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  1. The HSE wanted to ban top handle saws, and still do, we all sat round a table some years ago and agreed to police the the selling of these machines within the industry, stickers were produced to stick on the boxes saying only to be used by qualified persons, one of the reasons they gave was what they called the migration of these machines into the domestic market, also the use of these machines one handed, carry on flouting the un written law and this type of machine will disappear.
  2. adw

    Clutch replacement

    I also use the impact wrench, but have seen sheared flywheel keys if used too aggressively, mega tight clutches i have removed the flywheel in the past to stop this.
  3. adw

    Clutch replacement

    Service tools are available, unlike what has been said i never insert anything into the cylinder, i have seen too many disasters even when care is taken, using this method is a direct force ontop of the piston, i always use the jarring method, just be careful when using the impact wrench.
  4. If you have the carb off for cleaning, check the small impulse pipe, it may well have become disconnected, this may be your problem.
  5. I reckon your on the red line pay roll Stubby, and dab it behind your ears every morning.
  6. Take it to somebody compitant to rebuild it before you do any more damage sir, as you seem to be going nowhere with it.
  7. This is a very well known issue, so to start, tighten the 10mm nyloc nut on the pivot ( the nut with the bell vile washers under ) fully, then back off half turn, next remove the gearbox from the tube, there is a small 7mm nut on the end of the allen headed screw, tighten this nut to achieve a greater tension on the pivot ( not too tight you cannot move it ) if all else fails, remove the screw completely, and resort back to the wing bolt in the end, the only issue is you cannot put the blades in the transport position, and you loose some pivot deflection. Screw part no. 537442301
  8. Poor idling on auto tune is very often low compression, due to a partial seizure, or excessive ring wear.
  9. Be aware there are more than one unit, you need to remove the flywheel, on the inside will be its part no, go to the parts list that shows that flywheel and select the ignition unit from that list.
  10. Ignition unit would be my guess, changed plenty.
  11. Talking yourself out of work Steve.
  12. Anybody who thinks preventive maintenance is a waste is the dealers delight, many issue can be sorted before they become very expensive issues, replacing fuel filters before they lean mixtures off, checking clutches and sprockets before the explode and destroy pumps and covers, cleaning starter cover grills to stop over heating, tightening external nuts and bolts, before the muffler falls off.
  13. BR0073 is a 16" bar for a tooless machine, part number 577614373
  14. This is the tooless adjustment , as others have said there should be a ratchet plate on the guide bar that appears to be missing on the new bar, I have never seen this part as spare. I can sort a part number out if you wish for the correct bar.
  15. That is the impuse, who on earth said it would run without one? If the cylinder has no impulse then fit a nipple into the crankcase and take to the cab.


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