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  1. So it’s not for private “cars” just light commercials?
  2. belt drive upto 35(ish) HP then the benefits of hyd drive take over The wee tracked hyd drive vermeer for example is woefully underpowered, yet the wheeled belt driven vermeer with the same motor is a great all rounder.
  3. Looks sensible. Last used one of those nearly 10 years ago, diesel, not sure about the size. Good tough little vans Better to have a good nick older vehicle than a buggered newer model.
  4. Pickups are over rated IMO. Only really useful if needing to tow more than 3ton AND NEED 4x4 to do so. Far more kit space, security, comfort in a wee van sounds like a 4x4 van would be best a mates 4x4 caddy went in the snow and ice where I went in my previous hilux, tbh I think the caddy faired better than the hilux (both on studded winter tyres)
  5. have a look at my previous post on the previous page. You still need to be careful of course, and always clear snow off the ramps and trailer bed before driving on them
  6. josharb87


    Whats the restrictions/differences to other countries?
  7. I thought it was the Hägglund’s tracked 250(?) that was dismantled post show
  8. josharb87


    You’d just need to have the central weight biased to towards the rear axle to lift the front up, don’t think it’s biased past the tailgate to self tip, would have stopped him going on the road had it done that though!
  9. josharb87


    Smart thinking there, stick a ton on the roof, to keep the trailers nose and vans back end down Another overloaded ifor, belonging to “traveling British business men” 🤣 7,5ton Lorry weighing in at 12,9 ton and trailer came in at 4,7ton
  10. Tarrif rates depend on specifically what it is, spare parts, service items, consumables we’re all different %. I think the last order was about 1100, and about 5% import duty on top. however I think @Big J has said that a harvester was very low duty, but a forwarder astronomical. So it really depends on the specific product.
  11. Yes brought in the UK, viva la European Union! I still buy consumables from Global Recycling, there’s now customs to pay but even then it’s still far cheaper
  12. That sounds like a very good return for such a machine I’ve done 200hrs in nearly 3 years with a bandit ZT. 5 months a year it doesn’t go out (frozen ground) No idea what it’s earnt but tbh normally aim for 1k a day including travel etc. At a guess of 4 machine hours per day, that’d be 50k so similar to yours but a lot less effort and I’m valuing my body more and more. purchased new for 15k yearly costs of 1500 for teeth and belts, 400 insurance and a guess of 4liters per hour


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