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  1. I know flat out the machine runs 2600rpm or so the old display said..... I will start on this guesstimate route πŸ˜€
  2. If I remove the alternator is it easier to work out? I've not a clue what I'm looking for .... anyone help? Many thanks
  3. Just getting round to this now.... and I've taken covers off and found that my Alternator pulley is 70mm and the crank is 140mm PPR = P x R /2 β€œP” is the number of poles in the alternator. β€œR” is the pulley ratio. Determine the pulley ratio by dividing the crank pulley diameter by the alternator pulley diameter So my r value is 2.... How do I work out how many poles on this alternator? It's the last piece of the puzzle lol πŸ˜† helllllllpppppp πŸ˜€
  4. Where's that video showing the dipsticks that work for glendales fell a tree next to transit that falls on the transit? I've seen another where a lad chogs a big bit off it cart wheels off and takes out a brick pillar... Kinda sums the intelligence of some of the workers up there for me...... Where are your team leaders and good staff? Surely you can't just be sending out a van full of newbies to every job?
  5. Lad on fb imports them think it's Rob Taylor, Eden Valley machines and something cladding .... in his name.... Worth a shot
  6. The ladder thing is more for trimming really. And your right about top of a ladder and cutting etc. Some will say occupational hazard etc It was a shit grueling job but you got to the end. Each one will be different. Some will be a piece of piss walk through the top. You will find also ones that have been repeatedly topped and or trimmed, the middles start rotting and snap under your foot! Conifer hedges are shit end of! Lol πŸ˜†
  7. Yes and sooner you cut a space clear for your self more room to move.... also clear a good path to throw shit out as nowt more frustrating than things hanging up!
  8. Conifer hedge reductions are a shitty job esp the big ones.... you get in the middle and go ffs why am i here.... you just have to crack on and get to the end of it. I learnt years ago the more you winge about a task the less gets done. Crack on and get it finished.
  9. There is always folk that will not be happy with the task at hand and always think there are better ways. The owner of the company will most likely have a lot more experience than said staff and will have assessed the best way to do the job, access requirements and time to do the works. Sometimes a bollock can be dropped. You cannot inspect every inch of the hedge and take it as it is what it is.... If you have to bang a ladder in the side to get it done just do it..... a hedge like that will be quite wide so in places the ladder going into the hedge is gna help you reach the back. One other thing is to put a plank accross top of ladder also to stop it sinking in. I've surfed many a wobbly fat wide beech hedge on top with 2 ladders lol cutting off one, going to another and so on. This was just for trimming purposes though. Mewps for this are a pita.... and costly. cutting with a gypsy stick then fishing the bits out is shit on the arms and ages to fish stuff out and generally leave crap in there. scaffold? no thanks. The lads did a good job by the looks of it but sour milk comes to mind with this post working ontop of a ladder against hse and I'm on a day rate for employer only.... Sorry just how i see it. Lads did good in the time they were there! good finish and from pics 3 days looked good. Just unfortunate for them it was whispy in places
  10. Some jobs are just what they are. WHy were you fannying around with a silky? Thats cut and chuck with a top handle saw work.
  11. Hi everyone, Just thought I'd post on here if anyone has a bigger old stump grinder knocking about even if it needs some work that they would be willing to sell? Currently running 252 vermeer so want something with more hp and punch and speed and weight! Looking for least 35hp plus, even a towable one etc bigger the better. Just thought I'd throw it out there
  12. Who through though? And what sort of brass? This is a 4m40l 74hp..... looks about 1500 quid to rebuild top end just materials
  13. I know what you mean about engines etc! All crappy sensors and electrics etc! My engines getting worn on this as its knocking non and bought it second hand. Considered a swap for another unit but may end up just a top end rebuild on this at some point. Love the simplicity of air cooled, first I've ever had. Currently there's not masses of second hand machines about and prices are strong. Saw a bandit 90 recently 2016 600 hrs.... so will have some electricity with it and sensors etc.... it weighed 450 kg more than mine! And was 27k plus vat strong money for me personally. It'll not do the job 20k better than mine. Can't go back anyhow to little chippers so the old git be here to stay or swapped for another big dinosaur at some point lol πŸ˜† Never seem drum chippers etc so far in flesh. No one round here has one and no body talks to each other. Looking forwards to the Apf to open up my eyes as to what I've been missing out on for years lol πŸ˜†
  14. I can see insurance point but typical twats wi going about us just getting on with job.... long as all the bullshit in the method statement and risk ass then surely covered? They only really ask about hazardous sites and motorways.... Should people inform them whe they do a crane job? It's like them saying you xan only go round the house.... not over, under or through lol πŸ˜†


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