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  1. Steve Bullman

    Cutting it with Battery Power

    I don’t reckon mate
  2. Steve Bullman

    Chip Help and Biomass Question

    Have a chat with Justin, he has several options for turning cord into biomass https://Kingwell-holdings.co.uk
  3. Steve Bullman

    Timber dump arb risings water warickshire

    Got a listing on the tip site directory yet?
  4. Steve Bullman

    Can anyone advise me on how to paint my truck body?

    I'd be pretty careful about painting the cab yourself. Seen several home done jobs in the past and they always look crap!
  5. Steve Bullman

    2nd referendum

    And the remain camp have the complete information?
  6. Steve Bullman

    2nd referendum

    I for one am sick of hearing that old chestnut about the flipping bus.
  7. Steve Bullman

    Weight in motion

    2.5 Tekna Now in the 2.3 Tekna which is the new model. Slight loss of power but a massive improvement in fuel economy. I don't drive particularly fast anyway
  8. Steve Bullman

    Still bloody hopeful now £180 per day!

    Best of luck Mike. Its a nightmare!
  9. Steve Bullman

    Weight in motion

    No issues whatsoever, in all liklihood I will end up buying another one. I have had 3 over the past 10 years and have never looked elsewhere. Decided this time to look at the other options. I still keep coming back to the Navara though. New Mitsubish shape out later this year, not sure i'm a fan. Talk of a Ford Raptor also, although its looking a bit pricey.....and well, its a Ford, regardless of how nice it looks.
  10. Steve Bullman

    Weight in motion

    It’s obviously because of the EU
  11. Steve Bullman

    Weight in motion

    I thought it was just a guideline 😁
  12. Steve Bullman

    New Tip Site Directory Now Live!

    Only 16 sites off 1000
  13. Steve Bullman

    Weight in motion

    Is this the thing that detects what vehicle you're driving in and the appropriate speed limit? I'm in the market for a new 4x4 and after 10 years of Navara's i'm shopping around for a change.....this is restricting the amount of available vehicles though. When I was in the Nissan dealer the other day the guy I was speaking to wasn't even aware that some pick ups can only go 70
  14. Steve Bullman

    Free wood chippings west midlands area

    Hi James, Please add your site to our directory, we have hundreds of tree surgeons using this every week https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  15. Steve Bullman

    Our new promo.

    Very nice Tom


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