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  1. Thought these were interesting, not often you get to see the root structure we came across them while wondering along a beach, come over with a cliff fall at some point.
  2. It’s about time bees are protected seeing as they are endangered and with out pollinators our out look is bleak. Fair play for asking to get it right
  3. I tend to leave the top in, but like most things in this game the plan constantly changes once you in the tree.
  4. You are right paddy but I think you missed the point/difference between cash in hand and “a cash buyer” - having the cleared funds ready to purchase the item in question
  5. I know the question wasn’t directed at me but we run similar terms. My answer would be: Only customers that would of been a pain in the arse and I don’t want them any way so it’s win win 👍
  6. Have a look at the Predetor chainsaw grinders. I’ve had a couple of 2 ft plus stumps out with a 661 based one. I reckon they are just as quick as a little bouncy grinder and far more portable
  7. This sentence just made me spit tea down myself, absolutely hilarious 🤣👍
  8. Alder is said to be good for charcoal and gun powder
  9. You will also need to get a waste carriers licence. A lower tier should be ok, but check first as everyone’s set up is different. They used to be free for lower tier and just a paper work exercise but I’m not sure if that still the case. our local landfill also runs a composting set up, £x per ton over the weigh bridge most areas have something similar
  10. Cheviot trees in Scotland deliver nation wide. There cell grown stuff is very good, a little more expensive than bare root but with the tube planter it’s bloody quick to plant hedges compared to bare root so you gain more on labour cost than you spend on plants.
  11. Will C

    Old Axe

    I’ve done some in the past with starter cord, kite string or paracord whipping, quite simple to do. I’ve not red the full site but the pics will show you how How To Wrap A Tomahawk Or Axe Handle With Paracord - BushEcho WWW.BUSHECHO.COM How To Wrap A Tomahawk Or Axe Handle With Paracord. - While there are plenty of other ways to wrap the handle, this way is simple and doesn’t take much time.
  12. I must say I’ve noticed it get progressively worse over the last few weeks. Equally we have noticed customers and society in general going the same way. The current situation seems to have given many folk a green light to forget common decency 🤯😢 I had hoped that during these strange and challenging times that folk would have pulled together and been a little more excepting of different views and ways but it seems to have done the opposite.
  13. A bolt may help if you can’t find a pin.
  14. I’m lost for words on this. To have a fall/tree collapse is a risk most of us except as a possibility one day. To have the barstard drown you as well is not in the job description 😢 Our thoughts are with the family. RIP.


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