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  1. sandspider

    Habitat piles?

    I can't see a way that a habitat pile could ever be bad... (For the environment that is)
  2. sandspider

    Log drying kiln idea

    My dehumidifier (a decent brand, but not commercial) claims to remove 10 litres of water a day. In practice it will do 1 litre, maybe a little more. This is at about 80% humidity, 20C ish. Manufacturer's figures are wildly optimistic!
  3. sandspider

    Log drying kiln idea

    I'm by no means an expert, but I think you'll just be blowing warm, moist air around your logs. If you don't figure out a way to release moisture (without losing heat) I'm not sure that will help much?
  4. sandspider

    Preservatives for fresh felled wood

    That wasn't on wet wood, I'd imagine it would be worse on wet wood which is moist anyway?
  5. sandspider

    Preservatives for fresh felled wood

    I used creocote a while ago on a log store. Sold the house a year or so later so can't check on the store's condition, but the creocote seemed watery and weak when I put it on. Proper creosote much better.
  6. sandspider

    cricket bat willow wanted

    Got ya. Just thinking aloud, I've never made a willow basket!
  7. sandspider

    Liquid gasket type stuff

    Bryco can get the gasket! Fairly pricey compared to the US one, but at least it's in the right country. Just waiting to hear from a local place who could also do the fitting, if necessary...
  8. sandspider

    cricket bat willow wanted

    Would it not be easier and cheaper to make baskets from narrow / young willow rods, rather than buying expensive mature cricket bat willow that you've then got to cut down into strips?
  9. sandspider

    Wood chip and log drop Painswick

    Did think it might be a bit far, unless you're coming back this way anyway!
  10. sandspider

    Wood chip and log drop Painswick

    I'm just over the bridge near Chepstow if that's any good to you?
  11. sandspider

    Liquid gasket type stuff

    Cheers, I'll try them too. I'm building quite a comprehensive list of small diesel engine part suppliers!
  12. sandspider

    Over wintering chainsaws

    I just drain most of the fuel off, idle saw until it stalls, pull the starter a couple more times to be sure and put away. I'll also pull the starter cord every so often just to move the bits and pieces around over winter and stop things getting stuck in place. It's worked for me, so far!
  13. sandspider

    Liquid gasket type stuff

    Many thanks for all the suggestions. Engines Plus don't import Yanmar stuff any more (good quick response though!), Barrus do now - and they can't get parts for it. Still waiting to hear from a couple of other suggestions. If I can't get a proper gasket sounds like one of the liquid types is worth a try. I did strip the tractor down over the weekend, and got as far as the rocker cover - it didn't come off easily so I decided I'd wait until I have a gasket or some sort of replacement before I start splitting things!
  14. sandspider

    choosing a replacement wood burner

    I've got a bigger Burley, 8KW nominal I think but ~12 peak. The moisture meter that comes with it protests about wood that's more than 16% moisture, but it actually burns damper wood without problem - just a smidge less heat, obviously. It really does punt the heat out anyway, and having just had mine swept, there wasn't much clag in the chimney, even after a long winter of burning "dry" logs I bought that were not. (Once I ran out of my own properly seasoned stuff). Though I did do my best to stack em by the fire for a day or two before burning. Does get through quite a lot of logs, but it's heating a big cold room. Oh, and the draw on my flue is pretty bad when lighting, but fine once it's going. Agreed re room kit, no one needs a cold draught down their bum crack when feeding the stove.
  15. sandspider

    Ride on mower vs tractor and topper?

    Thanks chaps. As above- approx costs and can they cope with slopes? Also, can they cope with towing a small trailer? Perhaps I'm better off with a (newer) tractor!


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