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  1. Pointless to speculate over the circumstances of this event, especially since he pleaded guilty, but I think most of us at one time or another have seen (or been!) somebody do something inexplicably stupid. Which could apply either to waking under a tree you know is about to be felled, or felling tree you can see somebody is about to walk in front of. I hope he recovers well. On a side note, which does little for folks' perception that the HSE is often out of touch with the "real world"... Since when was 8 meters a "tall" tree?!
  2. Similar idea to the Stretton one, I think. They also do one designed for SUVs with a normal tailgate, I think. APEX Truck Click WWW.NAPIERUK.COM APEX Truck Click available from Napier UK a manufacture of gun...
  3. All hand cut, yes, with a billhook and axe. The teacher had a chainsaw "just in case" but we didn't come to need it.
  4. Thanks, we were all pleased with ourselves anyway 👍🏻 Did it down at Cirencester Ag college, the instructor was a fella called Andrew Williams. Really enjoyed it!
  5. I went and did an introductory course on Friday. This is the result that four of us achieved under the guidance of our teacher.
  6. Are you able to extract the wood to roadside yourself or do you need to hire kit and/or manpower for that too?
  7. Hi all, I'm self employed and looking to find any extra work available in Worcestershire or surrounding counties. I have a 60cc saw and 45cc brushcutter (modern Husqvarna kit) and my own pickup with business cover. CS30, 31, and have my CS32 course booked in Feb. I can also competently drive tractors, loaders, etc. Some experience of fencing, etc. I'd welcome one offs, regular days, or just going on your backup list for as-and-when. Feel free to message for any further info.
  8. There are a few independent local shops with smallholding/equestrian type customer base and local ads boards, which could be a good starting point. I'm also having a couple of magnetic signs made up for the pickup, and I do already have a few existing contacts and acquaintances. I'm working on a website and much as I hate Facebook I guess I'll make a page on there too!
  9. Thanks, I'm always interested so do message if you need an extra pair of hands for anything. Especially if you need a hand with any hedgelaying, I'm doing a one day intro course this month to get the basics but it would be great to get some practice in afterwards!
  10. I'll let you know, when I've done it! Everything I've done so far has been subcontracting on one level or another. I'm hoping to change that this year!
  11. Must be very easy these days to offer an online credit/debit payment portal. Build the admin fees into your pricing so that it doesn't matter what method the customer uses. Big convenience points for the customers and also means you can win business from people who may not have instant funds available who would use a credit card.


Arbtalk.co.uk is a hub for the arboriculture industry in the UK.  
If you're just starting out and you need business, equipment, tech or training support you're in the right place.  If you've done it, made it, got a van load of oily t-shirts and have decided to give something back by sharing your knowledge or wisdom,  then you're welcome too.
If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
Just like a living tree, it'll always be a work in progress.
Please have a look around, sign up, share and contribute the best you have.

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