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  1. Of the few large firms i know over here, when times are good, they politely turn away small jobs/enquiries, when work is thin on the ground, they'll be less picky with smaller enquiries/domestic stuff. Those that rely on the smaller domestic stuff, should i guess, just be greatfull the big boys aint interested/competing against them most of the year.
  2. New hilux time! 2.8 motor, 3500kg towing at last
  3. Great result Lux! Fingers crossed for you now Not a forst fan either, but Arb talk post or not I reckon they’d still have replaced the chipper. take the old one, retrofit the newer modifications re-sell a few k cheaper as ex demo, and they’ll still be thousands in profit Consumer law was always in Luxs favor, they know that, they’re not stupid
  4. Is the Stihl bar a straight swap Matty? Chain too? (got the narrow Echo 1/4 10" bar and chain) Ive a couple of new 150T bar and chains, but no 150 anymore
  5. Even closed to Ben and his mate?
  6. Didn't know Först went to the same business school as Timberwolf
  7. Seeing as you’ve already brought the breaker and spinner then yes (depending on how many chains you go through of course) I tend to make chains for the larger saws only, (46, 66) the smaller (26,201, 2511) I buy ready made
  8. thanks! and thanks for the feedback Jonathan, mike and a a swede in Finland, ordered one and paid the deposit today ive had a look at some of your vids Slack nice type of work. any chance of some pictures of the logbullet on your 16’ ifor? Is it possible to have the headboard fitted?
  9. Ive the 2511 on a 10", think its a great combo! (mainly pruning and small fells/trees with small diameter branches) Theres no way i'd consider running a 14" on a standard saw.
  10. A425 is 245x200mm infeed A540 is 210x190mm whats the Först?
  11. Thanks, Ive spoken to Big J a little too, i rent in my mate with his alstor 3 days a month on average, sometimes a Kranman bison, and have changed my approach to jobs because of these machines, now he's selling id ideally like a 2nd hand logbullet, but they're not exactly easy to come by, got a quote from Pekka, just need to make a decision! Whats the trailer in your first picture on this thread? looks ideal
  12. Jensen Schliesing JBM Probably a load more too
  13. Great to hear! Has any of the breakages been "warranty" issues? if so, how have they been resolved? do you foot the labour cost yourself? I can imagine you are pretty slick on it by now, a mate has an Alstor (that he's selling hence my interest in Logbullets now) when he first got it it was painfull to see him drive! What size trailer do you have?
  14. Hows things going Mike? Any problems with the machine? Shortcomings? Any extras you could do without or wish you had?


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