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  1. Funnily, you drove past my house in Norwich on Friday towing the Bandit and then the MEWP truck followed. I did admire the Hilux. What was the cost if you don’t mind me asking?
  2. Ah well that’s really good to know. When I first got the truck prior to fleet being established I used it all the time. Driving past the DVLA weigh bridge on the A14 used to be a stressful time as I always though “ today is the day I get pulled over and weighed” due to looking way over weight.
  3. Yeah I was really impressed when you got your Hilux fitted. I just never get round to sorting it out.
  4. If the Hilux is still on the cards, you might want to see how (not) well the rear springs handle simple loads. An extra leaf spring on each side is definitely on the cards with mine. I use it mostly for towing the Avant and transporting tools and attachments etc so I don’t normally notice any sagging issues. But, then when the odd small job comes along of which the truck is suitable for, I get reminded how bad it deals with a load. Here’s a couple of pics from today. The last pic is how it looks empty.
  5. About ArcGIS | Mapping & Analytics Platform WWW.ESRI.COM ArcGIS provides contextual tools for mapping and spatial reasoning so you can explore data & share... Build Custom Business Apps | Microsoft PowerApps POWERAPPS.MICROSOFT.COM Transform your business by creating custom business apps with Microsoft PowerApps. Connect... ...these are the links to the platforms that support the app. I can use them independently as stand alone software but due to so much work demand within the housing sector I work in, I needed PowerApps to allow customers to request works or the call centre to book on their behalf. Then I can manage the work load and dispatch jobs on Workforce without any interference. These platforms can be used for anything and not just Tree Surgery. PowerApps was really nice to work with as I moved most of my “coding” from self populating excel spreadsheets that I had made into PowerApps. It was an easy transition. PowerApps is more versatile whereas Workforce is just handy for the GIS capabilities and storing all my PDF documents such as Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Job Specifications.
  6. The software I helped build for Flagship piggybacked off Esri Workforce and PowerApps. The two communicate with each other. PowerApps is where the initial content comes in and Workforce was the management of all the work. Might be worth a look.
  7. Well if you would’ve actually helped and travelled down from Scotland I may have got it done quicker!!! Bloody lazy Scotsmen.
  8. Cheers bud. It was near Swaffham, Norfolk.
  9. Row of Ash to remove. Absolute horrible job in the end due to heavy downpours each day. The poor customers garden got hit hard by the Avant and plant. I myself made a mistake felling one of the dead stems due to rushing/bad weather as the hinge snapped like a breadstick but luckily fell in the right(ish) direction. My climbers also had a rough time rigging all the overhanging limbs from other gardens full of sheds/greenhouses and Husky Dogs and the fact they didn’t want anything falling in their gardens anyway. Wasn’t a smooth job as first expected. A few rough cuts when the weather really turned. But many lessons learned. All that’s left is timber to collect. Last bit of brash to chip. I’ve ordered 2 tonne of stone for the customers driveway, top soil for the garden and grass seed of which we will return and make everything as good as possible when we’ve cleared the timber and debris.
  10. Keep your revs near 3000rpm for a good 15 mins or so. That should clear the DPF. I should’ve said that I do it once a week so it doesn't have to regen as much instead of forcing a regen. You’re essentially forcing through heat into the Particulate Filter and burning off the deposits. 3k is provides enough heat to do this.
  11. I have the new Hilux it’s done me proud so far. Once a week I will force a regen at 2800rpm for as long as the journey as possible to avoid any DPF issues in the future.
  12. Ginkgo Biloba could be a more manageable tree species to deal with in a housing development. They may be a bit potent come spring time though.
  13. JonnyRFT

    New Defender

    I’m excited to see this. It’s not a looker at all but insanely practical for a pickup truck. The whole thing is built from a flat chassis so every part of it can be customised. And finally...good storage. Oh and 5000kg towing capacity.
  14. JonnyRFT

    New Defender

    Commercial variants will be released later next year I believe.
  15. I read through the 2004 report of “2 rope working” on NTPC/Lantra assessments from the HSE WAHR from groups around the country. The conclusions seem like it’s a confusing scenario and a difficult concept to grasp especially with trainees. I don’t understand why this method is being brought back to consideration when it seemed defunct after so many concerns raised. My team will be trailing this method within the next 2 weeks incorporating rescue situations and I would like to report back. I guess I can only give constructive feedback once I’ve experienced this myself with a team. The duties of ground based staff would be of a higher responsibility. Rope management as well as standard operations could be conflicting. Include rigging operations at the same time, then work efficiency would drop dramatically. Simple operations eliminates confusion. Education is paramount.


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