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  1. My new machine arrived today, JCB 65r1 with steel tracks and engcon tiltrotator with gripper. need to sort out guarding and getting the case drain fitted for the flail tomorrow and it’ll be straight out to work practically moving from one site to the next for the next couple of months with a bit of sub contracting thrown in for good measure
  2. unimogs rock apart from when they dont nothing major just a funny clutch and a good hydraulic leak
  3. I was told by a commercial sawyer that you should change the band when you start getting the feathery swarf in the back of the blade, i usually push on and get a bit more done till i feel a difference in cutting speed
  4. I fully understand the concept of budgets my comment was meant to be slightly tongue in cheek, I’m sure a far better value for money option would have been available rather than having two people, a skid steer and chipper onsite for a day for what is essentially 20mins work with a tractor and moderately sized heizohack
  5. obviously got some budget to get rid of
  6. not at all, it handles the weight very well
  7. my mates got the 2.7 so i’m sure it’ll be alongside it at somepoint. this machine will go through a 1m gap.
  8. 20k for the machine and 2.7k for the grab
  9. a little bobcat e19 equipped with tiger grip grapple for the smaller jobs it’s not worth taking a bigger machine to, plus it’s easy for the guys to take behind a truck without maxing out the towing capacity. twin auxiliary hydraulics on proportional rollers so no messing about with diverter valves. tidy mesh guard to protect the front screen not used it in anger yet but i’m sure it’ll prove to be a handy addition replacing my old yanmar which has gone to retire on my small holding
  10. the paint job on the counter weight is great
  11. hi eddie could you run a mulcher beneath the engcon? or would it be a case of taking the engcon off to run the mulcher?
  12. ruined for about a day until the swap the plug and bolt the roof on 😢
  13. what was the reason for felling it at that height?
  14. il be switching to an 9 tonne in the new year its going to be a big investment as i’ll have to upgrade all my attachments as well, just the tilty is going to be the best part of 20k
  15. it’s in lymington on the edge of the new forest. it’s a small dockyard on the lymington river. there’s a ferry that goes across to the isle of wight back later in the week with the heizohack to chip it all up for biomass IMG_8310.MOV


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