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  1. josharb87

    What saws you got ?

    The living ones: 880 mainly milling now, couple of stems a year 660 go-to big saw 462 used daily 461 gathers dust now the 462's here 460, rebuilt after a smash, as new, garage shelf ornament as the 461 took over 61 rancher, first "big" saw gathers dust 560 money pit, would be used daily if it didn't have the reliability of a land rover 261 used daily 023 first saw, sat next to the 61 now 201tcm used daily 200t backup topper 020t ported 338xpt, new, never used, gathers dust 192t pointless saw 150t x2 used daily when pruning Tempted to try a 50-60cc Echo next
  2. Possibly when you realize the chipper is the bottleneck in your day, when the small chipper is the part that slows your day down the most
  3. josharb87

    Leather chainsaw boots wanted uk 12 or 13

    I think I’ve some. not sure on UK size, pretty sure they’re Eu 46, and can’t remember what condition they’re in (definitely poor) would mean postage from Sweden though.
  4. josharb87

    what's up with swearing?

    No swearings a rule, simple. I know steve, and many of the mods have had a lot on outside of arbtalk the past year or so, maybe standards have slipped, good to see them taking action again to be honest. Theres the “report post” button if any of the off topic posts offend you, mods get a notification rather than need to sift through potentially hundreds of pages of drivel.
  5. josharb87

    Queen to cut down Windsor trees

    Sounds a fantastic project!
  6. josharb87

    Revo chequer plate storage drawers for hilux

    You say that, but you'd be amazed at the amount of space those systems waste.
  7. josharb87

    4x4 pick ups

    Sounds like a very good setup vehicle wise is the Isuzu a pickup or a grafter(?) tipper?
  8. josharb87

    Looking for work in Norway

    That’s one way of looking at it, but from my view, as someone looking or help (in Sweden though), who’s picky about who I work with, you might be interesting to me, but not with the amount of info given. There might be Norwegian guys thinking the same
  9. josharb87

    Looking for work in Norway

    You might want to put a bit more info about yourself and capabilities
  10. josharb87

    Skyline timber and tree extraction

    I can see all of them ?!
  11. josharb87

    So........ Skyline logging

    Photos work for me on an iPhone and laptop
  12. josharb87

    So........ Skyline logging

    Super easy search, here you go https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/7806-skyline-timber-and-tree-extraction/?tab=comments#comment-146477
  13. josharb87

    So........ Skyline logging

    Search the forum for a thread by Mr Ed, he was running a skyline on a sensitive site (i think) good few pictures and info as i remember
  14. josharb87

    Work abroad

    Europe is easy to just pop over and work in (for now!) This year i'll be having a few guys over for many short stints to alleviate workload. Tried it a few times last year and it worked well. (Sweden) Put a "Work Wanted Europe" ad up on here with a short CV 👍
  15. josharb87

    1984 MB Engineering integrity

    Nice motors and nice gaff!


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