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  1. Oakridge tree care here can anyone give me feedback on the ms500i i currently use a ms 660 is there much difference
  2. Hi all, In an effort not to start a huge Husqvarna vs Stihl debate I've got a question. FR Jones' professional chainsaw sale looks very appetising, specifically I'm looking at a 261 for the extra 8cc and 9hp over the 241 (which is only £30 cheaper). My local Stihl dealer quoted me 25% off catalog price for the 261, £565. At FR Jones they are £479; bargain! How does that price compare to dealer prices on a Husq equivalent, 550XP is the closet match I found and FR Jones have it for £469. My closest dealer/maintenance place is a Husq dealer so I originally planned to use him, for ease of maintenance/repair as he's only 2 miles from my place. I doubt I'll be able to get a price from him as low as FR Jones but might be worth paying the bit extra as he is my local guy. Here is the controversial bit, from reading other posts it would APPEAR that the 261 is more reliable than the 550. What are people experiences with these saws, ideally people who have used both? I have a 66cc Stihl 039 already that I got for cheap, it's got a 20" bar and will be my "bigger" (I didn't saw "big" ) saw. The 261/550 will be my main saw (probably with 16" bar) and used for ground arb application, processing and felling. Also, do dealers usually provide warranty? Want to have a rough idea of the industry standard before rolling in and taking a dealers word for the truth right away. Play nicely now gents.
  3. Hi, just wondered if anyone could help my 3 year old 560xp has started to play up. I wouldn’t say it’s Bogging out, it’s just slow on pick up on the revs then at full revs doesn’t seem like it’s at full power. I wondered whether it’s the fuel filter or carb. Any info on this would be great. Thanks
  4. So wasn’t sure where to put this..... Anyway after doing some repair work to my dads mower see here for info: I quite enjoyed doing it & think they are a decent mower and I was bored on marketplace ??? I happenEd to find one for sale locally..... a similar machine, I think a slightly newer one? Has a different handle and motor is badged Honda not husqvarna (May have been changed?) Anyway as I have more time and don need to get it back to mowing after a couple of days I decided can do a bit more with this one and will either sell it or keep it as a spare, might swap it with the old man and finish his properly who knows, anyway thought I would document it here if anyone was interested...
  5. Hello, Over the past week all of my employees have broken at least one brake band. Having never broke a band myself I am wondering if there are any pro tips on what to look out for that might be causing excessive wear? They have all broke at the point where the band comes round and begins to wrap round the smaller circle nearer the brake handle. The saws are only 1 month old, all the same make, same model, from the same supplier. They have been going under tough conditions brashing and snedding gnarly sitka spruce though I'd hope to get more than a month out of a band. Given that I did not have as many brake bands in store as spare this will slow the job somewhat, so any advice on the issue would be much appreciated! all the best, Liam Broc
  6. Hi everyone. In need of help! Had all my husqvarna chainsaw stolen this morning. if you see that look like this please let me know! I live in North East Scotland. Thanks Now genuinely offering £1000 reward for info leading to or the recovery of my saws and info on those involved in the theft
  7. Hello, just wondering if any of you no if this part is needed for anything?
  8. Afternoon all I was intrigued and succumbed to Fleabay temptation a couple of years ago and bought a 2nd hand 536i XP with 4 Amp battery and charger. Perfect? Gawd no. Frustrating? On occasion, yes. But overall, good enough to go for the 535i replacement. Summary of what I've found in 2+ years of use below. Good things: 1 Ease of use. Just brilliant. Hold down start button for maybe 2 secs and go. No choke, no pulling anything, no ear-muffs etc just get to work. Chain brake exactly the same as a petrol motor except the warning lights come on to remind you that its on. Best bit? If there is a problem, your groundie can shout and you can hear him. 2 Maintenance. The oil tank holds enough for about 3 or 4 (4 Amp) battery recharges. Other than re-charge the batteries (I should say I use a slow 80w charger out-of-hours to lengthen battery life), sharpen the chain and maintain the bar, just keep the air intake clean. That's it. 3 Motor overheat cut-out. Got to admit this was the most frustrating bit about the saw. But I accidentally came across the solution. I was running it with a pair of 4 Amp batteries which I would charge with a QC330 rapid charger. I never managed to empty a fully charged battery before the other was charged up. But if I was chogging down a tree and getting near to bar length (14" bar), I had to be really careful not to push it too hard because the motor would cut out and then take a while to cool down and recommence operations again. The frustration was in a number of ways: the on light sometimes flashed before cutting out for a second or two and sometimes did not. On one occasion it cut out after I had finished cutting!!! It would then refuse to play for anything from 10 secs to a couple of minutes. No rhyme or reason as far as I could make out, although I did notice that this happened more often if the battery was losing its charge. The fix? The older of my 4 amp batteries passed away (sniff) and I replaced it with a 5.2 Amp. OMG what a difference! No cutting out, no matter how long I cut for or how big the timber, truly a revelation. Bad things: 1 Bar life. I seem to have got through a lot of bars. 4+ in the last year alone. I don't think I am unusually heavy on my kit since nothing else has a similar problem and this issue is compounded by the fact that it is much harder to get hold of pattern replacements since not many people are using these saws. 2 Weatherproofness (is that a word?). Early on in our time together it rained hard and the saw was out in it. I had been using it up a tree earlier in the weather and it had been fine but then it just refused to play. I brought it indoors, pulled it apart, dried it off and left it alone for a few days and it started up again and has been fine ever since then. But I am now quite fussy about bringing it when the rain starts. 3 Its electric. I know, this is a bit odd but,,,, There is something missing about a chainsaw that doesn't make a racket: it just doesn't seem as dangerous somehow. When I first got it I found myself not bothering with c/saw kit when I used it. When I stopped to consider it, this is nonsense. Chainspeed is 20m/s ie more than quick enough, as I found out (another story) but the lack of noise lulls you into a false sense of security. 4 Robustness. I am a bit of a Husky fan and so also have a Mk 1 550, 2x 562's and a 572 (plus a rebuilt Stihl 076 AV, again, another story) but the 536 does seem more plasticky and less robust than the petrol saws. Having said that, other than the water resistance and bar issues as mentioned above, nothing else has let go or broken. So the 536 is to be relegated to be a chipper saw and I am ordering a new 535 with another 5.2 Amp battery. Going for a 12" bar this time. Cheers Andrew
  9. Hi everyone and firstly a hello to you all; just joined arbtalk having read a few threads from “the outside” and I am looking forward to being part of the community. I am hoping someone here might be able to help me- I want to repair my dad’s old Husqvarna 50 (barrel and piston are damaged due to running without enough / with no 2-stroke mixed...). he’s owned it from new but was going to throw away. Problem is I can’t tell if it’s a “special” (45mm I believe) or a regular 44mm 50. If anyone can give me a steer I’d be very grateful and it can help me get the correct new cylinder etc. (also- I notice that most aftermarket cyclinders have a decompression valve but the original does not, can’t see a problem with that unless anyone knows better?) thanks, merlin Ps was taken apart by a local dealer to assess the damage
  10. Hi All, I've been lurking here for a long time, reading interesting discussions. However, I've got a question I'd be interested in people's views on. I've got a couple of 346XP (newer version) chainsaws, one bought in 2007 and the other in 2009. Having recently bought a 536LiXP, I decided to sell the older 346XP to a friend who was just starting in forestry. But, 6 weeks later it stopped dead while he was cleaning up a tree stump, and the engine wouldn't turn over. My assumption was not enough mixing oil, but we took it apart last night and found the piston had broken (see attached images), with no sign of overheating damage to piston or cylinder. So... I'm refunding him his money, as I sold it thinking it was working but promised that if it died in the near future I'd pay him back. And now I'm not sure what to do from the following options: 1. Have a go at repairing it myself. Problem here is I don't really need it (which is why I'd sold it) - I have a working 346XP, a larger petrol saw too and am trying to use the electric one as much as possible. 2. Keep it for spares for my other 346XP. But then I may not use any of the parts for years... 3. Sell it as it is for someone to repair or use for parts. It was in working order in all other respects. 4. Sell parts from it on ebay. (more money that option 3, but a lot more work) Any thoughts greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mike
  11. Rebuilding a couple of my old Husqvarna top handle saws, got bearings n pistons but will need new drive sprockets an not paying US prices on postage, anyone know of the comparable parts? K
  12. I have a new huskvarna 562 and 550, and I want to know exactly what proportion of gasoline oil to mix for them. In different topics they talk about it differently. Thank you.
  13. Hi! I have a stock Stihl MS180 (2-mix) chainsaw. I need a little more power. I would like to mod the carb and the muffler only. Please write me, how to do it, and attach pictures too! I would like definitely change the original chain to a faster chain. .325 would be great?
  14. Hi everyone. I am a landscaper, I get a lot of firewood to chop, looking for a new small saw to help with that as well use for smaller pruning etc to compliment my bigger saw when it is unnecessary. I’ve looked at the husqvarna 120 Mkii or the 135. (I know the 135 mkii is out end of March) Is the 120 a good saw and do the job? Or is it too lightweight for even firewood and pruning? Or should I pay the extra and wait for the 135mkii? Thanks. George
  15. Im looking to buy a battery top handle to replace my stihl ms201. Ive got my eye on the stihl msa 160 and the husq t536lixp. What experiences do you guys/girls have with them?? Im not sure which one to go for!!! Which one would you recommend?? Cheers
  16. Hello, I am new to this forum, as it was suggested by my local tree surgeon. There are a few STIHL/HUSQVARNA dealers around me, but what I want to know is which one would have a good selection of products on show? I am in 2 minds to either go with cordless or petrol. Cordless seems like a good long term investment, as the battery is compatible with many optional tools in a range. But wondered if the power is there. Thanks Danni
  17. What is the different between the 572 and the 565? Which parts are same and which are different? Is the 565 optimal using in forest? How is it works? Could you tell me a similar model? Is it more powerful than the 365 or the 372?
  18. A quick preview of today’s fun and games, let me know if the video doesn’t work
  19. Hi guys! The rim sprocket on my 560 is totally fooked, and I am seriously struggling to find replacement sprockets online! Could somebody point me in the right direction? J
  20. Hi folks Looking for a husqvarna T540XP crankcase Thanks Joe
  21. Hello Arbtalk,, Just a quick Post, to Ask if anyone has knowledge of / If its possible,, to replace a Husqvarna 2100 exhaust .. With another equivalent.. OEM Is a rectangular shape,, but is there another option of exhaust replacement.? Would I gain or lose anything with the swapping of Exhaust.?? Open to All.. T.I.A
  22. I have had my 572 xp-g for several months now and I still can't get Husqvarna to reply to any of my messages or phone calls regarding where I can get the double dog kit for the new legendary saw. I was surprised that the saw is being sold with out because all the marketing material shows it with double dogs and chain roller. Anyone else noticed this or did your 572 come with double dogs and chain roller? love and peace M
  23. i was in my local dealer the other day and got chatting, got onto the new husqy fuel as they'd just got the first batch in, the claimed the 2 stroke stuff was just aspen rebadged. anyone else heard this? same sort of price as aspen and red can for 2 stroke and blue can for 4 stroke so it would make sense. my local husqy dealer is far closer and i much prefer them to my local aspen stockist so will happily move to them for fuel is it's the same juice at the end of the day
  24. My 560 has been faultless (apart from cutting through a fence and piercing the fuel tank 6 months ago) recebtlt started a procedure where I noticed we had lost a front exhaust bolt, and a second one was vibrating loose, had no choice but to carry on using it and then started to ‘warble’ when cold until it had re-tuned itself (I assume) after ten mins of running and then ran fine. took it in to my local dealer and was told when stripped down that the entire saw was beyond economic repair. Gaskets leaking, threads have been stripped requiring heli-coiling, electronic wires have been chewed through etc etc and the bill would have been well over half the cost of a New saw. No scoring on pot or piston and he commented how cleanly it had been burning (thanks aspen!) but beyond that it was an expensive bodge. 28 months use of 5 days a week Arb work, so by no means thrashed around in the woods but has still inevitably done some work. PITA as I loved that saw but at £660 for just over 2 years use it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth, like that ex that was bad for you in general, but at the same time, oh so good ??‍♂️
  25. Today we got our hands on the Husqvarna 572XP, from first start it was running in a slightly held back manner however our dealer informed us that this is a "running in setting" on the carb. Just short of a tank of juice it really opened out, cutting full (20inch) bar depth in oak with no real struggles. As far as first impressions, it's light, plenty of power and very comfortable to use. I'm keen to test it next to a 372XP on the same bar and see how they compare, it certainly feels a lot different to a 72. After running 550's and 560's we know what to expect with the auto tune and to be honest the 572XP does adjust a lot quicker than the 560's. The build quality looks to be of a higher standard than the recent models released, although time can will tell on that front. Anyone else got their hand on one yet? Would be keen to hear other opinions! We will be putting it through it's paces over the next few weeks and will add the ongoing feedback to this thread.


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