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  2. Making the news today....

    So . Everybody except Ireland has lost one . We need to get a cricket score against France and Ireland
  3. New 150p Greenmech

    Looks really good with the pickup having the same colour on it. Always liked the hight adjustable draw bar they fit. Can you control the rpm off a button on the hopper on this one?
  4. Srt useage

    Samson is great Matty. Has a wee bit more bounce than the cougars, but no where near as much as Kern or something like that. I quite like it. It is pretty supple, so it's easy to tie knots in.
  5. Big dogs 562xp

    Look up the part number on IPL and order from local dealer. They are a very good arrangement as they hold the saw very well when you are perched on a steep ditch etc ! but don't catch up on snedding as they sit in well.
  6. Theives

    Neil says so as well .
  7. Huski 572xp

    I'm told to expect mine in about 4 weeks, not sure on the 565 which looks interesting - the caps seem to be removable ..... so if it's the same as the 365 XT maybe a "easy" conversion to 572 ? As for a old style ported 372 keeping up with stock 70cc saw I would be pretty dissapointed if the ported saw didn't keep up with it !
  8. Erupting bark on semi mature ash

    You'll recognise it next time, glad to help.
  9. Stubborn clutch removal...

    Just hit it really really hard with a punch/chisel - don’t be shy, commit to it!!!
  10. New Laser scanning technology can help 'weigh' trees

    I don't know, but it might tell whether it's a thousand years old... or not!
  11. Prunus and fungi ident?

    Probably, I wouldn't rule it out but too far off to be sure Any closer images?
  12. Today
  13. Localised distribution of Fomes fomentarius

    Had an interesting trip up to Sherwood forest yesterday, hadn't been there for about 10 years and didn't really give it justice when I was there last time. Got up there early before an AA field day and took a look at the Fomes colonisation to compare against the host range at Hampstead. Vast majority of the fruit bodies were on birch, although I did find some on a single dead young oak (image 3). But unlike Hampstead there were no fruitbodies (at all) on the ancient/veteran oaks. This suggests that climate and time play a large part in colonisation of age & species dynamics. Also, where there were fruiting bodies of both Fomes & Piptoporus on a single wood volume, the Fomes brackets were more abundant than Pipto. Suggests to me that Fomes (even though its deemed to have a sapwood exposed strategy) would appear to be a more dominant coloniser than Pitoporus (which has a sapwood intact stratergy)
  14. First saw you bought.

    Stihl 028 Woodboss from Bedford auction for 40 quid, 1995'ish. Chain was hanging off, bar knackered. ...non runner, bag of bits. Didn't know the first thing about saws but luckily it was complete and engine was sound. Cost more in parts to bring it back to working order but still got it and it's a good saw.
  15. Songs I Am Listening To

    Could it be a Bigsby Custom? Musical equipment[edit] Brian Setzer has a very large guitar collection spanning many decades and brands. Setzer favours vintage equipment[11] and hollow body guitars,[12] and currently endorses Gretsch guitars.[13] Vintage guitars: D'Angelico Excel - 1938 D'Angelico New Yorker - 1940 Martin Model D-28 Acoustic - 1956 Fender Stratocaster Turquoise - 1957 Guild Bluesbird - 1959 Gretsch Model 6130 Round Up - 1955 Gretsch Model 6128 Black Duo Jet - 1957 Gretsch Model 6136 White Falcon - 1957 Gretsch Model 6129 Silver Jet - No Pickguard - 1957 Gretsch Model 6129 Silver Jet - White Pickguard - 1957 Gretsch Model 6136 White Falcon - 1957 Gretsch Model 6129 Silver Jet - Black Pickguard - 1958 Gretsch Model 6120 "Stray Cat" - 1959 Gretsch Model 6120 Chet Atkins - 1959 Gretsch Model 6119 "Christmas Custom" - 1959 Gretsch Model 6119 Blue Sparkle Jet - 1959 Gretsch Model 6120 - 1960 Gretsch Model 6119 - 1960 Gibson Firebird V - 1964 Signature guitars: Gretsch Model 6120 Setzer Signature Prototype Gretsch Model 6120 Setzer Hot Rod Custom Purple Gretsch Model 6120 Setzer Hot Rod Custom "Pinstripe" Gretsch Model 6120 Setzer Hot Rod Custom "Spotty" Gretsch Model 6120 Setzer Hot Rod Custom "Sparkle Red" Gretsch Model 6120 Setzer Hot Rod Custom "Sparkle Blue" Gretsch Model 6120 SSLVO Brian Setzer Signature Gretsch Model 6120 SSL Brian Setzer Signature Gretsch Model 6120 SSU Brian Setzer Signature Gretsch Model 6120 SSUGR Brian Setzer Signature Gretsch Model 6136SLBP Brian Setzer Black Phoenix Indie Model With White GT Stripes Other guitars: Bigsby Custom - 2003 Effects: Roland Re-301 Chorus Echo Amplifiers: Fender Bassman - 1962 Fender Princeton - 1960
  16. Where all the Tracked Chippers?

    Yes, looking to buy from the UK, there were some tracked 340 Jensen’s around a while back, great value. But they got snaffled up.
  17. Anyone use a "safety razor"?

    Maybe some good tips here.
  18. My first chainsaw...

    The other problem with the Dolmar is that it weighs 6.5 kg so mounted on a sawhorse may be less hard work! But thanks for the tip (pun intended!)
  19. Best chain for milling

    075 is a torque monster, I've only ran 404 on mine, wouldn't want to put anything smaller on. You can still get nearly all the parts from stihl. They still make the 051 which is almost identical. I buy 404 full chisel stihl chain on a roll, then make a loop and grind to 10degrees. If you can find one, get a rim sprocket conversion kit for both machines. Much cheaper to replace a rim rather than a spur sprocket. Last thing, the 075 should have an aux oiler built in just in front of the top handle. It is a pita though. Show us your milling results ! Good luck [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  20. Jokes???

  21. Flail vs chain swipe

    Flail with hammers will cope with all that you mention, up to 50mm if you go slow. Y blades will give a better finish. Brambles, rushes and anything up to 25mm is no problem, I run a INO 1.5m flail on a 50hp Alpine and it copes admirably, just take it easy on the bigger stuff. No experience of chain swipe.
  22. New Hilux Review

    33.7mpg!!! Wow I struggle to get 28mpg in eco mode. Yeah I’m with Snows. I pointed out the camera issue when I had to take the truck in for a new battery (at 5 months!) which is a 2 day job (wtf). They assured me they would call when the camera heating shroud is in stock which will be about a week. That was 3 weeks ago! Nothing yet. The corrosion on yours is disturbing and hopefully a one-off. Get your chipping hammer out and get some red oxide on there shipmate 🤣
  23. MOT changes May 2018

    It's been a few years, but you can change the front discs on a mk6 transit without touching the bearings.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Groundsman looking for work!

    I think every one should be careful with this guy! He will let you down at a moments notice, often at 7am by text! He has not a clue about being reliable. I've given him many oppurtunities and he's let him self and me down every time! Alistair Magee
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