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  1. It not just the diameter but the construction. Mountaineering rope is nylon and not designed to be used in a friction based climbing system. Hence the op described the system he was taught for emergency use. Prusiks just wouldn’t be used in nylon rope otherwise.
  2. Bit judgemental without knowing the details. For example If my house was alongside a busy main road and my kids play area was adjacent to the road I certainly know whose lives would be the priority for me to protect
  3. Anyone happen to have any images of mold on wood chip piles I could have please?
  4. That’s another thread. Take it up with him there please rather than spilling it out into another one
  5. Most outfits will carry on in the rain but it’s not uncommon to pick and choose your jobs. Eucalyptus in particular is no fun at all to climb when wet so I wouldn’t blame them at all for opting for something easier. Danger aside, add in what could potentially go wrong in the way of collateral damage(greenhouses beneath etc)…sometimes it’s just not worth the agro
  6. This is by no means unique to arbtalk. You’ve just summed up the internet
  7. Nothings going to grow a sturdy trunk anytime soon if it’s being regularly pruned. Trunks put on girth to support what’s above it. Poplar probably would have been a good bet, you just needed to let them grow without pruning till the trunks reached the required diameter
  8. Spend has nothing to do with anything. It’s the incoming vat that you effectively have to play with for 3 months at a time
  9. And yet plenty of vat registered companies still manage to carry out domestic work
  10. There’s accountants and there’s accountants. Some are just good at maths and filling out forms, whilst some know how to play the game. Which is yours?
  11. Irrationally angry some might say. you lost me on physician


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