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  1. Nah can't see it working. Theres just not that many big tree removals happening to give you a full diary I wouldn't have thought. You will always end up having to fill in the time with reductions etc. I feel your pain though, reductions are an arse. Dismantles are the only really enjoyable part of the game, for me anyway.
  2. You must have missed the above post. I'd never keep watering them 😀😀
  3. Is this fast growing? I don't want to stick something in thats going to give me loads of maintenance....im particularly lazy these days
  4. You need to add your address to the tip site directory https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  5. You're not allowed to do that anymore, thats 'work place bullying'
  6. Probably should have failed more if the truth be known.
  7. Not suggesting doing nothing by any means, I just think the signature route will lead nowhere.
  8. Don’t put ideas in their heads
  9. How old is that though and should it be revised for twin ropes
  10. So in theory your second line, or indeed both lines could now be 8-9mm lines? That’s the size line used for rock climbing drt systems?
  11. Dont you need something like 100,000 signatures? Good look getting that!
  12. So glad i'm not climbing anymore!
  13. yep! haha. I'd have snapped it up if my boy was still little
  14. Whatever next. I was just surfing ebay for christmas presents and this popped up 😂 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stihl-Spielfiguren-Waldarbeiter-Helm-Kanister-Motorsage-4-teilig-ab-4-Jahre/163381577584?hash=item260a4d0770:g:ZX0AAOSwW3xcm7Qg
  15. Its a new build, only a year old. The top soil thats been dug out looked pretty decent to be fair. Will probably add some fertiliser to it if needs be though.
  16. Grounds not going to have anywhere near enough moisture to sustain Willow
  17. Great post. Colleges should be less concerned with keeping their pass rates up, and fail more people who clearly have no future in climbing trees. Its usually pretty obvious within 5 minutes of watching someone if they have what it takes.


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