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  1. Weathers been shite since Xmas. Such a crap start to the year in fairness. Wetter than an otters pocket
  2. Endless reasons for a dc 4x4..... Where I live in winter and where yards is I wouldn't be able to access it. What about site jobs where we go with the dc 4x4 and 3 lads towing tracked chipper? Surely it's just new vehicles registered from a certain date?
  3. Is this just for brand spanking new ones?
  4. Is this purely for employees using double cab pick ups as perks? What about company owners / sole traders who use the pickups as a 2nd vehicle to tow to site and for support vehicle? What's the crack then? Is this a storm in a teacup for me or is it time to get shut of the pickup and buy something else? If tax o ly goes up 100 quid a year so be it but horrendous amounts they can bugger off
  5. Maybe late 80's but definitely early 90-mid 90's Should be able to get parts no issue
  6. You keep saying that so hopefully the 50p someone put in you will soon wear off...
  7. Avant Wheeled loader Brash Rake - Forestry WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Avant Loader Brash Rake. These will fit the full range of Avant models, as well as Multi-one, Cast Loaders + more... Good lad this lad is. Pobs make it with the barrel on if you ask
  8. Yes the guy made it heavy ish so grabs it and let's go a little so weight of rake loose in the grab then rakes along. Awesome on digger woth rotator. Rake a big area I without moving
  9. How much are they mark? No price on website
  10. Guy on YouTube uses one like this modified woth a barrel welded on so can pick it up like the klou one
  11. These spot on on rough grass then for Ash dieback grenade etx then? Like Mark I wanted one with a barrel or cylinder mounted 90 degrees to the rake so I can grab it with the grab
  12. Can't remember John's last name but is he Lincolnshire way? From recollection.... if so spot on real nice Chap!
  13. Fat bottom girls you make the rockin' world go round


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