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  1. Calling all Arbtalk old school. (and new)

    i'll be there, staying at the travelodge
  2. Is there a good clinometer app for measuring trees?

    nope, im useless at jommer tree
  3. New Hilux Tipper on Order

    Smart looking truck mate. The 60mph speed limit didn’t put you off?
  4. Another picus Test trial day

    Picus Test this morning on a large cedar which shed a large stem years ago. should have also been doing the sequoia beside it but the hammer broke 😲
  5. New hitch minding pulley from ISC

    Anyone seen this? Can't quite get my head round the design really. Unique 'Kidney' aperture: allows for a wide variety of Karabiner connector shapes and will allow rotation of any Karabiner allows for multiple Karabiner connections at one time allows for a Karabiner to 'centre' itself depending on where the load is applied- and allows Karabiners to 'self centre' during climbing manoeuvers, which is helpful with DdRT climbing when climbing up to a 'large limb' allows for a perfect spot to anchor a 'Sternal' anchoring device (Karabiner, hook, Chest Ascender, etc.) for use in SRT climbing on ascent with a Rope Wrench. This connector in the 'Kidney' aperture will self align to the most efficient spot and can be removed and attached easily allow the efficient use of the Pulley as a 'trolley' and allows for self alignment of an anchoring Karabiner in the 'Kidney' aperture when used in this configuration. The Phlotich can be used effectively for 'Double Crotching' or setting up efficient mechanical advantage systems due to the multiple attachment points and the ability for multiple Karabiners anchored in the 'Kidney' aperture.
  6. Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    What sort of money for the tracks? I suspect you could claw some of it back hiring them out too?
  7. The chainsaw of the future

    @STIHL GB whats the max recommended guide bar length please?
  8. The chainsaw of the future

    I’d go for the 550 personally, if it truly cuts like a 661 then it’s basically replaced the 461 and 661 at the same time
  9. The chainsaw of the future

    mmmmmmm 461 RRP £869 + vat 661 RRP £1001 + vat I'm going to hazard a guess at £1039 + vat
  10. Is there a good clinometer app for measuring trees?

    well according to the video above thats not entirely accurate, or the laser wasn't one of the 2.
  11. Is there a good clinometer app for measuring trees?

    Well i bought this one to try. Doesn't look promising so far
  12. Is there a good clinometer app for measuring trees?

    Thanks Darrin, have you used it and verified it?
  13. Tokyo Railway Treework

    Nice. They do seem to love their rigging over there
  14. Does anyone know if there is a decent clinometer app available for measuring trees? I've searched the app store and theres various ones but with no reviews. Ideally looking to find someone who has used one and verified the results for accuracy against other methods. Thanks
  15. Stihl battery kombi unit



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