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  1. How is it a decent result? You’re bottom of the group, haven’t scored a goal, you have to beat Croatia and hope that results go your way in the other matches. Is just not being beaten by the English enough to make you happy?
  2. I know it’s ridiculous, but be aware of insurance implications. Guy on American forum I’m on put one up and a couple of years later a guest at the clients house broke their back on it somehow, tried to sue him for everything he had. Got really intense.
  3. It’s a bit more than ‘earning a crust’ isn’t it? I have seen houses with vans, diggers and generators outside clearly parked and stored to save money on having a proper yard.
  4. Because a residential street is where you live, if there is large plant machinery, people arriving in the morning to meet and drive off in commercial vehicles parked up there it’s a less pleasant place to live. That may not be the case here, but these threads do pop up from time to time and I’m just try to put the neighbours POV across.
  5. Ok, from an aesthetic point of view I’d like to see the pictures. Like I said though, as for the legality of it, I can’t help.
  6. Don’t think I’d fancy that plus two vans parked next door down my street. Dont know about the legality, but why not leave the loadall (that is a telehandler right?) and a van at the yard? Then there’s no issue.
  7. Angela Rayner ensuring (if it was ever in doubt) that Labour will lose the next election.
  8. Lots of stuff we didn’t realise would be worth money. FS1Es go for 5k in half decent condition.
  9. Heavy lumps they were.
  10. It was a 2000e, all the whistles and bells, cheap though cos by 84/5 it was already considered thirsty and out of date.


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