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  1. You certainly don't want to pollard them. If a reduction is the only choice then you should avoid going over 25% Be good to see the entire row. Selective removal and thinning of the rest might well be the better option.
  2. You're right there. Full chisel does cut quicker. I only used semi on big saws as they need sharpening less then.
  3. I think there’s something else going on here. You shouldn’t be changing chains every hour unless you are being a bit clumsy with the saw and hitting the ground often. i wouldn’t have said Scots pine was particularly tough to cut and oregon chain is certainly up to the task.
  4. Also playing devils advocate, do you advertise your business online yourself?
  5. Half of my problem with keeping knives sharp is the marble cutting board but it’s one of my favourite things in the kitchen
  6. Carbon steel gets an amazing edge bit also loses it quite quickly if I recall
  7. That would also work! in my case I was after the best knife for cutting beef to prepare jerky
  8. If you have a pro cook store near you they have these which have a pretty good edge and at 3 for £8 are basically throw away prices. Managed to cut myself a couple times doing Christmas dinner….all adds to the flavour though
  9. I asked a similar question on a butchers group a while ago, figured they’d be the best people to ask. General consensus was Victorinox. Other suggestions were F Dick and Dexter
  10. Thinking about getting a bit more adventurous for my next project and making an indoor slide out of Yew for the little one, something similar to this. What would be the best finish for it to make it nice and slippy?
  11. Onto the next project and preparing some yew for console tables. Need to sell a couple of these now so I can put all the tools I bought through the books 😀


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