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  3. Thanks for all the reply’s on this one. To be honest I’ll put in the quote for the feedback. A lot of work for something I doubt I’ll get but always good to see where your going wrong. I have plenty of other work on/coming in but as always looking to get more and larger contracts. Then I can start to look at other kit that gives me a boner. I’ve always said I’ll get a tractor and timber trailer and call it quits but to be honest I’m looking at some lovely diggers and other bits of kit so I don’t know where it will end. I am happy doing what I do 50/50 commercial and domestic and would be more than happy to keep it that way but want to expand a little as I have enough headache and stress at the moment apparently. Some tenders I look at and go for are close o the expected mark and I would say I get 20/30% of the ones I go for but this one has thrown me as I’m thinking they have missed a 0 off the expected price.
  4. Have you tried a hot pressure washer/steam cleaner ? , they usually seem pretty efficient at taking paint of machines 🤔
  5. Les worsfold

    Eastmere farm

    call first as gates are locked and tipped to the side so not blocking access thanks
  6. Small exit holes of some beastie, big holes woodpecker looking for them, possibly sawfly/wood wasp larvae
  7. Finally sorted the very annoying leak from the oil pick up on the lamborghini, not particularly difficult just a bit of a fiddle in a small space, so my much smaller mate did it for me👌👌 Then I gave it a good pressure wash
  8. Electric, great if you have a 3 phase supply. Limits placement within your yard due to cables.
  9. You'd have to see if they make a wheel for your grinder. Not sure if you can fund out online? Alternatively you can get a rhino wheel and look at rhino teeth. Rhino teeth also work with the std predator wheel and keepers etc
  10. Fencing pliers and a hammer on the hip just incase.
  11. I'm based in Hemel Hempstead and could help you with this if needed
  12. *FREE HOMEMADE BROWNIES/CAKES IN RETURN FOR FREE WOODCHIPS* Hello, we are in the process of setting up a children's allotment group at our allotment. We would be grateful for woodchips to cover their mud kitchen and woodwork area. We also wanted to be able to have bark paths so the kids know exactly where to go.
  13. Crocky


    This will be going under the knife very soon.
  14. A company I deal with in my day job also supply Stens parts wholesale for lawnmowers, chainsaws, brushcutters, etc. Now they're not a dodgy company, far from it, but I'm careful what I order from them as they're well capable of selling, maybe not garbage, but stuff that I wouldn't personally be happy using myself or re-selling myself. Then again I'm a fussy bugger. Anyway, I've wondered a few times what sort of quality the Stens stuff and associated brands is as it would be a pretty handy way for me to get a lot of bits and pieces I need to keep my own stuff running. All experiences, if any, welcome.
  15. There are 2 designated areas to tip. Contact Allotment secretary by email for further details and access as gate is locked. Or text number provided
  16. Well that would be nice but, I don't have a 36" drill bit and don't know anyone who does, so that was not an option. The biggest bit I have access to is 12" long bit at 1/2" diam so if I see any issues with the crack growing maybe I'll use that and larger dowels at an even shallower angle than what I did above. I will be adding wedges/glue to large section of crack after I carve and let it dry a little, so I view the smaller dowels as a temporary fix. The diagonal use of the dowel was what was not obvious to me so even though I misunderstood you thanks for the idea. And this was doable with standard tools. The dowels are is well across the crack so to expand the crack will need to fracture the dowel. Different angles provide different directional support against the fracture.
  17. Another foreign holiday? Who says there’s no money in Arb? 🤣🤣 What you can’t see in that photo is the pile of chip it’s sat on!
  18. Time Left: 6 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Timberwolf 280TDHB for sale £22,000 + VAT only 180 hours and machine not in use so will stay low. Great condition. Call Toby for more information 07341837076


  19. Carly27

    Animal rescue project

    Looking for woodchip for a variety of projects. Good field access.
  20. ChrisNewport


    no, i mean the flywheel side.
  21. Yes Cheshire and surrounding areas, and just the grapple bucket, photos wouldn't upload yesterday 👍
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