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  1. Tree surgeon on bbc2

    Just caught a snippet of this, who was it does anyone know?
  2. tip sites

    Lovely thanks
  3. What do you use to tie off your rigging blocks?

    Do you mean a portawrap? Just a split tail and timber hitch here
  4. Kiwi Klimbers

    Never assume!! That's my advice...sorry not much help! i bought some for the geckos that fit fine. Do they only do one version?
  5. What type of MEWP and why?

    These are one of the best for tree work if the terrain is level. There really is no one machine thats best for everything. Just too many variables in this job, same as the age old arguement of what the best arb truck is
  6. tip sites

    Perfect ta. Keep em coming guys
  7. Where am I ?

    i'd say feltwell if the ground was flatter. Some other American air base?
  8. Assessing root compaction and dysfunction

    Interesting post David, thanks for sharing. I really must get over to the heath some time!
  9. Wolf bypass tree lopper

    Thats the one Darrin, well done! I always forget to look on Amazon for some reason
  10. knot and hitch catagory

    Havent transferred them over quite yet, it's a big job
  11. tip sites

    It will be public else there's little point. Understand your concerns though
  12. Wolf bypass tree lopper

    The ones to go on the pole I was after
  13. Today's job

    Ooops looks like I picked the wrong today's job thread
  14. Wolf bypass tree lopper

    Almost wish it so sometimes!


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