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  1. taking out a row of conifers at a hotel the last couple of days, and some random other pictures from jobs over the last month or so. my old valmet 8050 setup i had 4 tractors ago, was a bloody good old thing.
  2. my brace of valtra n174 and a t234
  3. Property and how to be a better buisnessman, self help stuff seems to a a trend with tree surgeons from Southampton, I’m always slightly dubious of self appointed experts whatever the trade or buisnness. Good of luck with it
  4. no need with the kamado, you just fill the basket up and light the middle of it, you can control the temp really easily with the vents and that keeps a steady burn. ive had 10hrs burning with this method and still had charcoal left at the end. the pork jowl had already been cold smoked so i didn’t bother putting anything else in with it
  5. 4hrs in the kamado gear is pretty good, i couldn’t justify a big one but the little one does fine for what i need IMG_6611.MOV
  6. just the small one, joe junior?
  7. 1kg pork jowl about to spend a few hours in the kamado
  8. mid/north dorset probably or north west scotland
  9. that’s exactly the reason i did it, the frame never moves or flexes when you put a log on it, my mate had a norwood and it was awful to level up and then it’d still move when you put a log on it
  10. my woodland mills sawmill is mounted onto a 5m long RSJ frame, i can pick it up and move it around on my low loader behind my valtra then use the roofmount to load logs if i need
  11. not a bag, but these are very good and you can put a flask ontop Easy Carry Outdoor Cooler 6.6L - Green SHOP.ORDNANCESURVEY.CO.UK The best place to buy your GB hiking, walking and travel maps and guides, as well as outdoor gear and accessories... I can vouch for their durability, mine fell off the chipper on the back of the mog at 40mph one day (where it got left after lunch) and it survieved with little more than a scratch. Keeps stuff cool even on the hottest days. but its not a bag
  12. i think one of the main questions is whats beneath it? that will affect the level of faffing about required to get it on the deck
  13. what exactly is the issue with having a replacement tree with a TPO on? The other route is you plant a replacement tree, unfortunately it "dies" within 3 years so you duly plant another to replace it, which "dies" within 3 years so you replace it again etc etc etc.
  14. greenteeth copies from qrms ltd much better than the multi tip and rhino cutters QRMS Limited | UK's Leading Plant Part Supplier QRMSLIMITED.COM One of the UK’s Leading Industrial Plant Part Suppliers. Here, at QRMS Ltd, we are an award-winning...
  15. well i’ve found it a pretty welcoming place for the last 15 years or so, maybe it’s not for you? as bob dylan said “Half of the people can be part right all of the time Some of the people can be all right part of the time But all of the people can’t be all right all of the time I think Abraham Lincoln said that “I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours” I said that”


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