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  1. These are cheap but good, not the most comfortable compared to more expensive offerings but not bad. You can adjust between flood and spot light. Hi and low settings plus a silly annoying strobe. The rechargeable battery lasts ages. Mine is now going into its 2nd winter at work and also gets used in the workshop so hasn’t had a clean easy life. I reckon it was good value for money. Extreme Head Torch With USB - Cree | Mountain Warehouse GB WWW.MOUNTAINWAREHOUSE.COM
  2. The chipper hopper is half to 2/3 the height of the truck bed so it is in effect a easier loading device 👍 there is a very good argument for brash piles in the right place tho.
  3. Eucalyptus. The wood is heavy and in the wet it like climbing a sheet of glass covered in snot
  4. To drive them home I give it a knock each side of the bolt on the holder and a good knock between the teeth on the body of the tooth. I’ve not used a torque wrench with them, just a long Allen key!
  5. @Gardenequipment just another thought. What are you doing the bolt up with? They only need a long Allen key not a 2ft breaker bar. (Don’t mean to sound condescending) 👍🔧
  6. I’ve not sheared one of them in over 5 years, multi tip are a good set up, I’ve smashed the odd tooth but never had a bolt go. there are two things I can think of. 1- are you knocking the teeth and the holder the bolt goes through back hard to the wheel? Tighten them up then hit them back again with a hammer and punch, they will move a few mm but this gives you another 3/4 turn on the bolt and they don’t come lose. your wheel doesn’t look worn, they normally wear a semi circle on the corner under the tooth as it starts to wear 2- Check the threaded pocket Is flush with the flywheel when you tighten it up and it’s not that getting hit from the side that’s effecting the bolts.
  7. No @Rough Hewn is right. People stealing timber from woodland is stopping people that rely on earning there living from it eating. Woodland is a saw mill or firewood merchants stock room, it’s the same as shop lifting or taking the copper pipe from the roof of a plumbers van. You nick my stock and I can’t do my job, it’s on a level with a pikey robbing a working mans tools. 😤🤬 are you a pikey? Ask the land owner for permission and you may well
  8. If your just starting out you can run a bigger bar than your saw normally would by using a skip chain until you can afford a big saw - which needs to be high up on your shopping list
  9. What a load of testicals, moving an ancient woodland? 🤦‍♂️
  10. Are the hunt forest group still covering the Isle of Wight or have you just missed us off your list? Good luck with it all, hope the expansion all works well for you 👍
  11. Will C

    Rope Saw

    Stein (other makes just as good) sectional poles will easy do 20 ft, only 3 or 4 6ft sections, a saw head and a pulling hook will have anything urgent/ dangerous off in minutes. Something like this: Pole Kits from Gustharts | Pole Pruning supplies for sale WWW.GUSTHARTS.COM Pole Kits for sale from Gustharts for all long-reach pruning needs. Wide variety of Pole Pruning supplies available in a range of sizes. you won’t need the extra cost of utilities poles as not near power lines
  12. I’ve not seen a multi farmer one for years, brilliant piece of kit 👍
  13. I can’t fault Predator. There machines have been faultless for us. They get in just about anywhere. The grinding depth is one of the best out there, some will say that doesn’t matter but sat on 6 inch of grindings and being 6 inch from the bottom of the stump is frustrating - I think so any way. when stuff has gone wrong ( only ever minor things) the guys at predator have been with us all the way, there service and parts delivery have been faultless, we wouldn’t go any where else for a grinder at the moment. remember every machine will break down one day, it’s the quality of service that matters that day. Last time ours did, Simon and Dan at predator we’re on the fone helping sorting it and a simple part we needed was with us in under 24hrs. we have been using predators for about the last 5 years and no complaints.
  14. Weld a nut to the bolts, once you have filled the middle of the nut up the heat will make it come out easy. New bolts aren’t expensive and it saves skinned knuckles and rounded Alien keys/ holes .
  15. We just use cheap and cheerful eBay ones, they come in at 60p ish each from memory if you buy a box full (once a year purchase for us) They see last just as well as the more expensive ones (on a trips per £ spent). once you drag any bag over concrete it’s bottom will go quickly regardless of how good it is.


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