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  1. Some are quoting £90-100 m3 Douglas and larch 4.8m - 12-24inch
  2. Currently looking for a a new static bandsaw mill, milling mostly Oak some soft wood, only small scale to add extra income to the forestry business. Lots of experience on an older norwood band mill all manual. Currently looking at logosol b1001 with engine (must have an engine) with some hydraulic options if possible. Large infeed of 85-100cm + handy. The logosol 1001 seems to be the best fit, best for the money. Hydraulic toe board, Turner and clamp would be great, only some of this available on the logosol which can be added at a later date (bolt on) Woodland mills look to small, bit flimsy, trak met don't have engine for the size I'm looking for (they say, didn't seem to want to sell one, and all gets quite expensive with the add ons to the base unit) woodmizer lt40 nice but expensive. Any others out there worth considering? Opinions? Also has anyone ever made a hydraulic log turner for a band mill? Any help much appreciated Thanks
  3. He's offering the main stem and branches all in, was thinking its worth about £200 delivered
  4. I've been offered a yew tree, no idea how to price it, forester say's he will cut out main stem and can deliver the larger branches, what would you give?
  5. 6.2 for larger ones because they reach a slight premium, but I think everything will get cut to 4.9 because some are so big the botex crane won't lift them at that length.
  6. Can anyone provide a base line for how much Douglas fir saw logs should be fetching roadside, two grades A. 6.2 meters clean 14inch min tops B. 3.4 or 5 meters not totally clean min 10-12 inch tops (rougher grade), Pm if you prefer Thanks in advance
  7. I've got some Douglas and larch to potentially fell this Autumn with it probably going for biomass or firewood mid summer next year. Will it loose much weight by then (don't want to loose to much ££s on the weigh tickets), I've got some free time to fell now or should I really wait till spring next year?
  8. Has anyone put brand new cable on a uniforest winch (85hpro), just wondered how it connects to the drum (guess it goes through an eye or some description to hold it initially) - any tips or diagrams about (cant find anything online). Cheers
  9. I've got a massey 6180 at the moment, good tractor just not very comfortable for the amount of miles I do on the road. Was thinking newer massey 7718 but the valtra has it for the better ground clearance and being able to turn the seat around, also the bigger engine 7.4 in the valtra vs the 6.6 in the massey swayed it.
  10. Thanks gdh just what I was looking for, I was thinking I might have to go for the t214 or t234 for the extra hp and bigger rims but maybe not. Thanks
  11. Hi all, I'm looking at upgrading my existing tractor of 110hp, I move my own timber own using a forwarding trailer, plus going into the woods with it to get it out. I now need a bigger tractor to move a 14 tonne digger + harvesting head around with on a plant trailer and also what to potentially run a bigger pto chipper. Would something like a newish valtra t174 (175hp 6 cylinder) be big enough for this task, or would it be better to go 200hp plus. I wont be hauling the plant trailer all the time but I don't what to be under gunned on the hills with it on. Please let me know if you have experience Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for your replies guys.. Does anyone run a big stroke head on hardwoods? Am I right in thinking stroke heads would be better than roller heads on hardwoods?
  13. Anyone use a stroke processor head, afm or fms 400 - 575 or similar, thinking of using one in hardwoods mainly. Base machine would be jcb 10 tonne or 13 tonne. Any any experience of this... Timber to go through is mainly oak and ash in under managed woods 12-14 bdh. Thanks
  14. I'm looking for a band mill for personal use and semi commercial. I currently use an old norwood 2000 super band mill (bed is now knackered and on its last legs). I'm looking to get hydraulics lifters, turner's etc on a new mill. The larger norwood hd36 and logosol 1001 look good, question is which is the one get, or is there a better alternative. Woodland Mills look to flimsy and the woodmisers to expensive. Budget £10-15,000. Any suggestions? Thanks
  15. Big j it's not to bad the second time round, the first application I did took me most of an afternoon to sort out (online) then the second online one I did about an hour. Still feel that the paper version is better. Try the 'quick online felling application guide' to help... The full length help guide will just fry your brain. Cheers, Ian


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