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  1. Check the engine breather, if your getting pressure in the crankcase I’d could be faulty, if not Worn cylinder, piston and rings
  2. Forgot about the TS400 wonder what happened with that, going back to the compensator carb Steve do you understand my thinking, not even sure if it had a compensator carb, but if it does and there is something blocking it the saw would run lean as there would be no atmospheric pressure on the flip side of the diagram, am I making any sense? I have seen it on power cutters where the gaskets have been fitted or after market parts fitted.
  3. But leaning off when the filter is fitted is the complete opposite of what I would expect, surly we can rule out the filter and the choke? Impulse hose a good shout but surly it would improve slightly when the filter is attached?
  4. I remember it, warranty? you will be lucky, where did it come from?
  5. No fan of Stihl machines, however the ones I have seen have compensator carbs, so the metering side of the carb will not have a a hole to atmosphere in it, this is because there will be a channel via the air filter to the flip side of the diaphragm, so is this blocked or covered over?
  6. Jonsered 2033, not seen one of those in twenty years or more.
  7. Does it run really rich and cut out with the filter on, or lean off with the filter on? Does it restart easily once the filter is removed after stopping?
  8. Common service tool, it’s just a program that allows Husqvarna machines to be connected to a computer.
  9. Non auto tune for markets that do not/cannot use CST
  10. Actually the rev boost was only on the pre production machine but was not on production machines, the power of advertising.
  11. Ever since I can remember there has always been a semi pro version of a model, the Xp denomination ( extra power ) came along with the 154/254, 266 etc, there is an amount of sales patter regarding this, however some people do not need that little bit more power, so a lower rpm saw suits them, a little more forgiving with blunt chains and lower maintenance, the 545 is a nice saw, different software and no crank stuffers, not so manic as a 550, but with some of the 550 benefits, I was never impressed with the silver crankcase, but a survey said it looked more aggressive, not too sure about that.
  12. did i miss something, i thought he had fitted a new cylinder and piston all be it after market, it is either a crap cylinder, or he broke the ring on rebuilding.
  13. Correct it is just a limiter, it looks fine to me, it doesn’t really wear as such it just becomes a little squashed, it’s just a hard sponge material, only worry when it disappears.
  14. Bugger I thought we had a live one.


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