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  1. I don't own the kit, I just carry out the tests for the company.
  2. I'd pretty much made my assessment within the first couple of minutes of seeing the tree to be honest, didn't like it one bit. The Picus only backed that up in this case.
  3. Or I could be kevinjohnsonmbe all this time and am now trying to divert growing suspicion away from the fact
  4. Been having a play with the 3D feature on the Picus software, pretty cool. This large Beech tree had multiple Ganoderma brackets, the most concerning being in the first union. 3 separate measurements were taken for the model. And a view from the opposite side
  5. If you’re using a good quality product it should be permeable
  6. Probabaly a good call, only ever associate that with Ash and Plane usually. How does it affect Walnut? Largely irrelevant as its going to have to come down due to the Ganoderma at the base anyway
  7. @David Humphries would be the man to answer that one
  8. About 8m up, fairly bright orange bracket. Best picture I could get
  9. A, hazel(maybe) seedling pierces through the Ganoderma bracket and carried on growing(seems unlikely) or b, ganoderma bracket grew around the seedling(also seems unlikely given the size of the seedling and timeframe)
  10. They do that out of choice apparently
  11. Spot on. In fact I have it on good authority from a trusted source that the mp who pushed through the rule for cyclists to wear helmets had recently been cut off by one. He took out his revenge by making all cyclists wear a helmet that makes them look like Bell ends. True story
  12. Happy belated. At least you have that nice light saw, that will help
  13. What the pics don't show is the smaller one of the 2 was restricting the acces for the machine getting wood out and in general moving around it looked in the pics a cut a drop easy peasy not really ! wires privet hedge and other targets behind the hedge the other tree is not that tall but very wide it spreads over some fruite trees shed hedge wires neighbours fence nowt hard but pics don't do them justice Age catches up with us all Don. You don't need to justify yourself here 😁
  14. Well put it this way, I once saw a climber get stuck up a tree because the rope had hockled up so badly beneath his friction hitch. Poor sod had bought a whole reel of it as well. *cough Martin Bowers cough* 😁
  15. Its sloppy unprofessional work, but doesn't appear to be ring barked at all. A close up would give a more definitive answer though.
  16. Just the man spud, what’s a 461 going for with little use? 😀
  17. Wrong section, you need to add your details here. Click on the 'add new tip site' button.
  18. Wrong section, you need to add your details here. Click on the 'add new tip site' button.
  19. Thank you for those who have taken a listing in the past couple days
  20. Nylon ropes are no use for arb, too low melting point. Most rock climbing ropes have a nylon sheath I believe
  21. You need to add yourself here assuming you meet the criteria https://arbtalk.co.uk/recycling
  22. Impossible to say without seeing the tree in its entirety. Generally speaking i'd say yes its better gone. Ask an ecologist on the other hand and you'll get a completely different answer.


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