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  1. He works random days? How does that work? If he’s employed.
  2. If he’s properly employed you’re on dangerous ground if you just sack him in one fell swoop. Could end up costing you a few quid, unless he taken drugs at work or something like that. There are procedures to follow, written warnings etc.
  3. Can’t watch her anymore, enormous.
  4. Ha ha, he has point J. God they’re sinfully ugly looking trucks mind, and second hand value is terrible (or so I’ve heard)
  5. Sell the saw or don’t, it’s not an Vincent Black Shadow, it’s a second hand topper.
  6. I wouldn’t place too much store by what he told you re. needing a degree.
  7. Quite right, put a ferret in with the rabbits, he will assimilate and deter the rats.
  8. Well it does happen, personally, on my bigger saws, I’ll tip the fuel out on the gravel then start them up and run them out of fuel completely. I've had plenty of clients who have brought out their two strokes to me asking why it won’t start after a winter in a shed, maybe using higher quality oils have something to do with it.
  9. Good shout criterion/criteria wise, hoist on my own petard there.
  10. Yes, cost was the only criteria I was talking about.
  11. I last went to Groombridge around 2013, it had gotten a little shabby compared to 20 years earlier when I was there for a year or so. Always good to see the planting that we did around those ponds coming down the woods. Next time I’m back I must fit in a visit.


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