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  1. Johnsond

    Greenheart oak ????

    Cheers for the info I'll probably just forget about it as it's more than likely gonna be more hassle than it's worth. Shame something useful can't come of it.
  2. Johnsond

    Greenheart oak ????

    Cheers Guys I tend to think it will be greenheart rather than oak as the beams are reclaimed from what looks to have been a harbour upgrade or demolition job. I've dealt with greenheart from this environment before and yeah it's a pig to cut and deal with. To be honest all we've ever done is scrap or burn it !!. The possibility of it being green oak ?? I asked guy twice what it was and I got the same reply as in Greenheart Oak !!.
  3. Johnsond

    Greenheart oak ????

    Quick query ref some ads on Ebay, couple of ads for greenheart oak reclaimed beams. Are these guys selling mistaken ?? as I understood it greenheart is greenheart and oak is oak ie totally different species. Cheers
  4. Johnsond

    High Voltage near miss

    Some decent flat spots for sure. Id guess they were knackered which is a shame as he was a contract hauler for the quarry, short trip so only £60 in it for him. Mind you he walked away from it so compared to some other examples he was lucky.
  5. Johnsond

    High Voltage near miss

    Tipper driver dropping some granite chips pulled forward with the body up contacting the lines on some wooden poles. Not sure of the voltage but the dark patches you see on the pic is where the rear wheels were arcing to the ground ie as in up in flames 🔥 hence the soot deposits !! The noise too was like something from an old Frankenstein movie Certainly gives you a bit of respect for the old electric. Driver was fine stayed in cab and backed away from lines. Mind you I wouldn't want to be going too far on them rear tyres
  6. Johnsond

    Unimogs rock thread

    Not mine unfortunately, mates latest purchase ex utility pole auger/crane job down in Wales I'm sure if the guys who used it today are on the site they will recognise the pics. Apparently needs a bit of work but certainly a nice bit of kit
  7. Johnsond

    Greenheart pile removal

    No it wasn't Mark 2 it was a link to a an issue with a guy you have slated on another topic elsewhere on this site. my imagination played no part in it. Shame because this side of the forum is a great way to gather info. Political bullshit is best kept where it currently is in the Lounge
  8. Johnsond

    Greenheart pile removal

    Good to have input but why the political link to a brexit issue ie the opportunity to knock a boris decision. As it happens getting rid of the material at the base of the pile would be standard practice. Actually I should not be even responding to this as if you wanted to drag politics into the conversation there are other ongoing posts on this forum covering such items.
  9. Johnsond

    HM 130 assembly

    Trailers ??
  10. Johnsond

    HM 130 assembly

    Hi Battery was supplied although site stated it would not be hence I'd ordered one. Laughed when I turned key ready to use pull start and the starter motor engages 🙄🙄 hey ho looks like the mower will get a fresh battery this spring. The building and setting up was fine apart from the methodology for tensioning the drive belt which is definitely open for improvement I'd say. I've a box of the ripper 37s ready to use once the original blade is done.
  11. Johnsond

    HM 130 assembly

    Hi Agrimog Thanks for the comments. Steel is actually 120x60x5mm 😬 so hopefully more than man enough to do what it needs to. All the M18 bolt heads are welded in place and rails sit on nylocks and washers for now. I may well mail them as you say as that was a total pain to align motor. I intend to make something up to be able to level stuff-up for sure but am not quite sure what route I’ll take. Yeah I agree the woodlands trailer is a smart bit of kit for sure but a bit too much spends right now. Got a couple of ideas ref the axles etc and getting logs on but it can wait. Bit nippy anyway at the minute for fab work outside cheers
  12. Johnsond

    HM 130 assembly

    Managed to get saw build completed today. Spent a lot of time making sure everything was square and set up as per book and online advice ie you tube. Had a nightmare with adjusting drive belt tension as as soon as I tried to set it the motor pulled off at an angle. In the past I've always altered positions or tensioned the belts on a stationary engine with at least a pair of bolts to push the motor square. I ended up making up two adjusters at opposing corners to make sure I could get the clutch square with the two band wheels as opposed to measuring from the engine mount plate etc. Proper pain in the arse but it worked out better in the long run. At some point I will remove the motor and weld two permanent adjusters in place. Anyway on a positive note the first few practice cuts on some pieces that will be used as saw horses went well and saw was cutting square so pretty much happy with that side of things. Base frame is completed and just needs painting. I'll lower the rails a bit yet to minimise potential of damage to the bolts holding it. The frame is keeping everything square and level over the full bed length and proved very easy to level up. Contrary to what website said it did come with a battery !!!! Ive now got a spare !!!
  13. Johnsond

    Stockpilling for brexit?

    WTF poss a shortage of fresh tulips
  14. Johnsond

    Replacing trailer floor

    Got this pic off a Trailer for sale on gumtree Inverness. Quite like the boarded floor look
  15. Johnsond

    Making the news today....

    Do I think it will change much err no not really not in the short term but it's now out there and people are talking about it. There's nothing I need to know about being flexible and self employed/subcontracting vesp ive done it since I came out the army in 1990 and managed to pay my way to pay the mortgage and never once claim a penny from the state, I'd class myself as reasonably savvy in the ways of this game but I've been burnt and found my back to the wall with no slush fund. Shit does happen in life unfortunately and the reaction of that guy whilst wrong can be half understood. What is bollocks is how easy guys can fold up firms owing a fortune and start again virtually the next day


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