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  1. We can supply. Vertical bar is £204.94 ex vat.
  2. We carry these in stock if you need... Sorry only just logged on and seen the thread.
  3. Yes should do. You'll have to poke a screwdriver or similar in the hole to turn it off though.
  4. It should hold / pull whilst the ignition is on. And drop / release when power is turned off thus turning the engine off.
  5. Things to try.... Add 12 volts with a makeshift wire from the battery directly to the glow plug rail. Does it start better? If so your pre heating system has an issue. Are you physically getting plenty of fuel at the injection pump? Even if your fuel filters look clean. Remove the stop solenoid, does it start up correctly now? You'll need something to poke in the hole to turn the engine off.
  6. Those two twisted together wires you have taken a photo of should be disconnected. If connected they will bypass the stress control system.
  7. Hi, Looking for a Kwik Chip 160 wiring diagram if anyone has something?
  8. Most dealers kick out a new 18hp CS100 about £4,300 plus vat
  9. We do, we have probably sharpened 1,000 blades on ours...
  10. Remember GreenMech make a CS100 PTO.... If 4" capacity is enough. Simple cat 1 link and PTO shaft drive.
  11. Which Forst are you looking at, 6" or 8"
  12. GA Plant Swindon, Horizon Trees, GT Trees, Chipper Hire SW are all companies I have delivered brand new Evo 750kg machines to last month as a dealer in the south. I have had the prototype machine out for months and it’s been in various companies/ customers to be abused and basically see what fails. GM have a rolling road at the factory, it simulates the machine bouncing along the road and again, it’s heavily tested on that to see what breaks. I was at the factory last week, there must of been some 40 machines in dispatch waiting to go out. Lead time on new orders is 16 weeks! But I have stock always on order. 2 arriving this month and 14 rocking up in January ? Welcome to let you have it for a few days/ week so you can live with it ?
  13. Was it a yellow and black one? GA Plant hire had one on loan from us prior to their actual machine being delivered. Now that one we did go out to as it was blocking. It was an over 750kg machine, different flywheel, different chassis, different stress control and different exhaust. The blocking of that yellow / black machine was due to the following. The exhaust ran too close to the pair of flywheel drive belts. The outer belt, closest to the engine when we put a digital temperature gauge on was some 30 degree hotter than the inner belt. When the belts were tight, tensioned by a “common” tensioner there was a clear tension difference between the two belts. The stress control sensor is on the engine crank shaft. On feeding larger material the flywheel would slow down, belts slipping on the engine crank pulley, crank pulley / engine is still revving and subsequently the machine feeds until it stalls. We replaced the belts on site and the machine was fine for the rest of its loan period. But we knew it was probably going to have the same issue in due course. I had already taken an order for that exact yellow / black machine, when we delivered GA Plants actual 750kg machine it came back in to our place, new redesigned exhaust plus we heat wrapped the manifold for good measure. It’s been working with its new customer and hasn’t missed a beat since ?. its a shame you didn’t get to experience the 165 750kg machine Ross.
  14. No worries. I have a demo machine available. We are only in Wiltshire
  15. Yup, 750kg wet weight fuelled up. The buttons are easy. Blue reverse, green feed. They’re hardy buttons designed to be stepped on in factories. You don’t have to reverse before going forward either ? If you hit the stop button you can tap feed directly. And now, on the latest ones if a large branch holds the stop bar down you can press the green feed button to override. Rather than trying to pull the stop bar back with one hand and press feed button with the other...


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