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  1. Yeah odd bit of hail, sleet then snow then blinding sunlight in Norwich. Right ol’ mix o’ wevver buh!
  2. I would request a full report in which justified the removal of these trees but, even if there was Chalara die back then you should have been contacted stating your responsibility as the tree owner. Get as many pictures of the felled trees and their condition before the heart wood starts to spot with black stains. I would be furious and certainly take it as far as I could without it being a financial burden.
  3. It was a happy medium between me saying it needs no work and the tenant wanting it pollarded.
  4. Pretty moderate reduction on an Oak in Woodbridge today from one of my newer guys. I’m pretty proud of him. *Photo Disclaimer* Theres wasn’t many places to stand to get the tree in frame.
  5. Could you not hire in a mobile mill?
  6. Yeah the wide angle does make that log look bigger than it is. I think it was only 37inches in diameter from what I remember. Plus the messy guide bar marks are from a smaller saw as the chain on the bigger saw got chewed up by all the nails so that makes the stem look bigger too.
  7. From an Oak (full of nails) to a worktop (full of nails) but it fits nice. Just need to sand and polish and fill in the gaps.
  8. I can only see similarities of a few Oaks the closest being a Downy Oak. But the lobe seems too wide and rounded. As AJStrees says, it could be a Hybrid.
  9. All this week, replenishing trees we’ve removed but planting them in better suited areas.
  10. My cousins car putting all land rovers to shame...kinda
  11. A few of my family have been hit by some flooding up there too apparently. Hebden Bridge area.
  12. I got the truck back from the coach builders yesterday now all complete. First impressions is it’s...horrible to drive empty. The “bone shaker” comments I’ve read about it are all true. It has great power and and it’s fuel consumption is tiny. I’m sure it’s going to awesome when it gets put to work though. Here’s a little walk around... IMG_9127.MOV
  13. Cheers Seany, All you’ll need to do is type in whatever traffic management you need on the coding sheet below or next to what’s already there. Then go back to the main sheet, select the cell that holds the drop down menu for traffic management, select “data” at the top of the page menu, then “data validation”, then where it says ”source” click in that space and it should take you back to the coding sheet with the current options selected. Then hold ctrl and click on your new inputs for your TM until every one for traffic management is selected. Press ok and check it works. If I’ve not left enough space for you to add them on the coding sheet then let me know and I’ll expand all the categories and re-upload. If that explanation is confusing then just shoot me a message and I’ll add them in for you.
  14. Called out to a Lawson with a multiple horizontal stem fractures to the longitudinal bark plates and a lovely stem curve over a neighbouring conservatory in Norwich. Weather was nice although pretty blustery. IMG_9119.MOV


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