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  1. Steve Bullman


    no surprise there
  2. Steve Bullman


    Sorry to hear that Gary. Any underlying conditions if you don't mind me asking?
  3. some of it is, but not by me. Been picking up what I can from stalls outside peoples gates on our walks
  4. Moroccan cous cous for lunch. It’s pretty crap
  5. Lamb stew on tonight with local bought lamb shoulder. leek, 2 onions, celery, carrots, potatoe, tin of chopped tomatoes, 2 garlic bulbs, Oregon and rosemary, salt and pepper, chicken stock should fall apart in around 6 hours
  6. What’s this virus you speak of?
  7. Wouldn’t worry too much, if this keeps up too long most of us will be bankrupt in 12 months time anyway. That’s why I just ordered my daughter a digital piano bnpl 😂
  8. Simona took the baby for check up yesterday, she told the doctor about us being ill and even he said he believes it could have been it.
  9. Hope you feel better soon, keep us posted. all the symptoms sound exactly what we all had at Christmas so I’m still holding on to the hope that we already had it 😀
  10. In case anyone missed the email from hmrc, vat won’t be deferred by default. To take advantage of it you simply need to submit your vat return as normal but cancel your direct debit.
  11. saw several empty antibacterial gel bottles discarded roadside whilst on our walk yesterday. Also bizarrely seems to be a massive increase in the amount of discarded dog poo bags. The only thing I can conclude is these people just don't walk their dogs normally.
  12. How many have you seen fail exactly? Surely there’s be loads of accidents and deaths reported if that were the case. Or are you referring to the tiny hairline cracks?


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