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  1. John Shutler

    Draw on tree Picture / illustrate Work

    I’ve been using Arbpro since June 2014, I certainly wouldn’t use anything else. I probably don’t use it to it’s full capabilities but the quoting and invoicing plus job booking and risk assesment feature saves me a good few hours every week meaning lots less office time
  2. John Shutler

    the 'todays job' thread

    Chipping up on the last few days clearance job. 8 loads of chip back to the yard with 6 loads of timber
  3. John Shutler

    Starting out in forestry

    Actually I feel like I should expand on my previous post I once approached a guy who owned a tree company through a friend of a friend about some work. I’d not long left the company I had been working for and was looking for the next step in my climbing career he told me to come in the next Sunday morning at 8am, I duly arrived and was told I was plotting on shrubs in the Polly tunnel. 10l into 15l pots. I did that for 6 or 7 hours until we went grass cutting at the local college. We were there for a good few hours and I didn’t get home till nearly 8. Obviously proved my worth and started on for him the next day. Ended up in the end doing most of his quoting and bought his chipper off him as I went out on my own and he was winding down. Still got some of his customers 12/13 years later on take from that what you will
  4. John Shutler

    Starting out in forestry

    Not sure if your suited to that line of work jack. You’d given up on it before you’d even started and by the sounds of it had a downer on the job before you even got going i hear McDonald’s is hiring
  5. John Shutler

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Stevie ive only ever used the flail on my machine with the rocker switch. I had engcon set my machine up so that I could operate it on a switch as well so the flail was either on or off but can honestly say I’ve never used it
  6. John Shutler

    Flail hire for excavator

    The flail on my 6 tonne machine manages about 4-5 inch diameter that’s using a femac te80 rev forestal flail
  7. John Shutler

    Stump grinder teeth yellow or green

    I might be wrong matty but I think the finger teeth bolt pattern is the same as the green teeth bolt pattern. It was on my old Carlton grinder I had a few years back. If you measure the bolt centres tomorrow il check the green teeth on my predator (I’ve literally changed from multitip to green teeth on my predator this afternoon)
  8. John Shutler

    Any one tried these cubes ?

    They’ve got to be better than the old stain ones
  9. John Shutler

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    For most of my work I think I’d struggle with a machine smaller than my 6 tonne volvo ive often thought that a smaller machine might be handy but if I need to get into somewhere generally I can sell the concept of removing a fence post and reinstating it at the end off the job to make the job more efficient and ultimately a bit cheaper Long term il probably end up with a 8-9 tonne machine
  10. John Shutler

    Go on then, What was your best Present??

    1932 diana air rifle in .22 calibre. Amazing little gun that shoots sub 2p groups at a reasonable distance
  11. John Shutler

    Pto winch for tractor

    I’ve got an old fransgard winch, does the job well for us when we need it. It was a bit small behind my old valmet and is even smaller behind my new t150 il probably upgrade at some point but there’s very little to go wrong with it
  12. John Shutler

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    I’ve often found listening to my gut in this job proves invaluable
  13. John Shutler

    Wanted-Bandsaw Mill

    It came with the mill when I bought it second hand, but you could get something made up for about 250 quid
  14. John Shutler

    Wanted-Bandsaw Mill

    My woodland mills 126 has got a second frame beneath it, certainly makes it more solid and easier to level. I could also potentially pick it up with my roof mount and move it on my low loader trailer if I needed to take it to a job
  15. John Shutler

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    The majority of us will have knocked out big lumps at one time or another so I’m going to assume that this accident is probably the result of a pissing contest, that and the fact that we live in an age where everyone wants a second of social media praise and fame so when the opportunity arises to knock out a “big top” people jump at it the above points coupled with a dose of inexperience and you’ve got the video we’ve all just watched hope the guy is ok now and the other blokes on site got the wake up call they needed


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