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  1. eggsactly that, just carry on, if you get stopped it will be for something else and the tax business will not feature. I taxed the bike with 3 days mot left and see that has been extended . I'll get it tested in the week if I have time as last thing I want is to have to work on it in January.
  2. Yes and it is still showing untaxed since 1st July, I do have the confirmation e-mail though.
  3. I did a bike today with no apparent problem, using the V11 reminder. I got an email confirmation but cannot see if the money came off my credit card as I get a paper statement.
  4. I'm using 13mm as supplied with the winch (Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene) .i'm unsure if the sheath is the same fibre as the core. I probably haven't reached the winch 2 tonne limit yet, perhaps I'll see if I can stall it when next out.
  5. I posted a picture a year or two back but don't know how to search for my own pictures. There's a wreck of one on ebay atm, asking £8k. Mine needs quite a lot doing to make it presentable, I see a hole in the manifold and that white cast iron can't be welded. Worse thing is the brakes, they were designed for a 3 tonne Ford 5000 but with the grapple loader, winches and bomford blade the 1124 must be double that. Too daunting a job for me to take on. So it may be worth more with the forestry kit stripped off and sold to a collector.
  6. That's one instance where I would consider eco plugs, then retrieve the bits with the plugs in after a couple of years. In fact I think ammonium sulfamate would work but it's not licensed
  7. Good Ghod I don't believe what I'm seeing but agree NI should pay for health and pensions but it doesn't, tax pays for what the government does on our behalf and its own funding.
  8. Even Trump is saying when he gets his second term he could get the constitution changed to allow him more than two terms.
  9. @Billhook How far did you get with the 1124? I have replaced the slew cylinders on mine, rebuilt the starter and bought a new alternator then it should be ready for work. I'm trying to glue the fibreglass bonnet together as it is in four bits and then some gaps where the fibreglass has fallen off.
  10. best phone Sion @Treadlight Forestry then BTW what rope are you using?
  11. Yes maple, you've better eyes than mine re reduction but I would say it is an inappropriate tree for the situation, enjoy for the while then remove and replace
  12. Yes he doesn't mention how many wraps he's trying, I find my Eder needs 4 at least and preferably 5 wraps to guarantee a good pull. I also read his post as saying the drum continues to rotate so cannot think of much else that would cause slip.
  13. Just because the fuel is metered directly into the crankcase doesn't alter the engine from being a two stroke.
  14. It's a good chance that it is from a fungal attack, massaria, but wait for someone familiar with it to come along as I don't think I've seen it other than pictures. A cross section through a branch showing the CODIT reaction would confirm it is more than bark stripping.


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