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  1. Mick Dempsey

    Fings wot broke

    Another metal fatigue/weld fail on the ST8. This one on the roller box, tried to weld it on site to no avail, we’ll have another crack at it this weekend in the workshop. Every week there’s some issue or other, mostly due to vibration, this is the latest in around half a dozen build failings, a couple of which were very serious. In the 12 years I ran the TW150 I had only one weld failure. Redwood have been great, no complaints there. If I wasn't half savvy or at least knew some mates who were, this chipper would have finished me.
  2. Mick Dempsey

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    All true, but where’s the fun in that?
  3. Mick Dempsey

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    These Illuminati you follow suspect a chicken started it? Interesting theory! Strong poultry presence in the area if I’m not mistaken..
  4. Mick Dempsey

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    They’re saying that it’s possible that the whole building might be lost.
  5. Mick Dempsey

    Chainsaw Use In Arboriculture

    You’d be better served by using the search function on the forum to garner opinion.
  6. Mick Dempsey

    house renovation forum

    Roof looks good which is the main thing. What is that little girl is doing at the bottom left though?
  7. Mick Dempsey

    Adjacent trees and birds

    It’s in the news lately, developers net trees to prevent birds nesting in them, to stop peeps using that to delay development on certain sites.
  8. Mick Dempsey

    house renovation forum

    Well let’s see a picture of it then!
  9. Mick Dempsey

    Adjacent trees and birds

    You can’t please everybody, what’s important is you stayed professional and courteous. Forget about it.
  10. Mick Dempsey

    the 'todays job' thread

    Nice work, I have done similar with my tractor winch on my Kubota, smaller tree, smaller river though. Hardest part was getting it out the river and up the bank.
  11. Mick Dempsey

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Had a towball attachment made for the MO. More versatile that the rear one €200 all in. Not displeased.
  12. Mick Dempsey

    Julian Assange

    Here’s another one who broke his contract with his Army https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-28330605 thoughts? If your army/your country is illegally killing and torturing and keeping it under wraps, I can understand why people blow the whistle. Signing a piece of paper does not absolve you of human responsibility.
  13. Mick Dempsey

    Post your stump grinding photos

    All the toys out on that job.
  14. Mick Dempsey


    Quite so.
  15. Mick Dempsey

    Julian Assange

    Did they? I genuinely don’t know btw.


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