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  1. A day's abstention was always good enough for me for my network rail related urine test, never did a blood one. If it's for liver function I'd say not likely as a lady friend had to be off alcohol for a month to pass that. Too late to worry now.
  2. When my kids were little I stuck luminous stars and planets on the ceiling, if it was a dull day I would use a remote thyristor flash from a 35mm camera to charge them instantly
  3. How has it progressed in the last 4 years? A full height tree with targets
  4. How I wish I could share a shower with a girlfriend again 😉
  5. Yes it's not an imminent hazard and there are plenty enough arb firms around Elmbridge to give competitive quotes, I was working there last week in the rain.
  6. I actually agree with ALL your points
  7. Yes and a big, vigorous tree for an urban street plus it's turkey oak which always militates against retention in my book. The disease issue is a try on.
  8. Only some and how do you define basically good? Looking from the outside it seems there has been little attempt to assimilate "britishness" and the youths involved see themselves as colonising a territory and needing to displace the natives to do so, cowboys and indians.
  9. So two of them will potentially be out very soon?
  10. I get the impression the evidence wasn't good enough to prosecute or identify the whole mob involved. If the prosecution took 2 years were the 3 on remand all that time?
  11. About 150Hft then, 5.5m3, what's the firewood price by you?
  12. We have a few sites where it grows wild, a notable one being the Sheepleas above West Horsley, normally a good display at this time of year.
  13. If anyone buys it I still have the remains of one I cannibalised to repair a mate's tough some of the plastic parts got eaten by rodents.


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