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  1. to sub or not to sub?

    Why not turn it round? Get the tree work yourself and sub a climber in, more lucrative, and you're in charge.
  2. Scottish tree surgeon scales back to focus on work he enjoys

    Agreed. As far as I can can see it's an advertisement, which is fine and all that, as long as it's posted as an advertisement.
  3. Tree ID

    Dawn redwood perhaps? Is it rare? Well, it's not native, not common certainly
  4. Dcs3410th v ms200t

    The husky is a great saw, pro standard.
  5. Game of Thrones

    Don't forget, first the guy had to run to eastwatch, then a raven had to fly the other way, Dany had to put on that "winter" coat then do the return journey. Good stuff though.
  6. Game of Thrones

    We're all hoping for big babies....
  7. Left Handers Suffering Yet Again

    Left handers are devil's spawn, here's how to deal with them!
  8. Very vague!!

    Could be a tropical hardwood or just about anything if it came in on the tide. No reason to think it's British (or even European)
  9. Ms200

    It's a old saw anyway, give it a go and tell us what happens.
  10. I D this logs pleas

    You just sort of know after years and years of looking at trees.
  11. I D this logs pleas

  12. Oak tree... What should I do?

    If you're planning on bringing the rest of it back to hedge height I'd give it a go. Young oaks are more resistant to heavy pruning than you might think. Was that the question?
  13. Insect bites...

    Sure it's not processional oak caterpillars?
  14. Very old repair!

  15. Hydraulic stump grinder no more than 29" wide

    I rolled the rayco with the same engine, just replaced the air filter "mushroom" Put it on its side more times than I can remember. Just wait for the oil to go back down to the sump, start it up and crack on. yes, good looking conversion.


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