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  1. it’s in lymington on the edge of the new forest. it’s a small dockyard on the lymington river. there’s a ferry that goes across to the isle of wight back later in the week with the heizohack to chip it all up for biomass IMG_8310.MOV
  2. pollarding roadside willows with a 13 tonne city crane. 20 done today, couple more to do tomorrow then back to heizohack everything IMG_8873.MOV IMG_8872.MOV IMG_8881.MOV
  3. i’d already picked out a load of other bits of metal from the pile as i was going along, absolutely no care taken by the lads felling and stacking the trees. surprising really as they used to own there own heizo
  4. i’ve got fuelwood coming out monday to give it the once over, not worth causing any more damage if there is a problem the guy i was chipping for was very perturbed when i told him i wasn’t chipping anymore hell be even more pissed when he gets the repair bill
  5. i’ve been charging £80 an hour wether it’s travelling or chipping. minimum charge of 8hrs i also charge for blades if metal goes through the chipper but also charge if other parts are damaged at the same time, todays client will get the bill for 5 blade holders at £185 each and a set of blades this was what went through today, no idea what it is
  6. After running crane fed chippers and roofmount tractors for the last 4-5 years with 3 different chippers and 3 different tractors i still find myself questioning my rates for this equipment. what do people charge hourly for a crane fed chipper and tractor? obviously combinations of both affect pricing so currently i’m running a heizohack 8-400k behind a valtra t163 with 8m crane. I also bill for 8hrs minimum per day to include travel unless the gear needs to go on a low loader in which case it’s 8hrs minimum plus low loader cost cheers
  7. i’ve got the milwaukee impact gun, grinder and grease gun. very pleased with them, not used any others to compare but i’d certainly buy again
  8. great thread, interested to see how it goes. ive got two paterdale terriers but my next dog will be a working cocker
  9. i’m very pleased with mine mark, the boys take the hilux and smaller chipper out over the mog most days for smaller jobs
  10. if you have a use for the kit outside of producing some biomass chip i’d say go for it i have a cone splitter and a heizohack, mainly for my own work and a bit of contract chipping. there’s a biomass place down the road that buys my whole tree, arb and round wood chip. it makes a nice little addition to a day to run a load of chip in if we finish early or if there’s no need for me to be onsite. i wouldn’t base my justification for having the kit on that reason though because at somepoint it’ll all go pop personally i’d get the next size up heizo if i was you
  11. i’ve got a stack of milling timber in my yard that i cut on my bandsaw for jobs around the place the reality of it is, is that a lot of timber isn’t that good so now i only save the decent or exceptional stuff and chip everything else chip pays the bills and allows me to save some stuff for my own use like gate posts etc around home
  12. i think you’ll find that chip wood is £45-£55 a tonne
  13. this is the first breakage i’ve had since i got it a year ago. i’m pretty impressed with it really, it’s done a lot of work the last 3 days on this site


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