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  2. Domestic tree surgery is now fine to use red. The 5% is the reduced rate of VAT, which makes no difference as most tree surgeons claim the VAT back anyhow. The rate of fuel duty is considerably less than white- I think it’s around 11 pence per litre whereas white is 55 pence per litre.
  3. Crisp and frosty 🥶 no gritters on Jersey so will walk to work ! Have a great day everyone
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  5. Big J


    Always really enjoyed Alex Horne and the Horne Section, but this has to be their best song 😄
  6. I don't climb very often, and I tend to just assume all my kit is still in the box when I go to use it. I did have a vague recollection yesterday morning as I was tooling up of using my saw lanyard as an emergency dog lead at some point in recent history, and not remembering where it went after that. Never mind, I'll just use this dog lead instead, an offcut of an abused and trimmed mountaineering rope. Barrel knot on the handle, overhand on a bight for clipping. Does just fine.
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  8. Cheers for the replies peeps, decided on a push switch Bosch pro. Had good reviews. And i decided to stick with a push switch, as its what im used to and a lot of you thought the same. Thanks again
  9. What is the purpose of the survey? DBH isn’t an Arb measurement. It’s forestry and is measured at 1.3m. Arb measures at 1.5m. Growing trees in a nursery they measure at 1m.
  10. In the morning you’ll be sober and emus will still be babecunts.
  11. logs of wood ? rid off ?
  12. Time Left: 6 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Isuzu Grafter for sale, TGS Arbtruk tool box and galvanised/aluminium tipper with custom barn doors and static hood. Full LED flashing lights and extra underslung tool boxes, towbar, spare reg. Bought to start picking up my own work but have got too much subcontracting to get the proper use out of the van. New sump (due to a leak which was shown to me before purchasing) and a new clutch (as the clutch was slipping when I bought it) so drives perfectly. Bought from the original owner who’s company went under, the van had full dealer servicing but all paperwork was lost during the companies fall unfortunately (I know the owner well so wasn’t an issue for me). Minor scuffs but in good general condition. 57k miles £21000 no VAT


    - GB

  13. I would suspect the main jet check valve, H screw out, pipe over H jet opening, thumb over the fuel feed to the main jet, now blow suck, you should feel the check valve open and close, no close and it’s not working.
  14. Ive only just found this thread by chance. Tree surveyors shoud not use Matthecks equation literally, just a guide A big factor for me with hollow trees, is the trees vitality. Has the hollow tree had the vitality ( stored energy) to produce adaptive growth - butresses to compensate for strength loss in the trunk? Is the tree still producing adaptive growth? This can be visable in the the summer with lighter wood. If it hasnt produced adaptive growth in the current year , you have to decide whether the tree has produce enough adaptive growth already and doesnt need anymore, or the trees vitality is low and is not able to produce it.
  15. I've been using a 550xpg for climbing with a 12" bar for years now. that combo isn't cumbersome and very well balanced. Pretty much lasers through the wood with the tiny bar so you can cut from several angles without much effort if pieces get bigger. If I had to choose it would be the one saw I'd keep.
  16. I right enjoyed those too. Wept when the blonde croaked!
  17. I've a regular customer who has a December hedge cut and shrub tidy, she makes fabulous flapjack. Her teaspoon is still on top of the dash from last year, hoping I can stick it back in the cup this year and she won't notice.
  18. Time Left: 6 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2014 Timberwolf 150 VTR Tracked Wood Chipper, Low Hours 534 on the clock, Excellent Condition, Full Working Order, Variable tracks (700 - 1100mm), NO VAT to pay. For enquiries call- 07733 245874 email- [email protected]


    Slough , Berkshire - GB

  19. I am currently 19 in the UK doing an apprenticeship, i love tree work and currently am ahead on my course climbing and taking down decent sized trees and have been told I am learning fast and have been told by people I work with that I am doing better than some people who have been doing it years and it’s my dream to go to Australia and work out there and I would love to do it within 2 years when I am a lot better. My questions are: Can I take over my own kit and be a subcontractor out there? Is the money better over there? How hard is it to get a job out there? Is it a long process? Is it worth it? THANKS IN ADVANCE !
  20. Chainsaw Milling by Will Mollof is a good read
  21. Looking for either a subby climber or groundie who is looking for more days Call 07437188146
  22. Cutting grass is for losers Sorry I was wrong, its actually up 145% since last year
  23. Hello all, after some local advice / knowledge from those who may be able to help. Getting ready to transition to a move to Canada. A competitive day rate for a self employed climber in the U.K. varies from £200 - £250 (Generally speaking and depending on kit owned/used). Roughly £25 - 30 p/h. Does anyone know what the equivalent of this is, in Canada. On a self employed and PAYE basis. (Appreciate different factors like own ppe, climbing kit, saws and cost of living). Thanks in advance.
  24. Yes I know all to well where your coming from with loosing dogs,, in April this year I went from 2 dogs to no dogs in 8 days, the younger one on the left in photo below was just 18 mth old and and full of promis as a working dog and the older one 8yr old that I rehomed with my vet, reason for rehomeing the older one was far to many bad habits like I will do it when I want, not when you tell me,, the younger one would of picked up on all this and I would of More than likely ended up with 2 dogs the same ,, Asha the young one was very well bread and a quick learner, so I wanted to put all my effort in to this young dog but unfortunately 8 days after rehoming the older dog I lost Asha to rat poison, very sad day having to make the desision to put such a promising young dog to sleep, this tore me apart, I said that's it with dogs for me but I had purdey for 7 wks over the summer and this inspired me to up my game at finding a pup and we did, and TBH no regrets at all ,,
  25. Britain’s Ancient Forest - Legacy and Lore Wednesday 06 December 2023 @ 6PM GMT With Julian Hight Register here Julian Hight has travelled widely, camera in hand, to document and tell the stories of historic ancient trees. Throughout this beautifully illustrated talk, Julian explores the story of Britain’s ancient forest told through its remaining ancient trees and surviving customs – living links to our rich history – accompanied by specially written forest music and archive photography. Signed copies of Julian’s lavishly illustrated books: Britain’s Tree Story, World Tree StoryBritain’s Ancient Forest – Legacy and Lore will be available online, the latter of which includes an online link to download accompanying music. Chair of Wessex Ancient Tree Forum, Julian presents regular talks and appeared as judge on Channel 4’s Tree of the Year TV programme, and is a verifier for the Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Inventory. He launched the Reviving Selwood Forest project in Somerset and campaigns for ancient trees and woodland. www.britainsancientforest.co.uk Register here
  26. Minus 7c on the way to work this morning. About -1-2c for the way home shortly. A minor thaw with highs of plus 1-2c for the next week. Then back to cold.
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