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  1. JonnyRFT

    £40,000 Fine

    Good point
  2. JonnyRFT

    £40,000 Fine

    Would it not leave you with a criminal conviction though?
  3. JonnyRFT

    £40,000 Fine

  4. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    This is what my dreams look like.
  5. JonnyRFT

    4x4 pick ups

    You can talk! Haha
  6. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    Thought I’d upload me getting the 640 round the shed...
  7. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    Storm damaged and generally knackered Cherries removed from a row of shared gardens. The access to each tree was a labyrinth of sheds, fences and patios. The Avant was just the right size to squeeze round all the sheds etc. to collect all the wood and brash to take to the chipping area roughly 60 meters away.
  8. JonnyRFT

    What saws you got ?

    150 x 2 201t 261 261c 461 462 And a couple of battery tele pole saws
  9. I use a Foot Ascender on DRT otherwise I look like a comedy show pulling my fat ass up on a rope.
  10. JonnyRFT

    Tip site directory feedback forum

    Do you want them written in this thread or on the specific tip site page?
  11. JonnyRFT

    Am I to fat and old?

    I’m 18.4 stone so it’s doable but being lighter and more nimble will make your life a lot easier. My main problem is that I can only climb trees with limbs that can take my weight. Otherwise I’m on a MEWP.
  12. JonnyRFT

    Climate change anyone?

    I totally believe in climate change and I would love for everyone to change the way they live including myself. But unfortunately, I seem to be the kind of person that wants that situation handed to me on a plate. I was very worried at one point (and still am) and became frustrated with most of the world until I realised I was a total hypocrite. Technically I’m selfish with regards to the issue. I waste fuel, consumables, food...everything really. I don’t mean to but I could never take any moral high ground. I live in excess. I’ve tried living to a limit (when I felt strongly about the Earth struggling) but I was unhappy as you end up seeing everyone else living their normal life not changing. And then once I realised that I’m not going to make a difference I slowly reverted back to living they way this country offers me to live. Im excited about all the technicoligal advances with regards to green energy. It’s good to see countries being pioneers in huge solar farms or green cities. But then again, I read that this is a small drop in the ocean. China are outstanding in renuable green energy until you realise they have dumped more concrete in the last decade than the USA ever have in their lifetime. Actually I think they used more crete in 3 years than the USA in the whole of the 20th Century. That’s mental and totally conflicting. We are run by higher powers. We live by their rules. We exist in what’s been built for us. The technology is there but everyone (government bodies) is too scared to take that leap of faith because it all boils down to money. They’re tied up in profitable enterprises that only offer excessive, indulgent products. Lastly, I think even though I believe what I am writing, there’s an element of doubt. I actually don’t know what to believe anymore. I can’t give an informed opinion on most things because I actually don’t know anymore. All I know is that I wore shorts and T-shirt in Feb this year and that ain’t good.
  13. JonnyRFT

    Storing climbing kit

    We just hang wet ropes with a continuous slip knot over an exposed RSJ. It’s hard to get them dry in winter though as it’s a cold unit.
  14. JonnyRFT

    Rogue Trader...

    Ahhh I got you. It’ll still be subbed out (although I’m not sure to who) until I’ve got everything transferred over but to be honest, as we have to cover the whole of East Anglia, I’ll be keeping at least 1 sub contractor in each county as we can’t cover all the work currently.
  15. JonnyRFT

    Rogue Trader...

    The drains?


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