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  1. adw

    560xp not starting

    I always disconnect and throw the carb heaters away, they can cause all sorts of running issues.
  2. adw

    560xp not starting

    I would be taking the muffler off and taking a quick look at the condition of the piston through the exhaust port before you do too much.
  3. Did we ever hear if this got resolved?
  4. adw

    560xp not starting

    Sorry pressed enter before I had finished, there will be two wires for the earth cut out, these fit to terminals which you will see once the carb is removed.
  5. adw

    560xp not starting

    Not the best picture, however the only pipes on that side of the carb are the ones to the purge bulb, a pipe from the carb to the short connection on the purge bulb ( suction side ) the other comes from the long connection on the carb ( pressure side ) and runs back to the tank.
  6. I know the early cylinder definitely had open transfer ports, and was fairly sure the later one did as well, oh well another moment.
  7. Another senior moment, old age doesn't come alone.
  8. Did he say it was a special? I thought he said it was very old,
  9. If it’s that old it will have the oval inlet flange, so it’s going to need the later inlet boot and clip whatever happens, the open transfer port cylinders do not hone well.
  10. Sorry, it refers to read the manual, from 2018 the Husqvarna manuals have all said the saw is fine with ethanol up to 10%.
  11. How do you suggest we police this? we have tried with top handle saws, but we see them on ebay and internet sites being sold to anybody every day, we can walk into B&Q today and purchase a chainsaw more than capable of causing serious injury, I completely take your point, but it not easy to control this.


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