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  1. Steam played a part. Here's a portable capstan skidding winch, for a bit of low impact thinning work
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122992813461?hash=item1ca2f16595:g:~mkAAOSw7yZalqz7 This would be a budget offering... I'm guessing two or three times the price for a decent European made one
  3. Can you share some more pics of your grab to hitch bracketry please? Looks like it's mounted 90degrees to how grabs are usually mounted to the tophat. Looks like a harford sl30 hitch, which I have on a 2.4ton takeuchi, so would be interested in how you get on with your solution
  4. I have no science, but reckon it has something to do with grain length Vs ring density. I've always found oak a joy to mill compared with Doug or larch
  5. I assumed they didn't do tree work any more. Since losing the WPD contract last year and laying off the Cornwall based tree teams with no notice, I've only seen the odd little gardeners van about the county.
  6. I reckon the arbs up top have already filled their truck and someone totally unrelated down below is going to be livid when they get back to their van
  7. Ryobi and titan attachments fit Stihl machines pretty well. Oleo Mac/efco attachment fit Tanaka/Hitachi machines. I'm sure others work but those are the combinations I've actually seen in use
  8. They look healthy enough, the yellow stalks as mentioned are old flower stalks. I don't think in this instance your soil level has or will have any effect. You could probably bury laurel under ten foot of demolition rubble and it would bounce back fine
  9. Hire both before you commit. Rental cost is low and most hire places have them. You can often get a weekends hire (pick up Friday, drop back Monday) for the same cost as one weekday.
  10. Don't know about the current rope selection, but I think stein used to sell rebranded Yale hitch cord. Stein is a subsidiary of Fletcher Stewarts who are the main importer and distributor of Yale ropes (and loads of arb brands). Pretty sure the Yale hedera range of ropes were Fletcher Stewarts own name and colour scheme. I remember hearing that if you buy a mile of rope from Yale you can spec the colour. I think they also distribute teufelberger and English braids... So who knows? Is half remembered trivia helpful?
  11. 450 will be a downgrade from a 346... But it would run the same bars and chains
  12. Check/sharpen the chain. New chain doesn't = properly sharp chain. There can be inconsistencies in raker height, hook and gullet depth on a new chain. Usually right/left differences, but occasionally down the length as well
  13. Bit of windblown chestnut into a bit of fence. Chainsaw, Alaskan, angle grinder with flap disk, handful of coach screws.
  14. Depends on your make and size of brush cutter... Pop "clearing saw blade" or "scratcher tooth brush cutter blade" into your search engine of choice and youll find plenty of links to suitable products and suppliers. Chainsaw or decent capacity hedgecutter are also an option for bamboo. Mini digger and a box of matches is my preference


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