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  1. adw

    Stihl 08s Help

    Throw it in the skip it will shake the fillings in your teeth out.
  2. Or why not try Husqvarna alkylate fuels, I your Husqvarna machine.
  3. adw

    Stihl recall

    This is why the Husqvarna K770 oil guard is by far the best power cutter in the market, put neat fuel/diesel/paraffine/wrong oil, and it goes into limp mode, so no damage to the cylinders or bearings, compensator carb that works, and large paper filter, if not tampered with will run until it becomes completely blocked un touched, and never let dust through, the filter can weigh up to three times its original weight and still function normally, i could go on but i guess this all falls on Stoney ground.
  4. adw

    Stihl recall

    Exploding flywheels are something to be seriously worried about.
  5. adw

    Stihl recall

    Sounds pretty serious!
  6. adw

    Old husky

    No sir, I had ABBA on 8 track in my 850 mini with go faster stripe and reverse cone megaphone on the exhaust, I was well bad.
  7. adw

    Old husky

    Started with the 180s with points ignition, then 280s then 380 cd( capacitor discharge ) and 380k power cutter, followed by the 480cd and 480k, there were many changes over the years but the cylinder and piston never changed, interestingly enough the cylinder was also used on the 77 which was the 65 with the 80 cylinder, if the saw vibrates quit bad I would charge the six av mounts as the rubber will deteriorate over time, if the front ones break it will break the oil hose at the front.
  8. Don’t throw it away, we love a challenge, I can collect it and let you know what is wrong with it if you like.
  9. Afraid not, there also appears to be two different part numbers dependant on age.
  10. Silica bore cylinder and chrome ring, the ring peg is in the centre of the ring groove so the ring gap is normally quite large, the biggest problem I saw was the base gasket blowing out, he may not have seen this if he just whipped the cylinder off, just rebuild with new gaskets and she will probably run.
  11. All part of the group.
  12. Ok, back ti it’s running lean, re check the items I have named earlier, also check the impulse hose is connected and no split, after that pressure/ vac test is next, if it carries on running lean I could well seize next.
  13. adw

    Ms150 problem

    Surely it’s not oiling?
  14. I it generation 1 auto tune?


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