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  1. Read a comment the other day that said "either the pick-up is the tool or the owner is the tool"
  2. We have a year old CS100 coming into stock shortly. 2 years warranty remaining.
  3. Go to a trailer supplier. ATE are helpful.
  4. A set of digital bathroom scales will sort out any weight issues. However, a few grams isn't going to make much difference. When you consider that when timber is going through the flywheel that's turning anti clockwise, 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock is loaded with chip, then 12 o'clock back around to 6 o'clock is largely empty.
  5. Retail of the CS100 18hp is £5470 + VAT. Will be some discount on that though and most dealers sell a shade under 5k ex vat.

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    2011 Jensen A430DI for sale, just come in part exchange and in the workshop being serviced at the moment. Work being completed is as follows. New Bradley complete hitch coupling, new brake cables, new brake shoes, 3x new tyres and engine service. 1137 hours, Kubota V2403-T 55hp Turbo diesel engine, 8” + capacity. 1500kg weight. In good working order. £7,500 + VAT. Sale by main GreenMech dealership. Delivery available.


    - GB

  7. Not PTO. But we have just part exchanged a 2011 Jensen A340 9" road tow, 68hp Kubota diesel. Easy enough to drag around with a tractor and not running hours up on it either or tying the tractor to the job,
  8. We carry all the flywheel bearings in stock should you wish to order.
  9. 1) Have you got photos of the cutter discs? You can usually tell the difference between blade-anvil contact and debris damage. 2) I wouldn't overly worry about the small amount of damage on the orange fan blades. 3) Your flywheel alignment adjustment on the front bearing is up, down, left and right. The gap down each side of the bearing may not be identical. When setting up a flywheel you are looking for a good rotation with no tight spots, no creaking from the rear self aligning bearing and a 2mm blade gap. Getting these three key points correct may give an uneven gap down the side of the bearing. 4) Slacken your drive belts and get a bar under the flywheel, check for play up and down plus end to end. If there is play then either the bearings are worn or the front bearing has been turning on the main shaft. If the latter then you will need a reconditioned exchange flywheel and the updated NTN front bearing setup.
  10. Just bought and fitted the Stovax Stockton 5 wide for home. Really pleased with it.
  11. Our workshop here is separate to our main building and we use a plug in 32amp heater. It doesn't really heat the area until about 4pm after being on since 8am. We have priced up air con and it is pretty reasonable. We should be able to get the workshop up to temperature quickly but also in the summer cool the area from mid 30's to a reasonable 20 odd. You can get air con units that'll service a double garage space for a few hundred quid. Worth looking into.
  12. This is common on belt v hydraulic anything. An outfront ride on flail or rotary deck will perform better being belt driven over hydraulic unless the hydraulic has a lot more hp behind it. The upside of hydraulic driven stuff is it's generally less maintenance with no belts, bearings or pulleys to tension or maintain. From a build quality point of view FSI is in another league compared to the American or eastern European grinders.
  13. GA Groundcare


    HI Pete, we had it done. By Isuzu main dealer and supported by their warranty.


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