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  1. I’ll find out the price new and work it out.
  2. I’ve got a uniforest 35m winch sitting in my barn. Since I sold the Kubota it’s unused...
  3. Same here in France. It is, or seems to be, a deliberate policy of mixed messaging, keeping as many people at work at the same time as keeping as many people at home as possible. To be fair these are unprecedented times.
  4. Still those Solis are crazy cheap aren’t they?
  5. If it is worn splines in the feed rollers, would you suggest just welding the buggers up and getting on with it?
  6. I have heard that felling oaks in the growing season affects the quality of timber, because of the sap or something. Don't know if it’s true, but I’ve heard it from some peeps. Clearly your tree isn’t going to be made into planks. Thanks for the update anyway.
  7. What difference does the season make if you’re felling the tree? It’s going to die anyway.
  8. Cold north wind today, just a reminder that it’s still early doors. Any ideas on this wild flower? Seems to be mostly in pink but occasionally in white.
  9. Mick Dempsey


    About the book, apparently it was a rewrite, the original book used the Russians as the source of the virus, but after the end of the Cold War they changed it to China.
  10. So get on to the bank and ask about a pause. The work will come back, life and business have never been one long upward ride, so you’ll tread water for a few months barely covering costs, you won’t be alone. All I’m hoping for this spring/summer is to keep hold of the machines, pay the mortgage and the hired man’s salary and keep solvent. If I don’t die of course!
  11. Not panicking, which I think you are to a certain extent. I think you said you had no finance on your stuff, is that right?
  12. You really put the hours in working out angles to use this virus to attack things you hate Kevin. I’m in awe.


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