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  1. tree_beard

    what mill

    Granberg mini mill https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/product/g555b-granberg-vertical-mini-mill/
  2. tree_beard

    TW 190 2008 infeed problem

    Sounds like your relay has failed. I'm not familiar with where it is on the 190 but it should be one of these https://shop.spectrum-plant.com/index.php/default/relay-safety-circuit-and-hydraulic-control-circuits.html (Also available from all good motor factors)
  3. tree_beard

    Oak Sleepers

    I think lots of the cheap oak landscaping sleepers are turkey oak, thus piss poor rot resistance. That and 'real' sleepers have had such a good creosote bath they sweat cancer every time the sun comes out.
  4. tree_beard

    life span of a wire core flip line

    A small oval maillon and your double action snap hook can continue service on a shiny new wire core strop. I much prefer the old doubles to the shiny new triple action snaps.
  5. tree_beard

    Browning needles on Monterey Pine

    Have you been up the tree for a close look at the browning limbs? No partial failure involved? I wouldnt say its a mature radiata, but is on the cusp of maturity... its of the age where I would expect it to start shading out its own lower/inner limbs and occasionally shitting out a tree sized limb from the upper crown... forming the classic wide spread tip heavy crown of a mature monterey
  6. tree_beard

    What jonsered is the same as a 346xp?

    2153 was the 50cc 346xp silver side equivalent
  7. tree_beard

    Pricing for Rigging Work

    I suspect your perspective depends on your clients and usual job type. A purely freelance climber may well find it beneficial to have a variable price structure depending on job type or equipment needs. Maybe pruning for a well equipped tree company one day and removal for a landscaping firm the next. I only work for (with)a handfull of firms, usually sole trader all round tree workers, who have their own rigging kit/big saws anyway. We're rarely lacking in gear to get the job done, and generally the more the merrier. That and it's usually removals for me... If you can... bring loads of shiny cool gear and charge the earth for it
  8. tree_beard

    Pricing for Rigging Work

    It would be more like a mechanic charging extra for using spanners. Its a fairly basic requirement for aerial tree work. If a specific tree requires something really exceptional (elaborate speedline for example) maybe add on the cost of an extra hank of rope or couple of pulleys. But those kind of trees tend to be multi thousand pound jobs that have the margins to pay for extra gear anyway.
  9. tree_beard

    Pricing for Rigging Work

    Rigging is such an elemental aspect of tree work why would you separate it from your usual rate?
  10. tree_beard

    Spuds Porting and Tuning Thread

    Never owned a saw with a cat on principal, the fact they exist realy gets on my wick, perhaps I'm missing out...scratch the 360 from the maybe list
  11. tree_beard

    Spuds Porting and Tuning Thread

    How accessible is the cat in a 360 exhaust? easily removable or more a mash it out with a drill type job?
  12. tree_beard

    Buck capacity of Hilux MK4 single cab

    From memory, LxWxH between the arches is 1 cubic metre, and the area around the arches accounts for roughly 0.3 cube.
  13. tree_beard

    Hilux Mk1 project

    I think that train has sailed... Colour match the tipper body and the primered aftermarket wing to the original blue and it would look great tho
  14. Bar and chains arrived promptly last week. 15" for 346xp, that had previously been running 13" old style oregon narrow kerf . Spent an afternoon smashing up windblown sitka and noticed no noticeable speed drop for the extra couple of inches of bar... that was with 'box sharp' chain replacing a chain in the sweet spot at about 60%worn... will report back once I've had a chance to wear in and properly sharpen the txl. Looking good so far. Thanks for the excellent deal and service Rob
  15. tree_beard

    Hilux Mk1 project

    Tidy looking mk3 you have there. Olive drab and black sounds awful, gotta be blue or white for a mk3, maybe red if you're the sportier type☺ Roughtrax for parts, hpoc forum for any mechanical advice.. enjoy


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