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  1. Things aren’t looking good. Hopefully it’s just down to people spending £2000 a week for a caravan in Cornwall and next month will be better. Hang in there
  2. I said this to a debt collector once, his reply ‘you’d be surprised how much blood my guys can get out of a stone’ 😀
  3. There’s a right and a wrong way to go about your seo. Please stop this
  4. You actually took the time to go on the citizens advice website over this? 🙄
  5. No one’s had problems with Skyland except for one guy who refused to wear a mask. I suggest if you’re not happy then cancel your order and shop elsewhere. You come across as a bit ‘entitled’, they don’t have much control of their goods once it’s in the couriers hands
  6. If you’re looking for wood to process into logs yourself you can add yourself here https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  7. Happy to talk anytime Michael
  8. Just wondering how you would categorise your niche service? Might have something in the pipeline that would be ideal for you to promote this
  9. Article titled for wood chips but same applies How to get wood chips from tree surgeons | Free Wood Chips FREEWOODCHIPS.CO.UK Find out how to get wood chips from tree surgeons for free using the Arbtalk tip site directory. Register for free today.
  10. That’s almost a certainty
  11. I was pulled up earlier in the year after I had just taxed it a couple days earlier. Flashed up on his anpr as not being paid but when he checked his other records that showed as paid and I was sent on my way
  12. Are you trying to cut the stumps below ground level? If yes, then no chainsaws going to do that, not without a million sharpening breaks. Your best bet would have been to leave the stumps at a meter high, then axe round the stumps and never then over. Sounds like that option is out of the window now also. that leaves you with hiring a professional with a stump grinder
  13. Steve Bullman

    6 Handford Ave

    Please add what items you can accept
  14. In case anyone was wondering what the note said


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