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  1. Be better if you ran a hydraulic top link aswell to lift it level if you wanted
  2. Are they not a phase for folk? Seem to pop up every now and again for sale and makes you wonder if it's the same one lol 🤣 Also think parts are a nightmare? Seen a few arbtalkers after the same parts for a long time
  3. Around 85 cube for me and have done for a few years.... Though hate actually doing it. Feels a waste of valuable time. But nice when it's sold With all the new legislation coming in it may be the last winter 2021 for me and then maybe down to 25 cube a year for all those that can take in 2 cube loads.... Then change of business plan and send all for biomass from then on. You never know it may actually be better that way?!
  4. Older stuff has its place but sometimes newer is better. For pottering about in a woodland, winching etc personal use an oldie is great im just moving away from some older tractors and am a bit gutted really but have to move with the times and use stuff that's safer and better
  5. I looked at one once and the eng oil was a tad milky / just off colour.... Just left it. Not sure if these could go porus? Possibly look at a David brown, these can suffer issues with hydraulics and 3pl as they were built with such fine tolerances! I had a 990 good few years ago and was fine. I have a little 885 now (just runs processor) and is a good little tractor. Bought it and serviced engine, topped up rear end oil, fresh battery..... Been sat for 6 months and started ok.
  6. All tractors of this age will have gremlins and it is a roll of the dice.... What's your budget?
  7. Optimum size timber for processor i say is 8-12".... straight 4 way split a lot faster..... smaller diameter just cut and left whole and larger just split in half take a lot longer to fill the crates..... Then the 14" timber that once through the 4 way needs the top parts going back through as too big. The joys of splitting logs.
  8. Sorry but it has to be written down somewhere. How do we not know that this is scaremongering bullshit? Has to be written down somewhere for us to make informed decisions. This info should be publicly available
  9. How do they plan to police this? Is it still the case of supply 2 cube and say it still needs seasoning?
  10. It's been on the deck in the customers garden / land for 2-2.5 months and you've not moved it yet? :Eek:
  11. Means my stack will be worth something then hahahaha 😉🤪
  12. Nah.... Why pay someone else to do something there isn't huge money in on a small scale? I have my own processor and specific tractor for it. It may only work 3 weeks a year if that but so what. Tax deductible object. No messing about with other folk. All on your own timescale. Crack on Kev and get some brass splashed
  13. I run a japa 370 and you really need the correct stuff at the side of the machine or it's pointless. Not sure how much bigger mine is but still takes 40-45 mins to fill an ibc crate. Could do in less time with a log deck and 8' lengths but who wants to be that serious at fire wood lol
  14. Good shout that on the inline possible wrong way round!


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