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  1. Just a follow up on this; I was with him today cutting his firewood as his poor sense of balance means he won't use a chainsaw. He says his surgeon thinks there is a slight possibility of a link between nasal/throat cancer and the use of petrol hedge trimmers but the corpus of patients is small so difficult to be sure.
  2. I don't manage to get as much paid work but when I do I find it very tiring, possibly made worse by my last full time work being largely in an office.
  3. Have I missed something, I thought it was going up to 67 by 2028, when I drew my state pension at 65 statistically I could expect to live 18 years. NB I fully expected to continue working till 70 but the boss had other ideas, did me a favour really.
  4. I haven't seen anything relating to inhalation of particulates specific to forestry workers. There is an acknowledged link between inhaling wood or leather dust and nasal/sinus cancer. My felling partner had a tumour removed from the back of his nose, the surgeon says it was likely from 2t fumes but as his dad was a carpenter I'd say the link was more likely wood dust. Two of the 10 or so timber buyers I sold to died of throat cancer. The link is also established with Human Papiloma virus, so don't pick your nose with warty fingers or stick your nose in warty fannies.
  5. You can sharpen them several times on the machine before you need to replace the blades, I use a 4" cordless angle grinder.
  6. Yes, which is why you buy kiln dried or air dry then bring it into the house to stabilise before use, I am not a carpenter or joiner, @Woodworks is.
  7. Yes for that turnover an accountant will only cost around £400 (as long as all the income and outgoings are well collated first)and it's worth that just for the saving in aggravation let alone tax savings they might make.
  8. I'll wait to see what accountants like @Inoff the Red say but you are confusing your gross turnover with profit (aka income) and that £6k is right for a profit of £31k. Your profit was £18k and you have capital allowance on the truck to deduct from that, I'd say the real figure would be nearer £1400 tax Have you paid your National Insurance? Don't miss it.
  9. Yes I have the 7500 for a couple of years now, mostly for my own domestic jobs, from looking at the gearbox I'd say it was the same design as my old Robin engined single sided Barrus one. It seems good though I don't think it cuts as thick stuff as the rough cut Stihls we had at work. Only problem I had was losing the air filter cover when the screw got loose.
  10. Marcus the first time I came across the term it was used for a hot and cold device for creosoting stakes, it was marketed as The Stobster. The broken branch usage seems close to stub.
  11. I can't see this myself, down here it would settle out at 10% at the end of summer or inside the house but unheated it would gain to a bit less than17% wwb. Also I'd want to see a better support than shown, a block under each line of stickers and more weight on the top
  12. For run of the mill stuff local solicitor said their fees would be £250/hour but the initial talk was free. Subsequently she estimated the hours needed to produce a deed would be 1.5 to 2. The final bill was £942+VAT . Each time you ask them something it racks up as does each time they ask you for anything.
  13. I always thought it was a scotish word for stake
  14. Similar to me and I just have, subject to the new bank where I have a personal account allowing me to open a business account and transfer all the money and direct debits. If all goes according to plan I will have free business banking for 30 months which should see out any business transactions from my much reduced working. I was just going to blag it with my personal account except I was surprised to find it is not possible to transfer from a business account so I must gradually transfer any direct debits (credit card transfers, subscriptions etc.) to my personal account over the next couple of years and then close the new business account before fees crack in.


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