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  2. the 'todays job' thread

    Not a clue to be honest as we were working on a large pine but this stood out spectacularly.
  3. Whats the weather like near you?

    Think the only difference will be that the rain is slightly warmer
  4. Ideally a young lad whos enthusiastic and looking for more work in the future. The job is Thursday Friday this week, very minimal drag and a decent chipper so wont be too taxing. If you are interested give me a text on 07920753151 Cheers, Alex Redwood Tree Surgery ltd
  5. Husqvarna Combi Can question/ problem

    They are shite i had two and both failed
  6. Tree of heaven? Walnut?

    I stand corrected
  7. Today
  8. Damage by spurs

    Most of my work over the years has been topping unmanaged self seeded sycamores on steep banks and cliff edges, all for views . 5-10” at the bottom growing like bananas to 40-70’ It’s butchery for a view so spiked it is, trying to throwline amongst 10’ of rhododendrons or carry a ladder is impossible especially since decades of garden rubbish has been tipped over, so spikes it is. I tried to teach myself how to climb like a jungle native with a strop between my feet and shin up but could never manage it.
  9. Fings wot broke

    Dropped the 200 out the tree today! Did a lazy cut on a sycamore with no undercut, one handing, branch sprang like a loon twatted the saw out my hand, something battered my hand, tool attachment on harness broke. Looks ok just bent bar and chain. Happened surprisingly fast!
  10. milling apple

    Apple is a very dense fine grained timber, a bit plain maybe. One option is to simply split the log down the middle and let it season as two pieces and then woodturners will be able to buy half round pieces about a foot long which will be a nice bowl size and shape. Splitting it down the middle should minimise other splitting, especially if you don't cut it to short pieces. Might even be worth selling green - a lot of wood turners turn unseasoned woods.
  11. Stiga Estate 3084H

    any one have experience with this model and the stiga brand? thanks carl.
  12. (Arboricultural-styled) 'Fact of the Day'

    Must memorise this to impress the customers
  13. Level 2 Cert in Arb from the HCC

    Thanks for the advice. I think I could probably juggle 5 hours. My difficulty is switching everything else off and really concentrating though
  14. Ply in rain

    it'll be fine, lick of paint and it'll last years
  15. Try our Zega T5 Fibreglass Pole Pruner Set

    How do these compare to Jamesons please?
  16. Time Left: 6 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2011 3.5t truck 76k miles MOT until Jan 2019 1 owner Tipmaster Alluminium/GRP chip box, double barn doors Tipmaster Alluminium tool box Towbar 7t GTW Price includes vat


  17. Your Oldest Tree Book

    Probably a library book which didn’t find its way back.
  18. Fibreglass poles explained

    Another useful video from treestuff.com explaining the difference between utility poles for tree work
  19. L200 4wd issue?

    Thanks Chris. I'm getting to grips with it now. I like that last tip for shunting👍. When i first got the truck l was scared to lock the freewheel hubs because l thought that would lock the diff! So I'm learning
  20. Interpretation of law on compensation.

    I agree with most of below. Have a registered Arb Consultant come see the tree and produce a report. This will provide you with information on moving forward. Ask the consultant to provide you with basic things you can look for such as root plate movement. This may help put your mind at ease.
  21. Self employed climber wanted for regular work

    Around Stansted.
  22. komet / miller spikes

  23. Tree climbing equipment

    I hope your health condition gets better . Not nice to hear. A quick list of things being sold would be nice. Take your time answering , if you’re not feeling good . Darrin Turnbull
  24. Domestic biomass heating.

    We have a 60kw log boiler that heats a largish 3 floored house. It has a 4000ltr accumulator which in retrospect should have been bigger as the boiler can easily over cook it if you are too generous on the loading of wood. Our boiler was too large to qualify for the domestic RHI but we are still pleased with the cost savings as I generally cut my own wood supply. One burn a day in the winter, and once every three days recently. That is because our system is fitted with a weather compensator. We used to use some oil heating supplemented with back boilers in log burners in some rooms. Absolute waste of time for a house of this size as it involved continual topping up of wood burners in the house as well as paying for oil. Our system is fully programmable and costs me bigger all in money to run, whereas we used to have substantial oil bills and used more wood in stoves than we do in the efficient biomass log boiler[emoji1303]
  25. Which Saw bench

    You've either taken a bump to the head or you know the boss will never read this.
  26. Sawmill Wanted

    You could try speaking to Stephen Cull from Blademaster. He buys and sells machines and normally has close ties to the history as he services them and sells blades. Worth a shot plus he is really knowledgeable on all aspects of milling, his number is 07887544333. Link below: https://www.stephencullblademaster.com/
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