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  1. I had never heard of monsanto before roundup in the mid 70s but prior to that lost my first job for querying the use of 245t and 24d for spraying hazel stumps. I was already aware of problems associated with agent orange, the dioxin impurities the bulk processing introduced was implicated in birth defects of both the progeny of the vietnamese and american servicemen exposed to it. I was exposed to some of it in diesel from the wander leads we used away from the spray pumps. I think what we used was a purer form but I had finished having kids by then so...
  2. I have charged my daughter's car for a couple of hours on a sunny day off the 13A socket, managed to put 5kWh in, about 24 miles of range. Most car charges are 7kW so 3kW of panels won't run one but the inverter can comfortably cope with 2.4kW. The panels are connected to a inverter which has inputs that maximise the power available (Maximum Power Point Tracking) from the panels. Then there are various makes of car chargers that connect to the inverter, Zappi seems to be popular, this restricts the power to that which the solar array can provide. I think I would always advise a battery because that is what makes the solar pv available throughout the day, it would also charge up while the car is away. If you want to dedicate the panels just to charge the car then consider running a hybrid inverter like the sunsynk off grid, most inverters depend on being connected to the grid and must shut down if the grid fails.
  3. Don't think it was delivered by bombers, grunts used to get covered in the stuff. It was nasty stuff, a poorly refined formulation of 245t, which kills broadleaves, not grasses.
  4. let's have a piccy then, perhaps someone might like to fit it for me. Does yew steam bend?
  5. Did you get anywhere on these all those years ago? I want to know whether restocking a right hand gun for a master left eye would suit me but don't want to lash out 600 quid to find out so was thinking of doing a beech one but wondered whether the bend is simply steamed in or carved?
  6. I have a similar problem and put it down to codling moth (as a lot have grubs or exit holes and brown rot /blossom rot. I haven't had success with grease bands or pherome traps to show me when the moths are active and as I don't spray chemicals I suppose I should plant a more resistant tree. I tend to pick the windfalls up, cut out any rot and put the pieces through a juicer, keeping the juice in the fridge, it will freeze. I will harvest the lot that remain soon but even wrapped they do not keep well so will juice most of them.
  7. I meant he has responded here on another subject, not on the red diesel issue, so my prompt may get to him.
  8. @Stephen Arb Association may not have seen this but as he has responded elsewhere...
  9. No sign of any bare wires, are there any resistance or continuity checks that can be done on the coil while it is out? I have a bit of hedge cutting to do today but will get back on it this evening. Parts are showing as on back order so if I need a new coil it will take a while In the meanwhile I have a Mk1 coil which can go cheap, never fired up, as the owner says it was his mistake so will not ask for a refund and also out of time.
  10. Thanks @spudulike I did think there was a reason the plug lead was a bit short. The part number of the blue coil is 518723602 so mk1 will refit the old coil as you say and report back
  11. Way too modern for me with lots of electrickery I don't understand but a chap I used to help out has dropped off this saw which won't run. He did not explain why he decided to put the new coil in, the previous (OEM?) one is just black and marked walbro. I wonder if it is the right coil as the plug lead is a very hard and tight fit. @adw? Spark is weak and the picture is taken with the coil gap at 0.4mm and near enough TDC. It does not fire at all even with the new plug (he did not bring the original plug) or with petrol spray in the intake. I see the heated handles seem to use the power off the coil pick up instead of a separate alternator mounted under the flywheel like the old type?? Any other thoughts? Is this a case of needing to set something up on a diagnostic port?
  12. I wish I had bought a few more but only got 5ltr and by the time that was used the price was high.
  13. 'Cept it has gone from 15 quid in April 21 to 25 quid now
  14. I doubt that as the state is very profligate with our money and no reason to believe anyone in government was looking to the future when the effluent from fossil fuels was ignored. We have now seen our dependence on foreign owned resources is becoming an economic disaster, mostly caused by using the american model of share ownership causing the demise of home industries.
  15. As are all the utilities which is why I do not like them being owned by foreign companies, their privatisation should be regulated with that in mind
  16. @CESAW has not been here since 2019 but this may wake them up. Else the chairman of the Forestry Contracting association knows something about these winches.
  17. This is what I did if I wanted to give the hinge more bend but the grain has to be fairly vertical; place your gob top cut, then bore in with a vertical cut to meet it, then make your bottom cut so as to leave a vertical hinge the width of the bar, make your felling cut to meet the top of the vertical.
  18. Never tried that so it's a new one for me. The extra bend length for that part of the hinge means a high stump is inevitable but as you put the diagonal down cut in first why not keep the saw level when doing the vertical down cut and feel for the meeting with the diagonal cut? A small over cut into the middle of the hinge isn't going to matter any worse than a letterbox.
  19. Yes it wouldn't have in my favourites at the time but very fond of it now as a reminder of the times and loves lost.
  20. Good cover, close to Maggie. Another Aussie for whom the carnival is over
  21. Inflation erodes the buying power of a wage packet and not necessarily fixed assets, they remain priced by supply and demand.
  22. Yup, just the thought of it brings it to the fore
  23. I picked a couple and they are not as funky as the OP's but it may still be a variant of scots pine unless there are better suggestions
  24. I shall have tot ake a walk and look at some green scots pine cones because everything else suggests scots pine.
  25. It looks like a mixture of frass from a boring insect plus the resin exuded by the tree trying to drown them. If it really is spruce bark beetle ( a little thing with orange hairs which I haven't yet seen) then the tree will not be healthy for long. In fact boring insects generally are better at spotting a vulnerable tree than we are and normally start with that, once the population explodes then all the trees in the monoculture are at risk.


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