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  1. Google "conservation handbooks" you can pay a small subscription and get access to a whole set online. Loads of good info in there with different designs and methods, etc. I use Gripple T-Clips for my wire ends, nice neat finish and you don't have to bang staples in hard and damage the wire, they also won't turn the posts when you pull up. I also use gripples with the contractor tool for tensioning up and joining, but you don't need the tool just for T-Clips.
  2. Big HP is more about powering bigger, faster, stronger PTO implements and strong hydraulic pumps than about increasing actual "pulling power" for trailer work. You might get a few more kph on the clock, but how much time does that really save you on the average length hill?
  3. Thanks, I expected something along those lines but wanted to make sure I wasn't way off before it was too late... One under each arm then! ?
  4. Hi all, Daft, but simple, question about concrete gravel boards, as this isn't my real area of expertise. Roughly how much does a 6' x 12" concrete gravel board weigh?
  5. My little DeWalt arrived yesterday. First impression is that it's definitely a plastic powertool, feels well made enough for what it is but very, very different to a proper saw. The chain speed is slow, which does make it a bit bouncy if you don't have the body placed up against the work. It's very quiet and light. If you get one expecting it to be comparable to a small petrol saw for tree jobs, you'll probably be disappointed. But for mixed use cutting sleepers, fence rails, the odd tree limb, etc. then it's a more convenient option than a petrol saw and more powerful/capable than a recip. And very much cheaper than a "proper" battery saw.
  6. In theory Lithium batteries should hold charge more or less forever. I've never come across one that was put away charged and had any noticeable loss next time I came to use it.
  7. I've just ordered a DeWalt saw. Can't recall the model number off the top of my head but it's a top handle on 18v. Main motivation was battery sharing. I'll let you know how it does, I'm not expecting it to be amazing but for the jobs I want it for (hedgelaying, fencing, topping small conifers, etc) I think it'll serve me well enough.
  8. That would be good if you can. Currently looking at doing about 200m, possibly more depending on exactly where and what one of the clients decides. So looking for 400 of each.
  9. Hi folks, I have a few projects for the coming season, just wondering if anyone here can supply stakes and binders? I have a probable supplier lined up, but it's always good to ask around. I'm near Stourport, Worcestershire. Will collect.
  10. Hmm, well that's food for thought. I had thought of a battery saw but all the "pro" ones are expensive, with expensive batteries. What I hadn't considered was the powertool brands. DeWalt do one that looks alright...
  11. Hi folks, I've been asked to quote a couple of hedgelaying jobs for later in the year. If I get any of the jobs I'll probably use it as a good excuse to buy myself a small, light saw to add to the lineup. Which is the one to go for? I struggle to discern the real diffences between Stihl 170/171/180/181? Not keen on the tool-less chain adjuster and distinct "B&Q" look that some of them have, and not really very keen on the single bar nut either. The 170 is almost cheap enough not to even worry about... Any others to look at?
  12. Ah! Thank you, I understand. Good option to have, then!
  13. Interesting thread, I'm looking to get a trailer sorted soon and would probably look for used, but it's good to know what's about. The Brian James has suspension dampers as an option. Anybody know what they actually do and if they're worth having? As its not something I've seen advertised on others.
  14. How does it vary from the previous CBILS?
  15. So there are firms offering 31 grand for a salaried groundie and 65 grand for a climber?! Where's the queue?!


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