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  1. John Shutler

    the 'todays job' thread

    Felling 30 pines on a development site, most trees had the roots dug out and a lot of them had a significant lean towards the highway which was well within falling distance. Removed the back weight or dismantled to a spar and pulled stems back into the site. Back tomorrow to chip and extract timber for collection with arctic
  2. John Shutler

    How are the veggies coming along?

    We put up a Polly tunnel this year, but late getting going with it but stuffs growing on nicely now. Pictures from a few weeks ago weve got a bed of potato’s in the field which should see us most of the winter
  3. John Shutler

    Looking for a large redwood log

    We are felling one in New Milton tomorrow , it’s only about 1.2m diameter though
  4. John Shutler

    Adding a hydraulic divertor to a digger.

    Until recently I had a timber grab with a diverter valve mounted to the side to switch from grab to rotate, it worked well enough and generally didn’t find switching between the two to restrictive. However, having just had an engcon fitted and being now able to rotate and grab at the same time does make a big difference
  5. John Shutler


    Unimog 1200 with schleising chipper landy 110 with greenmech chipper valta t150 with 8/400 heizohack chipper massey fegusson 6485 with a variety of trailers 6 tonne Volvo excavator with timber grab/ tree shear and engcon small tracked jensen
  6. John Shutler

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Thanks, It’s about 6 tonne
  7. John Shutler

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Got the tree shear hooked up to it this morning
  8. John Shutler

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    My engcon got fitted yesterday and new grab turned up this morning. Waiting for my new rake with grab pocket to arrive after the weekend. It was an ex demo unit from engcon so saved a few quid on the unit very Impressed
  9. John Shutler

    Where am I ?

  10. John Shutler

    Crane fed chippers and brashy material

    Yes we can provide basically the same setup but with more powerful tractors
  11. John Shutler

    Crane fed chippers and brashy material

    Maybe a bit more hp needed then, I fill my 12 tonne grain trailer with silage sides on in about 40 mins. Conditions of the blades make a huge difference but they are so cheap there should be no excuse to allow them to affect productivity
  12. John Shutler

    Crane fed chippers and brashy material

    What hp tractor was it on? I basically run the same setup but with a t150 with roofmount crane or put it behind my 185hp Massey and feed with an excavator Big piles like that can sometimes be a pain to get through with the smaller type crane fed machine, personally I prefer to feed the chipper with a excavator and rotating grab when working with piles like that as it’s easier to pull the pile apart and sort it out a little bit though a lot can be down to the operator id be happy to come down your way if you have any more chipping jobs like that
  13. John Shutler

    Arb show camping!

    Oh it was all red on there calender online! I'll have another look tonight Go through the arb association website, it’ll take you to a page where you can book tickets
  14. John Shutler

    Arb show camping!

    Twins the movie?... are you headed to the show then?
  15. John Shutler

    Arb show camping!

    It wouldn’t be the first time that’s got me in trouble...


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