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  1. Where all the Tracked Chippers?

    you should be making use of the classifieds here
  2. Stolen and recovered Boxer loader

    Was hoping to see them catch the thieves red handed
  3. Feels like summer.

    Very cold here today but bright and sunny, perfect working weather
  4. Can you safely rig trees with kretz?

    Anyone would be stupid to tell you YES to your question. In my time I have rigged plenty of Beech trees with Kretz however but have always taken care to not rig anything too large or cause any shockloading. A mewp or crane would almost certainly be the safest option
  5. trainee Arborist

    Danny, please stop posting the same message on every single employment thread you can find. Most of these ads give clear instructions what they want you to do, in this case email a CV or you can send a private message to the poster
  6. Mr

    moved it for you Danny
  7. My first chainsaw...

    husky 357 and it was nothing but a pig. Took it into the saw shop numerous times over a 2 year period and it always come back running crap still. Eventually I took it to a different mechanic. It came back a different saw and cut like a dream. 2 days later it seized
  8. Just saw this on a friends facebook page. What an original idea
  9. Chip tip site leven fife

    This is the nearest I have unfortunately
  10. First saw and equipment

    You could always leave, rather than insult new members. Thanks
  11. New Laser scanning technology can help 'weigh' trees

    7 miles seems very hard to believe
  12. First saw and equipment

    theres so much choice, as said find a dealer and try stuff on, but you can narrow things down a fair bit if you set yourself a budget. You get what you pay for though.......most of the time
  13. Theives

    Thanks for the heads up, and welcome to the forum
  14. Can you chip up Ivy

    How have I never heard of this before?


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