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  1. Sorry @SDDavid and @Rough Hewn I'd missed these replies. I'm not in a rush to fell the tree - but presumably it would be better done when dormant. I'll make a note to contact you or feel free to drop me a message with any thoughts/questions.
  2. Can't seem to edit into my original post but managed to get some photos. In case anyone is interested or know anyone who might be, I'm in county Durham
  3. Cheers for that. My main question is if they'd want the entire huge piece, or it could be cut up in situ. Don't to find I've ruined it by mistake
  4. Hope this is an ok place to ask - I have an Ash tree about 18-24" trunk but the bottom few feet is double that diameter in a huge warty lump I believe to be a burl - there's a few smaller ones further up the trunk too. The tree itself seems in poor shape - not many leaves, many broken branches - so I've been considering having it removed but I don't want to waste what I believe is quite useful for bowl-turning etc. Wondered if anyone has any advice/experience with this when the tree is chopped?
  5. Thanks @HillyJohn I'll probably just get a couple of the PM3 then. I managed to sharpen using my regular Stihl hand-file but it was a snug fit so not ideal - also if memory serves the file is marked for 30 degrees and I think Stihl recommend 35 degrees on this chain/tool. Tried to go with what the chain wanted and it is cutting OK again but I know a hand-file is not perfect for maintaining chains properly. If the easifile works on this I'll probably just get one as it'd be useful anyway. Cheers.
  6. Would like to get a couple of backup chains for this - knackered it on a hidden nail/wire and would rather sharpen my chains when not working, just swap it over. It comes with 1/4" "Stihl Picco Micro 3 - PM3 - 64 Drive Links" and it's a 12" bar - would people recommend this Stihl one or some 3rd party one as better/cheaper? Oh also, would you use standard bar oil on this? The dealer supplied it PDI'd with oil but it looks a bit thin/runny compared to the stuff I normally use, wondered if that's deliberate for such a wee saw? Thanks.
  7. Cheers @Steve Bullman I'll figure out how to remove this site from the app then. I've seen other sites remove support entirely, especially now phone browsers are so much better.
  8. As in, Tapatalk isn't officially supported? I've seen some forums stop using it for ad-revenue reasons, it used to be all the rage for every forum to add support. Shame if so, as it's very handy - but if that's the case I'll remove it from the app and use the browser version.
  9. Sorry if this is the wrong place, i couldn't seea sub forum for website issues (?) I use Tapatalk quite a bit but for some reason everyone I come here, I have to log back in through the app even if I was here a couple of hours back. Every other forum seems to retain my login. Anyone know if this is a setting I could change, or something arbtalk is controlling and that's just the way it is? Ta
  10. Ah, I see. Good to understand the principle behind it... Thanks!
  11. It was really only the "resin eating" thing that got me thinking... if people who use their tools a lot don't find resin to be an issue I'll go the WD-40 route too, I guess. I have used compressed air to clean off blades first before but I'm not sure it achieves much
  12. Bar oil because it's particularly good, or simply because you always have it with you and you don't want to carry another bottle?
  13. Stihl do this which they recommend for their hedge trimmers in particular, but do you pros use it or anything else for that matter? It doesn't seem the cheapest however I have no idea how long a bottle lasts. They tout the resin-dissolving feature in particular but is the Stihl one anything special over regular isopropyl or whatever - how do you guys look after your trimmers? Resin solvent WWW.STIHL.CO.UK Resin solvent
  14. Thanks to all those who offered advice by the way.
  15. Not got it yet but looking forward to it. Good tools are so much better!


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