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  1. Anyone else know what there is out there 29" wide max? Cheers
  2. No ones posting.

    I keep coming on here and looking and just going back off again to another site lol not even started trying to get my head round it
  3. Couple of tightish conny fells

    Good felling Dave
  4. No ones posting.

    Strugglig to work it out.... is there no todays threads bit? Strange having to look at all the forums to see which ones being used and where folk are lol
  5. budget tipper advice needed.

    Yup your not wrong there!
  6. I may or most likely will be wanting to change my grinder at some point soon. Currently have a vermeer sc252 and at times am struggling with the 34.5" width. What grinders out there are around 29" max? Looked only on the web so far.. seen some carlton 4012 etc that i think are 29"? but they are remote control and i've heard they can be expensive to repair? Also put off by the price of teeth!!! can these get in the same places a 252 can? mines a 3 wheeler so can turn on a 6 pence What other models are there to look at? pred 26 etc Will be buying second hand not new Many thanks
  7. Goaty

    Only just figuring out the new site on phone and come for an update. Keep strong and hope he has some better days ahead!
  8. budget tipper advice needed.

    Only once outside your yard! Old fuel pump was electric and ecu! That had gone down. Got a fresh manual pump from scrappers. Ripped ecu out and fitted manual pump and throttle cable. Bullet proof then. Sold it unfortunatley went with about 86k on and saw the lad in it a couple of years back and it was on 145k then
  9. budget tipper advice needed.

    Nothing wrong with the old ldv with transit engine. Used to have a ldv with transit turbo engine was a great truck.
  10. Goaty

    Hope he's ok! I often speak to him via email etc! Tell him to get better and best wishes. Chris
  11. jensen a528 feed rollers STOPED help !!

    When new one goes on it wants to be fairly close to the wheel up to a pound coin thickness away no more
  12. jensen a528 feed rollers STOPED help !!

    About 115.00
  13. jensen a528 feed rollers STOPED help !!

    Imnsure if the green lights on its getting the reading from pickup on flywheel? Why has it been damaged? Bearings ok? New magic eye sensor id start with. There is a little brass knob that you can screw in on hyd block for feed rollers that over rides the stress if its same as a530
  14. the 'todays job' thread

    Dissapointed John, no valtra and timber trailer pics?
  15. 7.5 ton iveco with forst st8

    I could do with a similar sort of truck! Sick of going back to yard to tip off the 3.5t tippers!


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