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  1. josharb87

    what is this cut?

    Huntley hinge or tongue and groove felling cut. Stops the butt hitting the floor is one advantage only real advantage imo. I believe ts useful with palm trees which don't have traditional hinge fibres.
  2. josharb87

    What Tracked Chipper???

    Little bit. the Swedish Jensen dealer has matched the best price I found in the UK. “Only” 5k difference between a först tr8 45hp with winch (although unsure if it’s hydraulic or electric) and a Jensen 540T with hydraulic winch and 50hp engine upgrade. So so between those two it’s the jensen Still waiting for the TW230 price, mates rates but the other partner who’s on holiday needs to agree. Its a heavy lean towards the Jensen right now
  3. josharb87

    New Website.

    Whats the "book online" tab all about? I click on it, expecting to be able to book some milling, and get this message "Nothing to book right now. Check back soon." Confusing! Get rid of that Wix advert at the top (guess you'll have to pay) and have the Angus Milling part (with the introduction bit) first rather than the gallery. Stick your number in the introduction bit too.
  4. josharb87

    What Tracked Chipper???

    Ive thought about it Joe, but my mate, who happens to be the TW dealer now, has gone from a 230 - 280 and back down to a 230 for his demo machines, thinks it suits our worksites better. a 230 will still be an upgrade in capability to a 530
  5. josharb87

    What Tracked Chipper???

    @swinny i do and i don't regret selling the 530, good machine, but it was getting old, i earned good money when i sold it, and i was hankering after a step up in capacity. Easier said than done finding a decent 2nd hand 540 with the 50hp engine, fair few with the 37hp
  6. josharb87

    What Tracked Chipper???

    Waiting to hear back from timberwolf, but a new Swedish Jensen is well and truly out of the running, 48k +vat for a 540 varitrack 50hp upgrade and with winch compared to 30+ plus vat for a ST8 45hp with remote controlled winch
  7. josharb87

    What Tracked Chipper???

    Thanks for the replies so far Conor, interesting you say the greenmechs been unreliable, never really heard about them being unreliable before. I think the Bandit might not be the right machine, nimble manoeuvrability is pretty important to me. S o c, the 230 sure is impressive, and apart from the odd horror story seem to be lasting well. Thanks Mick, how'd it compare performance wise to your först? Ive used the smaller, 16-23 safe track and was really impressed with that, guessing the 19-28 is even better. Good to hear your machines been good Chopper Brown, and you're pleased with yours APB. The backup in the uk is renowned to be awesome, but im in sweden, and very much doubt the back up will be half as good as the uk, the new swedish dealer is 6hour drive away. TW is 30minutes to my east, Jensen 30 to my west and only heard horror stories about the Greenmech dealer here unfortunately.
  8. josharb87

    What Tracked Chipper???

    What tracked chipper is the allround best? Ive recently sold my Jensen 530T. I liked its physical size, but spruce tops were a pain (lots of spruce here) Im now considering buying new, or used if a good deal. New options are Jensen (personal favourite) the 530T 37hp, or the 540T 50hp, both fixed or varitrack, both with hydraulic winch. Or Timberwolf 230VTR +winch. I don't consider there to be any other new alternatives. However, I've found a few used machines online, TW190TFTR 45hp, Greenmech 19-28 45hp (both about 500hours, both ex hire) and the wildcat, Bandit 75, 45hp 900hours (although the size is off-putting thinking about it) Offroad ability is pretty important. Not really interested in Först, never used one but they seem to be a poorly made Jensen copy where you really NEED the 3yr warranty...correct me if i'm wrong? Is there any news on the vermeer 190 being on tracks? Anyone any views?
  9. josharb87

    the 'todays job' thread

    Yeah the metal flag orientates the chain, and shows you the orientation too. the double sided chain you posted can still orientate itself on its side, you need that metal flag in my limited experience. It is expensive, but for me, its paid for itself this week already. Sorry to hear about your back @bigtreedon
  10. Done as soon as I got the mail! Been contemplating making king my own chains for a while, will be interesting to see how they turn out, and how much money is saved
  11. josharb87

    Homemade BigShot

    Considering the price of the tried and tested models, and the risk of serious injury of a home made one, why would you make your own? (genuine question!)
  12. josharb87

    the 'todays job' thread

    Hopefully a video in the link to my company’s Facebook page
  13. josharb87

    the 'todays job' thread

    A throw line, with a special chainsaw chain in the middle with alternating facing pairs of cutters. Also good for hung up trees or trees on power lines. Can even cut through if the compression is on the top side, it doesn’t jam. you'll be very sceptical to it until you try it, then it’s a great tool to have.
  14. josharb87

    the 'todays job' thread

    More trees on houses, Using a throw saw a lot, its been awesome, reducing the end weight significantly before climbing (if necessary). all but the big spruce, after removing as much as possible, sat up a few inches from the roof. The big spruce needed the hilux and a 3-1 system to pull it up off the house. Last job, hung up pine, ended up tipp rigging it from the aspen, cutting at the bottom over the fence. Biggest praise there goes to the aspen for holding a tree bigger than itself! All the jobs have been going incredibly smoothly
  15. josharb87

    Stump grinder teeth yellow or green

    Nah, you need to change the wheel too. Change the wheel =new bearings so it’s a costly exercise but if you’re keeping the machine for a while yet want more performance it’s worth it. Can’t comment on eating bearings though.


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