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  1. How about filling a suitably sized tin can with a couple of vent holes in bottom and just standing it on embers of fire last thing at night,that’s if it’s in a wood burner .
  2. Always thought it was a sign of growing into a proper working man,when you shouldered the old bait bag and set off for work as a young un. Can’t understand blokes who don’t make their own scoff though.
  3. Should of said,I intend covering them around September time for sure.
  4. I ve started splitting fresh stock into vented cube bags,and can’t decide weather they would season quicker if I left them uncovered or tarred over. They are only single layered and are up on pallets in a good exposed site. Any advice welcome.
  5. Anyone care to go through the pros and cons of selling briquettes instead of logs,best makes and margins etc. Timber is getting scarce for me and old age is catching me up.
  6. It’s not pretty,but you can always slip a new post in between the rotten ones and leave old one there.
  7. My hedging buddy,asks for4foot6 length,and around inch and a half square. nice long point
  8. Another side product from the scabs are hedging stakes at around 90 pence each,easily make 50+ an hour,on a rough weather day with cheap sawbench.
  9. £10 copper bangle cured my pain,I can’t explain how or why but it just worked. I suppose I should take it off for a while to see if the pain returns, .
  10. I can’t find a single acorn at my usual big oaks. Is this the case across the uk? Does it have a big impact on wildlife. Last year seemed a bumper year.
  11. Anyone making anything different or unusual for this years Christmas craft markets,I’m getting sick of the reindeer and snowmen.
  12. Copper beech? special branch etc etc
  13. I would ask a hedgers opinion before siding the hedge,from memory I think they prefer them unprimed.
  14. Just wondering what people are paying for stakes this year.I had a little sawing trial yesterday and was making around 70 an hour on the sawbench from about 9 inch diameter softwood.
  15. How about getting a large diameter hole saw and cutting holes all over the liner,then using it as another crate.Tip it out using a chain or sling through a couple of the holes


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