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  1. Be aware there are more than one unit, you need to remove the flywheel, on the inside will be its part no, go to the parts list that shows that flywheel and select the ignition unit from that list.
  2. Ignition unit would be my guess, changed plenty.
  3. Talking yourself out of work Steve.
  4. Anybody who thinks preventive maintenance is a waste is the dealers delight, many issue can be sorted before they become very expensive issues, replacing fuel filters before they lean mixtures off, checking clutches and sprockets before the explode and destroy pumps and covers, cleaning starter cover grills to stop over heating, tightening external nuts and bolts, before the muffler falls off.
  5. BR0073 is a 16" bar for a tooless machine, part number 577614373
  6. This is the tooless adjustment , as others have said there should be a ratchet plate on the guide bar that appears to be missing on the new bar, I have never seen this part as spare. I can sort a part number out if you wish for the correct bar.
  7. That is the impuse, who on earth said it would run without one? If the cylinder has no impulse then fit a nipple into the crankcase and take to the cab.
  8. Just a short sharp blast with the impact gun, too much and it is possible to shear the flywheel key, i speak from experience.
  9. The electronic units are differnt, the 01is for the 242/42 and the 02 is for the 281/288the diffence is due to the diameter of the flywheel.
  10. Are we sure its the coil, 9 times out of 10 its the electronic box, its hard to imagine a faulty wire between coil and box would cause the coil to fail.
  11. The later 372xp has a blue governed ignition unit, if something has gone wrong internally in the unit, it is possible it is holding the revs back, just a thought assuming the throttle is opening fully.
  12. The tensioner is there just to tension the chain, the nuts secure the bar, if you have no aligned the pawl with the hole in the bar you will push the pawl through the cover, i saw a company on e bay offering a repair plate to rectify that, if this is the tooless brake you need to convert to the standard brake with two bar nuts as this brake is a disaster.
  13. Just some of the history of this machine, it replaced the 235 which replaced the 137, these machines are built in the Poulan factory in the states, it has also now been replaced by the 120 mk2, basically the same saw with new name, they are out and out domestic machines, starting procedure. purge bubble as many times as it takes to 3/4 fill the bulb pull the choke out crank the engine twice, never any more, even if you do not hear a fire push choke back in, do not touch the throttle crank the engine till it fires up If you purchased in the box you will need the carb to be re set as they do not run well out of the box, you need a special tool to adjust the carb screws, get rid of the 91sg chain as this cuts very slow. Good luck
  14. I can assure you sir they are and have been produced in Brazil, the 346 and 357 are also still produced, and they no longer meet the current emission figures, so who told you that story?
  15. adw

    Husqvarna 357

    Yes they are press fit, when it comes to the final balancing you maybe need the possibility to move it, I have seen this process in the factory, you can sometimes still see a copper mark on one of the Bob weights where the final balance is done.


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