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  1. Hitting a parked vehicle and not leaving details

    Great news! What did it end up costing the guilty party in the end?
  2. Clients that make you go hmmmmm.

    Why would they even bother to get you in to quote if they hadn't heard of you?! Some people don't think there fibs through!
  3. EcoPlugs

    Steady on they don't cost me nearly a quid, 45p is closer, and I certainly don't expect to make a living out of eco plugging stumps felling the trees makes my money, going to the massive effort of bringing a drill, and drilling a few holes at the end of a job is only an added service
  4. EcoPlugs

    I charge £1 per plug, never had a customer question the price
  5. Kranman Bison micro forwarder

    Not sure pete, only had it in gardens, drove out via a quite flat woodland to the side. needed the rear drive when loaded to get over relatively small obstacles or driving over wood chip loaded. Not as stable as an alstor I think they start around 20k +vat, but once you've added the extending boom on the crane, radio controlled winch on the crane, plastic cab, heated seats, joystick controls, work lights, etc etc its over 30k Certainly interesting to use, and perfect for these jobs
  6. Kranman Bison micro forwarder

    Thats a bad photo i think, and on that trailer it could go back at least another meter. Towed lovely, easy to forget it was there
  7. Kranman Bison micro forwarder

    About 1,4 ton i believe, max load of 1,9, no damage to the grass although we are in a drought here at the moment.
  8. Kranman Bison micro forwarder

    Thought id share some pictures of the past few days job, 2 days felling and chipping 25 trees at one adress, and today using the Kranman to extract about 100 logs in 4 hours, then another adress of 15 trees/50 logs, think its easier to answer questions if anyone has any about the machine than ramble on
  9. Cracked Maple opinions

    Pretty much my thought too Gary. The customer wants a hard reduction height wise for aesthetics, although i don't see a long term future for the tree so will be leaving a price to fell as well.
  10. The Layman's Guide To Towing In The UK

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this!
  11. Cracked Maple opinions

  12. Cracked Maple opinions

    I've my own opinions on the status of this maple, wondering what yours are? The main stem, and subsequent stems have long cracks, what's your VTA opinion be? And suggestion of works?
  13. Tesla are making a pickup, that should be awesome. https://electrek.co/guides/tesla-pickup-truck/ For Teslas, charge from home electric equates to 52 miles per hour plugged in, full charge is around 300 miles, Supercharge stations charge in 20 min, good for 170 miles, the swedish hamburger chain Max has free charge points, take a coffee or burger whilst the car charges, the more there are the more it'll be viable to use electric cars. loads of taxis are now teslas doing the airport run, thats gotta be a good sign, they do more miles than any arb gang! An electric work truck would in theory be awesome, constant torque, great for towing, extra battery weight shouldn't be a problem. Oh, and unlike a milk float the Teslas do 0-60 in 2,5 seconds! The technology is there, just needs to become more mainstream.
  14. What's on your bench today?

    Small fix on the chipper. Great service from @arbrepservices (think that's their tag)
  15. Looks innovative Rob!


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