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  1. I went from a Corsa van years ago on a personal policy to a car and it wasn't transferable. Although that was probably 15 years ago. My personal NCB lapsed after just having business insured vehicles for the past 8 years. I started a new personal policy at 32 with no NCB a couple of years ago for a weekend car (insurance group 20) and it was only £200. It'll be worth getting an online quote with no NCB, see whether its actually worth going through the hassle of saving them. Ash
  2. Morning, I can't help with any back story on this machine but if you require any support / assistance / parts going forwards drop us a line. www.gagroundcare.com / 01380 828863
  3. Is it just a +12v feed for the stress control signal?
  4. The later bushes have grooves in them the allow the grease to escape. A couple of pumps of grease a month is usually plenty to lubricate that nylon bush.

    • FOR SALE
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    Ex demo 2019 GreenMech Evo 165HD, 37hp EFI B&S Vanguard engine, 6.5” x 9” infeed throat, 215 working hours, stress control system, braked chassis, brand new blades fitted, service carried out, drop folding chute, feed roller speed valve, spare wheel, 850kg weight. 1 year warranty remaining, finance available. Sale by main GreenMech dealership. £12,995 plus vat. Please call 01380 828863 / email [email protected] for further information.


    , Wiltshire - GB


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    Ex-demo GreenMech CS100 18hp electric start 4” capacity wood chipper, brand new December 2021, this machine has carried out one demonstration at a wildlife centre over Christmas, machine is in as new condition, blades unmarked, full 3 years manufacturers warranty. £4,450 excluding VAT. Sale by main GreenMech dealership, call 01380 828863 / email [email protected]


    , Wiltshire - GB


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Brand new in stock GreenMech EVO 165p wood chipper, 37hp EFI B&S Vanguard petrol engine, 6.5” x 9” infeed throat, braked chassis, stress control system, 750kg weight, 0 hours, 3 years unlimited hours warranty. £14,995 excluding VAT. Sale by main GreenMech dealership. Call 01380 828863 / email [email protected]


    Devizes, Wiltshire - GB

  8. There is an older 13/75 on eBay with solid wheels and a newer one also on eBay with pneumatic wheels, so definitely available. Give Green Plant or Spectrum Plant a call. They're both helpful TW dealers.
  9. What chipper / chute is it? The best way is probably to cut the chute in half, weld a "base plate" to each side, hinges at the front and an over centre Protex style clamp at the rear.
  10. Should you wish for a new CS100 18hp we have a couple in stock ready to roll. CS is off road tow yes, as are most of that configuration.
  11. The CS80 is about 1k cheaper than the CS100 18hp in round numbers. Those B&S 18hp V twin electric start engines cost more alone than some of the cheaper chippers! Isn't there a saying about copying is the best form of flattery....
  12. HI, we are a GreenMech dealer and based in Wiltshire. We have a new CS100 18hp in stock at £4,450 plus vat. They are expensive compared to some makes / models with smaller engines yes, but they do hold their value. For example we just sold a used 2015 CS100 18hp this week for £2,750 plus vat. If you are near us you're welcome to have a demo. From a back up point of view we have all the spares on the shelf. 3 year full parts and labour warranty. Finance available. Noticed your comments on some models that they are towable, the CS100 is also towable. The prop stand leg at the front flips around to form a tow bar. If you look at GM's website you should be able to find an image. The CS100 is also made in the UK The high discharge spout is great for chipping into a big pile, builder bags, trailers or wheelie bins.
  13. If you remove the moving feed roller carriage you can cut about 10mm out of the "chassis" by where the fixed roller is allowing the moving feed roller to close further. We have got them down to 5-10mm gap. Measure five times cut once... Happy to take a photo if it helps.
  14. Things to look out for... * Brakes / running gear - What are the shoes like, are they worn out? If so then they've probably taken the drums out also, brake cables sticking? Wheel bearings ok? Hitch coupling not cracked, bent or generally worn out. Bringing this whole area up to legal / serviceable condition can be 1k. Are the tyres wearing uneven across the tread? If so could point to bent / worn axle. * Engine - Does it run well, start well and not smoke. If diesel check the radiator isnt blocked solid. Kubota engines will crack the cylinder head if overheated. Tell tale sign of this is hard to start when cold and or compression bubbles in coolant system. * Feed rollers - In good condition with minimal damage, the pivot points / bearings (make depending) all functioning ok? Does the stress control system work ok? You can usually test this by running the chipper full speed and then dropping the revs back on the throttle until the feed rollers stop. Then increase the revs again so they start. * Flywheel - Any damage, release the belt tension and check for play on the bearings with a lever bar. if there is movement on the bearings make sure it is actually bearing play and not the flywheel shaft moving on the inside of the bearing. If this is the case your flywheel shaft is probably worn. Check for cracking around the flywheel itself. If the flywheel bearings sound rough at low revs and get better with increased revs then they're on the way out. * General - Why are they selling it? Ask yourself why is that person replacing a perfectly good chipper? Have they had if from new? If they have had work done by a dealer ask to see history, or call the dealer who did the work.


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