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  2. jamallio96

    What would you have done?

    Looks suspiciously like a shameless regift to me
  3. scbk

    Number plates.

    Not road legal, but you can get self adhesive number plates, stick this on the back of a normal plate https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STICK-ON-NUMBER-PLATE-REFLECTIVE-YELLOW-ANY-TEXT-FREE-POSTAGE-UK-SELLER/113778134879?hash=item1a7db48f5f:g:SFcAAOSwnZFc~lx4
  4. david wood

    Rabbit fencing

    would never do a rabbit fence without digging in a full spades depth. just replacing 200m metres at work where a contractor allowed enough for a few inches touching/folded over on ground - rabbits walk through! an awful lot depends on ground conditions, nice soft digging you can put a trench in fairly quick with spade, if theres no fence to dismantle and nice run with no obstacles depepending on length a mini digger with competent driver do an awful lot in a day. for rabbit fence i always use three plain wires, lets you keep good and neat, strainers in a good 3 foot. can you get a tractor and post knocker in, or hand dig them?
  5. peatff

    Stihl MS 181C - easy start model

    Set the screws to the recommendation and turn the idle screw in to speed it up. Get it warmed up then turn the idle down till the chain stops running. Where are you someone local might be able to help you.
  6. carlos

    Fxcked Up!

    sounds like you got lucky to me. i wouldnt of been pleased to get a trades person out and agree a price for the job only to have them turn up on the day and say its going to cost a load more to do the job! (obviously if the spec had changed then thats different).
  7. Dan Maynard

    Stihl 024 bar movement

    Few ideas maybe- Using a feeler gauge between the cover and bar you can investigate where the clamp force goes Cut the middle out of the old plastic cover so you just have the clamping area and can try it both ways round. Put some washers onto the studs before the cover, or between nut and cover, to vary what touches first.
  8. Steve Bullman


    Sorry to hear that. Like you say, theres been a spate of incidents the past few days!
  9. Billhook

    Squirrel Admonishment

    Sammy Squirrel has just created the leaning tower of peanutsa I thought that he might have broken his teeth when he came across the six inch long Tek bolt I feel a bit like Donald Trump dealing with Kim. Yes I could nuke him with a twelve bore but the following YouTube outrage storm would also be nuclear. Threatening him did no good so it is now a question of whether he is more intelligent than me. My wife is on his side! I feel that I need to rig up the cattle electric fencer next
  10. Ratman

    Leeds Tree Care Break-in

    Why do you have ya saws in your kitchen? And why are they by your hoover? And stop stalking my hen cabin! Your a strange bod you are!
  11. Conorjm10

    Show us your website!

    https://cjmtreecare.co.uk Any pointers would be appreciated! Cheers!
  12. benedmonds

    Best narrow access stump grinder in 2019?

    After speaking with Dean at bandit we have some different options. Trade in our 44hp 2150 for a 38hp zt1844. The zt is similar width as hb20 but apparently comparable in grinding ability to our big 2150..? Any opinions on the zt1844
  13. Rough Hewn

    Pics of your milled products

    Looks good to me [emoji106]
  14. GardenKit

    2015 Ms181 Non Start - at my wits end!

    If an engine will not start on FRESH petrol it certainly will not start on Aspen as Aspen is very slightly less volatile than fresh petrol (but far more volatile than old petrol), so in this instance do not waste your money, but save it for when you have your saw fixed, then use Aspen to go forwards. There is a certain amount of truth in that some engines will benefit from a carb overhaul prior to using Aspen, but in most of these cases the carb needs overhauling anyway, even to run on petrol. The vast majority of quality, modern engines will convert to Aspen with no issues. Some fuel lines and grommets will harden, as others have said, but not all. Better quality rubbers such as the more recent green Stihl ones, and Ethanol proof Tygon will likely not have suffered from petrol damage and will not shrink or harden when the petrol is removed/ Cheap, chinese products tend to use really rubbish fuel lines and grommets which fall apart in 12 months anyway when exposed to petrol, but last indefinatley if only subjected to Aspen from new. Just putting the record straight😀
  15. TTownsend

    the 'todays job' thread

    Monterey Cypress Takedown from today. Had a power shutdown but the power company was running late which resulted in us sat on our arses for 3 hours waiting for them to turn up. So was guns blazing when they finally turned up. Will chog down to fellable height and knock it over tomorrow
  16. Paul Cleaver

    Does your Facebook business page bring you in work?

    oh yes I remember that one :)
  17. T Sinacore

    John Colet School

    Looking for chipping for school garden project. Open 9am-4pm term time only
  18. spudulike

    Sachs dolmar 114 not starting

    As I said, if it has fuel and spark, it most likely will be compression. Sounds like it has seized at some stage!
  19. richard scourfield

    woodland mills for sale

    Hi , could the person from Dorset who we agreed deal with please contact me - 1 large note pad gone missing with contact info !!
  20. Ian C

    arbtalkers arbtrucks

    Lol I thought so, you do all your paint ?
  21. eggsarascal

    AAAC + chat..."over a beer"

    That'll learn me to read things properly, I don't mind throwing my hands in. Please accept my apologies.
  22. looking to get some contacts for when I go self employed in a few months just trying to build contacts don’t mind doing weekend work whenever I’m free for the Time being based in Telford will travel within reason please contact me for more details cheers jack 07377939633
  23. Outlaw333

    Stuff for sale

    Oh yeah, I'm in the North Somerset/Bristol area
  24. naturarbo

    Using a pulley system to bury

    use it for a few old ropes,5 to 1 with 2 double pullleys,anchored to solid bases,just standard mechanical advantage...if you want I will assemble it to show you
  25. Rich Rule

    Hitch climber trouble

    Op is hard cord. takes a while to settle in. It takes even longer if the cord is too long. Go for a 70ish e2e or buy a few metres and tie your own.
  26. Baldbloke

    Flexi Flue sweeping.

    I use a thing called Typhoon. The rods have sprung buttons and the rods are flexible enough not to damage my biomass chimney or the flexible liner for the Aga. The head has a nylon string head and you fit the other end to a drill. Excellent at £50 from eBay. I use my standard drainage rods for the other lined chimneys
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