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  1. I believe there should have been a full stop in your sentence after I’ll. just saying 😁
  2. Big news today, Prince Phillip has died.
  3. Not a humbolt. That’s an upside log you’re looking at
  4. Yep absolutely sure. Like I said you would have to do a lot wrong, chiefly not cutting the back cut close enough to the hinge and then using something overpowered to force it down. I can't see that combination playing out in this scenario.
  5. Some information here on what a tapered hinge is if you're not familiar. https://allabouttrees.com/wp-content/uploads/guides/climber/Felling_Accuracy.pdf
  6. Do it, all your friends would 😀 It does look pretty straight forward, but if you're not confident its probably worth asking someone else to do it. For the record though, the only way thats going to barber chair is if you only cut half way through from the back and then pull it with a 5ton digger. Wouldn't be wasting time with a bore cut on that tree at all. Just get your gob spot on, and your back cut right. Leylandii wood holds pretty well so leave a tapered hinge on the side away from the house which will give you a margin of error, then get yourself clear and hoik it out with a rope.
  7. How long does it take to grind a stump out with one of those?
  8. If I wasn’t 100% sure you were a troll before I am now. Goodbye
  9. Have used both extensively. If you were new to both I’d have recommended the zigzag as it’s super easy to use whereas the spider jack has a bit of an all or nothing feel to it which takes time to master. Having used both I still prefer the zigzag though
  10. Wood chips with limitations would be for example of you were using the wood chips for livestock and don’t want certain poisonous trees such as yew
  11. Yes, really quickly too!
  12. I wish I hadn’t set mine to 18. In fact I wish id just set up an account in my name that I could give them at a time that I felt right, ie for setting up a business or a deposit on a house. My eldest turns 18 in July, I hope he doesn’t spunk the lot on a car and add ons like all his mates are doing. He says he wants to save though and I’m pushing him hard to reinvest it in an isa. I’d rather him do that and I buy him his first car


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