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  1. openspaceman

    Uprated vehicles??

    Do you have any idea of the cost?
  2. openspaceman

    Tachometer regs

    Yes and if it's fitted what's the problem with using it? As I see it the main problem arises when you have something like a transit, without one fitted, and you need to tow a trailer.
  3. openspaceman

    Tachometer regs

    The chap searching for one to make our connection found it with a fork prong, which went through and sand blasted him in the process. It's tachograph, tachometer measures RPM.
  4. openspaceman

    squashed chainsaw,husqy 357xpg.

    Yes but new bits would make this uneconomic so I'd be looking for a cheap one with damaged motor. Either way the other guy should pay but allowing for 10 years wear and tear. Personally I'd keep the bits, buy a new saw and expect a tidy contribution to that.
  5. openspaceman

    how to deal with an employee

    I had to have a D&A test as part of my biennial medical, I always passed by abstaining from alcohol for 24 hours but was told cannabis would be detected for a longer period (not tried that for 50 years nor indeed alcohol for 18 months). All of a crew got tested after an incident and we stood a 2 out of 5 chance of random testing in any year as well though in seven years I never got called for that.
  6. openspaceman

    New woodcut Max 3 bowl saver.

    in Portuguese
  7. openspaceman

    Tiny chipper for zero access garden

    You need the tube at the top, if at the bottom it the heat from the bottom pyrolyses everything above and produces clouds of smoke. I was doing just this yestersay in E Grinstead to get rid of an overgrown privet hedge (which I cut down in March and left to dry). I guess I burned only about half a transit load or 300kg in the day so nowhere near as productive as an open fire or chipper. In the past I have used leaf blower, vacuum cleaner blowing and ventilation fan, the ventilation fan being the quietest and less likely to loft burning leaves. Aim the tube downward about 10 degrees and tangentially. 4' is a good compromise for diameter but smaller if it has to go through door. It's the shearing and mixing of the central vortex that gives the clean burn in these air curtain AKA flame cap devices but they gradually fill up with char if continually loaded.
  8. openspaceman

    Wanted AEC matador spares

    I passed your number on to him, remind me after 6 June memorial events if you don't hear from him.
  9. openspaceman

    Spare parts online: any recommended sites?

    Yes L&S tend to be my first port of call but Ransom's spares have managed to get me some older Husky parts where L&S failed.
  10. openspaceman

    Cleaning sticky sap

    If that's the case then Everbuild Foam Cleaner is a convenient source about a tenner for 500ml
  11. openspaceman

    Wanted AEC matador spares

    I was referring to when I relined the Igland winches not a Matador and I doubt I shall do it again but thanks. RE Matador spares I asked the chap I help out with and it seems he only has a set of fairleads left.
  12. openspaceman

    Wanted AEC matador spares

    I thought it was the asbestos based ones that were drilled and riveted, the modern (lower friction) ones being bonded?? I say this from when I had the clutch and brake bands on the winch done, the clutch never pulled as much with the modern material.
  13. openspaceman

    Lightweight work trousers recommendations please

    So did I but the quality has gone down recently
  14. openspaceman


    I cannot help with a fungicide, they don't like copper, but bloody marvellous how the hyphae have conformed to the shape of the box. I suppose the weight of the fungus will be a few times less than the oak it has consumed.
  15. openspaceman

    Mini skid Steer Mulcher

    Twelve years ago I used an FAE which seemed okay for the job, just about managed 6" standing trees but it was on a 100hp skid steer with high flow hydraulics


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