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  2. Hoots

    Older Stihl

    I could be? Tell me a little bit more about it!
  3. Hello, I’m new here. what are your thoughts on aerial rescue with the social distancing rules? obviously I’d carry out an aerial rescue if needed but should we be climbing non emergency jobs at all.... Can we perform our job safely?
  4. Here it is installed. Those washers cover up the butchery behind them. Talking of butchery, where’s that old spark plug? That’s my 1 year old daughter in the background plodding about, hoping she takes a liking to “mechanics”.
  5. hammock man, bed takes up wee chipper space.lol.n no too sure aboot the shower thing, no until the dog says summit.
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  7. Khriss


    Spat my tea out 😆 K
  8. Looks fab Steve..been toying with the idea of getting a battery top handle and decided on the new stihl...but now I will definitely waiting till this little beauty comes on the market..the only other saw I have apart from all being stihl is my little echo 211 which I love so if this is anywhere nerve that it will be a winner and I for one will be getting on as ASAP.👍
  9. Tree newbies have planted 460 from Woodland Trust packs for carbon capture and wildlife: Beech, Silver and Downy Birch, English and pedunculate oak, Wild Cherry, Rowan, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Goat Willow, Crab Apple, Dog Rose and Hazel. Looking for woodchippings to use as mulch. Any advice in care over the following summer also greatly appreciated. Easy access to field via pair of gates; can be left unlocked on short notice.
  10. Upton Ltd

    Linwood Sawmill

    We are open for free tip of wood chip and arb wood, Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm and Saturday by appointment only. Chip without any contaminants please. I.e, litter, raking's ect. Arb wood without any contaminants please. I.e. Stone or metal, rope ect. We will still take contaminated wood but we ask you to put it in a separate pile.
  11. HAIX®, innovative manufacturer of protective footwear, has launched cutting-edge enhancements to its best-in-class forestry boot, The Protector Pro. The changes to the boot have been designed to make the working lives of outdoor and forestry professionals easier, safer and more comfortable. HAIX Forestry Protector Pro 2.0.mp4 The updated boots maintain all of the trusted qualities of the original Protector Pro, but now features new design elements that offer wearers increased levels of protection and comfort. The evolution is a more flexible, lighter weight boot, with a more aesthetic, modern style. It features a brand new, high-durability Rubber/PU walking sole, which guarantees grip even in challenging woodland environments and when climbing trees. The Protector Pro 2.0 also boasts Class 1 Cut Protection certification (fully compliant with the EN ISO 17249:2013 + AC:2014 safety standards), meaning operators can work confidently with chainsaws and cutting tools. Made from rugged, high-quality bull-hide leather, the Protector Pro 2.0 is waterproof and highly-robust, featuring a GORE-TEX® membrane that keeps feet comfortable no matter the temperature. It also features the unique HAIX Climate System® - air circulates with every step so feet are kept cool even on long, hot shifts. The Protector Pro 2.0 offers new and improved features, without compromising on the trusted qualities of the original. These include: A 4-layer Gore-Tex® membrane and sun reflect leather treatment ensure optimum foot temperature all year round A protective toe cap and puncture resistant midsole, which protects wearers from hazards The new rolling eyelet lacing system, allowing smoother and quicker lacing, ensuring your boots stay firmly on your feet and are fast and easy to take off and put on Cushioned PU midsole offers underfoot comfort, durability and excellent heat and cold insulation Simon Ash, UK Sales Manager for HAIX®, said “HAIX® is committed to perfecting the design of all our boots, innovating to ensure the continued safety and comfort of our customers. “The development of the Protector Pro 2.0 is a great example of how HAIX® has worked hard to maintain the qualities of our forestry range, which wearers around the world have come to expect, while adding features that really address the real-life challenges faced by Arborists and outdoor workers alike.”
  12. With the STRATO & VERTEX, Petzl offers helmets that do much more than ensure that their heads are protected. Head protection is central to the needs of professionals, and Petzl has always been dedicated to providing users with the best possible solutions. When you have to wear a helmet all day long, perfect comfort and head fit are essential. This is why STRATO & VERTEX helmets all feature the CENTERFIT headband adjustment system for perfect centering, and the FLIP&FIT system that immediately positions the headband in a low position for a secure fit. In addition, the headband folds into the shell for easy storage and transport. Adapting to the demands of different roles and jobs is a daily requirement, Petzl offers a wide array of accessories for STRATO & VERTEX helmets: several types of eye and face shields, shield protector, name tag holder, nape protector, shell protector, headlamps, transport pouch... All these accessories are compatible with the entire range of Pro helmets, making them totally adaptable to different work requirements. Best of all, they are mountable and removable in a few short seconds, for example with the EASYCLIP system included with all the eye and face shields. With the DUAL chinstrap available on all STRATO & VERTEX helmets, Petzl goes a step further: the clip has two positions for two different uses, allowing the workers to modify chinstrap resistance according to the needs of each work environment: work at height (EN 12492) and on the ground (EN 397). STRATO & VERTEX helmets are available in many colors, in HI-VIZ versions (fluorescent yellow or orange, phosphorescent clips, reflective bands on the shell), and also a VENT version (with ventilation holes and sliding shutters that optimize air flow in the helmet as needed). More information
  13. I just removed the gauze, think it may be a bit louder with that bit out. Heat may build up towards the engine side of the exhaust too (not sure of this but didn't take the chance)
  14. Mamamoomoo

    Elephant Mushrooms

    Hardwood freshly cut logs or woodchip. Clean and free from chemicals or fertiliser.
  15. KelvinR

    Filde Hall

    Can accept about 50m3 of clean woodchips a year, please call to arrange drop off.
  16. Year Years ago ( seven) i bought a cheap chinese top handled saw, fr a conifer hedge reduction ( Husqvarna 335xp was not working) we got it out of the box, fired it up an it did the job nicely. An never stalled........ At all.. Still got it still runs fine. So i cannot but wonder on cost against benefit on this big saw. K ( obvs the cheepi chinese saw paid fr itself on the day)
  17. To not succumb to the rampant consumerism as I’ve done in the past, and to buy British products where possible at the same time avoiding Chinese tat.
  18. Indeed, the older 261's were notorious for it. Dry needle bearings apparently, according to my local Stihl dealer they should be greased at the end of every Day. Easier with the out board clutch's on the 550/560/562. I grease all my needle bearings at the end of every job.
  19. Silverhooker

    Chain oil

    Another vote for rapeseed oil.
  20. We have that problem on our Facebook page. You can loose your "speedy response" status overnight by being asleep and not acting on a unrelated enquiry. Can be frustrating.
  21. To all, During this trying time the demand for power still remains. The advert below at present is still current. Our drivers and site are still active, supplying our clients and are taking all precautions to have minimal contact with all supply yard staff. Personnel visiting our sites please observe the cleansing and distancing routine. I realise that most of you will now be keeping safe and that is the upmost priority for all concerned. I would just like you all to know that we are still able to collect material in large quantities and our sites, at present, remain open for FREE TIP for small operations. If in doubt - Stay Safe - Please observe Gov health information. Our company is looking to source large quantities of Clean Arb Woodchip (no logs) in and around the West Midlands area and also along main trunk routes in the UK. We operate our own fleet of Artic walking floors and therefore would be able to collect (loading into walking floor trailers would be required) Moisture content is not an issue as we can accept up to 50%. We also have experience in collecting direct from motorway works utilising 50yrd RORO skips (by prior arrangement only). If you can fill the above criteria: How much chip would you be able to supply please as we collect by the artic load? Would I be able to visit your site to see the material and possibly make a long term deal? Rates depending on quality and distance apply. If you know of any other companies ( large or small) in the same business who can also supply, please feel free to pass on my details below. For Smaller Operations Our parent company Jack Moody Group offers Free Tip Sites (clean arb chip - No logs please) at the following locations: Jack Moody Recycling - WV10 7LX ( Cannock J11 M6 back of Hollybush garden centre) Jack Moody Recycling - TF2 9PD at Telford Jack Moody Recycling - Cornets End Lane at Meriden. Jack Moody Recycling - Grendon House Farm on Warton Lane CV9 9DT. Our free tip details and locations maybe found on the Arb Talk website. We are active members Many thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon Regards Steve Jess Biomass Fuel Manager Mobile: 07834 101949 Telephone: 01922 417648 JMEL ENVIROFUELS www.jmenvirofuels.co.uk www.jackmoodygroup.co.uk Please note that to protect our staff and customers, and to comply with Government requirements, our Head Office is currently closed. Where possible we are working remotely and will continue to provide essential services to our customers.
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