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  1. What sort of brass are they? I need a small amount for an up coming job... Maybe 12-20. Realise I will.have to buy more!
  2. Sad but true times money. Gets you back earning
  3. Bugger... thought is sounds like some electrical wizardry so was going to suggest disconnect battery for a while to see if it resets itself..... Still think its something electrical or a fault with a sensor / ecu? This is why i hate electrics Faulty wheel sensor? rpm sensor? some silly magic eye on the clutch pedal? Clutching at straws here. Local farmer had a deutz that wouldnt move..... turned out one of the lads came off the clutch pedal to hard and it came up a mm or two more and it wouldnt move as the magic eye couldnt see it lol
  4. Yes he's a good lad. Loads of videos he's done too. Like watching them. You could be hooked now Stephen
  5. Here we go https://cg-machinery.co.uk/machines/case-1056-xl-tractor-for-sale-8995-00vat/
  6. What do you boys put down for chip box? Modification ? Sick of getting shafted. Wouldn't mine paying my sort of money if my policy was anyone over the age of 25 could drive them
  7. Bugger! 66 plate master tipper and a 60 plate ford ranger. Me and my dad on insurance 1600 off quidi thi k it was last year with Aviva. 10yrs on one and 8 NCB on other. 8k miles each
  8. I'll be looking into this later in the year, nov i think mine is..... Pita is this van ins thing.... plenty of ncb on both my vehicles here but still a lot of money. Problem with tippers and us is the backs we have for signs and keeping chip in... Modification. most companies see it as a cash cow. Im currently with aviva and being lazy i've renewed for the past 4 years ... Maybe not this year! I wouldn't mind paying 500-600 each vehicle but mines a lot more. Maybe im being persecuted for being young? that said.... better to be young and paying more lol
  9. Theres a lot to be dismantled in a domestic setting though Bob. I've to look at some this weekend and taken a few down allready
  10. swinny

    New LDV Chip truck

    Balls to what the mrs thinks..... mine didn't like mine either. I one took a bird out on a date in mine.... drove 50 mile to blackpool in it lol and back
  11. swinny

    New LDV Chip truck

    I still have a soft spot for those old ldv's great work bus
  12. Bob leave all that on the wagon and send it up to me lol
  13. Buy my cobra 21" roller mower. Bought new 2014 did a season and that's it. Too big for just my garden now


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