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  1. Agree with above, and a 10 second google search
  2. Anyone any opinions on an older (1990) Antonio carraro tractor with a 27hp Perkins 3 cylinder motor in? Motors a KH80475 What to look for and what to expect on these alpines? Front steer, front lift (not loader) front and rear hydraulics
  3. Your client would struggle to move brash effectively with a 1,5t digger and a bucket. Likewise, you'll struggle to dig a hole with your machine so not really a comparison imo! what's the transport costs? £70+vat+fuel+transport sounds very fair. A touch cheap but much more and it'd perhaps start to be unattractive - at the moment you and your machine are the cost of 2 guys, so you and the machine needs to be doing the work of 3 guys to have happy customers.
  4. Course or no course, you'll be working your way up. Having the tickets will make it easier to get given a chance.
  5. josharb87


    He'll obviously be running it as a LGV, CE licence, O-licence, running it on white, regular vehicle checks, same as any other road haulage outfit 😇
  6. josharb87


    I still feel sorry for jack, had it been a load of chip or logs weighing exactly the same no one would have battered an eyelid! Wet chip weighing in at 400kg m3 in an 8m3 chip bin, 3200kg! In hindsight, customer adding on the extra work, time limit and no delivery possible from the merchant could have been a chance to make more money, you could have made two trips and charged double the transport cost that you’ve charged the customer now. coulda, woulda, shoulda
  7. josharb87


    Snowflakes mate, “oh look, a thread called overloaded, I bet I can get offended by something in there!”
  8. So land rovers gonna flog their jumped up skoda yeti for the wrong side of 50k, a mate on Facebook priced one up with basic extras to 67k, yet Tesla’s pickup will start at $50k or £40k I know which one I’d rather have to mount kerbs and park on grass verges!
  9. Well I was gonna quote you liking it as land rover hitting their target audience mr middle class office boy 😂
  10. Looks like yet another school run SUV landrover should rebrand to city rover
  11. The transporter doesn’t hold weight well i run close to option 3. Biggest legal capacity weight wise and volume wise, most expensive setup too though option 2 plus the tipping trailer would be most versatile
  12. Not fit for purpose comes to mind how many hours?
  13. Finn that worked for Tom D? I’m looking for help mid September - Christmas maybe in the new year too but January is the new financial year and looking to take it easy. North of Stockholm If thats any interest send an email
  14. Plenty in Europe, so it’s doable


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