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Found 62 results

  1. Hi all, I have an old Stihl 064 Chainsaw that is in need of some parts. I thought parts for these were fairly easy to get hold of until I recently searched the internet. The saw is a great workhorse, that was, until somebody drove over it in the truck. But it has survived remarkably well. Also, what happened to ‘Mister Solutions’ ?? Any help appreciated to get the old girl going again. Thanks.
  2. My Stihl 211CE has the so-called Ergostart, a sort of wind-up spring for wimps. Unfortunately it doesn't engage any more so pulling the cord does just that and nothing more - can't start the saw. Typically saw is just over a year old:( Stripped it and there's two plastic pawls held by a spring that should fly-out and engage when you pull the cord. However, despite cleaning and oiling there's no way the pawls want to fly out when the cord is pulled; they don't seem heavy enough to overcome the small amount of friction in the spring. So can't start the saw. Anyone else had problems? I'm wondering if I can mod the pawls so the spring doesn't retract them, so they're permanently engaged, ie do away with the wind up ratchet so it starts like a normal chain saw? Maybe I just hope the Stihl supplier where I bought plays ball and fixes it FOC? Poor design I reckon, saw has not had much use.
  3. Was hoping to buy a 661 in the next few weeks, would it be worth waiting for the 500i to come out? Still very new but out a year in the US and getting great reviews, meant to be as light as a 441 and an absolute BEAST. what do you guys think?
  4. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this but if anyone can assist I’d be very grateful... I have a Stihl TS410 Circular Saw which won’t start, It had no compression when I got it so I’ve replaced the head, piston, piston rings and bearings as the piston was badly scored by the snapped rings. It has new fuel in it and a good spark, now good compression, I’ve checked all fuel pipes and everything that I’d removed to do the piston fix but it still refuses to fire. I’ve swapped the carb for a known working one but still nothing. But it has got fuel coming through to the air filter, I’m assuming that this is happening because of trying to start it so often. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve exhausted all my avenues so far... Thanks in advance
  5. Anyone know where i can get a sprocket for a stihl 020AV Super in the uk? Stihl part number is 1114 640 2001 3/8 picco, TIA
  6. Hi! I have a stock Stihl MS180 (2-mix) chainsaw. I need a little more power. I would like to mod the carb and the muffler only. Please write me, how to do it, and attach pictures too! I would like definitely change the original chain to a faster chain. .325 would be great?
  7. Im looking to buy a battery top handle to replace my stihl ms201. Ive got my eye on the stihl msa 160 and the husq t536lixp. What experiences do you guys/girls have with them?? Im not sure which one to go for!!! Which one would you recommend?? Cheers
  8. Hello, I am new to this forum, as it was suggested by my local tree surgeon. There are a few STIHL/HUSQVARNA dealers around me, but what I want to know is which one would have a good selection of products on show? I am in 2 minds to either go with cordless or petrol. Cordless seems like a good long term investment, as the battery is compatible with many optional tools in a range. But wondered if the power is there. Thanks Danni
  9. Hello Members. Bought a new MS 661 today - for use with an Alaskan mill and slabbing. Not for me but an experienced son. Also getting the MS 880. Collected it personally and asked for advice on mills and the options available. Well, was basically told that such a saw was not designed for such use and I would be back with issues, not normally, covered by the warranty ? Seemingly, such a saw does not like being used in this way and will be 'shaken' to death ? We will also have issues with the fuel mixture, bolts coming loose and the air filter ? It was suggested, helpfully, that we consider changing the bar for a smaller pitch and use a rip chain. Oh, and the best option for us, is to buy a Lucas Mill ! What are the thoughts of others please..... Thank you, Mark.
  10. Bought yesterday, with the 12" bar a single 200 (4AH) battery and quickest charger. Wow, what a beautiful saw! Lighter than I expected, just so nice to use. Picked it up and went straight to work, removing a sycamore from a roadside wall. Didn't bother with ear defenders, didn't need them. The saw feels extremely controllable, no gyroscopic effect except for a very slight vertical nose lift. Did the sycamore down to about fifteen feet, and topped a small cypress, still had three lights on the battery. It does demand mindfulness as the saw could potentially un-break itself on branches, so was hyper-aware of break and throttle position when picking it up. The torque, relatively slow chain speed, quietness, complete lack of vibration etc. made the working experience more "studied" - more deliberate, I would say. Easy and instant communication with groundie was a blessing. I find I'm developing a kind of pseudo-fetish for the 160t, I keep going to the shed just to pick up the saw and hold it, marvelling at the design and technology. Would recommend.
  11. We will very shortly have our new Panther Mini bars in so you can run the Stihl 3670-71PM3 1/4 .043 chain on the Husky T525, T536Li XP, MS150T, MS150, MSA160T and Echo CS-2511TES. These are all dedicated bars for the specific saws and all run 56 drive links of the Stihl chain - the idea being to simplify things so that all the 10" bars for these little saws run the same drive link count of the same chain. *NB on the Husky T536Li XP and 536Li XP you will need to change the drive sprocket from 3/8 lo pro to 1/4 https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/product/husqvarna-14-sprocket-for-536li/ For the Stihl bar go here https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/product/e10-j1-42k-cv-1-10-panther-mini-echo-cs-2511tes-1-4-043-56-drive-links-expected-20th-may-2018/ For the Husky bar go here https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/product/e10-d2-42k-cv-1-10-panther-mini-husky-525-536li-t536li-xp-1-4-043-56-drive-links-expected-20th-may-2018-copy/ For the Echo bar go here https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/product/30050083403-stihl-rollamatic-e-mini-10-14-043-57-drive-links/ They look pretty snazzy. I've tested one for a month or two but I'm not doing the sort of hours cutting that someone full time on the tools does... we don't have them yet but you can pre order online.
  12. ag Ed

    Suspect clutch?

    I've got a stihl ms181 c-be in from a customer to sharpen and thought I'd try to diagnose an ongoing nagging issue on it It starts cuts and runs fine but with any pressure put into the cut (such as using the dog) and it just stalls the chain, slipping the clutch I assume It's only a couple of years old or so and not in daily use but imo it's underspecced for his level of usage (a very large garden/small estate and doing a lot of firewood as the primary heatsource of a large 15th century house) I reckon the clunch I'd knackered, thoughts? Oh and it's on a 16 inch bar which I feel is a bit big on a 30cc saw
  13. My trusty Stihl MS 260 has a warn cylinder, I do most work on my saws myself but having never replaced a pot and piston, is there anything technical I need to know about? Is it a straight swap or do I need to set anything? cheers
  14. Hi, So I bought a Stihl MS291 about a year ago and it has been sat in my workshop and hasn't been used. I went to go and start it today and I noticed that the cord is very difficult to pull even, so far I have tried a couple of things. -Refresh Fuel and tried to start it -Taken spark plug out, but when I do this the starter cord pulls fine as it should. Any Help will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello to everyone, as you'll probably see, I'm new here. Just a quick query, how does the Husqvarna 435 compare to Stihl of the same 'ish price tag? I've used older Husqvarna saws, but a long time ago. Just been using Stihl chainsaws recently. It's for occasional use, no heavy logging but obviously I need it to generally cover a range of basic functions. I'm looking at a 'new in box', factory sealed example. I must admit I'm tempted to wait for a second hand Stihl, but would appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks everyone.
  16. You may have heard about Rotatech Chainsaw Chains, but want to know more before you part with the pennies? Here are just some Rotatech reviews from Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and professional journals.... Click here to read more
  17. Can anyone advise please? I recently bought an HD filter as a spare for my 880(2007)which included a foam insert. The filter that came with the saw is green and doesn't have the foam insert(just fine mesh?). I took the green filter off to clean it and noticed quite a bit of fine dust had bypassed the fine filter. No holes in it etc. I don't use the saw a great deal at all and only for milling the odd bit. I replaced the Filter the new hd2 filter(with green foam insert)for quickness but it just wasn't running right as seemed not to be getting enough air and bogging down when cutting. Spoke to a local tree surgeon who said its a problem with the Stihls? I also read somewhere to take the box off and have the filter sitting on the outside uncovered? Any idea how best to proceed or suggestions on filters would be much appreciated. I could do without a blocked/nackered carb if poss. Sorry haven't got pics but found a couple on line and just hoped someone might know what I'm on about. Thankyou.
  18. Hi all, In an effort not to start a huge Husqvarna vs Stihl debate I've got a question. FR Jones' professional chainsaw sale looks very appetising, specifically I'm looking at a 261 for the extra 8cc and 9hp over the 241 (which is only £30 cheaper). My local Stihl dealer quoted me 25% off catalog price for the 261, £565. At FR Jones they are £479; bargain! How does that price compare to dealer prices on a Husq equivalent, 550XP is the closet match I found and FR Jones have it for £469. My closest dealer/maintenance place is a Husq dealer so I originally planned to use him, for ease of maintenance/repair as he's only 2 miles from my place. I doubt I'll be able to get a price from him as low as FR Jones but might be worth paying the bit extra as he is my local guy. Here is the controversial bit, from reading other posts it would APPEAR that the 261 is more reliable than the 550. What are people experiences with these saws, ideally people who have used both? I have a 66cc Stihl 039 already that I got for cheap, it's got a 20" bar and will be my "bigger" (I didn't saw "big" ) saw. The 261/550 will be my main saw (probably with 16" bar) and used for ground arb application, processing and felling. Also, do dealers usually provide warranty? Want to have a rough idea of the industry standard before rolling in and taking a dealers word for the truth right away. Play nicely now gents.
  19. I am currently searching for a replacement brushcutter since my FS410 was stolen by the light fingered scum. I was set on another FS410 or FS460, but having read a few reviews etc I am reconsidering the Husky equivalent a 545RXT. I will be running it with a shredding knife attachment on thick scrub/brambles etc. So your views and opinions please?
  20. Break in last night to my work New Forest Garden Machinery in Totton Hampshire. Thieving scum bags peeled back the roof to gain access at 3 am this morning. We think around 10 Stihl chainsaws were stolen. all locked up but the gits were in and out in 3 minutes. We are only a small family run company and things like this really set you back. if offered anything brand new in the hampshire/dorset/wilts area ring the police please. Just sorting through CCTV and serial numbers now so will post up images soon.
  21. Evening all. Last night I came home late is to go out, parked my truck outside my hose and went out in the car. I came home this afternoon to find the truck unlocked and my Stihl MS200t missing from the back of the truck This is the second time this week. the first was just about £3.50 in loose change and a half bottle of aftershave but last night was the saw. My guess is that there using a Ford master key as i know 110% my truck was locked. Ill see if i can get the seriel number from Honey Brothers in the morning. Its a 2009 model which I bought new. The saw has 'Nick Stevenson' engraved on the air filter cover, the side plate and on the bottom of the saw. If anyone hears about it (which I highly dout) please ring me on 07961691340. Thanks Nick
  22. Just picked up the 2016 Stihl catalogue (UK), and it looks like the 261 and the 362 has had an update. I was wondering if they are coming to the uk and if they are, when will they be coming??
  23. I'm a home owner user of a Stihl kombi ( fantastic bit of kit) It's a 2008 unit bought used in 2012 I think, it's used mostly with hedge trimmer attachment, rarely with a pole pruner and once only strimmer (have a strimmer so no need really) It has been faultless, gets a good use every year cutting a mixture of stuff privet, laurel, leylandii etc. or a week of pro use a year...... I'm not sure if it has ever been serviced, certainly not since I bought it, it's run only on red Stihl oil mix 50:1 and hedge trimmer is greased regularly. Today I took the cover off the air intake and knocked the crud off, the filter was oily and under the filter was oil not lots but enough to see Is this normal or is fuel mix going back out of the carb? I do tend to invert it and tip the motor and never noticed a fuel leak (has the fiddly black and white cover to tank) Should I be worried by the red oil in the filter material and on the inside of it?
  24. Hi All This is coming from a very happy amateur, I've had my MS211 (with a 16" bar) for 4 years now and am very pleased with the machine, albeit a bit under-powered I find when cutting some heavier stuff. I wonder if someone can assist me with which parts/what needs to be done to give the machine a complete overhaul. I've listed a few things myself below (including some repairs), any assistance would be great: - Will change the oil hose (small black hose underneath as oil is seeping out from there when sitting on the shelf, seems to be a common fault with this model) - Is there an oil filter to be replaced here or just cleaned? - New spark plug - Fuel filter? Again, just a clean or replace? - Sprocket? Gone through a total of 3 chains since new (2 wore down and one I broke). There are some grooves on the sprocket. - Clean the airfilter. Anything else? Many thanks!
  25. 2 new special offers added this morning as a weekend treat! Firstly, we are now offering 30% discount on the NEW STIHL MS201TC-M, featuring an M-Tronic engine, and you can grab this brand new saw straight away from stock! Secondly, the price on the Prabos A1RB class 2 chainsaw boots is now £149.00, and as well a the free waterproofing spray and spare laces, you'll also receive a free KitDRY with every purchase, worth £19.99! Check out both of these offers online now!


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