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  1. I’m already out of my depth...pretending to know what any of this means is too risky...I’m out!
  2. I’ve got a 2011 MacBook Pro for home which is still running like new but at the office have a 2018 HP ProBook which I often want to throw out of the window due to crashing and generally being slow. Go for a Mac.
  3. Weirdly warm but mega blustery in Norwich.
  4. Mine was manual but I can definitely agree on it being thirsty for oil. I thought it was a fault until everyone else on the VW forum said “yup, same here” I leased mine and I’m glad I handed it back because once the honey moon period wore off, I realised that I’m spending well over double the amount for a van. Really there’s nothing special about them. God knows who actually pays 42k for a van and that’s only the mid range!!! It was built well in terms of rigidity and I loved the fact it was fast and pulled like a train but...that’s about it...oh it looks good too. I think I have a love/hate thing going on with Transporters.
  5. This song blew me away when I first heard it.
  6. Yeah I was gutted to hear this. I grew up playing drums and studying Pearts style amongst many others. Such a legend!
  7. The way I charge the company I work for is that I add a 4% admin fee to every job which works out to a fair average when the paper work etc. is raised. For just the assessment on its own is £60 which covers fuel, time travelled and my hourly rate providing the whole assessment is completed within an hour. It’s invoiced separately so the 4% doesn’t apply to assessments. I keep one day a week free to allow for overruns or if work is completed early then I can book in new jobs without hindering the work already booked in advance with domestic clients.
  8. Edit: I’m a fool. Made a guess and didn’t even realise this was from days ago. (Crawls away with embarrassment)
  9. Need contacts for Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambs for occasional larger volume timber/woodchip collection. Artic loads will be very rare so looking for smaller outfits such as Tractor w/ trailer and/or 7.5t vehicles and grab lorries etc. Will need setting up as an approved contractor prior to services. PPQ questionnaire will need to be completed (provided) with supporting documents (RAMS etc). Please let me know if you can help. Kind Regards, Jonny. RFT Services.
  10. The technology will change all the time and I think purchasing will become pointless. Leasing may be the new norm in years to come providing “older” vehicles are recycled correctly.
  11. We are now bringing them in for RFT and Flagship. They’re mostly Hybrids (with the exception of a few fully EV) at the moment but my understanding from fleet is that there’s big tax incentives. I won’t be surprised if they push for a full EV fleet (minus commercial) within the next 8 years. I’m just hoping Rivian release their EV pickup by the time the lease runs out on my truck.🤞


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