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  2. The Hyundai had its first outing for 18 months, worked perfectly and saved a ton of effort today. It says a lot that I had my 6 inch Tunnisen being used out the front of the job, but I was quite happy using this out the back. No dragging, no chip to take away, less mess.
  3. Shhhhhhhhh ! Jon might be listening ☺️ K
  4. These would make you one, they ain't cheap but they are very good. KMR Engineering Limited WWW.KMRENGINEERING.CO.UK Commercial Body Builders & Sheet Metal Fabricator in Hadleigh, Suffolk, England.
  5. Had a listen. Sounds like a pretty fair description of the changes over the years. Change for the good is happening though. One of our good friends runs a successful dairy farm based on mob grazing. They are planting up shelter belts and increasing the carbon in the soils. Their stock are more productive and from what we see very content to boot. Old and new practices combined for a more sustainable, productive and diverse farm landscape.
  6. Out of interest have you seen many where the bore has been destroyed? I read about the bore being ruined not just the replaceable bits?
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  8. adw


    There is no gasket, the 135/440/435 are all on the same platform, who is saying there is a gasket?
  9. Nice one Jay cheers for the help. 👍
  10. Plant willow and harvest as a coppiced crop for biomass. Anecdotally you should be profitable in 6 years.
  11. I think 4.8m is the actual height of an artic. I've got to get a telehandler too now & 7m is ideal I'd say [emoji106] Damn expensive machines to buy 2nd hand in the current climate....
  12. There’s always a market if you can find it. Google is your friend. [emoji106]
  13. peatff

    Zenoah 2500T

    If an AO41 works I'll get one when it needs replacing thanks.
  14. Having too much deadwood ecology wise is an impossibililty unless its vital you clear space on the the site for some other uses? It may look an untidy mess and unatural as planked etc but its all habitat and nature won't differentiate between a fallen tree and a pile of planked wood.
  15. Lovely this time of year ☺️ could get bit of diving in 😋 Kx
  16. Thanks Mark, T'other Mark has been in touch 👍🏼.
  17. We're currenty looking for a number of guys to join our team as we are currently trying to expand the business. Must have all up to date qualifications including first aid or be willing to get them all up to date. We are looking for people who are hard working and most importantly reliable. The team we already have is brilliant and it's more like a group of friends rather than employees. The work will include woking on trees in London which is very fast paced and quite tiring so it definitely isn't for everyone. Every worker is well paid for their efforts so it is a fair deal for everyone involved. The company is based in the village of Chobham, Surrey. Ideally you would live within a reasonable distance from here. If you're interested or want more details then send me a message and I'll be more than happy to help.
  18. I just picked up the Cannon 12" Carving Chainsaw Bar (Dime Tip) CCD-C1-12-43 from Baileys and running it on my MSA 200, with PM3 - 1/4" (.043 ga) but It gives some definite chatter noise on the back end. When comparing it to my OEM Stihl 14" rollomatic e light, it as a slightly wider tail than the Cannon. I visually ran it without the cover (clamped bar to vice) and can see that after turning around the sprocket it's having a little stutter making it to the bar.. I was hesitant to run it but am doing so anyhow and will see how long either chain or bar last. Though I totally agree and wish we had more bar options as I'm struggling to find other .043 dime tips. Also I think it's using more bar oil than usual? Otherwise are there any opinions on running the .standard .050 1/4" bar and chain combos with a battery powered saw? I just don't want to wear the motor out prematurely.
  19. just an update any body got 1, recently if so how they getting on with them TIA
  20. For those who find the business part of tree work boring or difficult I have created a template which should allow you to put in your own numbers and or costs for a basic 1/2/3 man tree gang and what profit you are actually making from your £400 or £1300 days You may well end up being surprised how much your monthly costs eat into the money you bring in every day! Could be a good time to review the business and put up prices! Excel doc attached, screen shot for attention/example. Happy to amend if anyone has any suggestions that can't be filled under misc For those who are business masterminds - this is not for you Operating costs template.xlsx
  21. Jo Hornbuckle

    Winterbourne poultry

    We will take any woodchip as much or as little as you have. Amounts are not a problem lots of room! And any type from soft wood to hardwood.
  22. Time Left: 6 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Meindl Airstream boots, size 8 (UK) / 42 (EU) I bought these new in November 2017 for £187 & only wore them for 5 days, while doing my initial training. They're great boots, but just a little bit small for me, so by the end of the week my feet were really sore. Since then they've been in the back of a cupboard, almost forgotten about. There's no real wear & tear on them, they're almost as good as new (see photos) Heavy duty Vibram rubber sole Class 1 cut protection to 20 m/sec Leather lined boot with smooth suede finish. Heavy duty steel toe cap Digafix Flexible, pressure-free, diagonal fixing ensures "all-round and more adjustable" lacing. Gore-Tex Climate comfort for all seasons, waterproof and breathable Hand made Offers around £100 + £13.50 postage


    Near Halifax, West Yorks - GB

  23. Manufacturers are moving to higher voltages on many tools. The reason behind this is to lower the current draw for a given power requirement. If two tools had batteries of equivalent watt hours, eg a 12v with a 5Ah battery, and a 30v with a 2Ah battery, and they both had a 60 watt motor, the 2Ah battery should last longer. That's a very simplistic explanation, but just cos a battery has a bigger Amp Hour rating, doesn't necessarily mean a longer runtime than a smaller higher voltage one, as Justme quite rightly says. That's why Makita for one are doubling up batteries on many high power tools. Don't forget though, that two 18volt 5Ah batteries in series ( to give 36v ) are only in effect one 5Ah battery. Also, very importantly, don't mix different sizes of battery, for best results they need to be as near identical as possible, eg both 5Ah, not a six and a three, and they ought to be of similar age and condition. Sorry if I haven't explained it clearly.
  24. Hi My name is Grant Lynch I'm 34 years old I live in the Bromsgrove area of west midlands and I am looking to get into the tree surgery business I currently work full time in a factory and part time (self employed) doing garden maintenance. I will be made redundant from the factory end of March due to a closure I would love to work with a team on a part time basis to learn as much as possible obviously starting with the ground work and eventually working up to putting myself through full training I haven't as yet done any courses but I do have experience working with chainsaws and I have done quite a bit of hedge work I also have experience using a 6.5hp gravity fed chipper I have all my own ppe steel toes, chainsaw trousers, helmet I'm hard working usually 6 days a week love working outdoors rain or shine and generally just enjoy doing a hard days graft If you think you may be able to offer me some work or give me a trial it would be much appreciated 07958239500 Thanks in advance for any help or guidance you can offer
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