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  1. Did one site clearance where the bushes and ground in one area were liberally covered in discarded knickers and used condoms, apparently it was where the locals took their lady of the night. Another site clearance found a car gearbox with the forestry mulcher, that made a row [emoji1]
  2. Do the heater blowers blow hot or cold when the temp gauge goes up?
  3. Agreed, the main fallout over red diesel came about with the introduction of fast tractors, fastracs and mogs for example as people were running them as a get around to running a lorry for local haulage. But as an ex agri contractor, I agree the costs as detailed above means there really is no saving to be made.
  4. My original reply was posted tongue in cheek although I do know of two scenarios where it happened, neither are related, one involved a friend of mine who was running a mog at the time and had used it to take his compressor to a job to do some sandblasting, unfortunately it happened to be the same day customs and excise came to dip the wagons at the yard he was working, lost his mog, fine and back tax, the other was a agricultural contractor running red for gritting contracts same result impounded tractor ,fine and back tax. With regard to your transit scenario, this could happen with any combination of vehicle and I don't own a transit 😉
  5. Until Tom gets pulled by vosa on his way back from a domestic job has his tank dipped, gets his tractor impounded and then gets screwed by HMRC for back tax on the red diesel they decide he's used over the years as he was doing non agricultural work and should have been on white.
  6. Morning all, I have a customer who is after a 40-60 cm diameter log, 1.8-2.4 m long to use as a bike rack if anyone has anything available, near Cromford, let me know and I can put you in touch with the customer, Thanks Ed
  7. I'm on it but haven't really bothered with it, only joined as got invited by a customer.
  8. AA quoted £208 for two vehicles but didn't ask for vehicle details online quote, couple others I tried said they wouldn't cover the landrover once I put the reg number in, presumably due to age, I know the NFU one automatically cuts off one the vehicle is over 20 years of age.
  9. You wouldn't come this far Bob, in the wrong side of Watford Gap 😉
  10. Evening all, any recommendations for commercial vehicle recovery cover, as I'm doing more with the digger and as the landrover is no spring chicken, I'm looking at getting some recovery cover, needs to be someone who will cover recovery of the landrover and trailer. Thanks Ed
  11. The firm, I worked for changed to Tp 175's just before I left, seemed good choppers, just little niggles, the toothed top roller means it won't always pull in the last twiggy bits on a branch, the lads used to not let it run down long enough for the roller to disengage so it then wouldn't start again without pressing the switch to disengage first and the bumpers are made of tin foil if using on site work. Produce smaller chip than the Jensen a we had before and with the exhaust being routed through the chipper chute it will pack it in the van, so you have to watch your load.
  12. Carrots are struggling, two different varieties and neither seems to want to go, tomatoes are flowering, cucumber is growing after a slow start, best of everything is the peas, tried them in tubs this year, the two tubs that got left in the greenhouse have a good crop of pods already, the ones outside are about a fortnight behind.
  13. Doesn't matter who wins, this country has apparently become so whiney, that whoever wins the ones who lost will piss, moan, whine and draw up a petition to have another go til they get the result they want, at which time the other side will probably do the same and so on and so ad infinitum.
  14. This mine done about 3 years ago 👍


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