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  1. Should have forked out for multiplat you tightarse! Loved that stuff, really organic feel to the way the Blake’s worked on that rope. Felt nicer through the hand as well.
  2. Yes but that should be the companys problem not the customers. Its not fair to charge the client for 8 hours work when you have only done 4. If its 6 or 7 hours work then fair enough, charge for a day but not for half a day. You don’t charge for 8 hours work, you charge to do the job.
  3. FWIW I think that’s a macrocarpa but that doesn’t really affect your decision. Its clearly on its way home, but if you’re prepared to pay someone to strap it up or cable it or whatever, you could keep it for a few years yet. As has been asked, what’s the tree’s situation? If it failed what would it damage?
  4. I’m 56 now. Something an older friend said to me a good while back when we were talking about getting older. You leave your fifties as a very different man than when you entered them.
  5. Mate, I have no idea, so many variables, what do you normally charge them? Where in the country are you? You’ll have to figure it out for yourself.
  6. So what did you charge them? Are you clearing up the branches? Edit, didn’t see your last post.
  7. How many? Are those old pictures or have they already been done?
  8. Yes, that wants to come out sooner rather than later. Best course of action? Plenty on here who know all the legal ins and outs. But initially I’d send a recorded delivery letter (take copies obviously) stating your concerns, with photos and indicating that you believe it to be dangerous, and that should the worst happen he can’t claim ignorance. He may just think it’s not worth the effort and get it out.
  9. You can have mine in exchange for a newer one if that suits?


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