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  1. my 6480 is a 2013 machine, it’s a great tractor for road work and drives better than my valtra of the same age. my brothers got a 6180 and you wouldn’t want to go to far in it
  2. i’ve got a valtra t163 and a massey 6480. both 50k boxes but run more like 55k. both are in the 150hp-180hp range. cracking tractors, never wanted for more power
  3. not when ainscough are running the lift it’s not
  4. so let me get this straight, and correct me if i’m wrong... Firstly You bought a chipper from england to use in your business in france? obviously you looked into the dealer and support network before the purchase agreeing with a local dealer that they would provide the required support if it was required Im not au fait with the differences in RRP between different country’s but can only assume there is a fair price difference to make you want to buy from outside of the country you work and live in now there is a fault with the chipper and you don’t want it dealt with by a french dealer? i’m assuming that’s because they didn’t sell you the machine and you didnt make arrangements regarding warranty work with a local dealer before purchase. You think that the local dealer won’t act on any warranty work in the manner in which you perceive they should as it will probably cost them money to do so as they haven’t benefited from the original sale in any way
  5. been digging a pond this week got most of the sides and bottom shaped up this week. back monday to finish off sides and start leveling around the sides etc IMG_0760.MOV
  6. bored are you? I don’t know him enough to like or dislike him I wish i had time to moderate everybody’s posts but running a business takes up most of my time. However i’m sure steve appreciates the time I’ve managed to put into the forum since I was invited by him to join in 2007
  7. Are you unable to string a sentence together without using expletives? if you can’t i feel terribly sorry for you. infact, if your so offended by having you foul language moderated maybe you should find another forum to ‘contribute’ to?
  8. very nice what the planning situation for that sort of thing in france?
  9. agreed, we planted a hornbeam hedge at home 6 years ago. up until last year when we reduced it had got to 11ft tall and has now been brought down to 6-7 ft the plants were only 50-60cm tall when we planted them
  10. the intermecato is probably one of the best grippers out of all the tree shears, I believe the new t cut series are better than the older versions as they can cut both sides of the blade I run mine beneath a engcon tilt rotator which transforms it for manoeuvrebility
  11. i’ve got the intermecato shear, it’s on a larger base machine but is robust enough. i’d probably get a TMK if i replaced its but the bloke never came back to me when i enquired
  12. i did think about going for the full amount but chickened out 🤣 don’t really need the money to be fair but nice to have it sat there if i do need it
  13. I filled in the form with bank of scotland yesterday afternoon, could have applied for the maximum 50k but decided to put in for 25k money in my bank this afternoon
  14. last of the PSB and a squash from last year
  15. lovely part of the country, i quite often get lost on the internet looking at places to buy that way
  16. ambérac is about 35k south of angouleme. there’s not a lot there but it’s a lovely spot.
  17. your place looks cracking mick some friends have a place in ambérac which is about 5k from mansle and aigre
  18. beetroot, salad, carrots, chard, kale and purple sprouting in the polly tunnel, all over wintered in there. got a load of potato’s in the raised beds outside. cucumbers and corgettes pretty much ready to be planted out. got a tray of spring onions, beetroot and dwarf french beans to plant out in the next week or so. more psb in the propagator with onions and sweet peppers. bit slow off the mark with toms this year, most of mine are only 4-6 inches tall. got lots more salad to plant out as well in the next week-10 days All looking good so far
  19. I have a scheisling 440 pro chipper on my mog. it’s a good chipper but not without its issues. For example i have a recurring problem with the bottom infeed roller bearings breaking up. the plus side is it’s very easy to work on and not a major issue to swap out. ive had a green mech quadchip for the last 7-8 years. had a flywheel bearing issue early on which was sorted under the warranty and a problem with the hydraulic oil rad but again that was easily sorted. It’s not out everyday and tends to go out on smaller pruning work when it’s not worth taking the mog but has still been a good chipper. Honestly I can’t see it ever being replaced unless I sell the mog inwhich case i might get a larger tow behind or tracked machine
  20. it takes one to know one 🙄 you don’t usually hold back using foul language on the forum so why stop now? Or am i just supposed to feel intimidated “a man on the internet said he’d like to say bad things about me” grow up
  21. wether or not i ignored some bloke off a forum on the internet once upon a time is neither here nor there eggs. I’d walk the other way if I saw you at a show these days knowing how you conduct yourself online. If i don’t like the way you communicate on a forum why would i want to have a conversation with you in real life?? I guess you ran out of people to argue with on “Cesspit forum”
  22. well done you’ve proved my point!! i never questioned wether what you were saying was true or otherwise, only that the way you communicate is confrontational. how about take a step back and have a look at yourself and mendip logs....the bloke never posted much of any interest to me, so why would i waste my time making small talk of which i’m not a big fan of at the best of times.If i’m honest there’s plenty of people i’d avoid at shows given the chance.
  23. It may well be the truth, but its the way you convey it And how did I treat him?
  24. you come across as a right prick sometimes eggs, i really wish you’d wind your neck in a bit. you certainly don’t make this a nice place to be with your confrontational attitude
  25. £250 a day? not in the new forest


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