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  1. In the period following the end of WW2 and 1970 quite a few heathland site were re afforested, mostly with pines in the drier eastern counties. Two places locally used seed where there were too few seed trees established. The technique was a rough chisel plough and then broadcast, by hand or fiddle, 6lb of seed mixed with sawdust per acre. The problem was/is the scots pine grew like mustard and cress and competition was so great that at P25 the trees were still less than 75mm. We used to respace them by hand all the time there was a market for pergola poles, tree stakes etc,. but otherwise you had to wait for the dominant trees to suppress the rest. In the event the ecologists decided lowland heath was sufficiently rare that much has since been clearfelled and reverted to heath.
  2. openspaceman

    Another tree ID

    That ruins my idea then, from the bark I would have said Prunus padus but that flowers and the petioles would be reddish. Is that a photo from today?
  3. openspaceman

    Competent saw user needed

    Glad it wasn't serious but where was the file handle?
  4. openspaceman

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Me too, I was glad to see Mark had it on the arbsafe database so anyone offered one for sale can check there.
  5. openspaceman

    Old Allett

    Yes but I doubt it will raise £100 so may still break it for bits. I'll have to ask my neice if she wants me to ebay it.
  6. openspaceman

    Old Allett

    I've been tidying up a shed prior to house sale and there's an old Allett 36" cylinder mower. I have never used it but I did put it away end of last season so it does run. I think originally it would have had a Reliant engine and gearbox but it has a Wisconsin Robin WM390. I'm guessing it dates back to the 80s. Is it worth using or shall I break it for the bits, I fancy the engine for a sawbench.
  7. openspaceman

    Car battery courier

    If it is a personal sale over the internet it's not your problem if they supplied a different battery than the one you ordered. You can simply reject the goods within 14 days.
  8. openspaceman

    Husqvarna 165rx parts

    Thanks I'll PM you. would it make sense to change to the later blade centres if this is possible? I'll have to see if my mate can make an aluminium guard to pattern.
  9. openspaceman

    Husqvarna 165rx parts

    Not a chainsaw but do any of the dealers here know if parts are available for this brushcutter? I have 2, the first a 165r I bought in 1974 and the second. a 165rx belonged to a mate who probably bought it in the 80s and I'm trying to fettle it for his son. Some long distant memory makes me think that the original maxi cut saw blades were considered too big and only smaller ones became available. I'm looking for a saw blade guard and the drive washers as well as the blade. @adw
  10. openspaceman

    Bar machining plug missing.

    Back in the day Michael Richmond told me it was a bolt was passed through a batch of solid bars and remained in them as they were machined, presumably the parting off deformed them enough to be held in the bar. I don't think you find them on laminated bars
  11. openspaceman

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Having mended and used a ms181c briefly now I wouldn't use it for logging, too small but ideal for coppice work and a bit of pruning.
  12. openspaceman

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Yes . I find the 261 a good grounds saw but less a production forestry one than a husky. I think you are right about wanting a simple saw for home use and firewood. I actually rated the Dolmar 5121 for it's ruggedness and old school simplicity, although I think it was only 45cc and as heavy as a modern 60cc it was cheap, supeseded now. At the time I bought one it was just over half the price of a 261 and under £300. For simple grunt I have yet to find something to beat my old Huskvarna 262s.
  13. openspaceman

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    Great Perhaps one day we can have a separate discussion about personal renewable energy on another thread?
  14. openspaceman

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    What's the difference between a brushless and a digital brushless motor?
  15. openspaceman

    UPS missing parcel

    Your contract is with Honeys so you don't have to deal with the courier. If it's a personal, i.e. not commercial, sale then you are covered by the Consumer rights act, which came into force on 1 October 2015, and says the retailer is responsible for the condition of the goods until the goods are received by you, or by someone else you have nominated to receive them on your behalf such as a neighbour. You have not received or signed for the goods. The retailer is liable for the services provided by the couriers it employs. I think you are within your rights to cancel the order and ask for your money back. If it was a business to business sale much the same applies but you will have to fight for a refund through the court as then the consumer rights act does not apply.


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