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  1. echo has launched the world’s first chainsaw with Auto Choke. The CS-352AC is an all-round rear handle chainsaw, with the patented Auto Choke feature enabling quicker, easier and safer starting. All that’s needed is one pull, regardless of the engine temperature, and the chainsaw starts first time - without the risk of flooding the engine. The chainsaw has a 34.0cc professional-grade echo two-stroke engine which provides powerful cutting with low emissions and low noise levels. The Auto Choke comprises a solenoid valve on the engine’s carburettor to control the amount of fuel depending on the engine temperature, giving optimal performance in all conditions. The usual steps of pulling and pushing the choke, starting with partial throttle and pulling the throttle trigger are all dispensed with. The chainsaw is started on idle speed, making it altogether simpler for infrequent users who want to operate their chainsaw without the need to adjust the choke before starting. Combined with echo’s ES-Start system you get fast and effortless starting. The CS-352AC is ideal for pruning and cutting firewood. It is built to echo’s usual professional standards for optimum performance, durability and ergonomics. Another key feature of this saw is the professional-grade anti-vibration system, which improves user comfort without sacrificing on power. The inboard clutch enables both easy bar and chain replacement and easy maintenance. Additionally, a large cassette-type air filter, with an aerodynamic air passage, reduces dust discharge entering the airflow into the engine. The CS-352AC comes with a 90PX (0.043 gauge) chain for smoother and faster cutting. echo power tools come with a five-year domestic warranty or two-year warranty in professional use. You can find out more from your local authorised echo dealer. You can also visit www.echo-tools.co.uk or call 01844 278800 for more information
  2. Nah can't see it working. Theres just not that many big tree removals happening to give you a full diary I wouldn't have thought. You will always end up having to fill in the time with reductions etc. I feel your pain though, reductions are an arse. Dismantles are the only really enjoyable part of the game, for me anyway.
  3. You must have missed the above post. I'd never keep watering them 😀😀
  4. Is this fast growing? I don't want to stick something in thats going to give me loads of maintenance....im particularly lazy these days
  5. You need to add your address to the tip site directory https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  6. Any videos in action? .)
  7. You're not allowed to do that anymore, thats 'work place bullying'
  8. Probably should have failed more if the truth be known.
  9. Not suggesting doing nothing by any means, I just think the signature route will lead nowhere.


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