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  2. Will you use the flywheel from the Evo 165 on the quad chip with the 26hp diesel.
  3. thank you for your replies.. I'll keep a closer eye for honey fungus ... this could be the answer...
  4. There is no scientific evidence to support the 12 x diameter rule of thumb. At the end of the day you have to start somewhere, but determining root spread, and the impact of root loss, should be done on the basis of tree and site specific criteria. The article in the Arb Journal relates to ASNW, veteran and ancient trees, rather than trees per-se. You could interogate the UKTC archive which may, or may not, help.
  5. Stubby

    Solo 622 parts

    You may find the pot is salvageable ( remove the aluminum transfer with brick acid or similar ) a light hone and a new piston and ring ........
  6. I have not used Motomix but have used Aspen and Husqvarna " Power XP " fuel and I cant tell the difference So I would assume Motomix to be similar .
  7. Steven P


    So before I start, I collect fire wood (with permission) from waste wood from the neighbouring cemetry, it helps them out keeping their site clear and keeps me warmer n the winter. So Cindy got a knock at the door yesterday "Do you take things from the cemetry", "Oh you mean the logs" (after a bit of thought) "yes do you want some" "Errr OK " which for a conversation starter is unusual. The rest of the conversation went along the lines of "Can Steven chop logs" "He has axes and saws, yes" "OK, we'll tip a load of logs off, if you can move the car we'll come down the drive as far as we can".. So the text I got was "You might get a few logs delivered today" turns out it was 1/4 of quite a long drive - I need to teach Cindy that 'a few logs' might be more than that... and I also need to teach her how to use the saw and the axe.. 1/4 of the drive... and we got the rest of the logs today (double yesterdays). So just on the off chance it was you that left me pretty much next years fire wood - thanks, much appreciated. I think. I've got a busy weekend ahead of me.
  8. Near Loughborough today, With Simon from Bonington trees, Scots pine fell gently onto the neighbours oak framed garage. Spent the morning rigging everything down, before the cavalry/loader arrived. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  9. Bugger ... I would have liked that k
  10. Stephen, in the fourth picture, what is that silver box mounted inline with the hydraulic pipes on the ram? I saw those today on a kubota and wondered what they do?
  11. Today
  12. I’m not convinced by Milwaukee and Dewalt any more. They definitely do good tools (Milwaukee Fuel range for example) but they also sell budget stuff which isn’t any better than the own brand stuff mentioned earlier imo. Pick up a Dewalt or Milwaukee drill in screwfix and have a feel of the chuck etc - the stuff they always have on offer on display tends to feel like cheap crap but they sell well on the back of their name. I’m moving across to Makita now from Hitachi (which is also good imo) as I bought a couple of Makita electric chainsaws for a job and now have loads of their batteries. Everything I’ve got so far I’m really happy with - the quality seems to be there but it is still early days.
  13. LE7 9XG

    Keythorpe Valley Farm

    Using as animal bedding so compostable only, no poisonous
  14. Bought one of these and I am very pleased with it, chips up to 4 inch branches.
  15. Paul. Will there be any possibility for consultation on the ICOP? perhaps a draft published here? I have been pleased with the large number of sensible and well thought out replies on this thread, perhaps if we were able to give a draft the once over it wouldn't be a bad thing? Cheers
  16. Lad who works for us might be able to do it I've passed on the message
  17. new echo cs 621sx is coming launched on the echo world page should ne hear in new year new features and euro 5 emission engine same footprint as the 620 sx
  18. Yes absolutely dave and why not after all we don’t live the other side of the world from each other and this is part of what I wanted to happen is to bring other readers into it be it if they are making a living from anything to do with trees/either forestry or arborists side if things or who just like to join in and make a living from doing something else,most of the ladies and gentlemen on here are spot on and have good banter and conversation and hopefully this will just make a slight change from the norm as I know how much a lot of menbers on here are massive dog lovers and just wanted to bring a little bit of fresh chat and discussion into what we do,dogs for a lot of us are our best friends and our release especially if shooting or country sports are involved as well and i will hopefully combine the two when Weaver starts coming out with me more regular,he has been coming out since I have hadn’t him but has either stayed in the truck or because he is so titchy tiney at the moment that he is under your feet without knowing he is there and I have been climbing last few days so but difficult. when he is up to the standard I want him to be at I will be planning on hopefully getting out to some invites on shoots all over the country and meet up wit fellow Arbs and or gundog guys and or ladies🐶
  19. NPTC assessments aren’t a bad gauge, particularly when you get into dismantling/windblow/large trees/UA tickets etc. You need to be half decent to pass any of those IMO, but they aren’t actually necessary outside certain client’s requirements (utilities mostly) so not many bother with them. The BALI/CSCS bollocks wouldn’t recognise any of that though. Basic chainsaw tickets don’t tell you anything mind - even digger drivers could probably pass them!!!
  20. liked the newspaper ad with the guy in a short sleeve shirt, slacks and brogues. The pre PPE era !!
  21. Seven Sisters chestnut, Penshurst. Ended up here on a random walk, didn't know it was there. The largest living tree (by volume?) in the UK I believe, a seven stemmed sweet chestnut.
  22. Why should the landlord pay anything? Or indeed organise anything? The OP broke it, so the onus is on him to finance and organise a solution.
  23. Applicant must have at least 3 years practical experience with CS38, CS39, CS40 and CS41 qualifications - team leader experience and MEWP First Aid desirable. We are an arboricultural contracting business established over 20 years ago and we are based near Southampton. We offer full and comprehensive service to both domestic and commercial clients. This is a client facing role requiring applicants to be self-motivated with good communication skills. Applicants must be over 25 years of age and hold a clean driving licence. On offer is a competitive rate of pay with the benefit of working for a very reputable company. If you would like to discuss this post further please contact Matt on 07793 814865 or alternatively send a CV to matt@mjctrees.co.uk
  24. We’re happy to announce that Arblease celebrates 10 years of trading in 2020! Over the last decade we have operated in the world of arboriculture forging solid relationships with manufacturers, importers and dealers to create an effective, and very popular, website to give our customers fast access to machinery and vehicle images, technical information and realistic finance figures at low fixed rates. We are 100% impartial and aim to give our customers full access to useful information and finance figures on all of the leading machinery and arb vehicles available in the UK leaving the customer to decide what suits their business best! We have funded over 7800 new & used machines and vehicles over the past 10 years and now enjoy the company of many thousands of customers throughout the UK. To celebrate our 10 years in business we have decided to reward our loyal customers for the rest of 2019. All existing customers who use Arblease from 1st Nov until the 31st Dec will receive a FREE £25.00 amazon Voucher and Arblease will also make a £10.00 donation to Macmillan Cancer Support. You can finance any new OR used machine or vehicle at the same fixed low rates! To find out more about our reward scheme visit our website or give us a call. Finally, thank you to all of our clients and our network of machinery dealers, importers and manufacturers for your business. We wish you all the best for 2020! Matt Potter Arblease Director
  25. Re-advertised position! We are STILL looking for a Lead climber/groundsman(depending on experience) or climber/groundsman for our family run Arb Approved contracting business covering the Cleveland/Teesside region of North Yorkshire. This is offered as a permanent salaried position, or we will consider a short term contract for a self-employed climber. Established in 1999, we have a reputation for quality work and customer care, and are looking to employ a reliable, motivated and dynamic individual with a broad arboricultural background and a professional attitude to work and career development. We have a varied work load of domestic and commercial customers, including housing association and Local Authority work. The role requires good communication skills and on-site decision making. The Lead Climber will be expected to take responsibility for the site team when the business owner is not available. The post holder will also be required to carry out equipment & vehicle checks in accordance with LOLER and PUWER legislation. The Lead Climber applicant must have experience of advanced technical dismantling methods, and will preferably hold CS41 or be working towards this. A high standard of aerial pruning techniques is also required(CS40 desirable). Less experienced staff will be considered on individual merit. A clean driving licence is essential (trailer licence desirable). References will be required. PPE provided. Holidays & sick pay provided. Pension scheme available. Training & career development opportunities. A part-time climber/groundsman/ labourer position also currently available. Call Kevin Patton 07411 922881 for an informal chat and more info, or send a CV to k99log@btinternet.com
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