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  1. i wouldn’t use atkinson vos if they were the last company on the planet awfull service workmanship after-sales someone once said to me that people who buy unimogs use atkinson vos and people who keep unimogs use acprice i only ever use acprice now for bits for my mog and if i had to send it somewhere for work it’d go to them as well
  2. i had the same issue with approved when i ordered my flail
  3. i think you’ve over estimated the amount of chip you’ll produce and the final value per cubic metre of the woodchip. it’s not going to be particularly high value chip on account of all the fines from the smaller material. you could be £15 per cubic metre or less in my experience
  4. website looks good but some of the text doesn’t read that well
  5. it doesn’t, just sounds cool 🙄
  6. by all accounts the crane controls are much quicker and smoother which i’m sure will have an affect on chip production in the long run, as well as many benefits for the operator
  7. waiting for my newer t163 2013 valtra to arrive 8m crane and electric joystick controls will replace my 2007 t150 with 7m crane and stick controls
  8. i’m unaware of your school catchment areas, all i did was search rightmove within 5miles of your location as you requested you proved my point regards finding issues with any properties. Any one of those places would be a dream home for someone, irrespective of wether some rooms were a bit small or they had to keep a fire going through the winter ”knowing people” isn’t actually knowing people though is it? i’m sure one of the people you “know” could point you in the direction of some more reasonably priced storage, or maybe they see you as an up yourself out of towner and an opportunity try to squeeze as much out of you as possible as you have no other options
  9. if how you come across on the forum is anything to go by, I would say thats a pretty good basis for that statement
  10. Check out this property for sale on Rightmove! WWW.RIGHTMOVE.CO.UK 4 bedroom detached house for sale in Dunkeswell, Honiton, Devon, EX14 £450,000. Marketed by Stags, Honiton Check out this property for sale on Rightmove! WWW.RIGHTMOVE.CO.UK 4 bedroom bungalow for sale in Wellisford, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 £500,000. Marketed by Fine & Country...
  11. there are several properties on right move under 600K with 4/5 bedrooms and a bit of land, one of them with an AOC Id wager that none would be suitable for your needs, poor design blah blah blah...... The long and short of it, is your pissed that planning doesn't meet your own exacting standards You've moved into an area, made little effort to integrate or engraciate yourself with local people and are feeling hard done by that people don't give you cheap yard rent I live on a smallholding, my yard (which is reasonable rent) is 5 mins drive from my house and I've got the space to bring tractors and trailers home with me when needed. I certainly don't waste much energy on wishing that I had my whole setup at home, and to be honest I would want to put my neighbours through having to live next to a contractors yard
  12. it’s not a member family if that’s what your getting at. I’ve lived in the area my whole life, grown up knowing the same people and drinking in the same pubs. you know, things that happen if you live in a rural community my last yard which was about 1/2 a mile away was about a third of the size and i payed £240 a month
  13. sorry, i don’t understand?
  14. it depends wether you are integrated into the rural community or not if you are i’d say it’s fairly typical
  15. my yard is about 45000 square feet. plenty of space for 4 tractors, mog, diggers, chippers, 7 ag trailers, 100 tonne of timber and about the same in chip, dry storage for logs and kit in a barn £500 a month think it works out at 0.011p per square foot id say that’s fairly affordable
  16. i’m not offended, you know the fencing industry and i know trees. breaking it down, less than an hour which includes travel and grinding out the stump for £60.00 that coupled with the £350-400 of other stump grinding work that’s been done that day isn’t bad money, especially when my other guys are out doing £800 of work on their job
  17. it’s all about the bigger picture, but what do i know 🙄
  18. i’d go further than a mile 🙄 generally i’d say within a 10 mile radius of my yard if i had to put a distance on it but location would have a lot to do with it. 9 miles or 15-20mins drive across the forest would take me from sway-Beaulieu, a drive i’d happily undertake. however 9 miles the other direction would put me just the other side of christchurch. i’m not interested in going over that way for one stump. it’s all relative
  19. if i was out doing a few stump jobs in one day and i was local i’d charge £60 plus vat probably take longer to get the machine on and off the trailer than to grind it out and tidy it up
  20. i’m based 15 mins from ringwood and have a tractor based forwarder contact number is 07731929194
  21. Climber required 1-2 days a week work is all predominately within the New Forest Well equipped Arb Approved company Fair rates of pay text or call 07731929194 for more info
  22. another LDV? fond memories travelling up to my first APF in an LDV tipper i say fond memories.....
  23. it’s a te60lt hed probably take an offer
  24. my brothers got a 600mm femac flail for sale i think he’s after 2k send me a message if you want his number


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