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  1. adw

    husqvarna 61

    Not an original 61 as they had a white top cover, the very first one was a Practica 61, they then moved onto the grey top cover, and the last one had an orange top cover, yours appears to be an 1987 vintage, the 61 was one of the longest running models all be it having many changes, on a saw this old it will need new av mounts as they do deteriorate being rubber, a number of parts are no longer available or replaced by complete assembly's so beware, good old school Swedish saw.
  2. Slower cutting, greater load on the engine, and clutch, more expensive chain.
  3. Not really sure why you guys need to fit 3/8 , but am sure I will get told why.
  4. I have part nos for the Husqvarna plain and pre set tie straps if anybody needs them.
  5. adw

    new 372xp problems

    As Spud said there were issues with the deco valve and starting, the later valve had a higher pop off pressure, I would normally fit a blank, I would also go for a re tune now it's run some.
  6. adw

    new 372xp problems

    Are you sure these are 372, as they have a spring AV system so would not require replacing due to age?
  7. Said it from day one, i have to confess it's probably the cheapest unit they could possibly of found.
  8. adw

    357xp piston problem

    You should not use the later piston, due to the end float you will have piston and big end issues, not too sure if I have an od style piston, I will look later.
  9. I like it, check this out, answers on a post card.
  10. I guess this is the later saw so will have the inserts in the pump, there is an even newer pump, it is a different colour to the black ones, the pump gear and sprocket are also changed, rather than the pins on the back of the sprocket sitting into the gear, the actual splines do, I wonder if he has the new set up?
  11. Not sure what it will show us, but you never know, looking forward to it.
  12. They cannot, they are square headed bolts pressed in from the inside, so the crankcase would have to collapse under the bolt heads, possibly the brake cover is not flat?


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