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  1. The lad is my son who is now a senior engineer with an international aerospace concern
  2. One looks like my old Drott dozer, I think the other dozer is a B100. I'll leave the ag ones to you.
  3. Where does that rainwater spout discharge?
  4. The trick is getting the bl**dy badgers out of your garden.
  5. A good counterweight on the threepoint takes a lot of effort out of the steering.
  6. I remember old Robertson nearly in tears as his dairy herd went at Loampits, remember the palaver dragging his mobile milking parlour around the countryside.
  7. Model aircraft and tree climbing sort of go together don't they. Manx Nortons were £ 465 back then and the same again for Francis Beart to tune it. My Morgan Late 1950,at the bottom of Star Hill.
  8. Thanks for the comeback guys, Khriss, you could be right as I do use steel jerrycans to collect my fuel (40 litres a time) but then decant it into 5 litre plastic as needed, so it can sit in the steel container for a while. Openspaceman, a thousand years ago I raced a Cooper JAP and used to collect the fuel (Cooper No.1 racing fuel) in sealed 2 gallon cans, this fuel was methanol with about 21/2 % Nitro methane additive and if you did not use it fairly soon after purchase it would very soon turn milky white through moisture absorption.
  9. Just had a non start prob with a Husky and on about the third strip down I noticed some small water globules on the pump diaphragm, so changed the carb (Lots of spares, long time chainsaw user) thoroughly cleaned the tank and off she went. By the way I could not find any water present in the fuel in the tank.
  10. Might still have diesel in the spark plug shorting it out.
  11. I cut my old tracks in half and buried them under my farm tracks potholes, made good over the top, no more pothole. Its suprising how heavy a rubber track is to lug about.
  12. One of my grasscutters requires that the battery is disconnected when not in use,I gave up looking for the cause of the drain.
  13. The wheel looks too small for the wheel arch.
  14. I think some Wadkin planer/thicknessers were fitted with a means of locking the table once adjusted to the correct height. Just a thought.
  15. On the Wadkin machine that I used back in the last century, the thicknesser bed moved up and down on an inclined slide and I'm pretty sure that was either dovetail slides with gib strips or rectangular slides with an adjustable clamp bar. The wheel for the bed movement was low down on the feed end.( May have been the other end, it was a long time ago).


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