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  1. I'd be interested in an idea of cost, please? Feel free to PM.
  2. Another vote for Titan. As said above, they go on offer every few months or so which will save you £15 or £20 off the normal price.
  3. I use a 1.1m topper on a 17 ish horsepower compact tractor. Does a good, efficient job on blackthom, bramble, carpet, plant pots, the edge of a sheet of wiggly tin... (The latter 3 were by accident, but I'm surprised how powerful it is). The finish it leaves isn't super neat, but it would be better if I mowed with slower ground speed, I imagine. Or mowed more often.
  4. I've used a Forest Master 7 ton electric duocut for 3 or 4 long sessions recently. Worked well for me, there wasn't much (including some fairly gnarly arbwaste) it couldn't split. Much better than a Clarke Logbuster I've used previously, though that was I think only 4 tons or so, and only split from one end. Forest Master costs about £400 I think.
  5. Following with interest, as I've considered doing similar with quite a lot of sawdust. However, I seem to remember you need a lot of pressure to compress sawdust enough for the lignin to bind together and make something log like. Not sure a 2 ton jack will have the oomph?
  6. I don't use much two stroke fuel, 1l is probably enough for me for a week or two.
  7. Found them: Plastic Oil Measuring Jug With Pouring Spout, Lid and Cap - 1L - WWW.TRADECOUNTERDIRECT.COM
  8. Oh, and are they petrol tight do you know?
  9. They look good. What are they called / who makes them? Thanks.
  10. Just had a quick glance at the sample pages - alder and willow have always burned well for me, as long as they're dry. Poplar I think will burn fine too if dry, but it likes to absorb moisture when it can, so often isn't dry. Also, I question how importing wood from Namibia can be sustainable?
  11. What's the worst that can happen... (In my experience, oil and wood chip all over the floor!)
  12. Not to worry, sorted it with isopropyl alcohol into the oiler hole, a poke and a good rev!
  13. Did you ever get this sorted? Mine's not oiling now either! Bar grooves and oil hole are clear, oil filler cap vent doesn't seem to be blocked...
  14. I was quoted £1.47ppl yesterday, albeit for a baby tanker due to access issues, and this bumps the price up. Hopefully oil prices seem to be easing now, so we'll just turn the heating down and wait a week or two. 🤞🤞
  15. If it's split small, and stored out of the rain with decent air flow it should be fine.


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