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  1. Thing is Stu with woke fruitcakes like yourself enough is never enough, I find it had to disagree with any of HBDs post. I’ve no gripes with gay individuals or indeed if you actually want to wear a dress or are in fact a woman called Stu. But NHS funding this madness 🤷‍♂️ It’s just insane. Myself yes I’d love a full head of hair and to look like Brad Pitt but alas that’s not the cards I’ve been dealt. Should I go to NHS and say I’ve mental health problems and need a few procedures and a hair transplant 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️Some may do and I think that’s as wrong as what we are describing here. Deal with what life has dealt you how I was brought up. NHS is not a bottomless pit of money.
  2. I do hold strong views on it whenever use of NHS money is being promoted and used to as the article describes potentially ruin children’s lives. I’ll ask you a question did you know what you truly wanted to be or do before in this case puberty ???. So as you are one of the follow the science advocates on here for the past 18 months can you tell me that a male can be a female or a female a male after a surgical procedure ??.
  3. They can be what they want Saul I just don’t think it’s down to the NHS to be encouraging or paying for it in children.
  4. At 12 they are in my opinion too young to make that life long decision. If his names Jack I’ve no intentions of calling him Jill. Hope that’s straight enough an answer for you. Quite frankly I doubt very much that it’s even a remotely plausible scenario in the overwhelming majority of people’s lives. I’m happy to give a straight answer to any question bud, but don’t try and create a variety of scenarios to justify a point of view.
  5. If that’s the best what if scenario you can come up with bud your better off quitting digging now. I don’t work with women as a rule but regards the blokes most hold the same views as me and the majority of right minded half sensible people. You are born male or female you can not change that. Gender reassignment is nothing more than a surgical procedure it does not make a man into a woman or a woman into a man except in the twisted deluded minds of fools.
  6. The individual in question totally regretted the decision, that’s first hand experience of the whole twisted system. The ones fighting it are promoting it 🤷‍♂️and offer the service no doubt at huge cost to the NHS to facilitate it.
  7. You have to be kidding bud !! Mind you why am I surprised at you putting up absolutely idiotic crap up like that !. Sorry but if you are born a male you are a man if you are born a female you are a woman anything else is utter snowflake woke bullshit and as much as you might think it’s so beautiful to identify as non binary or the opposite sex it’s just not reality. Now if you are attracted to the same sex Stu thats fine, I work with a Diver who’s openly as gay as gay can be, great guy excellent at his job no probs at all, a good good friend to boot. Far too much emphasis placed on this sort of thing by a vociferous tiny handful of people. My 12yr old twins were talking of the same thing up here in Scotland due to the lunatic fringe of the SNP and teachers unions etc and the Gender stuff they are obsessed with. I tried to explain it by asking them as their father if tomorrow I wanted to identify as Pauline rather than Dave and decided to be a woman would that make me a woman 🙄 they laughed and agreed if course it wouldn’t. That’s the cold hard facts of the matter regardless of if I take hormones get a pair of tits and chop the old meat and two vedge off 🤷‍♂️ NHS is there for the greater good and quite frankly shit like this and gender reassignment surgery is I’d imagine not what it was ever envisioned being tasked with and as far as I’m concerned an utter waste of money, It’s utter madness quite frankly. More than that it’s a danger to children because let’s face it who the hell knows what they want at that age and may well totally regret the actions they took later in life.
  8. Landmark ruling limiting under-16s use of puberty blockers overturned APPLE.NEWS Last year, the High Court ruled children under 16 needed parental consent to take puberty blockers. Absolute utter lunacy that such rubbish should be offered to kids. This I’d say is not what people pay into the system for.
  9. Yeah that’s correct it has to be back at front and the two spring loaded poles engaged on the strips etc to power the 12v system. Shuttle valves were suggested by one of engineers onboard the vessel im on but he asked about frequency of use etc ie it’s better if they are in use regularly 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️I’ve no idea if that’s correct but all this is in the planning and procurement stage so all input is good 👍.
  10. 12v system can and will be switched off when petrol motor is running. The high pressure filter was an idea based upon past experience with a pump that failed and fired a load of shrapnel through the system on a mini digger I had but it’s optional, one on return side is definitely going to be fitted. One of main reasons for going this route is the ability to use the hydraulics other than when head is back and connections to alternator/12v systems are engaged. I’ve been caught out a couple of times with that and also with big Elm/Ash/Oak etc it gives the the 12v system a hell of a lot to do.
  11. No it’s just me using it and I’ll be labelling it up to try and keep it looking reasonably factory spec. Admittedly valve positioning by people can go wrong. Testing one of the back up systems on this job and all the valves bar one were in the correct position, the one that wasn’t dead headed the system blowing the return line and spewing about 20 gallon of hyd oil onto the deck.
  12. Thanks for the input.yeah there is a prv on the existing block, non return valves are an option and would do same job but do occasionally pass a bit. I use kit quite often with a secondary or back up power source and this often entails throwing a couple of valves into position, keeps it nice and simple too.
  13. Hi All Got the engineering guy on nights here to knock up this to show the proposed layout for upgrading the hydraulics on the mill. 12v system is in place, GX and pump are sourced as are return and pressure line filters etc. Just wondering if anyone with any hydraulics knowledge can see anything fundamentally wrong with the layout ??. Cheers
  14. No I didn’t think you were, just pointing out its built like a tank and little bit more weight shouldn’t be an issue.
  15. Twin axle chassis set up rated for 2000kg each Mill is running at 3t ish, Honda GX motor and new pump plus odds and sods will add 70kg tops. If you’ve ever seen the Trakmet mills close up you’ll know they tend not to worry too much about weight when building them.


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