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  1. Steve Bullman


    @Ian Leach
  2. Kingwell Holdings are pleased to announce the launch of their brand new dedicated forestry equipment plant hire website. Featuring the largest range of forestry plant hire in the country, from whole tree chippers to small stump grinders - all with nationwide delivery. Kingwell has been in the forestry business since 1987 and have been responsible for bringing several innovations to the industry which have literally helped change the landscape as we know it. Some of the largest capacity wood chippers, shredders, and mulchers available in the country, along with experienced operators, allow even the smallest of companies to take on the largest of jobs, all with no capital outlay, insurance or maintenance costs. In addition to forestry machinery hire, Kingwell are also pro-active in helping their customers win their work with: Advice on pricing all types of contracts and work. Assistance with logistics. Advice and assistance on how to sell your biomass products into the marketplace, to help recoup hire costs. Don’t be put off from taking on the larger jobs due to lack of equipment and experience. Contact Kingwell Hire and transform how you work, as well as being able to tackle large site clearance, chipping, stump grinding and mulching work. Visit Kingwell Hire to see the full list of equipment available
  3. Steve Bullman

    Sub contract climber Available

    Did you call Steve?
  4. Steve Bullman

    Small saw recommendations?

    I’d take a look at the smaller dolmars in that size saw. I forget the model numbers but speak to @shavey. They are fantastic little saws
  5. Steve Bullman

    Mechanical prusiks/prusik replacements

    Go with the zigzag. Its the only one that you can jump straight into with pretty much no adjustment period. It feels and acts just like a hitch, unlike the spiderjack and lockjack which are both good devices but can be quite sensitive and take some getting used to.
  6. Steve Bullman

    Need some help!

    Thats the perfect solution to most problems
  7. Steve Bullman

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    You've obviously never seen this one Mark
  8. Steve Bullman

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    @Climbergiorgio non puoi diventare più figo di cosi 👍
  9. Steve Bullman

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    This is a classic Giorgio. I edited the original post to embed the video
  10. Steve Bullman

    Poisoned Tree?

    Yep, more commonly known as Round up
  11. Steve Bullman

    occupational health of arb

    Speaking of mental health, anyone able to help out this mental health charity near Watford with free wood chippings?
  12. Steve Bullman

    The Word of Rigging

    Great video. Missed this when you first posted it somehow
  13. Steve Bullman

    The BIG C .

    Sorry to hear that Stubby, keeping fingers crossed for you mate
  14. Steve Bullman

    RIP Wendelspanswick

    wow, sorry to hear that. He seemed a decent guy from my minimal interactions with him here. Thanks for letting us know Bob
  15. Steve Bullman

    New sthil reviews

    The 500i has been in action for a while in the guise of a cut off saw. I expect the teething problems are already out of the way


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