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  1. Try £24500 PLUS VAT in Sweden 😱
  2. I priced up the woodland vs logosol the other day, done a price comparison chart and everything! the logosol was twice the price than the same spec woodland with same extras
  3. It was either flush cutting a eucalyptus or topping a line of ash 😂 hand me down willans t22 and a tow strop (before I done any Arb course!)
  4. Well I should have brought a dremel years ago! £70 inc all the bits Similar to the die grinder you mentioned mike but better for the diy user according to the internet no adjustment on the springs available
  5. I'll go get a dremel and give that a go before making more work for myself if its that good
  6. I'll get a dremel, thought id do a proper job seeing as not back at work yet. Plus the inlaws are in the house for a few days
  7. Cheers mike I’ll give that a go Yeah that’s what I was trying to do, looked like it should!
  8. Any help appreciated for roller removal on a 540? (Thought id give them a sharpen after lending out the machine 🙄) Top roller, springs removed, grub screw removed, can't see anything else, but the knives don't slide off or budge at all, given them a tap and a bit of a lever, but am i missing something? or is a puller best bet?
  9. Except for if your commercially towing....
  10. Looks like a tropical hardwood
  11. Followed by Christmas buffet for subbys and their other half’s. Pics taken at the end of the night so as not to be on the phone/ask permission. Nice venue though!
  12. Last day for the year, felling a few stems and shifting the wood
  13. So why comment on a post for consultants? Why comment at all if you’ve no interest in the job? Good luck Ligna Consultancy
  14. I would guess that he went in (via his lock which I'm guessing is one of the bottom 3, hence his predicament) someone came in (or out or in and out!) after (through their lock) and has "tightened" the loop when re-connecting their lock, effectively rendering the three lowest locks unless for being able to come in or out. Following?
  15. Have another look at the picture, the bottom 3 locks aren’t doing anything. Only the top two are making a loop


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