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  1. sandspider

    Wildflower lawn.

    Thanks, look like a useful site.
  2. sandspider

    Wildflower lawn.

    Thanks. I have some of those, but not all. Where did you generate that list from?!
  3. sandspider

    Wildflower lawn.

    Paddock is fairly fertile clayey soil. Thick grasses. A bit of shade from the west, but it's south facing. No trees in the meadow, orchard is separate...
  4. sandspider

    Wildflower lawn.

    That's basically what I did / am doing, though haven't had time to cut again. Hopefully the rattle will take off next year and the flowers will have more of a chance... Will cut it again later in summer, once I've got the tractor fixed. Maybe I'll put some rattle plug plants in. Bit of a shame as I got the seed from a local meadow conservation organisation, so it should be a good local variety and contribute to a good cause. Not sure I'll be able to find plug plants with local provenance.
  5. Still some odd piles in the NRW woods round my way. (Or there were a week or so ago anyway). Some of them are pretty hard to get to with big kit, however.
  6. sandspider

    Wildflower lawn.

    Come to think of it, I mowed in Jan and must have put the seeds down then, don't think I mowed again after seeding. Maybe I didn't stratify them for long enough in that case.
  7. sandspider

    Wildflower lawn.

    I just dump the grass to the sides, marking the boundary of my meadow. Grass seems to be growing more slowly in the meadow, so I think it's working...
  8. sandspider

    Wildflower lawn.

    I spread my rattle seed in October so they'd stratify naturally. And I planted them into molehills and patches where I'd knocked the grass off with a spade, then kept the grass short so they could germinate. No luck though, maybe next year.
  9. sandspider

    Wildflower lawn.

    I tried to start / encourage a wildflower meadow in my paddock earlier this year. Not much luck so far. The rattle didn't seem to germinate, so the grass outcompeted the wildflower seed I put down. Maybe next year! More mowing and removing the cut grass in the meantime I suppose. I don't cut my lawn too much either, lots of good flowers and bees and butterflies there. People forget that grasses flower if they're not cut all the time.
  10. sandspider

    when is late too late ?

    I stacked some in my log stores yesterday. Been down 6 months or so, but only processed recently. I've got most of it in a north facing log store, but a bit in a south facing log store! Not sure how much difference this will make. Really I should move it to my seasoning polytunnel I suppose, but I don't want to handle it again if I can help it...
  11. sandspider

    Roughing it.

    Thought it was condensed milk and sugar? Or evaporated milk maybe? Anyway, reminds me of my schooldays that does! Delicious. People outside Kent look at me all strange when I mention it.
  12. sandspider

    Site upgrade

    On the bright side, I'm now getting individual topic emails again! Hooray! Well done Steve!!
  13. sandspider

    Chalara fraxinea - Generic thread

    I've got one that looks just like that over my drive. I was hoping it would thicken up, but not so far- and other ash in the area have. I fear it'll have to come down, but hopefully not for a while...
  14. sandspider

    Chainsaws and warm/hot sheds??

    I notice that my (4 stroke) lawnmower seems to lose fuel in a hot shed, unless I close the fuel feed before I leave it. I assume as it gets hot and pressure rises it leaks out of the carb somehow? Shed certainly smells of petrol.
  15. sandspider

    Log Goblins

    Lots of stick insects to feed?!


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