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  1. Presumably it's happened now? How did it go? Also, is that Eddie Hitler presenting the punt gunning video?!
  2. Looking good. Did the water level drop much in the dry may?
  3. Those leaves aren't alder
  4. Slatted and south facing. I have a solid wood store on a north facing wall (not my choice) and wood seasons terribly in it. Split a fairly short sycamore log that had been in there over two years the other day, and it was over 22% moisture (as high as my meter will read) still. When I stuck it in front of the fire water was condensing out of it still.
  5. A polytunnel? I dry a lot of wood per year for my own use in a 2 x 6m tunnel, works really well and cost about £100. Has to be loaded manually though, mine isn't big enough to get a tractor into.
  6. I'm in South Wales and in a bit of a frost trap, we've had 4 or 5 hard frosts in total this year. Winter at the start of 2018 was brutal, -5 and -10C for a week or so. I did notice that several young willow stems I planted last Novemeber ish have got a few dry top leaves, but like the SC in my original post. Maybe that's drought this time around, we've hardly had any rain for 3 weeks or so, and I've only given them the odd slosh in pasing.
  7. I never found out for sure, but my SCs seem fine now. I'd guess frost nip. Don't seem to have it this year, but the trees are older and it hasn't been as cold. We do have some larch around us, part of which has now been felled due to phyopthora. Don't know if this is related, but given that they seem OK now, I still think frost nip.
  8. I tried a bit of drive smoothing with the link box on my little compact tractor. Not easy, but with time the finish was ok. I should've put more weight in the box in retrospect... Loving the pond! Get a fly rod and have a bash...
  9. Shame, it's a really good stove otherwise. Burns so efficiently I only have to clear it out once every month or two, and that's burning all day 85% of the time...
  10. I have a Burley Brampton stove, and run it hot with good dry wood. I still get a build up of stuff on the glass, much worse than my other (Heta) stove which stays lovely and clear. A wipe of the Burley with damp newspaper will clean off most of the residue, but there also appears to be gradual hazing / milking of the glass, which doesn't wipe off. (This is expected, according to Burley, as it's ceramic glass or something). Anyone else find this? Can the glass eventually be replaced with non-ceramic glass that will stay clear? Not a major pain to clean it every so often, but I'd prefer not to have to, and also am a little wary that the hazing will eventually get so bad I can't see the fire...
  11. Thanks, but as my compact tractor is 15HP on a good day, I fear it might be too much for it! Also, I don't really process enough wood to justify it, alas.
  12. What PTO power does it require?
  13. Not to the sim card, but if you have a separate memory card you can take out and look at on a pc, the pics might have saved there...
  14. .308 from 20 yards, for safety!


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