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  1. Just saw Steve Baker being interviewed on the green. Impressive and organised. Worth a fiver.
  2. Ooooooh, fresh coffee at work! Check out Derek Zoolander (he’s so hot right now!)
  3. No it’s the best! No milk though, black tea is my day drink. Leave the teabag in and fill it with boiling water and off you go. I can’t stand all this bringing of bits and bobs, t bags, milk, sugar, cuppasoups. Almost as bad as those sickos who bring Tupperware boxes of last nights stinky dinner and eat it with a plastic fork. They want shooting.
  4. Very common here, a real pleasure to see in the UK.
  5. I think I’m more annoyed because I really believed in him.
  6. I genuinely feel sad for nearly every prime minister when or if it all comes tumbling down, Brown, Major, Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher and Cameron. People who followed their beliefs and tried to make a difference as they saw it. Didn’t like some, glad to see the back of others. I have zero compassion for this lying POS. He deserves no sympathy, and every knife in the back he gets is merited.
  7. I would have thought the Visa thing has been in the planning for months if not years. Too late to pull it now.
  8. Rotten run of luck, glad the kiddo is ok. (and everyone else of course)
  9. Not a twist I foresaw, but I’ll run with it.
  10. He’s dead Stubs, no happy ending. An ignominious end to a life that started so well but a series of poor choices (he bought a Forst) led to a sordid death in a shabby hostel. Happily the wife is a bit of a sort and found love with a Warrington bus driver. Life finds a way.


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