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  1. I may see about splitting pli Eli and plant across different companies maybe... Good idea
  2. That's one thing that pissed me off with trust is they will try stiff you for more every year. Tried to load my premium up by 700 last year! I've spoken to a few people who have all said the same
  3. I was looking... There was a really rough one at 3500 plus vat then a lot cleaner one around 7500.00 Bought a mini digger and grab in the end. Lot better for me
  4. I like my Flemming tr8. Some things like tailboard are a bit thin etc but overall happy with it
  5. No more pics? Possibly Rowan / sorbus
  6. Exactly... Some folk will spend it then shit themselves when it's due. I'd rather just get it paid and it's done then.
  7. What if you don't pay by direct debit? Just pay it off in a onner
  8. Why not include 2019-2020 after all it's due to be filed soon.... Ends in a few days! Daft
  9. swinny

    Arbtalk Slow .

    Was aweful an hour or two ago. Just came off it. Seems ok now
  10. I used to find them transit keys wore really fast.... Then you had to do the up down giggle wiggle in the key hole to get it to work. The ignition barrel would take a polished near non existent key but the doors were a pain! Wasn't worth the hassle of the battery running out in the remote! At like 12.00 for a new remote and battery lol
  11. Martin Lewis on ITV now helping and discussing
  12. Said in jest to follow on from other comments I must admit I'm not one of them... I want more brass for me and my family than shiny kit... Kit lost its appeal to me a while ago. I pay my fair share of tax just wonder if they're going to help after I've made my contributions yearly


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