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  1. Don’t forget your bread n butter jobs, if you lose your regular work for a big job it will cost you dear in the long term. Price strong and smile if you get it and don't stress if you don’t. You can sit on your arse and earn nowt so no need to price low to have a big head ache to earn nowt!
  2. Will C


    Could they be wounds from poorly done pruning in the nursery?
  3. Eco plugs will solve it if they are all one the same root system.
  4. Yes there good but spend good money on a good quality one, the cheap ones snap off in the tyre meaning it’s got to come off to retrieve it and then you have a bigger hole to sort! Sparex or spaldings do so kits at a couple of hundred quid, you pays your money and takes your choice.
  5. No it was rotten, from what he said it was used with 2 flip lines or similar no mention of a main climbing line. It looked like some hard core bdsm/torture device compared to a modern harness 😂
  6. I had a old boy in his 90s at the time (10 yr ago) give me a linemans pole belt and gaffs that he had for tree work in the 60s! He still had a Danarm saw you turned the engine over to use it on its side as well!
  7. Machine operator = come and try to work this piece of crap as no one else can
  8. 1 team or 5 plus. the 2 to 4 teams is just a pain in the arse, you have to get big enough to just be a paper shuffler/man manager/ social worker/ to get more reward from growing. we tried 2 it look far more time, stress and agro for no more reward.
  9. cheaper??? The climber has now got to cut all those bloody pegs off before they can start as well as clear up your mess. The price will go up more likely than down!
  10. Not if he strips all the branches off on the way up up ladder, pollarded connifers seem to be a thing at the moment 🤣
  11. We used to do one like that by hand for a elderly customer, was a 15ft tall perfect cone trimmed at least every other year but more often than not yearly.
  12. Open to sensible offers
  13. Gone back farming after being made a offer I would of been daft to refuse!


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