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  1. Have you still got it? never bought it
  2. the problem is you want his work to much and because of that he has you right where he wants you. you should have told him the price was the price and if he wants any different then you can work back from the price, but certain aspects of it won’t be done. the mewp is your issue, you drove it in there and it got stuck. I don’t know the situation but generally you know your getting in a shot situation before you get to the point that it requires £650 worth of recovery accept the loss, forget about how wealthy he is and chalk it upto experience
  3. I think we've all been there at one point or another I lost 2.5K when I first went out on my own 13 years ago, on a chipper that didn't exist. You don't make that mistake twice
  4. Fair play for checking all those things mick. there’s a lot who wouldn’t, then would complain down the line
  5. id say your unlikely to be so far out on material, maybe you don’t get a 6th load out in a day or you’ve got to go back for another half a load of chip you couldn’t fit in another trailer. i’m not saying i’m infallible, but maybe i’ve just got a pricing method that works well for me or maybe i don’t try to screw down prices to win a job
  6. ive not a serious cock up for a few years, certainly not in the last 10 years or so since I started buying more kit. most of the time if you've cocked up its down to the amount of arisings, but if your chipping with a heizohack and running chip in a bulker trailer and moving timber with a timber trailer another load or two isn't the end of the world generally when it comes to amount of chip il over estimate then be pleasantly surprised that we've only moved 100 cube off site
  7. I've just sent you as text message about the job in bournemouth. I'm in the new forest so not far away. Can the brush cutting be done in two passes of a excavator mounted flail head, or does it need to be brush cut? I can shear al the gorse and chip with heizohack and remove from site
  8. As simple as that.... 🙄 To the OP, whilst telehandlers are good at being telehandlers they are to a certain extent a one trick pony. The merlo I have in my yard is invaluable, however its no good for driving an hour to winch a tree over, or for going to site to pick up lengths of processor size timber or for the multitude of tasks a tractor with roofmount or trailer mounted crane is far better suited. I ran my buisness for 12-13 years before I bought a telehandler yet I've been running tractors with cranes for the last 8 years and can say that they have brought far more change to my business than the multitude of diggers, skid steers, loaders and unimogs I've also ran in that time Im now looking to buy my 5th tractor and crane combo. you don't need to spend 100k straight off the bat when an older 8 series valmet with crane can be picked up in the 20-30k range good luck
  9. i’ve got various bits and pieces on finance, none of them are secured against my house and if i can’t pay for them the finance company will take them off me and pay me the difference in value when they sell them. i tend not to stress out about it to much to be honest, i need the equipment for the work i want to carry out so i also need the finance I used to get a lot of anxiety about running out of work, until i stopped and thought about how ridiculous that statement is. A business that’s been running over a decade does not just run out of work.
  10. just remind me what it is you add to the forum?


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