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  2. Do you even lift bro?

    Chin and pullups, pushups, crunches and sometime some dumbell presses. No cardio, unless working a bag counts as cardio. Go though spells of dedicated training then get sick of it and forget it for months. I'll buy into the stretching philosophy, though I dont do it. Will hang on the teeter table for a few minutes in the morning though if by back is sore. My body is always sore in the morning, I shuffle around like a centenarian, but when I finally get working everything frees up and Im grand.
  3. Alpine tractor talk

    Is that a u 45m? Looks like a nice fit.
  4. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Been processing a few bags of this oak, it splits superbly.
  5. Avant questions

    This is what I had in mind. Perfect fit. Should shovel a whole lot of chip.
  6. Today
  7. Free falling birch

    Leccy saw, leccy post van. Whatever next? Leccy chippers are a way off. Great vid, nice to see the postie wearing PPE too.
  8. Workers worthy of a mention

    Quality lunge there
  9. Favourite Saw

    Off to clean my filter, eeek Fave saw at present is my 560. Running it with a 20" bar to ring up oversized wood for the processor. Time will tell if it remains a favourite.
  10. Your worst ever worker (stories!)

    I’d have refused to work with an idiot like that
  11. Bitcoin now accpeted on CSB

    just tried a trial run of how id use bitcoin on your site as need files anyway and i'm well confused! Got as far as the link to go but the coins, then a bitcoin website where you buy the coins off people at varying rates(?) to download them to a virtual wallet I guess? I don't think its for me! Also just occured, wont it make it harder to put business transactions through the books? if I buy £100 of coins from my business account I could spend that anywhere with no evidence, where at the mo i use quickbooks which scans my bank account so can prove where money went to
  12. My splicing attempts

    If you had to work with who I have to you'd sympathise!
  13. weight of hedgecuttings in trailer

    Thanks for the replies,forgot to mention cage sides,doh - but I have just the ground for the job !!!
  14. Fings wot broke

    Yes, he has been fitting my glass for over twenty years and this is the first bit he has broken. In fairness to him he just lifted it up and bedded it down on the gluewhen it went pop, nothing that he did because I was next to him when it went. When I contacted the supplier they said it was the nature of the beast, he said they have a warehouse full of the things and every now and then one will explode in the rack for no reason. They have heavily discounted another piece so its fingers crossed Bob
  15. Accident Risk Thoughts

    Its a poor workman that blames his tools.
  16. I also run a sawmill with a business partner who is a timber framer. Every year we have the same conversation, he tells me he is putting his rates up and asks if I am. Every year I give the same answer if I put my rates up I wouldn't win jobs! The problem with this business is that we are seen by the public as glorified gardeners and no one has any idea we have so many qualifications. I try to charge the correct rate on jobs and am often told I'm too expensive but that's what it costs me to do a job. There are too many cheap unqualified people masquerading as tree surgeons to ever be able to charge a fair rate on works. Another friend of mine is an electrician. He and the other other electricians in the area talk and keep their prices similar to each other so they keep the prices high rather than racing to the bottom as the arb world does.
  17. Yesterday
  18. The Wee Chipper Club

    Yes mate, 8 years past! The start of the micro chipper revolution! You should be proud of what you created! Gloria is as good as the day I got her if not better! I will always have machinery, tractors , Mogs and chippers out of pure love for diesel smoke! BuT nothing will make my life easier then Gloria! I sold her last year and bought her back within 6 months, I felt guilty! She is still on her original belts! My spare set you gave me 6 years ago are still hanging up!
  19. Free PPE !!!

    Kinda ridiculous? yes, but lets get all the money we can from the EU while we are still can
  20. Husqvarna 372xp

    You could go that route but the cost of finding a mint genuine 372 XPW ? I would go for a dead XPW and have it ported. Of course I mean new top end etc !!
  21. Why isn't the arbtalk employment working for me.. :(

    well I guess I'm screwed
  22. Slow motion

    great vid, very hypnotic. thanks for sharing. carl
  23. Gumtree Scam

    The ebay listing was genuine, the fraudster just used the ebay listing photos and description for a Gumtree fraud.
  24. Overriding Justification within BS 5837

    Yes. But surely the applicant should comply in the first place. And the vast majority never read past 'Consent is granted...' if they did they would find it said '...suject to the following conditions.' Even if they do they ignore them. That's not the fault of the tree officer.
  25. Dan got a sore one

    But on the serious side the silkys and their like are so bloody dangerous coz they're silent - seems to remove the sense of danger, and you'll always have hands and fingers so much closer to the blade than you would ever dream of with a powered saw
  26. Has anyone tried this harness?

    Stihlmadasever- yup. An its no wonder ! the Chinese are in our arb market an stuff getting better every year , its just another business to them - an dont go on - cos we use their computers n chips every day - world has turned , K
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