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  1. Axe-throwing!!

    Apparently so
  2. Caritool broken again

    Which size? Never broke the big one yet
  3. Today’s Budget

    Haven't looked at it yet but caught the thing about the tax on houses, doesn't sound a great idea
  4. Suffolk/Norfolk Treebods

    Don't really know Fram all that well sorry Sean. I can tell you there are some pretty impressive trees just down the road at Helmingham estate though.
  5. Just thought I'd share this photo taken of a guy in shakopee MN.

    Clearly he read my ladders in tree work thread
  6. Do you use a head torch in winter?

    Sure, always keep on in the glove box for first thing in the mornings and in the yard at the end of the day if needs be. Had cheap ones, now I stick with Petzl
  7. Stihl 150T chainsaw attachement point

    So here’s my fix. There’s a recess hidden away inside the saw which you can find when you take the side casing off. Threaded a quickdraw sling through and out a shackle on it to stop it coming out. Job done
  8. What's the longest you've spent throwing a throw bag?

    I would have enjoyed it 10 years ago
  9. What's the longest you've spent throwing a throw bag?

    That’s the one! getting it to come back down over the thick ridged bark was the issue
  10. What should a subby groundy bring to the party[emoji848]?

    Groundy should turn up with their own saw im my opinion, and be paid accordingly. Honestly can't imagine anyone wanting to turn up without their own saw anyway. Most company saws are used and abused, highly unlikely they will be sharp when you take it off the shelf, and even if it is no doubt its been sharpened badly since day one and won't cut in a straight line. If you're self employed you should be largely self contained.
  11. What's the longest you've spent throwing a throw bag?

    no amount of practising seems to help with me, i'm either on it on the day or i'm not...much like my pool playing. Although saying that there was always a sweet spot on the pool table, usually after 4 pints, so looks like Drew's advice isn't far off!!!
  12. woodchip needed for horse charity

    Nettie, will your requirement for woodchips be ongoing or are you just looking to fill this barn as a one off?
  13. Stupid mistakes you've made doing tree work

    I did that with an old scheisling chipper years ago, bent the draw bar
  14. Stupid mistakes you've made doing tree work

    Possibly year Shane, sorry


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