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  1. Add yourself to the tip site directory
  2. Twisting my words a bit there Mark. What I actually said following our conversations where you were complaining about your lack of success on Tinder was that ‘Grindr might be a better app FOR YOU’. Absolutely no help to the OP as usual
  3. There’s new sites added daily. Always worth checking again. Looks to be a few nearby
  4. At last, one that I can't kill! Bonsai Tree 10281 | Creator Expert | Buy online at the Official LEGO® Shop GB WWW.LEGO.COM Let your creativity bloom
  5. Steve Bullman

    Tommy’s tip

    Outstanding choice of beer sir
  6. Usual story. Hopefully not a sign that work is drying up. Its been exceptionally busy for months now despite the current situation.
  7. You'l have to start over i'm afraid Thomas.
  8. You can add yourself to the tip site directory if you have the means to cut up wood yourself (and the space for someone to tip it in your driveway) https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  9. You need to add your site here https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  10. If that even. They can grow pretty quickly in the right conditions
  11. The wheels of new development continue to turn at GreenMech, with 2021 starting in style - a raft of new woodchippers are on the way to meet the demands of today’s professional arborist. With the full effects of the Stage V Emission Regulations coming into force in June 2021, GreenMech will be introducing a range of new engine options across their popular Quad and Arborist collections, along with some more exciting additions to their revolutionary EVO series. With June being the revised cut-off date for the manufacture and sale of pre-Stage V engined units, GreenMech is ready to introduce new compliant diesel engine options along with extending their petrol offering across some of their most popular ranges. 2021 sees the introduction of a 25hp Kubota diesel engine in the QuadChip and QuadTrak 160D models (replacing the non-compliant 34hp engine), along with a 37hp petrol option for the QuadChip and QuadTrak 160P. Fitted with the 37hp Vanguard petrol engine, the 160P machines offer comparable performance to the diesel-powered alternative, but at a reduced cost. Further up the range, we will see the introduction of the new Arborist 200P – powered by a 57hp Kubota petrol engine. The Arborist 200P will boast impressive torque and pull-through from the massive 200mm x 280mm letterbox opening, making it ideal for handling large quantities of bulky material. Alongside engine upgrades, GreenMech will also be launching further expansions to their proven EVO 165 series. Since the original EVO 165D came to market, the evolution has continued with a tracked variant and more recently the introduction of a SUB-750kg petrol machine. Joining the line-up in early-2021 will be the EVO 165PT - a fixed-track model with the 37hp petrol engine – and a SAFE-Trak variant of the original EVO diesel model which will become the EVO 165DST. In addition to the new tracked models, the EVO concept of powerful bite, torque and throughput will be extended further with a new 8-inch product line. The EVO 205D will feature a Stage V compliant 50hp Kubota Diesel engine and new GreenMech “Smart Sense” Controller – for intelligent feed speed and a Smart Economy option for optimising fuel economy. Available at launch in road-tow format, SAFE-Trak and SURE-Trak versions of the EVO 205D are due to follow later in the year as replacements for the legendary 19-28 models.
  12. Grounds Maintenance Contractors Weedfree Landscapes have reported a 95% reduction in servicing and workshop costs thanks to switching to Aspen Alkylate Petrol. For the last two years, they’ve been using Aspen to power all of their 2-stroke equipment which has not only contributed to more efficient machinery performance, but made for a safer and cleaner operator experience. Weedfree Landscapes undertake a wide variety of ground and winter maintenance services for a number of commercial customers in and around the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. Commercial Director Tim Bower explains that he was familiar with the Aspen product but that it was following a demonstration at SALTEX that they decided to trial Aspen 2. “Straight away we noticed the reduction in noxious fumes. For the operator this brings fantastic health benefits, especially during prolonged periods of exposure, but it also makes for a cleaner working environment which is desirable when we’re working in public spaces such as schools for example.” Being virtually free from sulphur, benzene and solvents, Aspen Alkylate Petrol is 99% cleaner than regular pump fuel when comparing the level of hazardous hydrocarbons. This means that Aspen burns cleaner, not only reducing the harmful impacts for the operator and the environment but helping to preserve and extend the life of engine components. “Without doubt, we are definitely seeing a reduction in the number of faults and replacement parts we’re using. With Aspen being premixed with a premium biodegradable 2-stroke oil means you know you’re getting the perfect mix every time eliminating issues with equipment clogging up, reducing downtime and giving us quite substantial cost savings.” Tim orders Aspen by the pallet, which is then stored safely on-site in a dedicated cabinet meaning it couldn’t be quicker or simpler for the team to fuel up for the day ahead. “There’s no unnecessary trips backwards and forwards to the filling station which again results in more time and cost savings. When you begin to add up the savings that come with using Aspen – the convenience factor and the associated financial benefits, together with the improved efficiency of our machinery, it really makes commercial sense.”


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