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  2. Buy an Echo 501sx and run it on Aspen, 5 year domestic warranty, Japanese build quality and a Tsumara bar.
  3. Stick a few pics up Mark once you get going it’s always good to get a few ideas etc or to see how others go about things.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Yeh, I can't see any air vents or way to empty ash
  6. this may be over the top but you can get smaller ones that fit on a teleporter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTige-4AhPk
  7. Spend the 5k on solar panels and get a chiminea for the patio
  8. Hi I am roughly in your area next Tuesday and Wednesday, the 4th and 5th. For a LOLER inspection. Let us know how many kits you have PM me or phone 07760 692984 Martyn
  9. Ordinary taperlocs have two blind holes with a half thread into which a bolt can be screwed to drive the pulley off the taper. A picture would be handy @tim361
  10. What is the price of a 200? Stuart
  11. Enjoyed that. Logbullet looks as thought it beats the Hell out of a breaking bar getting spruce thinnings down!
  12. Also did plenty of miles in an Hyundai IX35. That went very well too! Upright driving position, very capable, very comfortable and relatively economical too. Found the two local dealers helpful too!
  13. I've got 26" spot/flood combo eBay specials on both my tractor and mini-digger. With the tractor, been perfectly lit for running around fields (I have a couple of small 6" ones on the rear as well for reversing/PTO stuff) and using as a mobile lighting rig. I don't bother with the headlights that actually came on the tractor! With the digger, its fine for digging at night - was doing foundations and loading a dumper, though I might get an offset spot to shine off the boom. I've seen the same sort of lights, CE marked and "UK supplied" from traders/websites but at 10x the cost. There's a lot of snake oil seemingly involved but the cheap eBay ones work perfectly well. Someone would really have to prove the extra value of a multi hundred pound one over a similar £40 eBay version.
  14. On the search again for good, reliable freelance Climbers & Groundsmen. 07971 571312.
  15. So people only ever cut themselves cutting & holding then? Sorry, but I find your opinion myopic & unrealistic
  16. Hey, I worked there for a whole year. WSP is a Canadian company and they've been basically buying up all the consultants around, you may remember them as Parsons Brinkerhoff - probably around 7000 employees in the UK - civil engineers, architects, ecologists, air quality guys, etc etc. they're huge. They do projects nationally, one of their major clients is HS2, Network Rail, Highways England, some bigger county councils and so on- basically large scale work that needs to be done on the cheap The Arb team is probably still very tiny (up to 10 people) so I guess they do rely on subbies quite a bit. Good place to work for if you're looking for an exponential learning curve. Let me know if you have any questions
  17. When it comes to tinder, you're better filling it in yourself.
  18. Haha, I've got 3 routers as well, all makita corded ones, but going to invest in a battery one as soon as I can, probably the ryobi one, as I have started using there gear and its ideal just for maintenance work at the hospital where I work.
  19. We are an Arboricultural Approved Contractor base in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. We carry out a wide range of arboricultural work for private individuals, companies, local authorities, schools and more. www.franksforestry.com. We have a vacancy for an experienced and qualified Arborist – Climber. Applicants must be capable of undertaking a wide range of arboricultural work, safely to a very high standard. Desirable qualifications CS30, CS31, CS38, CS39, CS40, CS41, First Aid & Chipper. Salary dependent on experience and ability. Please send CV to info@franksforestry.com. www.franksforestry.com
  20. West Midlands.. I don't know where you're based but it's worth a call..
  21. Arb association booklet isn't too bad. Matthecks Fungal Strategies of wood decay in trees, Roger Phillips - Mushrooms (not particularly tree focused), Weber & Matthecks, Manual of wood decays, Wood decay fungi - Christopher J> Luleu (from the USA, Encyclopedia of Fungi - Gerrit J Keizer More academic and not ident focussed are; Wood and tree fungi - Olaf Schmidt Diagnosis & prognosis of the development of wood decay in urban trees - FWMR Schwartz Defence mechanisms of woody plants against fungi, Blanchette & Biggs That's the bulk of what I can see on my shelves atm, but I'm sure others have their own favourites
  22. UKworkshop.co.uk Who would want a Vintage Mortising Machine? : General Woodworking - UKworkshop.co.uk WWW.UKWORKSHOP.CO.UK https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/who-would-want-a-vintage-mortising-machine-t121129.html
  23. Is there a video on how to use this thing? It looks awesome. There may be somewhere online but I’m not sure myself sorry! If I remember next time I use it I’ll grab a vid 👍
  24. Schizophylum commune (split gill fungus) perhaps. looks like it's being parasitised by a second fungus, accounting for the different appearance of the lower portion
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