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  1. It looks very much like the old Husqvarna137 muffler, this was also an American produced machine.
  2. This product was sold long before Husqvarna toke over the consumer products, it looks much like all the American consumer machines Partner/Mccolluch etc, it is what it is.
  3. adw


    Funny you say that i had an Oregon chain 3/8 058 92e that had cutters that were like glass, never been sharpened before, i guess its an issue with the hardening process
  4. There you go, the pin is missing, you can see the hole where it should be.
  5. adw

    Husky clutch removal

    The tool looks like death, but I guess it does the trick, well done.
  6. It is shown on the tank unit, it’s not the best to see exactly where it fits, however it is a stainless pin, if look at the pump gear you will see a channel cut around its diameter, the pin sits into this so as when the shaft rotates it reciprocates. Turn the gear with your finger and you should see this.
  7. adw

    Husky clutch removal

    The noise is probably just the starter pawls clicking as they pass the starter pulley.
  8. adw

    Husky clutch removal

    Saw could do with a bloody good clean sir.
  9. Completely different pump on the 288xp, fully adjustable pump, if you have changed the pick up pipe and filter it rules that out, as I tried ( maybe not well enough) the oil pump shaft rotates, however it has to have a throw to pump oil, so it rotates and moves in and out, this allows it to pick up the oil on the rearward stroke and deliver on the forward stroke, the flat on the pump shaft is timed to the pick up and delivery holes in the pump body to achieve this, to increase oil flow you cannot increase the pump speed as this is controlled by the engine speed, so it is achieved by increasing the throw of the pump shaft, so either the shaft is not rotating, or you have no throw on the shaft, I.e the shaft is only rotating.
  10. adw

    Husky clutch removal

    I am fairly sure you cannot grease the bearing through the end of the crank.
  11. adw

    Husky clutch removal

    As said the cutaways are ti jarr the clutch of, do NOT use anything to lock the piston, just jarr the clutch off against the compression, there is a workshop tool available to remove the clutch if you want to invest, and yes it is the same clutch as on the 346xp, I can get you the part no. of the ppl if you wish.
  12. The 440 has a filter in the base of the oil tank, it is held in with a single screw, you can see it if you look underneath the saw between the fuel tank you will see it, also bear in mind for the oiler to pump it needs a throw on the shaft, on the non adjustable pump this is achieved by an eccentric cut into the the nylon gear, and a small pin pressed into the crankcase, if the pin has fallen out you loose the throw and no pump.
  13. No lover of Stihl machines, however if its on the metering cover of the carb then its a compensator carb you have purchased, it should go into the air filter box for it to function correctly, i would guess you could just change the cover from the original non compensated carb,


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