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  1. My Burley specifically says not to try and burn overnight. I don't anyway as I don't like it to smoulder.
  2. I get ash on the glass of my Burley too. Even with a good hot burn. The occasional wipe and it's fine, but it would be nice if it stayed clear. My other stove (Heta Inspire) has a much better airwash system, or at least, the glass stays totally clean.
  3. Looks interesting. Can't help you as I have no experience, but I would have thought there would have to be compromises somewhere to allow for two very different methods of heating...?
  4. sandspider

    Tree time

    Nice looking tree David. The pictures remind me that I'll need to wait a while for my recently planted trees to grow big, and also that I should probably mulch them!
  5. sandspider

    oak for next winter

    Size will still matter, and smaller is still better for more surface area. But I've seasoned wood (not oak, admittedly, but split fairly small) to about 12% in a polytunnel in ~two months over summer. It was a particularly good summer though.
  6. sandspider

    Stove fan

    I saw somewhere that it's more efficient to have a (powered) fan positioned to blow cold air into the room with the woodburner. Cold air is denser than hot, so this will shift more air (and hence warmth) around the house than having the fan blowing from warm towards cold... Albeit at a small cost of electricity for the fan.
  7. sandspider

    Stove fan

    I had a sloping canopy on an old woodburner (also possibly a Villager of some sort) and I managed to make a stove fan work fine on it, at an angle, supported by bits of string! But that was an ancient stove and the canopy got nice and hot...
  8. I've planted some Robinia from seed for a future firewood coppice. The growth is very slow, hopefully they'll take off next year. In the meantime, eucalyptus are the clear winner, shooting ahead.
  9. sandspider

    Wax jacket

    I've got a knock off similar to the ebay one linked. For the money it's a really good coat. Wife has an actual Barbour, and sure, it's a bit nicer. But it's not 10x nicer, and it cost 10x as much!
  10. sandspider

    Decent DIY level battery drill?

    That looks like a beast, Les! I went for this one in the end: https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-brushless-drill-driver/p/082864209100600 50nm of torque, so a lot less than the one above, but a lot more than my current one. And brushless. Only a 1.5AH battery, but additional batteries can be got hold of in theory, and if this one doesn't last or doesn't do the job I need I'll upgrade. Cheers all.
  11. sandspider

    Decent DIY level battery drill?

    Thanks one and all. Lots of options. I don't tend to use them that regularly, so it might be that that finished off the battery in my old one. That being so, probably safer to go for a cheapy Aldi job, and if it dies of over or under use, it's not the end of the world. They Workzone drills do only come with 1.5ah batteries, and 40nm ish of torque, so about half the Dewalt options at Toolstation - but the latter do cost twice as much... Couldn't see an impact driver at Aldi at all, but will look on a proper PC rather than my phone...
  12. sandspider

    Decent DIY level battery drill?

    Hi all Looking at replacing my ancient 18v battery drill. Only DIY work, so not too much, but occasionally heavy- I might need to screw 6" screws into gateposts or similar. (My current drill will only get a screw about 3" in!) New one doesn't need to be 18v. So I'm not looking to spend loads of money, budget maybe £100 ish, but could go a bit higher if it'll make much difference to quality / longevity. Not looking to pay for just a name either. So many brands to choose from- einhell? Erbauer? Dewalt? Makita? Or go cheap and cheerful with worx or Aldi type thing and just replace? Might also get other tools to fit the same batteries in future. Any recommendations please? Cheers all.
  13. Cheers RH. Just got to wait for my SC coppice to finish growing, cut it and season it!
  14. What about the best timber to reinforce the bank of a stream? Sometimes wet, sometimes dry... I (will) have access to living willlow, eucalyptus, sweet chestnut, alder... Leaning towards alder, unless that's better constantly wet? (I seem to remember Venice is built on alder piles, so constant wet may be best). Might also be able to get hold of a few loads of large stones / small rocks, but access to the stream bank in question is difficult for anything large...


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