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  1. openspaceman

    Replanting Under Sycamore

    Yes we were talking about the same thing, crown thinnings in forestry is when you free off the crowns by removing more than thin and suppressed stems, so also taking co dominant trees , what you need to create gaps is selective felling.
  2. openspaceman

    Replanting Under Sycamore

    The point being that the sycamore will respond to the increased space from a heavy crown thinning more than a new planting will, which means more intervention needed during establishment. If it were a glade 30 years ago and the sycamores are still growing...
  3. openspaceman

    Sharpening jigs

    Have you a link? I use diamond files for honing blades, not tried a round one on a saw, but would not have expected them to have enough stock removal for most chain sharpening.
  4. openspaceman

    Wire rope winch on steep slopes

    Not much worse than a tirfor and you can change the gain with the log diameter. This is very handy for take downs in early thinnings when they are too big to pick up the butt and run In principle you can do the same with metal poles joined into an L shape
  5. openspaceman

    Makita recall

    Maybe start summing up what the loss of saw has cost and starting a claim for damages
  6. openspaceman

    Kwikchip 222 problem

    May as well put a battery isolator in then, good precaution in any case
  7. openspaceman

    Tree roots and water pipe

    You can if you squeeze the water out when a tap is open
  8. How much did the BCO charge for the inspection?
  9. openspaceman

    Wire rope winch on steep slopes

    You are welcome to borrow a T35 or T15 I seldom use them
  10. No I dived in on a bit of thread drift. I have a bosky in the garage which I always meant to fit but have no experience of using a range with boiler since I left home and the rayburn around 1967 and that was coal fired.
  11. openspaceman

    Wire rope winch on steep slopes

    Fairy nuff Well we are in the same sort of boat but there's no way I would do it without some mechanical assistance, At best I can work at about 100Watt power with my legs, very little upper body strength left. So a 5hp petrol engine will pull 50 times faster. An off grid music show we did was run off two people on bicycles mounted on rollers driving little 24V motors from kids electric scooters and that worked okay if a bit wearing. So on a similar note my mate Danny has built a bike with the front end replaced by a push along cylinder mower and that too works better than pushing. It may work out easier to have a pedal powered winch than wanking away on a tirfor.
  12. openspaceman

    Bargain Branch logger?

    I suppose it needs that speed and horsepower to get the torque necessary. It's a shame because 6-8" logs up to 6 " diameter would be ideal for me and no splitting needed. Actually looking at the logs and it seems the cutting action may generate some splitting to allow quicker drying. I wonder if it would still work with a smaller tractor but geared down somewhat?
  13. openspaceman

    Wire rope winch on steep slopes

    Is there any way you can run a vehicle along the top and run the rope through an offset?
  14. openspaceman

    Storing Timber on Agricultural Land

    I don't think that's the issue from the OP's later post. In the past we occasionally extracted timber over adjacent land to stack it on a field with road access and never had issues (other than an inspection for setaside where the farmer had claimed a grant and it was held our timber stack was making use of the land by DEFRA who wanted to claim money back). In this case he appears to agglomerate parcels of timber from forestry operations and then subsequently sell them on on a permanent basis, this amounts to storage and distribution, or waste transfer. Most of us would simply do it, as Stubby suggested, on the grounds it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission and a lot cheaper too. Also you can stretch an appeal or retrospective application for a couple of years while you carry on. Once the planning officer gets involved, and it seems he has you need better advice than from me. The way planning in this country works is that you are not breaking any law by doing something which you would get permission for if asked. Planning law is so complicated and was seen by some to be restricting economic growth that, rather than change the rules, the current government simply reduced the money available to planning departments, created a work overload so much got passed either by not being determined in time or simply not noticed. Plainly this is unfair on the more law abiding folk and means development is taking place in inappropriate places.
  15. Did I fail to address one of your questions? Ask again but I probably didn't have an answer


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