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  1. Steve Bullman

    Zig zag slipping

    2 years is good going. You must climb really slow or something
  2. Steve Bullman

    Zig zag slipping

    Yep sounds like you’ve had your money’s worth out of it
  3. Steve Bullman

    Zig zag slipping

    Not as bad as that! As above, how old is it and what is the rope? my first one start creeping slowly after about 18 months
  4. Steve Bullman

    Rigging ropes

    Yes Samsung do bigger, my point was their roles are colour coded. Their 19mm is orange I think
  5. Steve Bullman

    Rigging ropes

    That rope looks like a 19mm to me. I don't think stable braid comes in blue at that diameter?
  6. Steve Bullman

    Rigging ropes

    Is it 19mm? Could possibly be Yale double esterlon
  7. Steve Bullman

    Introducing The Sure-Track MT3 Tracking Device

    I've spoken to suretrack and they have given some advice. I expect you have already followed this, but will go over it anyway Main thing is to thoroughly clean the area of grease before installation, and once applying the unit to the sticky take to make sure you hold it for at least 30 seconds to secure. Also make sure the area you are applying the sticky tape to is flat and that the whole of the tape is being used, otherwise you can run into problems. The magnet option that you have tried isn't necessarily stronger than the tape, and it appears thats not solving the option for you either. One option would be to position it so it is wedged between 2 parts. Someone with a Forst would be better placed to suggest an option here though (hence you started the thread) Is using cable ties to secure it in addition to the tape feasible?
  8. Steve Bullman

    What's the going rate for block paving

    I assume it was including vat. I can't imagine they wouldn't be vat registered.
  9. Steve Bullman

    Introducing The Sure-Track MT3 Tracking Device

    Sorry to hear you are having problems Kev. I haven't had any other complaints so far so I assume there is an answer. I will get in touch with Suretrack direct although it sounds like you already have been.
  10. Its been nearly a year since Google introduced the change to their web browser which marks sites without an SSL certificate as 'not secure'. This brief article explains what an SSL certificate is in simple terms, and why you should make sure your website has one. https://arbtalkmedia.co.uk/4-reasons-why-you-need-an-ssl-certificate/
  11. Steve Bullman

    What's the going rate for block paving

    2nd quote it is then. That’s what I needed to know, thanks
  12. Steve Bullman

    What's the going rate for block paving

    Not after a budget job, although by the sounds of it my quote is on the higher side of things after all. £1430 was his quote for that area
  13. Steve Bullman

    What's the going rate for block paving

    Did that include excavation, type one, curbing, removal of spoil etc?
  14. Steve Bullman

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    Awesome shots
  15. Steve Bullman

    What's the going rate for block paving

    Approximately 18


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