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  1. Regarding zig zag failures and “the good old prussik” How many prussik users, make a song and dance each time they wear out their prussik or “discover” (as I used too ) that they’ve worn through the outer core? probably the same % who dont complain about zigzag cracks and failures
  2. How about: 75EXL100R Oregon Next Generation Chisel 3/8 .063 100ft Reel ?
  3. Good to know Mark! Do you sell Oregon chain by the reel?
  4. I find its a nice idea to have 2 sets of wheels, but i find when you need the mud tyres, you're on the road biased ones! (Here, Sweden, my summer tyres are all terrain, winter tyres are slightly aggressive road tyres with studs - great on ice, not so in mud) Id go for all terrains and keep a tirfor winch in the back.
  5. was he? Sounds like an honest mistake quickly rectified
  6. So in summary, one guy gives you a verbal quote, your machine comes in and another works on it (doubtfull he was listening in on the phone conversation or was informed of the verbal agreement) service guy then “does” the invoice. you ring up, highlight the issue and it gets changed without question? sorry kev, but I fail to see the problem?
  7. Yep still got mine! for the right trees they’re awesome, a colleague summed it up nicely, so much more civilized than banging in wedges. my wedge lifts a height of 2-2.5 normal wedges
  8. shorten the Arb trolley to its shortest setting and just hang it on the trailer, then a ratchet strap on the bottom. side weight doesn’t make much difference, the grinder sits snug against the side and the heavier chipper more to the middle. front rear is the important one and still loads of room front and back to adjust the balance (12ft trailer)
  9. No problem at all, done it with my 1300kg Jensen and now my 1600kg Jensen (plus stumpgrinder when needed!) if you’re not doing any removal of chip, then a lighter plant trailer will be nicer, but for versatility you can’t beat the tipper! if going for a new Ifor, get the aluminum ramps, they’re half the weight of the steel ones, and well worth the extra pennies
  10. I said never mentioned, not never seen. I can ask her next time we speak. Gardeners de-gloving their fingers in lawn mowers and hedge cutters on the other hand..... Anyway, 2 ropes will make self rescue nigh on impossible in my opinion. Also (in my opinion) most accidents could probably be prevented if working to industry best practice - stopper knots, 2 hands on the saw, work positioning strop and life line when cutting. Those that ignore these guidelines, im pretty sure will ignore the 2 rope thing. Enforcing current best practice would be a better start in reducing accidents rather than pushing out more "laws"
  11. And i didn't take into account the type 2 and 3 A&E departments, or the time the nurse isn't working. Perhaps there's some misunderstanding there, could it have been that she sees 10-15 serious lacerations per week (not Arb specific)? That sounds more realistic.
  12. Bullsh#t. That would mean each year, 143, 000 arbs are admitted to one of the UK's type 1 Emergency departments. Nearly 1% of all A&E patients! My sis works in A&E and has never mentioned seeing an arb. Plenty of gardeners though.....
  13. This isn't about top handles, its about 2 ropes. Major trauma in a tree, highly likely an arm is out of action = one hand available to tend your system, 1 hand = 1 system. Perhaps its not an arm, large wound anywhere else? 1 hand needed to apply compression to a wound, = 1 hand available to tend 1 system, not 2. Ascending, branch falls, dislocates a shoulder, 1 arm available to descend In the event of an accident in the tree, 1st option is climber getting himself down ASAP. a 2nd rope is locking you up there.


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