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  1. The zinc coating is much less reactive with ali than non galv i'd still silicone all connecting surfaces tho. The process is as simple as dropping your steel components at a galvanising company and picking them up all shiny the next day. Or leaving them with a local fabricator that has their products galved and waiting until they send a batch off...
  2. Put a smear of silicone sealant between the steel and ali where you fix them so help prevent galvanic corrosion and rattle. You could always make up your steel framework and then get it galvanised
  3. Gonna have to get a nostril full and find out what sort of smoke... Burning wood, rubber, oil , they are all pretty distinctive and will strongly indicate the issue. Engine wise, white smoke is an under fueling issue, and dark smoke that stinks of diesel is an over fueling issue
  4. From whom are we purchasing tigergrip grabs and roughly what are we paying for a tg16? Cheers
  5. 3001 is actually the fitment for 070 090s, 3002 will physically fit but often needs modification for the oiler and tensioner holes to line up
  6. Thanks, you are correct and my earlier post was full of shit. 3003 mount is what the op is after... Not 3005 as I stated, 3002 is large mount and 3001 is the nla 070/090 mount
  7. 'off the shelf' Stihl bars in .404 are all 3001 'large mount' and won't fit your saw. They are for bigger saws 070 076 084 880 etc You require a medium mount (3005) fits 024 241 right up to 064 066 661 in 3/8 0.063
  8. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.motoculture-jean.fr/upload/pdf/090_090G.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjzxY62ztToAhXvQEEAHd6GCScQFjATegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw1AZdKQU34xIiRVgAUwrf0p This shows the modern av handle system
  9. Lost a number of big Macs during one big 30 second blow last Monday afternoon... the site is surrounded by sand dune and blasted by the Atlantic. Keen to replant anything that will take in the gaps left behind. Macrocarpa, Monterey pine, Shore pine, Maritime pine, Sea Buckthorn, Possibly arbutus... Any other suggestions welcome, and any suggestions on how to help them establish gratefully received.
  10. One of the reasons they make for very poor firewood...
  11. tree_beard

    Husky 346

    Think you have a later 50cc saw with 44.3mm piston. But any of the 346/353/351 kits will fit
  12. Beech establish well under a shady canopy. They can become crooked and bendy if really cramped for space. Generally any species that forms a dense shady canopy will establish under one
  13. I can confirm that redneck plastic welding with soldering iron and cable ties will succeed in making the hole in your combi-can much bigger but also black
  14. It's a rebadged Spencer tape. Spares available everywhere
  15. Your question brought to mind this clip of a ten year old girl starting a dolmar 420/Makita 4300. But in your situation I'd probably get a battery saw.


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