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  1. Will C

    Forst st8

    Hammer a bit of rebar through it and knock the middle out, should stop it blocking up! edit: this was tongue in cheek before any eco vegans are offended!
  2. Will C

    What gear???

    Look at a hitch climber pulley and learn to tie a hitch knot with a eye to eye friction cord you elbows and shoulders will thank you in 10 years time when your not a cripple like some that climbed on a Blake’s for toooooo long. here should show you most knots, like harnesses find one that suits you. https://www.educatedclimber.com/knots/
  3. Will C

    What gear???

    Definitely separate. If you can go to a dealer that does climbing kit. Most will have harnesses etc you can try, they are a very personal thing.
  4. A battery is much the same as a tank of fuel but it doesn’t sit at idle wasting fuel, probably 2 batteries a day on ave but on occasion 3. I prefer to lay with a axe so the saw isn’t my first port of call 95% of the time 🤔 it’s a difficult one to answer.
  5. We use a battery saw a lot for laying mid size stuff and removing the heals, a petrol one with a ripping chain is better for laying large stuff. Echo also do some good saws if he is on a budget, I’ve not owned one but the few times ive used an echo I’ve been impressed.
  6. My guess is It’s a soft fruit, raspberry/Loganberry/blackberry family at a guess.
  7. The mules seem to be reliable but older ones are sloooow, newer shape not so bad, they also tow a small trailer no bother. I’ve no experience of the others.
  8. You want to hire a micro bull skid steer and flail @Dave Alviti would sort you out. There only 75cm wide so get in most places.
  9. Best bet is a brush cutter with a shredder blade, second best is a long reachHedge cutter and a pitch fork. One cuts it into cubes while the other pulls it out with the prong and Tramples it, it can be fed into chipper with the prong in a long sausage if required
  10. The v10 is indeed a good tow barge Bob, we brought ours with low expectations of a poncey Chelsea tractor that wasn’t going to do much good but it’s quite the opposite and a cracking work horse
  11. There is no precious work truck here. If it can’t do the job it’s gone, you wouldn’t keep a crap cutter so why keep a truck that doesn’t earn it keep? Mpg doesn’t interest me, doing the job well and earning a living does 👍 my 7.5mpg was ave for the day not at that moment 😂🤪
  12. I’ve never had a work truck do much over low 20s mpg when loaded and towing. The Touareg just does it quicker than most and is a joy to drive. 👍 It’s also got centre and rear diff lock in low range, it will go further than a landrover in the sticky stuff, but in doing so I got the computer to say 7.5mpg one day towing a trailer that was on its belly in mud across a field 🤯
  13. They look ok to me 👍 But they can get sun scorched easy at that age, possibly keep them in the shade a little more, it will also stop the soil in the pot drying so much. Only water well sporadically, they will do better than little and often, I’ve also found in the past that they will want repotting sooner than you would expect.


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