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  2. Believe they made parts for avant so could be an exact copy the engine is kubota,
  3. Nothing that I know of.
  4. Reading all the specs there's no mention of alkylate at all for Stihl MotoMix, it says it's a fully synthetic fuel. On the other hand, their MotoPlus (straight fuel) does mention alkylate.
  5. The ‘gardening job’ that almost sparked a war WWW.BBC.CO.UK In 1976, North Koreans killed two US officers in the DMZ over a tree... You think that you have trouble sometimes with neighbours!
  6. I've cleared a large amount of bamboo before with a plain 3 tooth blade. You'll need to dig the roots out or lots of glyphosate on the regrowth. It was popping up for years.
  7. Recent guidance from FC is that 60% canopy loss is acceptable under DDD. " Thanks for getting in touch with the Forestry Commission on this matter. If your ash trees are clearly dead or are showing at least 60% canopy dieback, then we are classifying this as not requiring a licence due to being dangerous. The trees would also need to affect a third party. If any ash don’t fit within this exemption, then a licence will be required. You are also allowed to fell any trees without a licence up to 5 cubic meters in volume every calendar quarter. It is recommended that you evidence your work via reports and photographs before any work starts so that you can demonstrate best practice in case you are challenged down the line." Take a few photos before you fell them to cover your back. There's huge amounts out here. Local estates have taken hundreds of tons out from roadside with not a felling licence in site. It's much cheaper (although still expensive with them being roadside, £1k/day for 21 ton tree shear plus God knows how much for TM) to deal with them sooner rather than later.
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  9. Here's a chainsaw, here's some woodland. I'm gonna go perform me some 'woodland maintenance', no degree needed! 😂 Coppicing is hard graft for bugger all return. Unless you go into it in a big way with a good market, employing cutters and running a forwarder then I reckon it's like having a ride on mower- it's a race to the bottom and you'll always be that old guy in a beat up truck struggling to make ends meet.
  10. What variation of the helical do you use? When I first came across it, it appeared to be a double eye hitch, and was called the Penberthy. Saw in On Rope later that it was a single eye.
  11. Coast Redwood takes the burn really well
  12. ElliotM

    Nash Court Farm

    Friendly people, easy access
  13. Nope just rock oil mixed at 33.1 👍
  14. Just thought someone would have a hard-on for it.
  15. 2022 Eco design stoves have a very limited amount of air control by and large, getting them to burn clean means not letting the slumber. But the new generation Charnwood BLU wood burne models are superb in this aspect, pretty well closed down and minimal emissions. Got one live in my showroom. A
  16. You could end up coming home to an empty house if you make things like that public. Just think about it... everything you've worked for, gone. They'd probably leave something behind... ...even a seasoned thief could never carry that much pornography
  17. I had rabbits when I was a child and one was attacked by a rat. I would also be concerned by stoats and weasels. I would have thought the best answer is to exclude the pests from the run otherwise they might get the rabbits before they make it to the garage. I would close the hatch in the evenings just to be sure.
  18. It depends more on your hitch cord/length/knot setup. I've climbed on velocity for years and love it. Had a few other ropes in between but always go back...
  19. Company based near Linlithgow, West Lothian require an experienced Groundsman on an ad hoc basis for larger projects. Must have own PPE and transport. Please send contact details to email mvsimba@aol.com along with a brief outline of experience, age, where you are based etc. Will get in touch with more information.
  20. MattJD

    Husqvarna 540xp II

    Time Left: 6 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    used for 1 year - good condition - needs bar and chain


    dunfermline, fife - GB

  21. Looking for regular work subbing all over Kent. Plenty of tickets and experience, hard grafter and team leading skills. Most confident on the ground but always happy to climb when necessary. Contact Grant on 07490054538
  22. Sorry, not on here much these days. 2" oak would probably need at least 3 years. The old rule was a year an inch plus a year but that is not the end of the story. Generally air dried is still a fair way off the humidity in a modern dry home. Once down to the external ambient moisture content (14-16% if your lucky) I would look to rough out the boards but still leaving them oversize. If you can bring them into the home or a low humidity environment and leave them in stick for as long as you can but at least a few weeks. They wll move some more in this period. Now they should be fairly stable but wood will keep expanding and shrinking with changes in humidity. My old gran had an oak dining table as a wedding gift made from old barn floors (probably at least 100 years old). All was fine until the 70s when she had central heating fitted and large gaps appear on the board joins as the breadboard ends stopped the boards being able to shrink and stay joined. In the ideal world you want them down to 8-10% for a dry modern home.
  23. The handle is 12" long, and folds down the length of the wedge.
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