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  1. Been there done that with my 252 aswell. Right sod grinding down sid of pocket and disc to cut the bugger off. Silly size Allen key also is it 12.5mm 1/2"? Sheerd bolts on pockets.... Also ripped the tooth holder off a pocket before.... Just broke clear off
  2. That's how it came across to me eggs.
  3. Cock ups yes.... On days to do a job etc.... This is a **************** up... getting a mewp or piece of equipment stuck to do a day's work and then charging a customer for a full days rate of productive work? When you got bugger all done Your instance should be a bollocking for site foreman and you suck it up as a business owner... Come on. Your in denial
  4. I'd ask what's going on Ben.... Esp with that last episode you posted about... Is there any similarity that you can be honest about? (Pushed for the work? Desperate? Client pushing you?) Charge him for the day that the mewp got stuck? Ohh dear even thinking about it is imo daft..... Did he say you had to use that specific route? If so charge him. If you drove where you want.... Suck it up. I'd be wondering how my image and reputation is being seen and percepted at this point Word travels fast. I wouldn't deal with someone who would charge me for their f up
  5. Sorry I didn't know you wanted a full on survey conducted.... With my experience of quite a lot of courses there were some very poor candidates that did indeed pass. Laughable. Are you an assessor by any chance? Or a training provider 🤣
  6. So mostly agree money grabbing interfering pricks? I'll tick this box anyhow lol 😂 Most main issues are the nptc assessors not failing some of the shite quality of lads coming through. Most likely these are dipsticks that hurt themselves and **************** it up with red tape and bullshit for the rest.
  7. Is that offer extended to all And your right. It's about targeting the right people but so hard how to work out who that is. Once of a day I thought council work would be good. I've been there and still do some. It's not all it's cracked up to be and certainly not wack big prices in as they will take it.
  8. Clip boards and pricks is aim D at the origin of the actual scheme and the AA.... Callum Duffy is obv a man who's made a system for its application which from above feedback seems good, but is a financial benefactor from impending scheme. (All the best to him)
  9. MOre quotes means more tossers.... It's true.... Parish councils and town councils are a pain in the arse .... Think carefully and target carefully
  10. Problem is building firms can be bad payers and go bust..... Last building firm wanted me to stick my arse next to a HV line and remove 2 trees. I said needed shut down or not doing it. They were very forceful and wanted to pay up front etc and get it done as had a team sat about for a week. They then said if I wasn't cis registered would deduct 30% at source.... I said well I'm not quoting and your not listening lol 🤣 Someone else did it 2 months later with a shut down .... They rang me up recently and I gave them a.dressing down and reminded them of the situation and whoever it was that had me on their system to remove me and not phone me again. I'm miles smaller than them but obviously my health and safety and awareness is miles better! I'd say take a look at where you are now.... Even though you want to go further you may be doing greater now than ever .... If so.... Reduce your overheads. Keep up your prices and quality control is the best way
  11. Someone will say ARB ass contractor soon lol 🤣 It's not what you know.its who you know.... And it's nowt to do with how many badges you got at brownies either lol 🤣
  12. I'm in the same boat so will follow Bandit doesn't grind as deep only 12" is 29" wide and 500 odd kg? predator is 18" grind but weighs a ton!
  13. Yeah councillor buggered you up there. In fairness when it comes to stuff like this I trust no.one and go with instincts. I was just trying to give you a reply from the other side as such with my earlier reply. I like to sit on the fence and swing my legs before making decisions. You'll have to keep campaigning but will need some sort of miracle to succeed. Good luck
  14. In all fairness, who in ARB needs to actually look at this end information? Benefit of the customer? Employer? I just see it as another load of bollocks made by pricks with clipboards. Those that can do, those that can't teach
  15. I'll probabilly get flack for this but this seems a not In my backyard situation.... The land backs onto some houses.... and most likely an existing estate. I take it roads are 30mph... Looks a small bit of waste land to me that people walk though.... Granted a few birch in there and hawthorn. If new houses are built there will be trees planted in a scheme for the amenity of the area. It's the way things are nowadays. If it was my land I'd go for houses on it too. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Most likely get refused at council then passed by independent planning inspectorate. They could even go for less houses and leave the road to "nowhere" then build the rest and get planning after first phase. You lot should have bought the land years ago to stop this arrising


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