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  1. Straight for the rc3001 and cut out the riff raff in between
  2. Guy near me runs a 3655 and a I know where there was a 3690
  3. Well. Funny you should say.... My motor just come up for its first MOT and tester picked up on no marker lights..... I said there were never any on the old transit and that had been tested there for years! Anything 2.1m wide is it? He says all this size should have on so like all the Tesco's, Sainsbury's and Asda vans etc all-sorts.... Wagged it this time anyhow. Plan to do the same next time aswell lol. Roads I drive on they will get ripped off easy
  4. Yes agrotron or a silver hurlimann. Never see many about for sale and go quickly. Think it must be bad timing as there was a few at one point last year but mainly newer stuff about. Quite a few deutz 4 pots with bigger HP about.... In the 40k plus region though
  5. Yes, but it's trying to buy something that won't depreciate much.... Problem is price of newer tractors being more keeping used prices high.... 23-28k for anything around the age you want
  6. https://cg-machinery.co.uk/machines/2011-case-puma-155-tractor/?fbclid=IwAR3Srjao-pOhPhD74qBURY0LuM1-H3oGEWs95NRqSYOgUJ7fwwjzj4YKEtA
  7. Good luck and I will be following this with interest! I've been going round in circles for a while on a tractor upgrade. Don't think newer and simple go together with tractors... Be Interesting to see what you go for. Where you looking for tractors? Dealers and eBay etc?
  8. What's crackers is your premium went up.... But most likely so did every bugger else's. ( Not having a go here just at the way insurance works! ) I'm always told at renewal that ins has gone up as there's been a lot of theft. Royal pain for those who have never made a claim. NCB is a load of rubbish also. Hardly affects premium. One thing for sure is the insurance hardly ever loose out.
  9. And here's.me.thinking I hope it is heavy built and over 750kg! What does it weigh? Sorry if I have missed it
  10. A good question to ask and something that should be displayed when people are looking for business from said companies!
  11. You not think that this will all end up with the Aa selling themselves to hse so we will all have to be Aa contractors to be doing tree work? Alterier motives and all....
  12. Mainly Scots pine. The pile of oak was left for employees firewood. Wouldn't it have been cheaper for them to just buy the chip in? Just curious when sat here thinking of the costs of 2 people, vermeer, truck and chipper etc. Cheers
  13. ? What you mean Mick? Wasn't saying to flout owt. Just saying how can it go up if using a supposedly more safer system. I think the main problem is the amount of prats in this industry.... Hard to see how some have survived since off the nipple.... One lad told me Cari tool clips were banned on one site / firm due to some plonker clipping their main line to it.....
  14. Can't understand why it would double... I think insurance are money grabbing bastards that are just out to capitalise on things.... Yours still just as competant as you were last year.... How has an additional rope and supposedly safer working techniques made your insurance go up? Bastards is the only word
  15. A green predator? That looks a solid pulley on a square key way..... I would say that you need the puller back on that and something to stop your puller damaging the threads on the shaft.
  16. Never used one of them before but have recently seen another firm using one and thought they looked great!
  17. Fuck em and bang it in. All sensible to me... not sure about the dogs but other stuff OK I say. Change of accountant I say
  18. Worth a punt then and handy to have I'd say?
  19. You haven't said the style of house you live in...... I live in a row of cottages, walls are 30" thick. Right sod for Internet signal even with boosters
  20. My friend showed me a little homelite XL chainsaw winch he's had for years. Looks a we'll make thing! Will pull 1 t straight pull or 2 with a pulley. Going to borrow it soon for a job and most likely twist his arm and buy it from him after! Look such a handy small package to have for all sorts of applications.
  21. Stupid thing is your damned if you do damned if you don't..... Insurance will cop out if only using one rope...... Insurance will cop out if using two ropes and not having a cert of competance to climb that way. It's all a load of bollox
  22. Exactly the key point here. Mine uses Xero and we can both access it any time. Think Xero is like 22.00 pcm though!
  23. We use Xero. Quite a good package. Had a few issues crop up now and again but does it's job ok


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