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  1. openspaceman

    Tree ID

    Mine too
  2. openspaceman

    choosing a replacement wood burner

    Muy bien but I didn't mean that, I meant the stockist 12 miles away I won't deal with and the one 40 miles away only does outdoor stuff.
  3. openspaceman

    Velo South . GRRRRR !

    Yes it was on a unimog
  4. There was an earlier Hafo live in the link at one of the places I worked, it was covered in brambles and hadn't been used for a long while, oddly the chipper head looked like it was driven by a flat belt.
  5. openspaceman

    Velo South . GRRRRR !

    A very long time ago in Germany I think (because 50 years later memory plays tricks) I saw a flail hedgecutter with a long flexible pipe blowing the cuttings into a trailer, I thought it was a good thing at the time but never seen anything like it since.
  6. openspaceman

    choosing a replacement wood burner

    Thanks for that, I wondered where you had got to, I wasn't aware of the smaller one which will be more than adequate. Finding a Morso dealers near me that do indoor stuff is a problem
  7. openspaceman

    Guests v Members

    Yes, a lot will have been directed here by Google, or duck duck go if they value privacy
  8. openspaceman

    Blowing hydraulic hose solution

    You've confused me and while you're not David Bailey and that spool block's not the shrimp it looks like a single slice spool with a adjustable pressure relief valve to the right of the lever as htb said. Why would it need an inlet and outlet and the two service ports if it is only a changeover switch? Yes there will be springs if you take off the end cap but they tend to be only compressed if the lever is not in neutral. On the three spool picture there is a metal lever to the left, this looks more like a diverter.
  9. openspaceman

    Qualifications for MEWP

    State the appropriate safe working distances from other operators during cross-cutting:  five metres or twice the length of the product, whichever is greater Not Met X So you failed your Level 2 Award in Cross-cut Timber Using a Chainsaw? Of course this doesn't matter till one of the guys, I'll call him Simon to embarass him, tries to help a lady trainee out and reaches out to grab the falling branch. Off work for several weeks but as the employer, the LA, doesn't fill out the RIDDOR form no expensive fines imposed and Simon keeps his job and full pay whie recuperating.
  10. I can hand feed softwood slabwood that's been through a branch logger into my pellet burner nd it seems alright but I have no way of knowing what the particulates given off would be. The pellet stove is designed to feed the right amount of air for the average contents of the constantly fed fire box and not used to sudden introductions of large bits of wood nor having a char burn out phase except on shu tdown. It actually burns graded dry woodchip quite well, it's the feed auger that cannot cope.
  11. openspaceman

    Qualifications for MEWP

    ...and he will be 5 metres from you and out of the riskzone of your saw.
  12. openspaceman

    Liquid gasket type stuff

    Yes green stuff for permanent fixes, like sealing two crankcase together and red for less permanent stuff like chain cases, both bastard stuff to clean off. I'd use hylomar in most cases now.
  13. openspaceman

    choosing a replacement wood burner

    Not in this case, though I have made plenty of stoves on an experimental level. The thing is people are beginning to question wood burning, the chimney is on a party wall with the neighbouring cottage which has been "gentrified" and extended such that it sold for three times what mine is valued at and is owned by a professional couple of NIMBYs, do I need to add more?
  14. openspaceman

    Does anyone tow a trailer with a telehandler ?

    Yes a trailer on overrun brakes and less than 3500kg would not need to have the brake valve. This valve is necessary for any Agricultural Motor Vehicle made since 1985 to pull bigger trailers so their brakes are applied with the towing vehicle's service brakes.


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