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  1. You certainly don't want to pollard them. If a reduction is the only choice then you should avoid going over 25% Be good to see the entire row. Selective removal and thinning of the rest might well be the better option.
  2. You're right there. Full chisel does cut quicker. I only used semi on big saws as they need sharpening less then.
  3. I think there’s something else going on here. You shouldn’t be changing chains every hour unless you are being a bit clumsy with the saw and hitting the ground often. i wouldn’t have said Scots pine was particularly tough to cut and oregon chain is certainly up to the task.
  4. Also playing devils advocate, do you advertise your business online yourself?
  5. Half of my problem with keeping knives sharp is the marble cutting board but it’s one of my favourite things in the kitchen
  6. Carbon steel gets an amazing edge bit also loses it quite quickly if I recall
  7. That would also work! in my case I was after the best knife for cutting beef to prepare jerky
  8. If you have a pro cook store near you they have these which have a pretty good edge and at 3 for £8 are basically throw away prices. Managed to cut myself a couple times doing Christmas dinner….all adds to the flavour though
  9. I asked a similar question on a butchers group a while ago, figured they’d be the best people to ask. General consensus was Victorinox. Other suggestions were F Dick and Dexter
  10. Thinking about getting a bit more adventurous for my next project and making an indoor slide out of Yew for the little one, something similar to this. What would be the best finish for it to make it nice and slippy?
  11. Onto the next project and preparing some yew for console tables. Need to sell a couple of these now so I can put all the tools I bought through the books 😀
  12. Enough. Next person who insists on carrying on this stupid little rally will be removed from the thread, thanks
  13. In that case look up Roland heming
  14. The Arboricultural Association is pleased to announce that after two years away, ARB Show will be returning in 2022 in an exciting new venue and format. This year, for the first time ever, we are proud to present ARB Show at APF 2022 taking place 22-24 September 2022 at the Ragley Estate in Warwickshire. The two largest arboricultural shows in the UK are teaming up to deliver an incredible event, with more than 20,000 people expected to attend over three days. Many favourite features of ARB Show will be included in the Arb Worker Zone and Tree Climbing Competition areas, and the ARB Show at APF area will populated with some of the most popular arboricultural industry exhibitors. Bringing the ARB Show to APF 2022 delivers an expanded offering for arborists at the show and helps the event reach beyond its traditional forestry base. The Arb Worker Zone will be a key interactive attraction, giving arborists the chance to receive impartial advice about climbing kit and techniques and have a go with practical demonstrations alongside a timetable of events each day. The Arborists’ Workshop is one of the top ARB Show attractions with a carefully curated timetable of industry experts sharing knowledge on a range of subjects throughout each day. The UK Open Tree Climbing Competition will take place over in the demonstration zone in specially selected trees on site. The competition features three different skill levels making it more accessible to all climbers, from novices to experts. Association CEO John Parker said: “This is fantastic news for arborists. ARB Show has been a highlight of the event calendar for more than twenty years, and after two years of virtual events we are delighted to be able to announce this collaboration with APF 2022, bringing the show to a greater audience than ever before. Attendees and exhibitors will benefit from this change and we feel certain that the whole arboricultural profession will be out in force to celebrate the return of ARB Show in 2022.” APF Exhibition Secretary Ian Millward echoed those sentiments. “We’re thrilled to announce this new partnership; we’re excited to have the AA on board and are committed to making this a fantastic industry event. The Arboricultural Association is one of the leading organisations in the Arb world, so we are pleased to have this opportunity to build a stronger partnership and see it as part of the natural evolution of the APF Exhibition.” For anyone working in arboriculture ARB Show at APF 2022 is going to be an unmissable event. You can book your place as an exhibitor or visitor right now at www.apfexhibition.co.uk
  15. Damm it. Is it just for the vaccinated?
  16. Can anyone tell me what’s happening Friday exactly? Never seen this before
  17. If you have the machinery to turn up on site, load and remove big trunks whole, you will most certainly get some takers
  18. By law if you are working on, or near the highway you must use approved signage to warn other road users of your activities. With this in mind, Carr’s Billington Safety stocks the leading space saving roll-up road signs from UK-based Quazar International, a respected brand that has been tried and tested and leading the way in reflective products for over 40 years. Whether you’re hedge trimming, tree cutting, surveying, spraying or grass cutting you must reduce the risk of an incident by providing advanced notice of your activity to road users from both directions of travel in compliance with the Safety at Street Works Act and Health & Safety at Work regulations. With Quazar road signs Carr’s Billington Safety now offers a complete package, along with other essential equipment including Hendon Ladders, Climbing Technology accessories and Jameson Tree Trimming Tool Kits, to keep you and those around you safe, whilst conforming to relevant legislation. Quazar’s Classic™ sign system is compact, robust, simple to use, portable, easy to store thanks to its space-saving design and compliant with UK legislation. Prices for signs range from £17 to £190. More information on the Quazar International offering can be found on the Carr’s Billington Safety website.
  19. From 17 January Carr’s Billington Safety will be the exclusive distributor in the UK of premium Tree Climbing Spikes from Czech-based Panther Spikes. Handmade since 1991 in the Czech Republic, Panther Spikes has an enviable reputation for the design and quality of materials used in the manufacturing of tree climbing spikes that are tested by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. The Panther Tree-Climbing Spikes are made up of four key parts – the hook, gaffs, shell and binding. Carr’s Billington Safety will stock a wide range of colours, gaffs and binding options, with exclusive colour options on offer to dealers looking for something different, along with a complete inventory of spares stocked. The main supporting element of the Panther Tree Climbing Spikes is the hook which is made from a specific aluminium alloy that has been heat treated to withstand 650kg without significant deformation. A carbon option is also available. The hook is securely attached to the user’s leg using either a textile strap with Velcro, a leather or synthetic strap. The three types of gaffs on offer are all cast from alloy steel that are heat treated and tempered prior to being screwed to the hook with M8 screws and a layer of glue to prevent loosening. The shape of the gaffs allows straps to be adjusted ensuring key stability of the foot in the ankle area. Several layers of glass fabric make up the shell of the spikes which are reinforced with a strip of carbon fabric and allow for full adjustability. Velcro secures the calf support and pad that are shaped to provide maximum comfort. Both the hook and the gaffs are tested at higher values up to 1000kg and although irreversible deformation occurs at this weight there are no cracks or breakages. The Panther Tree Climbing Spikes will be priced at £290 (inc VAT) for the aluminium option and £420 (inc VAT) for the carbon.


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