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  1. Yeah I agree with you its quite bare in the inner canopy but are you not meant to clear it to let the light through?
  2. Thanks for the advice. Yeah i know it a little early but some of the advice I received said there is no real perfect time to prune them as they are prone to different types of diseases at different times of the year? Something along those lines anyway. I will look into the shrub fertiliser now. Thanks
  3. damn it sorry about the neck ache
  4. Hello Just posting some pics of the reduction on a cherry i did today? Its at my house so thought it would be a good one to practice on... needed doing anyway. Sorry the pics are not too great but any feedback on good points/ bad points would be good. Thanks
  5. Hi Im considering either one of two courses. The RFS online version which means i can carry on working fully and complete course in my own time. Only concern with this is i remember how keen i was at completing my homework back at school... The trees and timber i can take 1 day off a month pretty much and its a work based qualification. The main deal breaker for me if the one with the best content and leaves you in the best position for progressing onto other courses?? Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers Luke
  6. Hello Im having a few problems with a second hand 261 i bought. It is a 2009 model i think. Firstly *The saw doesn't like to be left on tick over so it cuts out. *Sometimes doesn't like the chain brake to be applied. *I can notice it lags power for a second before revving up to full speed *When it cuts out it doesn't like to warm start, I normally have to half choke it or something. Secondly I am a complete amateur at chainsaw mechanics but decided to try and fix the machine myself. I messed about with the carb settings a bit and currently can't decide if i made it better or worse. To be perfectly honest i couldn't tell the difference. I then took it to pieces and took the clutch drum off. Decided to give it some revs and shortly after the coil spring for the chain brake popped out. I shouldn't find this too difficult to repair but the existing one is bent and won't go back into place. Does anybody know exactly what i need to do to fix this machine, what parts i am going to need and where is the best place to source them. I need the saw at the weekend so any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for reading! Luke
  7. Hello all. I am looking for some work in the Bristol area for the start of next week (03/03) and possibly the following week (10/03). * Experienced groundsman with relevant tickets (cs30/31) * Passed cs38 yesterday (27/02) and have my cs39 assessment tomorrow (29/02) * Willing to travel and work long days * Hard worker you will not feel let down If anybody has or knows of any work for me then please give me a call on 07590326300. I am more than happy to work the odd day here or there. Many Thanks Luke
  8. for a tree/gardening/fencing business??
  9. Hello, I am currently looking for work in a number of areas including; Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire Leicestershire Northamptonshire Buckinghamshire I will also consider any other area within the UK if the job is long enough and accommodation is available. I am fairly new to the industry but hold my CS30/31 tickets and have worked for a number of different tree surgeons to gain more experience. I also hold a full/clean UK driving licence. If you are interested please call me on 07590326300. Many Thanks Luke
  10. cheers lads. Was a good laugh,
  11. Good news! £800 well spent. Is there anybody in the Lincolnshire/Milton Keynes/Northampton area that would be able to offer me any work experience?? Luke
  12. okay so 550 vs ms261 easiest to maintain/ most reliable?
  13. Thanks for advice everyone. I am currently half way though cs30/31 and its going well. In regards to the saw, husky 550 xp looks like a good bet but what would be the Stigl equivelant, the ms 261? Thanks
  14. Hi I have been given an old chainsaw to mess about with. Unfortunately it doesn't start ( probably why my boss gave it to me for free). The chainsaw is 8-10 years old and has been sitting around for a year or so now. I have checked the spark plug and there appears to be a spark there, fuel line seems to be in a reasonable order. Could somebody please let me know what could be up with it and if its worth spending a few quid on getting it working again. Thanks, Luke


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