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  1. Mairead Philpott to be released from prison less than half way through her 17-year jail term | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK The 38-year-old, who killed her six children after burning down the family home in... British justice at its most pathetic. Six kids dead and less than half sentence served, Joe average tax payer will finance the whole change of identity etc etc. What a joke.
  2. Currently running a WM130 on a home made trailer. I looked into the hyd loader and toe board option all of which I intended to fabricate myself, unfortunately covid has trashed my year financially so all this is on a hold. The 130 is quite robust in use and if it's gonna be static you can beef up the base big time to whatever strength you need. Is it inside ?? If so what about overhead craneage options for log handling ??. I've seen Andy's Logosol mill and for sure it's got some really well thought out features, in some cases much better than the woodlands, i reckon a 130 max static on a good base with some form of log handling set up be it crane or hydraulic etc would work well. Static set up should be much easier to sort hyd options for as you ain't worrying about how it transports or stows. You could construct a heavy base frame and use that as the strong points for any log handling aids. Could be a good project to get into. What power source if any do you have nearby ?? Electric hyd power packs are not crazy money.
  3. Who said taking the piss was unacceptable !!. Certainly not me. What I said was it was not surprising he reacted eventually as K had dug away at him for a good while. The threads that tend to generate the more heated debates are normally far from work related.
  4. There is a huge different between robust forthright debate on a topic and constant sniping one liners. I wouldn't call it satire but hey ho
  5. Don't dignify it !!! K you nagged and sniped constantly for days what did you expect. Classic keyboard warrior crap
  6. K you have been digging away at that guy for a good while now , as well you know. You got a reaction eventually though eh !! talking of playgrounds "well done "
  7. Unless you lock the borders and stop everything you cannot get grid of it 100% Big J made a comment a while back ref leaking pipes that describes the situation we are in very well. Id agree that full on capitalism is a cancer but also the last attempts at full on union power and state ownership were a total disaster. I don't have the answers but I'd hope it's somewhere in between both extremes. If they had acted sooner ???? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Who in all honesty would have thought we would still be in this situation.
  8. The biggest issue now J is that it's more about politics than the virus. ( look on here and you see the left/right argument pumped out repeatedly) The ability to handle any given situation that develops regarding covid is hampered by the political angle that every move has to consider. Rather than approach it as Nation trying to tackle an issue we have daily bitch fights and slanging matches in the media from different political parties trying to score points. Quite frankly I feel the publics faith and respect for our so called leaders is at a deserved low.
  9. Go to the beginning of the whole series of posts on this topic read it then re read what you have just wrote. Then firstly explain why the actions that are being taken are for a illness that is nowhere near the biggest cause of death on a weekly basis in the U.K.. Actualy just read the below post by big J. Pretty much sums up my attitude to this whole mess.
  10. Briefly as it would take a long time and in reality I don't have all the answers but unlike our bloody power hungry politicians and scientists enjoying the limelight I'd not pretend to know what to do regardless of the consequences or past evidence undermining my argument. Guidance rather than legislation and fines, financial help for the carers, let the fit and healthy and those statistically unlikely to be effected by the virus carry on and sustain the economy. The damage the course taken so far has caused a level of damage that is up to now incalculable. Lockdown restrictions do not work because so many people secretly ignore them – and with good reason - The Independent https://apple.news/ABtEbwG-HRZ6EWRlakfsulg Few bits of info that sort of put this into perspective for me anyway. Like a lie once told is how I'd describe the reaction to the virus.
  11. Genocidal government??? When was that mentioned. Who's science ?? There are loads of views and data you hear nothing of. ( Check ONS stats for flu this winter for starters) Many many families and friends are taking zero notice of these restrictions and using their own judgement and real common sense, something we should have been encouraged and allowed to do from day one.
  12. What would have been enough ?? Marching to London defacing statues and memorials. Carrying out illegal activities to get my point across ??? Sorry to dissspoint you but that's just not possible as well you know. My sister looks after my mother whom has dementia so don't bloody lecture me on care of the elderly and real common sense ok. I've seen and heard the effect of the initial lockdown on her first hand. Quite frankly the cure is far worse that the illness by a huge margin. On a good day even a 75 year old dementia sufferer can voice the opinion that this is bullshit and she'd happily take her chances. The actions and options you describe are utterly ridiculous quite frankly. As for distancing and masks and lockdowns the ineffectiveness of it all are blatantly obvious or we wouldn't be back where we are 7 -8 months later.
  13. So Mark I take it you have no misgivings at the current level of regs being thrown out and the expectations of us all doing as instructed. ? I know speaking to my 4 kids living down there and my family members of all ages in Ashington, Lynemouth and your own town that this is far from the opinion they have !! My cousin whom is a paramedic down there is having to watch his father fade away in a home with zero human interaction and contact due to these restrictions. The moral high ground is not the sole property of those whom believe that the defeat of covid should come at any cost be it mental, physical or financial.
  14. My actions are as those of most dictated by the laws being implemented. My voicing of the futility and devestation this restriction and lockdown policy is causing has not changed since the start of this. As Andy states other than making a concious effort to avoid shops etc and not wearing a mask my frustration at the pathetic levels of Msm induced fear and resultant apathy at the restrictions have not yet needed to anything other than the above. Can't run around over here with an AR15 on my chest like some USA militia member can I ??. Of course it makes sense as I asked Stere are you ok with what you see around you in regards the restrictions being imposed.


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