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  1. The UK’s leading manufacturer of professional wood chippers, Timberwolf, has been recognised as a member of the Made in Britain organisation. Accredited to businesses selling goods that have been manufactured or have undergone a final substantial change in Britain before sale, Made in Britain is the official collective mark for British manufacturers. From its purpose-built manufacturing facility in Stowmarket, Suffolk, Timberwolf specialises in the design and manufacture of professional wood chippers for the arboricultural and horticultural sectors. For over 30 Years, Timberwolf has manufactured industry defining commercial wood chippers to meet the needs of the arboriculture industry, promoting and embodying British engineering and manufacturing excellence. Chris Perry, Manging Director at Timberwolf, said: “Timberwolf wood chippers have become renowned in the UK and in export markets for engineering excellence. “Everyone at Timberwolf works incredibly hard to deliver unbeatable power and performance from every machine and to be a part of a collective promoting British engineering is very important to us.” According to a recent Make UK report, manufacturing in the East of England contributes £17.8bn to the UK economy and employs over 244,000 people in the region.* Recognised for their contribution to the regional economy, Timberwolf were awarded the Large Business Award and Business of the Year Award in the 2019 East Anglian Daily Times Suffolk Business Awards. Timberwolf machines are designed in-house by a team of nine engineers and the company is committed to inspiring future generations to work in the Engineering and Manufacturing industries through supporting six in-house apprentices as well as attending local career fairs. An innovative business approach is at the heart of Timberwolf’s success and longevity and is clearly demonstrated by its position as the only UK manufacturer in its sector to use a flow line system, increasing flexibility and efficiency through production. As products move down the production line they can be adapted at short notice according to the needs of customers. A high standard of manufacture is maintained through an in-house Quality Control department, ensuring all components are fitted correctly to the machines as they are assembled down the production line. The change to a flow line system has revolutionised Timberwolf’s output, improving production capability from 20 machines a month to 30 machines per week, an increase of 640%. Timberwolf has highly skilled in-house fabrication and Quality Control teams to ensure exceptionally high-quality standards are maintained for bespoke machine components. In-house fabrication accounts for 10-15% of components depending on the model of machine, and includes critical machine components such as roller boxes for hydraulically fed wood chippers and track components for their tracked wood chipper range. Using an in-house team for the fabrication of these bespoke parts means quality standards are kept exceptionally high for these critical components. Timberwolf machines are renowned for their robustness and strength and this is directly attributable to the skills, knowledge and dedication of the fabrication and production teams. The company is committed to helping support local suppliers with more than a quarter of suppliers located within 25 miles of Timberwolf’s Stowmarket base, and 50% of suppliers within 75 miles. In addition, almost 90% of externally sourced components are supplied by British-based companies, with over 60% of components from within a 100-mile radius. Timberwolf’s success and commitment to innovation drew the attention of the London Stock Exchange Group who, in 2019, identified Timberwolf in their ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ report. An annual report celebrating the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses over the last three years, with companies representing over 40 sectors and spanning every region of the country included in the prestigious list. Timberwolf was selected as one of five businesses nationwide to represent the engineering and manufacturing sector, while also being highlighted as a leader within the manufacturing sector. Chris Perry, Manging Director at Timberwolf, said: “We have seen strong growth in our Export markets over the last 5 years and we now export nearly 50% of our machines outside of the UK. “British Manufacturing and Engineering excellence is valued highly in international markets and the addition of the Made in Britain mark, which our products will wear with pride, will help strengthen our ambitious international trade goals and let any customer know that their machine is made to the very highest of standards.” For more information visit www.timberwolf-uk.com or follow @MyTimberwolf on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  2. Haven't had enough experience with Husqvarna to truly give a fair assessment. I did have both husky and stihl version of the first top handled saw though. There wasn't much between them really, but what set the Stihl apart was the small guage chain. Also it was noticeably quieter than the Husvarna, with the latter having a more annoying drill like whirring sound. I suspect its similar with most manufacturers at the moment, but I know first hand how much time and money Stihl inparticular are investing into the whole battery range and its development so I would say its certainly a safe bet.
  3. Put yourself on here https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling/
  4. Agreed, most certainly a willow of some sort anyway
  5. Well I think taking everything to account thats been said i'm going to give the Einhell range a bash. Just need to get that trade account opened at Wicks now
  6. Quite a haul, sorry to hear that
  7. Steve Bullman


    They were quite likely the pfanner boot cut that were out for a couple years
  8. Steve Bullman


    Worked with a guy who did that. Even went in the pub with it one day.....I believe he thought it made him look cool. Did try to explain to him that he could probably be arrested for that. The guy wasn't cut out for life really 😂
  9. Steve Bullman


    Thats the great thing, you always know exactly where it is without even needing to look. I made a video several years ago now of the Sawpod in use. Actually sawpod held a contest here for the video, with one of their fleeces being the prize. My video won * * It was the only entry but we won't dwell on that
  10. Sluggish? It’s a flipping pick up truck j, not a sports car! Congratulations on taking the Navara for a test drive....pigs do fly after all! 😁
  11. Long time no read Ben. Hope you've been keeping well. Good luck with the comps!
  12. No idea, not by that username if they are I don’t think
  13. We’re happy to announce that Arblease celebrates 10 years of trading in 2020! Over the last decade we have operated in the world of arboriculture forging solid relationships with manufacturers, importers and dealers to create an effective, and very popular, website to give our customers fast access to machinery and vehicle images, technical information and realistic finance figures at low fixed rates. We are 100% impartial and aim to give our customers full access to useful information and finance figures on all of the leading machinery and arb vehicles available in the UK leaving the customer to decide what suits their business best! We have funded over 7800 new & used machines and vehicles over the past 10 years and now enjoy the company of many thousands of customers throughout the UK. To celebrate our 10 years in business we have decided to reward our loyal customers for the rest of 2019. All existing customers who use Arblease from 1st Nov until the 31st Dec will receive a FREE £25.00 amazon Voucher and Arblease will also make a £10.00 donation to Macmillan Cancer Support. You can finance any new OR used machine or vehicle at the same fixed low rates! To find out more about our reward scheme visit our website or give us a call. Finally, thank you to all of our clients and our network of machinery dealers, importers and manufacturers for your business. We wish you all the best for 2020! Matt Potter Arblease Director
  14. That’s a crude option I hadnt considered. As it happens I reckon there’s just enough timber on this pallet to do the job
  15. I haven’t, know a man who has though


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