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  1. Yes they will work on a tripod ladder. Not quite as well as on the floor tho 😂 occasionally the bars at the bottom of the harness will hook in the steps if Side on to the ladder but coming up a inch frees it no bother
  2. I use a ct foot ascender as a knee one. Just undo the section of webbing that goes under your foot, put a tool clip on it and hook to a foot loop, put some padding on the back (I still need to do this) and put it on round your knee, all for around £30. been using this for a couple of years, with a foot ascender on the other foot. The one shown with the fixed link between foot and the ascender looks bulky and will get in the way in the tree.
  3. 🙄 the yoof of tomorrow 😂
  4. Will C

    Where am I ?

    Looking at the Isle of Wight
  5. Check the bar doesn’t have a bur on the side from getting hot and a lack of oil, his can make a saw feel blunt as it hold the chain away from the wood. Easy sorted with a flat file just check the top of the rails are at 90 deg
  6. Find work with a decent crew and you will learn in time, take all the chances your given to practice/learn and watch what/how others do things. Most good climbers have good experience on the ground first so don’t worry about starting there
  7. A second person on a pitch fork to pull them away once cut makes this very quick👍 We also cut bramble “cubes” out with the hedge cutter and remove with the pitch fork
  8. Will C

    Fungi app

    Well said Mr P. If I had known I wouldn’t of let my fone update either 😤 the cost of the app is almost irrelevant as it’s easier than a book and always in your pocket
  9. Will C

    Fungi app

    Sorry Steve I missed that bit, I must read properly before speaking 😂 If we need to buy the iphone app again when you get that far I won’t be worried as it is/was worth its weight in gold 👍
  10. Will C

    Fungi app

    We have asked before as well. It’s greatly missed 😕 was a huge resource for us
  11. Will C


    2 fish in a tank, one said to the other “you know how to drive this thing?”
  12. But life is to long to do a job you don’t enjoy dispite how well it pays, the money means nowt if your not enjoying it.


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