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  1. Would'nt mind that much work in front of me. I usually happy with a few weeks for stress levels. Been 6-8 weeks ahead all year. Bloody hard work with the customers winging it's a long time and when are you coming... How do you manage it so far ahead? I've even started missing days out quoting as not to get too far ahead.
  2. Right, cheers for that. I thought they'd just come with shafts allready? One piece? Top shaft has some wear in where bearing sits.... That spring could well be really old tbh... It's as tight as it can be. I dare say at high hours it has done the rollers be well worn. Have been sharpened In the past Our tw230 kicks the 530's arse but it doesn't come out often.... Just considering throwing a few hundred quid at it or 10k on another chipper instead.
  3. Has anyone ever fitted new rollers to a Jensen a530? Trying to see if it's worth it to increase pulling power into the rollers or just upgrade the machine as they are an old design.... If you've fitted any, can you remember the damage? I'd consider fitting both rollers Inc upper and lower bearings. And a new spring that pulls the cable. Might snatch stuff out of our hands then! Either this or I'll sell and get a tw190 as easier to get bits for but.... I do remember a good few years ago on a site clearance the 530 was whipping a tw190 on site! Cheers
  4. Does anyone know where to measure etc and who to go to, to get ram seal kits so I can do this repair myself? Ram leaking oil out. Chrome is fine
  5. I think your head of a union like...
  6. I'd think someone was a tosser to charge more for a weekend... Just sad really. They're all the same days... Doesn't show a team player to me. I've worked all sorts of days and not charged any extra to do so.
  7. I wouldn't bother about air brakes... hyd be fine. Some imports from germany run air and have propper checks done on their tractors to be fit on the road. 100hp bit short on power for me. Had to have mine turbo'd to be workable. Quite a few hills where I am and handles well for the loads on the trailers
  8. Sorry but I won't tell you again. Once a tpo is served its served. A tpo trump's the con area work / protection because the tree officer obv thought it was worth keepi g the trees. Your frustrated yes but it is what it is.... Apply to fell and appeal if you want
  9. This is to allow you sensible.time.to do.the works.... The tpo trump's the con area works. Tree officer was obv running behind or dropped the ball then realised and slapped a tpo on. You get 2 years to do tpo works aswell...
  10. You were too slow I'm afraid.... You should have felled them before they served a tpo. Your tree surgeon should have known if they were worthy of tpo through working in that area and knowing what the tree officer is like.... If they said con area notification 6 week period ends 21st September.... You should have flopped them on the 22nd or asap aft that date as long as tpo not served through the letter box. Sorry but you dropped the ball here. Once that tpo is served your buggered. Get a consultant in to see if it is worth appealing.
  11. You have to check on the HYD flow on older tractors.... And most likely get a trailer with PTO pump fitted... You want 6 cyl for road work or 4 cyl for smaller places JD 2850 is 4 cyl turbo, JD 3040/3050 etc 6cyl non turbo Massey 390/398/399/698/699 mix of 4 and 6 cyl there
  12. I'd recommend something simple in the tractor section. Less electrics and fancy bits the better. Depends how much road work it will do.... Timber trailer usually just one axle hydraulic brakes off the tractor. Get best you can afford. Seen plenty at 5-6k unbraked but not safe for the road in my opinion. Trailer budget then pushed up to 9-12k
  13. Yes mine probably needs fresh rollers and a fresh main spring..... Another thing / tip is to cut timber with an angle on so feeds I to the rollers better Bet Jensen would rip me a new arsehole for new rollers!
  14. That's how we have to cut for the old Jensen a530t... Makes it smooth flowing.


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