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  1. Happy days! Thought this thread was on the bottom of the ocean πŸ˜† Yeah I'm going to have to order some proper ones..... don't know why but the ones that screw upwards seem to have a bloody nut ontop of them! And this is covered by the big plate the engine sits on. I will have a good look at it next week and get it all sorted. Cheers Richy πŸ‘ Chris
  2. Just wondering if other people's machines had these double ended screw in pins fitted to their machines at all? 2 of mine have been changed for what looks like a big nut and bolt / bodged....! One of the correct ones snapped today 😞 was going to remove this one but it's going to foul the frame on the way out! (Snapped one looks like an animal with Stilsons have been at it πŸ˜†) Crap design but just wondering If those are rhe correct pins / bolt etc or if they've moved onto something else. Cheers
  3. I'm in need of another plant trailer. Needs to be for my 2.6t digger etc.... doesn't want to be wider than the gh1054 ifor which I believe is 2.1m wide.... and it only weighs 660kg ... so far this is the one I need.... Looked at Brian james but they are heavier We use a gx106 but the back roads I run on its just too wide and could't send a members of staff out with it comfortably. We also run a little brian james tiltbed trailer 10x5 but only a 2700kg! This is used everyday. Is there anything to rival the gh1054 ? Comes down to weight and no bigger than 10x5'4" for me Did consider a 12x6 dropside but don't want the hassle of pissing about with ramps all the time. Cheers
  4. There is still permitted development allowed in a CA..... As said needs to fit in... has anyone else set president? A porch can be built up to a certain size with out planning etc. It's no biggie. I'm in a CA and replaced all my front windows and kept the Georgian bar in them to keep in sync with the rest. Rear windows don't have it. Wouldn't phase me getting another house in a con area again
  5. Ahh ffs, noticed first thing this morning! It must have gone on way home from job yesterday as was making a racket!
  6. Had this recently.... even rang hmrc up as didn't want to believe my accountant lol πŸ˜† Your vat reg, charge vat.
  7. Sounds awful, but dumpers suggestion sounds good then.... scaffold and small grinder. And most of all...... Charge plenty for an inconvenience pain in the arse job πŸ˜€
  8. Like ****************...... Come on! Thats clearly a cut to stump job and poison and walk away.... let the builders sort the stump and roots as they dismantle sections of the wall and repair. You or someone will make a right pigs ear of that if you grind! (claw away with a digger if you have to gently but no no to a stump grinder)
  9. He's like you say naive or plays dumb and just a winging twat questioning and bidding 2 sides of stupid questions / arguments against each other. Like radio Jeremy Kyle. I suppose its what folks like to listen to nowadays. Pointless shit to distract them from their lives or getting forwards
  10. Scott Mills is the replacement I believe... ohh my he is shite and annoying..... With that and that prick Jeremy vine it's gna be hard to tune in nowadays.....
  11. swinny


    I wouldn't say undercut.... that word gets thrown about too often. I would say some can go work cheaper or have less work in their diary so can jump on sooner. And then some folk will be a bit desperate
  12. swinny


    I'd say this interest rates and energy scare tactics are coming in early..... I'd say its a lot more quiet on enquiries at the moment. A lot more window shoppers too.... There are some folk still with money that will get things done but a lot that either won't or will wait for people to go cheaper or find someone cheaper. A lot recently I have found if you ring back maybe 2 days later, some one has allready been out to price and even some folk are doing the jobs near straight away! Folk just do not like to wait but if you've a full diary what can you do. I try to be optimistic but I fear things will get a lot quieter sooner than later.... you can't even blame it on summer holiday lol as they're not even here yet....
  13. Just get the deposit put down and worry about the rest later lol πŸ˜† No videos?
  14. I think personally the smart thing to do would be to get someone to price them.... If your hell bent on doing it yourselves : Up your budget slightly. Buy a driven hydraulic machine like a vermeer sc252 or rayco 1625..... stumps will be a lot easier for you and your back! with the above machines, you stand to the side and use levers to grind the stump and drive the grinder. Lot easier than ragging yourself to bits with pedestrian grinder. Do the stumps and move the grinder on for very little depreciation!
  15. I was wondering that.... A friend sent me a video a good while back of a new tracked 540 or even 550 demo video and it was absolutely pathetic.... You wouldn't have parted with your brass with that performance!
  16. Didn't they go small crappy engine?
  17. Ahh balls.... better get my wallet out again then! Ebay sort me out hopefully
  18. Right I've ordered it... if its shite, its on you Gary lol
  19. These are the ports I want to check
  20. Right Gary hopefully that box will do and get more connectors as needed I see yours is for the tractor spools etc πŸ‘
  21. Just wondering what kit people have or use please for checking pressures on their diggers, stump grinders and chippers etc? All seem much of a much Ness..... Spotted this on ebay : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm?itemId=401619232165&du=1 Not a clue what connectors I need but on the grinder and chipper seem like small quick fit connectors and the male on the grinder and chipper is approx 12mm dia.... handy they both seem the same. Anyone have one then and what or where did you get it from? Thanks
  22. I'd have that 955 and the 56 series in the back ground 😎
  23. 183.9 p at my local..... 185.9p the other day down in Hampshire..... 199.9p at motor way services
  24. Don't worry Hodge.... trigger Andy is a dick most days. Someone must have put 50p in him


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