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  1. JonnyRFT

    Hiring New Staff

    Thank you @Khriss that’s what I needed to hear.
  2. JonnyRFT

    Hiring New Staff

    Hi Guys, So the possibility of hiring new arborists seems evident in 2019 as the company I manage is looking to expand. We’re only at the stage of talks with the board of directors but they seem keen to inject a substantial sum of monies for new employees and equipment. Of all the years I’ve worked within this sector, I’ve always considered tree surgery a highly skilled role. My main interest is mixing young starters with more experienced operatives. I believe in retaining good staff members with competitive pay awards also. Would it be acceptable to have a starting wage of 20k-22k (approx) in East Anglia providing I supply everyone with everything (tools, climbing gear, vehicles and plant) and to keep them refreshed on forestry first aid and cs39 every 3 years? With regards to the more experienced; I’ll probably just negotiate a wage that’s preferable to them personally and take an average so not one of them is paid more than the other for the same job. We review pay often and all wages could jump up considerably in the second year for being valued employees. Would this be appealing to my future applicants?
  3. JonnyRFT

    Go on then, What was your best Present??

    I got a reversing camera for my TGS Hilux since my mirrors are useless after the conversion. Spent Xmas morning realising I’m not good with wires.
  4. JonnyRFT

    Seasons greetings to all !!!

    I look forward to your hangover
  5. JonnyRFT

    Seasons greetings to all !!!

    I hope there’s black walnut in that manger.
  6. JonnyRFT

    Seasons greetings to all !!!

    Merry Christmas. Baileys Coffee for breakfast and then preparation for eating my own weight in cheese...ho ho ho.
  7. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    Today’s job was mostly admin and finally putting up some shelves for the hand tools and climbing gear. Edit: I don’t own this gear. It’s the company tools.
  8. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    Any sign of getting the 161 back at some point? I was waiting until 2nd gen battery saws were out before I got one but errr pleased I didn't! I was told there is some kind of modification that can be made so I’m guessing that means it’ll be returned. I never really questioned it as I was desperate for a replacement at the time. I hope I do get it back though, it was incredible...plus there’s 3 batteries on my desk not doing anything.
  9. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    Taking out a few limbs on this Monterey Pine that were damaged during some high winds. It was lovely until the heavens opened...Back to using a petrol top handle too after the 161 was recalled. I miss the battery saw.
  10. JonnyRFT

    the 'todays job' thread

    Been walking around 10 acres of Woodland looking at storm damaged trees but came across this bad boy. Shame it’s not summer but I never come across Black Poplars and was in awe of this specimen.
  11. JonnyRFT

    arbtalkers arbtrucks

    Well I had loads of fun driving through a nice bit of wasteland. Creating new tracks for a future composting site. The Hilux did very well.
  12. JonnyRFT

    Rate My Hinge.

    It’s called “click bait.” Ridiculous thumbnail images to make you click on the video for viewing ratings. YouTube is infested.
  13. JonnyRFT

    Ash Borer (Not Emerald)

    I got a reply from the Forestry Commission for those who are interested...
  14. JonnyRFT

    Ash Borer (Not Emerald)

    Is this pretty common then? This is the first time in 6 years that I’ve noticed it.
  15. JonnyRFT

    Ash Borer (Not Emerald)

    Evidence seems to point to Hylesinus Fraxini going by that document. Thanks again for this, very good reading so far.


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