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  2. Only issue he may have will be the jcb and that is doubtful. Wales and england have different rules
  3. Been there done that with my 252 aswell. Right sod grinding down sid of pocket and disc to cut the bugger off. Silly size Allen key also is it 12.5mm 1/2"? Sheerd bolts on pockets.... Also ripped the tooth holder off a pocket before.... Just broke clear off
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  5. Ur prob fixed up now but sure I see CA 1dt aid had date booked for hxham shortly. Decent courses and good trainer
  6. Khriss

    Forst st8

    Basically fvvkloads, long spoon, devils etc. K
  7. That’s very reassuring.
  8. Would a clipex type fence not only really save u steepling the fence to the posts? U still need to put strainers in to hold and u could strain a normal net with gripples ifu wanted. Never used clippex but do u not need the posts to be nice and plumb to clip the net on? Really the strainers and possibly the stays also are the key no matter wot style of fence u put up. Dunno if an old fahioned line wire fence tensioned with rads/butterflies would be any easier for an amateur? Some big hill fences still prefer plain wire to net, and use 4 or 5mm mild as last longer in the harsh weather. Bloody pain to work with thou
  9. Start an Arb Machinery service centre Josh, you'll do well.....
  10. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Brilliant stuff,she looks pretty good there,hope she keeps doing well now
  11. Hi my name’s Dom. I’m 27 and a beginner climber but have been doing ground work for over 2 years. Just finished a college course with all of my tickets and a good amount of knowledge and practical experience. I live in Scotland now but coming down to Milton Keynes and Warwickshire to see family and friends and would be keen to get a good few shifts while I’m down. Will be about 5 weeks in total. if you or anyone you know is needing a bod or someone to climb then give me a shout 07488227908 punctual, reliable, enthusiastic and passionate about learning more and getting more experience. no tools yet but all ppe, harness, rope. Lanyard but no metal flip line or spikes cheers
  12. Hello Mark! my name’s Dom, I’m 27 and from Milton Keynes originally I now live in Scotland but coming down south to visit family and friends and hoping to do a few shifts while I’m down. have saw tickets, climbing and skidder Reliable, punctual, enthusiastic and passionate about learning and generally loving life cheers
  13. Guys with family in their 30s are much more reliable for me.
  14. TC2020 Tree Care Compliance™ The Tree Surgeons’ Service Delivery Standard. | All Things Arb ALLTHINGSARB.CO.UK TC2020 Tree Care Compliance™ is the 21st Century Service Delivery Standard for Tree Surgeons applicable to amenity tree care... The article could do with a bit more detail: “...called for by industry key players...” “...developed by professional auditors and arboricultural industry practitioners...” “...making presentations to key industry service providers...” “...detailed consultations with industry stakeholders and specialists...” Like who? Is this info available at the company link? Certainly worth having a read....
  15. It might be that some are not racists at all but are just not in agreement with the whole political and social marxist type BLM agenda as some in the Labour party no doubt support or maybe just want politics kept off the football pitch. BLM wants to get rid of the police, get rid of borders, dismantle capitalism and so on and 'taking the knee' is just part and parcel of that way of thinking.
  16. There is no formal qualifications required to set up as a sweep, my terrier could do it. Most installers have seen pretty poor jobs sweeping wise. Jetmasters can be a nightmare, pretty inefficient compared to a stove as well. Had a look at the video, looks a decent stove, but no better than the Axminster made Arada I400 cassette stove or the Danish Morso S81. Dont know how it stacks up against those price wise. At least with Arada ( and in normal times Morso) you have an assured parts back up. A
  17. Had some difficulty getting home from walking the dogs after work yesterday as there was a few road closures around. Strange, there wasn't the usual information signs posted in advance and the traffic management was very basic, just some hi-vis coats and cones, although a lot of private cars parked on verges with people milling around. Discovered today why it was all low key, Harrison Ford was there filming scenes for the new Indiana Jones movie Harrison Ford spotted in the Scottish Borders; ITV News Border WWW.ITV.COM Harrison Ford spotted filming for new film in the Scottish Borders...
  18. Small world. That truck came from Broome just a little bit down the road from me. We have a Progress effer 305 with a grab saw but originally set it up with just a grapple. It was already piped for the jib but also required an addon electrical box to be plugged into the electrical socket where the jib would normally go and also had to be fiddled with from Italy via TeamViewer. Lots of mucking about. It may depend on what electronic control system you have as well, progress is more complicated than DMU .You are best talking to your local Effer dealer but you may encounter some disinterest if they did not set up the crane originally.
  19. Chipwood


  20. Mark J

    The Cooking Thread

    Superglue one of these to your hat: ibohr Mini Desk Fan Personal USB Desktop Fan with 7 blades, Powerful Airflow, Quite Brushless motor, 3 Speeds, Adjustable Head for Home, Office (Black): Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK Great prices on your favourite Home brands, and free delivery on eligible orders.
  21. Thanks, I already have this, it was the first book I bought. I totally agree. Can’t beat a good book!
  22. Time Left: 6 days and 11 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    1x brand new 5 days old minimum miles 10mm tread as new. 3 tyres originals done 18k miles from new. Still with 6mm tread on cash and pick up only no offers £200



  23. Star

    Star's veg plot

  24. That’s the Active brand from Italy. Yes the same as the Eder winch engine. I’ve had an Active 5.5 brush cutter 50 odd cc I think. Probably had it 13 years. It’s just brilliant. Never skips a beat and has been way tougher than my stihl FS460 that’s currently in for engine work. Fraction of the price. I need to find someone who is importing Active as my anti vibe on the handlebar mount now has lots of play in it. Not bad for the only part I’ve needed in all that time ! A local shop tried selling them years ago. Either they weren’t popular or the backup wasn’t great so they dropped the brand. I seem to recall they were up for around £400 and they dropped them to about £250 to get rid which is when I bought it in a whim. Wish I’d bought the lot ! Even at £400 they were a steal.
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