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  1. I’d always avoid using anything belonging to the customer
  2. A bog standard plastic bin was always my favourite method. Can't get as much in obviously but a lot less faffing around and they last forever.
  3. STIHL has launched an updated set of breathable and comfortable safety boots, designed to support and protect wearers when undertaking gardening and landscaping jobs. Enhancing its current footwear range, STIHL has manufactured the updated steel toe capped S3 safety boots to comply with the safety standard of footwear EN ISO 20345:2011, with additional features such as anti-static protection, puncture protection, oil, fuel and water resistance, energy absorption in the heel and mid heel penetration resistance. For optimal comfort and protection, these light-weight safety boots boast additional ankle support, a replaceable insole and steel cap protection that can resist a 200-joule impact, assuring the user's safety while wearing the boots and operating gardening and landscaping equipment. The S3 boots are made with durability in mind, featuring breathable fabric and quick drying textile lining with a padded collar, making them the ultimate gardening footwear for any weather. With an excellent grip on uneven soils and a rough profile sole, any outdoor job can be completed with ease while maintaining a stable and secure grip. Available in UK sizes 5.5 - 13, the S3 safety boots have an updated design with reflective material and strips on both sides, enabling greater visibility when working. These boots are not suitable for chainsaw use. For more information on STIHL’s extensive range of footwear, please visit www.stihl.co.uk.
  4. Carr’s Billington Safety is now offering its customers Jameson Tree Trimming Pole Kits as part of its ongoing commitment to providing quality equipment for professional arborists, landscapers and telecommunication line workers. Jameson made their first fiberglass pole in 1956 and is the preferred pole of choice by professionals in the arboriculture and telecommunication sectors. With an extensive line of poles in the range there’s one suitable for every job, from landscaping and professional tree care to line clearance and ariel construction. Carr’s Billington Safety has 10 complete kits available, comprising poles and accessories, detailed below, for retailers to choose from helping to reduce the amount of SKUs held and simplifying the ordering process. There are three categories that the Jameson Kits fall into, as outlined below and colour coordinated for identification purposes: JE Series – suitable for telecommunication, line clearance, arborist and landscape professionals. Non-conductive composite ferrules enhance dielectric strength from top-to-bottom, improving user safety while performing tree trimming and line-clearance around overhead utility lines. Each pole is individually tested to 100kV/foot for 5 minutes. The foam core protects against moisture and debris. JEC-Series Foam Core CompositLock™ Poles, Pole Saw 1.75” Big Mouth Pruner Kit: £712 ex VAT. JEC-Series Foam Core CompositLock™ Poles, Pole Saw 1.25” Pruner Kit: £687 ex VAT. BL Series – suitable for arborists these poles are batch tested to 100kV/foot for 5 minutes, highly durable and lightweight. BL-Series Lightweight Hollow Core Tree Trimming Kits – three kits to choose from priced at £500 ex VAT, £458.33 ex VAT and £433.33 ex VAT. BLC-Series Hollow Core CompositLock™ Tree Trimming Kit. RRP: £433 ex VAT. LS Series – these poles haven’t been dielectric tested and are suitable for light duty landscaping by professionals and homeowners. S-Series Hollow Core Landscaping Tree Trimming Kits – three kits to choose from priced at £241.67 ex VAT, £208.33 ex VAT and £162.50 ex VAT. More information on the Jameson offering can be found on the Carr’s Billington Safety website.
  5. Wasn’t there someone asking about these a couple weeks back?
  6. Agreed. Looks like one of the thornless varieties
  7. Congratulations rob. That’s flown by!
  8. Thank you Just checked the date of your listing, you've had to be quite patient!
  9. Based on some of your recent posts I think I might have come up with a suitable option
  10. Always used to keep mine in my front leg pocket. Never had ay issues
  11. Is it Cheryl Cole? Plenty work here for experienced climbers!
  12. As a longstanding manufacturer in the industry, Timberwolf prides itself on providing the industry’s strongest customer support network. This network has been further strengthened today with the appointment of Charlies Groundcare as its newest dealer. Established in 2008, Charlies Groundcare specialise in golf, turf, commercial mowing equipment, agricultural machinery and, supported by the Timberwolf team, are now extending their established experience into the arb sector. Charlies Groundcare offer equipment sales and technical support throughout North Wales, mid-Wales, West Midlands, and Shropshire via its main dealership in Welshpool, Powys. Following the appointment as an approved Timberwolf dealer, prospective and existing Timberwolf owners alike will be able to easily access wood chipper demonstrations, technical guidance, and servicing. Charlies Groundcare have a number of trained technicians, as well as a fleet of support vans fully fitted with the latest equipment and technology, ensuring Timberwolf owners will receive an efficient and premium service when they need it. Guy Marshlain, Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We recognise that a customer’s experience with a dealer is an integral part of buying into the Timberwolf brand. Charlies Groundcare, with their technical experience and strong customer service, are truly committed to joining and supporting the Timberwolf community and we’re delighted to welcome them into our dealer network.” Timberwolf have over 30 dealer depots incorporating over 220 Timberwolf trained technicians across the UK. The service engineers from Charlies Groundcare will join the rigorous Timberwolf training programme to ensure that they too can fully-support Timberwolf owners to the high standard expected. Ross Holloway, Charlies Groundcare Manager, said: “We are delighted to become the newest member of the Timberwolf family offering this market leading product alongside our extensive range of equipment. We pride ourselves on exemplary aftersales service and look forward to extending this to the arb community. “We look forward to working with the team at Timberwolf, to provide demonstrations and support our new customer base.”


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