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  1. Marlin spike with the knot towards the pulley
  2. Offer to work for minimum wage as a brash dragger but provide your own work boots and helmet. When the the comes to start using chainsaws you/your employer can then discuss who pays for what. A while ago now, but one of the companies i worked for in London had a pay back system, where'd they pay for courses, if you left after (e.g) one year you paid 50%, after 2 years you were quits. FWIW i done the 10 week course, just got a loan from the bank. Must be hundreds of companies in your area, send a generic email to all of them, just keep it very, very short and concise
  3. Nah, no way, the tippers bed is 3.6x2m, plus draw bar etc. the logbullet is 5x1.8m the decks about 2.5m long
  4. IMO it suits arborist work, (over here and for my type of work anyway) far better than loaders. For me loaders only exceed at lifting heavy oversized bits - Those trees are pretty rare here now. The stems on the trailer are pretty average diameter of tree i take down. About 4,5m long the logs were just over one load on the machine, i think the branches from the 4 trees was 5 loads and no shuffling the machine about to grab and collect like a loader. I went back the day after to grind the stumps, you couldnt tell it'd been in there. The only real downside is the trailer used to transport it aint a tipper!
  5. The machine weighs about 1.8 ton, I use the beaver tail car transport trailer for the machine, load the logs (as in the picture) on the trailer then roll them off later
  6. No different to a multione or avant, except lower ground pressure, and less runs!
  7. 4 birches before lunch. logbullet proving to be a great asset, shifting the branches to the chipper then the logs from the larger 2 (the smaller stems were cut to firewood rounds)
  8. I’ve used one for tree work, (here in Sweden) great little helper despite its size. Wasn’t the 220 tho, maybe 214 (smaller hp) the smaller the machine the better you need to be at presenting/stacking the material for it Check out Viking arbor on Instagram, they’ve a few pics of there’s working to give you an idea of what it’ll do
  9. Sounds reasonable value. I think the winch on the logbullet is just 600kg and 1500 euros, it is remote controlled mind. Its incredibly usefull.
  10. Ouch! I partially severed a tendon in my thumb a few years ago, lengthy recovery time of 3 months, still get the occasional unexplainable pain but made a good recovery. Don’t be tempted to get back at it early, yes you might win, but you might fukk things up royally!
  11. Any experience of the boxer towing? very flat here, would be towing 2400-2500kg need another vehicle and would be handy to have a large van capable of occasional towing, the boxer/jumper has 2500kg rated tow hook and relatively cheap yet presentable pic attached of what I’m interested in. 2.2 diesel (yes I know it’s not ideal but don’t want to invest too much in a 3rd vehicle just yet) Other large vans I’ve considered but discounted: crafter/sprinter/transit is 2000kg transit 350 is 2800kg but rare iveco very rare not possible/CBA to look into uprating the weights here
  12. It’s only been a few days, end(!) of a pandemic and holiday time, I’m sure TW will reply soon enough. could be that someone forgot to set their auto reply email that the dog is sick so reply’s might be delayed. yes they might reply quicker if you wanted to buy a machine or if it had exploded but it hasn’t, a bolt has broken on a 2nd hand machine presumably not purchased through their dealer network. tw aren’t really on the forum but do seem to reply if you post in their own section (I guess they get email (haha) notifications) sounds like you’re getting good communication from their dealer (?) green plant and Gareth though 🤷‍♂️
  13. I bet! “big” chippers make the job so much easier
  14. I do hope you shifted that log out with a machine and not hand balled it out!


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