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  1. 2. Fluent in Swedish, 3 months of twice weekly evening classes, then just trying. As a consequence i can understand Norwegian, especially written and a little Danish (If Swedish is the queens English, Danish is like trying to understand a drunk Irishman dipping in and out of consciousness) Tourist level of french - its amazing how nice and helpful the French are if you try, even try badly! I found it quite cool once knowing Swedish and a little French, you can kind of work out written text in other languages too.
  2. The rim is in amazingly good condition considering the state of the tyre the side walls are still stuck to the rim there’s something fake about the pic
  3. Send them an email if you're not sure. Just a thought, couldn't the would be thief just release the retaining clip of your tow ball, use a short strop to "hitch up" and be off with the machine even if fitted with the lock? If so, it'd be worth changing hitch too
  4. Concrete, cement and bricks are quite popular Hops would look pretty cool
  5. It came with the skinny chain mick, I think I’ll try with the little stihl file for the 150t at 3.2mm I’ll definitely give Echo tools more of a chance in the future (got the little hedge cutter which is neither great nor bad)
  6. After 2 150s I’ve gone to Echo for the mini saw, and very happy with it! (I bottled out going electric, fear of the battery’s going kaput in the cold weather in winter) ordered with the smaller bar and chain, and first impressions are that it’s a far better saw than the 150, the 150 feels restricted, this doesn’t. could do with a slightly shorter bar, not that it can’t handle this one, it’s just a bit overkill for pruning only complaint is the on off switch is backwards!
  7. A Griffin Survivor case doesn't help when the phone gets left on the back of the pickup the tailgate gets shut . . .with the phone in the way. An Otterbox doesn't help when you leave the phone on the chippers tracks, then drive away. An Otterbox doesn't help when you drop a dumbbell on it. So yeah, in the truck is safest!
  8. If it’s rows of this sized trees all in a heap there’s no way 2 guys will be feeding whole trees, let alone 12” (this was the last time it was force fed btw!) 78B8DCCE-061F-4BAF-B4DC-6AACD7E96256.MP4
  9. Ive an 8" Jensen and occasionally crane feed with an Alstor (he places the tree on the hopper and i manually give the last 12" a push in). Our productivity quadruples at least, plus we're not knackered at the end of the day. This would be one man doing 3 mens job, 6 months and the crane has been paid off with saving staff costs
  10. So would a 6" greenmech be better?! 😇
  11. The 69hp one is 3300kg and i think i remember rightly my dealer saying it was in the region of 120k inc the crane. (probably at a vastly inflated Swedish price mind) The RC crane was 20k alone i think. All plus vat i guess. Id hope thats list price, pre hefty discount Looks like quite a specific machine for a specific customer, im sure that on the job it's been designed for it'd be awesome!
  12. Get a proper trailer, twin axle, and keep an eye on Blocket for "camper mover" or "camper trolley" (I think i know who you are and you're in Sweden?) Little remote controlled tracked trailer movers, they crop up 2nd hand every now and then
  13. Seen a few pictures of this chipper the past few months, thought it’s worthy of a share on here! Diddnt realise how big it was until I saw the pic with the guy next to it beast!
  14. @Gnarlyoak times are changing, women in Arb are no longer putting up with badly fitting trousers and that seems to apply to all trade industries that have previously been male dominated. women come in a far wider size and shape range than us blokes, even seen site trousers for pregnant women here in Sweden! Blokes have been able to choose the comfiest trousers/kit for ourselves for decades, now it’s the ladies turn. my partner has the stihl x-fit, not perfect though Tight on the hips/arse loose at the waist. (Her optimism over weight loss may have something to do with that though) Her old boss has short legged baggy Pfanner gladiators-had them for at least 10 years. looks an even worse fit, but better comfort wise than the tight ones.
  15. Must be a Scandinavian selling trick slagging off the competition. Unless its the same guy. A tree guy had a demo of a chipper, put it up on instagram then got sent a message from the supplier of a UK chipper make (not GM!) slagging off the video he'd put up, sent a video of one of their machines working but shot himself in the foot as what he was slagging off, was 10 times "worse" on their own video (basically just stress control kicking in) highlighting the fact he had no real world experience of chippers at all!


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