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  1. Sounds like a clear fell job, get logs out to roadside, brash in rows then send a tractor and forestry mulcher in to biltz brash.
  2. Sums parts of it up quite well
  3. In fairness Mick, thats what i currently do, current account then to business account.... moneys hard earnt enough without giving the bank a chunk of it. Banks a pain to get to thus wondering if people use a building society etc or have other ways to kerb the inconvenience of getting it in the business
  4. Eggs it makes F all difference.... the job is quoted for and invoiced. Payment in cash still needs to go in against the invoice. Problem in nowadays lot of older folks are still cash is king bollox. 10-15 years ago yes. Nowadays you need to put money through your account to draw it out. You need to earn enough to borrow money for house, equipment and all sorts. Some people may only get paid cash so have to bank it... or how do they pay their bills? Time of life dictates things also. Have a young family, house and wife etc.... can't pay all bills with cash or hmrc want to know how you live. 50 odd year old working 3-4 days a week on the books and a day cash is different. Depends how much ambition you have in life I suppose
  5. swinny


    30 year old here and no pension as of yet. Been looking into buying a couple of houses but dont want the hassle.... Also like the look of the LISA for retirement and drawing at 60 yr old. 25% top up pa off the government. Can put up to 4k a year into it. Also need to sort a basic pension aswell. Need to move savings about as doing naff all at current place. But all the places doing better offers...... never heard of them! Also thought about going ltd and paying myself a pension out of my profits before tax Need to pull my finger out! Interesting topic for me this is.
  6. Also interested to know
  7. Start up on your own then. Your too concerned about 'supposidly' how much your boss is earning. The grass isnt always greener you know
  8. Somewhere to go for a crap on site! Ace. Living the dream there Stephen
  9. Fairy dust is no good here
  10. Just wondering how people go about this? I find cash nowadays a pain. Costs to pay in etc and prefer bank transfers or cheques..... More costly to pay in also! What do people do? do you run a petty cash account? bang in in a building society (no fees) On things like logs and chip etc or small sales of products to new customers better to get paid there and then but still to get it into the bank. No daft answers please. Cheers
  11. Born and bred Yorkshire man me. Not my fault they diddled us years ago and moved us into Lancashire! You have to admit it is a fair lump like. I remember my 441 being 750 Inc long while ago mind
  12. Yikes! Just been looking at new price on the 462 and 500..... nearly a grand with vat. When did they get so dear? I remember my 660 was cheaper! Bloomin hecky
  13. Not tried one. Only seen one in the flesh on a saw shop rack. Plastic etc looked shitter than ever.... Wouldn't be for me Good luck on your choice either way. I have been looking at a replacement 70cc saw for a while. Would.have liked a 461 but will get a 462 in the next couple of months.
  14. No doubt AA will cash in somewhere along the line. Wonder if AA contractors will have to be re assessed now then as should be on two lines... Should do imo! They won't be happy I bet at extra costs. I could go on but what's the point. Shite situation by some pricks with a clip board.
  15. Massively pissed off with this. Lot of the points that have been raised are valid. Wish we had someone with a stronger back bone to find some direction etc. This cannot be just thrown on us. As said above, trainers need guidance, then new courses and quale, new equipt to sort use and get used to. No confidence in the AA at all from me. Very dissapointed


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