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  1. Sold a freelander a few years back to a Pole on eBay. Turned up on an artic to collect, and there were already 3 other freelander in there.
  2. And typically the decay will be worse at the level of the brackets
  3. Can’t really tell what height it’s been taken at in the pic. Do you have the full report? It should say
  4. That would be my approach. Sure you could look at a reduction to make it safe short term but all you’re going to be doing is creating an ugly tree which is going to require constant maintenance. Best to get shot and replace with something that’s going to look nice
  5. More info on tree. Picus is worthless without it really.
  6. There’s always work on this industry for hard working people with a can do attitude, regardless of the part of the country you’re in. experience will be your let down but as hard as it is to find decent workers, I reckon most employers would overlook that for the right person who puts in the required effort consistently
  7. Well this is news to me...its going to change my life 😀
  8. pretty sure Erdogan has heard different. Just had a missed call from Turkey, obviously they are looking to recruit tree surgeons in their fight against the Kurds
  9. He's a member here, bare roots was his name I believe
  10. Thanks guys. Probably should have known that one
  11. What software are you going to....update of the existing or something completely new?
  12. One of my developers could build something im sure, but im not sure if it would come in under budget or not
  13. Just took a look. The pricing isn't exactly transparent but from what I can make out it seems quite a bit more expensive than some of the other options


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