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  1. although you might be able to use a piled solution you need to investigate what impact the design might have on floor levels in the property. in simple terms if the piled solution results in a floor level that is significantly higher than your existing floor levels would that work with a step in the room? The other issue that the LPA will consider is wether there will be an increased pressure to fell or prune the tree in the future, unfortunately that is very difficult to argue against good luck
  2. yeah it’s great on the right job, or just drop the grapple saw off and you have your own crane. massive learning curve but 100% worth it
  3. it’s ok, you don’t get it, that’s fine. I have a set rate and people pay it or they don’t, i don’t care either way wether we get the work or not. Your but hurt comment is hilarious though, i’m far from that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to display a bit of professionalism in an industry that is often undersold, maybe that’s why i can charge what I do? Further to that making sure someone wears a helmet wether they are 6 inches or 60ft of the ground is no more about ensuring the safety of your staff as it is about making sure that the buisness isn’t liable. i certainly dont want to loose my home because i didn’t ensure that people weren’t using suitable PPE when carrying out work under my direction. i’m sure if someone falls off your homemade platform on your mini loader then decides to sue you you’ll wish that maybe you had done things differently? who knows
  4. I don't take umbridge to the suggestion that a garden conifer hedge trim isn't an ideal fit for my buisness, we still do the odd one here and there but I charge my usual hourly rate for the work. Why would I sell myself short?? Or Maybe the sort of people that I am working for that are happy to pay a decent hourly rate are the ones that are pleased to see climbers wearing helmets when carrying out aerial works? I would go so far as to say using PPE in general but I can't see if he's wearing a harness, ear protection, eye protection etc or maybe the guys only charging £300 to trim that hedge can't afford helmets? who knows?
  5. unfortunately I beg to differ, £300 is to cheap. The reality of it is that 3hrs is the best part of half a day so if your then aim to do another "3hr" job afterwards your buisness has only made £600 for the day. Which is not sustainable. but seeing as your a retired climber you might not be up on current pricing as a side point I started my buisness when £350.00 a day for a two man team with truck and chipper was the norm
  6. That may well be the case, however, if it was a couple of my blokes a ladder and a hedge cutter there would still potentially be two valtras, a Unimog, two diggers, a heizohack, big diesel stump grinder and Merlo roto with grapple saw plus numerous other pieces of kit sat in the yard that need paying for so my rate would still be £150-£165 an hour 🙄 The last conifer hedge we "trimmed" I took away 90 cube of woodchip
  7. it depends what your rates are, I tend to charge between £150 + VAT and £165 + VAT an hour. but then we don't trim many conifer hedges
  8. agreed, the it comes to kit id much rather px it with a dealer for slightly less than have to deal with all the messers to make a little bit extra on it
  9. good sized mac removal. back tomorrow to crack down rest of the timber and chip the lot with the brash. stump ground out in just over an hour. last pick weighed 2.5 tonne
  10. nice grinder that 35HP petrol?
  11. certainly looks like a smart piece of kit. Theres obviously pros and cons to every bit of equipment but I've always thought the ability to position a chipper at any angle is handy, be it tracked or on a trailer. This is where my heizo is limited. however I can rock up with the heizo and feed it with the tractor negating the need for another vehicle and person to bring a digger (you could put both on a low loader behind a tractor if you were going alone) I say get it bought 🤣
  12. planning is a minefield and a lot of the time it doesn’t always make sense. they might decide that the trees need to be further protected following the completion of works but for the time being they are protected by the planning process
  13. what does this say ? maybe better off reading all the supplied info before getting all heavy handed with the red lines 🙄
  14. a lot of un educated comments being made on this thread. Everything they have suggested is pretty standard. The Default position of bs5837 is that no works should be undertaken within RPA’s, it is upto the consultant to work back from that, to a point where the methodology of the proposed works will not damage the trees. They are producing a document to satisfy the planning conditions, because without that you cannot undertake the works. They have not proposed that all excavations must be done by hand, only that initial excavations must be done by hand. The wording is very important. Ground protection is best practice when working over RPA’s. if retained trees. They certainly havnt put anything in the report that i wouldn’t put in my self. cost wise it’s possibly on the steep side but without looking at all the other documents that they have produced you can’t say for sure.
  15. they are cherry products smart boxes, both boxes weigh about 350kg empty but there is a 650kg concrete weight that goes in the front of them if you want it
  16. why wouldn’t you just tell him how it is?
  17. time flies, ive been arb approved 10 years now
  18. camping does make it sound more glamorous doesn’t it
  19. yeah an old mazda and the spanner for the spout bolts. i got a 5k bank loan to buy the chipper (id already saved 3k) and the mazda cost me 3200. they were certainly simpler times. the pop got felled eventually, not by me fortunately the access was terrible
  20. doing something terrible to a lombardy poplar early 2000s, i actually smashed a small brick wall in the drop zone and had to rebuild it. my first chipper and truck circa 2008, i shovelled a lot of woodchip out the back of that thing
  21. taking out a row of conifers at a hotel the last couple of days, and some random other pictures from jobs over the last month or so. my old valmet 8050 setup i had 4 tractors ago, was a bloody good old thing.
  22. my brace of valtra n174 and a t234
  23. Property and how to be a better buisnessman, self help stuff seems to a a trend with tree surgeons from Southampton, I’m always slightly dubious of self appointed experts whatever the trade or buisnness. Good of luck with it


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