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  1. Beaver with a spirit level? Unexpected consequence of battery powered saws?
  2. I resurrected a plastic composter 2 years ago and found those plastic remains in the compost that was in there. We had been putting teabags in the food waste bin that the council sends to a local anaerobic digestion plant. Once I realised the agitation just reduced the size of the plastic particles before discharge to the land I put tea bags in the black bin for incineration or dried and burned them. Since lockdown and my feeble attempts to grow vegetables I have been using a tea diffuser and loose tea again plus all our veg waste goes in the composter. I very seldom need to put out meat waste for the bin men to collect now and tend to burn bones, after the dog has had a go, and eggshells when the fire is going. Chicken carcases are about the only thing that I put out for collection now. At the end of the month when we have no stove burning I will be using the food caddy again. Coffee bags get dried and burned.
  3. Cutting a stool and adventitious shoots then sprouting in coppice is quite different from laying a stem. The laying depends on thinning down the stem to form a laminate of wood-wood cambium-bark cambium and bark such that it can be bent without disrupting any of the laminate layers. In spring the phloem is dividing and soft so bending it disrupts it.. Just take a twig and bend it, the bark side on the inside of the bend wrinkles and this is exactly what you are avoiding with a plash cut where you want the laid stem to continue living by having a smooth transition that preserves all the layers.
  4. I was lucky (or unlucky maybe) to get a bottle of scotch the few times the local aero modellers (WDMAC now disbanded) asked me to retrieve a model, never asked for ought.
  5. I'm glad you clarified that, the furry tale suggested dormouse but the colour was all wrong. Not in UK then?
  6. openspaceman


    This was much as my feeling but have never seen any evidence from tests. I was happy enough will Stihl chain on the stihl saws which I only used on utility and domestic work where regular sharpening was not necessary, so I suppose a harder chain would go longer. For production forestry I felt I could get a better edge on Oregon chisel and as the dust in the bark at the bottom of the tree was the main reason for the blade getting dull I don't think there would be much difference, silica basically being so much harder than either chain. Also with production cutting you very quickly notice any reduction in sharpness and 3 strokes on each cutter, often more than once during one fill, paid off. Chains wearing from frequent sharpening being a minor cost.
  7. I was thinking prunus but the colouring may be just due to decay.
  8. Runs on vaseline? or runs on petrol at this moment?
  9. Yup, I would listen to them a lot, and CCS. I guess I only had them on cassette so have to search youtube.
  10. I don't think I had an PTO pumps other than aluminium 2P gear pumps but the cast iron ones on the front of the traxcavator lasted better. In general it's whether the other components can take the flow, biggest bottleneck is likely the spool block. A couple of other considerations: What is the hydraulic reservoir? Perceived wisdom is it should be 1 1/2 times the flow per minute to allow cooling and settlement. If the capacity is suitable for the crane at tickover then if the PTO is not switched off when driving the flow through the block increases considerably. Sucking a lot of viscous cold oil on a winter's day kills pumps.
  11. Purely out of interest; is it an off the shelf winch or a re-purposed crawler track motor?
  12. I think you are right as long as you don't emit dark smoke or cause a nuisance to your neighbours. Basically it's difficult to curtails personal rights which have existed for time immemorial, hence H&S at works doesn't apply to householders, tachograph doesn't apply to personal transport etc. Of course it is possible to incinerate tyres cleanly and without smoke, they burn very hot, Dunlop coal.
  13. I remain fascinated with these though will never have a use for one now. I would happily put my firewood axe away and use it for my firewood. I only burned a few bags of sawmill slabwood that had been through one. Is the length of chop consistent as long as the wood is at right angles to the blades or does diameter effect it?
  14. We used tracked 1928s on the railway, not as good on big stuff as the Heizohack but they went anywhere. Toward the end of my job they were taking a B&S engined splitter as well so everything could be chipped instead of having to wire band the logs. I wanted to make a simple splitter powered by the chipper hydraulics.


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