11. Local farmer up here in Fyvie has been distributing 25KG bags free to homes in the surrounding area to his farm. Seems as has been said this situation brings out the best in many and worst in a few.
  12. That planer thicknesser looks like a proper bit of kit. I missed out on a cracking Sedgwick 12 x 8 with twin single phase motors recently, I’d spunked too much money on a new shotgun just at that time so had to watch my mate snaffle it. Schubert Pad/Stroke Sander/Linisher | in Burford, Oxfordshire | Gumtree WWW.GUMTREE.COM Schubert Pad/Stroke Sander/Linisher. Length of bed 7’ - sanding width 3’ approx... Was looking at that earlier, I need to get 3 phase or a good generator at some point as some of this old machinery is just way better than what’s out there now.
  13. Was just wondering Les as I have already milled and stored a quantity of 6x6 and 8x8 for a TF build that’s probably not gonna happen for the foreseeable future. Truth is the income off selling them would be welcome at the moment. What’s the rough current cost of Douglas fir per cubic ft ??


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