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  1. At 17 it cost me £1000 fully comp for a mk1 golf 1.8 gti campaign edition in 1999 (5 weeks wages) That seems cheap compared to the youngsters now
  2. How would you split that if you left the chipper at home Bob?
  3. The question is were you or the Subbie “running the site” ? if your paying the bills, collecting the cheque and on site the insurance company will say you are. If you say to the subbie “thats the job crack on, however you see fit” And leave them to it. They are then running the site as a bonafida sub contractor and it is then there problem insurance wise. Apart from the customer will claim against you and you inturn claim against them. thats how it was explained to me, I will happily stand corrected.
  4. Can you transfer the crane onto the new trailer with a engine driven hydraulic power pack?
  5. That’s the best end of the island, the other end is full of bloody tourists 😝 in fact the whole island if full of tourists and elms at the mo! hope you enjoyed our little rock.
  6. I also think the hedgerow elms are getting bigger each time before they die off, it used to be 10ft ish they would die at, now it seems to be around 20 ft or so. I do wonder if some natural resistance is building, this is only a ponder and I have no evidence to prove it before anyone jumps on it as a load of carp.
  7. @Squaredy Where abouts on my island did you come to? The Ulmus Lutece elm do incredibly well over here, we have even had to thin a couple of copse of them after they have done far better than expected, last winter I felled half of a small group of early trial ones, they were aprox 25 year old, 35-40ft tall and about 10 inch dbh
  8. Hello.i had noticed a while ago on a thread it said your based on the Isle of Wight ?

    It’s a bit of a long shot but could you recommend a company to work for or do you know of anyone which might need a hand on at least a part time basis .I may be looking for work over there in a few months but currently working on the mainland (i have got all the tools and and can help as a groundy/ground based cutting /forestry /hedge maintenance and general garden tidying

    many thanks






  9. Years since I’ve seen them, it should be shown to the youngsters that say the 35ft freshly dead syc isn’t climbable and they need a mewp 😂
  10. I was told a story of a lad that was given a tracker, he got sacked when he was found asleep in the truck while the dog wondered round the woods with the tracker on its collar 😂
  11. @skyhuck that is possibly one of the best posts on the matter for quite some time 👏
  12. CAR LANDS ON ROOF AFTER COMING OFF TRANSPORTER WWW.ISLANDECHO.CO.UK A car has landed on its roof after coming off a vehicle transporter outside a garage in Newport this evening (Thursday). Emergency services have been called to the... This is the height of today’s entertainment this way. 🤯
  13. The right pick up will tow 3.5t and carry a ton at the same time, what’s the issue with the buckets in the truck?
  14. The right pick up will tow 3.5t and carry a ton at the same time, what’s the issue with the buckets in the truck?
  15. Be careful with it, the plastic piston stop that comes with a new clutch can break off in the pot, then you have to remove the exhaust and shake it out. I have used them successfully but have also had them break if heavy handed


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