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  1. No house alarm, perhaps I should go down that route though
  2. Is this a 50/50 split of profits with the chipper owned between you? You will struggle to command a rate that will pay 2 chiefs anything more than a 'wage', unless you are particularly lucky with your clientel. In other words there will be zero room for any sort of growth. Thats the hard truth of the matter.
  3. Of course, just click the add new tip site button here https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  4. You need to list your site here https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  5. I stuck the tube at the entrance to their cage and they went through it pretty quickly. i thought I would ask here rather than a rabbit forum as rabbit owners can be pretty ludicrous. The typical answer would be that they belong in the house with us!
  6. I have a little project on the go while the other half is away. I have a bit of space to the side of my garage that is basically going to waste so I want to make it into an outdoor rabbit area so they can always be out. Currently they are in the back garden and we let them out of their cage for a few hours each day, but then it means we have to keep the dogs locked up. So heres the plan. I am going to excavate the area out, put down steel cage/wiring on the ground, cover it with a layer of top soil and then turf over the top of that, so they can't dig their way out. I will also make a few mounds with tunnels etc in the area. The fence to the side I will be attaching wire mesh too so they can't get out there either. The top will also have wire panels, so the whole thing will be pretty secure. I have made a hole into the garage and will be constructing a 2 story hutch in there so they have somewhere dry and safe to sleep, and can basically come and go as they please. All in all they will be quite spoiled rabbits as far as freedom goes. My concern though is rats. The most obvious thing I can think of is to replace the tubing I currently have going into the garage with a microchip catflap, which in theory should mean that they can quickly get to safety in the event of a rat finding its way into the enclosure. My concern is that they wouldn't get away in time, although rabbits are pretty scatty so i'm guessing they would run to safety at the first sign of movement. I can't really think of any better options than this at the moment so thought I would ask you guys.
  7. I believe thats more used in aerial rescue scenarios @MattyF if I recall right you just anchor off a maillion clipped to the ascender. Back up the ascender obviously.
  8. You will mainly get nothing but time waster on facebook but its free so may as well have a page, likewise with Twitter and Linkedin. Take a bit of your budget away from google ads and invest it into SEO for your website. It will pay dividends in the long run
  9. Hmmm thats interesting info. I was actually quite interested in the Raptor, despite it having a Ford badge on the front. This is a bit of a deal breaker though
  10. I looked into these, pretty sure that the new dolmar has the same cutting gear as the old robin, which is really what made them the hedgecutter they are. I still have a Robin, and now I have retired I hope it will last me for all the hedge cutting I am ever likely to do! Speak to @shavey
  11. Yep. Its all about having a good accountant, and one who knows limited companies
  12. Sounds like your feet are shrinking. I would defo go get checked out by the doctor as i'm pretty sure impotence follows immediately after.
  13. Its basically exactly the same as your ipad, but makes calls aswell


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