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  1. adw

    Husqvarna 395xp real or fake ?

    I can assure you sir they are and have been produced in Brazil, the 346 and 357 are also still produced, and they no longer meet the current emission figures, so who told you that story?
  2. adw

    Husqvarna 357

    Yes they are press fit, when it comes to the final balancing you maybe need the possibility to move it, I have seen this process in the factory, you can sometimes still see a copper mark on one of the Bob weights where the final balance is done.
  3. adw

    Husqvarna 357

    Genuine crank, I have never seen the big end pin come lose in the Bob weight before, it was actually still running but rattled well.
  4. adw

    Husqvarna 357

    Machine still but has a rattle.
  5. adw

    Husqvarna 395xp real or fake ?

    Looks genuine to me, for the last two years the 390/395 and 3120 have been produced in Brazil, they are still produced there but cannot be exported to Europe as they no longer meet the emissions laws, by producing them there they can more easily feed the non emission caring countries, so to conclude the saw is genuine.
  6. adw


    281 does have the same bar mount as 3120
  7. adw

    Husqvarna 50 Rancher (white top)

    The oil pump is fixed so there is no adjustment, if there is a leak it worth changing the pick up pipe and delivery seal, the pump body is sandwiched between these so relys on a tight fit. The 1 turn out on H and L screw is only a basic starting point so you will have to fine adjust from here, turn the idle screw up to achieve an idle, then adjust the L screw, the H screw should really be adjusted using a tachometer so as not to over the engine, the max rpm should be around 12000.
  8. adw

    Husky 346xp

    The state of that piston its amazing the poor thing ran at all.
  9. adw

    3120 oil side crank seal.

    Just remembered what that is on the pump, it is/was a foam pad to keep the dirt out of the back of the pump shaft, looks like it has started to dissolve.
  10. adw

    3120 oil side crank seal.

    You need to fit the seal in the pump off the saw, there should be no sealant around the pup, i have no idea what the hell that is, clean it off. Be very careful re fitting the pump as the step on the crank will flip the spring out the back of the seal, there is a special sleeve to fit on the crank to take the seal over the step,you could use some insulating tape on the crank to ease the seal over the step, grease the o ring well before fitting, make sure the oil pump cable fits back into the slot in the crankcase
  11. adw

    3/8 chain 550 Mark 2

    I think you hit the nail right on the head Stubby its what the manufacturers have always said re .325 3/8 and 404 on machine sizes.
  12. adw

    Two 550's, neither firing

    I fear they may have seized and nipped the ring in, are you absolutely sure about the fuel mix??
  13. adw

    3/8 chain 550 Mark 2

  14. adw

    Husqvarna 50 special?

    You need to be careful using the bigger cylinder as the crankcase opening on the early 50 is too small to take the skirt of the bigger cylinder.
  15. We also use a pneumatic pump to remove oil from engines, you can buy a cheap manual pump off the bay, they do work long enough to do the job.


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