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  1. Jaws drop as it emerges UK Health Security Agency pays 1,400 consultants as much as £3,100 per day WWW-CITYAM-COM.CDN.AMPPROJECT.ORG It emerged today that the UK Health Security Agency is paying consultants as much as £3,100... Decent coin if you can get it.
  2. Yep that’s defo on the extremely rustic side of rustic 😳
  3. Vicki Bevan: Woman paedophile jailed for life for 'shockingly depraved' sexual abuse including rape of girl APPLE.NEWS A woman has been jailed for life after she committed "shockingly depraved" sexual abuse, including the rape of a girl. Life !! Not quite sadly, utterly pathetic sentences.
  4. Time will tell Les, I know the difference a clean blade can make to say a 1m wide slab cuts finish, admittedly it’s a fairly specific type of thing I ask of it so I'm prepared to do a bit of tweaking if needs be bud.
  5. I’m looking to improve things as I find them, this seems to be the best option. They are in Herefordshire I’m in Aberdeenshire 🤷‍♂️.
  6. Anyone done much in the way of mods to their mills or what was fitted as standard to keep blades clean whilst cutting ??. Spent yesterday at a mates workshop doing some mods. Relocated one of the log clamps, I’ve never liked the original position and hoping the new location works out. The single drip feed on the idle side roller is in my opinion not targeted enough to keep the 4800mm band clean when doing wide slabs without clogging up the cut and heating the blade so having a go at upgrading the blade/band wheel cleaning set up, the brushes in the pic are the initial part of what will eventually incorporate a 12v pump and some washer nozzles to give a controlled burst if necessary. Hoping to fit a wick type system to outside of blade too with a drip feed of diesel, cant do the inside due to the v belts on the wheels. Didn’t quite feel right taking a drill and a mig set to the mill but hey ho 🤷‍♂️.
  7. It’s a total lottery in reality after this winters storms. Maybe on average £100-120 a ton possibly a bit more if it’s nice.
  8. Lucky to get hold of some more really nice Oak lately, cracking little telehandler hired in for the weekend.
  9. Few others have answered the above question but in a nutshell the darkness is no longer any protection for Deer or other animals regardless of the legality, take foxing for example, there’s a whole industry devoted to high tech kit and ever more potent rifle/cartridge combos. Regards my own standards I’m proud to say I’ve never pulled the trigger on any animal at a range greater than 150m, the whole field craft aspect of getting close is more of an achievement for me than the the shot itself.
  10. 100% correct SNP hate field sports or the countryside for that matter, they’d rather see wholesale slaughter than let sensible experienced people manage things. As always the press will give them a free ride. I’ve already seen the results of cheap night vision and thermal aids etc, head, gut and even one carcass literally shot straight in the backside 😡😡😡absolutely disgraceful and criminal behaviour sanctioned by those supposedly paid to look after our countryside. Also no deer equals no good reason to possess a firearm 🤷‍♂️something the snp would love to fetch in.
  11. Forestry commission throughout the UK has passed the buck in regards deer control. The methods used and shots taken by some leave a lot to be desired.
  12. Lol 😂 wtf are you doing here then 🥴. I feel totally fine Mull thanks for caring.
  13. You should read it bud, try saying no once in a while. You’ll feel better for it.
  14. Indeed eggs, contrary to what Mull is implying I’m not glued to the news feeds, if I’m a day out in regards something that catches my eye out 🤷‍♂️.
  15. Scotland's alcohol problem laid bare WWW.ALCOHOL-FOCUS-SCOTLAND.ORG.UK Alcohol-related deaths in Scotland are 54% higher than in England and Wales. Try a dry weekend Mull


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