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  1. Steve Bullman

    Weird and Wonderful Wood

    Had meant to but forgot all about it!
  2. Steve Bullman

    Win a year's supply of Aspen fuel at the Arb Show 2019

    And the winning time was?
  3. Steve Bullman

    I'm an iggly, I'm an iggly, what iggly am I ?

    Am I the only one whose going to comment on your camera roll?
  4. Steve Bullman

    Saw milling directory

    Just click on the add listing option and put in your details
  5. Steve Bullman

    Saw milling directory

    Just a quick roll call of the people who showed interest. @Ratman @Con @Conor Wright @CDMR @rich crowther @peckerwood2016 @topchippyles @trigger_andy @Martin du Preez @billpierce @gobbypunk @heather @Jamespepperpot @John Hughes @54gka @kernowstu @farmerjohn @agrimog @Graham w I am at a stage where I need listings added so I can iron out the last few things. If anyone wants in, i'm temporarily offering an extra 6 months throw in for the price of 12. Feedback wanted if you submit a listing, although some of the stuff should be obvious that its unfinished, there may be some functionality you think should be there. I tried to keep information required to a minimum. https://sawmillers.co.uk
  6. Steve Bullman


    I was hoping to pop over Saturday, unfortunately there’s no chance now. Hope it all goes well
  7. Steve Bullman

    Woodchip required for charity

    Hi, you need to add your details here please https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  8. Steve Bullman

    any millers (bandsaw) near Deal???

    Shame there isn’t some sort of milling directory 😁
  9. Steve Bullman

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

  10. Steve Bullman

    Something different

    A true master would have ensured the knots were correctly positioned to form nipples. Must try harder next tems, good effort though 😁 joking aside, thats pretty impressive, and very unique.
  11. Steve Bullman

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    I hope not, she deserves a far worse death
  12. Steve Bullman

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    Too predictable. And it can’t be Arya, she’s had her moment
  13. Steve Bullman

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    The big question now is who will I’ll danareys
  14. Steve Bullman

    sticking out

    Oh its this one by the way
  15. Steve Bullman

    sticking out

    awesome thanks. Watermarks not a problem as im hoping to just cut the timber out of the image. Don't suppose you have a larger quality version of it though? If you could email it to me that might keep the integrity of the file a bit better stevebullman@btinternet.com


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