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  1. New Forum feedback

    Hi Steve Any news on this? Is the patch installed? I still don't get individual topic notification emails, but do seem to get more in the daily digests now. Anyone else having trouble with gmail addresses? Thank you.
  2. I thought it was all over.

    Nice work. How long did that take?
  3. Bluebells and Poultry

    Not scientific, but my neighbour has 5 or 6 chickens, and they roam our garden (and the neighbours) on a regular basis. When they start scratching at an area, they like to keep scratching at it. They tend to target moss rather than healthy grass, which I don't mind. Also mole hill soil and other areas of disturbance / easy scratching. I've not seen them targeting any of my bulbs / roots / underground plant bits, but I don't have bluebells specifically. I'd guess they're roaming over an area of a couple of acres, and apart from the odd patch they've grown attached to, there's not much sign of them being there. When the grass starts to grow again and the soil dries out I hope the new vegetation will cover their scratch patches and they'll target new areas. They do lay delicious eggs!
  4. Pics of your milled products

    Like that, my sort of table!
  5. Best wood treatments for shed, and decking?

  6. Best wood treatments for shed, and decking?

    Thanks, but I've tried boiled linseed on outdoor wood before and never found it last very long. Would prefer something that requires fewer applications and lasts well!
  7. Best wood treatments for shed, and decking?

    Thanks HK, will look into those.
  8. Growing firewood

    I don't know at all, I'm guessing! Hence asking here. Someone suggested frost or wind chill, but the tip leaves on the plants which aren't fully brown look to be healthy and green, new leaves growing etc. The seed supplier said they're fully cold hardy (though Ben makes a good point above), I'll get back in touch and ask their advice. Could be two different problems affecting the two different species I suppose...
  9. Growing firewood

    Just to add to this - some of my eucalyptus seems to be suffering from wind burn / frost nip. Browning of the leaves. Hopefully not terminal, but not looking great at the moment. Something to bear in mind, as the varieties I planted (E. nitens and E. neglecta) are all supposed to be hardy to -15C or lower, and it hasn't been that cold. Also, I'm in a valley, so I don't think it's been that windy!
  10. Hi all As above really. I've got a shed and some decking that I'd like to coat with something this summer to keep them going. Shed is fairly old and the wood is dry, so I'll just sand it back and brush something on it. Osmo stuff? Or is that really paying for the name? I don't mind paying a bit more if it'll last longer, but not if it won't! Ducksback? Rustins? Think I've got some creocote somewhere, but IIRC it's watery and rubbish. It needs to look reasonably nice so real creosote is out! Might also have some 5 star anti woodworm stuff, but imagine this is more to kill beasties than to protect the wood? It's the latter I need. Second task is some aged decking, wet and mossy, bit rotten in places. Once it's dry I'll give it a scrub and brush something on it. I'd like it to last a few more years if possible and I don't want to have to dismantle it to patch it up before I have to! Decking oil? Or are there better things these days? (Anti algae would be nice as the decking gets soggy in November ish and stays soggy until March). Chances are I won't have much time for really good prep work, so something that doesn't require really good preparation would help... Thanks for any thoughts.
  11. Your own biomass plant

    Your oil bills must have been horrendous! Our house is 5 bed and old, but 24k would keep us in oil for 20 years or more, and I don't grow enough wood of my own yet to feed a boiler. Even the wood burners can get through a fair amount.
  12. Your own biomass plant

    How much wood do you get through a year? I'd consider a biomass plant of some sort (we currently have two wood burners), but the cost and complexity to install makes the wood burners a lot easier and cheaper in the short term at least.
  13. Hedgelaying pics

    Another nice one. Do you have any pics of them once the growth starts again? I'd be interested to see how they fill out again.
  14. Eucalyptus sapling leaf browning

    Thanks gents. No drainage issues, they're on a slope. It is fairly windy, so that could be it. But it seems that the shorter plants are more affected than the taller ones. Oh well, fingers crossed they come back OK. Will give them a water with something nourishing anyway.
  15. Eucalyptus sapling leaf browning

    Could be, but they're supposed to be hardy down to -15C ish, and it's not been that cold here - snow, but not really hard deep frosts. I'm hoping they'll bounce back, yes. Even the neglecta stems still feel springy and green, not dry and dead. Though there's time for that I'm sure!


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