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Making Corny Tree Hugger Videos Is Kind Of Fun

Tree Hugger Tree Felling Video where we get laughed at by Chewbacca Easy tree felling in Middletown Ohio. Notch it and drop it. It's all fun and games until someone laughs at you.   Tip: Make sure your using a good fuel and gas mix and that the gas isn't stale. If you notice starting and running issues, replace the mix and notice the difference. If you don't your liable to get laughed at by Chewbacca, Sasquatch or the guy from the Geico commercial.   Any help with social

Current discussions about wood fuel

The UK wood fuel sector is on the rise, driven by its green advantages, energy efficiency, and government incentives. As an eco-friendly and locally sourced heating solution, it's worth considering for a greener and cost-effective future.   What do you think the future holds for the wood fuel sector in the UK?


Woodbioma in Firewood

Arborist jobs available in West London

Join us on our journey to becoming one of the best tree surgery businesses in London.    We are Looking For: 🌳  Lead climbers 🌳 Second climbers 🌳 Trainee second climbers 🌳 Ground staff 🌳 Polite, courteous and ambitious individuals to grow with us    Qualified or not, lets have a conversation ☎️    What we offer: 🌳 Constant training and career development 🌳 A friendly environment where staff welfare is priority number one 🌳 A w

Looking to work part-time splitting wood

I live in the Charlotte area and want to work for a company, private business, or independent contractor on a part-time basis. I am 37, I have worked on farms and have used saw mills, chainsaws, axes, and have worked with carpenters. I work hard and just want to get to work cutting work. Please let me know if you or anyone you know is looking for a reliable working hand.    Thank you

Glad I didn't listen.

Small update on my career change.   I never know if anyone cares but here I am... So if you remember i popped a post up weeks ago asking for advice on getting in to the industry, the comment section turned in to a total sh#t show of    'Don't do it' 'Its not for women' 'you're to weak' 'Don't need women on site' Etc etc   But anyway, didnt put me off.   I've booked on for my cs30 in 2 weeks' time (sooner that orginally planned) and


Mightbe_lost in New career

No wood🙁

I joined a month ago now, & not had a single call or msg. Does it usually take some time before someone would make contact, or is it that there are too many established tip sites in my area? Any advice welcome.

Corvette Rich

Corvette Rich in No wood…


I'm looking to take on a part time groundsman - male or female, no preference so long as you're a grafter! Must have own PPE; Boots, Helmet & Chainsaw protective pants. To join our team based in Hexham, Northumberland. Experience preferred but not essential as full training will be given. Please call Martin on 07976 609917. Thank you.


ZIP TREES LTD in Job Offer

Job Offer in Hamburg, Germany

Hello,  We are looking for a climber who is interested in joining our small team in Hamburg, Germany, which already consists out of a few English Climbers. We can offer many possibilities including accommodation, train tickets, beverages and most importantly team moral and a fair salary.    If you would like to find out more about us, feel free to visit our website: www.dynamische-baumpflege.de   If you are interested in working together with us, please feel free to cont

Lawson cypress top out?

Hi, we have just moved to a new property which has 23 trees with TPO, we have come from small garden so no experience with them. Visit from tree surgeon says either remove or take 4 meters off the 20 Lawson Cypress trees as they are very small girth trunks, very spindly and some have U shape trunks. I have tried to read up on them and everything says that it won’t cause them to strengthen. Before I apply for permission, would value opinions?   Also, any ideas what causes this on hedge


Jo-ms in Lawson cypress query

Janbor New opening times

The days are getting longer & so are the opening hours at Janbor Ltd   Our new operating hours for delivering Arb chip are : 07:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday & Saturday’s by appointment   So if you have Arb chip & would like to be paid for the chip you bring in . We would be pleased to see you .   Our full address is – Janbor Ltd , Barleycroft works , Furneux Pelham, SG9 0LL      

Janbor ltd

Janbor ltd in Tipping site

Husqvarna Chainsaws - to XP or not to XP?

On a recent thread in the forum the question of why would you not buy the XP version of a Husqvarna saw was raised. The obvious answer is price, but price isn't everything, and so here I try and delve into the differences in the saws, and see whether, at least on paper, the budget saw versions make any sense.   What is an XP saw?   Husqvarna offers 2 saws (at least) at each CC size, the 'regular saw, and the XP version. XP stands for Extra Power, and at a basic level offers j

Ben Pinnick

Ben Pinnick

APF 2022 - Come by, say hi and maybe win an Arb course (Stand D11c)

We'd love to say hi if you're coming to APF this year. Whether you're new to climbing, experienced and thinking forward to when you might be on the ground more, or have already downed tools we'd love to say hello.   At our stand will be Beccy, Kate and Cherry the dog (all from CTC) and Keely (from Tree Life AC) will be with us 10-3 each day.   Together we have decades of experience in the industry. Keely is able to help those looking to further their edu


KateH in APF2022

5 Tips for progressing your arb career after 30...

The UK arb community is a pretty small and specialist group. We really don’t have enough people coming into the industry, let alone moving through it, into the more technical, off the tools roles. We’ve been working in the recruitment side of the tree world for nearly 20 years and have seen a fair amount of change in that time.   What do you think of the following tips? We’d love to know and hear your perspective.   1) Have respect for yourself and your fellow arborists. Hol


KateH in APF2022

Two Arb prizes to be won – Which one is for you?

At APF 2022, in collaboration with Keely at Tree Life AC, we are offering information, support and two amazing prizes for the Arboriculture community.   Our theme for the show is – 'Supporting arborists in creating a long and satisfying career in trees'.   We want to help the aspiring Arborist who is aiming to get off the tools and head into their first technical role - working with trees, but from the ground. We know from many years in the industry talking to arb e


KateH in APF2022

Tree surgeon waste for zoo animals

I don't know if this post is allowed, but I am hoping to reach out to local tree surgeons in London. Our animals at London Zoo goes through a lot of browse (a zoo term for leafy branches) all year round. It is getting harder and harder to obtain good quality material and logistics are always a challenge. I know that tree surgeons always have challenges getting rid of their waste. If you are interested in collaborating, perhaps we can help each other out? Due to a complex mix of plant t

Lister Wilder exhibits at ABF

Lister Wilder is delighted to be exhibiting at the APF Exhibition this September, held at Ragley Estate, Warwickshire. The Exhibition is the UK’s largest forestry, woodland, arboriculture, fencing and biomass show. For 2022 they have joined forces with The Arb Show to give an even greater focus on the arb sector.   After a long time away from this show, we are delighted to be back and our team are looking forward to showcasing the latest products we have on offer. The Arboriculture ind

Lister Wilder

Lister Wilder in Shows

Helping the arb community around Shropshire

Here at EJ Agriculture we are here to work closely with our local reputable arborists.    We’re in the process of opening a tip site for reputable tree surgeons in Shropshire. Taking chip and logs for an agreed rate (to be discussed if interested) .Based in Knockin .Hard standing .Weigh bridge on site .Personal on site 24 hours a day .12 cube dump trailer available for collection at an agreed rate if required .32 cube silage trailer available for coll


AgricEd in Shropshire

Climbing The Ladder When You're Tired of Climbing Trees

With 20 years' experience in the industry, we are well aware that there comes a time in every climbing arborists' life that being up trees for a living becomes harder.   Often that moment is what pre-empts the conversation we then have with climbers about next steps but it pays to think about this before that moment arrives.    There are several ways that experienced climbers and groundsmen can advance their careers. There are lots of options, whether it's going on to become



FREE Arb CV advice & template

Hi all, I'm new to CTC Recruitment (we only recruit arborist jobs) and trying to understand the market and share what I learn. One of my first blogs is trying to make CV writing less stressful and more effective. Feedback much appreciated.  Here's the link:  Arb CVs Made Easy - A FREE template for you - News - CTC Recruitment WWW.CTCRECRUITMENT.CO.UK Arb CVs Made Easy - A FREE template for you - News If CV writing feels stressful we're here




I’m in lydd “TN29 9PU” and have 3 transit van loads of logs that need to be off site by today free to anyone can deliver. Please ring  07842583781

Jake conneely

Jake conneely


Arbtalk.co.uk is a hub for the arboriculture industry in the UK.  
If you're just starting out and you need business, equipment, tech or training support you're in the right place.  If you've done it, made it, got a van load of oily t-shirts and have decided to give something back by sharing your knowledge or wisdom,  then you're welcome too.
If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
Just like a living tree, it'll always be a work in progress.
Please have a look around, sign up, share and contribute the best you have.

See you inside.

The Arbtalk Team

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