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  1. As per the title. I think mst of us so far have been relatively unaffected, in fact the opposite seems true in most cases...people are rushed off their feet. Even so, I think theres bad times ahead and it pays to have some ideas up your sleeve. I have a few things i'm working on, hopefully one (or more)of them will pan out, and always looking for new ideas. I did post the other day about my partners teething product business that I am helping her with, but thought it would make a good subject of its own in the general chat section. Branching Out During Covid-19 | Arbtalk Media | Websites for Tree Surgeons ARBTALKMEDIA.CO.UK Like most people, here at Arbtalk Media we have been assessing the situation in the world, wondering where to go...
  2. After last time I’d like to think most people keep at least one large pack in reserve. There’s not really much of an excuse to be caught short a second time round. our Tesco’s was completely sold out today. Also limiting stock on certain items
  3. Yep go ahead, that’s what this treads for. And welcome!
  4. Not disagreeing. Was just Throwing an alternative view in the op
  5. Or....maybe people did learn! Maybe the people panic buying this time round and the people who found themselves doing without last time due to not being adequately prepared. Just a thought 😀
  6. Haecksler manufactures its compact wood chippers in Europe. This month, the progressive brand is introducing its new models. The machines are built on an extremely strong frame to prevent deformation and vibrations, and are equipped with a Honda 13 hp or Briggs & Stratton 18 hp engine. The maximum branch thickness is 9 cm / 3,5". For the best longevity, parts that are not in-house design are purchased only from top brands in their field: Honda, Briggs & Stratton, SKF, Optibelt, and Schneider. Recent innovations provide even more safety and efficiency. The logo has been renewed as well and the machines are now equipped with safety switches. Haecksler designs and manufactures with a focus on better ergonomics, efficiency and safety for small businesses in tree care and professional garden maintenance. www.woodchipper-pro.com
  7. Crikey, that was an ambitious anchor point. I wonder if he actually had a clear look at what he was anchored into. I can only assume not
  8. Sorry, she's not much use after all, says she doesn't even know what those words mean in English 😀
  9. Write a list here and I’ll ask my girlfriend to translate, she’s Italian
  10. So far Instagram is everything I expected, a bunch of messages from chancers asking to collaborate...basically losers who think they are minor celebrities because they have 10,000 followers and are looking for free stuff
  11. That’s Simona, she was bought up using American English 😡
  12. Simona will be using Instagram for this site. I don’t need it for my other stuff though


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