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  1. Mick Dempsey

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    When they ask you to take sides...
  2. Mick Dempsey

    When gingers attack

    It’s a tradition!
  3. Mick Dempsey

    When gingers attack

    Easy decision at our age, I’m often up in the early hours of the morning, then, once I’ve had a piss, I get back into bed.
  4. Mick Dempsey

    When gingers attack

    Quite right, or wait for the verdict before getting all ’woke’ on him.
  5. Mick Dempsey

    Idea For A New Gadget

    On light stuff it’ll be harder work cranking rather than just pulling it up as normal. The size crank needed to pull up a 660 would be prohibitive (I would have thought!) If I’m pulling up a big saw and need a rest I’ll place the rope over the top of the stump (assuming I’m ringing down)
  6. Mick Dempsey

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    Clients who (when pricing a job) don’t know what they want, point to a tree and say “what do you think about that?” I think it’s a fricking tree! I can top it, reduce it, fell it, put a dress on it and call it Susan for all I care, but throw me a bone here, what do you want?
  7. Mick Dempsey

    Chipper major mechanical failure, warrant???

    Mind you his avatar was a bit of a clue.
  8. Mick Dempsey

    Timberwolf 125 ph running issue

    Check belt tension.
  9. Mick Dempsey

    Making the news today....

    I read that book, illuminating and disturbing.
  10. Mick Dempsey

    Chipper major mechanical failure, warrant???

    I can’t really make sense of the photo tbh. But if the flywheel (especially if it’s a replacement one) has really fallen apart then I can’t see an argument. Bear in mind my opinion is worthless! Does look a mess!
  11. Mick Dempsey

    Chipper major mechanical failure, warrant???

    You’ll have to tell us what actually happened. Blade came off, bearings disintegrated....
  12. Mick Dempsey

    Death of the silky..?

    I’ve seen lots of good climbers do just that on video. Never had a silky myself mind.
  13. Mick Dempsey

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    This is me last week, mission accomplished!
  14. Mick Dempsey

    Been offered a 2012 560xp...

    Verging on the high side for a six year old mid range saw.
  15. I know Steve did a thread like this but I cannot find it. Pre digital ones, rarely taken, hidden in a draw. Here’s me around 97/8 Ford P100 plus homemade trailer taking away the hedge tops, no saw trousers, helmet, chipper or a care in the world by the look of me, pleased as punch!


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