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  1. i can’t comment on the semantics of how to hitch a trailer to pass a trailer test, or infact how to reverse a trailer to pass a test. however just because it is the “approved” version it doesn’t mean it’s better imo. thankfully il no longer have to pass a test to carry out something i’m perfectly capable of doing. my main issue is with the lack of common sense applied in these situations, I know plenty of 16-18yr olds who I wouldn’t trust to boil an egg, likewise i know a couple who id trust implicitly to run my tractor and grain trailer.
  2. i’m in exactly the same position as you matty just because you’ve not done a trailer test doesn’t mean you don’t know how to load a trailer or how to drive sensibly.
  3. out with the tree shear on my jcb today. the tilt rotater really transforms the shear as you can double or triple cut if needed. I went through today and took the tops out and il go back for a couple of hours with one of my guys to cut the thicker timber with a saw and stack on the chip piles IMG_4449.MOV
  4. i don’t answer my phone at the best of times. my voicemail says to send me a text instead of leaving a message so if people can’t manage to do that i don’t generally call them back
  5. personally i think grain trailers tow better than silage trailers. silage trailers tend to be taller but shorter length whereas grain trailers are longer but shorter in the sides. both those trailers carry about 20 cubic metres but the blue trailer tows much nicer (actually the blue trailer carry’s 22m)
  6. just picked up a cherry products smart box, great to be able to carry tools, spare pipes and blades and other bits for the heizohack. easy to drop off if access is a bit tight
  7. add my n174 and heizohack to fill the grain trailer and it’s getting there 👍
  8. I bought the GMT 035 TTC for the roto, that’s in the back of the grain trailer behind the mog. very pleased with the new low loader, i’d always said my next trailer would have hydraulic ramps, it’s the small things in life 🤣
  9. when i bought my bobcat e19 i was also looking at the volvo ec18. i think the 1.8-2tonne machines are a great little size, easy to move around, can still pack a punch in what they get done in a day and easy to sneak into jobs especially if they’ve got a variable width track base IMG_4324.MOV
  10. Ive got a JCB 65R on 600 wide tracks with an engcon tilt rotator absolute cracker of a machine
  11. not so much a job but our new (to us) roto and grapple saw turned up this week so spent a bit of time going through the functions
  12. personally i think the tseries have got to big unless you need high HP for a mulcher or big heizohack 200hp will run my heizo nicely and i can still sneak it into places you won’t get a tseries
  13. it’s ok i can live that


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