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  1. The charge is for treensurgeons to use the directory. It is free to add a listing still
  2. 30 + vat. I have set it at a rate that I think is fair. Basically if you use it once and it saves you an hours round trip to the yard its paid for itself. Also going to be pushing the formation of tip sites that pay so there will be more incentive from the sites over time.
  3. Good spot! It was one of those clever spammers who waits for their post to be approved then edits it to add the spammy link
  4. Sorry to hear that John, i hope your average post rate of approx 1 post per week doesn't diminish totally.
  5. Actually the default is what you switched it back to, you just have changed that yourself somewhere along the way 😀
  6. Amazing skill….yet you can’t work out how to navigate a website 😂
  7. It would take a whole lot of £1’s to cover an app unfortunately. I really don’t see how the app makes it any easier to post photos. All I have to do is click on the add image button and it opens up my phone gallery
  8. Not sure how it can be more useful, it totally blocks a lot of the forum features! tapatalk(the app the forum was using) definitely won’t be back. It’s too unstable and I’ve been wanting rid for a long time. There is a native app that might be available, but I haven’t tried it yet
  9. 50-year mortgages are latest idea to fix housing crisis APPLE.NEWS Ultra-long mortgages that could be handed down to children are being considered by Boris Johnson as a way to get young... good idea in theory. In reality implementing this in a country as greedy as hours will probably only result in house prices going up as mortgages become more affordable
  10. I agree the site is better than the app. I stopped using the app years ago. People just need to give it a chance
  11. The tapatalk version yes. Might be something else on the horizon though
  12. Just saw this meme online and wanted to share it, this thread seemed as good a place as any 😀
  13. You basically won the internet today stubby


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