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  1. Took my son out today for some twin rope training. What a time to be alive 🤔
  2. Ps, if you take your website down the listings will be removed automatically over time
  3. You can do all of this in google console. Do you have google webmaster set up for your site
  4. STIHL has updated its HSA 94 R and HSA 94 T hedge trimmers, now offering professional users reduced vibration and sound levels, as well as a new EC motor and the ability to connect to STIHL’s new Smart Connector 2 A. STIHL’s most powerful cordless hedge trimmers are available for professional users, where both models boast a new EC motor featuring embedded magnets, leading to improved durability. The new motor also has an automatic motor rotation reversal feature, meaning the blades can be released if they become jammed in an extreme application, preventing blade damage and downtime. The HSA 94 R delivers a lower blade speed for cutting thicker growth and managing tougher hedges, while the HSA 94 T offers a faster blade speed more suited to trimming ornamental hedges neatly and efficiently to leave a fine finish. Both tools feature 3 blade speed settings, allowing users to choose the ideal blade speed for any task; up to 3,200 rpm on the R version and 5,000 rpm on the T version. As well as the tool's impressive performance, the hedge trimmers also provide high levels of operator comfort, as both models include rotating multi-function control handles for side and top cutting that are quick and easy to adjust, allowing for improved user comfort and reduced wrist strain when working for long durations. With a low weight of just 3.9kg for the T version and 4.1kg for the R version, the hedge trimmer is perfectly balanced, allowing for easy handling and operation. In addition, both hedge trimmers have a loop handle with an inner switch that prevents one handed operation and improves safety levels. STIHL's AP batteries and AR backpack batteries can power both tools - and for optimal performance, both trimmers will be ready for use with STIHL’s Smart Connector 2 A, plugging directly into the machines control unit where valuable data can be transmitted to any smartphone or tablet within range via Bluetooth. More information on STIHL’s Smart Connector 2 A coming soon. For more information on STIHL’s HSA 94 hedge trimmer models or its extensive range of cordless machinery, please visit www.stihl.co.uk
  5. Don't start Will. Fish puns have been done to death on here already! Off you skate
  6. You must be mistaken Pete. I saw an article a few weeks ago saying there would be a Christmas tree shortage because of brexit
  7. There’s no set time, that’s not how it works I’m afraid. If you’re after wood chips on your terms then the only way is to find a source where you can purchase to order
  8. You added your listing 15 days ago!! 😂
  9. Raycos are great machines. I clocked up quite a few hours on the RG50 several years ago. Will be good to see them being pushed by Green Plant.
  10. Unusual for the government to be disorganised
  11. Haven't updated the Arbtalk Media site for a little while so heres a couple of our most recent projects. If you would like to discuss your existing site or have a requirement for a new site feel free to get in touch for an informal chat. A M Tree Surgeons specialise in mechanical removal of trees with their custom built grapple/chainsaw/crane combo. https://alistairmagee.co.uk This one isnt my own design, but the existing site was built on an outdated framework. This site was rebuilt from scratch within a day using the existing design and content. https://livingtrees.co.uk/ Not a tree surgery site for a change. Deborahs Dog Day Care is based in Avening, Gloucestershire and provides holistic animal services as well as a day care and dog walking service.
  12. Guy was too wrapped up in what he was doing. Good solid rabbit punch, he wouldn’t have seen it coming


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