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  1. I have a contact in Lithuania and sold a bit of kit to them. They like big, heavy cheap kit and aren’t fussed if it’s been hammered.
  2. I’m not ripping into them, I purely said how they initially got a large market share. Which also said is impressive 👍
  3. No doubt it has, adding another brand into the line up will always do that. They have had extreme growth in six years for sure. They've built a product that was initially very similar to the one that they were importing for many years. They had a huge customer base they were previously distributing to. In the first couple of years pretty much everyone who was chopping a Jensen in was getting a replacement Forst. It wasn't until Jensen came over unannounced to APF a few years ago to find out what was happening in the UK market they immediately pulled the plug on Redwood building /selling Forst and also distributing Jensen. Jensen themselves told me that, as prior to becoming a full main GreenMech dealer I was able to sub deal Jensen and had our own hire A530 750kg I bought brand new. They have been very successful in sales. No one can deny that. They've reported this week sales of 7.5M on one of their online posts. But they also boost 2M of used chipper stock and the largest used chipper stockist in the UK. Long term have they got their success from buying deals and paying top dollar for used kit which they can't shift? Is it sustainable? I think in the next 5 years we will find out. The chipping performance of a Forst is impressive. All manufactures have had to step their game up. Folk do question its longevity however.
  4. What model TimberWolf? Do you wish for sub 750kg? We have a fair few TW's come in our workshop. Nothing really wrong at all with the later models. They have been building chippers for a long period of time so they've gone through the hard times of "works on paper but doesn't in the field".
  5. The last two SafeTraks we had in for service & repairs this month, we took the filler necks off and cleaned the tanks out fully. Its surprising how much can still be inside a tank after undoing the drain bung and dropping the fuel. We have also found a sandy looking substance at the bottom of tanks lately too. Whether that's from jerry cans / fuel bowsers who knows! With the risk of sounding old... Fuel ain't what it used to be! Plus engines are a lot more sensitive...
  6. Probably only time before AdBlue delete kits are a thing in the UK.
  7. We had a breakdown in our Defender a month or so ago. I was towing a Kubota tractor at the time. Got it into a layby luckily. Got our service van out who picked up a new fuel filter on the way around and some fresh fuel. Couldn't get it running. Van took the trailer home and got the AA to drop the Defender back to our work. Ended up with the tank off, as the pipework between the tank and fuel filter was full of black slime. Washed the tank out which again had loads of slime in it. Nice clean tank, filtered the fuel back in, new fuel filter and fuel filter head. Jobs a good un, back on the road. 500 miles later I noticed it didn't have quite the boost it did have, smoked a bit and felt a very slight misfire. One injector was failing and also leaking oil. Just picked it up from the garage. Injectors seals, fire washers and a new injector. £500 later... Wonder whether it would of had the last issue if it didn't have the first issue....
  8. Our transit custom has adblue. We buy it in 20l from a local ag dealer. I haven't measured usage but it seems to last for ages. Pigs piss is pigs piss right.....
  9. CS80 & CS100 side by side. In stock now & ready to go at GA Groundcare Ltd.
  10. Ha, sorry. Was referring to the trailers stacked up behind the disco.
  11. Saw this on a Facebook page over the weekend. You've got to admire the "I reckon that'll all fit" attitude of the driver.
  12. Unless there is a proper kit available, I think the problem you'll face if you mounted a belt driven pump onto your engine is unless you can disengage said pump you'll potentially overspeed it driving down the road. If you can get a pump with an electric clutch built in, you could then have it disengaged for road driving. If you know the speed the pump needs to run at, with a tacho, some tip-ex, thought and a pen and paper you could work out what RPM the engine needs to be running at. Probably easier to run a donkey Honda engine with a hydraulic pump fitted though!


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