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  1. You'd get away with it on brambles and light wips but nothing else and forget being able to keep the speed up with very much boom movement, What LPM does your Bob cat have? Trying to see the difference between yours and the smaller ones.
  2. I'll follow this as would be interested to know about one for a.volvo ec15bxr
  3. An old 3cx is purely a yard machine I say. If you want production and efficiency you'd have to be tractor trailer and excavator (though the tractor would run a hedge trimmer fine)
  4. Has anyone made them selves a trailer with an hiab mounted? Any advice from your build etc? I was thinking of a flatbed trailer or a plant trailer. Mount hiab at the front and timber bolsters down the sides.... Just wondering if anyone on here had done this before and any advice? Had a hiab trailer before but wasn't really the right thing for the job. Now want to build something correct for the job and to make life easier! Many thanks
  5. Long time since I've been. Shall have to re visit at some point
  6. Rivet and stick on some ally channel now to uprights and bottom then drop in your ally planks? What I did
  7. Only thing I don't like about the 40 series is all the electrics and switches etc, big filters and wiring all exposed underneath. That said I have just bought a turbod new Holland 7840 to replace the mf399.... In comparison thought he 399 has a fuel tank up top on front so weight over front wheels. Next to no electrics and nothing really on show to rip off. 40 series need some decent guarding underneath! I'm going to have to do something to mine for when mulching!
  8. You going to do much road work at all with it? Seen quite a few older Massey's for forestry work
  9. You talking in relation to the TM Matty?
  10. Won't be long till I retire my tree Austria... Pretty poor that the buckles are brass and alloy etc... Having the latches on the buckles seize up constantly due to supposed corrosion between the surfaces where the latches are. Only just over 2 years old aswell Back to a full fat tree motion next. Had a TM light before and it was aweful. TM full fat was a great harness!
  11. I've seen often wondered about them big old towable Vermeer grinders for this kind of work? You know which I mean?
  12. swinny

    Vented bags

    Yes that and needing to reset pallet forks for bags, Ibc and then these crates etc.... Then they bust and drop nails etc. I try run a no nail yard lol 😂
  13. Banks are twats Steve. My only worry is you juggling cards but that's just me. Never had nor need a credit card. Could be the north south devide
  14. Very nice! What's the specs? Be looking for a new yard next then John you be running outta room! Lol
  15. swinny


    Bumpy bumpy Who else is there? just been looking through my paperwork on my current firm and jeeze they want to know far ends of a fart. Going to try arborisk again at some point but remember that they wanted a wheel clamp on your chipper at all times when on site! Any other firms worth a shout?
  16. Have we all got new tractors in the last few months lol. Just bought this to replace my massey. Just waiting on the loader being fit in next week or so.
  17. You have to get those faces machined? Or new parts? New clutch plate obv
  18. CMS Tree Services require a self employed groundsman for 2-3 days a week possibly more. We are based in Barnoldswick, Lancashire and mostly work local (within 20 miles from base) Ideally you would be within 15-20miles from us. We are looking for a qualified, self-motivated and enthusiastic new team member who would like to work in both the domestic & commercial sectors. All applicants should have and can demonstrate : Cs 30 / 31 and Cs38 essential 2-3 years relevant experience in ground-based work preferred Chipper ticket Good communication skills with both general public and other members of the team Must have the ability to work as part of a team Excellent time keeping A full, clean UK Diving Licence; you must be able to transport yourself to our yard on time. Good customer relations, polite and punctual. Always demonstrate a commitment to safe work practice. A committed and motivated person who is keen to learn and progress Being used to working with and alongside machinery and have basic maintenance / mechanical knowledge Be competent in rigging operations. We may also be interested in a climber from time to time. Must have up to date loler kit and minimum cs 30-31-38-39-40-41 If you are interested please message or email me at : cmstreeserices@yahoo.co.uk
  19. Snapped off more like when stop bar on chipper clouted something lol
  20. Anyone know the correct terminology for this part please? Output thread is M10. Operates valve block. Tried spool lever, spool block assy Cheers


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