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  1. Lets hope those here with less knowledge have learnt a valuable safety lesson.
  2. adw

    560 oil leak

    Absolutely not, it sounds like a recipe for disaster, concentrate on finding where the leak is first, then adress sorting out.
  3. adw

    560 oil leak

    Drain the oil tank and refill with fuel, if there is a leak it will start pretty quick and you should see where its coming from.
  4. Can i see a picture of the broken end, for some unknown reason there were some bands with a slot where it wraps around the knee link, i thought this was taken away to increase the strength of the band Whacking the brake on! no.
  5. Just a note, I was always told to make sure the switch was in the off position if cranking the engine with the plug not connected, or earthed as this can damage the ignition unit.
  6. Bloody hell, I thought I had spelt this out, there are more than 1 ignition unit, get the part no. off the rear of the flywheel, tell me what it is and I will give you the part no. of the unit you need, you can lead a horse to water.
  7. Ignition unit, be aware there more than one type, to get the correct unit first time remove the flywheel, on the underside will be the part no. of the flywheel, you then go to the parts list that shows that flywheel and use the ignition unit from that list.
  8. Swede o matic was designed in the gun shop, based on a gun trigger mechanism, just a bit of trivia.
  9. Very unfair to say dealers just making money, this is all about emissions, i suspect we would all like to go back to 162 and 254, but this is no longer acceptable, anti tamper carb screws were tried but people got round that, semi fixed jet carbs were tried, but these were temperamental in certain conditions, so here we are, no more tampering by quite frankly by operators who had no idea what they were doing.
  10. Next few days, what the hell are they doing to it!
  11. Low jet one and half turns out, high jet one and quarter turns out, there should be no further adjustment unless there is something wrong with it.
  12. May have been interesting to see what the carb settings were off the old carb. lets see what an ignition unit does keep us posted.


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