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  1. That's impressive. Is he using Samurai swords?!
  2. Don't go Mac, waste of money for the OP's level of usage. Equivalent PC will serve you just as well with very basic care. My old Acer laptop (Windows) must be 5 years old and is running fine, cost me about £400 IIRC. I use both Macs and PCs at work and really don't get on with the Macs, everything must be done The Apple Way or it just won't work. Also, our main video processing Mac cost about 7k. The equivalent PC we use now cost about 4k and works faster and better. (Though the PC does use different software, TBF).
  3. I'll risk the legs, it's my goolies I care about!
  4. It's going in the polytunnel anyway, and I shouldn't need to use it before winter '21!
  5. Thanks all. I'll be splitting with an axe not a splitter, so unlikely to pop myself in the goolies! Will make a start on it when I find time.
  6. Hi all I had an ash tree felled in December last year. Do I need to split the rings quickly? Or does ash get easier to split as it seasons? I think it might get easier, as some of the rings are already opening up, but don't want to make life harder for myself by having it set like rock before I can get to it! Cheers.
  7. Sounds good, be interested to see how it goes.
  8. Are you not going to sell the small offcuts from the milling any more?!
  9. I have similar feelings. They're fun to watch, and plant acorns all over my little patch of land. But as and when they start nibbling my young trees I will do what must be done! I've put too much time and effort into my trees to want to lose them or have them damaged.
  10. Tvi, do you have trouble with grey squirrels? Can't recollect seeing them mentioned here, but as the thread is now 47 pages long, I may have missed a bit! Thanks for all your efforts, it's a great read. Merry Christmas!
  11. I've cut logs for my own use for years. Never had any formal training, but I do have a helmet and ear defenders, chainsaw trousers and steel toe capped boots. I also have a healthy respect for the saw, and err on the side of caution. I won't do something if I'm not sure I can do it safely, so I usually get someone else to fell anything of a serious size and process the wood once it's down.
  12. I bought some "seasoned" logs a couple of years ago. They didn't look very seasoned to me, so I stacked them, grain vertical, in front of the stove for a couple of hours, only to find them sitting in puddles of water. Never used that supplier again, and am now seasoning my own instead, which are much better.
  13. I was there quite recently. Lovely tree & building, though the cafe was a bit full of hipsters!


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