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  1. GA Groundcare

    Timberwolf 150 Blades

    Not worth the risk. Genuine TW150 blades are cheap anyways. As said above if you have a failure and fitted genuine items to factory specification then the chipper manufacture will take it seriously.
  2. GA Groundcare

    TP chipper: anyone got any experience?

    Local customer to us has a newish 215. Seems happy with it and from what I have seen good performance / throughput. We sharpen his blades but they are mega expensive to replace...
  3. GA Groundcare

    Greenmech Quadchip 160

    We have found that once the spring has "settled in" it can often do with a tweak up. Usually at about your hours. If you can put your hand on the spring and rattle it then its definitely to slack. As Jase says, tension just so it starts to stretch.
  4. GA Groundcare

    Jensen A530

    Definitely price up and demo some other brands too. with the euro how it is it makes the Jensen an expensive buy... For example a new GreenMech Arborist 150 or TimberWolf TW230 would be around 15k net plus vat brand new.
  5. GA Groundcare

    Hire a Greenmech CS100?

    Devizes. You can buy it for 2.5k plus vat if you fancy!
  6. GA Groundcare

    Hire a Greenmech CS100?

    We have a cs 100 you could hire but would need to collect from Wiltshire.
  7. GA Groundcare


    New retail is GreenMech. We service, maintain and blade sharpen for all makes and models. We retail our used part exchange machines opposed to trading them out so a fair amount of “prep for sale” on all brands.
  8. GA Groundcare


    Cant help but disagree with your theory I'm afraid. When I demo a GM one of the points I will cover is not cutting the Y pieces and the letter box opening helps get odd shapes through. Never see hydraulic motor shafts snap. I have had the motors jam up with an awkward piece of material but no harms ever been mechanically done. Simply reverse, flip material and have another go. Personally I don't think there is the room between the feed rollers and flywheel for material to spring back so aggressively, the base of the Y piece will have already started to be chipped and said Y piece collapsed. Looks more like there is no load protection on the shaft once it got jammed up then the weakest link failed?
  9. GA Groundcare


    We had this on a TW230 last week but on a road tow. Remove the belts again, does the engine start up? On the one we had in the flywheel was heavily blocked mulchy crap. The starter would turn the engine /flywheel over but not fast enough to actually start up. We removed the panels to give access to the flywheel, really carefully removed all the built up debris in the chip chamber, turned the flywheel over with a bar, removed more debris until we could turn it over by hand. Re fitted the belts and it fired straight up. We then noticed no air flow coming out of the discharge chute so stopped the machine, removed the chute which was blocked up solid, un blocked it and then all was good.
  10. GA Groundcare

    4x4 pick ups

  11. Hello, Does anyone have a used / non working / spares or repair Husqvarna 3120 XP they’d part with? Doesn’t need to run, just needs to be complete. We’d like to mount one in our showroom up on the wall. Thanks
  12. GA Groundcare

    Which small chipper to buy...

    We have a used 2011 14hp CS100 in good condition. We would let it go for 2,500 plus vat. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2011-GreenMech-CS100-14hp-Wood-Chipper-PLUS-VAT/264182938924 Beauty is that you will be using one of the best small chippers and when you decide to replace it in years to come you'll get 90% of that back. We know customers who have bought them right and made a profit on the back end!
  13. GA Groundcare

    Small chipper help

    Haha! Guessing the area flooded?! opposed to the machine falling into the water? We just sold a new GreenMech which is being mounted on a boat. Hopefully it'll stay a bit drier!
  14. GA Groundcare

    Extended cab pick up “back seat” tool box ideas.

    That seems pretty tough! You could say any van that has home made racking in the back, so every tradesman has a modified van. Our insurance broker came and visited our premises, looked in our service vans, has seen the racking in them. Our policy is a trade policy, it states any equipment owned, or we are in possession of (customers machines) goods in transit, towing etc. You get the feeling / impression of a blanket you're covered for everything, but probably very different If we crashed our service van fully loaded up, towing, into the side of our depot 😆😆
  15. GA Groundcare

    TW125 feed rollers

    We did a set the other week as the splined boss had stripped. Welded nuts to the bolt heads, the heat penetrated nicely into the bolt, removed with a socket directly, new boss fitted, blades sharpened, new bolts fitted and back together all within a couple of hours carried out by our 18 year old apprentice 😎


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