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  1. my concern is that you give false information to somebody who doesn’t know any better and the possible repercussions that may follow. Instead of offering advice on tree stability and the intricacies of trees in relation to construction (a subject that you clearly have a lack of knowledge on) maybe you should save your input until someone wants to know how to clean something, “write a book” or be a fireman theres been many like you before and i’m pretty sure you won’t be the last. Enjoy it while it lasts
  2. you do talk some absolute rubbish I remember when this forum was populated by actual tree workers apologies to all, I shouldn't feed the troll...
  3. Hi are you looking to sell as a job lot or would you let 6 go?
  4. yes i’m a tree surgeon, ive run my own business contracting for the last 13 years and worked as a subcontract climber and for company’s for 7 years before that so i’m well versed on the industry your right, i know nothing of you, what you’ve been through or tolerated in your life. But i do know the tree industry sex and all the differences between men and women aside, coming into this industry over the age of 30 is hard. if you were a professional footballer, 35 is getting toward the end of your professional career and believe me being a tree surgeon especially a climber is a damn site harder than being a professional footballer with all the support, physical and monetary that comes with that profession essentially you’d join the industry as a apprentice, regardless of wether you’ve completed a 4 week multi ticket course or not. you will cost money for whoever you work for initially and your pay will reflect that. it’ll take 3 years minimum to get upto a commercial speed but more likely 5, at which point you may well be over 40 if you’ve never had a particularly physical job or maintained a good level of fitness outside of your day job then dragging brash, moving timber or climbing round trees all day will be physically demanding. now add the endless rain we seem to get over winter and something that looks great fun when your sat at a desk looking out the window suddenly isn’t quite how you imagined it would be I could go on and on best of luck
  5. still wearing those rose tinted glasses... you might be in for a bit of a shock
  6. 🤣 multi national with millions of pounds worth of machinery? my reputation obviously precedes me
  7. i’d be bust if i charged £180 for 4 hrs work
  8. 100k? my tractor and chipper setup is £120k and that’s a reasonably modest setup in comparison
  9. my misses had chemo, op and radio therapy two years ago, think it was 10 months start to finish. don’t think to much about it these days aprtf from when the yearly checkup comes through the door
  10. well the reality for me was that it retained high residual value as the dealer gave me 4k less than i bought the machine for after 2 years chipping
  11. I think they retain a fairly high residual value, after owning my old machine for 2 years the dealer gave me 4k less than i paid for it originally
  12. i’ve been using it for 4-5 years. i really rate it, and it certainly streamlines quoting, job sheet prep and invoicing. don’t really use the app when quoting as i think it’s rude to be messing around with a device when talking to clients so usually just make notes on a pad or diary and i still print out job sheets for the guys instead of using the other app i’d recommend ?
  13. i put a new engine on mine last year, engine was about £1750. i had the old engine out in a couple of hours and it probably took me a day to put it all back together
  14. it'll all get cracked down and chipped
  15. A couple of 4ft diameter Monterey pines coming out at a nice property in Burley in the New Forest. both trees down in two days and about half the timber moved offsite as well. start chipping tomorrow and get the stumps sorted then hopefully have the site raked and cleared by the end of play thursday seem to have had a run of pines recently, we’ve got one do do next week then that will stand the total at 35 mature Monterey pines removed since the start of covid IMG_1465.MOV IMG_1471.MOV
  16. John Shutler Tree Services is a small Arb Approved Contractors based in the New Forest. we are looking for a climber to work two days a week on a self employed basis for the foreseeable future. we undertake a wide range of work. Money is negotiable depending on experience. please call john shutler on 07731929194 to express an interest
  17. some aspects of consultancy work il always charge an hourly rate for but you have to have an understanding with the client that you will be fair. for example i’m working on a scheme to construct a driveway upto a property with a steep incline and various trees. the pretty pictures of the driveway drawn by the architect are in no way feasible and representative of the situation so on this occasion I will give input, produce an tree constraints plan so they can produce a workable solution and liaise with with the LPA for an hourly rate. Ive then given them a fixed price to produce a report to accompany their planning application when it reaches that stage I always provide a breakdown of time spent with the invoice so people can see where the times gone, 15 mins here half an hour there soon adds up
  18. it’s not me or my machine from the limited time i spent watching it work im not sure the technique you suggest is possible with that machine anyway? you need to reach over the stump and work back towards yourself.
  19. 1.5m by 2m oak stump. roughly 5 mins work FullSizeRender.mov
  20. he wasn’t giving it 100%. I didn’t want all the grindings spread over the adjacent acre field so he was running it in 750 instead of 1000 speed and going steady ive seen it at full chat and it’s impressive


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