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  1. swinny

    Green waste recycling

    What you plan to do with the product after?
  2. swinny

    Wooden Supporting Post

    Im not familiar with the plant but why not knock 2 2” posts in either side depending on width of crown / foliage..... then run some canes accross from post to post and tie the plant back to these to assist it?
  3. Im wanting to know peoples opinions on the predator p38 and the new bandit zt. would be owner operator. As i see it the predator is narrower and grinds deeper. But it does weigh near a ton. Has anyone found this bit too much weight for domestic jobs? Going over flagged areas or onto beds etc Both 38hp Cheers
  4. swinny

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I think you should start buying good tb106 diggers up to sell to arbtalk members Eddie lol i bet youve a closet full of them lol
  5. swinny

    Ms362c being a right pita

    Well i hope theyre ok i just bought a new one last week 😂
  6. swinny

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Yes keep your 181. I bought a stihl ms362 this week to replace my husky 550. Im not a massive husky fan to be fair. i was going to try the 365 husky the main point being no mtronic but rest of my stuff is stihl. All my bars still interchangeable and all on 3/8 so no different files etc Go try some saws if you can before spending brass
  7. swinny

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    If im typing on behalf of you Stubby can you forwards me details to send the invoice please
  8. swinny

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Hi, problem is people at the saw shop love people who arnt up on what they need etc... they gave you poor ish advice in my opinion, only thing in your favour is maybe you get less back ache with the longer bar. On the other hand if your not the best at sharpening i bet your wearing the bar easily and putting a lot of pressure on it / sprocket nose too. 20” wood at work i would pick up the 441” and crack on. Times money and theres nothing more frustrating when doing a time consiming job like ringing up with a saw thats too small for the task. 261 stihls were having issues with the needle bearings and buggering cranks. Supposidly been sorted by now but who knows..... husq 365 is good bang for your buck, 500 plus vat for 18” bar brand new. Have a look. If you like them crack on and buy one as theyre phasing out the 3 series saws.
  9. swinny

    Dosko / Danequip grinder

    Also it if you got machine second hand it may be that someone has put the wrong belts on in the past and you just keep getting the same belts as going off numbers on old belts. i had this on my vermeer 252 someone put wrong belts on and they were a softer compound and sat too far in the pulley. Dealer belts sorted that
  10. swinny

    Dosko / Danequip grinder

    Dont know setup on them but are they v belts from engine to cutter wheel? If so how many? look at the pulleys they sit in, they can wear and have a ridge at the top that gets sharp, also if theyre not inline thay can bugger them. Also if too tight and your rough arse when grinding. Also if your running blunt teeth. lots to consider
  11. swinny

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Got wood, you may run a 16” bar on a 181 but no offence intended, run a 16” bar on a proper saw 261/362 and you’ll wonder why you messed about and put up with the 181, it will be so slow in comparison
  12. swinny

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Yes couldnt understand people running an 18” on an 026, i always ran a 15” and kept it sharp. I think the poster on here would be needing minimum 60cc if not a 70cc Its all about time, esp on 20” plus wood you need something on top of the job! I’ve given up on 50cc now and gone back to 60cc for smallest ground saws.
  13. swinny

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    This is ok etc but in fairness does that cover all your house bills anf business running costs? Pointless to me paying for something that wont cover my bills fully. i prefer wool on my back and i’d keep the 700.00 or so you spend a year
  14. swinny

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    And just to say its only like 180-300 a year hahaha
  15. swinny

    Anyone run a Ifor Williams GX106?

    It will be to go behind a renault master tipper and a ford ranger. Wont carry masses of weight maybe 2 ton but require more stable trailer with a little more room.


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