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  1. Cylinder With Piston 54 mm for Stihl 066, MS660 - 1122 020 1211 | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Cylinder with piston 54 mm Genuine Stihl Part OEM Part No... I would spend 100quid more for a genuine 660 top end if it were mine...
  2. I like mine, surprisingly stable hossing big lumps of wood around. Have yet to fit a towball but it struggled pulling a chained on ifor across a wet field (field was awful though). If you're looking at the cabbed version, I'm warned by my local plant hire fitter that the glass is easily broken and eye wateringly priced. I paid 9kish for a 2005 3000hrs canopy machine
  3. Agreed, Jensen always seemed to have a vast array of quite closely specced machines in their range. Those crazy Germans...
  4. A425 has 15 extra horses, bigger heavier flywheel, bigger feed opening and slightly bigger hopper opening. Its generally a higher capacity chipper than the a540. All 8" chippers will chip a log up to 8"dia... But some are happier than others to do it all day, or drag in whole 8" diameter trees/branches without snedding
  5. You're not being very clear in your arguments I'm afraid khriss... That and you're wrong... Sub 750kg chippers have been the staple of the UK tree cutting industry since the late 90s. There are plenty of 20yr old examples still chipping happily. Its perfectly possible to make a lightweight chipper that isn't built like a clown car. Chippers that have multiple, major mechanical and structural failures from new, that's the new phenomenon...
  6. Curiously the item references the part number you need but the address I just put up generated a link referencing the part number for the later piston assembly... So maybe best ring to check
  7. Husqvarna Chainsaw Piston Assy - Part Number 537219602 for 357 xp (2001-01) WWW.RANSOMSPARES.CO.UK Manufacturer: Husqvarna; Product: Piston Assy; Category: Chainsaw... or give any decent husky dealer the part number
  8. Woodmizer used to sell them as a budget option, and riko UK have supplied them for the last few years
  9. Good to hear its still going well. I had a look at the Carter machine specs gray git mentioned. Yanmar engine, hydraulics from Italian or Japanese makers, and boom and dipper arms from komatsu. Can't be bad, but at £38k for the 8ton I'd be looking at second hand known brands with a wider dealer network personally
  10. Scratch that, nearly right, he's got a Liugong 6tonner... Page 83 of the fings wot broke these... ahem
  11. I'm sure somewhere on this thread Aspen Bob was celebrating several years trouble free ownership of a Chinese made 8tonner... Sany?
  12. You can bolt whatever you like on it, but unless your engine output shafts are the same size and the engines run in the same rpm range, you are going to have to get creative with pulleys and shafts for the chipper to run at the proper speed.
  13. 088 and 880 are pretty much mechanically identical. If anything your 088 would have performed better than some 880s as I think later 880s had more restrictive exhaust. 881 does look good though
  14. The pain is real, some people don't deserve nice things (or don't deserve the nice things that the boss has to buy them)
  15. Warm up and cool down... Don't fire up a cold saw and go straight into a long cut and after a long cut, leave your saw to idle for a while to cool down. Basic mechanical sympathy goes a long way


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