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  1. Bet you a tenner it’s the usual reason 😀 welcome Seth
  2. Are they noticeably cooler? Feel sorry for the poor lad having to wear type c's 😁
  3. Adding to its extensive range of clothes and toys specifically designed for young children who love the outdoors, STIHL has launched a battery powered, fully functioning toy blower and brushcutter, giving young STIHL fans a child friendly power tool experience. Suitable for children from three years old, the design of the toy blower is based on STIHL’s popular BGA 57 machine, featuring three length adjustments to help keep the blower tube close to the ground for optimised blowing force. Not only does the trigger mechanism playfully reflect the operation of STIHL’s AK tools, but the toy blower also has a light blowing force for clearing a small amount of leaves, allowing kids to help out with regular garden tasks. The new toy brushcutter is modelled on STIHL’s popular FSA 57, featuring length adjustment and an adjustable handle to suit any children’s height and give them the best user experience. Offering hours of fun in the garden, the new toy brushcutter has added blade lights during operation, giving a clear view of the cutting diameter for an accurate ‘cut’. Both toy models feature cordless batteries that mimic STIHL’s professional Lithium-Ion range, which can easily be inserted into each machine and offers a power indicator gauge for an authentic cordless power tool experience. For more information on STIHL's extensive range of children’s clothing and toys, please visit www.stihl.co.uk.
  4. Looking for a pair of chainsaw trousers for my lad whose starting college soon. Has anyone used both of the above and can give a comparison please? Not interested in any other brand.
  5. STIHL has extended its range of service kits for chainsaws, which covers many professional machines, enabling arborists and forestry professionals to carry out simple routine engine maintenance themselves, ensuring maximum machinery uptime for the task at hand. Recently introduced for the powerful forestry MS 261 C-M petrol chainsaw, a popular machine amongst forestry workers, STIHL’s service kits make routine maintenance quicker and easier, allowing forestry professionals to not only maintain the optimum chainsaw performance, but also increase the tools reliability and longevity. STIHL's service kits contain everything needed to carry out routine servicing on a STIHL petrol chainsaw engine. The service kits include an air filter, spark plug and fuel filter. The kits also come with a QR code and short URL so users can quickly access how-to videos that provide step-by-step instructions for replacing the air filter, spark plug and fuel filter. 21 variants of service kit are available, covering the most popular STIHL petrol chainsaws as well as KombiTools, hedge trimmers and brushcutters. For more information on STIHL's new service kits, please visit www.stihl.co.uk.
  6. cheers for the ins recommendation. I called them and they don't want to insure me because I'd be working with other guys and we'd be classed as self-employed and not technically covered by the estate's own insurance. After reading the forums it seems this is a bit of tricky area to navigate because its not easy to know when someone is properly self-employe when sub-contracting and to know when or if the contractor falls under the umbrella of the main business insurance. 


    Tnanks again



  7. Try Forestry Contractors Insurance Wouldn't like to say what it would cost you. Its usually based on turn over, My last premium was about £400 from memory.
  8. Had my first attempt at decking yesterday so I’m actually ultra qualified to help as it happens 😀
  9. I know stihl sponsored something very much like this at Westonbirt. Might be worth pinging them an email
  10. Good thread, will be interested how you get on. I was offered a silly high price for my Navara as a trade in with Nissan back in March. Almost took it but glad I didn't, specially when the government announced the higher tax claw back in the following budget
  11. That was a rare sight in 1996! One for the wank bank for you I take it? 😀
  12. The whole trees turned brown? Can’t say I’ve ever come across that. 2 trees on the same site also seems suspicious, might be worth investigating further
  13. Those bulging columns of lighter bark is the tree doing what it can to fix itself. There’s nothing more to do on your part at this stage


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