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  1. Of course the customer wanted to deal directly with you, you undercut him! poaching customers Isn’t on. When working as a subby you direct all enquireys to your “boss”. You’re only there because of them anyway, employment status is irrelevant.
  2. Male. Not that it’s anyone’s business could be a female too if it wants, we’re not here to judge
  3. Cheers don, not for me then if they’re a narrow fit
  4. Anyone got them? Whats the sizing like? Wide/narrow fit? Thanks!
  5. The 1623 sure is an incredible machine! I’d love to try it’s big brother one day
  6. My latest purchase involved size and weight. At the time of purchase I could have got a Tracked remote controlled bandit 90 (lightly used) For the same money as my Jensen, but then I wouldn’t have been able to Get a 2m wide machine in round the back of houses, between rocks etc, making a tracked machine pointless if not able to get to the tree. with the tracks drawn in on both my old 530 and new 540 I can fit the chipper and grinder on the trailer side by side, and remain under a total laiden trailer weight of 3500kg the tw230 with extendable tracks is a narrow, nimble machine for getting into places, the 280 (when I was buying) was fixed Only. Physical size of a car. so bigger isn’t always better if it limits you
  7. Used, Jensen, for their durability New, Timberwolf for It’s capacity or Jensen if a winch is needed (they are imo, and preferably hydraulic) Choices change in each size class
  8. Wasn’t the TH the result of a competition they ran on here? Wanting something new and innovative to bring to the Arb market? I remember the disappointment when they revealed they’d just painted an Arb trolley orange!
  9. The tree hog is just a stein rip off, which is a tad ironic I’ve the stein, really handy, hangs on the trailer, pins and bag in the truck so nearly always with us. Itll be an asset whichever one you get - the original or one of the copies
  10. Trying to be helpful in a constructive yet critical way - not an attack! Seems like you’re getting a lot of flak for these issues you’re having, and perhaps if you’d brought the machine locally (and paid I’m guessing several thousand pounds/euros more) then the local dealers would be more willing to fixing your machine (at a loss), under warranty. To expect GM to travel to another country to bend over backwards for you is pretty naive. I too have purchased new machines from the UK to save thousands, and have also had a warranty issue/breakdown. I got it fixed locally (as instructed) but the local mechanic didn’t take photos as asked, so didn’t/couldnt pursue the claim, I paid the (outrageous imo) 1k costs myself, but still, overall, saved 6?k - that’s where my, and possibly your focus should be. Plus was quickly up and running again. Now, either keep to your agreement (as mentioned in other threads) and take the chipper back to the UK (shame corona got in the way, not GM’s fault though is it?) Or do the fixes with the bits they want to send you, as suggested by Greenmech. Its getting tiring reading your moaning whilst not actively trying to help yourself. Because of Corona, option 2 is the only practicable option available. IF it still doesn’t work, after doing the GM advised fixes yourself. Just get your local engineering place to beef up the parts that have bent, yes you may have to pay for it yourself, but you’ll still be (im guessing) several thousand Euros up over buying it locally, and you’ll be up and running efficiently again. I repeat, you’ll still be several thousand Euros up!
  11. josharb87


    I guess what topchirpyles is getting at, is, what's your budget including any transport costs to Scotland?
  12. Brand of the Volkswagen group
  13. Like this? In theory a stripped out car transporter style pickup with 7t gtw could carry a 6inch tracked chipper, and tow a 3,5t trailer with 2.3ish ton chip
  14. About 1m3 at the moment! One of my tip sites has a weigh bridge, winter chip you need to allow 300kg per m3, summer chip 400kg per m3. Been quite an eye opener getting weighed tbh. Run bigger vehicles? Cart chip on a trailer instead? Plenty of options, options that require more effort and £ unfortunately. The cold truth is running overweight and illegally keeps you competitive in the UK.


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