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  1. Anyone used the Lidl one? I'm guessing with a 6.5m/s chain speed it's fairly slow?
  2. Ha, no worries. Seemed like a rather good deal and I was going to snap it up!
  3. Where did you find this? I can only see the Makita bare for £269 on the screfix site!
  4. Yes - I like the idea and handiness of a battery saw, but the cost (for a decent model) once you factor in batteries and chargers is maybe 3 x a basic spec petrol saw...
  5. What saw is it? I was pretty keen on getting the Einhell 36V battery saw, but they don't seem to be making them any more, only the 18v one with much slower chain speed and short bar. I do need reasonable performance, maybe 10m/s plus chain speed. (I have a Titan mains elec saw, 15m/s I believe, and it's a very competent cutter - but I'd like a battery version...)
  6. Thanks. Sounds good, any idea where you got it? And what it cost?
  7. What splitter is the hydraulic one, Stubby? I like the two way splitting, and it looks beefy. What's the tonnage?
  8. Just to say I've got two pairs of cheapy tongs from Ebay, similar to those posted, and they've worked well for me! No trouble at all. Nothing has bent or twisted and I've dragged some biggish chunks around. Personal use only though, so nothing like the use a pro might give them...
  9. When I play it there's still no picture, only sound. Could be me, but most videos on here seem to work.
  10. Can't see the video, can only hear the sound? A tree fell in the wood next to me yesterday, barely a breeze - but the ground is soaked, as you say.
  11. I try and bring mine in a day or two before I use them, and also try and sit them in front of the burner for an hour or so before I put them on, just to get rid of any lingering moisture before they go in the stove. Even logs that I've dried for 9 months in a polytunnel before burning can still seep a bit of moisture when stood in front of the fire. I presume that's moisture they've reabsorbed in the damper winter months as I'm pretty sure they were fully dry at the end of summer. I do live in a damp Welsh valley though.
  12. Jesus. Pretty sure I just saw someone die :s
  13. What did the buffalo say when his boy went off to university? Bison.
  14. I had a tree pack or two from the WLT. No site survey or maintenance requirements or anything, just ordered and paid. (They will give some advice on specific packs too). I was happy with the trees and shelters (and the price), though quite a few of the stakes have rotted off at ground level now - don't seem that good quality.
  15. Cheers all. Will try some logging with the Titan tomorrow and see how that goes on the wrist. Will get a battery saw at some point but might have to use a bowsaw left handed for now!


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