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  1. sandspider

    greenhouse for drying

    I dry logs in a polytunnel. Works well. No fans or anything, just leave the windows open, one door open and one door unzipped a bit at the end where the rain falls. There's a reasonable breeze which helps and logs certainly dry quicker inside it than outside.
  2. sandspider

    How To Talk Your Wife Into Buying A Wood Mizer

    He seemed to get a bit of a God complex too, he was always right and anyone who disagreed was wrong.
  3. sandspider

    Bark loss after prolonged sunny spell

    Just saw that on some planes near me this morning. Good to know it's not serious, as it didn't look too good.
  4. sandspider

    Considering increasing our Firewood prices

    Is GS really that good? We have oil and wood, and do have a bit of land available. Guessing install costs are fairly high? Is there a FIT or similar to encourage uptake of GS heating?
  5. sandspider

    Advice on cherry picker positioning for wall work.

    Thanks. Sounds good, but quite pricey. I could get a lot of scaffolding for that! Be interested to know how you get on with it and if it works as well as you hope.
  6. sandspider

    Advice on cherry picker positioning for wall work.

    What did you get, and how high does it go / how far can it reach? Can I ask what sort of cost it was? My house has three floors too, and needs a fair bit of work... Could make back the cost fairly quickly in not having to shell out for scaffolding etc. perhaps. Cheers.
  7. sandspider

    Making the news today....

    "I did naht shlurp my orange juice!"
  8. sandspider

    Saplings (??) going berserk in drought

    Looks like robinia pseudoacacia to me too. Also known as black locust.
  9. sandspider

    Strimmer line

    I use a blade for everything! And recently a hedgecutter for bracken, seems to work pretty well.
  10. sandspider

    Trees and drought

    Down in Wales I'm not sure we had that wet a spring. Certainly not lasting standing water or anything I'd expect to damage the roots, but I stand to be corrected on that. Shallow soil is very dry around me, but I've not (touch wood) seen signs of any trees (mature or recently planted) struggling. I have watered my orchard once or twice to be safe. Hopefully a thunderstorm happening at home now!
  11. sandspider

    Trees and drought

    I would have thought the more mature trees (with bigger root systems) would mainly be OK in the longer term, when rain returns. (Unless they have other weaknesses / illnesses perhaps). Newly planted trees may die.
  12. sandspider

    First World Cup memory..

    What's her name?!
  13. sandspider

    Hedgetrimmer blades jamming?

    Cheers spud. If it happens again I'll dismantle and clean more...
  14. sandspider

    Hedgetrimmer blades jamming?

    Thanks Gary. Done that, tightened a loose bolt or two and tightened the nut which holds the trimmer head to the shaft. Blades now reciprocate again! Will give it another go later in the week and see if it jams again, but it's looking better anyway. 😀
  15. sandspider

    Hedgetrimmer blades jamming?

    Hi all I've got an aged Zenoah LRT2300 long reach hedge trimmer which has served me well. It's been stored properly, had the gearbox greased, blades lubed etc. but beyond that I've not needed to do much to it. When I got it out of storage this year, the blades were jammed and wouldn't reciprocate. I assumed they were just a bit rusted up, gave them a good oil and a couple of taps with a large persuader and they freed up and worked fine. It cut as normal for about an hour, then I put it away. When I got it out again today, the blades were jammed again. More oil and a jiggle and away they went again, but after another couple of batches of 30 mins or so of usage, the blades started to jam again. And now tapping doesn't seem to free them up. Engine runs fine, blades aren't too tight as I can ease them apart a wee bit with a finger. Gearbox is greased. If I rev the cutter with the blades jammed the tip of the cutter bar twitches to the right slightly and the engine bogs down a bit but that's about it. What's the next step to sort them out? I've never adjusted blade clearance etc. - perhaps I should! I haven't dismantled the gearbox or anything as I'm hoping it's a simple fix. Don't think it's a driveshaft issue as they cut fine when not jammed. Any ideas please? (I'm not super mechanically minded but I'm happy to have a go!) Thanks.


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