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  1. Hywel Evans knocked it up for me a few years back, it has a mètre long ram as wood is often split in mètre lengths here. It struggles to get through a mètre billet if I’m honest. Very good on 50cm though.
  2. Yes, I just said that I’ll split my own wood with mine, and very rarely a clients to secure a job, but I’d never put the hours on my machine for a relatively low income work. Buy à cheap tractor and a processor
  3. I love my agri treads, great grip and use rubber road plates across lawns.
  4. Smart work. Don’t you find those tyres a bit vulnerable under load in a woodland?
  5. Not losing money would be a novelty!
  6. A little while back I had a 130 tipper and frankly it nearly sent me over the edge. Bloody thing leaked everywhere, turning circle of a supertanker, lost a fortune on it as I couldn’t register it over here. Swore off the LRs for ever. But time is a great healer, and my brother in law is selling this 110, I looked around it (and underneath!) and it seems as sound as they can be. The 110 pick up is the only configuration that would tempt me, so I snapped it up. I’m keeping the Ranger, as I don’t want to depend on a LR for work, it’ll be a good tow tug, I’ll sign write it, and my nephew will use it to get to the yard. Its also the right colour, sort of matching the MO and the Ranger, which seemed like a sign. It’s in the spray shop atm, getting the dents sorted, plus I’ll get the roof and wheels done in black, new set of General Grabbers all round.
  7. Not disputing or creating a row, just curious as to how this comes about, the conversations being had in offices and how their policy changes manifests itself in the field.
  8. Unless they’re using cranes or mewps, a small one gang firm should beat the big outfits (on price) on smaller work day in, day out.
  9. Yes they are but they do get lost, a 13mm m8 is a standard anywhere though.
  10. How do you know this? Are they advertising where you are? How are they getting to quote the smaller jobs where previously they weren’t?
  11. I’d guess 35 years. There is a sure fire way to find out exactly of course!
  12. I don’t believe removing this tree will cause any issues whatsoever. The ’leaving a stump to avoid heave’ is nonsense, crack on.
  13. I think you are one of the most least knowledgeable people about the industry on here.


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