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  1. Don’t think so, it was when I was ordering TW blades. So could have been one of three companies.
  2. I remember one company sending me out a little tube of copper grease with a batch of blades I bought.
  3. I think it’s called a Basswood tree in the states. A lime or linden tree here.
  4. If you think it’s expensive to use a professional, try using an amateur.
  5. If you can drive into London (Or any major conurbation in fact) everyday, waste hours sitting in traffic, then once there, drive around looking for parking, when you finally manage to get set up by the job you find a car parked underneath belonging to no one it seems. Telephone and power lines everywhere, and pedestrians leaping over signs and warning tape like brain damaged pheasants, followed by an equally torturous drive home, then the money is good. I think everyone should do it, plus some utility arb, just so there’s no moaning.
  6. If every tree was in the right place, we wouldn’t have a job.
  7. I think it’s clear they sent the wrong one.
  8. Sorry to read this Gary. Very sad day for you.
  9. I can’t see how you could have done much better. Tell them you’ll ‘monitor it’ Should be OK
  10. According to the missus.. ”always! Otherwise they won’t pollinate” Hope that’s clear,
  11. Use it a lot Steve, it’s good stuff, especially really well rotted stuff. BUT... You need to add lime otherwise it gets too acid and the brassicas suffer.
  12. Poor old girl. Igor has had a couple of funny turns lately, 5 minutes and it’s over. Something we live with I suppose.


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