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  1. Get decent boots, you will be in them more than you will be out of them. Nowt worse than being uncomfortable on your feet
  2. What no curlywurly???? That’s just kicking a man when he is down
  3. I tried one, also tried a easy lift harness but couldn’t get on with them, the theory is great but I found it restrictive. That said I know someone that swears by them and tells everyone that will (or won’t) listen how great they are.
  4. I’m out, I reckon they are bidding far to high! I was going to offer 50p and a curlywurly
  5. Any subbies get paid at end of week every week, end of story. Every day just wouldn’t work, to much to do fixing, sharpening, tipping, getting ready for the next day etc.
  6. I reckon a heap of 10inch lose logs shrinks by about 25% when stacked, so you load of 1.6 cube would be about 1.2 cube. the bigger the logs the more air space and the more he heap will shrink by. We have proven over time that it takes less wood to fill a truck with 12 inch logs over 8 inch. All this is based on observation not science!
  7. Cheers. the Norwood saws do look good 😎
  8. Bench grinder like most people I would guess! sharpen free hand then 2 nuts with the flats welded together together will check the angles for you, you can get jigs to hold the angle on the grinder but I’ve never used one.
  9. What made you go for the Norwood over logsol, trekmet or woodland mills?
  10. Cell grown plants and tubex easy wrap seem to give better results over bare root and spirals. The guards go on quicker and remove complete, most can be reused for a second planting.
  11. For fitting the breast plate to? (Only guessing, not even an educated one!)
  12. You brought a house with mature trees close by in someone else’s property and now your complaining about the trees that were clearly visible when you viewed the property? I can hear it from here “I love trees but………..” 🙄 I’m quite aware I’m no help on the subject but, is this for real? I wouldn’t of brought the property if the trees were a problem. To be fair I can see they are likely to be a problem to most people.
  13. @Woodworks Have you got a link? I can’t seem to find anything on there site apart from biochar. (I’m a techno Luddite tho)


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