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  1. We had a similar issue on a customers commercial mower (Yanmar engine) when we were in that game. Cost them over 3k in repairs for various high pressure fuel components, scv valve and resetting the ecu. The machine wouldn't allow itself to go over about 50% engine rpm. Certain components only have a number of cycles and have to be replaced in conjunction with others.
  2. DPF regens on chippers certainly shouldn't ever be carried out near the working site with chip around! Does make you wonder how much tier 5 engines are contributing to the "saving the planet" when regens are all factored into the mix and the subsequent fuel used over a tier 3a basic mechanical pump unit. I know of a taxi that had an oil leak which when it performed a DPF regen it set the car on fire. It burnt to nothing in a bus stop and even melted said bus stop... The lad driving was a mechanic on road test in the customers car! My brother had the joy of making the phone call.

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    2015 GreenMech Arborist 150 34hp 6” wood chipper for sale. £8,500 excluding VAT Kubota engine, 1246 hours, brand new blades, bolts, nuts and washers, new feed roller carriage bearings, engine service carried out, flywheel bearings good, runs and starts well. Paintwork a little tatty... 6” x 9” infeed throat, stress control system. Brakes stripped, cleaned and adjusted up, new wheel bearings and brake cables. Part exchange at main GreenMech dealer.


    , Wiltshire - GB


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    2019 GreenMech ArbTrak 200 £19,750 excluding VAT 820 hours, Kubota V1505-T 45hp turbo Diesel engine, 8” x 12” infeed capacity, fixed track width, 12 months manufacturers warranty remaining, brand new blades, new exhaust, service carried out, spare set of blades included. We have just fitted a brand new flywheel under warranty and also brand new flywheel bearings on re assembly. Latest specification with “floating” stop bar system. Electric throttle, hi speed tracking. Sale by main GreenMech dealer GA Groundcare Ltd Finance available, part exchange welcome. UK delivery available.


    , Wiltshire - GB

  5. Anything with twin feed rollers will handle material much better than a gravity feed and will be less labour intensive on the operator. We are a GreenMech dealer so we of course favour them! We sell the Arb 130 against the TW160 week in week out. Both are good machines. Sometimes we will win the business, sometimes we won't. We do have quite a bit "more" as standard on the Arb 130 than what comes on the TW160. We have a 6" x 9" infeed throat, LED lights, locking hitch, full overrun brakes with handbrake, full engine bonnet, drop discharge chute, auto tensioned flywheel belts, latching out of the flywheel for blade changes and adjustable drawbar. This does all come in at a bit extra weight so the Arb 130 is heavier than the TW160. Both still sub 750kg and both use the same Honda 23hp engine. Price from experience is usually within £500 of each other. Both will serve you well! We have a demo Arb 130 in our depot if you're in the south and want to see it in action?
  6. It is what it is I'm afraid. No way around it on the new big kit. You are probably aware the 19-28 is no longer available new and the replacement is the EVO205 which is tier 5 from the off. There is no doubt about it, Kubota build brilliant engines. So of all the small plant engine manufacturers they've probably got the best chance of getting it right.
  7. I will look at writing some for other models in due course.
  8. Thanks Mick! Written off the cuff this morning Ashley
  9. Hi folks, I have produced a free used buying guide for the GreenMech SafeTrak 19-28 MK2 wood chipper. Feedback welcome. Thanks. SafeTrak 19-28 MK2 buying guide.pdf
  10. Whilst on the subject, the new GreenMech EVO 165 26hp diesel will out perform the old GreenMech Arb 150 34hp. But the Evo diesel isn't 750kg. The flywheel is over twice the weight compared to Arb 150. If you want high performance diesel your best bet is to do your towing ticket. If you want 750kg and diesel you have to be prepared its going to be a little slower now.
  11. Used kit is thin on the ground currently due to long manufacturing lead times. How come you’re looking at an 8” tracked machine now over a 6” road tow. Repair and running costs are very different between the two.
  12. You can go very wrong on ex rail kit due to the environments they naturally work in. Radiators often don’t get blown out, servicing can sometimes be lacking and usually plenty of make do and mends to keep the chipper going that end up being permanent. Especially if they largely live track side and never get back to the workshop. We do a lot of work on Safetraks. And have reconditioned plenty too. Happy to write you a check list.
  13. Thanks for your business Ben. Hope the machine is going well
  14. Here is an Arb 150 we just finished today. We fitted a new flywheel, wheels, hitch, lights, mudguards, re powder coating etc. Advertised at £8,500 ex vat and sold within 30 mins. A during and almost finished photo.
  15. It was a genuine 40 hours. I (Ashley) sold the machine when I used to work for the old GM dealer TH White back in the day. It was a property company that purchased it and was hardly used. They rang up to see if we could go down, service it etc so it could be advertised for sale. I asked to buy it directly which is what we did. You could tell the hours were genuine as the original paint was still on the flywheel and all the fixings still looked like new due to being dry stored.


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