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  1. Yeah giving the locale a thin covering of arsenic and hexavalent chrome and then treating the vege plot with the ash doesn't seem ideal.
  2. Has anyone worked on a Stihl FR480C knapsack strimmer. I have one on my bench and wondered if the recoil start from another machine would fit? The electro start battery is profoundly flat but I can spin it with a drill. The choke is solenoid operated from the electro start battery I think. The other obvious fault is the purge/primer bulb is split. I'd like to get it basically running before committing the owner to any expense so I can take the bulb out of circuit, dribble some fuel down the carb after I check for spark with a drill. Are there any other problems or gotchas with this machine?
  3. Thanks I will, what is an AltBerg style service?
  4. I think you mean primary side but yes we agree.
  5. That doesn't look right to me, the feed should be to the boiler circuit from a separate header and the 28mm vent pipe should rise vertically from the boiler. In the above graphic if the coil was obstructed or the DHW tank empty then the boiling water in the primary could not expand or vent.
  6. Has anyone successfully had boots re soled? I have a little used pair that I put away 10 years ago when I was issued with Meindel woodwalkers. I fetched them out to wear yesterday and couldn't understand why my feet were wet and cold. On removing them I see the sole is totally perished and large chunks have flaked off, exposing the underside and stitching. It seems a shame to ditch them, they will cost £150 to replace, if the soles are available. I've no complaint about the sole deteriorating with time as ordinarily I would only expect a boot to last a year or two before I wore them out.
  7. Yes. While elsewhere we discuss using two anchor points for climbing for safety reasons this other section of the industry is working in an obviously risky manner, it doesn't seem equitable.
  8. Sounds like Pwlldu, I never drove there. I did walk down to the next cove, Brandy, one hot day and saw my first manitou rough terrain forklift, it had been used by a farmer to remove a car that blocked his access, 1969 IIRC. Several of us rented the old Rectory prior to it being demolished.
  9. This is right, branch unions are denser wood because they have to be stronger, hence they burn longer
  10. That would keep me off the road, last driving test was over 50 years ago and I can't see I'd pass one now.
  11. The traffic management company I asked told me they couldn't set the lights to red for more than two minutes, what's the truth of this?
  12. It's one of my newer bits of kit, in fact I only have a younger 262xp. The 084, FS360, 254, 2*262 etc are all 1980s plus an older Husky 2100, the hedgcutters are younger. The tractors are older than many posters here. I was mostly machine driving after 1997 and became employed in 2009.
  13. Thanks but no, that is the post 1991 model with the quick release three bolt clamp. Mind for 15 quid if I lived near Newton Abbot I'd have a punt.
  14. Then you could export it to china where they will fit a canbus interceptor which not only removes 40k km from the odometer but fools the adblue system to not needing any adblue.
  15. I got the brushcutter off my garage ceiling to give it a service ready for next season and for some inexplicable reason the 4 bolt hole clamp that secures the handle bar has split. It's part number 502 11 37-02 and not generally available. Before I attempt to fabricate a new one I'm after suggestion who may still have some new old stock? Perhaps @adw?


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