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  1. Keep getting Milfs who teach teens knocking on my door and ringing up asking for sex. Getting right on my tits if I’m honest.
  2. I read somewhere these images of massive trees being felled/bucked were often just for the pics, as you say, uneconomic to process in reality.
  3. You didn’t have your own trim saw? After all those years in the biz.
  4. How was this saw so dangerous that it had to be smashed to pieces to save lives?
  5. Chucking saws out of trees is poor form, shows lack of maturity. Prima Donna stuff.
  6. Can you lower the chipper on that? It looks like the hopper sits very high.
  7. Get a battery Husky (the new 540) and a 550xp. Get rid of the rest of it. My 2c
  8. What do you do? Do you have the money to replace them? Stuff is not get more temperamental, it’s becoming less so. The 020 is over 20 years old, it’s a 35cc engine what more do want from it?
  9. Thought of a better one, Triumvirope. Marlow ropes, you can have that gratis.
  10. You mean Neptune’s Trident rope? Of course!
  11. I preferred using the new Solar Flare device, coupled with the Salamader rope linked up with a Saturns Ring I’m now climbing smoother than a greased up tree snake.
  12. Silver maple if I’m not mistaken, very prone to fungal infection through large cuts. Wood turns to pulp very quickly. Very much a fast growing/fast dying street tree.


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