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  1. As Steve says get a kindly dealer to plug in to the auto tune tool this will give you the pnc and ser no. if it was done properly at point of sale there could well also be somebodys name or post code in it.
  2. Chainsaw identification, please

    No idea what it is, but not a Partner.
  3. Loose chain on Husky 357 xp

    Poor quaility chain, inadiquate oiling.
  4. 346xp fuel leak

    The return to tank hose fits to an orange connection on the tank, it is quite hard to see it, it sits next to the white breather nozzel, it was quite common to see people connect the return to tank hose to the breather.
  5. Husqvarna CD480

    Lots of parts now obsolete so be careful, if it breaks it could be the end of it, good old saw though.
  6. Husqvarna 357xp over running

    Please see picture
  7. Husqvarna 357xp over running

    Oh dear, what you have there is the cylinder that used to have the auto deco valve, it has been converted to a standard deco valve, there should be a rubber boot on that nipple or you will have a massive air leak.
  8. Husqvarna 135 16" bar/chain

    You are going to need an extra link in that chain, not quite sure why you want that lenght of bar anyway, the oil pump is non adjustable and i hope its not the tooless brake.
  9. TimberPro 26cc Top Handle

    Seen plenty of these Chinese saws, its not a copy its a counterfeit so is technically illegal to advertise as a Husqvarna.
  10. Free husky 16" bar

    The chain in the picture is 91sg 3/8 050 gauge and the bar is a hobby bar not sure what Husqvarna it is from as they dont use open ended bars, maybe from Mccullock or Partner consumer saw.
  11. 3120 hot start issue

    Still thinking vapour lock, saw over heating possible air leak, poor or stale fuel, might be intresting to try some Aspen through it.
  12. 3120 hot start issue

    Absolutley so, however this is only going to help if the throttle is not opening enough on the part throttle lock, you can adjust it yourself. there is also a low speed screw ( it has a fixed main jet ) this can be richened slightly also to help.
  13. Briggs Spring & Cap Missing?

    No there is no spring here.
  14. 3120 hot start issue

    There is no part throttle on the carb, it has a button on the handle to gain part throttle, this can be adjusted to increse the fast idle, there is a screw on the throttle shaft l/h side, cant imagine it needs a new cylinder and piston unless there was some damage to the rings, the cylinder is used on the K1250/1260 so is not as expensive compared to other models.
  15. 3120 hot start issue

    Sounds more like vapour lock, the Aspen gang will be along in a minute.


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