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  1. i’m based 15 mins from ringwood and have a tractor based forwarder contact number is 07731929194
  2. Climber required 1-2 days a week work is all predominately within the New Forest Well equipped Arb Approved company Fair rates of pay text or call 07731929194 for more info
  3. another LDV? fond memories travelling up to my first APF in an LDV tipper i say fond memories.....
  4. it’s a te60lt hed probably take an offer
  5. my brothers got a 600mm femac flail for sale i think he’s after 2k send me a message if you want his number
  6. it’s the first time in humanity that poor people are overweight
  7. a lovely day, put down 1800 birds on our little shoot this morning, out for lunch with the misses then spent the afternoon filling some raised beds for the extension of our veg patch. two sets of mates popped round for a natter and a cup of tea. just polished off a roast dinner of which everything was grown at home or shot by myself and sank a nice bottle of red. chainsaw milling is just rubbish 🤣 in all honesty it’s very difficult to make a decent wage out of it as proved by one of the guys that used to work for me
  8. chainsaw milling is dirty, smelly, frustrating, dull, hard work, how anybody would wish to do it full time is beyond me my woodland mills hm130 is fantastic for cutting out the odd gatepost or bits and pieces of timber for around the place but is equally dull, but it serves a purpose however its a nice thing to have around and handy when i need it
  9. picking up stones from a ploughed field
  10. some pictures of my massey
  11. someone crashed into us at a junction, it was our right of way. it’s been a battle with our insurance company since the whole thing happened. low ball repair estimates, missed damage, low ball salvage value, vehicle moved to salvage yard before a decision had been made, removal of personal items without permission and no idea when these will be returned. insurance company saying one thing and doing another. the list goes on.....and all this from a company that is supposed to be acting on my behalf worst service i’ve ever experienced
  12. going on my experience over the last 7 weeks having vehicle insurance with arborisk il be changing at renewal, worst service i’ve ever had and still not resolved.
  13. 4.5k for a crane removal with a road closure and power shutdown all done in a busy day
  14. yes give yourself another 15-20years experience doing the job day in, day out and you might think the same
  15. for a fencing contractor maybe
  16. quite interesting video i found on the subject of building and living on land without initially having permission
  17. John Shutler Tree Services is an Arb approved contractors based in the new forest we undertake a mixture of work in the commercial and domestic markets we are looking for a new team leader to replace an existing member of staff. qualifications up to climbing and aerial rescue as a minimum. Tractor driving experience preferred but not essential please call or text to 07731929194 to register interest
  18. That was a great tractor and my first foray into tractor ownership wilsons gave me what I gave for that tractor and used it as a deposit for my next one im on my third tractor and crane combo now and I’ve never seen a single one before I bought it, in fact first time I’ve seen them is when they turn up on the low loader first tractor had 13k hrs second had 9k most recent has got 7k ive also bought a Massey with 9k hours and my new one has 4k i wouldn’t be to worried what hours something has
  19. What machine you running that on John as been looking at that exact model, how do you find it being able to sweep both ways through thick bramble and scrub. It’s on a Volvo ec55c im very happy with it, one way obviously cuts better than the other but just the way of it
  20. 2k il send you his number if your interested
  21. 2.5 tonne Kubota, he’s only used it a couple of times. I’ve got the larger te80rev forestal on my machine so tends to get me to do bits as and when they come up, plus he wants to get a little dumper instead
  22. My brothers got the same one for sale as well
  23. It’s good though I wish it was bigger 😂


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