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  1. swinny

    Which Micro

    i've wondered about running a micro digger alongside the stump grinder to clear the hole out of arrisings to keep grinding then to back fill
  2. swinny

    Vermeer Grinder teeth

    Glad youve just put that up..... 7.21 online and im sure they just charged me 7.75 each over the phone.
  3. swinny

    Valtra tractor wanted

    That may be that you bought the tractor at the right money so could easily sell on again. You seem to buy and sell a lot so must come natural to you larger figure purhases. to me if im spending 15-30k i want it right. Appearance means a lot as its also a example of previous owner and how they may have kept and maintained the machine. not many people want high hour tractors within reason. one always has to think about resale value. Its easy for buyers to comprimise when buying something.... damaged panel, little rattle or noise here or there but to then have to re sell the machine if needed would a prospective buyer comprimise and buy the item off me? Also makes harder to sell. any questions i ask myself about the purhase of an item will be the same questions someone would ask if i ever came to sell it on. I recently viewed a tractor that the dealer said was a good tractor. Engine oil below min, same on transmission, auto setting for the power shifts wouldnt work, hub seals leaking, seal to front diff leaking and lots of other costly niggles. Grease round joints rock hard so hasnt seen a. Grease gun for a long while. Also theyd swapped the wheels over which they shouldnt have. All im sayig is things have to be right when purchasing and be fully working that if needed to sell on you could do. Too many pups sold or advertised as good condition
  4. swinny

    Valtra tractor wanted

    I spotted that... 13k hours when looking the other day. also they seem to have had that red newer t131 valtra for ages months! what price is the 13k hr one?
  5. swinny

    Valtra tractor wanted

    Finding a decent second hand tractor is a nightmare! Seen some shite lately!!
  6. swinny

    Show your tractors

    The more money you have the more you can afford to gamble
  7. swinny

    Show your tractors

    Have you seen the price of valtra and valmet with roof mounts? i rang jasp up last year and they wanted 43k plus vat for a 1995 valmet and roof mount 10k hours on! pottering about and short runs it will be a nimble little thing that
  8. swinny

    Show your tractors

    Now that looks mint! Great setup. Bet its 40k on the road aswell. Well worth that brass imo
  9. swinny

    Tyres ford ranger. More town than country

    yup just put a full set on mine
  10. swinny

    Goosed bushes?

    Correct they are the anti roll bar link's.... no point tightening as they look knackered. Probabilliy snap aswell if you try. Wont be a lot of brass so just order some new ones up
  11. swinny

    Adjacent trees and birds

    Also another thing is that there can be plenty of nests out there but the word is ACTIVE nest And how do you not know there weren't other environmental changes to change the birds nest site? Its not Guaranteed that they will go to same site each year surely.
  12. swinny

    Adjacent trees and birds

    I would say that you have done the best to your ability to not disturb the landscape / environment. You have looked at the job a few times from the quote through to doing the works. You have talked to the client and nothing has been mentioned. Whilst climbing you have done an continuous Ariel inspection of the tree's and found no evidence of nesting birds. I would say you have done all in your duty to stay within the guide lines. Also that does the lady have evidence of NESTING wood peckers or that they just frequent the garden? pecking metal parts on a pole? thought they just liked dead wood etc.... I would say that this is a neighbour that has issue with the removed tree's and or grievances with your client yet is taking it out on you. Disturbing a nest would surely mean disturbing a mother or chick from a nest or scaring them away whilst they are building a nest. I would say its malicious on the part of the person complaining and too right I wouldnt be happy with my company being brought up with an allegation like this. People don't think before they open their mouths out of selfishness the consequences on others. If the police had been rang they should turn up at some point, the only way you would be in trouble if there was a nest in with the brash and or timber. There would have to be a nest / evidence for it to be classed as a criminal act. Her word against yours but considering the time you've been doing the job and relationship with ydnp I'd tell her to go fish!
  13. swinny

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Better than nothing like you say..... cant get new for old at that age? Inflation is the bugger here as will be a lot more now. Are you with arborisk
  14. swinny

    Predator p38 vs bandit zt

    I run a little fsi b20 alongside the zt (which I had before my zt). Get pretty much anywhere with the two Im more of a one machine man nowadays..... In fairness i did used to have a hb20n and hated it..... Dont want to go down the pedestrian route again
  15. swinny

    Predator p38 vs bandit zt

    Hmmm cheers for that. Still wondering what to look at keep looking at a few jobs and seeing i need to be creative to get the grinder in due to width! I do need the 26 or 29” wide machine


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