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  1. Hi all. Looking to replace my old Stihl BR400 backpack blower and I'm at the cross-over between the traditional 2-stroke models (BR350/430) or the lower end of the newer 4MIX range e.g. BR500. I was wondering in terms of easy maintenance and reliability is there any odds either way? Thanks for any real-world feedback.
  2. I'll try to remember. Both are from my local Stihl dealer so will presumably come with whatever Stihl recommend
  3. Just a quick update, I've decided to go with the Stihl MSA 200. The only negative I can potentially see is it runs the 1/4" Pico Micro chain (same as the pole saw). Does it really matter much for domestic use? I do rarely cut up large rounds for firewood which would ideally suit a larger saw but once I clear my current pile I plan not to need to do this again! I can't see if anyone makes a 3rd-party equivalent to the 72-link PM3 for 14" bar either.
  4. I have heard good reviews on the 54v one but the price seems very high to buy in to the flexvolt ecosystem, which was partly my query.
  5. By the way that reminds me not seen one vote for the DeWalt. Is it that clear-cut or is it simply that ARB guys automatically go to Stihl and Husky?
  6. I wondered if it's a patent thing... Last I checked you can get 3rd party DeWalt XR but not flexvolt.
  7. Best I saw was 50 quid for the AK10, 75 for the AK20. Am I right thinking nobody makes 3rd party batteries? Saved a bundle on DeWalt XR that way.
  8. I've no problem with a more powerful saw, but I figured jobs that NEED one are perhaps best left for a pro... I'd happily use a better saw but the 220 is realistically beyond my budget. Based [email protected] U comments it sounds like the MSA 200 might be the sweet spot for me personally, I've not found my MS180 to be underpowered even cutting big rounds up once in a while and a 14" bar seems just fine. I'm pretty sure I run 1/4" chain currently
  9. The 220 is a whole other ballgame based on the price jump. My petrol is the ms180 14" so hardly a powerhouse, I figured anything too big for that saw is too big for my level of experience! Mainly used for pruning and clearing fallen branches, felling small trees though I do also use it for firewood from some bigger pieces. Generally in the 2-8" range with the odd bigger one off job now and again.
  10. Well I took a look and it seems only one step up, the MSA160 supports AP batteries and I can find it for £245 bare. At 12" it's perhaps a smidge short for handling every single job, but the 14" MSA200 I see for £275 and that looks like a proper saw?
  11. Interesting idea. In hindsight buying a bigger cordless saw in the first place place would have been ideal... I liked the idea but the cost put me off. What's the smallest/cheapest saw that would run off an AP battery? The two options above both run to about £250 and I'd agree with you that a decent cordless is likely more than adequate for all my jobs, 14" is long enough though 16" is nice. I have the HTA85 and the HLA85 and they're awesome, I'm totally convinced by battery power and have no love for servicing petrol engines, but this sounds a pricey option?!
  12. I have a half acre with woodland and keen to maintain myself where possible. I already have a Stihl petrol saw and long reach polesaw but am after a small cordless saw for quick jobs. Most of my power tools are DeWalt XR so the DCM565 is an option as I have the batteries. I also have the electric Stihl HLA 65. I like Stihl so the MSA 120 or 140 are tempting, the battery isn't cross compatible but the charger is. I don't want to buy into a 3rd ecosystem and the DeWalt body-only is virtually the same as the Stihl with a battery. Are there any major differences between them or is it just down to preference? I appreciate these are probably low end for pros!
  13. Sorry @SDDavid and @Rough Hewn I'd missed these replies. I'm not in a rush to fell the tree - but presumably it would be better done when dormant. I'll make a note to contact you or feel free to drop me a message with any thoughts/questions.
  14. Can't seem to edit into my original post but managed to get some photos. In case anyone is interested or know anyone who might be, I'm in county Durham
  15. Cheers for that. My main question is if they'd want the entire huge piece, or it could be cut up in situ. Don't to find I've ruined it by mistake


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