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  1. GA Groundcare

    TW125 feed rollers

    We did a set the other week as the splined boss had stripped. Welded nuts to the bolt heads, the heat penetrated nicely into the bolt, removed with a socket directly, new boss fitted, blades sharpened, new bolts fitted and back together all within a couple of hours carried out by our 18 year old apprentice 😎
  2. GA Groundcare

    Green mech 150 tracked chipper.

    A specific used one or a new one? Kubota 34hp, good strong flywheels, premium pumps, motors etc. They are a good uncomplicated machine.
  3. Hello! We have just bought an Isuzu D-Max extended cab and where the mini back seats are we want to build in a tool box / proper storage area. Anyone done this and have any inspirational pictures? Or know where something off the shelf that suits can be purchased? Doesn’t have to be specifically on a D-Max, any King / extended cab will suffice 😎
  4. GA Groundcare

    Arblease how it works

    I think you are right. Stereotyping here I know and just using this as an example, your average 20 year old woman can’t afford to buy a new car outright. However she can afford £99 a month. So she gets a brand new Fiat 500. It becomes three years old, she’s given a price of 5k to buy it which she doesn’t have. But she can afford a new Fiat 500 at the latest offer price of say £109. Completely backwards logic but it works for her. Doesn’t work for the overall economy when multiplied into the millions. I think that’s why if you listen or watch car adverts lately. Audi, BMW, Land Rover etc they are solely pushing approved used, two years warranty etc. A crash is looming. 😬
  5. GA Groundcare

    Arblease how it works

    Indeed, so many folk get sucked into "I can afford those figures per month" but actually have no idea on the mechanics of the deal they've just signed too.
  6. GA Groundcare

    Arblease how it works

    Go to the main dealer of said product you are buying, build a relationship with them and they'll give you great after care when you need it most.
  7. GA Groundcare

    After an EC 15-23 /26 manual

    my email address is Ashley@gagroundcare.com Email me and ill reply with the PDF doc.
  8. GA Groundcare

    After an EC 15-23 /26 manual

    Parts manual? file:///C:/Users/Workshops/Desktop/Arborist%2015-23%20Parts%20List.pdf Copy that ^ into your internet search bar if so.
  9. GA Groundcare

    Trailer mounted chipper

    That’s pretty cool. I guess the only benefit in the UK having a truck mounted chipper and then blowing it into a tipper trailer is you can carry roughly 2.75 tonne of chip on a 3.5 T towing capacity pick up legally. If not double what you can legally have in the back of say, a transit tipper.
  10. GA Groundcare

    Trailer mounted chipper

    If you had a huge amount of work where you didn’t collect the chip you could make a pretty awesome mounted chipper setup, self contained with no towing.
  11. GA Groundcare

    Trailer mounted chipper

    As mentioned very tricky to do without some clever engineering. I guess if you have a flat bed truck you could mount the chipper in the back of it, feed from the left hand side and blow the chip back into your trailer. It would be hard to have the chipper low enough still. A Quad Chip with its under chassis removed and bolted through your floor would be pretty cool as you would still have the turn table! Still, a tipper truck and trailed chipper is best, unless there’s a reason to why you need a tipper trailer on site?
  12. GA Groundcare

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Must be a typo?! An 18hp can’t be nigh on 2k more expensive? You could buy a 14hp one then buy a new crate 18hp Vanguard on eBay and still have change 🤔
  13. GA Groundcare

    The Wee Chipper Club

    So the machine based on the CS100 is more expensive than the CS100? With no UK dealer network to be supported by 🤔
  14. GA Groundcare

    Forst ST8 belt/tensioner question

    Always wonder why manufactures tension the belts outwards, pulling the belts out of the pulleys allowing less grip. Strange.
  15. GA Groundcare

    Timberwolf tw230dhb throttle cable

    We've fitted throttle cables to GreenMech's under warranty before now. Think its practically the same assembly.


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