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  3. Thanks for the info ratman. Do you know which size and depth to go for, that’s what I’m not sure of?
  4. Looking for wooden chips for my garden. Can accept some tree stumps or logs too.
  5. I meant to say, the issue seems to be nothing to do with shrinkability of clays.
  6. Yesterday
  7. youll have fun. I can assure you
  8. I do it the other way around, I use caustic soda gel applied with a cotton bud, rinse and repeat until the white deposit no longer forms, the same can be done with HCl probably quicker, then I use wet and dry. I was never in a hurry like a commercial shop would be.
  9. Are you a man or a mouse. What bar are you using on it to mill ?
  10. Ian C

    Aspen fuel

    Yeah that must be it, my apologies Axel.
  11. Do you age discrimination ? ( ok @Stubby worth a shot ) k
  12. Mine was certainly good. Didn't really notice a difference between the two, though never compared with some bar/ timber combo. The 3120 definatley have some grunt
  13. In fairness, everything else has gone on my ST8, but the blades have never let go.
  14. Any way ..... as it's Friday night. One fr those who remmeber An watch yr horlicks @Stubby 😃 k
  15. bit more tweaking required but shes gettin there..imagine if i widened ports too🤪 New video.mp4
  16. Think its been on here before as well ...
  17. bmp01

    Lecky saw sprocket

    This. If you've got the clip off already (top pic shows it still in place...) then yeah if might just be crudded up. Presumably you've composed the belleville washes so they ought to have loosened off.... should slide off....
  18. Boyfield

    Huntingtower allotment

    Huntingtower allotment, initially space for 6m3, but may be more room. Call 07561746253 for details
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