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  1. swinny

    What's on your bench today?

    Bugger not sure never thought to check.... all stihl parts
  2. swinny

    What's on your bench today?

    The oiler pinion is where it needs to be and the sprocket is meshed in the recesses as should be
  3. swinny

    Timberwolf tw230dhb throttle cable

    That sucks.... no warrenty wear item i guess they said?
  4. swinny

    What's on your bench today?

    Not had this. Must be tight onto the clutch? Gap all round the clutch to the inside of the drum..... must be the boss that goes over he crank too long maybe and getting tightened downwith the clutch?
  5. swinny

    What's on your bench today?

    Anyone ever had any problems with dodgy NEW sprockets? Been and picked some repair parts up this aft after work.... one job was to change the sprocket on 201t. Fit new sprocket and its constantly running the chain..... put brake on and it stalls engine.... clutch is fine and springs ok. You can feel it trying to turn engine over as you turn chain.... thought i’d over tightened it. Backed it off and nipped it up still the same. Removed and cleaned roller bearing again and put back together and its still the same. put old sprocket and back in business! Possible dodgy sprocket not machined properly? Going to take it back and swap it and get another for another saw... hope its not a bad batch!
  6. Has anyone found a cheaper solution to replacing the throttle cable on a timberwolf tw230? Cable has snapped and spectrum only sell the full assembly for 70.00 inc vat! all for a snapped cable.... any old school folk out there with wire and soilder nipples 😂
  7. swinny

    Worthy of a TPO?

    I said it first anyhow.... must be a time delay over in france haha 😂
  8. swinny

    Worthy of a TPO?

    Ahh yes it is a nice tree! How about dismantle the wall around the tree stem? then mock up something for security with the wall?
  9. swinny

    Worthy of a TPO?

    Wall looks single or double? Pillars look quite close maybe single layer? Wall is moved and tree retained for a further 5-10 years? What is the tree going to be like then after a reduction to look after that union.... how good would a new established tree look in 5-10 years
  10. swinny

    Worthy of a TPO?

    I would still go for removal. This is direct to road no pavement wiggle room. Roots and solid structures is a no no to me. cost of rebuilding wall would way outweigh the removal of the tree. if common sense provail then in my eyes a fresh tree in a better suited spot is the best outcome here. Got to look further down the line, keeping a tree with issues next to a solid structure vs a nice tree with a lot longer life span for the amenity of the surrounding area.
  11. swinny

    Worthy of a TPO?

    Think I’d argue for removal there. The wall cannot be rebuilt further out and take up part of the highway. The wall will always be an issue. The roots on the cherry tree will always be ever expanding and spoil the structure again further down the line. Possible roots causing issues at the clients side also. tree could be retained with small reduction maybe and keep an eye on the union? But still wall issue. Not sensible nor feasible imo to be fair surely this tree has given its best and is no longer suitable for its location and it would be better to establish a new tree in a better location for future generations. Just my thoughts from a photo
  12. swinny

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I’d like a digger to be honest but not sure how much I’d use it. I come on here and see you lot talkig about model numbers then think i’ll leave it for now 😂 digger would be a digger to me unfortunately. If it fits budget/ semi clean and all works thats waht id look at
  13. swinny

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Inspired by the Kray twins Don? Lol
  14. swinny

    Tools worthy of a mention.

    I’ve a slow on one of my rangers rears and the fronts need balancing..... i’ll get new tyres first lol slows been here for a good few years also 😂


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