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  1. Good question. I guess a reasonable balance between letting you climb to gain experience and not making you drive a van with stone heads as groundies into central London to reduce a spready hardwood over 4 gardens and three greenhouses. I understand how commercial pressure makes that a difficult proposition.
  2. I used JB weld (I think it was called) on two plastic fuel tanks with great success.
  3. Zoe Ball has been stealing a living for most of her career. Unbelievable salary for such a mediocre talent.
  4. Depends on what you pay, but both those marques have very strong second hand value.
  5. In negotiations, talking to a number of studios. Pete B to be played be Tom Hanks. Haironyourchest by Russell Crowe. Crazed Transit driver between Robert Downey Junior or Charlie Sheen. Working Title “Crazy Horses” (A man sent too far by detuned engines, sees only one way out, tuning his chipper, and this time.......it’s personal!)
  6. Not unexpected news about Gary, how sad, though we all suspected. The news never got any better only worse. I think he knew as well as anyone which way it was going. RIP one of the good ones. Thanks for letting us know Khriss.
  7. @Haironyourchest I think your heart breaking over this is a bit of an overreaction, maybe stick to real life eh? But, if your family were killed by a driver/tree surgeon, who instead of spending a day peacefully feeding a 25hp chipper which left him calm and thoughtful and prepared for a considerate and lawful drive home, but rather was using a 35hp machine raging like an untamed animal, this transformed him into a kind of hopped up meth head, whooping and hollering, careering across the road in his transit at speeds of up to 45mph, till he inevitably ploughs it into a bollard on the A272 on the Scats roundabout near Billingshurst (possibly due to someone turning into the municipal tip without indicating) causing a firenado that kills hundreds within seconds, including your family. You‘d think a bit differently then wouldn’t you?
  8. Don’t do it, there’s so much to live for!
  9. Someone has given it a very artful tickle at the top, it’ll be fine with that. What do the clients want?
  10. Nonsense Khriss. All depends on how much the clients wants to retain. That’ll take a Retopping no bother. You can start another cycle under those rot pockets, or just go back to previous growth.
  11. Everything is a risk in life, it’s about amount of risk and perceived reward. I would say there is zero risk of getting a tug from the bill about it. If raising it back up to 35hp (and that engine will do 45hp with a turbo very comfortably with the same size components inside) is doable, I would definitely do it. If you’re the guy feeding it day in day out rather than the guy selling them I bet you’d feel the same. No offence intended Pete.
  12. Nah, they’re fine there, if they don’t bother me etc.
  13. On the subject, my twisted willow tree is alive with wasps and hornets, I’ve even spotted an Asian amongst them. I googled it and there are no clear reasons that I can gather, aphids, pheromones or something. They seem quite content all together, not aggressive, very preoccupied. Here’s à European one on there, couple of minutes ago.


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