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  1. I never understand why people get indignant when a client asks for a bit off. Do it or don’t do it, no harm in asking. Let’s be honest we pull most of our prices out of our arse anyway.
  2. Honestly Kevin, you’ve done yourself no favours with this pursuit. No one is going to reveal their figures to you. The numbers he was quoting were irrelevant, 10s 100s or just a handful of thou, it made no difference to the point he was making. You need to step back.
  3. Retired Climber is ok by me, can’t understand the witch hunt. Got some interesting stuff to say, shake you stiffs up a bit (to misquote Withnail and I)
  4. No being serious. Sometimes I notice that say I’m quoting a job I don’t want to do particularly, like a hedge reduction. I start out saying I don’t really want to do it, don’t do this stuff anymore, pita etc. They seem disappointed as they want it done. Chit chat a bit about the garden or something. Then you give it the old ‘well I suppose I could do it, maybe it’s not that bad’ and all of a sudden they’re thinking ‘he may just lower himself to do it! Lucky us’ and the price goes out the window. Or telling them you’d probably be too pricey, so they think ‘we’ll show this bloke we're not cheapskates, we’ll hire him, that’ll show him!’
  5. Anything on reverse psychology?
  6. Like I always say if a client moans about a delay. ‘It’s been there 50/100/200 years, it’ll wait another couple of weeks for me’
  7. Eucalyptus in the rain, without spikes. It’s a no from me.
  8. It’s a weird one, I see people on FB and other forums who just flip for that stuff, 9/11, COVID, cancer cured by cannabis, big pharma, pizzagate Qanon the whole nine yards.
  9. Logs will bend those teeth on that grab (the grey topped one) unless they are tempered. Those ‘canines’ are a pita as well.
  10. I have found holly to be a very hard to uproot with a digger.
  11. Thats what everyone says. They can’t run every pound that gets spent by every taxpayer by you. You get your say every election.
  12. People don’t like paying taxes shocker.


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