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  1. Show your tractors

    What ploughing?
  2. Where am I ?

    Hascombe north of Markwick?
  3. TPO refusal/compensation

    My first thought is legal costs must already exceed the agreed damages of £25k. This is the first I have heard of the case and the salient points seem to be: Oak tree over 70 years old, so not even very mature yet. Conservatory built with 0.4m footings on a plastic clay soil in 2003 Conservatory pulling away from building 2006 TPO issued 2007-8, was it contested? Application to remove tree refused in 2008 and 2010 refused As a layman I would have thought the owners could have mitigated the cost by felling the tree when the cracks appeared and prior to the TPO but the problem arose because the conservatory was poorly founded. What have I missed
  4. pallax 35 oil aeration

    short of immersing it in oil nothing I can think of. Are you sure it's not just the oil level is low? When the pump sucks its like water going down a bath plug hole, it forms a vortex and air can get drawn down. If it's a aluminium gear motor the chances are if the seal is leaking the bush is warn and they are not replaceable.
  5. pallax 35 oil aeration

    Sucking air past the pump shaft seal?
  6. Stopped by VOSA

    If trailers worry you how about E-types and other classics not requiring MOTs from next year? I think it's driven by accident statistics, these vehicles are not involved in as many but I did expect commercially used trailers to need an inspection. Of course if you get pulled over or have an accident if the trailer is not found to be roadworthy...
  7. Stopped by VOSA

    yes but I don't think the requirement was different then, in fact a chain may be used instead of a breakaway cable on braked trailers up to 1500kg but I don't know why this is allowed. I've never tried to see how well the trailer brakes work dynamically but, as Stubby says, if they are adjusted properly they should pull up in a straight line and the gas strut should apply enough force to apply the brakes to 80% of the mass of the vehicle. So a 1 tonne trailer should be slowing by a force of 800kg if the grip of the tyres allow. Given force time distance equals 1/2mv^2 the required stopping distance can be calculated. IME trailer brakes tend to be not well serviced.
  8. Recreation climbing and the law?

    The charity I was working for had me working with them. Foreman used the day as opportunity to shag girlfriend and crew took it out on my chipper by throwing a brick through it.
  9. Stopped by VOSA

    Unbraked trailers are supposed to have a safety chain, or were unless it has changed. Braked trailers have the breakaway cable and should not also be chained to the vehicle.
  10. My weekend work ....

    ...and mounted it in the cordless drill. I always thought a back and fore twisting was better than constant rotary motion for the paste??
  11. Tiny echo!

    Yes only ever done it during re assessments. J621 double trigger had a bit of plastic riveted to top of saw as handguard.
  12. Tiny echo!

    Not just you Stubby, I guess most of us oldies don't start with or rev up and test the chain brake.
  13. Stopped by VOSA

    >I found this which says if you do less than 4 hours driving length of duty doesn't matter. >Then the next bit says you don't need to have a tacho in! >But you can't exceed a 50km radius A bit difficult to comment in the absence of the original url, and the requirement for keeping a record may not necessarily mean the same as having a tachograph. There were loads of different rules for uk domestic driving but I never got into them as our 7.5 tonne+ vehicles had tacos and we enjoyed exemptions for the smaller ones, to the extent I have never had to deal with infringements, despite many occasions when rules were broken. For tachograph exemptions the 100km radius came in 2015 https://movingon.blog.gov.uk/2014/10/06/changes-to-tachograph-rules-for-local-journeys/ I'm surprised at the intent to travel more than 100km from base without a tachograph can result in a fine and should be questioned. >As you say bloody complex! It is but not insurmountable I find many people get confused between the various different requirements for: 1) operator's licence 2) Driver's licence requirements 3) Driver's hours (tachograph) requirements and recording 4) construction and use regulations 5) revenue and customs(use of red diesel) each has to be dealt with separately
  14. Removing tree stakes

    I always remove them to stop them from ingrowing, I wouldn't worry about the hole but if you want just collapse it with your heel.
  15. Stopped by VOSA

    Not once you go outside 100km radius from base


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