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  1. Yes but if you just want to try it without altering your computer you can run it live from a CD, though it will run much slower. You can also load it onto a new hard drive, leaving the old hard drive in the computer and then change the boot order of the computer, which essentially is what I have recently done. I have used Linux for about 15 years and mint 17 for the last five and now Mint 20.
  2. Interesting, if when it's running you see no smoke then you're getting all the heat of combustion out of the log, smoke is unburned fuel. So as long as the flue temperature is around 150C and no air leaks then I'd guess no benefit. Air leaks and excess air are the biggest wasters of wood heat because of the extra mass flow up the chimney. However the Jotul 602 I replaced with a morso 11 was less efficient, wasted heat up the chimney and smoked a fair amount of the time, especially after reloading. The modern fires with firebrick insulating combustion chambers burn hotter faster, so unless I cock up my fire is smoke free withing about 15 minutes of top lighting.
  3. Yes worth noting for the unwary, especially if not VAT registered, that adds 45% to the bidded price
  4. Yes and I wonder how much that is due to a general reduction in rabbit population, whereas roe and muntjac seem to have increased but less damaging?
  5. Lovely butts @lewiswood and very tidy work. I could never afford to buy parcels as good as that.
  6. If you go down the ceramic route never sharpen it with a stone or diamond, the effect is the opposite. Polish only. I prefer steel but do use sabatier stainless knives for carving and dicing veg, even though carbon steel can be sharpened more keenly.
  7. Pressure relief valves absorb most shocks, port relief valves on individual spools if the shocks are from external loads.
  8. No question in my mind there is no other way that's not discriminatory.
  9. Yeah I went back and looked again on iplayer and saw it was already broken. I certainly wasn't disparaging the skills of the workers. I am aware of the filmmaker's desire for hype and drama. Okay, we would often have to skid big butts out but would stick longer (up to 40ft) bits on a trailer with the wheels set right back, to avoid mud getting on the timber. This did reduce the weight, and hence traction, on the county wheels so front weight had to be added in the form of a big log extended in front of the blade. Where possible timber quality oak would be felled about now till March and brought out when the ground was better in May. Shame, ask for the footage. I am aware of how much ends edited out as I was involved in a day's filming a long time ago, I think only about 15 seconds ended up in the film but at least my 10 axe blows and the tree coming down was kept in. How are the sawmills feeling about strength of diseased ash once milled?
  10. L&S supplied me with an aftermarket carb for my Stihl long reach hedge cutter at just over the cost of a carb kit, it has been faultless so I wouldn't discount them. In this case it is not necessary as I put the carb back on the saw, set the screws to factory 1 turn Lo and 3/4 turn Hi, primed it with the purge bulb with hardly any bubbles of air and it fired first pull. Started on tickover and after quite a few seconds of fluffing revved up and cut well. Idle is 3500 and Hi idle 12500 rpm. I don't know what caused it to change but it may have been the carb cleaner. I only replaced the tank filter, fuel line from tank to carb and two lines from purge bulb And I forgot the pump and metering diaphragms and gaskets.
  11. Is this just a TFL thing? Is that just in a zone or return journey? Not that I have much intention of visiting the smoke I think my little used bus pass only works on buses.
  12. Please explain that for a pubtransphobe
  13. I masked off the two holes, applied carb cleaner to the H screw hole and it all squirted out of the jet in the choke tube. I shall put it all back together and clean out the fuel lines and see what happens. I checked out those cheap carbs on ebay but the nearest match to the C1Q-S192 seems to be ZAMA C1Q-S269 which fits the ms181, is it likely to be much different from what I need?


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