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  2. Mmm, yes you should and the OEM carb is Zama so is also ' Chinesium' but are £100 new so unless it is an old OEM carb, makes the purchase much more appealing.
  3. Hey all Bottoms straps are getting knackered now and want to replace. Can’t seem to get hold of actual Distel straps and the Buckingham ones I just got from Honeys don’t seem all that good compared to the originals, and I think they’ll be going back. Anyone replaced theirs? Any suggestions on alternatives? Seems a bit mad to buy new just for some straps Cheers
  4. Good idea, let him find out first. 👍
  5. Don’t know about semi retiring…. I’m booked up with the mewp into January!!
  6. spudulike

    Oh bugger

    If the saw had an air leak, it would rev higher, sorting this will drop the revs to normal if the carb hadn't been adjusted. If you can wind the L screw all the way in without the saw stalling, it has an air leak of some magnitude.
  7. I use an old wheelie bin with no lid. The lid kept getting caught on stuff.
  8. Today
  9. I did my iPaf wearing my tree motion harness. The tester said it was fine.
  10. Thats clarified that then ! Thanks al
  11. Don't use the decomp, the valve lowers the compression too low IMO. Heating the plug up with a plumbers lamp can help the saw start. Worth pulling the plug out, switch the ignition off, turn upside down and pull over hard to clear unburnt fuel. You can try the redneck, hold the throttle open and pull over hard, frowned by many as being dangerous but it can get a saw running if semi flooded....if you are careful!! If the piston is free of scores and it is clean when viewed through the exhaust port and it sparks well then the carb is left. Crud in the gauze strainer is the most common fault, holes fuel line a possibility where it pushes through the wall of the fuel tank, holed pump diaphragm and weak or stuck needle valve being possible issues also.
  12. Leyland hedges never seem to host much beyond pigeons and magpies anyway, apart from a few robins perhaps. A hawthorn hedge would be easier managed for aesthetics and host a much wider range of birdlife.
  13. Chris Think Lyon used to do this, not sure it if would be specific enough to arb, can't see anything on the website at present, but might be worth a call or email. I've no personal experience of them, but pretty established player in work at height, irata etc. Training LYON.CO.UK Lyon Equipment provide equipment and expertise for people to venture further A
  14. Hope he leaves you be then, if only it were all billable time with those folk!
  15. Cnuts . Sorry to hear this .
  16. Aitch0


    Please leave wood chips outside of the garage in the drive, or in front of car, if parked.
  17. I'd guess it went in about 15 years ago, when our company was still on campus. Oh and yes it is a fair sized building and I guess you know the lake I mean. It was also a pretty sizeable pipe that was installed to circulate the water.
  18. ive recently purchased a early 150 vtr that has been abused, the wiring is like a birds nest. its an early model 2003 with the speed sensor for the no stress system not the control box. cant seem to find a manual for one this early or any wiring diagrams. im after the two wiring looms for the hopper control box and for the red bar stop switch, that connect to the main engine loom. the main plug has 4 pins where as the newer 150's have a 6 pin plug. any help would be much appreciated thanks Jake
  19. So sorry for no pics it just won't upload from my phone ,and can't get the app on my new phone bloody crap
  20. Are you using them for work? If you're at home, crack on and do whatever you like. If at work then Puwer puts an onus on you (and your employer if applicable) to have received adequate training but doesn't say what the training should be. I would have thought it's difficult to argue that you don't need the basic chainsaw ticket to use a chainsaw mill, as far as I know there is no specific training course for milling anyway. So I'd say CS30/31 modern equivalent.
  21. MrCoffeeCup

    Wayne, Residential

    Looking for wood chips / mulch for planting beds / boarders. Also happy to accept logs that are hand manageable ( 1-2 person lift ). Note : Rear access difficult for extra long vehicles due to tight corner.
  22. woodturner78

    MC creations

    Hi I am a local woodturner's in Uxbridge and am lloking for logs to turn. Its a private driveway and can tip on the drive by prior arrangement.
  23. If you need any help give us a call at Green Plant UK, the No.1 Timberwolf parts supplier. on 01483 235111, our technicians will answer any questions you have and I can help you with the parts. I will need to know the age of the machine as they have changed in more recent years .also the fans are only supplied in a set of 2 (a balanced pair) . Gareth of Green Plant.
  24. PP04LOG

    Little Beechfield

    Clean wood chip only please! Please call 07850 498607 to book in with an ETA. many thanks Peter
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