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  1. Yes that's beyond re use. People on here have previously said those circlips with tails cause problems. I still use them as I cannot deal with the plain ones.
  2. I was thinking of sweet chestnut rather than concrete 😉
  3. This is why I thought dragon's teeth were good, only 500mm above the ground and a bit more below the car rips its bottom out, absorbing energy as it pushes the tooth over, without impinging on the passenger compartment, I have reason to take this view.
  4. No and as @Rough Hewn says it has been about since at least 2015, though I did not know. Shows it working
  5. Well worth it IMO as dicking about getting a site spotless is time consuming.
  6. I've heard similar tales from an RAF regiment Squadron Leader about recovering CVRT with a Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope but they depend on stored energy giving the extra impulse so problems to be expected if something gives. Also wire rope winching failures at sea but there also the energy is stored in the weight of whatever is trawled up when the wire breaks and lashes around as the load drop. Pulling logs tend not to have these catastrophic failures.
  7. Yes that was the same on my crusader sport hybrid I never saw indicators on bikes before Japanese bikes were common . It's well over 50 years since I scraped through my bike test but I always agreed with Stirling Moss, silly to have to take one's hands off the controls to indicate a change of direction. Mind I've had to add LED tell-tales to the mirrors to remind me I am indicating as the standard ones are too far below my vision and I'm used to self cancelling indicators that I forget to switch them off in my dotage.
  8. Okay, I hadn't seen it before
  9. Yes and it's really the rings you need to see as well to see if the aluminium pick up has jammed them in their grooves
  10. I don't like to see any witch hunts, and that included plogs, when there are a number of ways of ignoring threads or posters one does not like to read.
  11. Certainly but in that video the wire rope and hook were propelled by the elasticity in those purple straps not energy stored in the wire.
  12. It may be so if bought 200litres at a time it would just over double the cost, which is insignificant on my low mileage on bikes and 49 year old car. What RON are these alkylate fuels?
  13. the fibre core holds some lubricant but no need with modern galvanised stuff for rust proofing


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