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  2. Morning Happy Campers! Back home late from Drag Racing and after 4 hours sleep, up and away to take Tom to Heathrow as he is racing his car in America. Today will seem a long day! Not got time to read the Telegraph this morning!
  3. Yesterday
  4. i would say it was a young Sterk not a cow Maby the copper forgot his lasso don't think a vet would have managed to do anything as you cant start firing a dart gun willy nilly in the street
  5. 11th hour. Bugged me all day. Wordle 1,093 4/6 ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ ⬜🟩🟩⬜⬜ 🟨🟩🟩⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  6. Silvicultural Systems by John D Matthews (1991) covers 20 forestry systems of management and probably the best book written on forestry management systems. Cost £73 paperback new but secondhand copy about half the price likely.
  7. I've got similar issues, not engine cutting out, but my code reader wont work. Garage has had it for a day and cant find the fault so will have it back again for another day
  8. Yes, first the moss came then the sedum years later
  9. Think this about sums up our performance
  10. We could and should all be eating more venison, it would be a win/win result. The number of deer running riot all over the UK; we could almost take beef off the shelves entirely and replace it with lovely Bambi meat surely. (Most people wouldn't even know the difference anyway, unless the label told them it was made in the Venison Machine at the supermarket).
  11. I could have chucked his name in, but…
  12. Have you got a multi meter? If you have check the batt has power, run a wire to the Solinoid on the pump then flash the starter with a screwdriver. This will get it to run, (need to disconnect the wire to the pump to stop it) once you have it back to the yard the problem will only seem half as bad. edit: just realised I’m 2 days late 🤦‍♂️ did you get it going or have you Set fire to it?
  13. A nice quiet melodic blast from the past.....
  14. @AHPP It has to be renewed every year. 30 practice shots at the range that has to be over two different days. This is recorded on a National Register. Once there has been two authorised sessions of practice shots you can then sit the test. The test is only for “Storvilt” I.e big game. You must pass the test for each calibre you wish to use that season. Once passed it is recorded digitally on the electronic register. The test is 100m, you must get 5 shots in a 30cm circle representing the kill zone. Miss one and the test is a fail. No aids like a bipod or resting on anything. Sitting, kneeling, standing or prone. Only thing to help is not to drink too much caffeine. 🤪 They allow a shooters strop as an aid or you can use the shoulder strap. I did the first 15 shots the other day and then an extra 10 with my .223. 25 shots, 24 in the black and one flyer which was half in the outer black and inner white ring. Questionable ammo that one. 😂
  15. Thanks for your reply. I haven't felled anything yet. I would like to get the extraction track sorted first but I am thinking I may only do it if I can put a profitable second crop there to extract as otherwise it is quite possible that the track will cost more than the value of the timber in the partly failed compartment. I have found it very hard to actually get to speak to my woodland officer. Calling the FC seems to get put through to people who sound like they are abroad and they then they leave messages that are not replied to. To get a grant for my loading area that connects the track to the road, calls got me no advice and no site meeting but by submitting a planning application that I hoped looked sensible, followed by a grant application, months later, I got to meet on site with a nice young man from the FC. More than a year after that meeting I got my grant approved but it felt like a struggle and simple advice about typical dimensions and specifications for the area would not have gone amiss. A site meeting before submitting the planning application would have been awesome. The young chap I saw was I think still in training. I asked him about the variations mentioned here and how to get them approved and he said "Oh no always stick to the woodland management plan". I thought about it for a year or so and thought "Surely there must be some mechanism where I am allowed to have a better idea and improve the plan?" So after calling an Indian gentleman twice who may have misunderstood me because he hung up on me first, then felt I should email "woodland creation" and a nice antipodean lady who left a message for my woodland officer to call me that was not replied to I am wondering whether to apply straight for another felling license as a way to stimulate a response. I find that submitting an application is often the only way to get some arb consultancy issues addressed by councils and maybe it works with the FC? Generally my experiences with the FC have not been stellar. Nothing negative but it seems a struggle to get anything positive. Maybe they are just overrun with work and I am a small fry in their ocean? The big question is will I lose my existing license for the woodland as a whole or for that compartment if I apply for a second one for that compartment? if not there is nothing to lose. Thanks, Paul
  16. Don't forget to guard the tyre valve stems.
  17. That's fierce. You will notice a lot more damage in the days to come too unfortunately. It will leave marks on leaves and shoots that haven't shown up yet. Didn't have it here, two big thunderstorms passed either side of me but nothing more than a bit of rain. Have suffered tremendously in the past, especially on my apples. Doesn't do rhubarb crops much good either.
  18. Is it the parking warden?
  19. Hi All Just wondering if anyone has had any luck getting the CBN sharpening wheels re coated rather than just ditching them once dull. Cheers
  20. Role: Arbortist/Climber Location: Based in Stirling. Hours: Full time Wage: £25,500- £36,000 About Us We are an established, leading Arborist Company working throughout Central Scotland. We pride ourselves on delivering an honest, friendly, and reliable professional service to commercial and domestic clients. About the Job We are seeking an enthusiastic climbing arborist with a positive ‘can do’ attitude who displays a meticulous attention to detail to join our team. You will be provided with PPE and equipment to do an excellent job for our clients. You will be based in central Stirling as a base but with a valid driving license (including towing ability) able to drive across the central belt. Responsibilities · Perform tree surgery tasks as detailed, including pruning, crown reduction and tree felling adhering to industry standards and safety guidelines. · Operate and maintain company equipment such as chipper and chainsaws polesaws to meet contractual requirements. · Conduct daily routine maintenance on vehicles and plant, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and safety standards · Implement pest and disease management strategies as required. · Work collaboratively to ensure projects are delivered safely and time efficiently. · Maintain accurate records as required. · Ensure excellent communication skills are utilised across the team. · Keep up to date with safety protocols, industry trends and best practice. · Represent the company in a professional manner, building positive relationships with clients. · Yard work as and when required Qualifications · Arborist qualifications- minimum CS 30,31,38, 39 Up to date first aid certificate · Sound use of Arboricultural equipment. · Good knowledge of tree species, health assessments and proper pruning techniques. · Excellent communication skills and confidence to interact professionally with clients. · Commitment to safety and knowledge of industry standards. · Physically fit to climb, lift, and carry for prolonged periods. · Valid driving licence or working towards one. Benefits · Competeive salary based on skills and experience · 28 days holiday inc. Bank holidays · Pension Scheme · Private health Insurance · Ongoing training and professional development opportunities. Interested candidates should submit their cv, a cover letter, and any relevant certifications to [email protected]
  21. Had my chimneys swept too early, in April! Wanted to leave them clean over summer!
  22. Been working with a former prison officer recently, been hearing some stories and the lingo is in my head.
  23. Time Left: 29 days and 4 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Timberwolf - TW 280TFTR - 8" Diesel Chipper - £21,000 +VAT Chipper in excellent conditional despite being regularly used - 570 hours Used as part of a professional tree surgery business that has now closed down - hence the sale. Set of three double sided blades (used but resharpened). Engine type: Kubota 4­ cylinder turbo diesel Maximum power: 33kW (45hp) Cooling method: Water cooled Overall weight:1620kg Starting method: Electric Roller feed: Twin series hydraulic motors Tracks: Twin speed Maximum diameter material: 210mm (8 1⁄4") Fuel capacity: 36 litres Hydraulic oil capacity: 50 litres Material processing capacity: Up to 6.5 tonnes/hr Fuel type: Diesel Please let me know if you're interested and would like to have a look.


    Swansea, Neath Port Talbot - GB

  24. It seems to be starting at the bottom and working it's way up the tree.
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