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  1. Ah! I only scanned through it on BBC news page. Sounds about right for a developer. Whilst its "only" money and whilst the fine can be built as a cost into the housing estate it'll continue to happen. Stick the board of directors on hundreds and hundreds of hours community service instead....
  2. Do you think the property developers have / are planning to pay out the tree surgeon? Being that it’s been ruled as “deliberate”
  3. We have a 2017 GreenMech Arborist 150 petrol for sale, 37hp EFI engine, -750kg, 344 hours, 10 months manufacturers warranty left. £8,999 plus vat. UK delivery available.
  4. Description A 530 (XL) A 540 A 425 A 328 A 231 A 141 XL Weight of the flywheel 70 kg 120 kg 150 kg 170 kg 275 kg 385 kg Dimensions of the flywheel 600x25 mm 650x30 mm 730x30 mm 820x35 mm 970x35 mm 1060x40 mm Diameter upper roller 110 mm 135 mm 120 mm 160 mm (option 200 mm) 160 mm (option 240 mm) 200 mm (option 280 mm) Diameter lower roller conic 110 mm (middle) 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm 160 mm 160 mm
  5. Yes, it is fairly straight forward. Is the collar and shaft ok? We did an older one a little while ago and the threaded collar was knackered. The new collar is a different thread which then required a new stub shaft, different seal etc. Costs on parts was in excess of £500
  6. As above! We put the hubs back on a TW190 yesterday and carried out fitment as Doobin says. Makes you wonder why go to the effort of 5 stud wheels on the 190 when all that holds everything on is a semi loose nut with a split pin through it...

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    TimberWolf TW190 Year - 2006 Hours - 1320 We part exchanged this machine a couple of months ago against a tracked GreenMech. The flywheel bearings were done just before we part exchanged it so they are spot on. We have carried out the following works in order for re sale. New brake shoes, new brake cables, new adjuster rod, new hitch, breakaway cable, lighting board, new plastic mudguards retro fitted, engine service carried out, fuel filters replaced, sharpened blades, exhaust manifold gasket & nuts. Working stress control. UK delivery available. £6,500 inclusive of VAT. Full invoice given. GA Groundcare Ltd operates as a main GreenMech wood chipper dealership based in Wiltshire.


    - GB

  8. Just incase the TW190 I mentioned is of interest....
  9. Got a TimberWolf TW190 for sale. 2006, 1320 hours. New brake shoes, new cables, new hitch coupling, new breakaway cable, lighting board / wiring, serviced, flywheel bearings etc. £6,500 inc vat.
  10. Yes, we have a Husqvarna shop. Sounds good! That price is only on the top handle saws we physically have in stock. We have 2x 540 14” left.
  11. Can do you brand new T540XP mk2 14” for £495 inc vat delivered to your door.
  12. Stuart, next week we will have a road tow TimberWolf TW190 up for sale. Currently just replacing the brake shoes, cables, hitch and will be serviced. The flywheel bearings were replaced just before part exchange. 2006 with 1400 odd hours. £6,000. Appreciate its not a PTO machine but worth mentioning.
  13. We are based in Wiltshire. If you can bring it up to us, or I can probably meet you have way we’ll get the bearings matched up, flywheel taken out correctly and refitted / setup correctly. Our labour rate is £45 per hour plus vat and a flywheel out / in plus feed roller bearing(s) is probably a days work. We are a GreenMech chipper dealer and work on chippers all day everyday so you’ll get more knowledge than taking it to an “Ag” dealer. Not talking them down in anyway, but i guess it’s similar to bringing your 150hp tractor in to us for repair. Yes we can do it, but we don’t specialise in that area.


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