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  1. Tree Of Life. BBC1. 11/02/18. 5:00pm

    Well done, a good turn around and brave to put it on here!
  2. Still looking boys and girls.
  3. Info Card For Customers To Stop Issues

    Exactly! So if they don't have this sort of info about their logs I'd be inclined to go elsewhere. And even if they do make something up, I can then test the logs and if they don't match the promised moisture figure I've got firm grounds to complain. If they just say the logs are seasoned, to me that means <25% moisture at least, hopefully <20%. But to them that might just mean it's been in the shed for a few weeks.
  4. Log Stores - How much?

    Smart sheds! Did you just sink the poles in the ground, or is there some sort of foundation there? Thanks.
  5. 're building a bow top wagon

    Didn't someone on here do a thread on wagon building / rebuilding?
  6. Info Card For Customers To Stop Issues

    As a firewood buyer, this would be helpful. I've had several loads recently, been told they're very dry, seasoned for 2 years or whatever, and most have been over 25% moisture. Some over 70%! This isn't just because the logs were delivered in the rain (though one load was) but I think because they haven't been properly seasoned after splitting. Surface water from rain dries fairly quickly and easily (as long as the logs are stored out of the rain and with some airflow after delivery), but internal moisture is more of a pain.
  7. New Forum feedback

    Still getting an email for every post?
  8. eco fans

    How much are you after for each model? Are they new?
  9. New Forum feedback

    Since the latest update (yesterday?) I now get an email for every post on every topic I've subscribed to. I used to get one email per topic until I visited the forum again?
  10. Making the news today....

    Even on the Grauniad the most popular comments are against the author of that article. Left wing click bait!
  11. Best/Fastest seasoning of firewood

    Doesn't the above only apply if the tree is felled in summer? If winter (and broadleaf) sap levels will be low anyway, and transpiration fairly minimal?
  12. Also looking for a good seasoned log supplier in the area? Had some loads that were wetter than I'd like...
  13. New Arbtalk server change

    Got ya, makes sense.
  14. New Arbtalk server change

    The directory of firewood suppliers doesn't seem to work any more, just takes me back to the firewood forum?
  15. I have a YM1600, and while it's a bit less powerful and a bit lighter than yours, I wouldn't want to lift 1000KG with it! A 185KG mower on the back can be a bit of a handful on slopes, with 40KG of front weights.


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