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  1. Angle driver and cold chisel is faster but I used to carry these above and an old fashioned 1/2" impact driver and two lump hammers plus 4 replacement shear nuts to put it all back together. It's surprising how tapping the dome nut will often allow you to undo the shear nut by hand.
  2. I had a SWT pass for work in 2011 my colleagues were jealous but I only used it for about 4 days and that was only to access south london stations and my annual medical. Driving the van made better use of my time.
  3. I used to get through lots of 7mm skidding chains. For a while I found a firm in Birmingham that would sell me "brothers" that one leg had failed LOLER test, they would sell the remaining legs cheap and I bought new Kuplex logging hooks.
  4. There's a code of practice, essentially the restraining sytem has to be capable of resisting the mass from moving forward with a force equal to its weight, sideways or rearward with half that force. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/411093/safetyloadsonvehicles.pdf
  5. I'd say it is because the firebox temperatures of a modern stove with insulated sides and back are much higher than a traditional cast iron box. The baffle has the firebox temperature underneath and the not much lower flue temperature on top. Vermiculite is probably good to above 1200C, steel about 700C and I'm not sure about cast iron but probably not much more than steel. What I wonder is why there is not more heat exchange surface above the baffle.
  6. IIRC the EA split the requirement into three parts, storage, treatment then disposal. You require exemptions for all of them and the validity of the exemption depends on the site planning permission. Several years ago I had no trouble doing the paperwork exercise of storage of arb arisings for fuel and compost, treating it by log processing, chipping and shredding and disposing of it by burning in a heating plant, sale of chips and spreading composted material on site but planning became a big issue which was not resolved when I was retired three years ago. If it's the plant waste from a one man band in the corner of a field I cannot see many commenting unless you have upset someone in the neighbourhood As a post script it looks like it is covered by T23 waste exemption: aerobic composting and associated prior treatment - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK The T23 exemption allows you to compost small volumes of vegetation, cardboard and food waste to spread on soil to...
  7. The bud seems to be missing from the frond in your had. The long two needles, slight yellowing would make me consider a maritime pine
  8. Yes mine on the Jotul was cast iron but the year old Morso is vermiculite. They force the flue gases forward also and cause better mixing with the air wash coming down over the glass. One day I'll have a proper look at the airways in the Morso, in the meanwhile it works so well I just use it.
  9. Railtrack ceased to be responsible for the rail network in 2004, Network Rail was set up as a wholly government owned company to manage the rail assets, it is not a public company nor a private company and does its own thing, it is answerable to the Office or Road and Rail. The person who would be the one to contact at network rail would be the off track manager for the area.
  10. Any reason not to make it from vermiculite sheeting?
  11. What's your point? People are free to charge what they like and customers are free to choose whether to buy as long as the product is properly described
  12. I remember mica as being thin, flaky and fragile. Our original baxi before I ripped it out 40 years ago had borosilicate glass (pyrex) in 1" strips, to allow for expansion I think. The current Morso has a curved ceramic glass of some sort, ridiculously expensive and I am sure one day I will shut the door on a log that is too big for the firebox.
  13. Did that evolve from the trekkasaw, I used one of them but it didn't have stellite tipped bands that I recall.
  14. The trouble with that idea is that air will pass through the mesh and spoil the air control, it would become half way between a n enclosed stove and one burning with its door open (or an open fire), so the efficiency would go down.


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