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  1. I would guess that he went in (via his lock which I'm guessing is one of the bottom 3, hence his predicament) someone came in (or out or in and out!) after (through their lock) and has "tightened" the loop when re-connecting their lock, effectively rendering the three lowest locks unless for being able to come in or out. Following?
  2. Have another look at the picture, the bottom 3 locks aren’t doing anything. Only the top two are making a loop
  3. He was doing the rounds in Scandinavia a few years back. had a wife, kids, everything, then just upped and left (for NZ as i understand) leaving said wife and kids in the lurch. A real low life
  4. All depends on the operator, and access. first time i worked with one, 8? years ago, it was painfully slow. The right operator however and they're very effective. Take the jib off if not needed to speed things up. Been a while since i last hired one in, done the work of 3 men who would have taken 1.5 days with a high risk of damage, in a couple of hours. With next to no cleanup (lowered straight into containers on the hook lift)
  5. Just use a regular soft link, larksfooted. when the shit hits the fan, they break
  6. Out of curiosity, what is the next chipper up? over 750kg, 35hp+, price?
  7. An island called Tjockö off the Swedish coast near Stockholm
  8. Island job today and rest of the week, 3 boats pushing the barge at a blistering 4 knots, still clearing up storm damage from January. good day for wildlife, white tailed sea eagle soared overhead, upto2.4m wingspan and can live to 40 years! Plus some elk on the way home (no pics, driving)
  9. Steel viper import morbark now as I understand a crane fed 3,5t chipper would be ace
  10. I get on well with Stihl advance gtx boots and woolpower socks. if really cold I’ve some hiking socks that has a thin inner sock and a thick outer one. Pretty expensive but works!
  11. @Mike Hill has a 340. Used it a few times, but many years ago, swing away engine seemed good for maintenance. Think it’s only really Jensen, Schliesling and maybe TP that offer compact big chippers Any opinions on these @PeteB? Greentec Cheetah 30/80 Chassis highway suitable - www.ufkes.net WWW.UFKES.NET Versnipperaar aftakas? Greentec Cheetah 30/80 is vanwege zijn vermogen en een eigen kraan... If if money was no object 😍
  12. Schliesling has to be top of the compact, big chippers. Are you looking at new or used Ben? Schliesing 550 MXF Häcksler Hacker Schredder - Harvesters, Price: £13,775, Year of manufacture: 2007 - Mascus UK WWW.MASCUS.CO.UK Schliesing 550 MXF Häcksler Hacker Schredder - Latest inspection: 2019-12, Engine output: 58.8 kW (80 hp)...
  13. josharb87


    So we are gardeners after all! All these years getting needlessly annoyed at being called a gardener


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