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  2. westphalian

    Squirrel Control

    Old buggers can be wrong just like young studs like me
  3. Dan Maynard

    Insurance woes

    Yes, in the same situation doing trees part time I paid the insurance, did more tree work, and pushed my pricing up a little bit on private jobs to help cover it. As others have said, without it you're definitely not properly insured when someone else is helping you even if they are volunteering or have their own insurance. My conclusion, it's another one of the things which fill the gap between what people think tree surgeons make (because they charge a lot) and what they actually make.
  4. Stubby

    Occasional use saw

    And run it on Aspen , particularly if its for occasional use .
  5. stihlmadasever

    Abandoning our ex forces

    Some brilliant posts here guys.Thanks So back on track Any ideas how we can address this problem? Any ideas would be welcome. Im tryin to get a couple of local lads i know on board and arrange a meeting with my Mp and Msp and try to highlight this issue. Something must be done
  6. Dan Maynard

    Non Hi-Vis or Bright Coloured Equipment

    Buy the Dolmar version, it's orange.
  7. Today
  8. josharb87


    Its carefully wedged in place with thousands of wooden wedges precisely placed
  9. westphalian

    milled in the Spring, fitted today

    I don't understand. the creosote damaged the corrugated panels?
  10. Treestumptom

    the 'todays job' thread

    Massaria inspections/removal
  11. Jamie Jones

    Vat business split

    The answer is YES and NO. A friend has a pub that is also B&B and they got to the VAT threshold and wanted the B&B to not be vat registered where as the pub/food side would be... Big no no from the accountants.. As a sole trader or small partner ship it would be almost impossible. The only way that you could run two businesses separately is if they were both separately set up as limited companies, but then you would have to adhere to a whole host of complications.
  12. slack ma girdle

    Vid's & Pic's from the Redwoods

    Mighty fine looking hinge
  13. Rough Hewn

    Felling dogs

    Try China, farmertec etc. About a £5. Delivered.
  14. orang-utan

    Hard wearing arb tripod ladder recommendation

    Thanks guys for your quick response to my question. Very helpful. I didn't realise that they were going to be so expensive. I suppose it enables the job to be done by one person so cutting costs. The niwaki and henchman both look good all with the same concept. Cheers
  15. Jamie Jones

    All terrain Tyre advice

    I had Kumo MT51 all terrain (Mud & Snow Rated Tyres) and really rate them and they were cheaper then the BF Goodridge and Cooper AT... The Kumo MT51 also had a stronger side wall as well... Chunky as Hell
  16. Jamie Jones

    A cutting edge chainsaw promotion from STIHL

    Great PR from Stihl piss off your regular repeat order customers. Mind you domestic market is probably much larger than the pro. But how many saws are sold on the back of pro's using their product and it being seen as the brand to have as a result.
  17. Philip chambers

    Experianced climber-arborist Dorset

    Hi rich I’m based in Chingford London and recently had an hernia op so not climbing at present looking for a reliable climber 2-3 days per week or as an when you have availability dates happy to pay decent rates please contact me directly on 07985288025 or text kind regards Philip allseasonstreesurgeons (London) I have all latest equipment
  18. westphalian

    pyracantha thorns

    It’s gone down ta. Still sore but on mend
  19. Wenonah Waite

    Are there any other women out there?

    hello, its very hard to find ppe to fit but i bring great news Arbortec have degsin new ladies chiansaw trouser, ive been very luckily to help with the measurement. They will be release later in the year but you can pre order them now, a much better fit. I were haix lights for my boots and they fit great as well, just one pair of thick socks to keep my feet warm and im good to go now! im on insta as well as @wenonahwaite 👍
  20. Blah

    SRT Qualified?

    Been climbing SRT for about a year. Learned from Lawrence Schultz's videos and other Youtube vids.
  21. James905

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    You are right I'm not disputing it. I run a pickup with my own tools and public liability employers etc... Currently just with sub contracting. It all comes down to how you run and it's a huge amount more haste I definitley agree. All comes down to working out what it costs you to go to each job without making profit and working from there and to suit you. As income goes up so do out goings so it's all about being clever. You could write an essay on it easily so I will leave it there I have friends that have gone on there own, become VAT registered within the first year and fold due to stress. I work because I love what I do and I have a set base for each day of what it costs me to work as a subby and privately. I cap my spending and work very hard to make jobs work in my favour without a yard. Its definitley not for everyone and most people grow way too fast for their own good
  22. eggsarascal

    Does Sat Nav ever work well?

    They have a place but I've found it depends where you are, parts of rural Norfolk and parts of the Fens you might as well forget it and get A local map.
  23. billpierce

    What's on your bench today?

    A hateful bg55 blower. Wouldnt start after running fine. Had a fiddle today, was completely hydro locked when I looked at it. Cleaned that all out, cleaned carb, seemed ok, meter arm and needle not sticking, found loose engine mount bolt. Refitted. all back together. Ran for few seconds then cut out. Seems to be a lot of fuel knocking about. Throttle cable works but a bit coarse could it be just that sticking on slightly?
  24. Hello everyone. We’d appreciate some guidance on one of the apple trees in our garden. We’re pretty much resigned to losing it but would prefer it be condemned by people who know about these things. What to do with the wood is also another grey area for us. Briefly, this apple tree was in the garden when we moved in back in 1994 and has produced cooking apple’s every year since. It’s always been a bit “wild” with branches growing in all directions. We can’t remember when (20 years ago maybe?) but our neighbour chopped one side of the tree off at the fence line resulting in a rather lop-sided tree but it still produced fruit. Last year, we noticed fungus growing out of the ground next to the trunk. The attached fungus pictures were taken last year. We didn’t think much of it at the time. This year the tree started to blossom and produced leaves but these were stunted and everything fell off during Spring. The fungus then regrew a few weeks ago and the bark has started to fall off the trunk. The tree pictures were taken today. We’re assuming this is Honey Fungus and the tree is dead, or as good as dead. Our slight doubts are caused by the fact we can’t see any rhizomorphs behind the bark above ground although we did see small amounts of what we presume is mycelium just above and below the ground. There is a second apple tree about 3 metres from this one that seems to be OK at the moment. Should we be digging a trench pronto and putting in a barrier? Assuming we have to take this tree down, could the wood still be used for other purposes? Most places say you should burn or landfill Honey Fungus trees. Could the wood be kept for people with wood burning stoves or possibly even woodturners? The trunk is quite large and we have a relative who used to do woodturning (now given it up) who had said they would have had that wood if we’d ever chopped it down. Does Honey Fungus limit what we can do with it? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  25. Anglian Tree Solutions Ltd are looking to take on a groundsman rescue climber or second climber. NPTC chainsaw tickets and aerial rescue required, although we are prepared to train the right person and further training into someone with these tickets. PAYE with holiday and pension and all PPE provided. Pay would depend on experience but good work and work ethic gets good pay. Good variety of work with experienced people. Please contact James Chapman on 07778957358 or email james@angliantreesolutions.co.uk
  26. Khriss

    Tree surveys

    Depends on what yr survey is for. How many trees and if BS5837 is required. K
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