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  1. I have recently bought the 2000W Corded Chainsaw 40cm - CS2040 | BLACK+DECKER and think it's due for sharpening. I've spent ages searching for one that is compatible and I'm lost with all the choices, and different measurements? Can you advise on what would suit a 'girly' that is simple to use and does the job. Thanks 🤪😳
  2. Hi everyone, looking at putting together my first personal climbing kit. Fairly new to climbing as I passed my CS 38/39 in 2019 while at college and did some work on other peoples equipment but due to health issues I had to stop early on in 2020. I've put together what I think is a fairly basic climbing kit excluding spikes and a flip line, would appreciate any feedback on any of the gear I've listed below or if anybody feels I've missed anything important. 1x Petzl Sequoia Harness (2019) Size 1 1x Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet Combination - Chipper Spec - Black, Personal 1x Silky Zubat Arborist Professional Saw 1x Silky Zubat Saw Scabbard - 300/330mm 1x Marlow 13mm Split Tail - 5.0m 1x Yale XTC-Fire Rope Spliced - 30m 1x Yale XTC-Plus Rope Spliced - 30m 2x Marlow Boa Prusik Loop - 50cm 3x Teufelberger 10mm Ocean Polyester Eye2Eye Hitch 1x DMM Pinto Pulley 2x DMM Hitch Climber Pulley 1x DMM Boa 30kN Locksafe Carabiner - Multipack (3) 1x Dmm Ultra O Locksafe Carabiner - Triple Multipack (3) 1x HBROS x DMM Ultra O Locksafe Carabiner
  3. Hello All, Looking for some advice on what to do with root balls; we are increasingly being asked to remove root balls from sites following felling operations. I have used a few muck away services but they are charging mega money and I'm sure there must be a more cost (greener) effective way. Bit of background we are a ecological contracting company who are increasingly being asked to clear vegetation from sites, ahead of housing developments and are looking for more economic ways of disposing of chipping, large diameter trunks and limbs. Happy for any advice, connections people may have. cheers,
  4. Evening, Been looking for a bigger log splitter for the oversized lengths to then put through the processor. Then saw one of J silk agricultural on eBay and seems to be ideal for the job and not a lot of money compared to other splitters. Just wondering if anyone else out there has got one or used one and what they are like and if any good? Any comments would be much appreciated. Cheers tomTom
  5. Anyone got any advice on this? I would ask the consultant who wrote my report but he is abroad for three weeks. I'm considering appealing the tree officer's decision and need to do that within 28 days. I had a Management Recommendation Report prepared by a very well experienced and respected arboricultural consultant on my woodland which is covered by TPO. Within the wood there has historically been a gladed area which over the last 30 years has succumbed to invasive sycamore - about 60 mature trees. This is now spreading outwith the originally gladed area into the rest of the wood which has a very diverse species spread. The report recommends removal of the sycamore and replanting with a diverse mix of native hardwood. I applied to my local Council to carry out the sycamore removal and replant as per the report. The tree officer has rejected this and has stated, "While long term management of a woodland previous devoid of pro active action is supported the complete removal of a single species in this instance is not. There are many silvicultural systems to allow continous cover on a site while sensitive planting of alternative species could be undertaken to diversify species. The proposed planting could be undertaken over a phased period to allow successful establishment and age distribution." The sycamore area (about1/4 acre) is very dense with trees ranging from about 40 years down to seedling size. Does anyone know of any silivicultural system that will work, allowing me to diversify the species mix within the sycamore area - without felling any existing sycamore?
  6. Right, I know very little about the stump grinding business but I am eager to get into it. My boss has said that he is not interested in doing any form of stump grinding so I thought I would capitalise on it! He only does domestic work so a lot of the time it will be narrow access (fitting through garden side gates). I am looking for something that is self-propelled but the deck does spin. I know there is a huge market so I thought I would ask the people in the know who have used these machines before. They are all much the same but their prices obviously vary so does the brand really determine the prices? I am looking for some advice on what I should go for like a Bandit HB20, CARLTON SP2010, FSI B22, Predator 360 and 460 In your opinions what do you like best? What are the running costs like? And if any of you guys are thinking of getting rid of one or know of a great dealer, I am based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Any advice would be appreciated. Many Thanks,
  7. I am currently a Dairy farmer and looking for a career change into Tree Surgery. I have a background in Outdoor Education so have done plenty of climbing (Rocks), and I’m not scared of physical outdoor work, in all Conditions. I just wanted to ask if anyone had any advice on how to get into the industry? I would love to do a course to get me qualified but understand that I will need to keep learning for a good few years in the Industry. In in particular I need to know, what qualifications would I need before I can start earning money? Do people usually have an employer in mind before committing to a course to gain qualifications ? Thanks in in advance for any advice, Cheers!
  8. I'm an imposter..A qualified gardener, not an arborist... I took on maintenance and development of a pub garden in March this year. The landlord proudly announced yesterday that a beautifully balanced, healthy looking, mature Ash is scheduled for pollarding in mid July... "Because the neighbour doesn't want pigeons pooping on his balcony". He's booked the work in with a local cutting and clearing service, rather than any of the excellent arborists in the area... "Got a good price for taking out the dead tree as well" (A Thuja. Definitely dead). A) Wouldn't late winter/early spring be a better time, especially on such a mature, previously unpollarded tree? B) I know it's an Ash, but won't such a severe July cut seriously jeopardise the tree's health? C) Surely pigeons can still poop from a pollard... Moreover, get a better aim on their target without obstruction?
  9. Hi all, So I work as a tree officer for a large housing association. We own a lot of open spaces, including parks, canals and trees near housing. A lot of the enquiries I get through come from residents with trees near their properties. Recently I have had a number of complaints relating to trees damaging hard surfaces - in particular block paved driveways, patios etc. Usually it is quite clear that it is the roots of our trees causing the issues. My question is... how do local authority tree officers respond to such enquiries/complaints? (Obviously each situation is assessed individually based on merits of the tree etc) but for example, lets say theres a line of leylandi on the boundary of our property, acting as screening between a large block of flats and some private housing on a neighbouring street. Neighbouring homeowner calls to complain that the leylandi are lifting the block paving in her garden. You go to assess, clearly it is leylandi tree roots causing the issue... Would a LA agree to repair the damage to the paving? In this particular situation I believe it would have a knock on effect where other neighbours would expect us to repair their paving too (felling the trees wouldnt be an option as they act as screening, and in my mind, the trees are more valuable than the block paving, but obviously the homeowner would disagree). Are we, as the owners of the trees, liable for minor damage such as lifting block paving? It may seem like an easy fix to just repair the paving, but this would end up being a massive cost if neighbours followed suit to put in similar complaints and requests for repair... (Sorry for babbling on!) Appreciate your responses in advance. R
  10. I am a sixth-form leaver looking for an apprenticeship in tree-surgery/forestry. I am very passionate to learn about forestry and am a hard worker and fast learner. Any advice on how to get an apprenticeship or actual apprenticeship offers starting December onwards would be very helpful. I am 18 years old, physically strong, motivated and I have a full driving licence and car. I live in Kirklees (Yorkshire) but I am willing to travel and find accommodation anywhere in the UK. Thank-you in advance, Gabriel Showell Nicholas
  11. Good morning. My first post on the forum, although I have spent a lot of time over past months reading info from knowledgeable people on here. The long & short of it is I’m looking at setting up my own business this year and any advice/guidance from people who have been there and done it would be greatly appreciated. Currently working at a garden in the in the South West. It’s a nice job but but only paying 17k a year and can’t see that going up a great deal in the near future. I’m 30 next week and with kids likely to appear in the not too distant future I think now is the time to pull my finger out and get something of my own set up. I’ve been in estate management for the past 4 years and before that I spent about 6 years in horticulture. Tree/chainsaw work probably makes up 50% of my current job role. Over the past 2/3 years I’ve found that it’s tree work were my true interest and passion lies. I have a varied skill set and am not shy of hard work. I’ve held my cs 30/31 for about 3 years and have just recently got my 38/39. I have lost of chainsaw/chipper/groundwork experience and am looking to improve as a climber throughout this year. So basically (if you’re still listening after all that waffle) towards the end of this year I’m looking at getting a 3.5T tipper and chipper and starting up my own thing. Hoping to do a mix of climbing for myself/other people as well as subbing my self as someone with a chipper and tipper. I’ve got vehicle storage and also room to store logs/chip. Im going to reduce myself down to 3 days a week at my current job and just start with this 2/3 days a week and then hopefully transition fully over a 12/24 month period. I have lads at work who can be grounds men until it’s worth taking someone on and also the more experienced climber I work with is keen to give me a hand when needed. Im hoping to get set up with about 12k (could push this a bit more if needed) and going to slowly buy equipment over the year when things come up at the right price. I’m going to increase my arb knowledge as much as possible by working alongside the more experienced climber at work as well as reading up on principles/practices in my own time. So, am I being realistic here? I know Arboriculture isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it’s hard work. But I enjoy the work and from my research so far I’m confident that once established I should be able to bring home more than my current salary at the end of the month. If anyone has any input that would be great. Is any time of year better/worse to start ab arb business? And if anyone could tell me their 3/4 most valued books on Arboriculture that would be great (esp to do with rigging and tree pruning/reduction). Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I hope over the coming years I can become a valued member of the community. Cheers, Rob
  12. Hi all, so I'm looking for a tipper and been looking at all the options, been told to stay away from the Ford transits due to rusting problems (I'm aware I might be being misinformed) Does anyone have any advice on things to look out for in tippers and what to stay away from? Looking at Nissan Cabstars Iveco Daily. Other than those two I'm not sure what else is a viable option really? Any advice is really appreciated
  13. Hi guys, my names Ed and I’m fairly new to he forums. I left school last year and started my search for a career. I had been working whilst at school as a landscape gardener and I thoroughly enjoyed the days I spent outside even when it was raining and I was soaking wet I was glad I wasn’t in a classroom so I knew I wanted to work outside. I always enjoyed the arb aspects of my summer job, trimming a few hedges and dragging brash around so I began a search for a apprenticeship in Tree Surgery, I wrote to 11 different local company’s and applied at dart training to see if they could find me an employer, no luck. Out of The 6 companies that replied to me 1 was willing to take me on as a labourer but was not willing to offer put me thru any training. The other 5 either didn’t have any vacancies or expressed concerns over the paperwork regarding taking on a apprentice. I also offered to work voluntarily on the off day for a few company’s purely to gain experience, however again these companies had concerns regarding paperwork and employing young people. So I ended up taking a offer of an appentiship in bricklaying and it’s going well. I’m 6 months in and have passed every practical exam with either a distinction or a merit. My employer is thrilled to have me and looks after me pretty well financially. However when I was on the scaffolding today I found my mind drifiting to awful condition of the surrounding trees. There was inward growth everywhere and most of the trees had outgrown there environment. I wanted to be in doing tree work, having fun dragging brash around and learning a trade I’m genuinely interested in, not tied to a trowel on a dodgy scaffold laying brick after brick after brick. I’m just after a few opinions from people who have been in the arb trade for a few years about what I should do. I plan on sticking my appentiship out for the remaining six months and then evaluating me situation. However id like to be gaining experience now around my existing job.
  14. Hi all, Just thought I'd introduce myself with a first post, I've been browsing the forums gleaning information for a while. Basically, I'm 31 this year and it's occurred to me that although I enjoy my job (support work for children with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour) very much, I actually ended up doing it quite accidentally and it's not what I see myself doing for the rest of my working life. I suppose I'm fortunate to be doing a job I like whilst I look for other options, rather than desperately trying to escape! Since I was a kid I've always imagined myself working outdoors, doing something physical and "close to nature". I do have a second job, with the same employer as a handyman maintaining the building and about 1/2 an acre of garden (basic domestic stuff - tap washers, squeaky hinges, chipped paint, lawnmowing, assembling flatpacks, etc...) Anyway, I've scraped together some money and booked myself onto a CS30/31 course in July with the intention of looking at changing career before it's too late. I'd like to do tree work (obviously) or forestry. Can anybody offer any advice on how to "get into" the industry? Obviously I'm not naive enough to think that having one ticket will suddenly make me Mr Employable, so I'll need to try and get in at the bottom somewhere. What should I expect, is there much work out there and is it a competitive market? Any other skills I ought to work on or desirable certificates, etc for employers? Will lack of experience go against me? Honest and frank advice is always appreciated!
  15. Hi all, I've had a search and can't find anything quite answering my query so i thought i'd ask: What GPS devices are people using for tree surveying? What's your experience? What would you recommend? I'm currently using a Trimble Juno which is not super user friendly and very clunky. So, looking into buying a new GPS for carrying out tree habitat/health surveys under canopy and in wood pasture. There's a fair amount of stuff available but i thought i might try to get a bit of feedback. I apologies if this is in the wrong area, I did have good search but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance, Aidan
  16. Good evening all, new to site and first post If this is not in right section please move. As my title suggests I am one of those people looking for more information with regards to tree work and furthering my business. I will give a little back ground first which hopefully will assist with any answers / questions that may come from you more experienced people. I have been around gardening all my life with my father and both uncles all in the trade so to speak - I didn't take after them and went into the plod for 11 years, however times changed in the force and I wanted to be outside more often as I really did miss it and probably didn't give it enough time when I was younger. Fast forward...... I currently have a garden maintenance company with one full time employee, the business is doing well and we are growing after four years in May. We have just VAT and with most my domestic customers taking the hit. Over time we have conducted the odd tree job - nothing major as such - pollarding, fruit tree pruning and other conifer jobs, coupe of take downs and tops out of trees. The work has been great and a nice addition to the portfolio. However we are getting more and more requests and with out estimating, now this could because we are doing it a little cheaper than most (not intentional) or we are doing a good job. Either way I am not complaining. The issue I have is that I am although not scared of height and happy to climb am not trained in any way. Is it worth me spending the money of training etc to be a climber? or do the basic tickets as a ground person and employee a climber when I need them. My uncle ran his business in this way for many years as he could not even stand on a step ladder! Again is it worth buying a chipper and a small arm truck and using it this way and do a 50 50 split? There are numerous other questions to ask but I will get onto them as responses come in I guess. Thoughts / advice / discouragement all welcome R
  17. Hi all, Would appreciate some straight talking from you; feel free to "tell me how it is." Basically, I'm looking to move out of my IT job and into Arb work. I'm not a spring chicken any more being in my late 20's, but still fit and enjoy physical work more than being sedentary. Anyway, I was wondering what challenges I might face if I try to approach some local Arb businesses, and also what the best route in for me might be? I'm based in South Yorks and have looked at who's local from the Arb Association website so have a few numbers I could call, but not sure the best way to approach. Plus, it's not like my CV/previous employment correlates with Arb work in general so might have a few confused looks my way. I am aware of all the tickets that are required to be an Arborist, but my attitude is to not run before I can walk so-to-speak so looking for some groundie work to get a feel for the industry first. Staying in IT is going to be something for me to fall back on if my endeavours don't pan out. Best way I can explain it is that my interests have changed as I've gotten older and want to try Arb work. Thanks, QF.
  18. Hi. Has anyone got examples of firewood (and timber planks) drying barn as being permitted development for forestry purposes? In my view drying timber in the woods (from my own homegrown timber) should be part of my normal forestry operation & I think a drying a barn is necessary. None of my pallet stacks with tin or tarp roofs hold out water as well as a barn. However the planners say a timber drying barn requires full planning permission as a change from forestry to industrial use (I'm on a National Park which makes things a bit less easy). Has anyone got any examples of of wood drying barns being permitted development under prior notification? On appeal or as PN would be good, especial in a national park or aonb. I know of Druid Farm on DNP and Doynton in South Gloucestershire AONB, but could do with more examples. Thank you.
  19. hey there, I'm a currently serving member of the forces and looking to get involved in the industry with my resettlement. Can anyone share any words of wisdom or general advice for the transition to becoming an arborist? What books should i get my head in? What equipment will be essential for me to get a hold of? etc. Think of it as a chance to mould a future colleague Ad.
  20. I'm posting here looking for some advice, I'm 24, a graduate in English Language and have worked in various offices for a few years now. I've always thought i'd like a career as an arborist/ tree surgeon, but seeing as I've only had experience working in offices the transition is a confusing one. I currently have no relevant qualifications/ CSCS card, (other than a head for heights and some climbing experience in my youth) and was hoping for some advice on the best way to enter the field. There seem to be a few pricey courses avaliable, however I am unsure as to whether these are necessary, in order to start work as a groundsman/ labourer? Any information/ advice from people already in the business on the best way to get involved would be greatly appreciated, so far all the jobs I have seen advertised require experience, which is a bit of a catch 22 if you're looking for first time employment within the sector. Cheers in advance for reading this rambling first post.
  21. Hey All, Buying a transit tipper and I'm going to want a Chip Box built on the back. I'd like to ask your advice on the best option. Ply, steel, ali or a mixture and, importantly, what overall cost I'll be looking at? Thanking you...
  22. I'm looking for advice on working in Germany, in particular the Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein region. Are British qualifications and tickets recognised out there? What are climbing techniques A and B? Are there any Brits on here working in this region that might have any links to work? Is European tree worker a necessity or would ISA certified do (I have neither)? As much info as possible please! Cheers
  23. Hi guys, Im based in the midlands and need some help with environmental policy and advice, does anyone have someone to recommend? Thanks Jake
  24. Anyone got any advice for coping with hayfever, such as medications that have worked especially well for you, or little tips for minimising the effects? (e.g. have heard vaseline under the nose helps to catch the pollen?) Typically I suffer really badly from May–June so trying to prepare early! Thanks
  25. Any advice for finding a hauler to collect 50 5m small diameter saw-logs to take from south Devon to Winchester (close to A38). Where should I look & what sort of costs would I be looking at. Any advice in the right direction would be excellent. 50 lenghts at 5m Each log roughly 25cm diameter Reckon that makes about 12.5m3 of timber total. Thanks in advance.


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