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  1. Hi all, in a bit of a pickle and need a bit of direction if you can please? I've fitted a 6 way diverter valve to my aux circuit to run a grab and rotator.... currently with having done nothing to change hyd setting I have a functioning grab ๐Ÿ˜€ My question is should it actually work if oil should only flow one way on hammer setting? Anyhow it does..... Just spent the last 2-3 hours messing about running wires etc to the solenoid so I could try rotate function.... nothing! Bugger.... then as I was giving up I could try the grab then flick my switch and the rotator would move a few degree and stop..... I'm wondering if I've got the diverter piped right? . I think I have and that it needs the circuit changing over from hammer to 2 way? Not a bloody clue where it is though ๐Ÿ˜ž aanyone know? Dont know why it can't be easy to spot and get too.... Many thanks for your help. Chris
  2. Collecting a little bit of timber off some Ash die back emovals the other day
  3. Is it true these t series suffer transmission failures? Always see for sale some saying transmission rebuilt etc..... makes me wonder. (Still doesn't put me off lol ๐Ÿ˜€)
  4. Just been to petrol station now and the super unleaded is covered up! And only normal unleaded there.... and still says e5 for now... I presume they are selling last of their tank? People inside didn't know
  5. Read first bullet point. Now waiting for people to start talking till the cows come home about is trees really hort or agri? Lol ๐Ÿ˜† I've no time for those scare mongerers
  6. Reform of red diesel and other rebated fuels entitlement - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK
  7. No longer avaliable to construction..... farming, fish and forestry still.ok as far as I know
  8. It's all time Johnny, of which is in little supply here thought you were on your jollies anyhow
  9. Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on the situation..... have a 6 way diverter valve purchased for a rotator grab etc.... Never done this before but i suspect that the x2 hydraulic lines go into the top ports and the outlets are the sides? One for rotate and other for open and close.... Does it matter which is the pressure and return here when plumbing into the diverter block? With regards to the rotator at least it has marking on what does what etc..... On the grab there are no markings and 2 ports, one for open and one for close.... does it matter if these get plumbed up wrong way? Or is there even a wrong way?! I mean more in the sense of pressure and return etc Don't want to damage anything. Thanks
  10. Yes thats the TWAT..... Don't like him.... Only had the digger a year Kev lol
  11. Where you were unable to recover the VAT on the purchase of the car, then the onward sale of this car is VAT exempt, because of the input tax block on acquisition, and therefore no VAT has to be charged on the sale of the car. Alternatively, if you purchase a car second-hand car that is not VAT qualifying, then there is no VAT on the purchase, and therefore there is no VAT on the sale either. However, if the car is sold on at a profit (highly unlikely!) then you would have to account for VAT on the profit made under the second-hand margin scheme. Other assets The usual rule for other asset sales is that if VAT was charged on the purchase of the assets then you will have to charge VAT on the onward sale of those assets. If the assets were purchased second hand with no VAT charged on the purchase then, as with cars above, no VAT has to be charged on the onward sale, but VAT would be due on the margin made if they are sold on at a profit. However, in the rare case that assets are purchased brand new from a non VAT registered supplier then the onward sale of those assets would be subject to VAT, because they are not eligible to be dealt with under the second-hand margin scheme.
  12. After some advice please : Selling my old digger soon..... I am Vat registered.... I bought it off a non vat reg person.... I paid no vat and claimed no vat..... At some point the first purchaser will have paid the vat on the item years ago... its a 2006 machine... Time to sell the digger now.... Wanting 6K ish for it.... Lot more attractive with no vat! My accountant says i should charge vat.... but i say different!! charging vat ontop in my opinion will make the market i sell to a lot smaller. Anyone help or point me in the right direction please?
  13. Its only a short life, can't wait forever lol got my eye on one anyhow. Not sure on grab but if it's fully open it won't fit between the tyres so have to close it up to get it to go down and then clamp the chassis
  14. Horse has always bolted with you and your info lol ๐Ÿ˜†
  15. Looked a decent sized tree. Bet made more pleasurable with the bigger chipper aswell!


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