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  1. 🟢 Exciting Announcement 🟢 GA Groundcare Ltd will be officially taking over the area previously covered by Hunt Forest Group and Burden Bros Agri for GreenMech Wood Chippers. The new counties will include Dorset, Hampshire, Kent, Somerset, Surrey and Sussex alongside the existing territory of Berkshire, Gloucester and Wiltshire. Thank you. Ashley Director GA Groundcare Ltd
  2. N.A.S GreenMech disc blades are noticeably softer and don't last as long as the real thing. That isn't a sales pitch, that is a fact and most customers who have used them will back up this statement.
  3. Replacing the 4 year old with a brand new battery would be the first step. And with that fitted check to see if you have voltage draining overnight. Don't nick a battery off something else in the yard. The amount of over the phone diagnostics I have done over the years when the customer reports issues, they say the battery has been replaced to find out later its been "replaced" by a second hand one off another machine... Get the basics right first then see where you're at.
  4. I believe this is the mod Jase is referring to. Just raises the breather up out the way.
  5. Same amount of grinding as a CS100 blade then. Front angle, back angle, reversible blades x2. Doesn't really take much longer to grind a pair than a single as they go side by side anyhow. 30 mins work 🙂 Might stick my prices up 🤔
  6. Would hope so at £85 for a sharpen! How many blades is that for the money?
  7. By all means get the old head tested by a machine shop. For the cost of it it's worth a shot. Just don't be shocked if its shagged! Our advice would be.... Compression test it to see if your bottom end / rings appear in good health. Whip the head off and inspect what you can of the bores and get the head to somewhere for testing. Otherwise you're just guessing at your possible problems. Spend the money, do it right, do it once (more). Well put together engine should last you years and years! And make sure that radiator is properly cleaned out, remove it to do so if you need to...
  8. Your machines doesn't have an alternator?! Coils and regulator don't chuck up 14v straight away like an alternator due to their design. Its a slow and steady charge. Something draining the system? New battery? Does it drop below 12v when running all day? I would fit a new battery first if the voltage is staying at 12.8v.
  9. Its a great idea. But there is many issues that would come with it. Machines out on hire for example. Plus the cost in admin to keep the system up to date would be loaded onto parts prices. Can imagine the swear words when the contractor is desperate for a part just before courier dispatch time and computer says no....
  10. For tier 5? Or back when you bought a tier 3a engined machine?
  11. Are you completely sure? A tier 5 Kubota diesel engine is 6-8k more than the equivalent tier 3a old Kubota engine of the same HP. And those Doosan engines aren’t *that* much cheaper than a Kubota unit.
  12. Engine pictures? How much more is it than the old TR8 with tier 3a Kubota engine?
  13. The problem with cracked heads is you cannot usually tell they are cracked by the naked eye. Only when warmed up the crack will reveal its ugly head. Compression test doesn't usually show the issue either. Bottom end wise, the Isuzu lumps usually either fail big time with a rod out the block or not at all from experience. I appreciate you're referring to Isuzu but as reference. On the past 10 overheating Kubota engines (mowers and different makes of chipper) with similar symptoms to yours we have had in the workshop only 1 has not cracked the head. The last one on a commercial mower had so much water in the bores it pitted the pistons and wall behind repair!!


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